Shanahan back on the ice


For the first time since his concussion Feb.17, Brendan Shanahan skated with his teammates today at the MSG Training Center.

After 20 minutes skating with the rest of the team, Shanahan skated alone in a series of conditioning drills with assistant coaches Perry Pearn and Mike Pelino. Though there’s still no word on when Shanahan can subject himself to contact, this was still a significant step for a player who had been completely inactive until recently.

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  1. DoodieMachetto on

    He’s probably at lunch.

    I still think that Shanahan is fine, but they’re moving his recovery along slowly on purpose. They are probably watching the standings to make sure the Rangers don’t fall out of playoff contention. If they do, we won’t see him back this season. If they can clinch a spot before the season ends, we won’t see him until the playoffs. If it’s close with like one or two more games left in the season, we MAY see him, but otherwise they’ll shelve him for the POs or for next season. No reason to risk hurting him more if it’s possible that it was for nothing.

  2. very good news…other another note, did anyone see Nolan and Dim Witts comments about the Simon suspension. Are they on CRACK? REally disturbing, there’s one thing defending your teammate but there’s another looking like a complete and utter moron. How does anyone in good conscience say that simon suspension was way way to harsh…What a joke…
    Go Blue, keep it up tonight!!

  3. Speaking of Simon….all in attendance tonight, we need to return our respect to him! Let’s change the ‘Blue Chant’ tonight and give some love back to him….just like how we honor Potvin every game, this time ‘SIMON SUCKS’. ;) I’ll be at the game…

    Great news about Shanny!

  4. Excellent news about Shanny!

    As far as the comments by the Fishsticks, I’m not surprised. Collectively, they all have an IQ equivalent to a baked potato.

  5. SIMON SUCKS!!!!

    DP SUCKS!!!




  6. I believe Sam mentioned recently that the time has passed for conditioning assignments in Hartford. I think Sam said that Weeks couldn’t go down for a conditioning assignment, I would assume that Shanny can’t either.

    Does anyone have the quote from Nolan and Witt? I didn’t see it.

  7. Coach Ted Nolan said his initial reaction on Sunday to the 25-game minimum sentence was simple: “Shock.”
    “I just thought it was way, way too harsh of a penalty,” Nolan said. “The regular season, maybe. But the entire playoffs? I just felt it was a bit too harsh.”

    what a jokE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. If you go to Blueshirt bulletin, they said the islanders in there case to campbell, tried to portray that hollweg is a dirty player, and that simon was in a daze, and didn’t know what he was doing…


  9. brendan dim-witt says….

    “I think it looks worse on tape,” Witt said. “I mean, Hollweg played today. If you look at the [Todd] Bertuzzi or [Marty] McSorley incidents, those guys were out permanently. So it always looks worse on replays.”

    tom renney says…

    “Whether it’s appropriate or not, it isn’t for me to judge,” Rangers coach Tom Renney said to the Associated Press on Sunday. “It’s one of those things everyone will have a reaction to. The two things for me that are most important are that Ryan is OK and able to play, and Chris, for me anyway, is a good man.

    “He’s had to pay the price, and that’s appropriate. I think it needs to be a message that’s loud and clear, of course. We all have to move forward and learn what we can from it.”

    brendan witt says in response to brashear hitting him saturday……look who’s crying now…waaahhhhhh!!!

    “I faked to go at him, and he sucker-punched me,” Witt said. “But the League won’t do anything about that.

    “It dropped me. I was seeing stars, but I didn’t expect him to cold-cock me. I asked the ref, ‘Is that a free head shot?’ and the ref said, ‘It’s either 5 or 2.’ [So I said,] ‘Then it needs to be five because the League is trying to crack down on head shots.’ Obviously, I doubt the league will even look at it.”

    “I thought it should have been a five-minute major the way he hauled off and hit him, Nolan said. “I thought [Witt] was defenseless at that point. The only saving grace we had was that he hit another tough guy. He didn’t whine and complain, didn’t lay like he was half-dead he got up … Do I think it should have been five? No question.”

  10. Excellent news. If this team can grind it and get into the postseason, just imagine how dangerous we could be. By then, we’ll hopefully have Tyutin and Hossa back; now, maybe we’ll even have Shanny, too.

  11. Rangers Pride on

    Yeah Witt is really a crybaby – runs his mouth gets smacked and then cries about it. He should look at Avery – who runs his mouth and gets banged every game but does not cry to referees about it!

