And there were three goals scored, too…..


Just as I suspected, our airwaves and headlines today were dominated by reaction to Chris Simon’s bludgeoning of Ryan Hollweg last night at the Coliseum: The back page of tabloids. The opening segments on sports radio. All year long we’ve lamented how hockey has been relegated to a niche sport in this country. Today it took center stage — and for all the wrong reasons.

In case you missed it, both my colleagues “Andrew Gross”: and “Rick Carpiniello”: chimed in with their takes on the issue, as did both my dad and my brother-in-law tonight over pizza and beer. Almost everyone I’ve spoken to is like me in that they want to see Simon suspended for a dramatic period of time — less out of a need to punish a single player (although he certainly deserves it), but more to make clear that what happened last night is not what hockey is all about.

Anyway, some other loose ends before the weekend.

  • According to Andrew, who was again at practice in my place today, Hollweg was tested for a concussion after the hit, but was cleared and will play tomorrow against the Pens. Hollweg, however, wasn’t so ready to forgive.

    “I don’t know what kind of person would do that,” Hollweg said. “I mean, I play the game tough but I can’t see myself taking anyone’s head off with a stick. There are boundaries and there are lines and he definitely crossed the line.”

  • Lost in the hysteria around the Simon hit was the NHL debut of Brandon Dubinsky, who impressed enough that the Rangers have already returned Jarkko Immonen and David Liffiton to Hartford. It was a fun ride for Liffiton, who never saw the ice, and who I never even laid eyes on given that he was in town while I’ve been on jury duty. I’m sure our paths will cross eventually.
  • Count on seeing Henrik Lundqvist both days this weekend barring anything unforeseen. That was where Renney was leaning today, and given the nature of the two opponents, I’d be surprised if he opted otherwise.

    OK, that’s all for now. More tomorrow….

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    1. czechthemout!!!!! on

      your right sam.not a word about the game anywhere.just about the simon cheap shot.

    2. Good point sam, Dubinsky was very solid, did not look lost at all, fit in for the rangers made some nice plays, future looks good for this kid, big game and he was very solid in his debut

    3. just my observation… dubi did “interfere” with the paths of fellow rangers, skating in their path or right next to them.. probably debut jitters… but hell! down low and behind the goal, he sure looked like he arrived… he seems to have a big stride…

      all he now needs is a better jersey number (54 WTF? *giggle*) and he should be here to stay!

      BRING UP THE YOUNG GUNS!!! WHAT A DIFFERENCE THEY MAKE! Im sure liffiton and baranka could have AT LEAST done the same (READ: stand there an watch simon score!) than Roszival and Malik…

    4. Sam, I think you have the only sane blog left because on the newsday blogs everyone has gone insane. Rangers fans ripping islander fans and the other way around…Basically Simon got what he deserved and Hollweg is ok thats the main thing…Whatever the DA decides to do with Simon it should be swift but he should be in jail…Its over. We need to get some points this weekend and that is the main thing. We need to take it to both teams this weekend and get 3 out 4PTS at least. WE still have 15 games left and have to move on….LETS GO RANGERS!!!!

    5. I noticed that too NYR1994. The arguments that go on here are nothing compared to what I read there before.

      3 out of 4 would be nice, but even 2 is good. It’s the Carolina game that’s especially important though, especially with them winning tonight.

    6. Immonen ONLY won the face-off in the third against St. Louis — at a time when the Rangers ONLY had ZERO goals — that set up the ONLY goal to that point that this team even pretended to look like it could create or that could possibly spur hope that ultimately led to Avery’s tying marker………..and as a reward, he gets sent down. Unreal.

      Immonen can play. Someone is going to benefit due to that talent. Apparently it ain’t gonna be the NYR.

    7. Dont get me wrong i like Immonen but hes not doing anything with his ice time to make noise, like isbister with his and Imo’s short ice time isbisters making noise getting chances, for some reason when imo’s on the ice its like hes just there to give some big guns a rest, im sure if you play him on the top line he’ll get something done but no way will that happen, if there gonna bring up someone then Cally should get it, but Issy’s playing well now…

    8. Ed, why don’t you actually do some research before you start typing.

      Immonen 14 games 1g 5a 6pts av.icetime 10.36
      Isbister 7 games 1g 0a 1pt av.icetime 11.71

      Immonen leads Rangers in faceoffs with 56% (13th in NHL)
      Immonen played mostly with 4th liners
      Isbister has played mostly with 1st or 2nd liners.

    9. Indeed, Mark, but I think We need some kind of points against the Pems, just to keep pace. WE need points, cant afford to give up any.
      I like Immonen I just wished he would have been given significant ice time instead of having to beg for ice time.

    10. At the end of the day, when confronted by the dialectic and polemic attributes of a man like CHARDKERM who redefines what it means to be a Rangers Fan but whose ontological bias suggests an affinity for post-Freudian theosophy-denying, one can only hope that the ethic we are trying to establish here — in a Hegelian but Wittgensteinian sense — will impress itself upon not just the vast multitudes but will in effect effectuate an affect that manages to effectualize a commitment to the left-wing lock (in Keynesian terms) that guarantees a fresponse equivalent to the dura matter being conceptualized.

