Jagr in, Dawes gone, I’m annoyed


A few quick updates before I begin my latest plea for sanity:

  • Jaromir Jagr looks like he’s playing, and was already preparing his sticks for the game.
  • Nigel Dawes was here, and then he wasn’t. Once it was decided that Jagr could play, Dawes put his street clothes back on, and is likely headed back to Hartford.
  • Chris Simon was suspended for the duration of the regular season, and the playoffs. Either way, he has to serve a minimum of 25 games for his hit on Ryan Hollweg.

    Now, a brief lecture on the comments section here:

    First, let me start by saying this probably applies to only a minute percentage of you, so for everyone else, just bear with me.

    Throughout this season-long endeavor I’ve made clear how I value the posts on this site, if only because it helps provide an instant window into what fans and readers are thinking. I still think many of the comments here are rich with insight, whether they’re in agreement with what I have to say or not.

    My problem, however, is with the increasingly antagonistic tone of some of the other posts, many of which are by the same misguided people. It’s bad enough when I have to read them myself. But it’s even worse when readers e-mail me or even approach me in person to tell me that as much as they like this blog, they’re forced to steer clear of the comments section.

    My response: I can’t blame you. As I’ve said all season long, this is just hockey. I don’t care if the Rangers are out of the playoff race altogether or playing for the Stanley Cup in two months, there is no reason that it should ever get as ugly as it’s been. I still think there’s a lot of productive back-and-forth here, and I know many of you understand the spirit of healthy debate. But there are obviously some of you who don’t get it at all, and you’re forcing me down a road I didn’t even want to explore.

    Although I’ve had the ability to delete posts all season long, I have been reluctant to do so in part because I don’t always have the time to sift through every post, but also because I think it sets an unfortunate precedent. But seeing how this site has my name on it and is becoming less of what I want it to be about, it’s probably something I need to start doing. The other option is to look into banning certain people altogether from posting here. I originally thought that was too extreme as well. But again, I have no problem alienating a few if it’s for the benefit of everyone else.

    Anyway, that’s where I ‘m at right now. If any of you want to discuss this further, you can e-mail me here

    Either way, I’ll have more later….

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    1. Sam –

      Yeah, it’s been a tough year. But it’s been an even tougher decade. The same mistakes are made over and over again, year after year. Unfortunately, the team management gets off pretty easy as there isn’t any critical examination of the long-term trends, only game-to-game or maybe week-to-week short-term analysis. (hint)

      There is no excuse for posts that are personally antagonistic or abusive. Nothing wrong with deleting posts that are without substance and designed to incite, imho.

    2. Oh, and any news on Liffiton?

      Did he also get a firm handshake and heartfelt words of encouragement from Commander Renney as he headed for the next Greyhound to Hartford?

    3. Sam

      Do what you gotta do man. I like most are here MORE for what you have to say and if it was just your work that is available – well that is all that matters to me.

      As I and most of us have said several times – we appreciate your sharing the insight you have to our blueshirts.

      As long as that still exists, the rest can fade away as far as I am concerned.

    4. SaratogaRanger on

      I’ve been wondering about the use of the prospects lately, and I know Renney is not loved around here (despite the winning record the Strangers have put up over the last campaign and 3/4). I think the coaching staff does want to win, despite some seemingly bone-headed moves, and I wonder what they are seeing in practices and overall presence from the kids to warrant not playing them. If the system was designed to make the prospects fail, then Girardi has proven that wrong, as has Dubinsky to some measure. As fans, we often feel that we know more than the coaches of the teams we root for, but there is so much that we don’t see, and I really don’t believe any coach would bench a player IF they thought that player was the difference in winning.

      Regarding Dawes, I haven’t seen much of him play, but I’m kind of happy he’s not being thrown into the fire of playing a big, physical team like the Canes. I do think he’ll play a role on this team, probably next season, but right now the focus should be on putting the best team on the ice to make the playoffs, and (unrealistically) the Stanley Cup, Every season, that is the goal, and it should never be otherwise. This isn’t rotisserie hockey, nor is it pick-up hockey. The team is here to win the Cup, and that’s all. Put the best team out there to win.

