Jagr banged up, Dawes to the rescue?


It sounds like Jaromir Jagr will try to play tomorrow against Carolina despite leaving today’s game early with a sore right leg. But to be safe, the Rangers are likely to call up Nigel Dawes from Hartford.

There’s been no official announcement yet, but Dawes, who was underutilized in his brief stint with the Rangers to start the season, did not play for the Wolf Pack tonight in order to get to New York.

Even if Jagr does go, here’s hoping Dawes still gets a chance to play against the Hurricanes. For a team coming off another disappointing loss, the Rangers could probably use some fresh legs.

Also, I’m not sure if everyone is up to speed on the Chris Simon case, but there has still been no word on the length of a suspension. The NHL was quick to issue a statement today that said rumors of a 15 game suspension were false.

More tomorrow….

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  1. Hopefully he doesnt play and never puts on a Rangers sweater again, he’s useless and pretty bad.

  2. so true SOS, so true. Notice after Dubinsky took that penalty you never saw him again, but Roszival who looks like he doesnt know what a puck looks like makes a zillion mistakes, but doesnt sit, amazing. Selective accountability.

  3. “Hopefully he doesnt play and never puts on a Rangers sweater again, he’s useless and pretty bad.”

    yes, hopefully Jagr never plays for the Rangers again.

  4. Sam- It is good to hear from you. Complete a chaos broke out on the other post. Threats of violence were breaking out. You need to keep the peace here Sam. Hopefully Dawesy plays more than 3 minutes tomorrow

  5. leafs get big comeback win over Ott.
    habs are winning.
    isles are winning.

    Rangers really shot themselves in the foot with that blown lead today.

  6. NumberOneNothing on

    I dont care who plays as long as they shoot on the power play.

    whose for the 2nd pp being first and getting 1:30 of shots on goal – and the 1st getting 30 seconds of spinning/passing/dicking around.

  7. Onecup- I know where you are coming from but it is unfair to judge Nigel from the 15 minutes he played when he was up with the big club

  8. Dawes looked like..hmm a ROOKIE in oct. He wasn’t outplayed because of his size. Oh yea and 4 minutes playing with Orr and Hollweg didnt help.

  9. Oh well, if we miss the playoffs at least we won’t be swept like last year. And maybe Renney and Jagr will finally be gone from here along with Nylander, Straka and Malik. How I am sick of them.

  10. czechthemout!!!!! on

    renney is the only reason this team may not make the playoffs.i have never seen a coach whho so many times in one season has snatched defeat from the jaws of victory.this idiot keeps playing the so called “first” powerplay unit over and over again despite the fact that they refuse to ever shoot the puck!!!only a fool would continue to put them out over and over and over again.this pacifist asshole of a coach does not have the killer instinct needed in a sport like hockey.he does not EVER go for an overtime victory,prefering to only go a play for the shoot out.he benches dubinsky because of a questionable penalty call.he takes prucha off of the first powerplay unit because of a blown offside call.yet once again vets like rozy who was awfull today get zero acountability.he puts a man playing with one arm at the point on a powerplay.this buffoon has blown at least half a dozen games with his incompetant in game caoching decisions.add back 4 of those six games and this team is fighting for the second spot in the conference.until they fire this schmuck,this team will nver get anywhere.

  11. czechthemout:

    I agree 100%. Renney is a peewee coach at best.

    He has been out-coached all season long, to the point that if an opponent is down going into the 3rd period, they don’t panic at all.

    During the between-period interviews, on a number of occasions, players on the opposing team have said that they just have to make a small adjustment and they will win this game. Sure enough, they adjust, Renney doesn’t, and the game is blown.

    Let’s face it folks, my wife could field a better lineup than Renney with the personnel on our roster and in Hartford. He’s responsible for our collapse last season also.

    Renney should be on the first bus out of town after the last game of the season. With Professor Tom behind the bench there will be early tee time this year.

  12. czechthemout!!!!! on

    baron-i just don’t understand how you can put a man on the point of a powerplay with one arm and expect anything from him.you know what einstien said is the definition of insanity.and all the renney lovers out there i dare you to argue that renney did not blow this game with his in game coaching.

  13. czechthemout!!!!! on

    also,what was the point in sending out orr to fight laraouque?they were leading.why would you want to give them any momentum.

  14. Uncle Renney's Cabin on

    I just love this line: “My hope is to reach out to him in the near future.”


    “also,what was the point in sending out orr to fight laraouque?they were leading.why would you want to give them any momentum.”

    good point, maybe idiot Renney wanted to see how his goon fares against one of the best fighters.