  12. Folks —

    I was slightly misinformed, which is what you get when you’re stuck at jury duty and not actually present at the rink. The change is reflected above: Shanny skated with his teammates for 20 minutes, THEN skated on his own.

    My trial is not over, but I will make it to the Garden tonight. And then I should be back completely after Wednesday.


  13. Ranger Revival on

    Sure, fine Hollweg is well known for the hits…and how many victims of these filthy dirty hit retaliated with stick swings to the head? Right no one other than Simple Simon. The Islanders look worse and worse every day. They need to stop talking for their own sakes.

    Good for Shanny!

  14. Regarding Nolan and his comments the other day about simon’s
    suspension. This is why no organization would hire him for all these years except for the Icelanders. One classless to another. Regarding witt, they forgot his first name “Dim”.

  15. I think we are witnessing a FRANCHISE MELTDOWN. The entire Islander organization is spiraling out of control.

    Makes any Ranger fan smile.

  16. Doodie Machetto on

    I like the idea of switching the Potvin Sucks to Simon Sucks. The only hangup I have with it is that Potvin has his jersey hanging from the rafters, and Simon might not even be an Islander next season.

    I’ll be at the game tonight, with a bird’s eye view(literally) of the game. Anyone have anything they want me to keep an eye out for?

  17. “Yeah you guys call Witt a whiner, stfu. What Shanny getting all gay for Jagr on Januaray. You guys are just hypocrites.”

    Got this from “BlueShirtBulletin” comment section.
    NJ MARK, Do you know if this is english? lol.
    Any kind of point would be nice tonight, tough game.

    First of all this moron should not put TWITT in the same sentence as JAGR and SHANAHAN. I don’t know what’s wrong with this guy, but I figured I’d show all the fans in here.

  18. They’ve played better without Shanny. Not that he can’t help, but I have to wonder if they will default back to their questionable ways when he returns.

  19. a lot of them winning lately is due to the defense and mainly lundqvist.

    a re-energized shanny will only help-

  20. Does anyone really expect Shanny to return? I bet he doesn’t see the ice unless the Rangers go deep in a first round playoff or second round.

  21. Even better news on Shanny. Still, until he is 100% healthy, which I don’t see happening within the next month, I doubt we’ll see him. If we make the playoffs, that’s possible.

    NYR1994: That’s just ridiculous. I’m so sick of Fishsticks fans and their stupidity. I was at my in laws on Sunday, and for 3 hours, all I heard was, “Hollweg hit Simon from behind. He’s a punk and does nothing but throw cheap shots.”

    Newsflash Fishsticks fans: That’s not the issue. The issue is why did Chris Simon nearly commit a homicide by crushing Hollweg’s windpipe if he would have missed 6 inches below the chin!!!

  22. There’s isn’t a big coward in the NHL then Witt..He’s entire game is focused on goating then backing down and trying to draw penalties. You may recall when he went at shanny who slugged him in the face, and then DimWitt crawls away like a coward. I am all for trying to draw penalties, but DimWitt, but this is all the clown does…
    Regarding the classless Nolan. This guy is such a joke, he couldn’t get a job for a few years, he does on HBO Real Sports and claims the whole race card..He doesn’t ever mention the fact that he had 1 decent year, Buffalo offered him a pay raise and he walks away, then tampa offers him a job, and he decides hes too good for them…of course they have won the Cup since then…But it’s racism, why Nolan didnt get a job..Maybe Mr. Nolan its because ur over valued your one good year as a nhl coach, u have a horrible rep as someone who runs his mouth, and now, with your latest comments have shown what little class you have…

  23. from wikipedia

    On December 25, 2005, it was reported that Nolan expressed interest in leaving Moncton to fill the New Jersey Devils coaching vacancy left by Larry Robinson. Despite this, the Devils never publicly mentioned Nolan as a potential replacement.

    >>>>of course the devils wouldn’t think of giving this moron a thought-

  24. I would like the rangers to score some more goals and that may be a reason Shanny comes back sooner rather than later. 8 goals scored in the past 5 games is a tough way to win. Of course you could play Prucha more and the second PP unit could get more than 30 seconds every PP.

  25. a casual observer on

    The reason Nolan was gone so long wasn’t racism. I heard that He was sleeping with dominic Hasek’s wife! He is a lowlife, not a victim.

