You disappear for a couple of days and the whole roof caves in


By now you may have heard that the NHL has suspended Chris Simon indefinitely without pay pending a hearing. Maybe they can ask me to sit on THAT jury so I wouldn’t have to miss any more work.

Yes, I’m still fidgeting in my chair in court, and I don’t see a resolution anywhere in sight, meaning there’s a chance the Rangers can make the playoffs, win the Stanley Cup and then completely disband by the time I’m relieved of my civic duty.

OK, so I’m exaggerating. The good news is Andrew Gross is doing an admirable job in my place, and why shouldn’t he? This gig was his up until a few months ago. In fact, maybe this is my Wally Pip moment and I’ll soon be forgotten altogether.

Anyway, Andrew chimes in with his thoughts on the Simon incident “on his own blog”:, and his sentiments echo many of my own: that for all the inherent drama and passion of hockey, it’s ugly moments like these that will unfortunately register with the general public.

I wish there was a way around it. Maybe we can all go door-to-door with Sidney Crosby highlight tapes and we can win over converts one at a time.

One last thought: you may recall 15 years earlier when the Rangers’ playoff chances fizzled the moment Adam Graves slashed Mario Lemieux in the Patrick Division finals. They are two vastly different circumstances. But whether it’s for reasons tangible or otherwise, I wouldn’t be surprised if the Simon hit has a similarly adverse effect on the Islanders.

Or at least Rangers fans can hope as much…

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  1. Sam, just stand up in open court and yell, “YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH.” That’s totally what I would do.

    I can’t believe the legs this Simon story grew overnight. This could very well cost the Isles a playoff spot.

  2. What Simon did should give him a 50 game suspension. Got to love Shawn Avery. he said what Simon did is unforgivable and asked Colin Campbell to do the right thing for a change (yep he said that) and not give him a 3 game suspension like that “clown” from NJ (Jannsens). Maybe the powers to be here can induce Avery to become a regular member here. Would love to read his stuff.

    Also was glad to see Betts and Ruchunek initially attack Simon after that stick swinging incident. Betts got pushed away by Simon but Ruchunek started throwing punches and Orr tried to get in there too. Wouldn’t be surprised if Avery got a few shots in from the bench as Simon was attacked by the Ranger players in front of the Ranger bench. Earlier this season, they would have skated away but now hopefully they’ll protect each other on the ice.

    It’s best for the Hartford guys, at this point in the season, to get their 20 minutes in Hartford and compete in the AHL playoffs. Only way I would bring them up at this point is to replace an injured player and get at least 10-15 minutes a game. Dubinsky looked good last night and he found out he needs to remain upright when changing direction. LOL Last night’s game was a great learning experience for him.

    My biggest disappointment was the play of Rosival. Couldn’t believe he let Simon stand unattended in front of the net while he (Rosival) just stood there in front of Simon and did nothing.

    Ruchunek and Mara seem to mesh fairly well, just have to get rid of Malik and Rosival.

    Ruchunek got some points from me for going after Simon. Hope he keeps up that intensity.

  3. Sam,

    I know you weren’t comparing the Simon incident to the Graves one in terms of severity, but I gotta point out that the Graves slash was much less severe as he was slashing Mario’s hands to disrupt his control of the puck. I don’t think anyone ever believed he had an intent to injure like Simon did yesterday. That was one of the all-time worst I’ve seen. Reminded me on Dave Brown on Sandstrom.

  4. “Earlier this season, they would have skated away but now hopefully they’ll protect each other on the ice…Ruchunek got some points from me for going after Simon.”

    How do you NOT go after Simon after doing something like that? I wouldn’t be giving out ‘points’ for that…the only thing I would be giving out would be demerits for not going after him.

    And having Avery of all people speak about a cheapshot? That’s funny stuff.

  5. no matter how this season ends up, Renney MUST go. that gutless wimp is now defending Simon, saying he is a NICE guy.

    that is NOT how you stand up for your team. what Renney did is the equivalent of a Ranger player skating away and letting a teammate lay there.

    everyone knew all along that Renney is a soft sissy who kept the rangers under physical wraps to the team’s detriment, but now that they are winning by doing the things that he hates, namely getting in people’s faces, he still has no balls to defend his own team. look at the way that Lindy Ruff reacted when Ott. took a cheap shot at one of his players, and then compare that to renney’s Mr Rogers act.

    Renney is a friggin ballerina who should be playing chess instead of coaching hockey.

