“Another black eye for the NHL”


Those were the words I heard on the radio just now when referring to the Chris Simon hit on Ryan Hollweg.

This is the real disappointing part. I’m assuming that just about everyone who frequents this site is like me in that they love hockey. And yet because of one absolutely brainless, gutless play, we’re all going to be forced to defend the game to people who before tonight, couldn’t tell Chris Simon from Cary Simon.

Either way, though, it is that play that led indirectly to another crucial Rangers win — controversial no-goal or not — so maybe you as Rangers fans aren’t quite as upset. Especially since Ryan Hollweg appears OK.

Speaking of the left wing, I just received an e-mail from Andrew Gross, who passed along some quotes from the Coliseum. Included are these comments from Hollweg:

“I finished my check and turned back and next thing I knew the stick was across my head. I’m glad we scored on the power play and got the two points, that’s the main thing. I’m cut on the chin.

“I’m a little surprised. I haven’t had any bad blood before, as far as I knew we respected each other as hockey players and that’s it. I finished my check, I’m playing my game.

“I was on the ice and I couldn’t really hear anything, I might have been out for a little bit.
Our objective was to come in here and get two points and at the end of the day that’s what we did. We didn’t sacrifice any points going into overtime so it was a huge goal.

“Things happen in hockey. Sometimes you kind of step outside of yourself for a little while. What happened, happened and I’m just going to continue playing my game. I haven’t seen (tape) yet. I don’t know if I need to see it. I saw the stick coming on me.
What he was thinking while on the ice: Yeah, I’m scared. In the back of my mind I couldn’t believe he did it.

“To get that goal on the power play and to win that game, for me, that’s all I want. As far as I’m concerned, we’re square. We got the win, that’s the important thing.”

More tomorrow….

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  1. The Laval G-Strings of the Quebec Senior Hockey League announced the have signed Chris Simon to a 3-year, $200 a year deal. Simon, 30-something, sealed his own fate by trying to decapitate Ryan Hollweg of the NY Rangers in a game on Long Island. Sans the racist card, this cleary makes the swing by Marty McSorely to Donald Brashear’s head seem like a cheap flirt attempt.

  2. Funny, Osminator, but I’m not sure; I think we may have just witnessed the end of Simon’s NHL career.

  3. Simon is a pussy and should NEVER be allowed to play in the NHL….i was at the game and islander fans are proud to have chris simon on there team?? even after what he did…. WOW HE IS A JOKE this was a cheap shot and he should NEVER play a game in the NHL ever again…Hollweg is a tough kid…hes fine and he will be back and ready to play…SIMON YOU SUCK!

  4. Thats it Ryan glad to see your ok, Good win tonight everyone, WE just gotta keep it up. Hey simon see you next year killer, you really should become someone’s bit** in jail for that assault, but anyway

    LETS GO RANGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Would you expect anything else from Fishsticks fans? They’re morons to root for that goon.

  6. Simon in the post-game interview was already lawyering up, saying he would not discuss it until he meets with the league.

    so, we’ve got hero hollywood Hollweg cowboy-ing up,

    while gutless puke Simon is lawyering up.

    and the Rangers are movin’ up, to the playoffs.

  7. no offense, but what was simon supposed to say? the smart thing to do at this point was say nothing. and thats what he did. he will have to answer to the league. and frankly, it didnt look like he had any explanation even if he WAS going to talk about it. i dont blame him for not saying anything at this point.

  8. you are probably a lawyer or an isles fan.

    oh, so NOW he is supposed to do the smart thing. is that what he did on the ice?

    he even said he would not talk to Hollweg to apologize.

  9. im neither thanks. just a friendly rangers fan, just like you. and as i recall, he never said he wouldnt apologize. he just said he would await the league’s reaction before talking about it. im not defending his actions, they are clearly dispicable, but i dont blame him for shutting his mouth at this point. i do hope however, that after the league comes down, he has something to say for his actions.