    5. Do what you gotta do to make this space interesting and fun.
      I am here for the hockey. That’s all.
      By the way, Straka looks to be playing hurt and Jagr is operating at less than capacity. Can we afford, at this stage in the season, to keep them on the ice?
      All the best to ya, mate.

    6. Well said on all accounts Sam. I actually had a bit of a discussion with a friend about the comments section you have here. Seemed great earlier in the season, hopefully it can get back to that. Anyway…

      How did Dawes take the news? I’d imagine he was told the conditions of this most recent trip to New York. I hope he continues to battle in Hartford and is ready if/when the next opportunity arises.

    7. I like Jagr, but He is going to play 2 periods then sit if his leg gets worse. I admire his heart, but maybe he should rest up for tuesday and get some treatment rather than leaving us shorthanded in the third.

    8. Sam- Would you agree that sending Dawes back to hartford makes no sense as Jagr could not make it through more than 2 periods yesterday, so what makes us think he can play a whole 60 minutes today?

      It doesnt make sense to me. If I were Renney iwould bench Jagr on powerplays, but Renney has not done too many things that made sense this year

    9. Sam, I get what you’re saying about the ngative attitude of the posts, I think like the first poster said, it’s a lot of misplaced frustruation as ever since the early 90s, we’ve seen the Mets, Giants, Jets, Yankees, and even to some extent the Nets rebuild with players like Jeter, Wright, Reyes, Posada, Jefferson, Pennington, Manning, Shockey just on name a few while every era of NYR hockey since the cup has featured washed up veterans and imported stars with a minor league team made up of journeyman AHLers, AND “Yes Men” behind the bench.

      Now that we actually have a core of legit prospects, I think everyone is starting to realize we’re on the right track, and is frusturated that management brought in too many free agents and didn’t give enough roster spots for the kids. Also, the overreliance on Nylander and Straka who are 3/4s empty now is aggravating.

      Believe me, next year I’d like to see no UFAs signed, with the exception of a swap of Nylander (who can’t contribue late in the year) for Drury $wise. This whole “not ready thing” IS getting very old. And why are our prospects any different than the rest of the NHLs?

    10. Sam- This is the best ranger blog site. Please do what you feel is best for this site. We will be behind you 100%.

    11. MikeA- Look at the one team you dont have in there and they are under the same management as our Rangers.
      Same Management=Same Results

    12. Sam, I wouldn’t blame you a bit for blocking certain individuals from posting. Recently I’ve wondered if some of the early A.M. posts were from a couple of teenage girls.
      Pretty embarrassing.

      Thanks for all your hard work and insight.

    13. Yeah, I personally stay away from the comments section for a while now. although i occasionally chime in, its usually filled with some very….disturbing comments.

    14. I would like to see the Rangers sign Souray as that would make our PP unit unstoppable BUT look at Rangers recent signings other than Shanahan. They are all misused. That is the only thing I would fear in signing anyone

      They better not sign Gomez even though it would be fun to stick ittho the Devils. They have a system and he fits into it. If he comes to us and doesnt fit, it will be a bigwaste

    15. Our Top six are tired and banged up.

      The Cop line is our best bet of youth, legs and skill

      Would it be better to call up the Pack?

      I think so. Go for it. This team has heart!

    16. RangerRick-

      I think if they were early morning posts from teenage girls the subject matter would be a lot more interesting. ;)

    17. Sam,

      Good luck with managing your blog. It’s one of the best out there on the Rangers not only because it’s so timely (you want to know what the lines are for today, for example, we know you’ll tell us) but because you have a certain writing flair that is great for a blog.

      Meanwhile, I think Jagr not being 100 percent may mean Renney will be forced to rely on others BESIDES Jagr and his line. It’s been the other supporting players (like Avery and Prucha and even former whipping boy Matt Cullen) who have been the ones stepping up to the challenge as of late, so this is a good thing.

      Pack plays at 4 today. I suspect Dawes will be back up there in time.

    18. Signing Souray would be amazing.

      But it only makes sense if you clear out some of the dross like Malikival, who eat up minutes with marginal performances, and don’t bury the likes of Tyutin, Girardi or others in Hartford (or Sudbury) who deserve a look.

    19. I don’t Think we will be able to sign Souray. Word out of Montreal is that is is getting back together with his wife (She lives in L A). She is pregnant with there second child. They think he will sign with the Kings.

