That’s not what he meant. Really.


You’ll see we’re back with some audio clips, with today’s selection Tom Renney’s postgame press conference. It’s fairly long, but if you’re patient you’re rewarded toward the end with an unintentionally comical moment.


The question had to do with the continued resurgence of Matt Cullen, who scored the game-winning goal in the shootout, and who Renney said just needed some time to acclimate to New York (the exchange is about 6:30 in).

“Coming from Carolina to New York City, and a brand new child and all those kinds of things and making sure he has his wife under control, and everybody’s happy, that takes time,” Renney said.

Only when Renney realized that saying Cullen needed to get his wife “under control” might be misconstrued did the room erupt with laughter, and the coach quickly clarified what he meant.

Minutes later, when we were walking down the hallway, a group of us saw Cullen talking to a former Hurricanes teammate, and we began to relay the episode to him. As it happened, Renney rounded the corner just then as well, and when he saw us talking to Cullen, the coach laughed again.

“So this is how it works,” Renney said. “Whatever they tell you, Cully, you’re a good man.”

“I’ll give him her cell phone number,” Cullen said.

More tomorrow….

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  1. ““I’ll give him her cell phone number,â€? Cullen said.”

    watch out. that is how Ted Nolan got in trouble in buffalo

  2. Tom Renney keeps saying “Chris Simon is a good man.”
    Well, this is what Ted Nolan said last night (thanks to Keys who posted this over at Pemoco’s website…

    “Last night, after scoring a goal, Brashear jabbed Witt in the face…Witt went down, trying to draw a penalty…after the game, the ultra-classless Nolan said, something to the effect that ‘at least Witt didn’t lay there like he’d been shot” in an apparent reference to Hollweg.”

    I wonder how Ryan Hollweg would feel about this after hearing his coach for the umpteenth time come up with the “Simon is a good man” crap?

  3. right, chardkerm. Renney is so gutless, he won’t even defend his own players. He never did say one bad thing about Simon’s act, let alone Simon.

    and Nolan spent an entire decade acting like “he’d been shot”

  4. you know chardkerm, just because Nolan is classless does not mean that Tom Renney is … I highly doubt that Renney and any of the Rangers will ever air their real thoughts about what happened … even Ryan has been pretty calm and respectful with what he says … if that’s their attitude it just shows how classless they really are and I am happy our team is above that

    Great audio Sam, loved it!

  5. i did not hear that quote before, but any respect i did have for nolan is now gone. a very immature & moronic statment. at least renney keeps himself composed and doesnt bash opponents.

    –but sam, i’m loving these audio clips.

  6. “at least renney keeps himself composed and doesnt bash opponents.’

    no, he praises them, calling Simon a “good guy”. disgusting.

  7. You know i have to give Jagr some respect, he played like shit in the 1st and 2nd, but in the 3rd he stepped up as much as he could he nearly missed the game winner when he broke through 2 or 3 guys. Also its good to see him win the shootout, both of his last Shoot Out goals were big, a goal that tied the SO, and the game winning SO goal. But still there is no need, absolutely no need for straka to play, but watching him fall off the bench at the end , and seeing ortmeyer crack up was hilarious, i cant wait till they add that on youtube. Big game coming up against OTT, if we can win that and the ATL game then we get 2 points closer to those teams, and then we get to see who Aaron Ward doesnt like on the ranger team besides jagr. Like Niemenan hitting nylander this season. But hopefully we can man handle the B’s like we did the last game, if we beat them in those 2 games against them then they wont make the playoffs, and hopefully we get a couple apoints closer to making it….

  8. Jagr did NOT get the game winning SO goal. that was Matt Cullen. Jagr got the insurance goal.

    just as in a 2-0 game, the guy who gets the 1st goal gets the game winner.

  9. To me, Sam’s concerns about this blog’s comments section also involved language. I show this site to kids under 12 sometimes, guys. I’m trying to teach them to love hockey, not whether “asshole” is a compound word or not.

  10. wow anyway see how you guys think NOLAN IS CLASSLESS? well guess what he is for what he said and tom renney ISN”T for what he said. tom showed restraint and class while nolan looks like trash along with his entire organization after the episode.

  11. a casual observer on

    Nolan said Brendan Witt is a “genuine tough guy”??????
    He must be sleepin with Witt’s wife.