  10. I was at the Rangers annual partners luncheon about a month ago and I had the chance to eat and talk to Ryan Hollweg (he sat next to me after we got food)and i must say, he is one of the nicest, most genuine guys I have ever met. it was disappointing to see what happened, but its great to hear hes ok and everything will be fine. I hope Simon gets the rest of this season plus part of next, that was absolutely ridiculous. Its a shame something like that had to happen to one of the coolest, nicest players on the Rangers. Talking with him easily has to be one of the best moments i’ve ever experienced, and one I will never forget.

  11. just gotta say even though he didnt get that much playing time, dubinsky looked pretty damn composed for a 20 year old, he looks like a real keeper, real strong down low and good vision, glad renney played him in some key situations, also gotta say that our future looks really bright, just think about it this way, hugh jessiman is finally coming on after a year of being set back by injury and he is going to be a great power forward for us, even fights a bit, see ya later orr, sanguinetti will be our PP QB, staal our rock on the blue line, dawes, callahan, and dont forget we still have lundquist girardi, pock, after that purge of the roster in 2004, you gotta say sather and maloney have made exactly the right moves for the future of this squad, i know earlier in the season when i heard people calling for renneys head, but he is definitely the right guy for the future of this franchise, especially after tonight getting the most out of his team, you got here a really excited rangers fan, but of course lets win it this year!! simons a douche

  12. you can bet that the league decision on that goal WAS influenced by what Simon did just moments earlier.

    He cost them the game in 2 different ways.

    and Simon did not say he WOULD apologize either. he said he would not talk to Hollweg until he talks to the league first. and THAT is just another despicable way of saying that he wants to go to the league meeting, and put a good deal of blame on Hollweg. he wants to claim he was justified.

    what a skunk punk he is.

  13. no way, schnee. this excitement could have happened much earlier this season if they had not kept the kids down. once again, injuries forced them to do what should have been done willingly a long time ago. and they still have limpwrister in a spot that callahan should be in.

  14. hollwegMVP
    “you can bet that the league decision on that goal WAS influenced by what Simon did just moments earlier.

    He cost them the game in 2 different ways.

    and Simon did not say he WOULD apologize either. he said he would not talk to Hollweg until he talks to the league first. and THAT is just another despicable way of saying that he wants to go to the league meeting, and put a good deal of blame on Hollweg. he wants to claim he was justified.

    what a skunk punk he is.”

    im not sure i agree with any of this. like i said, the act was dispicable, but if you think that the league was giving the rangers a “makeup” call on that goal is just a strange theory. furthermore, it would be a sad state of affairs for anyone, let alone simon himself, to entertain the idea that it was a defensable act and i can only hope that he doesnt intend to do that. i think you were just looking to far into the circumstances of him not saying anything regarding the issue.

  15. Die Simon Die on

    Simon’s very lucky he’s not talking to the Nassau County Police Department in addition to the league. Pretty much the worst stick swing ever, probably equal to McSorley except (luckily) for the resulting injury. Anything less than a suspension for the rest of the season, including the playoffs is unacceptable.

  16. horsepucky, Dave. the Isles announcers were already playing the blame Hollweg card. and you are someone who is obviously insistent on defending Simon. you sound more like Howie Rose than a Rangers fan.

  17. wow. all i said was that i understand why he wouldnt want to say anything about the issue RIGHT NOW. how that makes me a sympathizer i dont really know. and you’re right, the isles announcers did claim the hit was from behind, but they certainly weren’t defending the act.

  18. We all know Simon should get the season, however the suspension is handed down by a guy who gave Brashear 1 game for sucker punching Aaron Ward. I have no faith in Campbell he is a complete jackoff. However I believe this suspension will come down from above (Bettman) him and his useless position.