      He would be a nice addition to the Rangers though.

    20. as I said yesterday, Jagr just simply quit on his team. less than 24 hours later, he is fine and ready to go. he has done this on numerous occasions over the years.

      you wonder why this team loses leads all the time? well it’s easy to see why. half-hearted leadership, depending on how his fragile ego is stroked.

      Renney does not have the brains or guts to start all PPs with the 2nd unit, and get some shots on net. no, he will again bow to Jagr, and let them hog the whole PP, take few shots, and ruin it for the 2nd unit.

    21. I don’t Think we will be able to sign Souray. Word out of Montreal is that is is getting back together with his wife (She lives in L A). She is pregnant with their second child. They think he will sign with the Kings.

      He would be a nice addition to the Rangers though.

    22. Sam, I’m posting something that Pemoco wrote on his website and my reply.

      Yesterday at 12:44pm, pemoco wrote: Pearn on the pregame, says Girardi brought them something they haven’t had: a smart, under-control d-man who makes solid first passes out of the defensive zone. What does that say about the rest of the jokers?


      Thursday’s Isles game: Girardi 9:46 Roszival 28:04
      Today’s game: Girardi 11:15 Roszival 28:44

      Do the coaches even listen to themselves speak?

      SAM, to me this is the crux of the problem plaguing the Rangers for quite a while with no end in sight. It’s the same mentality that benched Dubinsky after his 3rd period penalty. It was Dubi’s only penalty and one of nine Ranger penalties. Yet, Dubi was the only one of those penalized Rangers to have a seat. This double-standard b.s. (vets vs. kids) perpetrated by the coaches must be addressed and questioned. On the behalf of hords of Ranger fans who want to know why this policy exists, please confront Renney on this. Thanks.

    23. This stinks. I’m getting the Boston game on NBC and the Rangers Radio isn’t on. I have to listen to the Hurricanes broadcast.

      good fight in the Boston/Wings game.

    24. You and Zipay have the best blogs on the net, because you have the inside info (hockeyrodent.com is good for analysis too) but I do steer clear of your comments section a lot.

      Now, with the Rangers, it’s kind of damned if you do, damned if you don’t. 57 shots on DiPietro, 1 goal. So what do they do? Go back to not shooting. MSG yesterday showed clips of the PP yesterday, where in one 2 minute span, they had 25 passes and no shots.

      Twenty five passes.

      No shots.

      I’m all for passing until you get a good shot off (I hate when fans yell SHOOT at games, because half the time Nylander is behind the net when they yell it), but you have to at one point just put the rubber on net and hope for a dirty goal.

      Anyway, should be a good game today. Third jerseys have returned!!!

    25. the Carolina broadcaster was just talking about Malik either being a hero or a whipping boy. I guess right now he’s a hero.

    26. I stopped looking at the reader comments a while ago. Aside from the inappropriate tone, few comments raise points of interest. I would suggest you either delete comments entirely or select a limited number of readers who have something constructive to write.

    27. Captain Pout on

      and the Canes radio guy is also pointing out truthfully how the new rules have also made it MORE frustrating for fans because there is now too much fancy stuff, too much euro crap, too few shots, and too much boring circling.

    28. Captain, I heard that too.

      Was it a goal or no? If so, Doodie wins the pool it the Ortmeyer goal.

    29. Lundqvist getting no help from the pilons on defense. Only a matter of time before one of them deflects one past HL.

    30. If you listened to his post game interview yesterday Jagr said he didn’t play the third period because his leg went numb. Some of you just hate him for the sake of hating him. He has been playing through pain all year.

    31. Captain Pout on

      also, I believe that the Simon suspension rumored yesterday was a trial balloon by the NHL, and it was not well received that Simon might still be able to play again this season in the playoffs, which would have really been an embarrassment, so they adjusted it correctly today to say that Simon will NOT be able to play again until next season, and with a min. 25 games.

    32. Sam,

      What is now wholly known throughout the Rangers fanbase is the fact that the Rangers are frustrating. Put simply, big market team with no real direction.

      The Rangers should have one of the finest systems in professional hockey, and lately it has improved. The problem with this is that the team seems reluctant to give all these quality prospects, pro ice time.