  15. onecupin67years on

    The trouble with dawes and the other rooks not getting enough ice time, may be that if they dont produce instantly ,sather isnt going to be patient and give them 10-15 minutes a nite to see what they can do .he keeps them on a short lease while the playoffs are still reachable,once the rangers are outof the race, I think you’ll see a few called up.

  16. Uncle Renney's Cabin on

    Isbister is a big playoff performer–3 points in 14 games.

    In juniors and AHL he put up 14 points in 32 games.

    Petruzalek had 37 points in 35 playoff games.

  17. Uncle Renney's Cabin on

    “sather(Renney) isnt going to be patient and give them 10-15 minutes a nite to see what they can do”

    yep, only Isbister gets proper icetime(getting more icetime than Prucha). This organization is so backwards.

    Idiot Renney pigionholed Prucha into a role that he can’t break out of–he doesn’t trust him defensively, doesn’t ever try him on the PK, and is scared shitless of using him in OT or 3rd period. We need a coach with a clue.

  18. Uncle

    All that even after Prucha has been scoring big goal and playing well lately.

    If this is how a former 30 goal scorer as a rookie gets treated as a sophomore, how does anybody expect guys like Immonen, Dawes and Dubinsky to get a fair shake?

    On defense, Girardi worked out because we really had no one else up at the time and he was forced to get a real shot.
    Why is all this always so obvious to the fans, yet so complex to clueless management?

    The way this team is run makes me sick-

  19. Reginald Dunlop on

    mmmmmm on the road dont the Rangers change lines first???? did you watch to see if the Pens matched with Laroque or are you just another know it all? personally didnt watch the replay to see…….but know before you come up with genius opinions vs. the coach……..

  20. Uncle Renney's Cabin on

    “If this is how a former 30 goal scorer as a rookie gets treated as a sophomore, how does anybody expect guys like Immonen, Dawes and Dubinsky to get a fair shake?”

    the Prucha treatment is the most sickening since Malhotra treatment.

  21. Why is Prucha the ONLY Czech player on this team who is getting treated like shit?

    Maybe, just maybe it’s because he’s the only Czech that plays a North-South game? Uncle Jaromor doesn’t approve-

  22. Straka, (Hossa), Jagr, Malik, Roszival and Rachunek ALL get to play for about a period + per game-

    I can’t understand this bullshit-

  23. Son of Sam- I understand how you can knock every one of those players except for Martin Straka- he is one very hard-working, fast, skilled awesome player. He gives it 100% on every shift and he deserves to wear the “A” on this team. He may be small, but he plays with a big heart.

  24. Hossa has prooven he can contribute when he plays more, Jagr is a hockey god, Malik is playing better yet Roszival still sucks, Rachunek is play A LOT better and is showing the reason why Sather signed him, Straka is playing hurt but when hes healthy he’s productive, why do guys like BLUECLUE keep bitching about no icetime for the kids, face it they arent ready, your immonens and dawes’s are garbage small forwards. Look at Prucha, he’s a human punching bag yet he wants more, but thats Prucha and not the other small sized forwards. Point is, enough. If someone was the coach besides Renney i gaurantee you the kids wouldnt even get 2 minutes of ice time. I hate Renney with a passion, and i want him gone but def not because he isnt playing the kids enough. He’s just an idiot who doesnt know how to calm a team down and not blow 2 goal leads in the 3rd.

  25. Steve B

    I agree with that, but Straka should not be playing at all right now. He is hurt and can’t shoot the puck right now.

    We’d be better served resting him so he can contribute down the stretch-

  26. Newman

    You misquoted me and you are an idiot.
    I never “bitched” about no ice time for the “kids”

    All I said was that Prucha should play more, especially when his play is strong of late.

    I added that Immonen, Dawes and Dubi will not get a fair shake her; plain and simple.

  27. Blues Clues, go watch nickolodean or something, hockey is not your sport if you think Prucha and immonen, Dawes and dubi need a fair share at the end of the season, when the team needs wins. You play your best players and you play them twice as much. Its called Hockey….

  28. “Look at Prucha, he’s a human punching bag yet he wants more, but thats Prucha and not the other small sized forwards.”

    Prucha scored 30 gaols last year as a rookie. How many guys on this team are scoring 30 goals this year?
    If you put Prucha on a line where he can succeed and give him the proper ice time, he will produce.

    In regard to the new young guys, all I advocate is giving them a chance to prove themselves- not just 3 games with 5 minutes ice time per.


  29. You can’t even spell “nickolodean” you moron-

    It’s Nickelodeon… I think you’re the one that need to watch some good old childrens’ educational shows–

    Let’s start with NEW N-E-W very good! and now MAN M-A-N.