  19. Nickyfotiu22 on

    That play by Simon was among the dirtiest things I’ve ever seen in hockey, and I’ve seen the Steve Durbano’s, the Dave Brown’s, the David Shaw hit on Lemieux, the Dale Hunter play, McSorely’s hit on Brashear, Steve Moore getting clubbed by Bertuzzi, etc, etc etc…

    We (and obviously Ryan Hollweg) are EXTREMELY LUCKY that Hollweg seemed ok, aside from the cut (it wouldn’t surprise me, if he had a minor concussion from it though)… Thank God he was relatively ok, though!!! A play like that can be much more lethal, as we’ve seen from siliar acts…

    That being said, all of the bleeding-heart liberals are going to crawl out from under their rocks once again, to discuss how hockey is too violent and blah, blah, blah…. You usually get one of those SEVERE plays every few years or so… The Cam Janssen hit the other night was NOTHING compared to Simon’s act… Yet you’ll hear the lefties on ESPN and ESPN.com complaining about how nasty hockey is and waaaah waaaah waaaah…

    The NHL game is too watered-down as it is, with infractions and the last thing our game needs is tougher penalties… The players that are behind these malicious intents to injure, however, need to be dealt with accordingly, and I’d expect nothing less than 20 games for Simon… I can see 10-15, but I think 20 would do it and Simon would lose a hell of a lot in salary from it… I think going outside of the game to punish players, like they did up in Vancouver is stupid and there’s no need for that… But if the NHL throws the book at Simon, so be it, that was a disgusting act!

    But you wait and see, and you’ll see the pacifists and liberals from all over, crying and whining about how evil the NHL is…

  20. Simon Gar-PUNK-el on

    the best way is to come down with quick and severe punishment.

    but yes, you will get the usual hand-wringing from the usual suspects.

    but you will never win over those types. they don’t like hockey, they never will, so why bother with clueless losers like ESPN.

  21. Didn’t Dave Brown get 15 games for his premeditated crosscheck to Sandstrom’s head twenty years ago? If Simon doesn’t get all of that and much much more — like thirty games at least — the NHL will deserve all the abuse that would come from hockey-haters as a result.

    Lundqvist is world-class, already in the conversation when it comes to discussing the best goalies (talent and technique) this team has had in its history.

    Every game I see Prucha play reveals more and more how one in a thousand this guy is. Heart, guts, hockey sense, and a shot to boot. Clone him.

  22. everyone realizes that that could have been much worse. Who knows what would have happened if Simon caught Hollweg’s throat. Thankfully that didnt happen. Yet it was disgusting, and i expect the league to take action. What if that wasn’t Hollweg, but Crosby or Ovechkin. ye ye, the league has to protect its key players, but it has to protect the lives of all players. Simon better get a season suspension

  23. Holly-wood-weg on

    This just in from sean avery…the quote of the year:

    “Let’s just see if Colin Campbell finally does something about this stuff and doesn’t give him three games like he gave that other meathead from New Jersey,” Avery said.

  24. nickyfotiu,
    i can’t resist. what the hell does liberalism have to do with hockey??? i’m a “bleeding heart liberal” by your definition and a huge hockey fan. i think that fighting needs to be in the game, and needs to be allowed without all these stupid instigator rules to prevent things like this from happening. i’d love nothing more than simon being suspended for 20 games with one exception: one shift to open the next game between these two teams so they can get their revenge. your rant would have made a lot of sense if you left your warped view of politics out of it. the people who crawl out from their rock at times like these are just people who don’t understand hockey and they are the same people who watch ESPN’s NFL “jacked up” crap and laugh at it. sports are violent, thats just how it goes. no excuse to go after people with sticks to the head though (and im by no means implying you were saying it was justified as i see youre as disgusted by the hit as me).

    ok, rant over. keep the right-left crap out of this. this is just something that doesnt belong in hockey and it just sucks that hockey is such a marginal sport in the US that it only gets publicity on nights like this. if only games like monday’s ranger-isles game, one of the better pure hockey games i have seen in a long while, got the publicity rather than idiots like chris simon…

  25. Watching the replay about 15 times already, it seemed as if Simon was in a daze from being checked and didn’t quite realize what he was doing. The look on his face and his reaction is just strange. He should plead not guilty by reason of temporary mental defect.

    If this was a more severe injury, like Steve Moore, he would get a whole season, or close to it, which he should get anyway, but the result wasn’t as bad, so it will end up being not as much as it should be, probably 20 games. It’s sad because Simon has been doing pretty well for the Isles. Oh well.

  26. Simon Gar-PUNK-el on

    it has plenty to do with it. if you contrast conservative Don Cherry, and that liberal little weasel next to him who decries fighting in hockey, you can make an easy judgment.

