What to watch for: Uniondale edition


Sadly, but expected nonetheless, I am not on the Island, but in the palatial Blog Headquarters, where my numerous assistants are scurrying to and fro, fetching me papers and coffee and looking up obscure statistics about the last time a Ranger scored a goal on a full moon while not wearing any socks.

Of course, none of this is true, expect for the part about me not being at the game and instead am home in front of my computer and TV. Another day of jury duty has left me drained, completely confused, and wondering what would happen to a juror who nodded off and started snoring in the middle of testimony. Would I be awakened? Rebuked? Or left to mutter non-sensical remarks and drool on my shirt in front of my fellow jurors? Just to be safe, maybe I’ll have an extra cup of coffee in the morning.

But I digress. The point is I’m not at the game, but the word from my friend and colleague Andrew Gross is that everything is status quo from the morning, with Brandon Dubinsky set to make his NHL debut in the middle of Marty Straka and Brad Isbister.

Personally, I’m excited to see how the kid fares, especially since he had been the player who caught my eye from the first day of training camp. It’s true, Dubinsky probably wouldn’t be here if the Rangers were healthy, and from what I’ve heard, there are still elements of his game where his inexperience is evident. But the one upside to the Rangers being so undermanned is they can’t afford to be too picky. And as many of you have argued all season long, sometimes a single chance is all a young player needs.

Anyway, we’re coming up on an hour until the puck drops. I’ll try to check back before then if you have any questions…for me or my many assistants….

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  1. If Agatha Christie were a Rangers fan she would write a book called “Ten Little Rangers�. Rangers invite 10 prospects to a 10 day evaluation camp:

    Yakov Imanov
    Alec Burate
    Johan Footman
    Arnie Asimov
    Hugo Yessman
    Yel Oyoyoya
    Bright Helmetnen
    Dick Cossack
    Dubidon Bransky
    Dam DeBeers

    Each day one would mysteriously die. First Arnie Asimov dies in a plane crash flying on a long flight from mother Russia. Then Yakov Imanov gets run over by a zamboni because he was too slow a skater to get out of the way. Yel Oyoyoya’s last words were his last name, as he made his final save with a broken cup. Dam DeBeers drank a protein shake which somehow contained grinded diamonds. Alec Burate ate one burrito too many. And so on. Is it just a coincidence or is someone killing them off one by one? Who could be the killer? Coach? GM? Owner? Fan? Strength and conditioning coach? Dooobeee dooobeeee dooooo, read it and find out for yourself.

  2. no, it was Colonel Mustard in the library. or was it the mustard that was on Sam’s shirt the other day.

  3. central park Jogger on

    Jagr looks like he is spending more time at the hair stylist than the practice rink.

  4. AngelusMortis on

    It’s nice how the dumbass on FSN NY (I’m watching the live feed of the game on Yahoo Sports) referred to Sean Avery STEVE at least 3 times.

  5. Anyone just see the end of the period there? The clock looked like it stopped for a split second a few times… Then there was the shot on Lundqvist.

    Had they scored, it would have been interesting to see what would have happened, since it would have been with less than a second left. (Wonder how much time was lost on that clock mishap.)

  6. central park Jogger on

    Dubi had 4 shifts for 2 whole mins. of ice time. every Ranger player, even Orr, had more ice time.

    Renney is a friggin joke.

  7. bad period. they had way too many turnovers.. Lundqvist saved them..

    Bad, needless turnovers, mara, jagr, avery bad….

  8. czechthemout!!!!! on

    jagr should stop with the stick handling and just shoot the puck.pock gave him a nice pass on the rush and went to the net,jagr should have done one of two things.move in and shoot on goal.or shoot it towards pock in fron.he did neither.he tried to stick handle through two icelanders and make a perfect shot.he has got to stop with the damn czech over stickhandling and just keep it simple and shoot it on goal.

