Jagr still believes


Does that make him confident or — this year’s buzz word — delusional?

Hear for yourself.


Me, I’m not sure. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but the Karel Rachunek injury tonight certainly didn’t help. But then, neither did the Malik own goal, or Avery hitting the post, or Jagr missing a half open net, or Brad Isbister being Brad Isbister, or Jed Ortmeyer failing to clear the zone on the penalty kill, or…well, you understand what I’m getting at here.

Say what you want, they’re certainly never boring.

And speaking of boring, the end is in sight, my friends. If all goes well tomorrow will be my last day of jury duty, meaning my attention will soon be back completely on your collective misery.

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  1. Jury duty is hell, my friend. But even worse is being subjected, as I was, to the whims of a jury. I was a car crash victim in a case in which the jury was so idiotic that the judge referred to them as “those morons.” Welcome back to the land of the living–unless, of course, you’re talking about the Rangers.

  2. onecupin67years on

    Winning teams don’t believe in excuses .They win despite the aforementioned excuses .

  3. listen to what. his broken English. we need an interpreter to figure out his accented mumblings.

  4. Sam – anyone

    SOmeone have the 2-0 or 2 goal leads numbers on this team this month, this year? Has been a sad state of affairs of late.


  5. Longtimerangerfan on

    March 13th, 2007 at 11:16 pm
    “listen to what. his broken English. we need an interpreter to figure out his accented mumblings.”

    I couldn’t understand what he was saying either.

  6. Not the end of the world tonight have to have a good weekend Renney needs to be slapped in the face as well as malik

  7. Add to my original post

    “SOmeone have the 2-0 or 2 goal leads numbers on this team this month, this year? Has been a sad state of affairs of late. ”

    how many goals have we deflected into our own net the last month/all season

  8. I am very frustrated by this type of loss this late into a playoff push. It is demonstrative of a team that has a major lack of smarts. At this time of the season, I expect the Rangers to make intelligent choices with and without the puck. Throw into the mix the lack of a defensemen due to injury, and it gets more difficult to explain the decisions made on the ice by this team. The Rangers refuse to send 2 men in deep to pressure the opponent in the second half of games. Now wouldn’t it help relieve the constant waves of Senators coming across center ice, if the Rangers would institute a 2 man press late. It would help them retrieve the puck more often and give them more chances to score. Not so in Rangerland. They utilize the passive approach which allows the opponent the chance to sustain an attack through center ice. Compound this with the type of forwards that the Rangers play when they need to score and you realize this team is dumb. They never make the heads up play except for Avery and Ortmeyer on occasion. Pucks skitter around the Rangers defensive zone for endless shifts. No one seems to know how to set up a break out. And no one understands how to clear the zone. The puck just keeps rolling around. Then there is one shot, two shots, a missed clearing opportunity and another shot attempt. An additional failed clear and bang goal Senators.. The approach to basic puck controls and positioning of the body are not followed. It is just plain ignorant. And at this point in the season, it only means that no one has been able to learn a thing. All the one goal losses. All the practices. It’s adds up to dumb players.

  9. Thanks a lot for the audio Sam, even though you are really busy. It’s always really appreciated. Thanks.

  10. “I can’t believe I’m saying this, but the Karel Rachunek injury tonight certainly didn’t help. But then, neither did the Malik own goal, or Avery hitting the post, or Jagr missing a half open net, or Brad Isbister being Brad Isbister, or Jed Ortmeyer failing to clear the zone on the penalty kill…”

    Or how about why Renney, at home and having the last change, sent out the 4th line, who had been cold from sitting on the bench for most of the game, against Ottawa’s top line with the game on the line? Or how about how Renney has been overplaying three of the d for past few games, rendering them exhausted?

    Just a couple of the many questions that should be posed by the press. Or will Renney continue to get a free pass while us fans sit here in frustration wondering when someone who has access is going to hold him accountable?

    Just asking.