  27. Holly-wood-weg on

    Brandon –

    You’re kidding me right? Speaking as a hockey player – you are mentally “there” when you whack a guy over his face with a composite hockey stick….give me a break

  28. Just to be clear, there’s NO WAY I’m defending what Simon did. He just looked out of it, like his head hit the boards strangely and made him dazed. That is all.

  29. Colin Campbell on

    can’t we all just get along?

    I know you guys want me to throw the book at Simon, but since he didn’t axe chop MY son, and since he did not do it to a star player, the league must do what it always does, PUNT.

    so, we will have Mr. Simon doing community service. he will do what johns do. pick up trash from the roadside.

  30. “Pretty much the worst stick swing ever.”

    Get real. The game has tamed down a lot and today players wear helmets, but there have been some extremely vicious incidents over the years. Paiment-Polonich, which rearranged Polonich’s face literally and he got $800,000 in a civil suit, back in 1982. Maki-Green, after which Green had a plate in his head for the rest of his life. Shack-Zeidel, fueled by anti-Semitism. Geoffrion-Murphy, and on and on. Howe, revered as one of the greatest of all times, was suspended three times for intent to injure. Late in his career after he mellowed he split Brad Park’s tongue in two.

    Black eye for hockey? That is hockey, son. What would it be without a black eye now and then?

  31. ahh, i see. so one example and thats the rule. sorry, i forgot it was that simple.

  32. I don’t know if you, geezer, are referring to me and it’s easy to call names from a safe distance, but I was commenting on the nature of the beast, hockey. The hit by Ruutu on Jagr was the type that could have ended his career. That should have given a “black eye” to the Olympics, if the headline here is to be countenanced. Janssen on Kaberle happened this month. Stickwork is much less today, but Orr got five games for his hit this season.

  33. Hey Sam,
    I think that you need to add a few choices to your latest poll…”What do Rangers fans want to see most over the final month of the regular season.”

  34. “””
    Author: bettmanstinx
    Simon has been a hard working honest player for a long long time. Forget about his first few years. He plays a tough, mean, honest game. I am a Rangers fan and feel he doesn’t deserve to be gone for the season. Brendan Witt and Sean Hill are a different story. Seems they can hit anyone weather they have the puck or not.”””

    it is morons like this guy who give both hockey and Ranger fans a bad name. Simon with a keyboard.

  35. what Simon did was bad, but most of you are over reacting. It wasn’t much worse than what Orr did to Ovechkin.

  36. I thought that move tonight by Simon was just unbelievable and insane. Of course, I’ve never played pro hockey or been in many violent confrontations. The few I’ve been in have been inexplicable to me even moments afterwards (and I’m talking quick bar fights, etc. not real-deal throwdowns), so maybe that is the nature of violence. I don’t know, but Simon should be out for a long time and maybe it would be better to judge the NHL management after they weigh in than before. I know, I’m a terrible person — obviously Campbell et. al. are the worst people on the planet.

    Also, it’s weird to me to think that our team considered getting Bertuzzi (or could have). I hate having to defend hockey to non-fans, but there’s just no doubt the NHL, its players, its organizations and its fans send mixed messages. We want fighting, we want rough stuff, but when someone “crosses the line” we act outraged and dumbfounded. That seems naive to me. If there’s going to be violence and adrenaline, there’s going to be incidents where it gets out of hand. To expect otherwise seems unfair and just plain dumb.

    Anyway, I’ll probably get verbally assaulted for that opinion. But don’t get me wrong. I do think Simon must be suspended.

    And I did think that was the most exciting home and home I’ve seen in years. What a rivalry should be: intense.

    Glad Hollweg’s okay and psyched we got the points. Go Rangers.

