Please, can I go back to my day job?


You know, as much as I have never lost sight of how lucky I am to have a job where I spend most of my time watching hockey (or golf, or baseball) and then writing about it, there are days when it’s certainly reinforced.

Count today as one of those days, when rather than hanging around the rink and pondering the Rangers’ playoff chances, I have already spent two hours in an uncomfortable chair listening to testimony. I won’t go in any more detail about jury duty than that. But let’s just say whenever it is I return to work is going to be a happy day.

In the meantime, while I’m on my lunch break, I spoke to Andrew Gross, who today returned to his old stomping ground covering the Rangers to fill in for me. Among the updates:

  • Brandon Dubinsky is not only up with the Rangers, but was practicing on a line today with Martin Straka and Brad Isbister in preparation for tomorrow’s re-match with the Islanders.

    The other lines:


  • While still nursing an upper body injury, Paul Mara is likely to play tomorrow against the Islanders, meaning both David Liffiton and Jarkko Immonen would be a scratch.
  • Brendan Shanahan was available at the rink, and spoke about the frustrating pace of his recovery. The good news is Shanahan hasn’t taken any steps backward since his concussion last month. But there are still times when he makes what he perceives to be progress, and then hits a plateau.

    “I would just like to have a day when the room doesn’t spin at some point,” he said.

    There’s still no word on when Shanny can get back to the ice, but it doesn’t sound like it’ll be anytime soon.

  • A good question was raised recently about Marty Straka playing the point even if his injured shoulder prevents him from shooting with any zip (not that Straka was ever conused with Al Iafrate in the first place). It sounds like Tom Renney still wants him there mostly because of Straka’s ability to carry the puck into the zone. Here’s one area where I think the coach should concede to reality and opt for Matt Cullen. But since Mara is hampered as well these days, the coach is apparently hurting for options.
  • From an story about Aaron Ward’s transition in Boston.

    “I was blessed to have played with great captains like Steve Yzerman, Ron Francis and Rod Brind’Amour and they taught me that it’s about the team, investing in a common goal and sacrificing for each other every game,” he pointed out. “I hope I can make the younger guys here realize that and find their role, like those guys helped me do.”

    It’s funny, but Ward didn’t mention his most recent captain, Jaromir Jagr. Why do you think that is?

    OK, more later…

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    1. thanks for addressing the Straka injury/PP point issue Sam…I definitely agree with you, if Renney feels that he needs someone who can carry the puck into the zone with speed, then Cullen can easily fill in for Straka…I’d like to see Cullen on the point with the 1st Unit anyway, but with Straka unable to shoot it just makes no sense to have him on the point right now…any PK Unit that faces the Rangers already sags lower because of the reluctance of Rozsival/Straka to shoot the puck, and with Straka not a threat to do anything, the PP will basically become a 4-on-4 with things being made even more difficult for Nylander/Jagr/Prucha down low

    2. Nice to see Avery getting some time with Jagr and Nylander, adds some North American tenacity on the line and gives guys like Witt or Hill something to think about before they start taking shots at Jagr.

    3. i’ll say it again, and I know it won’t be for the last time:

      North American/Euro comparison is BS!

    4. “Here’s one area where I think the coach should concede to reality and opt for Matt Cullen.” Sam Renney is guilty of being stubborn & not trying something new, he overthinks himself out of ideas. His treatment of Immo is confusing, to stae it nicely.

    5. i think the reason cullen isn’t with the first PP unit is because his (cullen’s) instinct is to dump the puck in. and god forbid captain jagr has to do some work on the powerplay to get the puck.

    6. i think straka’s still on the point instead of cullen b/c renney has more faith in straka’s ability to fall back on the play & be more defensive. go back to the SH goal by pittsburgh- cullen was the man back, but staal beat him.

    7. awesome stuff sam. great to hear that dubinsky is going to get a real solid chunk of ice (well at least for the first 2 or 3 shifts before tom buries him). that lineup has sandpaper spread throughout. each line will kick you in the teeth and its a good idea to put avery with jagr keeps witt and hill honest and distracted. really looking forward to seeing duby out there and i wouldn’t put it past him to knock a fishie out either

    8. I agree. I like the Rangers more North American appraoch to the game. A little grit and sandpaper never hurt.

    9. I like those lines a lot. Hopefully Dubinsky takes advantage of his opportunity.

    10. tsalad – LOL!!! They actually called him Planet Al!? I didnt know that, but it’s awesome. :)

    11. I was worried Tommy Boy would slide Betts out of place into a line with marty and isbister..we’ll see how long it carries into the game….