  11. that was quite a dig at Jagr’s accent, really try to hide your hatred. That petty nonsense is disgusting..

    The 4th line complainers were yelling at their TV for 10 minutes before the goal that Renny was only playing 3 lines.. It is easy to be right after the fact.

    Nothing changes on this site, the same whining and complaining…

    were are all the complaints at Orty for not clearing the puck when he should have but shanked the clear..

    you win as a team and lose at a team, is that a novel concept for you all???

  12. Jagr said it all when he said it’s frustrating, especially when you sometimes play four of the last five minutes. It’s really no mystery why the Rangers keep blowing leads and have trouble scoring. TOO FEW guys play TOO MANY minutes. There’s so little trust in some players that I wonder why they bother dressing 18 skaters. Even Gretzky got a break once in awhile. Having a handful of guys play 25-30 minutes and another handful barely reach 10, if that, is ludicrous.

  13. in the post game Renney was saying that Ottawa was able to take advantage of the Rangers having only 5 dmen with 2 of them youngsters (shows he really doesn’t trust youngsters with that statement). AND Pock is 25 which really is not that young anymore.

    AND this is coming from someone who is not a card carrying Renney basher normally. Of course if I had my pick of getting rid of Dolan, Sather or Renney (with all of the above not an immediate choice) I would say adios Dolan in a heartbeat. Then soon enough the other dominoes would fall (and no Maloney for GM either).

  14. the most disgusting posts on this site are the elitist scolds who act like the thought police.

    1984 Orwell-style

  15. Simple question: How many blown 2 goal leads does it take to get a Ranger coach fire????????????


  17. And the elegant writing, insults to ethnicity, and non-analysis just keep on going…
    ml: How well would you acquit yourself in Czech? Or, for that matter, in English?

  18. Richthehshredder on

    This was absolutely the last game they could have pulled this. We’re 2 points out of the 8th spot and 4 out of the 7th spot with a game in hand on Carolina.

    This is tough, the guys are trying hard but there are too many injuries. Its getting to many games now that they are pulling this though. We constantly outplay teams but lose. We dont play like an 8th place team for 2 and a half periods. For the record Emery wasnt spectauclar, he got lucky with shots fired right into him.

    Renney should think about bringing a scorer like Callahan up, Isbister is showing us why he is in the AHL every night by not finishing. Enough is Enough now, King gives them a chance to win and they fold.

  19. Richthehshredder on

    Also, a 2 goal lead is not hard to maintain, thats ridiculous, players and coaches should be horsewhipped when they say that. Jagr says its the hardest lead to hold????? Since when is being up 2 goals (most of the time until the middle of the 3rd period) aa adversary?

  20. Sam – how was Jed looking after the game? He looked like he got hurt early and never seemed to get his stride back after that …

  21. Stuart, you are one of the few people who comment on here that has a brain. some people do nothing but come here and spew there hatred for Jagr,Renney,or whoever their victim of choice is for the day.Alot of these are probably people who have been kicked off other boards. They can come here and say what they want. everyones entitled to their own opinion,but the personal attacks when someone doesn’t agree with you are childish and immature. I think alot of them must be really young or really drunk.

  22. snobby buttinski on

    “”bob March 14th, 2007 at 1:37 am

    the most disgusting posts on this site are the elitist scolds who act like the thought police.

    1984 Orwell-style””

    how right you are. see above.

  23. Neil Katcher on

    I know some of you are frustrated, but it’s only because it’s hard to watch a team play so hard and lose. Not because someone isn’t doing something right. In a 60 minute game mistakes will always be made. Sometimes you’re good enough to cover them, sometimes not.

    The boys busted their butts all night, every single shift. Did they blow a 2 goal lead yet again? Yes. But, let’s be lucid about what we’re witnessing right now. A team comprised of: A) First liners playing through bad injuries. B) Middle of the road talent being asked to pull more than their own weight. C) Young Kids who are doing their best. These guys aren’t perfect, but they are giving everything they’ve got. And as a fan i can’t ask for anything more. Sorry.