  37. I rest my case after the last 2 posts. they can now go back to their cockfighting tapes.

  38. “That being said, all of the bleeding-heart liberals are going to crawl out from under their rocks once again, to discuss how hockey is too violent and blah, blah, blah…. ”

    seems like you got liberals and conservatives confused

  39. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Chris Simon (and some generous refereeing) for the 2 points. Simon will be gone for a minimum 10 games i think – which should cause the Isles some problems. I don’t blame him for not saying anything afterwards but you would have at least expected him to say sorry, or give Holly a call.
    I think we need another 19-20 points to stay in the playoff picture.
    Unfortunately the game wasn’t broadcast in europe so i have only seens TSN and Yahoo highlights.

    How did Dubi shape up?

  40. I don’t know why hockey has to be defended against non-fans. It’s a sport that for more than 100 years has provided an opportunity for violence-prone underprivileged youth to do something worthwhile with their lives.Case in point. Corrente, the Devils’ first round draft choice, is now facing sentencing for assault and battery on a 15-year-old girl in Saginaw. I don’t know anything about Corrente or the case, but I do know that a kid like that, and they are legion, who didn’t have hockey, could end up anywhere. It’s better to have him getting five for fighting in the arena at Newark than out on the street there doing Tony Soprano’s dirty work.

    Car racing is more dangerous than hockey and so is the rodeo and maybe even ski jumping. Anyone have to defend those sports against non-fans?

    Simon deserves to have the book thrown at him — he’s a five-time loser. But hockey is what it is and there are lots of other sports to follow for the faint of heart.

  41. OldTymeHockey14 on

    “That being said, all of the bleeding-heart liberals are going to crawl out from under their rocks once again, to discuss how hockey is too violent and blah, blah, blah…. �

    And today’s Darwin Award winner is: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. “what Simon did was bad, but most of you are over reacting. It wasn’t much worse than what Orr did to Ovechkin.”

    Yea I don’t even know what to say to this one…I hope you are kidding.

  43. Son of Sam –

    It is a lot worse than what Orr did to Ovechkin. Orr hit ovechkin with his glove, simon used a composite hockey stick.

  44. The SMARTEST and best thing IMHO that Hollweg said was “As far as I’m concerned, we’re square.” and that because the Rangers scored and won….if he lives by that, and doesnt do anything in the next Islanders game to ANY player to “get back” at the team…than he is a step above alot of the rougher players in the NHL…and Hockey…and good for him.

  45. onecupin67years on

    In the old days there was Always Payback, maybe not at the next meeting but when a player crossed the line he could be assured that he was a marked man and would pay for his dirty deed . Unfortunately ,the NHL has taken payback into their own hands with sissy monetary fines to rich players making 7 figures a year . I don’t know how Hollweg feels about the cheap shot ,maybe he wants a go at Simon somewhere down the line?

  46. Brandon,

    I agree with you. People are really overreacting. What Simon did was foolish and vicious but in no way the same as Bertuzzi. This was not a pre-meditated act. It was a knee jerk reaction to being hit. Islander fans are crying that Hollweg’s check was dirty and was from behind. The two hander was the fault of the officials for not having a better handle on the game. That’s just so much BS. There was nothing dirty or illegal about Ryan’s check. Simon was just stunned that someone on the Rangers had the balls to check him, Chris Simon.

    Ryan is right. We got the powerplay and the goal. He’s square with the Islanders. We have two more games with the Islanders, eight points up for grabs. This incident will be in their heads. If it forces the officials to scrutinze the rest of the cheap shot artists on the Islanders, so much the better for us.

    I am not saying Chris shouldn’t be punished. He should get 5 to 10 games and a fine. He should also have to apologize to Ryan and the entire NHL and the fans. The NHL’s rep is bad enough. If we, the fans, keep on screaming about this, it will only make our game look worse. Punish Simon and suck it up and get on with the season.

  47. Who cares about Simon? He’s a no talent punk. End of story.

    These next 4 games are going to be very tough. 3 against playoff teams (PIT, OTT, ATL) and 1 against the team we need to stay ahead of (CAR). 6 out of 8 points including a win against CAR would be awfully nice.

    PIT: 3
    CAR: 1
    TOR: 1
    NYI: 2
    MTL: 2
    OTT: 1
    ATL: 1
    BOS: 2
    PHI: 2

    9-5-1 would get us the desired 92 points, although I think the 8th seed is going to wind up with less than 92.