  6. I agree with almost everything Lenny has to say, and not mjust because my name is Lenny too :) The only thing I don’t really agree with is the Malik/Rozy comment. As horrendous as Malik has been, for some reason him and Rozy do a decent job back there. It seems as though Malik has gained a lot of confidence back over the last 8-10 games as well. He’s starting to join the rush, throw that big body around a little bit more and his breakouts have been noticably better. Don’t get me wrong, he has a lot of work to go to be considered a solid defenseman, but like Marcel Hossa, he is starting to win me over a little bit. Plus having Rozy’s shot from the point is always a plus.

  7. Where did Renney say that? Unbelievable. Even if he thinks it, why would he go and say it aloud?

  8. SAM Colie should have said right now it’s 15 + the playoffs & possibly more after a hearing. He gave Orr 5, no hearing. …But the media loves to jump on this & Colie is prolonging it w/o swift justice. Guys are in jail awaiting trial, indefinite means 1-?, indecisive. On the street it could be considered attempted murder with a weapon.The 2 guys running the NHL are worried about marketing not justice.And just look at how much they know about either, not much.

  9. I think Simon should be given a 43 game suspension. The remaining 15 regular season games, and then 28 potential playoff games. Whatever isn’t playoffs carries over into next season.

  10. onecupin67years on

    Well Simon will now have plenty of time to spend with his wife and kids,walk the dog,feed the cat,feed the goldfish,paint,fight with his wife ,cut the grass etc,I’ll play more hockey than him,hahahaha.

  11. onecupin67years on

    graves slash was nothing intentional to injure ,cost the rangers dearly ,slahes like that occur in every game ,remember Devils john mcleans’ slash on Niklas sundstrom arm that broke Sundstrom arm ?(compound fracture) and resulted in surgery,No call ,no fine.Graves slashed Mario and lights and sirens go off .Mario suffered a broken bone I think and Didn’t miss a shift all the way to the cup.

  12. Terryble

    “How do you NOT go after Simon after doing something like that?”

    Before Avery arrived, you would have never seen the Rangers go after Simon. You haven’t been watching closely if you think that way.


    Rosival just let Simon stay in front of the net without challenging him, that was awful. Malik has flashes but still is a pylon.

  13. Holy crap… where did Renney say that??? If it’s true, his own team should run him out of the locker room. That’s just bush league. How can he not stand up for his own guys. Renney is a f–king fairy pussy.

    BTW… Look at this crybaby. Where was he when his team was getting all the calls go their way?

    “It was a tough call for the ref because he was on the wrong side of the puck,” Isles defenseman Brendan Witt said. “But then the guys in Toronto need to do their — job. They have no — to put it on the line. Use the — rule. Obviously, from the angles they had from the corner, it looked in. [Lundqvist’s] stick went across the line. But obviously, the guys in Toronto don’t want to do their job. What are you going to do?”

  14. Sam-sonite, until you provide a link to Renney’s supposed defense of Simon, it didn’t happen.

  15. lennynyr

    “Before Avery arrived, you would have never seen the Rangers go after Simon. You haven’t been watching closely if you think that way.”

    We aren’t talking about a boarding call or a guy finishing his check kinda late…if that were the case, you’d be right. Thing is we are talking about a 2-handed baseball bat-style swing to the face. Do you really think that if Avery weren’t here the guys on the ice would’ve have just watched that nightmarish incident without jumping Simon? I just don’t believe that but I guess I haven’t been “watching closely.”

  16. Supposedly the Nassau County DA is looking into the incident. He may be brought up on criminal charges. Highly unlikey anything would happen considering Bertuzzi broke steve moore’s neck and got nothing.

  17. Simon should get no less than 25 games.

    Fact is, if the NHL really wanted send a message, and there is no better player to make an example of, they should suspend him for one full calender year.

    What do you think MLB would do if A-Rod turned around and clubbed the catcher in the neck? Or ran out to the mound and smashed the pitcher in the face with a Louisville Slugger?

    C’mon Soupy, do the right thing for once!

  18. Hockeyputz and Cherneski, you’ve touched on the potentially criminal significance of stick-swinging incidents in hockey. While a fight, even a mugging like Bertuzzi on Moor, is simple assault, swinging a hockey stick at someone’s face is aggravated assault with a weapon. If you or I used a baseball bat or hockey stick against someone on the street, we would get significant criminal penalties including the possibility of prison time. The fact that Simon was doing so within the confines of a game is irrelevant — as was shown in the McSorley-Brashear incident. While fighting is a somewhat accepted part of the game (and in the law a simple assault), stick-swinging with an intent to injure is certainly not, as evidenced by the match penalties and suspensions assessed for such conduct. I’m interested to see whether criminal charges are brought against Simon and what the length of his suspension will be. I think it will be enormous.

