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*UPDATE, 5:30 p.m.: Not content with their two-goals-a-game pace of late, the Rangers have called up Ryan Callahan from Hartford. Callahan will practice with the team tomorrow, and will likely play Friday in Atlanta.*

I’m finally done with jury duty.

We sentenced a man to death by firing squad. It was actually kind of fun.

I’m kidding, of course. Instead, it was a mere civil trial involving two neighbors and a misplaced fence. If any of you have problems sleeping at night, call me and I’ll explain more. You should be out within seconds.

Anyway, a couple of quick reactions: our judicial system is utterly flawed, as evidenced by a drawn-out case that in my mind was little more than petty squabbling between two neighbors. There’s no question that a trial could have been avoided. And it DEFINITELY didn’t need to take more than a week to resolve.

That said, it was actually an enriching experience, and I was impressed by the earnest nature of my fellow jurors. As much as we all would have preferred spending the day manning a toll both, it became apparent that we took our responsibility seriously. Should my dark past of bank robbery ever catch up with me, I would hope I get such a reasonable bunch.

Anyway, none of this has anything to do with you so I apologize for the tangent. My colleague Jake Thomases covered for me at practice, and he’ll have a story in tomorrow’s paper. The most pressing news, as expected, is that David Liffiton was called up from Hartford, while Karel Rachunek is expected to undergo an MRI for his MCL sprain later today.

Also, Kevin Weekes was back practicing while Henrik Lundqvist rested.

Once I have more updates, I’ll pass them along.

Again, thanks to everyone for their patience during this week.

More later…

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  1. True Fans bleed RW&B on

    I’m only hoping Sam forgot to type the last line to this story…

    “More later…when I catch up with new headcoach, Jim Schoenfeld.”

  2. where is the good old self-justice when a neighbor just shoots the other with a saw-off shotgun because the other’s dog pooped on the property next door? *hahahahahahahaha*

    good to hear liffiton is up… hopefully he can impress like fellow wolfpackers girardi and dubinsky…

  3. Hey Sam,

    On Ryan Callahan is listed as being called up, any news on who’s spot in the lineup he could potentially take?

  4. any info on why the Rangers didn’t put this in their press release?

    03/14/2007 Ryan Callahan (RW) Hartford DEL Recalled from loan by N.Y. Rangers (NHL)

  5. i was just wondering if it is even mathematically possible for 4 teams in one division to make it into the playoffs- maybe w/ all the 3 point games it is, but does anyone know for sure?

  6. Callahan for Orr makes alot of sense, especially since Liffton can drop the gloves and is more than willing to do so!!

  7. Callahan for Orr and drop Isbister to the 4th line. This kid Liffiton likes to drop them which is always good. I think the more kids from Hartford they call up the more likely it is they sneak in to the playoffs.

  8. On another note, i hope Callahan wasn’t called up to replace Straka because he was favoring that shoulder on the bench last night.

  9. I was just about to write that! Callahan very well may have been called because of marty’s shoulder…he looked to be in alot of pain during the sens game…

  10. I was just about to write that! Callahan very well may have been called because of marty’s shoulder…he looked to be in alot of pain during the sens game…don’t look now, but our lineup thursday could very well have:
    and isbister…

  11. They have to score goals plain and simple. If Callahan gets to play on the top two lines as Don Baloney said they wanted him to do so, maybe that helps.

  12. I think Eaves or Heatley popped Marty as he was skating up ice, he just didn’t seem right after that. It’s a shame to see a guy who tries so hard and is undoubtedly in a great deal of discomfort try to get this team to the playoffs. I hope the kids up here are taking notice of a true proffesional.

  13. yes Marty is a true professional. But I would rather a younger healthier player in there than one as banged up as he is.