  48. hockeymanrangers on

    I thought Dubinnsky looked real good last night. Sather and Renney should have done this long ago. See, if they listen to the fans maybe we would be at the top of the plaoff list.The Rangers are actualy looking like a different team of sorts, and it’s all for the good. We can only hope Shanahan can get healthy. And as always STILL Renny must go at the end of the year.

  49. Nickyfotiu22 on

    To the liberal poster earlier, who seemed to have her panties in a bunch…

    Professional hockey is a , rough, tough and mean sport — no place for liberals or far-lefties that want to complain about their kids having to play DODGEBALL or TAG on the playground!

    Simon should get 15-20 games for his actions… That hit was with question INDEFENSIBLE! But you watch and listen, and you’ll hear the same liberal crap about how hockey is just made up of “goons” and waaah waaaah waaah, regardless of isolated plays like this, happening once every few years…

    I’d rather not try and drag politics into this, but liberals are always trying to change this country for the WORSE, and it’s no different when it comes to the NHL… The liberal and non-hockey crowd would absolutely LOVE to see the game turn into the European Ballet!

  50. Longtimerangerfan on

    If you saw Simon’s eyes when he did the two hander on Hollweg you have to believe that he would have chased him around the rink until he caught him ala Bertuzzi. He was incensed and wanted revenge.

  51. I’ll admit I am a huge ranger fan since the late 60’s but what Simon did has nothing to do with me being a ranger fan. I am a hockey fan and if the league ever wants to develop a new generation of fans than Simon should be banned from the NHL. If that stick was an inch lower and struck hollweg’s throat simon could have literally killed hollweg. If the NHL doesn’t do something serious than people cannot take the NHL seriously. I think this incident is worst than bertuzi’s incident.

  52. Dubinsky looked real good last night, except on one sequence where he lost his backcheck and the Isles almost scored because of it. Otherwise, he looked real good. It must have been exciting for him to play at one point on a line with Jagr.

  53. I’m just glad to see Hollweg is ok, as for Simon, he has always sucked as a hockey player and was always a piece of sh**. This incident was right up there with Bertuzzi or definetly beyond it. This guy took a double handed swipe to someones face and the look on his face said it all. He should be put in jail. He disgraced the game and almost killed someone. He is a gutless piece of trash and fits perfectly with the rest of the trash on that fishstick team.

    Dubinsky was quite impressive I actually hope he stays here and gets some ice time(significant ice time). I was looking forward to watching him play and he did not disappoint especially in the face-off circle. Keep it up kid. LETS GO RANGERS!!!!!!

  54. Doodie Machetto on

    OK, let’s not go on and on about how brutal it was. Because truth be told, he didn’t swing that hard. Tough as Hollweg is, if Simon really had swung, he wouldn’t have been all smiles and talking to reporters after the game. We’re lucky that it wasn’t that hard of a swing.

    That DOESN’T make it right, by any means. The intent to injure alone should have him suspended for at least the rest of the season. But don’t even remotely compare it to the Bertuzzi incident. That is just unparalleled. I still think Bertuzzi should have been suspended for at least half of next season.

    I even think the McSorley swing was more violent than this one. It’s just that we’re more sensitive to this because it was our guy on the receiving end, and it was an Islander giving it to him.

    Now you can all label me a Simon defender or an Islanders fan, but that’s BS. The attack is indefensible, he should be suspended for the rest of the season, and the police should do an investigation. But don’t compare it to the Bertuzzi incident. It’s an insult to Steve Moore and the Moore family.

  55. Doodie Machetto on

    Per my policy of NA/Euro comparison ending

    “European Ballet”
    Peter Forsberg

  56. Doodie Machetto on


    Dubinsky looked good. Did pretty much what I expected him to. Explosive in the play style. Very similar to Matt Cullen, whom I’ve compared his offensive skills to several times. Only Dubinsky will get better, Cullen will not. I’m excited about him.