  24. I don’t think this team will miss Rachunek very much. He and Malik have been the two whipping boys on defense. The fans can stomach a rookie making a rookie mistake, but not a 10 year veteran.

  25. onecupin67years on

    The blew 11 2-0 leads this year. I don’t think its just bad luck when you do that,I think at 2-0 they sit back then when its 2-1,they grab their sticks a little tighter ,maybe they feel the heat from the bench which causes them to choke, also these shoot out wins prove just how weak of a team they are ,where are the regulation wins?
    Too bad there isnt a Mariano Rivera to step on the ice with a 2-0,2-1 lead in the third and put the game away for them.
    They have to be there own Mariano.

  26. They need to bring up some offense already, Callihan, Dawes, Immo, Jessimen. It’s Renney’s job to decide when to play more defensively, trap, whatever. Playing Rozival 28+ minutes is absurd. He’s not needed on the PP, let him rest those extra 3-6 minutes. Pock, Mara, Girardi can handle the point wiyh Straka &/or Cullen on the PP. Not having guys up to practice all this time is not wise. They should have been called up last night, hopefully today. There is no reason for Orr in the lineup for the stetch run to make the playoffs. Management has to be prepared and make good decisions too.

  27. “Insulting Jagr’s accent is childish and immature.”
    i second this

  28. Not that it would of helped these clowns, but what the heck was Renney waiting for when pulling Hank? They had the puck deep with 2 minutes left, so Renney the clown waits until less than a minute to go to pull him? Get another attacker in, you’ve already blown the game….could it get worse? Dumb!

  29. it’s no wonder the rumors are probably true that Czech is spoken alot in the lockeroom.

  30. I didn’t see the game last night. I can’t believe they blew another 2-0 lead, and I can’t believe another goal was put in our own net by a defensemen. I swear, this has to be a record this year.

    Still, we control our own destiny. 2 points behind Carolina with 1 game in hand, and we own the tiebreaker. This weekend will be huge now. But I’m confident we can take down Atlanta and especially Boston.

  31. does anybody think it’s insulting when people who can speak English, don’t in mixed company?

  32. onecupin67years on

    Who cares what people say and in what language they speak ?
    People will do what they want to do ,I’m sure things are said about others who are present by Jagr and his countryman ,so ?

    While language can disguise feelings and sentiment about others, actions,body launguage, play on the ice and cliques do the real talking.

  33. With Dipietro out and Simon gone, maybe the 7th place spot isn’t so secure anymore.

    If Renney wasn’t going to roll all 4 lines, why didn’t he suit 7 d-men?

  34. Not usually one to be a calm voice of reason after another blown two-goal lead, I actually am not so upset right now. This team is missing Shanahan, Tyutin, Hossa, and now Rachunek, plus Straka is hurt. We have no backup goalie to speak of. Two weeks ago, the team was 6 points out of a playoff spot. As of right now Dubinsky, Girardi, and Pock are all taking regular shifts and seeing decent minutes (not great, decent). Prucha has definitely improved a ton this year, Cullen has solidified himself, Jagr is at least working his butt off at both ends. And tonight’s loss doesn’t come anywhere close to putting them out of the race.

    Did everyone expect them to go their last 20 games without losing even once? They don’t need to win every game to make the playoffs. And even if they do make it, does anyone think there will be the kind of gas in the tank it would take to beat Buffalo or New Jersey? Think big picture – next year we’ll add Staal on defense, Dawes or Callahan up front with Dubinsky, Prucha, Cullen, Jagr and Straka. We’re set at goalie for years. Malik won’t be here forever, it just feels that way.

    Isles just blew a 2 goal lead to the Habs. So we remain 2 points out of 7th place. And of the 12 remaining games the Rangers play, only 5 are against teams currently in the playoffs, and 2 of those are against the Isles, who are sliding fast. They still control their own fate. IN looking at the schedule at the beginning of the month, onight’s game was not one we would have expected to win.