    12. This is great for dubinsky. But if Straka can’t shoot and while I know how unbelievably valuable his puck carrying ability is, why not slip Immo in on the wing or something. If somehow they make the playoffs and Straka gets any worse then they will really regret this because there is no guarantee on Shanny and who knows with Toots and Hossa and how they will progress.

    13. I think Renney kinda got a little scared with Cullen on the point because of the sudden increase in Short handed goals. They lost 2 games because of them although one had nothing to do with anyone but Henrik. Still the short handed goals were not Cullens fault BUT someone with more defensive instinct would have beeen able to break the rushes up

    14. Having a point man with no abilty to shoot is stupid (for lack of a more creative word). There are three other fowards on the power play that are capable of carrying the puck into the offensive zone. The point man should be resposible for the passes out of the defensive zone and shooting and dishing out the puck in the offensive zone. With out the abilty to shoot, Straka will not command a defensive player to pressure him. The defesive box will be able to collaspe around the goal with no danger of shots or fake shots from the point.

    15. The next game will be very tough considering all the players that we have down with injures and plus Islanders have Yashin coming back for Thursday’s game.

    16. Colorado Mark on

      Joey- You started out okay, but it all started to fall apart when you spelled “without” as two words! I understood what you were saying though. In addition, if he really wants Straka to carry the puck, just have him circle back and lug it up the ice and then assume his position. It;s not rocket science.

    17. I for one think Yashin coming back hurts the Islanders in this game. He will be rusty and not up to speed at all. He also is a guy who gives up easily and I think the Isles got better when he was out of the lineup because they had no “star” player to force-feed the puck to and they just shot from wherever. With Yashin back, the team will struggle, it is also tough to integrate a player who has been hurt right back into the system in the middle of March who has been out for a long period of time.

    18. Aaron Ward is a jerk plain and simple. He played like crap here all year and then when Tom finally benched him he wanted to put the blame on Jagr instead of accepting it for his own poor play. One of those guys he mentioned Ron Francis played with Jaromir for years in Pittsburg he has never had anything bad to say about him. Theres always been a european bias in hockey,Iv’e been watching hockey for 10 years and I’ll have to say since the return from the loockout it seems to be worse than before. There was even a story in The Hockey News earlier this season that maybe the young european players should stay in europe and play and not come to North America and play in juniors like they have been. A not so sutle hint it sound like to me. All my favorite players have always been european the games wouldn’t be worth watching without them not for me.

    19. Dubinsky is safe as long as he doesn’t score any points. Do that and you’re in the pressbox, especially if you’re a productive young guy. Story of the Renney-led Rangers.

    20. i think it comes down to the first 10 minutes. You know the islanders are gonna come out flying and hitting hard after such a poor game on monday. If the rangers can weather the storm in the beginning they will be fine.

    21. DumpJagrDope on

      “It’s funny, but Ward didn’t mention his most recent captain, Jaromir Jagr. Why do you think that is?”

      it is because Jagr is a bad captain

    22. If Ward is such a jerk then why did the Rangers sign him? I understand why they traded for him but why sign the guy if he’s so bad?

    23. DumpJagrDope on

      Renney is back to his tricks of playing veterans who are injured. Big mistake–a healthy rookie can do a lot more than a crippled vet. Why not let the crippled ones get back to close to 100% instead of playing them at 50% and risking further injuries and then in the playoffs be too scared to use rookies because you don’t really know what they can do (in case of injuries and there definitely will be injuries in the playoffs)

    24. DumpJagrDope on

      Ward is not a jerk, Rangers PR is just full of shit. And I am sure when Ward signed here he didn’t think Jagr would become the captain.

    25. DumpJagrDope on

      “March 7th, 2007 at 4:19 pm
      Does anybody Know how Pock is on the point.
      Is he an option?”

      almost anybody is an option, only Malik I wouldn’t want to see on the PP

    26. I agree with DumpJagrDope. Jagr is not a capton type guy. In fact I hate to see that he has no confidence in himself and his shot.

    27. Everyone knew from last year that Jagr was gonna be made the captain if he would accept it . Aaron Ward should have known something about the team before he signed. If he didn’t want to be on a team with a european captain he should have signed somewhere else. As for why did the Rangers sign him if he was so bad? Why do the Ranger do alot of the things they do? Who knows.

    28. I think Jagr’s shot is lacking this year because he’s still not fully recovered from major shoulder surgery. The guy had 54 goals last year. I don’t think confidence is a problem.