  30. GUYS, CHILL OUT!!!!!!

    I just needed to say that.

    This is how the hierarchy should go.

    C – Shanny
    A – Straka
    A – Ortmeyer
    A – Avery

    A-1 – Cullen
    A-2 – Rosival
    A-3 – Jagr

    Jags is not a leader. Just listen to his interviews. He is a soft spoken person, he won’t lead a team.

    Something needed to be done this afternoon. They needed 2 points and blew it. I agree Orr should not have faught Larouque, though I thought it was closer to a draw.

    If you want some reaction to the Simon hit on Hollywood, check out Hockeyfights.com:

    The Detroit News: Wings react to Simon incident
    NBCSports.com: NHL must sit Simon for a long time
    Damien Cox: Gettin’ Ugly Out There
    Mike Chen: Chris Simon finally puts the NHL on US TV
    Islanders Army: Ugly Day For Simon, Isles
    Sweet Tea, Barbecue, and Bodychecks: Well isn’t that lovely?

  31. After watching the tape the morning after Thursday’s game, I was disgusted. There is absolutely no place in hockey for what I did.

    I want to apologize to Ryan Hollweg. I was grateful to learn that Ryan is okay and that he returned to the game. My hope is to reach out to him in the near future.

    I want to apologize to my team and Islanders fans everywhere. My actions Thursday night played a major part in our team losing a crucial game. I also want to apologize to the National Hockey League for the damage I have caused this great game of ours.

    What you saw Thursday is not the person, player and competitor that I am. I know my teammates and opponents over my 14 years in the NHL understand that.

    I do not remember much about Thursday’s incident. When I saw the tape on Friday morning, it explained a lot to me when I saw the look on my face after being hit into the boards. I was completely out of it. When I met with the media about 30 minutes later, I still was not feeling well.

    I met with our medical staff briefly Thursday night and underwent a series of tests on Friday afternoon. They have told me that I suffered a concussion when I hit the boards. Because I was not cleared by our doctors to travel, I would like to thank Colin Campbell for traveling to New York for today’s hearing.

    I need to make clear that this is not justification for the danger I put Ryan Hollweg in and the damage I have caused the game. I understand disciplinary action will be taken.

    Since Ryan is thankfully okay, what hurts the most is knowing my actions will result in me losing the privilege of being in the Islanders lineup.

    Finally, I want to thank my Islanders teammates for their support throughout this process. It means everything to me.

    P.S. I’m a pussy. Of course, the biggest kind of pussy.

  32. am i the only one who thinks that callahan was the best looking prospect called up this season? why arent they giving him another shot?

  33. P.W.

    I rarely ever lose it on this board.

    I just happened to get ensnared by an idiot who thinks he knows the first thing about hockey; professing to play underachieving injured players all the way when you have young fresh legs-

  34. parkleetch

    I think they believe he is too small; yet they go and call up Dawes…hahaha… what a joke-

  35. It’s all good BlueClue. I know you are a great addition to this blog and I love to read your insight when you decide to post. It has just been the overall tone and language on this blog that has bothered me. I am the first to admit I will drop an F-Bomb every once-in-a-while, but the sheer amount of petty bickering on this blog the past couple of days has been simply annoying and unneeded.

    Posts should argue against the content another posts, not the person specifically. Everyone should be able to post their opinion without fear of experiencing what has been going on. This is a blog, an open forum for free expression, but that still does not give people the right for such attacks on others that I have seen the past few days.

    And understand, this is comming from a 21 year old college student, not some adult who doesn’t like the foul language. I curse basically every other sentence. This, in general, is just getting disgusting.

  36. P.W.

    When I first came over here to this blog about 3 months ago, none of these personal attacks were going on.

    I don’t know what has happened here lately- it’s disgusting.

    I for one, never initiate an attack on someone’s character.
    It’s just that there are some people on this blog that you can never win with; even if you back your points up with evidence. I have no problem with them until I am called names and suggestions are made as to what I should go and do-

  37. I believe the craziness has been due to the absence of Sam. For one, I would like to know what his case is about that is taking so long. Is he attempting to convict Pirro or something??? I know he can’t tell us right now, so I’ll leave it alone. I just hope he is back soon so things get back to normal and everyone can settle down.

    Now to the game. I thought the Rangers played well all game. Henrick let past a couple of softies (the one to Malkin on the slapper and the one in OT). The D needs to clear out the front of the net, but those two should have never beaten him. Though, you can’t complain with how he’s been playing. We need to shoot more on the PP. Two PPs without a shot is rediculous!!!!!!