  12. Sam, do you need any more reason to dismantle this section? They don’t learn, do they?

  13. How good has Henik been lately? Where would they be without him? He had been struggling letting in a soft goal a game but now this guy is starting to come into his own and it is very hard of late to get anything by him. If he stays this hot through April there is no telling how far this team could go if they can get the likes of Hossa, Shanny and Toots back. Henrik is looking like he did last year pre-olympics. Hopefully he can keep it going

  14. goalbyPrucha on

    I would love it if karma comes back to the Piles and they don’t make the playoffs. Would serve them right. I hate that team.

  15. AngelusMortis on

    Renney is showing class for NOT lashing out at Chris Simon, the NHL has already done that. Renney and the team are being the bigger people and not calling out Chris Simon for who he really is; that should be obvious for everyone. Maybe calling him a good guy isn’t the best thing to do, but to call him a scumbag to the press wouldn’t be either.

    Also, I’d like to see how Ted Nolan would react if a big hockey player blindsided him with a baseball swing with a stick to the face. Probably not lay there like he was dead.

  16. Some people on here just don’t get it. It’s really sad.

    NYR1994: You know it! Even though Saturday’s OT loss was a tough one, I’ll still take 7 out of 8 points any day of the week!

    Lets go Rangers!! All hail King Henrik!!

  17. Fruity Cupcake on

    Sam, this site is terrific, but I can understand your frustration. One maybe-lame observation: Today I waited on line for tickets, (as back in October, this matinee seemed like a reasonable game to sell to someone with a kid.) As I watched ticketed fans waltz in to the Garden, I wondered how many fans may post online and how different our views might be. But all were happy and hopeful walking up to the gates.

    Sam, objects in the mirror are closer than they appear. We all LOVE this CRAZY infuriating team. Agree or disagree, this season has us all wrapped a liiitle too tight(ly.) We have more in common than we might readily admit. As a paid professional, you have to do what’s best for your editor, your server space and your ulcer, as we vent and do try to do what’s best for ours. As the Rodent might say, dis-ir-regardless of what you and your bosses may decide to with us cranky commenters, YOU have to keep posting the behind-the-scenes stuff. How could we function by the water-cooler without it? (Someday, the NHL will HAVE a Liz Smith, and I hope to be her. Until then, you guys have to do the job. Thanks!)

    Go Rangers and goooo Ranger fans, the best but crankiest in the biz. Seriously Sam, would you rather work in Miami?

  18. Sam-

    There have been far too many “unintentionally comical moments” for me to find any of this especially amusing.

    So Renney thinks Cullen needed awhile to settle in. Brilliant. I think Cullen has been settled in for some time now. What has taken a long time to happen is for it to dawn upon Renney that a player who was successful as a 3rd line pivot and playing the point on the pp should be used that way on his team. In fact, it’s taken Commander Renney 3/4 of the season to figure that out. Can’t wait to see what he comes up with next year.

    Lead on Tom, lead on

  19. Good streak so far, let’s hope we can keep it up. Eventually, they’ll lose a game, and the naysayers will come out again.

    Nice goal by Malik. I missed much of the 3rd because of daylight savings time (I napped) but they were well-disciplined, even if they couldn’t score. Getting the win in regulation would’ve been nice, but I’ll never turn down 2 points.

  20. “I thought Pock played well today.”
    … had the same impression, not paired with rachunek seems to be good for both.

  21. I think Pock will mature into a prety good defenseman. You need to rememmber, he only moved to defense about five years ago, he is still learning the position. The only way he will get better is by playing in game situations. This is why I didn’t understand the Rangers keeping him in New York all year just to sit in the press box, he should have been playing down in Hartford. Still, they didn’t have a choice, he was the 7th best defenseman.

    When it comes to Renney, I think he has handled the Simon situation well. He shouldn’t comment on it more than he has. Be happy Hollweg is OK and Simon got a long suspension. Nolan needs to learn how to shut his mouth. Maybe he should be suspended for a few games. Anyway, he just gave the Rangers even more bulletin board material. Maybe Holly will come back to score his second of the season against the fishsticks is one of the last few.

  22. Hey Fruity CupCake,

    Just think of me, mhurley, as Hockey’s Liz Smith! (except I have red hair not blonde and I am NOT a lesbian from Texas)


  23. Zach,

    There will always be the “naysayers” whenever they lose. It’s an 82 game season, losses have to be expected.

    Their next 2 games are big: at home against Ottawa and at Atlanta. We need Henrik to continue to stand on his head…which leads me to my next question: any thoughts about resting Henrik again at some point? 4 games in 7 days coming up starting with Friday’s game. I doubt they can afford to rest their best player though.

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