      Ward is one of the most overrated defensemen in the game. I know he has won 3 Cups, but he’s nothing more than a #5 or #6 defenseman. And remember that he won 2 of them in Detroit where they had a variety of guys like Lidstrom, Chelios, Fetisov, Konstantinov, and Larry Murphy on D. Ward was not an integral part of those Cup teams.

      I guess I’ll be called a “PR guy” and accused of drinking the Kool-aid in about 2 minutes now…

    29. Colorado Mark on

      Pock was was The PAck’s go to point man last year and scored most of his goals from there in his all star year. Girardi was the guy this year according to Bob Crawford on the Pack website. I think Girardi might be an interesting guy on the point because of his smarts and ability to make quick decisions as well as his defensive decision making.

    30. DumpJagrDope on

      It was obvious to anybody with at least half a brain that Shanahan should have been named captain.

    31. Aaron Ward is one of those crap players who always gets lucky and ends up on stanley cup teams. every cup winner has them.

    32. DumpJagrDope on

      Ward was only around 24 when he won those Cups in Detroit. And he was a big part of Carolina’s Cup. And how is he overrated, he is a good second pairing defenseman, nobody claims he is a top defenseman, but when healthy he is great and provides leadership and physical play.

    33. Ward is a #5 or #6 guy but the Rangers signed him to be a #2 or #3. Doesn’t really boost my faith in the Rangers.

      Ward and Jagr co existed for what 50 plus games and they have an argument and Ward is suddenly a jerk. Sure.

    34. Someone didn’t watch the finals last year because ward was a lot more than lucky.

    35. DumpJagrDope on

      “I have a whole brain and I think Jaromir should be captain.”

      you and the rest of PR department are only ones

    36. Jagr wasn’t mentioned because Yzerman, Francis, and Brind’Amour are select company.

    37. No I didn’t watch the finals last year.It was the Hurricanes and who the Oilers? No I couldn’t have cared less.

    38. DJD: I partially agree with you. Jagr is not the best captain in the world, not by any means. But I also don’t think Shanny should have been named captain either. The guy was never a captain in his entire career, and he hadn’t played 1 game in a Ranger uniform. I know Messier was named captain when he came here, but he was still in his prime and already a proven captain.

      They should have went with no captain and 3 A’s: Jagr, Shanny, and Straka.

    39. DumpJagrDope on

      By the time Jagr was announced as Captain, Shanahan showed me more leadership than anyone in the last 10 years in the Rangers organization.

    40. onecupin67years on

      Shanny aint coming back until these fools make the playoffs.
      Why should he risk permanent damage for 0.

    41. Colorado Mark on

      Whether or not Jagr is a good captain or not has no bearing on whether Ward behaved professionally or not. Here’s a guy who wasn’t playing well and when he got benched, instead of taking accountability, he leaks the argument with Jagr as a conevenient excuse, goes to Boston, says he doesn’t want to comment on why he was traded, then he says he’s very disappointed that Jagr leaked the argument to the press. Does he think we are stupid? Ward was the only one who had motivation to leak an argument. Jagr gets into it with all his teammates and challenges them. Yeah, that makes him a crappy captain. Mess did the same thing. I’m not comparing Jagr to Mess as far as leadership goes, but there is a double standard on what is accepted as leadership by Mess and selfishness by Jagr. Mess ran players out of town because he didn’t like their style or wanted his cronies around. That’s okay. Jagr does it. He’s selfish. Mess is Canadian and plays tough. Jagr is European and plays more finesse. Yeah, there’s no double standard.

    42. Well then if you didn’t watch the finals and you said Ward is just lucky then you don’t know what your talking about.

    43. onecupin67years on

      Just because you wear the C doesnt mean your the C..The only reason wears it is because of his HIGH PROFILE status in the league as a scorer.He can concentrate more on scoreing rather than leading,look how crappy #2 was .

    44. What should happen is Jagr should play and relinquish the C over the summer. Give him an Alterante A if they have too. If Shanny is still around let him step up and take it, make Ortmyer and Tyutin the Alternates so some of the younger guys can take on more of a leadership role and learn. Hopefully someone in the organization is taking notes from this blog and maybe learning something.

    45. Colorado Mark on

      Shanahan was captain for the Whale. But as I’ve said all along, we are putting way too much emphasis on the “C”. These are professionals. Any team can have more than one leader. So if Shanny were captain, when he got hurt, we’d be without a leader?

      And I’m not saying Ward is all of a sudden a jerk. I am saying that he did not act professionally and he was billed as a steady, tough D-man. He was hardly that after the first month.