      The frustration gets impacted when the pro team falters, for example, blowing big leads in the third, always ending up in shootouts when the Rangers controlled the play throughout regulation, or allowing 2 shorthanded goals to Columbus and then again to Pittsburgh.

      I think that the ownership and upper brass that control the New York Rangers are under some misguided theory that fans want to see star players on the ice. The fans will root for anyone that hustles night in and night out. The fans want to see wins, pure and simple, and once the ownership regime realizes that you can’t win with vagabonds and journeyman as opposed to developing your prospects, the Rangers will win.

      I’ve used alot of foul language myself this season…

    33. Great blog, Sam. Keep up the good work and weed out the meatheads if you have to. … Dawes AND Liffiton were both held out of the Wolf Pack lineup Saturday night because of injuries to Jagr and Mara. Despite being a player short, the Pack rallied from two goals down to beat the trap-crazy Lowell Devils 3-2 in a shootout. Al Montoya stopped four of five shots to go to 4-0, and the Pack are 6-0 in the one-on-one tiebreaker after goals by Ryan Callahan and Dwight Helminen. Dawes and Liffiton should be on the way back to Hartford for a game this afternoon against Springfield.

    34. Captain Pout on

      GOOD for the fans for booing that joke of a Jagr posse. Jagr says shooting from the point is “Stupid”

      take that fancy crap out of here.

    35. Friggin Nylander getting stripped while doing his dipsy-doodle, curling and circling caused that overtime penalty.

    36. Captain Pout on

      once again Matt Cullen wins a game for the Rangers in SO, and Henrik stops them again.

    37. Big win, it would have been nice to win the game in regulation but I’ll take it as a ranger fan. I’m still not happy with the non shooting and circling around in circles looking for the perfect pass which is why we don’t score more than two goals a game. If we could score more than two goals a game we be up in the standings because we have Henrik Lundquist.

    38. Captain Pout on

      incidentally, Canes are 0-5 in the SO this year, so that win was automatic after they failed on the PP to end OT.

    39. onecupin67years on

      I can’t understand why renney plays straka whom allegedly has a shoulder injury ,its true that everybody plays hurt,but,you have to be able contribute ,and why renney puts him on the pp when these games are crucial I don’t understand .Straka isnt so critical to the teams success but his less than 100% presence on the pp has and will continue to cost the team.

    40. VERY VERY GOOD WIN. Way to go Rangers. Great gutty effort vs the defending champs. Cullen vs his former team was steller. Henrik is THE KING. JJ comes through as well. Makes for a very good day and looking forward to going Tuesday night.

    41. onecupin67years on

      I’ll bet Dawes is traded after the season ,he has no future with this team,just my opinion.

    42. czechthemout!!!!! on


    43. Captain Pout on

      Jagr insists that Straka be on the point because he wants the fancy passes, NOT any shots from the point, that’s why.

      the PP is a joke because of Jagr’s undue influence over how the team is run.

    44. Did anyone else think that Orty shot went in and bounced off of the goalie stick while it was over the line?
      Oh well, one night it goes our way…the next it’s back to normal. HUGE win, though.

    45. Captain Pout on

      once again Rosival 28 mins., and Girardi 12

      why doesn’t Renney just play his pet 5 all 60 mins, plus OT, plus SO.

      just have a 5 man roster, and put up cardboard cutouts for the other 15 spots on the bench.

    46. The distance in value (as in most valuable) between Lundqvist and the rest of his teammates is getting wider every day.

      Renney’s fear pervades the entire bench. You can feel it.

    47. czechthemout!!!!! on

      like i said talafous,i hope renney is paying the king 20% of his paychech for saving his ass.because renney could not coach his wat out of a paper bag.

    48. Captain Pout on

      I think Henrik has the best GAA and save % in the league for the past 30 games or so.

    49. current standings…

      7. NY Islanders 68–78
      8. NY Rangers 69–76
      9. Carolina 70–76
      10. Toronto 69–75
      11. Montreal 70–74

    50. Once again, the PP is a joke. Jagr’s line is simply ineffective and other teams realize that. Renny must adjust.

      This team talks about these games being playoff games. If this is how we’ll look in the playoffs, better to go for picks. If we can’t finish with more shots hitting the back of the net, we’re done.