  38. P.W.

    I agree, yet it’s people like Newman who want to keep playing the same guys even when they are injured and can’t get shots off on the powerplay.

    I think Sam should have everyone take a mandatory I.Q. test in order to be able to post on this blog.

  39. Sorry…I know you wanted to get back to simple hockey.

    Lundqvist is the main reason we still have a fighting chance to make the playoffs.

    I wouldn’t call the goals he gave up soft. Malkin’s I believe was on a power play and went through his pads. It was a good, hard quick shot from close up.

    In OT, I believe it was deflected. Hank has the best GAA in the NHL I believe for the last 2 months.

  40. re the language – maybe there s/b a report abuse button where one can cite the poster and the time to Sam as he certainly can’t keep up with all the postings here on a timely basis

  41. malholtra was highly overrated, and he hasnt done anything since being traded away. the prucha situation is much much worse because of the results he showed last year

  42. After reading all the comments on here tonight I have a question. Are all you guys 12 year olds who have had to much caffine and chocolate,or 25 year olds who have had to much beer.

  43. Medical Miracle?…Chris Simon, who, after consulting with his attorney ‘can’t recall much about the Hollweg incident’, is the first documented case of IPCS: Instantaneous Post Concussion Symdrome

  44. In 7 games with Rangers, Isbister has 1 goal and 0 assists.

    In 7 games with Phoenix, Jeff Taffe (remember him?) has 2 goals and 2 assists.

    No, I don’t want Taffe back. But based upon Isbister’s record of ‘success’, Renney promotes him to first line and pp duty. What kind of personnel management is that?

    And got to love the experts here who are so quick to bury Dawes. He has played an entire 54 minutes of NHL hockey, 6.75 minutes a game over 8 games. So in limited 4th line duty, a player who is widely considered to have top 6 potential is worthless, brilliant. Maybe we can figure out a way to get Jason Ward back instead?

  45. Does “Sam’s boy” (sorry, Sam; couldn’t resist!) Marek Malik possibly lead the NHL in deflecting in goals against his own team?

    He is amazingly good at it.

    Open remark to “Chris” regarding Simon hit (on another heading). Great post. Well written. Reminds me of war crimes and how guys attemping to kill each other 1 minute, suddenly have to turn it off the next, because the other guy has his arms up. In WWII and Iraq, some surrending troops held grenades under the arms, by the way.

    Simon was clearly wrong but you put the whole situation into perspective. HE could have killed Ryan H. He missed by inches. But it was a very well written post

  46. Right now there are THREE people who are the root cause for the problem the Rangers are in. Tom Renney…who is not only the worst coach in the NHL, would probably be the worst in the AHL, and right now couldn’t coach a pee-wee team. This man has been an absolute total disgrace as a head coach and is personally responsible for this club having lost at least 10-15 points in the standings. By far the worst coach I’ve seen in my 30 years of watching the Rangers…and anyone, ANYONE, who tries to defend him needs to just sit down and shut up. I could give a shit how nice he is…he’s WORTHLESS as a hockey coach. Worse than that, he hurts his team’s chances to win. Tommy…do us all a favor…get the hell out of NY. We don’t want you here.

    Second…Jaromir Jagr. Was it after the All Star Break that he said he was going to carry the team? How long did that last? Two games. An absolute albatross who drags his team down to his level. He obviously could care less whether this team wins or loses…and don’t tell me he’s a professional and does care…everything about his play and attitude says otherwise. He’s crippled this team…and this surge has NOTHING to do with him. If anything…this surge has proven we’d be better off without him. I’ve never in all my years seen a “superstar” quit on plays as much as him. Get out of NY, Jagr…and go sulk at the card tables where you’d rather be.

    Third…Michael Nylander. Get out. Get out. GET OUT!!! Stop twisting and twirling and GET OUT!!! LEAVE!!! There’s the door, Michael!!! GET OUT!!! STOP TWIRLING!!! THE DOOR IS RIGHT THERE!!! LEAVE!!!

    This team won’t make the playoffs. Their head coach and “star” players couldn’t give a shit. And for those who do bust their ass…like Holly, Orts, Cullen, Prucha, etc…or Henrik who deserves a Vezina consideration again if his team ever cared to shoot the puck…how do you think they feel watching guys like Nylander and Jags dog it every time they are on the ice? And how do they feel about Renney doling out ice time to the same bums shift after shift?

    This team is beyond done…and despite being only a point out…I refuse to delude myself. I gave up on them 2 weeks ago…and I am sticking to that. I’ll continue to watch…but I have zero expectations. I expect them to fail…because the actions of their coach and “star” players is screaming out that they surely don’t want to win.