    46. I agree that Rangers should have no captain this year and just three A’s. Maybe that would make Jagr concentrate on his game then trying to be a captain that he can’t be.

    47. Colorado Mark on

      Jagr is not and should not relinquish the C. Not that it would matter in the dressing room, but it would be a major distraction and the press would be bringing it up all the time. Look at what happened when Sam got caught between Shanny and Jags earlier this year. I’m not blaming Sam, but reporters can sometimes create issues where they might not exist. I think Sam’s reporting on the subject served the team well in the long run, but it fueled the flames of rumors of unrest and discourse in the lockerroom.

    48. Ward was and is a #5 maybe a #4 but the Rangers saw him and signed him as a #2 or #3 hardly Wards fault.

    49. Doodie Machetto on

      “It was obvious to anybody with at least half a brain that Shanahan should have been named captain”

      OK, DJD, I know you’re new to hockey, so I’m going to give you a lesson:

      When choosing a captain, you don’t need to choose a guy who is vocal or a blood and guts type player. I can think of several great, long tenured captains, who are not blood and guts type players.

      What you DO need to choose is someone who has made a connection on the team, who has demonstrated to the rest of the players that he will do what is necessary to make them win. Someone who the players on the team look up to.

      Rewind to last year’s captainless team. No one would have been a good choice because at the beginning of the season, the team was nothing more than a pick-up team. Patch work all around so they could avoid losing 82 games. They did infinitely better than expected, and they did it one man’s shoulders (both figuratively and literally): Jaromir Jagr. He literally carried the team all season long. He turned Straka and Nylander into good players. He made Petr Prucha a 30 goal scorer. He even went out and played with a separated shoulder that required major surgery that he still hasn’t recovered from, just to help give the team a chance to win.

      Now I know some of you will say that it hurt the team more than helped. But Willis Reed does it for the Knicks(knee injury) and it gets ranked(incorrectly, but the fact that it’s there says something) as the #1 moment in MSG history. Jagr does the same thing with a far more severe injury and gets criticized for it? Double standard much?

      Fast forward to this year. Jagr gets his surgery and returns to play. The team now has trust in him and his desire to win. They look to him now as their leader both in scoring and in determination to win. Two years left on his contract, with some more possible after it expires.

      Enter Brendan Shanahan. Has never played for the team and signs a one year contract. He’s a hired gun for a team that was incorrectly measured to make a serious run at the cup. He is taking his career year to year because he might retire at any point. None of the players have any allegience to him (I think Ward is the only guy who ever had played with him, but I could be mistaken. In fact, he instigated a fight once with Adam Hall, another one of their off season acquisitions). By the time he would have earned any at the end of the season, he would be considering retirement.

      Number of years that Shanahan was captain of a team: 0. So it’s not like he had amazing captain credentials that would enable him to come in and just take over, such as Messier.

      Jagr was not only the right choice for captain this season, he was the ONLY choice.

      Don’t worry JDJ, eventually you’ll learn something about hockey.

      On a different note, have you ever played hockey? And I’m not talking roller hockey in the street with your friends. I’m talking real hockey.

    50. Doodie Machetto on

      Correction, Shanahan had one year in Hartford as captain. He was then traded 2 games into the next season.

    51. DanTheRangerFan on

      “And for all of you who keep moaning about wanting to see youth and bring up the kids. Go to Hartford and buy yourself a ticket and you can see them all. Honestly some of you people make me sick� This was written by Barbara H a few day’s ago….Well you know what Barbara comments like this make me sick, what you have to say about the youth now?

    52. Colorado Mark your right about the double standard. Everyone is down on Jaromir this year because he isn’t being superman and scoring 50 goals,but if his name was Joe Smith and he was from Toronto they would be saying “oh its his shoulder he’ll be better next year and they wouldn’t be saying he didn’t deserve the C .People are mad at him for being hiself. He thinks a little differantly. Far as leadership goes this are grown men not 2year olds if they can’t do anything without playing follow the leader then they need grow up!

    53. He really doesn’t want to be a Yankee (wink, wink) but future free agent Curt Schilling had started a blog and is taking comments.

      One can only imagine how much trouble this will cause during the season.

    54. Barb has already shown she doesn’t know what she is talking about with her cup finals I didn’t bother watching yet will comment on anyway.

    55. DumpJagrDope on

      Doodie must be really pissed that people who watched hockey fewer years than him know and understand more about hockey than he does. Poor idiot.