      In other words:

      Chard, you da man.

    11. Fruity Cupcake on

      Sam, your blog and daily reporting are not to be missed. It’s a fantastic site I look forward to reading every day. I may even have a crush on Coach Renney and his posts ;-) HOWEVER, is it just me or is the term “hit” for what Simon did to Hollweg the wrong term? Everyone at work today–yep, the gals that saw it on the news– was all “what happened with that hit?” Even some of you reporters are calling it a “hit” on Hollweg. SInce when is a two-handed premeditated slash at the head a “hit” ? Bludgeoning, yes. HIt? Not so much. Thank you and keep up the good work, Sister Mary Andrea (I’m on my way to gripe to Dellapina and Zipay as well.)

    12. Fruity Cupcake on

      PS: Re: Dubinsky’s 54. 5+4=9 which is Graves=Dubi’s favorite player. At least the kid knows a decent role model…..

    13. I’d rather have Immonen than Dubinsky. Dubi was falling all over the place. He may be faster than Immonen, but at least one of them can stay up for more than 5 seconds.

    14. you’d rather have immonen then dubinsky? WOW. it just gets worse and worse everyday.

    15. onecupin67years on

      Whats all love about Dubi?, the kid plays in one game and is elevated to star status .
      And if the Rangers make the playoffs, I doubt if Renney and Sather would be moved ,especially if Renney guides the Rangers into the 2nd round ,so save your Get Renney/Sather out mantra’s for next year.
      And Immonen may be in the doghouse for reasons only known to sather and Renney .
      And I dont know what the wolfpacks attendence is per game ,but if the Big team drains the talent with callups maybe attendence will dip and cost money.

    16. onecupin67years on

      Sam-sonite -nice reference To Andy’s gang “twang your magic twanger frogie.” Sky king would be proud.

    17. Dubinsky over Immonen anyday of the week. I’ll take Isbister over Immonen also. Sending him back down to Hartford was the right thing to do. Immonen is barely noticeable in all honesty and 1-5-6 in 14 games? WOW! Big deal. He’s a liability. With Isbister, you at least notice the guy and he works harder then Immonen and as for Dubinsky, I noticed him a lot more in his one game then Immonen in his 14. Bye Jarko, have a nice trip to Connecticut.

    18. You only notice Isbister because he’s a big lutz. Good reason idiot. When he starts to put up points like Immonen, then maybe I’ll notice him. Who cares who the fuck you notice, its the points that matter, which Immonen delivered on a consistent basis. I’m sure if the Islanders scored on the play where Dubi fell flat on his face, you’d be blaming the defense. He’s clearly not ready for the NHL, so stop jerkin’ off to the kid.

    19. Chard you dick A. we have Dubinsky who can blow him away in faceoffs, B. at this point we need size since were down, all of you morons think this team is gonna make the playoffs just by bringing 1 god damn guy up, get real, Immonens good but if were bringing him up for just faceoffs then its a waste cause hes centering the fuckin 4th line for christs sake. Chard i know all of Imo’s stats and i can care less, unless there replacing him with betts, because at this point all he’ll ever be is a 4th liner and he mine as well get traded, so shut the fuck up about it.

    20. I admit i am excited about Dubi on the team, he could easily be my fav prospect down there, he was falling alot but i only noticed once, when he through a hit but other then that he looked like he’s been playing in the nhl for a month, im happy to see him here but that doesnt mean im gonna go crazy about him, i only wish he can center shanny and avery / prucha, but they should drop isbister to the 3rd line and try prucha with dubi and straka. Every game coming up is the biggest game of the season, if we win these 2 games and isles lose tonight then we go to 7th and then we have to beat OTT, ATL, and BOS and down the list. This team can make the playoffs but wre gonna need lundqvist the rest of the way. By the way i wanted to throw this in there about the simon incident, i losed alot of respect for blair betts for not going after simon like rackunek did and orr tried, i mean dont go up to him and say something to him, all i can say is i had nothing against betts until that point. Also does anyone think were going to a shootout tonight, PIT is 3 – 1 in 4 straight and we were 2 – 1 in 3 straight and most likely would of went to a shootout if we didnt steal the game from isles.

    21. czechthemout!!!!! on

      bobby-please refer to SHITSBISTER by his proper name.oh,and
      by the way,he sucks!!!!!he can’t play in this league based on the fact that 5 count em 5 other teams have given this bumbling fool a legitimate chance to play.and he has failed every time.he does not hit,he does not score,he can’t pass the puck.he is totaly useless.i would much rather see korpikoski or byers or even big hugh if the only redeeming quality thats needed to keep playing on this team is to hold the puck down low in the corner.anyone of the three players from the pack i mentioned can do that they can also use the body way more and also pass well score some goals and in the case of byers and big hugh drop the gloves.