  57. Richtersgirl on

    I dont think comparing this to the Bertuzzi moore incident is insulting or taking away from the severity of that. Both Bertuzzi and Moore were gutless goons who’s intent was to injure someone. I agree Bertuzzis was more planned out but in the sense of them both taking the wussy way out and taking a cheap shot I think they are pretty similar. I think you would say the same thing too had his stick been a little bit lower in this throat and Hollweg may not have gotten up.

  58. Doodie Machetto on

    Here’s the difference: Simon hoped Hollweg wouldn’t get up. Bertuzzi made sure Moore wasn’t.

  59. An Islander Fan on

    This may surprise those who are making fun of “fishsticks fans,” but a hell of a lot of us Islander fans want Simon off the team too, some because of this cowardly slash, others for a while now. For once, I side with you guys in some ways, let’s get rid of Simon.

  60. I think more than enough has been said about the Simon incident. Back to the actual game, I think it was absurd that with 40 seconds left in the game Renney sends out Ortmeyer to take the faceoff and what happens, Ortmeyer loses the faceoff and the Isles almost scored (prob went in just lucky the ref waived it off). How do you not send out a center in such a key situation. Hell Dubinsky would have been a better person to take the draw.

  61. Richtersgirl on

    Pete, the Rangers just iced it if i remember correctly so he couldnt make any changes

  62. All these people saying the islander fans are defending him do not know what they are talking about. Islander fans are just as disgusted as us Ranger fans.

  63. Doodie Machetto on

    Again, this wasn’t that hard of a swing folks. When McSorley hit Brashear, Brashear went off on a stretcher. He had a grade 3 concussion and missed 3-6 weeks. When he went down his legs were twitching uncontrollably. There were 2.6 seconds left in the game.

    After Hollweg was hit, he was on the bench and may have taken another shift(I honestly don’t remember, probably not though because of the long PP.). He was all smiles after the game and wise enough to say “we won, so we’re even.”

    Again, Simon should be bounced for the season and the playoffs (if the Isles make it) and fined heavily. But please stop comparing it to the Bertuzzi incident. the more I watch it and think about it, the more I feel the McSorley incident was worse as well.

  64. Doodie Machetto,
    you talk like you were in these guys head and know exactly what they were thinking, enough please. Simon took a baseball swing at hollwegs head, end of story. If that stick connected an inch lower simon could have killed hollweg. It doesn’t matter that holweg wasn’t seriously injured, it’s more like hollweg was very lucky not to be seriously injured.

  65. if it was then i that makes sense, if not he is an idiot(either way i think he is still an idiot). Dubinsky looked solid but with all the special teams play didn’t get to see too much of him.

  66. giveortabreak on

    pete, the rangers had just iced it, and due to roszival’s penalty just ending had three D, orts, and straka on the ice. straka cant take faceoffs due to his shoulder so ortmeyer was the only option unfortunately…

  67. Doodie Machetto on

    Isbister looked OK at times and useless at others. I definitely don’t think he should be getting top line type time. He almost set up Jagr though for a nice goal, which Jags dented the post with.

    I know that Callahan or Dawes should be up in his spot, but is it possible that just maybe, it’s better to keep them on the Hartford playoff roster so in the event that Shanahan returns, Isbister can sit? Or if the Rangers don’t make the playoffs or are bounced early, they will be able to play in Hartford’s playoffs?

    I’m admitting also that I’m a little ignorant on the call up situation and final rosters. Can someone give me some input on this?

  68. The bottom line is what Simon did has no place in hockey. It doesn’t matter if the player was seriously injured or not, the intent was there and that should be good enough.

  69. Doodie Machetto on


    I’m looking at the actions. Simon took a swing and then skated away. He did it to a guy that had hit him only a few seconds before.

    McSorley went and found someone and struck him on the temple, from behind.

    Bertuzzi followed Moore around, tugging on him to stay close, dropped his stick, sucker punched him from behind, then drove his head into the ice, and hit him some more once he was down.

    Simon wanted to hurt Hollweg, no question. But Bertuzzi wanted to end Moore.

  70. Doodie Machetto on

    tomG, I agree, the intent alone should get him bounced. But please don’t compare this to the Bertuzzi thing. The sheer brutality alone makes it incomporable to anything I have ever seen in professional sports.

