Loose ends on a lazy Wednesday night


Well, all season long you’ve pleaded with Tom Renney to play the kids. Now it looks like he has no choice.

Karel Rachunek is out three to four weeks. Fedor Tyutin is probably two weeks away. Marcel Hossa will be more than that. Who would have thought that Brendan Shanahan might actually beat all of them back into the lineup?

As I’ve said before, there are two ways to look at the Rangers current dilemma: A) they are cursed to lose so many players at such a crucial point in the season; or B) they should be kicking themselves for being relatively healthy for most of the year and having little to show for it.

Still, consider the lineup that Renney will likely field on Friday against Atlanta: Girardi, Pock, and Liffiton on defense; Dubinsky and Callahan up front. Throw in Brad Isbister, and all this talk of the Rangers possibly relocating the Wolf Pack may actually me true. It turns out they’re all coming to New York.

Maybe this isn’t the way you wanted to see the team break in its young talent. In an ideal universe, the team would have invested in these players right at the start of the year, and they wouldn’t be forced into on-the-job-training dead in the middle of the playoff race.

But that ship has sailed. There’s no turning back now. And you never know. Maybe it’s the kids who succeed in keeping the team afloat.

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  1. I think this goes along with the poll and the top 2 results (get into the playoffs at any cost and bring the prospects up for NHL experience). Looks like everyone is getting there wish now.

    When will there be a new poll?

    Once again, thanks for the great job Sam.

  2. exactly.. “no turning back”.. make due with what you have. this is a good test.. and even if the kids don’t acquit (haha, get it?) themselves on this go around, thats fine..

  3. they should be fine. they still have plenty of talent..

    they play smart and hard and they will be there right to the end..

    Why can’t Shanny play real soon, he has been symptom free and is practicing, how about Shanny Saturday at home?????

  4. I think its great these kids are in the lineup, because of them we are younger faster and show more hunger than this team has had all season. I just hope Renney doesnt ruin thede guys. Now if we could just get Malik out of the lineup we will have a chancce.

  5. DoodieMachetto on

    Sam, good to see you out of jury duty. After reading your post, I have one thing to tell you that I know about lawsuits: don’t ever underestimate the power of spite.

    A lawyer once told me that a lawsuit is two people throwing money into a fire until one of their arms gets tired.

    Does anyone know how this affects their callups/Hartford’s playoff roster?

  6. All the players called up except Isbister are on Hartford’s clear day roster which means they will participate in the AHL playoffs regardless of if they are in the NHL or not; the only stipulation is that the Rangers are no longer playing of course :)P

  7. Uncle Renney's Cabin on

    has anybody in the organization even bother to check up on Kasparaitis to see if he is still alive? Or are they hoping he follows Lyashenko’s example?

  8. Uncle I read somewhere he is also experiencing vertigo. There’s probably more to the story .

  9. onecupin67years on

    When kasparitis was with the isle he entered rehab for booze ,maybe he has slipped ?

  10. Rich

    Explain how Renney has ruined any of these kids? I mean, so far, how exactly has he ruined Lundqvist, Tyutin, Prucha, Hossa, Girardi, and now, Dubinsky? And, now, Callahan will be in the lineup, and I’ll bet he gets time on Dubinsky’s line. I’m sure people will bring up the name Immonen, but, the truth of the matter is that Immonen is not considered important to the Ranger’s future. TYhe Rangers have three quality centers who will all be better than Immonen – Dubinsky, Tommy Pyatt (think John Madden) and Artem Anisimov, who is currently starting to score in the RSL…no mean feat for a 19-year-old. And, if people think there’s good youth at Hartford this year, wait until next year when Staal,(if he doesn’t make the Rangers out of camp), Sauer, Pyatt, Brodie Dupont and Anisimov are there. And that means some of these propsect who don’t necessarily figure as high in the Rangers’ plans…Immonen, maybe a Dawes…are possibly going to get moved, simply because the Rangers, believe it or not, have actually done a very good job of rebuilding the organization as a whole from the bottom up since the 2004 deadline purge. We are just beginning to see the fruits of that process.

  11. Ed- Dupuis (Pascal, right?) is taller then Dawes for example, so I think the answear to that one is no.

    Fleury were really tall, but folks in general where shorter the longer you go back. Back in the mid 1800’s you were really tall if you were 6 feet. I would bet that there have been players shorter then Fleury’s 5’6 back in the 1920’s, don’t know for sure though.

    Eh, now when I read your post again, maybe you mean for the shortest time?

    He could be. Though I remember us picking up a former 1st round pick from Tampa on waivers, a young guy with a good shot, who Slats wanted to try on the 4th line, he got like one game and were put back on waivers after that.

  12. Sam any chance Shanny comes back for St Patty’s against Boston? Seems like it would also make sense to call up another D man ( Baranka, Richter, or Purinton) on Monday. How many emergency callups do they have left in their pocket, with 4 guys out?

  13. Sam in reference to the injuries , they were bound to happen just like last year. But this year they are not a viable reason to try and use if they don’t make the playoffs. That would go under the excuse column.

  14. Ed- if you mean shortest tenured Ranger, honestly I think the prize for shortest tenure as a Ranger goes to Trent Whitfield, who I beleive spent a solid 48 hours in Ranger blue in 01-02. He was plucked from waivers, skated one very forgetfull game and then was on his way back to Cappyland, where he had an equally forgetful career.