  35. Avery Blasts Brodeur on

    In some crazy countries, Middle Eastern countries I believe but ic ould be wrong, they kill their national players for scoring own goals in a soccer game.

    Look it up, its true

    Malik is killing the team. If this was pee-wees or high school, my coach would have gona balistic on one of us for this. It happens too much.

    You know what causes it and I know that some of you won’t agree, but its being out of postion.

  36. You can not blame the goal off Malik’s stick on him. It was a freak occurance. If he was not in that position and the puck sailed cleanly to Heatley for the put-in then you can blame your d-man. Should the puck took a different bounce there would be little talk about how important a play that was. It’s easy to critisize. However, it was unfortunate, but I still have faith in this team.

  37. Excellent post Peter. Couldn’t agree more.

    After Atlanta Friday night, our schedule is VERY easy. And I know it sounds crazy, but this team plays better on the road which is also favorable since the majority of their remaining games are on the road.

    I’m not worried at all about Carolina. They still play NJ and Tampa twice, and San Jose and Atlanta once more. And they have goaltending issues. I’ll be shocked if they go better than 1-5 in those games.

  38. Matt: yes and no. No, you can’t blame him entirely for that shot; like many games, it was chance bad luck. But with that said, this “bad luck” has a greater chance of happening when the aforementioned blueliner is in the WRONG PLACE, which I’d argue is the case here. Instead of reaching for the shot, he should have lunged at the shooter. And I’m not sure why he didn’t just try to push the shooter to the corner. You’ve got to step up in those situations, not poke check.

    Peter: definitly agree. You can’t get too ticked at this loss. They played hard and suffered some bad breaks(Ortmeyer’s fanning on the puck, Malik). There was hard play throughout and it didn’t at anytime look like the team just gave up. I was thinking at first they should have done a trap after the first Ottawa goal, but that was way too early in the game(and the Rangers seem to suck at the trap).

    ISBISTER – Sam, please help me out here. From a hockey perspective, the only reason I can see keeping this guy in the game is to be a large mass to screen the goalie. He seems to have no hands and couldn’t hit the net if it were a soccer goal. Am I missing part of this guy’s game? I stood by Hossa while he wasn’t scoring, so I don’t mean to be hypocritical. But Isbister is getting MORE TOI than Hossa was the first 40 games…and he hasn’t scored or registered a point since being recalled, despite being on a line with Jagr! In the last four games, he’s had 14, 16, 17 and 17 minutes of ice time, which seems a bit high for what he’s contributing. I mean, even Dubinsky at least had some bonafide scoring chances. Isbister just seems to fan…so is there something I’m missing that you can see? I’ve never been a fan of this guy even dating back to when he was SCORING on the island. Seems to me IMMONEN would be a better fit with the team, as at least he racks up points.

  39. During one of the Rangers Vs. Devils games, a Devil announcer pointed out that all of the Devil’s defensemen are taught to hold their blade perpendicular to the ice to minimize the chances of them inadvertently redirecting a shot on their own net.

    Seems like pretty simple yet sound advice. I doubt there are statistics on this, but I would be interested in a chart showing how many goal each team has scored on itself. I know we all feel that the Rangers would be at the top of that list, and that the Devils are probably at te bottom, but there is no way to really know without statistical proof.

  40. Our defensemen are too slow, so they are always a step behind the play. That’s exactly how own goals happen – the defense is caught between playing the man and letting the goalie play the man. Malik’s last two own goals were examples of this. I think Lundquist’s reaction after last night’s says it all. He’s had it.

  41. Dubinsky has played like he belongs in the NHL. He is big, fast and shows potential to have great hands and put the puck in the net. One of NYR’s best draft picks in a while that actually has seen the NHL. Where are the rest of those kids that can make it up here?

    So Slats like you have always done because you think the older guys are better. When are you going to trade Dubinsky for a 30 year old? You MORON…

    Sam, came by before the second period but you got back after the period started or just as the puck dropped. Will try next time.