  71. Doodie:

    Mcsorley’s swing on Brashear was a fucking love tap compared to Simon’s home run swing. He had a concussion because he hit his head on the ice, not from that wimpy hit. Why dont you look at the replay again. Last time I checked, a swing from the FRONT towards his neck is far worse than a swing with the blade of the stick to the side of the head. If Hollweg fell the way Brashear did, it’d be a hundred times worse, but luckily Simon missed/Hollweg hunched up his shoulders.
    Bertuzzi incident was just disgusting. I can’t even talk about that.


  73. Dudes.
    how can anyone even argue this shit?
    it was intent to injure, plain and simple.
    he swung high and hard.

    Gone for the season. Has to be. Case closed.

  74. SAM why call it a black eye for hockey, it belongs to Simon not society or hockey or sports.

  75. Bklynblue: I don’t think Sam is calling it a black eye for hockey, he’s saying that’s what the press is calling it.

    I too wouldn’t be surprised if Hollweg develops some concussion syptoms from this, especially since he has a history of having a few.

    And I agree with you David G. Gone for the season and the playoffs if the Fishsticks make it.

  76. I can’t claim to know for certain what was in his head… but had Simon had a little more room… it would have looked more like a baseball swing. I think he wanted to really destroy Hollweg. Those of you who say it’s not *that* bad are saying it because it was a chop instead of a swing. But you don’t think if he had more room it wouldn’t have been a full-on swing?

    NickyF… You’re 100% correct, dude.

  77. it does not matter what team you like, what injury came out of it or anything else. It was vicious, intent to injure and simon should be gone at least the rest of the season and the playoffs. It was a disgrace.

    If we have lindy ruff as our coach as opposed to renney there is a brawl after that. It all goes back to renney being soft. The rangers are winning despite renney. I do have to say though that rachunek impressed me with how quickly he ran in there. he seems to have been supplanted as worst defenseman on the team by Rosival.

  78. It is blackeye for hockey if he doesn’t get punished appropriately. Simon should be done for 2007, but he won’t. And stop arguing about which is worse. Just because its the worse someone has ever seen doesn’t mean we need to revisit every x-check and compare, its brutal all on its own. If hollweg wasn’t skaint towards Simon, who knows Simon might have pulled a Bertuzzi, but either way he was intending on injurying. And if you argue that he didn’t get hurt so it won’t be that bad, that’s the same thing as saying well officer, I missed the head shot so don’t lock me up just because I pointed the gun and fired, the results weren’t nearly as bad.

  79. Neil Katcher on

    I don’t think people realize this, but if Simon’s stick glances off of Hollwegs throat instead of his chin, Hollweg might have been killed. That kind of blunt force to the adam’s apple is not easily reparable. At the least, Hollweg’s career would have been over.

  80. DM, it’s definitely comparable to the Bertuzzi-Moore incident because horrific actions like these are thankfully few and far between. But, as bad as it was, Bertuzzi did worse because he kept going after Moore.

    Brad, Renney was smart enough not to have a fight afterwards because the Isles good players weren’t on the ice, the game was tied late, and the Rangers had a power play. The immediate aftermath on the ice was enough at that point. Renney would look bad if this happened earlier in the game because he still wouldn’t have wanted to fight back most likely.

  81. DUMPdumpjagrdope on

    Rachunek impressed me also for standing up. I pray Ryan is okay. I am shocked to find out some liberals do like hockey. I guess the Rangers bring together some strange bedfellows.

  82. hockey is like violent video games. Conservatives want to sensor everything, not the liberals, liberals are pro choice. Who wants to stop abortions? Conservatives.

  83. Preacher Roe on

    hockey is like violent video games. Conservatives want to sensor everything, not the liberals, liberals are pro choice. Who wants to stop abortions? Conservatives.

    in your case it’s too bad abortion is not retroactive.

  84. a casual observer on

    hockey is like violent video games. Conservatives want to sensor everything, not the liberals, liberals are pro choice. Who wants to stop abortions? Conservatives.

    “in your case it’s too bad abortion is not retroactive.”
    I gotta say, the conservative guy had the better comeback.
    That’s great!

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