  9. seriously, jagr needs to wake up out there…and is there any person in the NHL who doesn’t know jagr skate to the middle w/ the forehand by know…he needs to take the shot when he has it, enough of trying to force in into the middle slot..drives me nuts…

    ease off renney, im the first to hate on him, but u need to ease dubi into the game…he def did not look out of place out there….hes a big kid…looks like he skates well..

  10. Lundqvist always saves them. It was nice to see the lines rolling (of course when special teams weren’t out there). The PK looks pretty good, even with Hossa missing. Mara and Rachunek were the worst pair out there that period. Skate Girardi with Mara and Pock with Liffiton.

    I doesn’t bother me seeing Dubinsky in, but wouldn’t it make more sense to put in Immonen, who is at least a little battle tested, and is pretty good on faceoffs? What I have seen from him hasn’t been bad, and I havn’t seen a zamboni chasing him down recently, although as Son of Sam said, it may happen.

    That story comming from someone claiming to be “Son of Sam” is a little scary, anyone else think? Maybe his dog told him to post it.

  11. czechthemout!!!!! on

    dubinsky is a player!you could see it on his second shift with the attempted feed to straka.he needs to play with straka and avery.move shitsbister to the third line and prucha who is tenacious out their and really staring to resemble the guy we saw last year.

  12. boston, down 2-0. montreal down 6-1. toronto down 2-0….wake up!

    let’s go boys!

  13. central park Jogger on

    ease him in, my ass. he made him the 2nd line C, and then kept him on the bench for Betts.

  14. 8th place is sitting in the rangers hand- now if only they can put some effort into this game.

    this is frustrating

  15. this game is looking a little familiar…

    im guessing 2-0 loss, and nylander takes an unfortunate high sticking penalty that goes for 4 mins and is sat for the rest of the game.

  16. AngelusMortis on

    Rozsival is looking a bit better than Monday night. The Rangers need to shoot instead of letting Nylander and Jagr skate around.

  17. are you friggin kiiding me? this is bullshit!!!

    that was a clean hit by avery…bullshit!!!

  18. czechthemout!!!!! on

    this guy spada must have something against the rangers,because every game he calls that has us in it is just worse and worse .this guy needs to go to ref school.

  19. czechthemout!!!!! on

    i’d like to know why prucha is riding the pine now.he looked like he had alot of jump in the first.

  20. AngelusMortis on

    Avery needs to step it up. He’s doing well physically, but he did horrible defensively on the Isles’ tally and took a bad penalty.

  21. czechthemout!!!!! on

    shitsbister sucks!!!!he makes the early season hossa look loke bobby hull.

  22. czech- spada is pro canadian, and since the rangers have a lot of euros, you can guess he’s not favoring them in any way.

  23. czechthemout!!!!! on

    hey rigamortis-that was a crap call on avery.even sam the shill rosen thought it was bullshit.

  24. czechthemout!!!!! on

    leetchy2-spada is a moron.the call on orr was bad too.i guess he watches a different game than the rest of the people at the game.

  25. DanTheRangerFan on

    Isbister should be riding the bench and handing towels to the players…He had one good game dont expect anymore! Lets Go Rangers!!! we need a strong 3rd period start here

  26. SIMON is a FUCKER. He should be goddamn SHOT. I hope that bastard dies a slow, painful death.

  27. AngelusMortis on

    That pussy takes a hit and has to closeline him with his stick. What a piece of shit.

  28. central park Jogger on

    Avery and Hollweg just put the Rangers into the playoffs tonite. for all those pussies who like pansie euro players, you can thank Avery and Hollweg for that key victory.

  29. AngelusMortis on

    It’s nice to see the Isles pay for Simon playing baseball with Hollweg’s face.

  30. Simon should be suspended for the rest of the season. that was on par with mccsorley and bertuzzi, he could have freakin killed him.

  31. if hollweg had a concussion or was more banged up, i would imagine a bertuzzi like suspension-

    but this is the new retarded nhl-

  32. you know what, i have killed the guy on here, but karl rachunek was the first guy that went after simon…good for him….