  42. To answer the question constantly appearing above, the Rangers have blown six 2 goal leads in the last 10 games.

  43. I had no problem understanding Jagr at all. I guess that answers the question of “Are most posters on here 12 year olds?”

  44. True Fans bleed RW&B on

    FIRE RENNEY! This game could have been won with good-coaching, even when the Rangers backed up on their heels.

    If this team’s goal is to make the playoffs Renney should be re-assigned to player-coach liason (whatever his old position was) and Schoenfeld or Sather should finish coaching this season.

    …neither of those 2 guys would let this team (and its few diva’s) get away with the crap they do.

  45. Is there any new on DiPietro. I hope hes in a coma.
    Serves him right trying to do to much for his team, like his misfortunes misplaying the puck, to bad for that loser. But jeez all these injuries to starting goaltenders
    You got Huet, Ward, now that Fanoik DP. I just hope Hank can avoid it, but it will be interesting to see Dupois who could easily be the shortest ranger if all time. That has to do something bad to his confidence. He kinda looks gay in a way, i dont know what it is his face looks like it.

  46. You have to wonder what Hank’s relatioship is with Malik. The poor dope keeps scoring on Hank, I never boo anyone on this team, you better believe the TV got booed last night after that, heck I almost threw the remote into it.

    Dubinsky could be a first line center in time if they keep him up here and let him mature. They can’t afford to stunt his growth next year and have him start in the minors. What about Pyatt? That’s a tough call, I think he could step in and easily be the 3rd line center now, let alone next year. But what about Cullen he’s really looking good now that he’s got his wife “under control”. So many teams have these kids that go from Junior to the NHL I’d love to see the Rangers do this FOR ONCE. Pyatt, Stall, Dubi,Callahan even Saguinetti should be wearing Blueshirts next year. This team is hanging by a thread and they are staying in contention with Kids right now at crunch time.

  47. I dont think Sather being the coach is the answer as for all intensive purposes he seems to be the coach right now and lets not forget the debacle that was his coaching tenure.

    Renney’s comments on the team possibly not being mature enough to to hold a 2-0 lead are very bizarre. We have one of the oldest teams in the league, yet we are immature? The players are certainly at fault as well as the coach, but you know in any other organization, Renney would have been fired weeks ago, after they had blown their 4th or 5th two goal lead.

    Would be great to see all those kids up here, I can’t wait till the day Jagr and co is gone. I’m getting real sick of Jagr blindly throwing the puck towards the front of the net whenever he is in the corner (where he tends always to be). If the real Jagr can’t return next year I say stay in Russia

  48. Mike March 14th, 2007 at 10:04 am

    Some interesting numbers from Larry Brooks’ latest piece in the post:

    5th time in the last 10 games the Rangers blew a 2-0 lead. 2nd time in the last three games that Malik scored the other team’s game-winning goal. 16th time in last 24 games that Rangers scored 2 goals or fewer. And 11th loss of the season where a 2-0 lead was blown (6 times in regulation).



    Thanks for keeping the focus where it belongs. The numbers don’t lie. And for me, the majority of the players on this Ranger squad are very challenged in the mental department because they keep repeating the same mistakes over and over.

  49. True Fans bleed RW&B on

    Matt, defensman are taught where to position their foot (and most importantly, at what angles) because a puck heading towards the crease can easily be deflected in. The Malik goal is similar, not the same. If it happens once, then I agree with you. However, It says something when he’s done this 3 times in only the past few weeks.

    Bad fundamentals lead to bad goals.

  50. True Fans bleed RW&B on

    Matt, defensman are taught where to position their foot (and most importantly, at what angles) because a puck heading towards the crease can easily be deflected in. The Malik goal is similar, not the same, but he should be putting his stick/blade in such a way that he’s least likely to deflect a shot or pass. If this play had happened just once, then I agree with you. However, It says something when he’s done this 3 times in only the past few weeks.