      Sam, do what you have to do. Bummer it’s come to this.

    51. onecupin67years on

      Lets hope the rangers Don’t make the playoffs, then maybe some heads will roll .Like Renney ,Sather and a few players.

    52. There seems to be no room for prospects up front next season if the vets remain. Jagr and Straka are signed and not going anywhere (in both cases a good thing) and Nylander seems unlikely to be moved (up in the air on this likely oucome). I am hardpressed to think of any current Rangers forwards who I would not want on the team next season, excluding Dubinsky and Isbister (who would presumeably be replaced by Shanny if he returns and of course Hossa). The only players that I could see being replaced are the current fourth liners of Hollweg Orr and Betts. But then where are we in terms of toughness and hitting. I’d be fine with getting rid of Betts but it would make no sense to replace him on a fourth line with a talented prospect or recent callup who has real potential. Does anyone else see the dilemma here. Of course you need to make it a real competition in camp next season, but I just don’t see many of these current prospects outperforming the current Ranger front liners who have come on of late and are playing some really good hockey. Who should get axed in the current lineup to make room for these prospects, as you all have been so desperately asking to happen?

    53. GB, are you kidding?

      “but I just don’t see many of these current prospects outperforming the current Ranger front liners who have come on of late and are playing some really good hockey.”

      the LACK of scoring by the forwards is the problem. and you want to bring back the same problems again? I guess you like watching boring, circling, time-killing, fancy crap instead of hockey.

      It was only AFTER Hossa got all kinds of ice time and chances that he began to emerge at almost age 25. and you want to write off ranger kids because they don’t wow you in 4 mins. per game.

    54. calhob – not sure whether Ortmeyer’s shot went in. But, two things. The NHL should seriously consider making goalposts out of some sort of strong, transparent material. Same for the water bottles.

    55. Jagr has said that next year will be his last. so let him play it somewhere else, because why should the Rangers go thru a lame-duck season where they need to switch over to a north american style of play and bring in the kids, but they can’t do that next year because jagr will be here with his posse for one last lame-duck paycheck.

      they need to cut bait with them, and go to future blue next season, and to Avery-style hockey, not jagr hockey.

    56. Longtimerangerfan on

      Sam, it is a shame that it’s come to this but some of the posts have just been absurd…nothing to do with hockey, just egos.

      Had I been at the Garden I too would have been hollering for them to shoot the puck. I’ts so frustrating to just watch them circle and pass, circle and pass. The second PP unit HAS to have more time as they DO shoot the puck. And why no Prucha in OT games and why Malik and Rosival for just about the whole OT? Girardi has been the steadiest D and he hardly gets any time compared to Renney’s minions.

    57. dlv-
      The lack of scoring is due mainly to injuries. Hossa has blossomed because of both experience (he has obviously had a lot more of this then any prospects) and greater oppourtunity, that he has begun to contribute. I’ll grant you that he was underutilized, that much is obvious, but it is precisely his experience that has allowed him to respond when given the chance. The other young guns on the Rangers including the recently acquired Avery and yes even Matt Cullen also have experience in their favor with the upside of real talent. That places them ahead of a prospect who just has the talent. The “fancy crap” you are referring to is precipitated by Jagr Nylander and Straka and is why when injuries are not preventing them from doing so this line needs to be disbanded as it was after the acquisition of Avery. Or, do you just want to scrap Jagr and Straka. You really didn’t answer my question. Who should the Rangers get rid of to make room? Who should be replaced?

      P.S Dubinsky has looked OK. Not great. And he got almost 12 min. today.

    58. I’m on that gravy train. Trade Jagr in the off season and his circling buddies. I rather see our prospects playing and maybe not making the playoffs than this euro figure skating duets and not making the playoffs and trying to get a score of 10 out of there circling passing, circling passing, circling passing, circling passing. OH MAN!!!! sorry about that, I was still dizzy from watching Jagr and his buddies from today’s game.

    59. I totally agree with Joe. why have a lame-duck year of Jagr hockey, when they need to switch to Avery style hockey and bring in the kids.