  33. Chris Simon: During a game against the Edmonton Oilers, Simon allegedly addressed forward Mike Grier as a “n—-r” to Grier’s face in response to comments about his Native heritage. Although the spoken words were never confirmed, he was suspended three games as a result of the incident.

  34. the Rangers may have guys with questionable skill, but they are a family. i would go after georges larouque if he hit my brother like that, and he’s a islanders fan

  35. that to me looks like a bertuzzi-type hit… that better be suspension for the rest of the year

  36. not sure where the stick impacted but hollweg is one of the toughest guys in the league- way to go for getting up and brushing it off like it was nothing to the isles fans

  37. hollweg is a tuff guy. im sure if that happened to jagr we wouldnt see him again; he would probably retire.

  38. now lets not be idiots and put ortmeyer on the faceoff ( i know it was an icing, but still) !!!

  39. DanTheRangerFan on

    Great call Toronto does it well like always…Not bad by the refs either, spada still sucks though…..

  40. HUGE BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! EVERYONE LOST TONIGHT!!!

  41. czechthemout!!!!! on

    renney sure tried to tie the game with that smart move having orts take the face off. orts did not take one all game long.oh and dubinsky did not lose one all game long.

  42. Wow, an official call goes our way, and we win again. Montreal and Toronto both lost, too. Good things are in the wind.

  43. central park Jogger on

    it was the antagonizing hits by Avery in the 2nd and Hollweg late that turned a bad 1st period into an Isles meltdown.

  44. It may have been in but the replay was inconclusive. Too bad Simon is a punk. You got to think he will get 5 to 10 games for that. If he does I’m sure the Leafs will be bitching.

    Winning games without Jagr scoring goals. Just think what will happen when he does finally score!!

  45. CTO – Renny had no other choice to let Orty take the draw. It was following an icing and even with the timeout you can’t change lines. On the ice were Girardi, Malik, Rosival, Straka (and who knows about his arm) and Orty.

  46. central park Jogger on

    what a soft, useless piece of shit Yashin is. he did absolutely zero in that game.

    and if Simon had been on the Devils, he wouldn’t even get a penalty, with their favoritism from the league.

  47. czechthemout!!!!! on

    lets all hear it for our goalieof the present and the future.the king was magnificant.prucha was great for the short time he spent on the ice.dubinsky looks like he belongs.avery was not as good tonite as we’ve seen but that is not a put down on my part.he was simply good tonite not great.jagr was not much of a factor.but i think that’s a good thing.they are learning to win with out him.

  48. 4 points out of 4 points against the putrid fish shits….not bad-

    if the tables were turned and we were down 2-1 and that goal would have been rejected by the nhl in toronto, what would the uproar be like here?

  49. AngelusMortis on

    The feed shown on FSN NY (Islanders feed, I know. My only option) was really, really close. I thought it was in from the moment I saw it. Lundy barely got it out with his stick. It was seriously the closest call I’ve ever seen. If it was out at all, it was barely. It might be deemed conclusive, but seriously, way too close. I’m sure we’ll hear about this one for weeks.

  50. I don’t think Simon should ever play another game in the NHL. That was every bit as bad as McSorley’s hit, it just didn’t hae the racist card. That was a gutless move, and he should never see NHL ice again.

    What a win tho! A call finally went our way. Ryan Hollweg has balls.

  51. jagr hit a post and avery drew some good penalties.

    the penalty that was called on him was complete bullshit too!!!

  52. i’ve already been hearing it, i just got off the phone with my twin. for some reason he likes the fish sticks

  53. Hollweg finished out the game sitting on the bench routing for his teammates. that is a hockey player. I don’t care if he doesn’t score much, he brings so much more to the game and this team.

  54. AngelusMortis on

    P.W., not everyone’s perfect. Look’s like you’re the pick of the litter.

    If we keep our playoff spot we’ll hear about that no goal forever.

