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I am back in the penalty box…I mean jury box today, and likely will be there tomorrow and Wednesday as well.

The good news is the Rangers are off today, anyway, and I’ll still likely be able to make the game tomorrow night. Still, it’s hardly ideal, and I’ve already had to pass up a unique opportunity tomorrow (I’ll explain later, but it involved me lugging my hockey gear into the city).

Thanks for your patience through all this, but I’ll continue to try to pass along updates when I can.

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  1. Nice Sam – Leave us all hangin’.

    I could always fill-in for you if you’re too busy!

  2. Sam pass along any information on Shanahan’s doctor appointment as soon as your recieve it!

  3. SAM I don’t agree with Renney on giving vets “lattitude”. That’s why the MSG crowd is now chanting “SHOOT THE PUCK”. Vets are suppose to lead, rather than showing the younger guys a perimeter game . I’d rather see a game like last Monday against the Islanders with 54 shots on goal, than yesterdays with 26 and only 1 shot on each of the first three PP, then 4 on the forth when the crowd finally got their point across. But that’s the coaches job, accountablity not “lattitude”.

  4. bklynblue – when the server here went down a couple of weekends ago I lost the ability to post as well for a while, I sent an email to custonmer service and eventually I was able to again (got a message that failed 4 times) – email posted below (send email to

    Are you saying you’re locked out from posting comments or you get an error message when you try to read the comments?
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    I am now getting an error message trying to post comments on the Weinman blog – since his server seemed to go down over the weekend. Since it lists my email address as having tried and failed 4 times is there a way to set my email address to enable comments again.

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  5. On a different note, is there anyone out there who agrees that, assuming the team makes the playoffs, we’re better off facing the Devils than the Sabres in the first round?

  6. I would rather not play the Devils if for no other reason that it would really hurt to lose to them again. maybe we can sneak into 6th?

  7. I actually think we have a better chance against Buffalo. With NJ, you have to beat them 1-0. We have goal scoring problems to begin with, so going up against Brodeur and the NJ system could make things very difficult. Henrik would have to be nearly perfect in a series with them. Buffalo isn’t playing their best hockey right now, and I feel better about us scoring some goals on Ryan Miller.

    Then again, I feel the Rangers outplayed NJ in the majority of their games this year, whereas Buffalo dominated us early in the season.

  8. I think we would do better to avoid the possibility of mental issues against the Devils. Considering last year, and considering this squad’s ability to get down and then underperform, I’d prefer to avoid Brodeur. If Ryan Miller has a huge game, I don’t think it would change the whole series, but if Marty does…

  9. hockeymanrangers on

    My question is why do the boys have the day off. They should have their nose to the grindstone. I understand there is such a thing as burnout but I’m sorry this is why you get paid for playing a sport. I would prefer to play Buffalo right now anyway. BUT before we even start talking Playoffs we got get there first. I am not so sure we are going to make it yet at this point. And as always RENNY MUST GO, RENNY MUST GO,

  10. hockeymanrangers on

    While I am at it, HEY ALL join my campaign, sign off with a RENNY MUST GO. We all know we could do a lot better with better coaching and better player changes. It’s like
    “shoot the puck, shoot the puck”
    ” Renny must go, Renny must go”

  11. hockeyman youre nuts! You couldn’t tell the team was ruinning on fumes yesterday? They are beaten, bruised and exhausted. They deserve a day off and will better for it against OTT.

  12. I agree with hockeymanrangers in saying that we first need to make the playoffs.

    Honestly it does not matter if we play buffalo or NJ in the first round. If we win the first round, we would have to play the other one in the 2nd round anyway.

    The best case scenario would be to make it to 6th place. But then again, let’s make the playoffs first.

  13. hockeymanrangers on

    Rob S
    Allright I you make a good point, maybe a team meeting or something. That’s just my opinion. Renny must go.

  14. Longtimerangerfan on

    Doesn’t matter to me who we play in the first round…just get to the playoffs, boys.

    Renney must go!

  15. Rob S – agree that they really need this of day. With 13 games left including 3 back to backs they need all the energy they can muster. Wonder if Henrik will sit any of the 13 (assuming still in the race and no early clinching of playoff spot)

  16. hockeymanrangers on

    Changing the subject here but can anyone answer this question real quick for me??? If the Islander go deep into the playoffs will they let Simon come back for them??? If he got 25 games that doesn’t go long enough for them to go deep into the playoffs???

  17. hockeymanrangers on

    Changing the subject here but can anyone answer this question real quick for me??? If the Islander go deep into the playoffs will they let Simon come back for them??? If he got 25 games that doesn’t go long enough for them to go deep into the playoffs??? Renny must go!!!

  18. hockeyman supposedly the rest of this year includind all the playoffs. If the fish play less than 10 playoff games, hopefully none, the balance is tacked on the beginning of next year.

  19. hockeymanrangers on

    Thanks, I was looking at a few different web-sites looking for clarifaction regarding this but they all said the same thing 25 games and nothing else. I appreciate, and as always, Renny must go.

  20. Simon isn’t playing again this year no matter waht.

    If only the Rangers could score some more goals.

  21. I’m suprised nobody has commented on Sam needing to bring his gear into the city. No offense Sam but if they are trying you out to shoot from the point on the PP I’m not watching anymore games this year :P

  22. Sam, any talk amongst the beat writers about Renney’s comments in today’s Daily News where he defended Simon and called him a “good guy?”

    What do you guys here think? I feel that no matter how much you love the guy, you don’t say anything like that when it was your own player he was headhunting. He could be the best guy out there… you still don’t come to the aid of his character after he pulls a stunt like that. The other option? Just say nothing. Leave it as is. There was no reason for Renney to stick up for Simon.

  23. From what I heard renney is defending Simon and Nolan stated holweg fell to the ice like he was shot, which nolan was basically saying holweg dove. I don’t understand how anybody could say that, Nolan should be suspended just for being a jackass.

  24. Hanny,

    I agree. No matter how much Renney may like Simon or have history or merely be sympathetic to someone who obviously made [another] terrible mistake, I think it’s unacceptable for Renney as the coach of the player who was attacked to be defending Simon at all, much less publicly. I don’t need him to go Lindy Ruff, though I respect that, but still, Renney should shut up if he’s got nothing bad to say.

  25. Renney is taking the high road, people. Jesus, haven’t you ever heard of saying on thing in public but believing something completely different in private?

  26. high road my butt. saying things to help your adversary is the low road as far as your own player is concerned.

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