    60. Yahoo sports headline: “Jagr sparks Rangers by Hurricanes in SO”

      What the hell did this win have to do with Jagr? It was 90% HL and the rest Cullen, who won the shootout. Does anyone in the media even bother watching the games or checking the stats?

    61. right. since the paying customers were booing jagr and his posse for their circling nonsense, it is the height of dolan-izing for any media clown to pretend that he deserved any headline mention.

    62. I dissagree about Jagr and at least one of his “circling buddies.” Healthy, this team can win next season. A lot. Straka must be kept. His shoulder is not nearly as bad as Jagrs’ was and should not affect him next season. As far as his legs he is still one of the best skaters on the Rangers and his backchecking ability is remarkable. As we have seen he is still capable of producing. Jagr when healthy mentally and physically is still one of the most dominant players in the game. I am not a big fan of his attitude or lack of mental toughness, and these things must be addressed in the offseason, but he can’t be considered anything but an asset to the Rangers. Talk about a lack of scoring…getting rid of Straka and Jagr would leave a huge chasm in this department. The Straka Hossa Jagr line were very strong on the cycle and played really well together (without Nylander dipsy doodling all over the place). If you want to lose Nylander for the sake of youth ehhh…ok. Now I agree that since Straka and Jagr are nearing the end of their careers which makes their being on the ice at the expense of youth a now or never thing. Well… with the right things happening in the offseason (maybe a YOUNG acquisition) and a good productive training camp I believe that next year could very well be the now!

    63. I guess you know more than the fans who actually paid for the game, because they were booing Jagr and his circling buddies. and also you are leaving out how Jagr quit on the team just yesterday.

      and saying that they can “address” a lifelong bad attitude problem with Jagr by bringing back everyone the same next year, with him still wielding influence over how they play is just the height of ridiculous.

    64. Just an aside…in spite of the injuries, with Cullen playing as well as he is and Prucha coming on along with the fire and talent that Avery brings to the table, this is a much better team now than it was at the beginning of the season. Defensively the team is also doing a much better job. Girardi has been awesome. The only thing missing is the scoring. Jagr has not had his patented wrist shot going this season due to his shoulder injury and lack of confidence in it, and the scoring Shanny was supposed to bring is obviously missing (even if he is not back next year the Rangers will acquire supplemental scoring YOUNG). Also, Straka can’t shoot at all with his shoulder and Hossa (the Rangers best scorer as of late is out with injury. These variables will have changed by next season and Hossa will once again add flexibility to line configurations.

    65. bob
      Actually I am a fan who paid for that game. I booed too. It doesn’t mean that I think that Straka and Jagr are bad players and shouldn’t be on the team. I was however dissappointed in how they were playing. This circling style you refer to is only present when they are all played together. Case in point… Hossa Straka Jagr. That line was great. These guys as i’ve said before play better seperated from eachother as they are forced by others on their line to not be so cute, and get the puck to the net.

    66. Joe is right. they cannot spend next year as a lame duck year playing Jagr hockey again. they need to turn the page and get on with the future.

      GB, you seem to be in denial. the PP will NEVER be separated because jagr DEMANDS his posse on HIS PP. that has been the case all season. when you can regularly see Rosival and straka off the PP points for the Jagr unit, then you have a scoop. it will Never happen.

      nobody said they were bad players. they said they were bad attitudes with a bad style of play.

    67. a casual observer on

      I was very proud of the garden faithful who started chanting “shoot the puck”. Jagr heard it, you could see it on his face when they were chanting it. After that he drove towards the net and shot more. I was happy to see that.

    68. yes, in the same way that he had to be shamed into taking SO shots by the fans and the media.

      that is what I mean by his attitude problem. a real leader like Steve Yzerman would NEVER have walked out yesterday.

    69. Straka is a real team player. He is known as being a great locker room guy and is very supportive of his teammates. His work ethic on the ice is among the best on the team. So when you talk about attitude problems I hope you are not including him. And the “Jagr hockey” you speak of is rectified with proper line cominations that require play to be taken toward the net based on the styles of the other individuals on the line. If there is no one to drop pass to or circle back with Jagr doesn’t have the option of doing it.