  19. prove it, until YOU can show me one angry comment from Renney last night against Simon, until YOU can show me one comment from Renney calling for a long suspension for Simon, anything you claim in defense of Renney is false.

    I said that Renney said nothing calling for a suspension against Simon, and he called him a “nice guy”. now, you tell the posters here how that will influence the length of suspension, because that is EXACTLY what Simon’s lawyer will say to the league. he is a “nice guy”, therefore, forget his 5 previous suspensions, his baseball swing at Hollweg’s face, and listen instead to the Ranger coach who called him a “nice guy”.

  20. This is all Renney said about the hit last night.

    “It’s probably something I shouldn’t comment on. It was a pretty serious incident and me, in the heat of the moment, should probably keep my mouth shut.

    I’m not going to react to that. That’s a league issue now and something I shouldn’t comment on.”

  21. yes, Sam. and that is what I said. Renney, unlike Lindy Ruff, said NOTHING against Simon last night. he could not even bring himself to defend his own players.

  22. He had an interview earlier on WFAN where he said that Simon is a good guy”

    thank you, Anthony. that is exactly what I said, and I was trying to get the link where the comment came from.

    so, to sum up, my original post is EXACTLY CORRECT concerning all aspects of renney’s reactions and statements.

  23. i really think renney not blowing this situation up more than it already is, is better for the team. they do not need to be consumed w/ frustration/anger when their playoff lives are at stake.

    i couldnt care less if renney called him a f**king goon or a gentleman; the most important thing is they won the game and they need to focus on the next own.

    lindy ruff and buffalo have the opportunity to get a little distracted, the rangers however can not.

  24. oh boy, here they come. the apologists, the explainers, the defenders, the unquestioning, the mgmt. supporters, the Renney clones.
    send in the clones.

  25. onecupin67years on

    Black eye for the NHL ? What about Major league steroid ball,National bail-ketball ,National felon ball leagues ?hockey isnt pure and has a few nuts but not like the other american sports which dominate the ratings.This is going to be seen countless times by CBS,NBC,ABC,ESPN they will do anything to discredit the NHL which loses money for these networks.

  26. did i say i was defending renney? no. i was saying it would be wise to stay out of this and just let the islanders worry about it. hollweg is fine, so this doesnt concern the rangers anymore, lets just focus on playing hockey.

  27. that’s right, onecup. and those same networks who hate hockey have no problem making money off of ultimate fighting, Jack Tatum paralyzing a guy, or rasslers splitting a guys head open with folding chairs.

  28. More miscommunication, what a shock…..

    Renney is ten times the man that these fake tough guys on here claim to be, and thats ALL that needs to be said.

  29. onecupin67years on

    The incident is already on the cbs2news intro at 5 o’clock,a smear job ,Simon was wrong and is wrong,but the naysayers will run with this incident .Double standard ,the News is nothing but violence murder,accidents, rape,war etc.Violence $ell$.

  30. leetchy2 March 8th, 2007 at 10:59 pm

    that to me looks like a bertuzzi-type hit… that better be suspension for the rest of the year

    leetchy2 a few minutes ago.

    I was saying it would be wise to stay out of this and just let the islanders worry about it. hollweg is fine, so this doesnt concern the rangers anymore, lets just focus on playing hockey.

    gee, what a transformation in just a few hours. now he could care less about it, because his idol hero Renney wants him to think that way now.

  31. “Renney is ten times the man that these fake tough guys on here claim to be, and thats ALL that needs to be said.”

    boy, that is rich. Renney won’t even verbally defend his own players. If his kids were getting bullied, he would say “give them your lunch money. just don’t make waves. it does not concern me. I should just keep out of it. it is the school’s concern, not mine.”

  32. yeah the majority of ranger fans want renny gone Dump did a poll. his margin of error is only 80%. That is no worse then his % of dumb posts..

    They took 4 points from the islanders and he could not even rest his pollution(stupid comments) for a day…

    Rachunek went up in his book because he came to the rescue after the assault last night.

    simple minds…………

  33. Time to have a weekend, everyone, clearly. Though I will agree that it’s the Islanders’ problem now. I just feel bad for the people who devote themselves and their lives to this great game and see it smeared all over the news when stuff like this happens.

  34. Immo and Liffiton got reassigned to Hartford.

    and the Renney lovers will now tell us why that is a great move.

    footspeed, not ready, can’t give ’em enough minutes, Hartford needs them, roster technicalities, blah, blah, etc.