  55. so, let’s see. the more kids that are brought up from Hartford, the more the Rangers win and get into playoff position. gee, what a concept.

    and that is exactly what several of us have said from the beginning.

  56. BlueClue… you can go the other way.

    If a goal for the other team counted when it wasn’t in… we’d be uproaring too. Easy to try and shit on us for being fans. We liked this call, obviously. And we’d hate it if it went the other way. Nothing else to say other than, “Well, duh!”

    The “enhanced” shot that MSG had made it look like it was in. But the puck was on edge in that shot… so it might not have fully crossed the “plane” of the goal.

    In the end… it doesn’t matter. It’s all up to the guys in Toronto and they said “we can’t tell… and if it’s not obvious, it’s not a goal.”

  57. anyone just hear the stupidass islander announcer say hollweg hit him from behind? he said simon just cut his chin. what a dumbass. He said maybe he’ll get a few games.

  58. I said a couple weeks ago that the Rangers would make the playoffs. the other teams were floundering, and the kids are injecting life into the Rangers.

    and now I am changing my name to HollwegMVP.

  59. AngelusMortis on

    Let’s be thankful that the ref waved “no goal” instead of pointing to the net, or else WE’D the the ones pissed off at “inconclusive”. Many thanks to the refs for giving the real team from NY a break for once.

  60. Simon is a low class moron who can’t even take a clean hit. His long suspension will be awaited with great anticipation. and if it is not long, the league is a joke.

  61. maybe the ref was as disgusted as us with simon attempting to play baseball with hollywood’s face

  62. hanny

    i agree…i was just speculating. to me, i got the game on islander’s fsn (due to nhl package) i saw no conclusive evidence either, even though isles broadcasters claim they did. the puck did look like it was on edge at the inside end of the line.

  63. AngelusMortis on

    Seriously. Closest call ever. Lundy made a great play to sweep it out with his stick that saved it from being conclusive.

  64. isles network are a bunch of morons. even if you would argue that hollweg’s hit was not clean, then it should be your average roughing or crosschecking penalty.

    simon’s reaction was sub-human-

  65. Cut on the chin? A few games? Try assualt with a deadly weapon. If any of us did that and it was witnessed by millions of people, we’d be in jail. **** Chris Simon.

  66. AngelusMortis on

    Right on, Blue Clue. There’s no reason to go Barry Bonds on another player’s face. Drop the gloves and fight like you’re a real hockey player. Hollweg surely would have no qualms about the guy on.

  67. how could any of simon’s own teammates ever respect him again?

    this is a rough game, but trying to decapitate someone, simon should be taught a lesson-

  68. Longtimerangerfan on

    Didja notice how soft Prucha shot that puck? If it had been a hard shot it probably wouldn’t have gone in.

  69. the Rangers are in if they just go 9-6 or better the rest of the way.. Leafs, Habs, and Canes are faltering badly lately.

  70. AngelusMortis on

    Hey, he’s a pro for a reason. Has anyone else noticed his more physical play in the last couple months? He throws his body around like he’s 100 pounds bigger.

  71. AngelusMortis on

    The team just has to keep fighting. 2 more games in Uniondale 3 more I believe with the Pens, another two with the Leafs. It’s gonna be exciting.

  72. I am very disapointed by Howie Rose (From the unforgetable Matteu Call in 94′). Being a former Ranger Radio play by play man you would think he would call a honest game, or at least semi-honest. He and the color anaylst were total Homers. It was disjusting to see that replay of simon choping hollweg in the throat and the first thing they say is “Hollweg hit Simon From beHind, That should have been a penalty”

    Not one word about Hollweg being in danger
    not one word about how absoulutely disgusting that chop to the throat was.

    I lost alot of Respect for Simon and Howie Rose.

    Great game Henrik, Avery and Prucha.

  73. Wildcard was fired from the PR department for having his cover blown.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Hollweg has a fractured jaw.

    Kudos to Raccoon for going after Simon.

    Prucha with 11 minutes of icetime, what a joke.