  14. from zipay…/”Callahan coming

    With the Rangers in need of offense, right wing Ryan Callahan, the Wolf Pack’s leading scorer with 35 goals and 20 assists in 60 games, has been recalled from Hartford.
    In his two games here on Dec. 1 against Buffalo and Dec. 19 against the Islanders, Callahan played a total of 10:52 and had three shots.
    Callahan, a 5-foot-11 Rochester native who turns 22 on March 21, will practice with the team tomorrow.
    The move seems to indicate that RW Colton Orr might be a healthy scratch against Atlanta.”

  15. “”I’m finally done with jury duty.

    We sentenced a man to death by firing squad. It was actually kind of fun.””

    so did we. his name was Malik.

  16. I am glad for all the injuries. not because I want to see anyone get hurt, but because it is the ONLY way that kids ever get brought up in Rangerland.

  17. Give Orr the games off until Pilly.. Play Callahan part of the time with Jagr instead of Isbister, part of the time with Cullen instead of Ortmeyer(iron hands), give him 8 to 12 minutes and let him finish.

    Now their roster is even younger, the turning over of the roster is real, look at it.. the yare young, even their hurt guys(except) Shanny are young.

  18. Sam, I was wondering. Will you cover the Rangers in the final week of the regular season? The lure of the azaleas would be tough to turn down.

  19. good news all around; brendan shanahan is getting better, ryan callahan is finally getting a chance & my girlfriend just told me she’s making prime rib.

  20. I hope they are smart enough to play him with Dubinsky and shit Isbister (or drop him to the 4th line in place of Orr).

    Avery – Nylander – Jagr
    Straka – Dubinsky – Callahan
    Prucha – Cullen – Ortmeyer
    Hollweg – Betts – Orr/Isbister

    Malik – Rosival
    Mara – Girardi
    Liffiton – Pock (they already have chemestry)

  21. PW. I must admit I like that lineup…

    fairly balanced lines. really not bad with Orr out of the lineup all 4 lines have good speed…

  22. leetchy did you save a bunch of money on your car insurance by calling Geico? ;),,,,,,,

    It’s about time and way past due on Callihan being brought up.They need to score more than 1 or 2 to win.

  23. well, I figure, why use Orr against ATL? There is no real need. Isbister, though I hate him, is pretty good posessing the puck along the boards and behind the net. 4th line needs to forecheck and keep it deep. We all know what OCP is about. Straka will be there to tutor the young guys on the 2nd line, as well as cover defensive liability (even though Dubi has been great). Also, Dubi and Callahan know each other well. I like Avery on that top line crashing the net. It also leaves room for movement, and as you said, good speed.

    On defense, why mess with stuff. Malik and Rosi have been together all year. Girardi has played on the 2nd pair, is good defensively, and will give Mara a chance to become involved offensivly. Liffiton and Pock played together most of last year and were the Pack’s best pair. Hopefully they can rekindle that chemestry.

  24. czechthemout!!!!! on

    FINALLY THE PLAYER MOST DESERVING HAS BEEN CALLED UP.i predict that the rangers will score at least 4goals tomorrow,with dubinsky and callahan both scoring their first nhl goal.they will then proceed to cement their place on the the rangers for the rest of the year and in the playoffs.dubinsky was great was great to see the rangers with finally someone who looks like a very very talanted prospect and future star.

  25. IF they make the playoffs, and that is an IF, and get everyone back healthy, the Rangers will have a lot of choices to make about who plays and who sits.

    Avery – Nylander – Jagr
    Hossa – Straka – Shannahan
    Prucha – Cullen – Ortmeyer
    Hollweg – Betts – Orr
    Isbister – Dubi – Callahan

    I forsee Straka back at center; Dubi, Callahan, Isbister out

    Malik – Rosi
    Tyutin – Girardi
    Mara – Rachunek
    Liffiton – Pock

    Liffiton and Pock sit.

    Lundqvist – Weeks – Valliquette – Montoya

    If weeks is healthy, he’s the backup.

  26. I think I’m dreaming someone pinch me.
    ITS ABOUT TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks for the update SAM.

  27. czechthemout!!!!! on

    p.w.-if they make the playoffs with the lineup they have out on the ice friday,and the kids are a big reason for making it,there is no way that they sit out.