  35. DVF- I too, am very curious to see what transpires with the law. Like you said if it would have happened on the street he’d be in jail already. It’s just a matter of he is a sports figure and people hold that in such high regard, so you have to figure nothing will come of it except media attention that isn’t good for this game. Maybe not though, no matter how you look at it, it’s really sad to see a guy like Simon who was a good Ranger when he was here, do something like this.

    But just to say one more thing Petr Prucha is on fire.

  36. you know what is a black eye to NHL? Goalie equipment, anybody notice how insanely huge Lundqvist catching glove was when they were fixing it? Holy crap, it is getting ridiculous.

  37. stuart, how do Sather, Maloney and Renney taste? You are a shameless brown-noser.

  38. these comments get better and better. renney is a GROWN UP who has had chris simon before as a player. he said simon was a good guy just like avery said just like hollweg said. HOWEVER the act was disgusting.

    ps if you saw dubinsky play last night you should know why immonen is NOT part of our future. guy has nothing on brandon.

  39. Sam Sonite, honestly shut up, sorry but your crying over something that we shouldnt care about, renney did the right thing by not commenting, just run away with the game we just stole, and you wanna bash renney then you can bash avery for saying simons a nice guy as well, the fact is chris simon is a nice guy, when he bumbed lundqvist with his stick he was apolagizing and it was a long one, He actially is a good guy, but last night he lost his cool, that jack off billy jaffe said it coulda been a penalty but that is bull, hollwegs hit wouldnt cause simons legs to jump in the air, simons legs looked like there were no bones when they went up. Anyway all im saying sam sonite is get off renneys back, yea he has done questionable things but hes made up for that, like the patience with hossa (lets hope hossa can be like that next year), and as far as isbister goes you gotta leave him in, hes getting chances but not capitalizing, and if you say thats why he should be out of the line up then your saying ortmeyer should be out to since he hasnt been getting his shots in the back of the net. So yea renney didnt do a good job this year but enough already lets forget this game..let the league do what they want to simon, and lets run away with this win, luckily no one has called the cops , because after that game rangers are officaly theives….

  40. b.s. kovy. first of all, no one said Dubi was not better. he never entered the equation, or the post. but you try to invent things out of fantasy.

    2nd, Renney never condemned the act, either. he said, ““It’s probably something I shouldn’t comment on. It was a pretty serious incident and me, in the heat of the moment, should probably keep my mouth shut.

    I’m not going to react to that. That’s a league issue now and something I shouldn’t comment on.�

    IOW, he punted. he did not have the balls to condemn the act or the player right after it happened. that is why Lindy Ruff has stones, and Renney is a pansy, pure and simple.

  41. ed, go f–k yourself. if you don’t like free speech, ignore those posts. but don’t try to tell others how to think.

    another Renney brown-noser.

  42. Sam or Josh or Andrew,

    Any word on when the NHL is going to come to a more definitive decision about Simon?

  43. czechthemout!!!!! on

    kovy27-by the way you and i are on the same page about dubinsky.i think he is an easy #2 center with an outside shot as a #1.baranka,who i know you like,in my opinion is too inconsistant and gives the puck away too mant times.again i hope i’am wrong but i don’t think he is going to be a big part of our future.

  44. and for the info. of all the bs artists, HERE is what Avery said…

    “”[Simon] has been a pretty honest guy his whole career, but that was disgusting,” said the Rangers’ Sean Avery, a vital force again. “I don’t think he should be allowed to play another game the rest of the year.

    “I mean, that was just as bad as [Marty] McSorley. I was in shock. Let’s see if the league makes a statement here.”

    he also referred to him as a “meathead”.

    that is a far cry from renney’s gutless, take-no-position, pablum.

  45. GuitarWizard on


    The Ruff/Renney situation does not compare. Ruff had to take care of his own guys becasue the league didn’t do it’s job dealing with Chris Neil. Buffalo lost one of its top players in the play, meaning it had a lasting affect on them.

    The refs actually did something right in taking Simon out of the game, Renney knew Hollweg was fine (no lasting affect on his team) and it becomes a matter of the league. I’m sure he would like to say the same things that we had said about Simon, but Renney (like Hollweg and Avery) knows it’s not his job or his place.

    Renney does a lot of stupid things. This, however, was not one of them.

  46. Ruff did not have any idea whether the league would act or not when the game was on. He acted and reacted IMMEDIATELY out of pure defense of his players, unlike Tommy boy Mr. Rogers barney fife Renney.