    70. no, with him I’m talking about his attitude that Jagr is king and he must try to feed him rather than shoot the puck and play his natural game. he has no business on the PP point, but Jagr demands it.

      you still keep avoiding the question that has been posed to you several times. the PP will NEVER change because Jagr won’t allow them to use shooter PP men on “his” PP.
      since you won’t face that, you sound like Renney.

      don’t give us that “proper line combo” stuff because it AIN’T gonna happen. Nylander is right back playing with Jagr again.

    71. bob- you or anybody else haven’t posed a question about the power play – rather you have just stated your position. “the PP will NEVER change because Jagr won’t allow them to use shooter PP men on “his” PP.” I will however respond to your statement. First off you are correct that Straka needs to be more assertive and shoot more. I have certainly yelled at Straka on a number of occasions for feeding Jagr dowm low when he his primed for a shot in the slot. Secondly, you are also right about the power play. Straka doesn’t belong on the point and the combinations are wrong. I only hope that Renney will wake up on that one, but it doesn’t seem likely. Lastly I hate that line of Straka Nylander Jagr, but if Hossa and Shannahan weren’t injured they would not be together. Renney put them back (although I think he was wrong to do this) because he felt that it was his best option given the injuries and the lack of flexibility in his lineup that the injuries have caused.

    72. I’d rather have a few crazy rants than miss the back and forth of good debate because of censorship. I have no problem scrolling past some idiotic posts, but I hope that just because somone is passionate about a decade with no playoff wins and goes off a bit, they won’t be blocked. Sometimes, in the midst of a rant, is a good idea.

      That said, Sam, your man scored today. I wondered if it ticked you off when some reporters referred to marek Malik as “your boy” or “your man”, or whatever??

      This is THE best place for Ranger discussion. Leave it be. If a juvenile post is there and people ignore it, the juvie lets it go. I hope this stays free. It is worth it.

      Having said that, I have new found affection for Rachunek, no matter how badly he has played. He is the ONLY Ranger to go after Simon. Betts had that “hold me back, hold me back” routine going. funny.

      If this had happened on Front St in Uniondale, and caught on video, the perp would be looking at 2 years in prison for assault with intent, or assault with deadly weapon…

      I’d like to see Nassau DA make a stand……

    73. Seamus – I know myself (amd it seems many others) don’t like the vicious personal attacks on the posters here as
      well as the gutter language. I am all for it being more civil where someone can post without fear of being terrorized by some (especially those that keep changing their signage).

      Rail on Renney, Sather, Dolan all you want. But some words should not be used and again the personal attacks on posters are just an attempt to bully someone.

      Remember almost all of us are Ranger fans!

    74. **please skip if you do not wish to read political views****These views are on the subject of freedom of speech, which has to do with the blog’s possible censorship****

      LI Joe,

      the personal attacks and foul language are likely from jr high kids with their own computers. If no one responds, they cease. It is the same in any sports board out there. Someone craves attention so he posts something outrageous and gets 10 people to condemn him…he continues. Ignore him and if he wants to be part of the board still, he tones down.

      I just don’t want to lose some of the strong debate that goes on here. Honestly.

      In our country, our freedom of speech has slowly drifted away. There are a few words that I could utter, in my private life, which would cost me my job. Even my own personal blog, I have to be careful about personal religious views: I could lose my job.

      We Americans love to talk about our freedoms, but because we have no reference point, we don’t really know what we are talking about. Even the tax rates we pay are far higher than what caused our forefathers to tell the King of England: No more. You hinder our ability to provide for our familes. Our freedoms have eroded one by one. Where I live (“Liberal” New England), in MY own home, on my OWN land, I cannot build a barn without paying homage to the State. I cannot own a dog, have a garage sale, or even cut hair without first obeying the State, paying my dues. There are words I cannot utter or we will find ourselves out of jobs, and in court.

      Yet, because we have 1 Muslim, for instance, in our area, everyone else has to adjust. Women workers are told that they are not allowed to shake his hand. He gets 5 breaks per day, not two, so he can go pray. He does not wait on Jews; he gets another worker to. Workers have been even told not to say “Jew” , “Jewish” , or “Israel” in front of him. The other workers will be fired in the name of “diversity”.