    22. Get over yourself Ed. Immonen as only a 4th line center? A true 4th line center = Betts. Imo has more points than him in 14 games, than Betts has in his entire career. He’s easily a 2nd line center. Maybe if you got your head out of Dubinsky’s ass, you’d see that. Why do we need size if we’re not gonna use it? Dubi tried hitting Hill and bounced off him like there was no tommorow. Some size. I’d rather have someone who can score than hit. We already have Hollweg, Orr, Avery, and Ortmeyer agitating the other teams. If you haven’t noticed, the big guns havent been putting up numbers, so I’d say thats our number one issue, not size.

    23. czechthemout!!!!! on

      ed- good point abou betts.he showed us that he’s been hanging out with malik alot.another wuss coward who skated calmly by while fedoruk skated by him after nearly decapitating jagr with and elbow.

    24. Sorry CTO… I completely forgot to call him Shitbister, because according to Ed, he’s “making noise,” which means he’s automaticlly amazing. Don’t forget, he’s also getting chances! I didn’t realize getting chances showed up on the scoreboard.

    25. czechthemout!!!!! on

      bobby-dubinsky can not only hit,he can also score,is a good passer,and he can drop the gloves as well.he will be a second line center in this league for a long time.he also has a chance to develop into a first line player as well.i like immo,i think he should be playing here as well but they just don’t seem to like him enough.i think he will be traded in the off season or on draft day as part of a package with montoya for a young forward prospect thatt can make an impact.

    26. CTO:

      I know Dubi is going to be a great player… But why him over Immonen, who has already proved himself over and over, AND has the NHL experience? At this point in the season, I’d rather experience and a guaranteed great player. He’s not a liability at all. He’s already shown that he can adjust to the NHL fairly well. They should be going with the “safe bet” right now. Not taking chances on Dubi.

    27. simons response not to comment about it and not offering an apology should be punished as well.

      Witt’s response was sick too. he said that if the ref called a penalty on holly’s hit it wouldnt have happened. witt is a coward and i hope avery spears him again in our next meeting with the piles.

    28. czechthemout!!!!! on

      bobby-they think that whats needed right now is a more abrasive and physical presence,wich dubi has and immo doesn’t.i realy think that immo has a bright future in the league,it just won’t be here.and i’m telling you that dubi will surpruse you how quickly he adjusts his balance so that he doesn’t bounce of off players again.i for one am thrilled that they are giving him second line time.i wish thet would give him an extra 3-5 minutes a game.he played 9min on thursday.

    29. Don’t expect Simon to get too many games although he should. Campbell will use the excuse that Hollweg didn’t get hurt that much, just some stitching in the jaw. That, plus the fact that it’s the Rangers, leads me to that conclusion. If I’m wrong, I’ll buy Mitch a beer when I see him.

      Just because he wasn’t hurt worse doesn’t lessen the crime. What would happen if you attempt to murder someone by firing a shot at him and just winged him, would you get off with a wrist slap? Of course not.

    30. czechthemout!!!!! on

      i also think they are saving one of those 4 call up spots for marc staal.his season should be over in two or three weeks.

    31. Bobby, take it easy already, your talking out of your ass , isbister isnt great i know that but why give Immonen a chance again and again, give someone else chances like korpi, cally andy body, if were gonna bring up Imo then he has to replace betts, if not then trade him, i can care less about isbister and imo, other guys should get a chance. Imo is good but i think dubi has alot more potential then him, anyway does anyone know what happened to jagrs leg exactly, some asshole is telling me hes not playing today and tomorrow.

    32. Having Betts on this team right now is complete BS.

      Sather & Co. won’t demote him since they signed him to a 2 year contract after he hade a few good games early on.
      Management should get over themselves and promote Immonen for good.

    33. Ed
      March 10th, 2007 at 10:36 am
      “Chard you dick” “…so shut the fuck up about it.”

      Another Mensa member heard from. ED, a wise Chinese man once told me something about people like you. He said: “If intelligence was pee, you’d be a urinal.”

      DUBI VS. IMMO: Why one or the other? Why not both? Immo has the skills and ice vision to be a second line center, as well as pp center. Dubi’s energy, size, etc will make a great 3rd line center. The proper thing to do for the rest of this season is, send Isbister to the trash bin, move Cullen to the wing and let Dubi and Immo get some work on the 2nd and 3rd lines. But that’s not the way, Fallic-symbol smoking Sather and his coach Puppet Boy Tom do things. They’re already blocking some kid’s forward progress for next season by extending 2 Assist Betts contract. So what else is new?

    34. Blue Clue: Sorry, didn’t notice your Betts post before I posted. Obviously, we’re in synch. Yeah, I can’t figure out the “brain truss’s” romance with Betts.

      “Tom Renney
      March 10th, 2007 at 12:19 am

      At the end of the day, when confronted by the dialectic and polemic attributes of a man like CHARDKERM who redefines what it means to be a Rangers Fan but whose ontological bias suggests an affinity for post-Freudian theosophy-denying, one can only hope that the ethic we are trying to establish here—- in a Hegelian but Wittgensteinian sense—- will impress itself upon not just the vast multitudes but will in effect effectuate an affect that manages to effectualize a commitment to the left-wing lock (in Keynesian terms) that guarantees a fresponse equivalent to the dura matter being conceptualized.”

      Tom, you sound absolutely Keysian.

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