  47. I have to agree with Samsonite here. when your playoff hopes may rest with how you do in 2 future games with the isles. plus, they are a team you might need to get in instead of, you don’t, as a coach, just sit there and take a “no comment” stand on such a vital issue.

    your job is to stand up for YOUR team, not your former player. and that means saying you want the book thrown at him, so that if they compromise, it will still be lengthy.

    Avery is right, Renney is way off base.

  48. Only in Rangerland do people say things like “anyone who saw Dubinsky play can see why Immonen is not part of the future.”


    Of course Dubinsky is probably the better player now, and at 20 he has far more upside. But why can’t both kids be part of the future?

    Because in Rangerland there is only enough room for one kid every three years. No franchise in the NHL throws away more viable prospects simply because another one is better.

    How come the Devils seem to find homes for so many prosects? They are not going to choose between Zajac and Parise, they will let them both play and develop.

    I suppose Staal is going to make Baranka useless to Rangers fans at some point too, especially with the emergence of Girardi. After all few people would argue that Staal is going to be better than Baranka.

    Has Callahan made Dawes worthless too? Or maybe Bourret has made them both useless since he is much bigger.

  49. funny thing is that they(Sather & Co.) just sit there on top of all these prospects and have no clue what to do with them. Trading them would be bad PR, playing them would be risky, so they just do nothing, meanwhile UFA age is now 27, many of the newer draftees if they have any knowledge of this organization would refuse to sign and go back in the draft or become free agents

  50. No Rangers tonight, I guess I’ll watch some Clarkson/Harvard. Go Golden Knights!!!

  51. some of you just dont get it when it comes to immonen. he is not a number one center, dubinsky is a future number two, cullen is here for 3 more years not to mention immonen is to slow and soft to be a good third line center, blair betts is under contract for two more years. The rangers ALSO have tom pyatt coming to hartford next year who is VERY close to being an nhl player all his coaches from juniors to the rangers believe so. Considering Immonen is 25 years old going on 26 and can’t beat out a 20 year old for a roster spot is a very important fact. the rangers are not building this team around small soft SLOW europeans. they are building it around fast feisty north american kids. that is the model. in fact even the euros that ARE a part of the future (korpikoski, prucha, hossa) play north south games. they play more like their fellow prospects than they do the jagrs,nylanders, and strakas of the world.

    immonen is a square peg for a round hole. but some of you think that its JUST his skating that is an issue. You make it as if his other skills are ALL STAR QUALITY. they are not. he’s a fringe nhler. nothing more.

  52. To lighten the mood some, you will all be delighted to hear that I recently came across a Best American Sports Writing Anthology which was edited by none other than. . . Mike Lupica! The man, I am sorry to say, can not compose an English sentence. Please tell me who assigned him to the gig? I realize there are only a handful of sportswriters that have any respect for actual writing (Sam you are among them), but my word he is Mike Lupica, author of such classics as “Heat, Smoke, Cheese,” etc. Okay forget writing, sentences, does anyone know the principles of this man uses? I’ll break it down: Fragmented idea. Adjective (read as posturing). Non sequitur. Pose.

    Confound it all!

  53. either way you look at it Immonen is a good all around player. Rangers totally disrespected and wasted him. Having that useless over the hill Rucchin instead of Immonen was hard to swallow for anyone with a clue. Immonen would make a lot better and more versatile 4th line center than Betts. Immonen is smarter, better offensively, about as good defensively and on PK, goes to the net to deflect and screen goalies, can pass unlike Betts, about as physical, but slower than Betts, which is not that big of a deal because Betts doesn’t even know what to do with his speed. While Betts is a 10 point player, Immonen spending most of the time on 4th line would put up at least twice as much as Betts.

  54. czechthemout!!!!! on

    watching the pack game.down 3-1after two.not much from bourett yet.he’s on the fourth line.graham is a nothing player,with no nhl future,a wasted 2nd round pick.baranka playing with degon.nothing special from him either.took lazy holding penalty,not much from physical aspect either yet today.potter,lifiton best pair so far tonite.sorry kovy27,i know it might be hard for you to hear that.dawes very physical today,took out two players with open ice hits,one in his own zone.byers very feisty,good corner work.nothing from immo or helminen.korpy playing well creating some chances for him self and team mates with his speed and problem,he cannot finnish.hugh is playing well,good in the corners,and in the slot has not scored yet.has two or three shot from so-so angles.korpy missed penalty shot.montoya not in goal.

  55. czechthemout!!!!! on

    nothing from moore either.a little disapointed in him.back after 3rd with update.

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