      The Liberals fell all over each other to bring in Muslims from Africa in one city in Maine. They threw money at them like it was candy. Now, that city is not only bankrupt, but it is awash in domestic violence (cultural difference of treatment of women–we get trained to be sensitive to it!) and welfare roles are depleted. Politicians call each other racist if they bring up the subject.

      So, living in that environmnet, I am pretty sensitive to the word, “freedom”. Let some juvie rant and rave all he wants, but there have been some really intelligent posts here that I do not want to miss. One in particular was about the Simon hit in which a poster said that none of us work in an atmosphere of violence. He was not defending the post but helping us understand. IT was great. He worried about being flamed, but really shouldn’t. Because of abject ignorance (in my opinion) people would wildly disagree with him, not understanding his post.

      I have learned a lot from this blog as well as the ESPN Rangers’ blog. But the more censorship that goes on, the less free everyone else is.

      If you don’t believe me about freedom of speech, if you are white, trying using the “N” word, casually, at your job. The small group of Jews that live here are always on their guard —and they have to be. They are not the “darlings” of the left any longer.

      Islam teaches in the Koran world conquest by violence. (in many passages). No other religion in the world does. Yet, our President called it a “peaceful” religion. I remember my time in New York, LONG before 9/11, living near a Mosque. My Jewish friends lived in terror as they were always taunted and threatened.

      We need our freedom. Here in this blog which we all enjoy. We need it back. We’ve lost too much already.

      LI JOE, I just wanted to make a point. Just the past 60 years of history really show us why we need to gain back the freedoms we have surrendered. If it means some juvenile gets to go blaring in personal attacks, so be it…………..free speech means having thick skin, too. I appreciate your posts and would not want to see you cut, just because someone calls names….

      Sorry about the political rant……I just wanted to make a point.

      Seamus the Potato Eater.

    75. Seamus – I understand where you’re coming from. I also think that in addition to the “kids” there are others (in my opinion over 21 yrs old) who attempt to intimidate others who might sat a decent word about JJ, Malik, Renney or whoever. These people then gang up on that poster with despicable language and bully him or her into just saying the heck with it. We all have to deal with bs in everyday life. This should be the relaxing part of it – but sometimes is more stressfull than “real life”.

      I went to the garden to the Big East Tourney. I was profiled into extra security (I’m barely over 50 and with European ancestors) by a young security guard of the nationality you railed against. Unfortunately I let my anger show and both of our attitudes got progressively worse and the more I let my anger show the more he gave me extra security. Afterwards I was just as mad at myself for losing my cool as I was at him.

      Somethings just are not worth it.

    76. Seamus-I feel so sorry for the terrible oppression that you have faced. You have suffered long and hard. Just think of all of the things that the man has prevented you from doing. How can one even live like that? Sam’s mere suggestion that some people should tone it down gets my racist blood boiling too. And to think… we can’t even use the “N” word in the workplace anymore. Boy oh boy talk about oppression. We have to sacrifice a word we all enjoy so as not to offend a group of people who were enslaved by people using this very vernacular. Ridiculous!

    77. DanTheRangerFan on

      haha good one GB…Seamus your views are better left un posted because they are utterly ridiculous

    78. GB and Dan the Ranger fan,

      I now see what LI Joe meant. Rather than answer any particular argument, you just get undereducated morons.

      You two were his best argument. Sorry for the history lesson. back to skool, boys.

    79. DanTheRangerFan on

      Answer any particular argument? You stated in your rant that our freedoms are being opressed because we can’t say the “N” word in work. Which is really appropriate? Sam asked people to calm down with the inappropriate comments and you leave one as a response. Leave your biggot nonsense views off of this blog.You are messing with an enjoyable environment for Ranger Fans. Please Just talk about hockey in an appropriate manner and we will all be fine with that.End it there….

    80. If you are interested in debating me in hockey just scroll up and join in. Posting hockey related material is actually all I have ever intended to do upon visiting this blog. However, in your case, after reading your deluded nonsensical ranting, I felt compelled to make an exception. Sorry if I have offended (the truth hurts sometimes). Feel free to come back at me, but please make it a response to my prior hockey postings, or just hockey related period. Thank you.

    81. robbybonfire on

      Souray is TERRIBLE at even strength. Most of his goals come on the PP. Even-strength is what separates the men from the hangers-on. He is an overpriced fraud.

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