  47. czechthemout!!!!! on

    cjp-completely agree with you.i wrote this to two shmy point is that renney is the reason the they are dropping a point here,two points there.this is a league that has alot of parity.the margin between good teams and mediocre ones is razor thin.when you have a coach who makes in game decisions that cost points at least a dozen times this year than that is the reason you don’t make the playoffs.renney’s faults as coach are as follows.he overplayed third and fourth line guys like a.hall,jward,blair betts,etc instead of prucha and guys like cullen.it took him 52 games!!!! to try matt cullen on the point,it succeeded,so wha does he do,he stops using it because of one shorthanded goal.he keeps playing the “first”powerplay unit despite the fact they don’t shoot the puck on many occasions.he plays rozy on the point even though he also does not shoot the puck,ever from there.rozy should never play the point on the first power play because his releaseis too slow.he won’t play pock on the power play instead even though ock is a good offensive dman who scored over 70 points for the pack last year.he has done everything in his power to marginalize peter prucha,a player who gives 100%effort every time on the ice and scored 30 goals!! as a rookie.inspite of renney,he will still score 20 or more this year without any meaningfull powerplay ice time.he plays a ten year vet journeymen vet who doesn’t hit,cant score and can’t pass,instead of a kid like callahan who despite being smaller than isbister,is alot!! more physical and has scored many more goals and points than him.in fact i’ve watched alot of pack games this year.and i can tell you that isbister couldn’t hold callahan’s jock strap.i can go on and on on renney’s failngs as a coach and the players have been at ault on some of the losses but his in game deciosions are the main reason why this team might not make the playoffs.
    ills over at blue shirt bulletin.one is dubi one of the owners and another is a guy named stuart who shills here i think from time to time.

  48. BlueClue
    March 11th, 2007 at 3:08 am

    “I agree, yet it’s people like Newman who want to keep playing the same guys even when they are injured and can’t get shots off on the powerplay.

    I think Sam should have everyone take a mandatory I.Q. test in order to be able to post on this blog.”

    If that were the case dude, you’d never be allowed to post. What with your thumbnail sized IQ.

    Oh joy! Dawes is back! Another mighty mite to the rescue……NOT!

  49. SaratogaRanger on

    Simon suspended minimum of 25 games
    Associated Press

    NEW YORK — Chris Simon of the New York Islanders was suspended Sunday for the rest of the regular season and playoffs for his two-handed stick attack to the face of New York Rangers forward Ryan Hollweg.

    Simon will miss at least 25 games — the Islanders’ final 15 regular-season games and the entire postseason. If the Islanders play fewer than 10 playoff games this year, the suspension will continue next season. The Islanders currently are contending for a playoff spot.

    NHL disciplinarian Colin Campbell announced the punishment one day after holding a hearing at the league office in New York. Simon was banned indefinitely Friday, following his vicious hit in retaliation for a hard check by Hollweg on Thursday night.

    “The National Hockey League will not accept the use of a stick in the manner and fashion in which Mr. Simon used his Thursday night,” Campbell said in a statement. “As a consequence of his actions, Mr. Simon has forfeited the privilege of playing in an NHL game again this season, regardless of how many games the Islanders ultimately play.”

    Based on the one-year, $1 million contract Simon signed with the Islanders before this season, he will lose at least $80,200.

    Copyright 2007 by The Associated Press

  50. According to another beat writer’s blog, Dawes was seen packing up his gear and getting a firm handshake from Commander Renney.

    For those so concerned about the negative impact of Dawes, you can sleep soundly tonight.

  51. Byers36

    Get a life.

    You are the one with the miniscule I.Q. here- commenting on a stupid fight from 7 hours ago.

    If you have nothing insightful to say, then just keep your trap shut- guy

  52. Blueclues is the snitch on this board?

    He’s asking for certain posters to be banned?

    Wow, are you a snitch in the outside world aswell?

  53. It’s great seeing the old Pens…opps i mean Rangers still loosing the way they used to. As long as Jagr plays on your team, you’ll never win anything. He needs a better or equal talent to be good himself and to shut him up. He’s a cancer in the locker room and most of his team mates can’t stand him. I know this because I know his teammates…old and current. The Capitols figured that out quickly and got rid of him….the Rangers better figure that out quickly before it’s too late. Jagr is about Jagr and no-one else. Yes he’s an amazing talent….but so is Randy Moss and look at how much time he spent in Oakland. Trade him for anything….sticks….tape….more pucks…..just get rid of him and build a team….not a one man show.

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