  74. Avery just gave a pretty good interview on MSGNY. He seemed totally spent. He also said the hit on Hollweg was atrocious. No, he didn’t say anything he may regret.

  75. The Season is Finally starting to exiting.

    About time!

    Props to Sather for the Avery Deal. The Best trade this team has made in a while.

    I still hate you,Sather.

  76. AngelusMortis on

    I was surprised to see Karel Rachunek in after Simon after the hit. I couldn’t figure out who the hell it was until I saw the number. I’ve got a little more respect for the guy now (even though his play almost gave up a goal earlier in the game).

  77. Dubinsky played a little over 8 minutes. 2 shots. won 6 out of 7 faceoffs. He looked fine..

    Great win, the rangers finally get some breaks. Roszival played 28 minutes!!!!!

    the Rangers played much better in the 2nd and 3rd periods….

    They play toronto only once, i think….

  78. Well thank you Joey Dag. And for the record, I still hate you, too. I’ve also been toying with the idea of recalling John Davidson from the retired-inactive list.

  79. AngelusMortis on

    Roszival made some good plays tonight. Girardi looked awesome tonight, really did his job and didn’t try to be the screw-up like the rest of our defensemen usually do.

  80. @Pitt

    Hollweg got a few stiches and said he felt great, they won. He said the best medicine was seeing Prucha score that goal.

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  82. Dubinsky looked good, but did anyone else notice him fall/lose his footing about 3 times during the game? Maybe it was a skate problem or the ice is just crappy, but it was kind of weird.

  83. HossaMVP: Are you serious? A couple of weeks ago, you called me a PR guy for suggesting the Rangers could get back in the playoff race. Either way, glad all of us fans are getting on the same page and believing. Still, lots of work ahead though.

    Chris Simon should be suspended for the rest of the season, if not more. There is no place for that garbage in the game. No talent a$$.

  84. 3 PITT
    1 CAR
    1 OTT
    1 ATL
    2 BOS
    2 PHI
    2 MON
    1 TOR
    2 NYI

    We should win at least 9 of those games

  85. The puck took a lot of weird bounces.

    Simon looked sincerely distraught during an interview. He said he wasn’t going to talk about the hit until he talked to the league. He really looked tore up about it, almost of the verge of tears. Good, he should be upset with himself, scumbag.

  86. Longtimerangerfan on

    Pittsburgh’s gonna be tough as they came back to tie Devils which isn’t easy to do against the trap bastards. Brodeur stopped Sid the kid in the shootout.

  87. GuitarWizard on

    Simon’s comment was “I feel bad for taking a penalty that lead to us losing the game”

    not to mention you could have nearly killed someone.
    Glad to see priorities.

    I’m all for seeing him not play again. Unless its a game where Hollweg beats his ass in a fight.

  88. either you got the wrong poster,NJ, or what I was referring to was not the playoff race, but your pro-mgmt. comments.

    and guess what, the critics were right all along. the more kids that come up, the better the team does, just as we said.

  89. At this point now, every single game is just as important as the next, regardless of who we’re playing. They completely control their own destiny.

    Am I crazy for saying that we’re 7 points behind Tampa Bay for 6th, and have 2 games in hand? :)

  90. What a gutless piece of SH** Simon is. Suspend that waste of hockey equipment for the rest of the year and fine him. 4 points from these losers. That no goal at the end is what they got for that classless act by a classless player. Good thing Hollweg is ok…Simon was mad because he dropped his purse when Hollweg hit him, give me a break man. Good Win and if I see one islander fan come in front of me this weekend I will put them in a dumpster. Pumpkin bastar**. LETS GO RANGERS!!!!

  91. Simon better look for work in London….Is Marty M still playing there.

    DOOOBIE play well. He really takes up space out there and he a little added energy but i agree with a poster above he seemed to have a problem making cuts and kept falling down, was it a skate problem?

    Marino Duncan said it best during Yankees run a few years back “We play today, we win today…that is it”
    Keep it going boys!

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