  28. I know those kids deserve to play if they get us there, but will Renny actually play them?? Probably not.

  29. i dont see straka coming back to center at all this season. his shoulder is really bad & will most likely get surgery in the off season.

  30. czechthemout!!!!! on

    every thing happens for a reason guys.and i think that you can’t stop what is meant to be.renney has tried all year to stop what i believe is the teams destiny to get away from the past ineptitude of management and it’s refusel to play the kids.if you guys notice that most of the the players that we all wanted off of the team have either been traded,released,or have gotten injured.the only exception is that tyutin,and shanny are both players we did not want to get hurt or be traded.and malik is still here.although i think his getting hurt earlier in the season is what got girardi in the lineup.

  31. anyone else watching the devils game where chico & emerick keep asking each other, “why dont goalies want to play like brodeur” & “thats another disadvantage of the butterfly”. want to know why? b/c not all the junior goalies will get a chance to play for the devils, where their defensive system is the only reason why brodeur’s half ass butterfly, half ass flopper works. ever notice him consistently give up these juicy rebounds or not no where the puck is, yet it doesnt wind up in the net. why? b/c the devils are on top of the crease waiting to pick up the puck- not b/c brodeur is making these “fabulous” saves.

  32. czechthemout!!!!! on

    by the way,if shany can come back next week and play instead of shitsbister they can be a real good offesive team.and who plays on the fourth line,i couldn’t care less but the answer is any one on any line who is not playing well.

  33. This is great. I heard rumors about Dawes and Imo but i rather have cally. Im actially hoping straka sits because hes a liability to the lineup and cant put the puck in the net until his arm his at least 90 %. Like the 2 semi breakaways and the deflection. I would even like to see cullen dubi and cally, That would be interesting but then again dubis doing good on faceoffs and why split the cop line. To tell you the truth i want Orr in as many games because we need that physical enforcer prescence, we dont have that with hollywood cause hes not intimidated, but Orr might have a chance to knock out Boulton again, either way lets go rangers…..

  34. From

    The New York Rangers announced today that defenseman Karel Rachunek underwent an MRI today to determine the extent of the injury he suffered in Tuesday night’s game vs. the Ottawa Senators.

    The result of the test confirmed that he will be out three to four weeks with a sprain of the medial collateral ligament in his knee.

    Rachunek, 27, has appeared in 66 games with the Rangers this season, registering six goals and 20 assists for 26 points, along with 38 penalty minutes. He currently leads all Rangers defensemen with 99 shots on goal and ranks second among team defensemen with 26 points.

    *no press release on Callahan being called up yet.

  35. Sam, can you give us any insight into the actual possibility of Shanny coming back? Seems unlikely that he or the team would really risk his future on a half-ass effort to get in the playoffs, but maybe that’s unfair or extreme.

  36. Anyone else see cry-baby Crosby get highsticked by his own man, then kick the puck as he was getting to the bench and take a too many men on the ice penalty and then whine about it? And the refs actually appeared stressed out that they couldn’t avoid calling a penalty. Amazing.

  37. czechthemout!!!!! on

    sam -any update on tyutin and when he might return?also please ask renney he’s going to play callahan on the fourth line friday,if yes find out his reasoning for it.also ask him why he gives shitsbister more ice time every game than prucha.

  38. Crosby, Brodeur, and DiPietro must have a common coach or something along the line. All three are terrific whiners.

  39. Uncle Renney's Cabin on

    “if you guys notice that most of the the players that we all wanted off of the team have either been traded,released,or have gotten injured.”

    no, Jagr, Nylander, Malik, Pock, Straka. Isbister, Betts are still here.

  40. Uncle Renney's Cabin on

    call up Callahan, Dawes and Moore and sit Orr, Isbister and Straka, then we’ll have a good chance.

  41. Be a Ranger – I’m pretty sure that Uncle renney’s cabin has had several names on this board starting with Vinny Pooh

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