    FLEURY – someone told me once he was listed at 5’6 WITH his skates on, and was something more to the tune of 5’3. I’ve never found anything to validate this, but I wouldn’t be surprised. So he defintely would be the shortest Ranger.

    Just checked…Suddbury Wolves have two games left(all this week) and will then go into the playoffs. If they’re eliminated quickly, I wouldn’t be shocked to see Staal with the team…

    Shanny on St. Pat’s would be awesome…

  15. Longtimerangerfan on

    March 15th, 2007 at 8:56 am
    “Any word on the Rangers wearing green jersies for Patty’s?”

    Don’t give them any ideas Harvey…I already hate the third jersey, no offense to “Lady Liberty”.

  16. Longtimerangerfan on

    It will take some time for Shanny to get in “game” shape again…even though no more vertigo he’s got to be sure that he doesn’t tweak a groin or some such thing.

  17. Mark Pavelich was damn short. I remember seeing them in off ice training at Playland back in elementary school, and I think I was taller than him then. 4-11 I think (5.08 according to hockeydb.com)

  18. Sam wrote: “In an ideal universe, the team would have invested in these players right at the start of the year…”

    I don’t think this is entirely fair. If you’ve watched the Pack play over the course of the year, and watched how the players we’re seeing now and the WolfPack as a team have improved over the course of the season, you know that the organization has in fact been “investing” in these players all year long. I saw Dubinsky play in Hartford earlier in the season and he was pretty rough around the edges. Watching his improvement over the course of the AHL season has been impressive. Cally came out of nowhere after having a poor camp and has adapted extremely well in his first professional season and will now get a second look in the NHL. Girardi only a year and a half ago was struggling so much in the AHL that he had to spend time in the ECHL to get his game together as a pro. The truth is, whether people like to admit it or not, the organization has been investing in their youth all along. They may be more cautious than some would like, but not a single one of these players suffered for the time they spent in the AHL. The only one you could possibly make the argument of mistreatment for is Tomas Pock, but he has never been, nor will he ever be a crucial piece of the future of this team.

  19. I’m finally done with jury duty.

    We sentenced a man to death by firing squad. It was actually kind of fun.

    I’m kidding, of course. Instead, it was a mere civil trial involving two neighbors and a misplaced fence. If any of you have problems sleeping at night, call me and I’ll explain more. You should be out within seconds.

  20. That’s just sad. Growing up as a landsurveyors son we had to steak out property lines all the time, and you wouldn’t believe what neighbors fight over. The worse is when they have multi-acre properties and they are disputing a treeline at the back-end corner of the property that nobody ever goes to. Definitely something that should be solved with a quick smack to the head. No Judge, No Jury needed.

    Anyway, we are all glad you are back, because if there is anything that came out of this experience its that there is no doubt which of the Ranger’s blogs is the best.

    I hope Shanahan comes back and plays the way he did earlier in the year. He was great all season, but he had an absolutely amazing start. If he kept that pace up it would have been a career season.

  21. DoodieMachetto on

    As I said NYRich, never underestimate the power of spite.

    Thanks to those who answered my question about Hartford’s roster. How does this affect the call up situation for the Rangers? As I understood, they had 4 callups and they have just used their third(Dubinsky, Liffiton, now Callahan). Is there some exception for injury? I just don’t understand how this all works since I’ve never seen a team have to reach this far into their farm system this late in the season unless there was a fire sale.

    As for Staal, don’t expect him in Ranger Blue this season. With as depleted as the Rangers are, so too are the Pack. Expect him to log heavy minutes there once his actual season ends, while guys like Liffiton and Lampman get called up to see time on the big club.

  22. Colorado Mark on

    My wife is 5’3″. She met Fleury earlier in his career and said she looked eye to eye with him. 5’6″ is on skates.

  23. How’s Kovalev going to fly? Aside from hockey, that is I thought a big part of how he spends his off time. Going to be hard to fly in and go to Winged Foot for a round.

  24. Sad to hear about Kovalev; he was so close to turning the corner and become a real playmaker. (Sarcasm Alert)

    I was so excited when the Rangers signed Kovalev, but he couldn’t get the job done, even with Gretzky on his line. And that is why he will forever be named ‘Brain-dead’.

    With the way the Islanders have been playing of late, and now that DP is day-to-day, the 7th see is no longer secured. It looks like the group of 6 or 7 will be battling for 2 spots and not just 1.

    If the Rangers can make it over this hump and once their injured players return, we may actually have something to look forward to. Anything to keep the likes of baseball and basketball from owning the sports pages in April.

    Go Rangers!

    Doodie, I believe your comment is encroaching on my blog space, I’m officially filing a lawsuit to have your comment removed. I’m suing for the tune of $0.01.

  25. Uncle Renney's Cabin on

    “Explain how Renney has ruined any of these kids? I mean, so far, how exactly has he ruined Lundqvist, Tyutin, Prucha, Hossa, Girardi, and now, Dubinsky?”

    he didn’t have a chance yet to ruin Dubinsky and Girardi.

    But he did ruin Immonen. Tyutin would have been a lot better and more productive under a good coach, and Prucha would have twice the goals under a coach with a clue.

  26. it is not about ruining the kids. it is about the fact that the only way they come up to the big club is thru injuries. playing vets with less talent is the Ranger way.

    don’t ever forget, both Henrik and Prucha only got their chance thru injuries also, so it is a recurring problem with Ranger mgmt .

  27. Colorado Mark: hilarious…I always suspected as such…man say what you will about Fleury, but I still loved that little bugger…

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