    Bad fundamentals lead to bad goals. And that’s, that.

  51. John M definition of insanity , doing the same thing over & over, and expecting different results.

  52. At what point does Renny realize that a hungry Dawes or Callahan is better than a increasingly-hurt Straka?

  53. Scott… I completely disagree. you can make that argument for many others on the team, but certainly not Straka.

  54. Doodie Machetto on

    There has to be. The team only has 5 d-men without him and Tyutin. Expect Liffiton since he was here as a just in case a week ago.

    I have to agree with the posters who complain about Isbister. I can understand having him up to avoid using a call up and allowing the Hartford kids to be on their playoff roster, because they definitely will see more ice time and games played than they would up here. That’s fine. But to have him skating with Jagr and getting more than 12 minutes a night is ludicrous! Prucha or Avery should be on that top line, the other should be on the second line, and Isbister should be on the third line, or even the 4th(sliding up Hollweg in that case). It’s absurd!

  55. Isbister would be a good 4th line guy.

    In the latest hockey news Baloney said that the Rangers needed to find a way to get Callahan up in NY on a top line. Baloney’s quotes not mine.

    Well here’s your chance.

  56. DanTheRangerFan on

    We got some darn good talented kids…we are starting to use them (FINALLY),Im with Jagar on this one…The near future we will see some great things as long as SATHER and Tom-boy Jenny dont get in the way with their stupid reasonings.

  57. DanTheRangerFan on

    ohhh and one more thing Isbister had one strong game basically hes not very good…He is taking up room on the bench(throw him in the locker room with some gatorade and hot towels for the boys and im happy. Peace

  58. Here’s a thought and just a thought…hows about STAAL comming up from Juniors? Eric and Jordon seemed to make the transition pretty quick…just a thought, when in reality, I know it will be Liffiton…Lampman wouldn’t bother me either.

    Cally would be great if somehow Isbister ends up back in Hartford. Loved the line of Avery-Dubinsky-Straka, with Prucha-Nylander-Jagr up top. Perhaps Straka could rejoin JJ, Cally could move to Dubi’s wing and Prucha could return with Cullen and Orts. Though I hate to see Petr on third line, I think rolling three lines would be advantageous to the top players. It sure couldn’t be worse than skating Jagr for 25 minutes…

  59. From ESPN.com

    Reports: Conference finalists will get bottom four picks

    Starting this season, the four conference finalists will get the bottom four picks in the NHL’s entry draft, according to multiple reports.

    Previously, only the Stanley Cup winner was assigned the final pick in each round.

    Now, regardless of their regular-season record, the 29th selection in each round will go to the Cup runner-up, the paper reported. Losers of the conference finals will draft 27th and 28th, with the team with the better regular-season record drafting in the lower spot.

    The change, apparently spearheaded by Red Wings general manager Ken Holland, gives teams with good regular-seasons that flop in early playoff rounds better spots to pick from.

    “I’ve been talking about this at the GM meetings the last number of years. In the end, I guess it was voted through,” Holland told the Detroit Free Press. “You look at the NFL, where their draft selection is based on playoffs. I just think it’s hard to win two rounds in the [NHL] playoffs. If you win two rounds, you get to the final four.”

    NHL teams voted 23-6-1 in a fax vote over the past week to approve the changes, the Sun reported.


    Renny has to learn how to coach when they have a lead. Jags looked good for about a whole minute out there. It seems like there is no flow, they are trying to hard or something. And as always RENNY MUST GO, RENNY MUST GO, RENNY MUST GO.

  61. LI Joe: figured they were ending soon in Juniors, but I guess it is a bit early. Usually the kids come up to the AHL for the last five or six games…

  62. yeah I was surprised that you mentioned Staal as a call up since you always seem to be on top of things. I don’t know when the junior season ends (and playoffs too). The AHL reg season ends about 1 week after the NHL – this yr for the pack its 4/15.

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