  26. Is that true about Nolan and Hasek’s wife? I always knew there was something going on there since he was never able to get another job for years while some average-at-best coaches continue to get one job after failing at another. I always assumed it was a power clash with Muckler, but other coaches have survived such failed coups (like Keenan did here with Neil Smith).

  27. If Todd Bertuzzi is being given chances, why won’t Simon be? I don’t believe it. He’ll skate again, for the Islanders.

    Nolan is an ass, but that business about adultery has never been more than a rumor. What’s ironic is that on last week they had an interview with Nolan where he said that helping Chris Simon get off booze and get his life together was the proudest achievement of his NHL career. No joke.

  28. Doodie Machetto on

    Muckler is stronger than Nolan. Keenan was stronger than Smith.

    Smith and Nolan were both outcasts, and they got their new jobs on the Island with Charles Wang, who is an outsider on hockey. No one was there to enforce the “blacklist” of those two guys.

    Smith didn’t like the st up and was terminated.

    Nolan may have said something dumb today, but the guy is a fantastic coach. He took the joke of the offseason Islanders and has them 2 pts above our Rangers AND has a game in hand. I’d swap Nolan for Renney in a hot minute. I’m sure he’ll get locked in with a 75 year contract though (Thanks Wang and Snow!)

    The reason the Devils never considered him is because he isn’t a trap coach. They will only take coaches who will play the defensive game that they want played.

    I’m off for the game. I hope that we can get some goals, because with the way Ottawa’s offense has been going, without at least 3, we won’t win. Interesting stat for the game: the Rangers are 28h in the league in winning percentage when it comes to leading after 2 periods. Ottawa is 25th. The Rangers are 22nd when leading after 1. The Sens are 11th.

    Let’s go Rangers!

  29. Doodie Machetto on

    oh, I forgot to add- the Rangers have the 4th best win percentage when trailing after 2, the Sens are 16th.

    So the game is tied after one, the Sens lead by 1 after 2, and the Rangers come back to win it in the third is a plausible scenario.

  30. NHL news…

    the Pens will stay in Pitts. with a new arena deal.

    and there is a new Draft system, which goes by how you do in the playoffs.

    Teams approve new system for NHL draft

    Bob McKenzie

    3/13/2007 1:24:38 PM

    There will be a new format for determining the order of selection for the 2007 NHL Entry Draft.

    Sources tell TSN that NHL teams have voted 23-6 (with one abstention) in favor of introducing a ranking system that places a greater emphasis on playoff performance than regular season results.

    Under the existing format, non-playoff teams were placed one through 14 with the lowest regular-season point totals getting the higher pick in the draft, subject to the draft lottery which allows the winning non-playoff team to move up as many as four places.

    The remaining 16 teams were seeded 15 through 30 based on inverse order of regular-season finish with one exception – the Stanley Cup-winning team automatically received the 30th and final pick of the first round.

    The new format will work as follows:

    – The 14 non-playoff teams will be seeded in inverse order of regular-season finish, just as they used to be, with the draft lottery remaining the same.

    – Teams that lose in the first round of the playoffs, except those that won regular-season division titles, will be slotted next in inverse order of regular-season point totals.

    – Regular-season division winners that did not advance to the Conference finals will be slotted next, in inverse order of regular-season point totals.

    – Teams that make the Conference finals will be slotted next, in inverse order of regular-season point totals.

    – The two teams that make it to the Stanley Cup final will get the final two picks – No. 29 for the Cup finalist and No. 30 for the Cup champion.

    It is a little more difficult to explain than it was, but the basic premise is the farther a team proceeds in the playoffs, the later it will pick in the entry draft.

    The concept was initially proposed by the Detroit Red Wings, who argue that playoff success is the true measure of a team’s success in any given year and the draft order should reflect that.

    The six teams which voted against the change were the Buffalo Sabres, Florida Panthers, Minnesota Wild, New York Islanders, San Jose Sharks and Washington Capitals. The Montreal Canadiens abstained. All remaining NHL teams voted in favor of the change.

  31. czechthemout!!!!! on

    i hope reney plays the second pp unit more than the 25seconds they have averaged the last 4 games.i just bought a new plasma tv and i don’t know how long i can keep my self from throwing the remote at it when they show that clown frownig about their failure on the pp.

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