    56. Colorado Mark on

      You see Dump, anytime you are challenged you respond in a juvenile way. Why not use your intelligence and post with some dignity. Your hockey posts don’t bother me, even if I disagree with some of what you said (By the way, Immo couldn’t play the other night because he had been sent down on paper because Straka was able to play and if they dressed him it would count as one of the callups. He remains with the team but is not on the roster as they await health updates) but your other posts are so distracting and you seem to revel in pushing the envelope and getting people to pay attention to you. I’m all for free speech, but have a little class. I wouldn’t want my daughter to read any of your posts.

    57. colorado, you wouldnt mind your daughter reading dump’s response to him? i hear my teenage cousins use that mouth when they talk to each other. maybe dump is just some mindless kid.

    58. “”Jagr does it. He’s selfish. Mess is Canadian and plays tough. Jagr is European and plays more finesse. Yeah, there’s no double standard.””

      no, there’s a SINGLE standard, fool. it’s called you either play hard and tough and north south hockey, or you play pansie east west no-hit Euro softie shinny. period.

    59. Dump seriously even for you the latest posts have been in bad taste..

      And for you we set the bar pretty low, please calm down a little…

    60. DumpJagrDope on

      “You see Dump, anytime you are challenged you respond in a juvenile way.”

      difference between being challanged and being insulted, if you had any intelligence you would realize that.

      And I don’t care about your daughter, I am not writing for kids.

      besides I bet you and Doodie are same person because you just sound identical and have similar style.

    61. im not doodie, but we both are intelligent and know what is and isnt appropriate. sort of like being an adult, which you are yet to become.

    62. in reference to the C Jagr didn’t want it last year, earned it last year, asked for it this year, has somewhat unearned this year, shanny has earned it this year. So it’s up to Renney or hopefully his replacement on what to do. The right way is to see if Jagr still wants it, or has a problem with going back to 3 A’s, & if Shanny stays if he wants it & would JJ have a problem with that. Let the coach decide. It’s not up to the fans, it’s the coach deciding who should be the leader of the team. I don’t think Jagr has handled it the way he should have especially with the refs, but Shanny took over some of his job thru the A. Que sera sera.

    63. DumpJagrDope on

      “im not doodie, but we both are intelligent and know what is and isnt appropriate. sort of like being an adult, which you are yet to become.”

      if you were intelligent you wouldn’t have said this, dumbass

    64. Doodie Machetto on

      Every time someone makes a NA/Euro comparison, I will respond with a counter example for each.

      “hard and tough and north south hockey”
      Wayne Gretzky

      “east west no-hit Euro softie shinny”
      Esa Tikkanen.

    65. Dump gets banned from anywhere he posts. Its his goal to do what he can to pester and insult people until he gets booted. Then he either changes his name or finds another place to terrorize. Its an endless cycle. Your are all better to ignore his posts.

    66. DanTheRangerFan-I don’t have any problem with the youth. The young players that have been brought up this year have played well I thought. What I was talking about is some of the people here and on other boards they keep screaming YOUTH,YOUTH, like they don’t want to see anyone over 21 on the Rangers.So if thats what you want go to Hartford. This teams not that old. Lundqvist,Tyutin,and Prucha are only in the second years,and the Dan on defense(I don’t know how to spell his last name) has played very well don’t you think so?

    67. DumpJagrDope on

      “Your are all better to ignore his posts.”

      yep, you better, or else you will feel stupid in comparison.

    68. The C issue is another non issue you guys will chat about for about a month and get nowhere.. Jagr wanted the C.. Really where did you get that info??

      They I assume approached him.. We need to tell Jagr to become a 50 point a yr. person, but throw thunderous checks, and drop the gloves on occasion and you will get the applause of some nitwits.

      The team will lose alot more but you will get the applause of a couple of frustrated boxing fans…

      The Rangers should already have guys who fill that role. Jagr one of the top 5 offensive players in the league should not be doing that.

      My question for the brain trust is ; Does Ilya Kovalchuk, Marian Hossa, Alexander Ovechkin, Marion Gaborik, and players of that style and skill really play a more physical and defensively responsible game then Jagr???

    69. Barbara H right on..

      Check out the Islander ages on the roster compared to the Rangers…

      The Islanders are old………..

    70. DumpJagrDope on

      “some people are attention hounds”

      most people are too stupid to even have an opinion.

    71. Doodie Machetto on

      Look, we did it before with that other poster who compared Renney to Hitler(I forgot his handle) we can do it to DJD. Just ignore him, eventually he’ll go away. He adds nothing, but subtracts much of the value from this forum, which I find fantastic; so much so that I don’t use other forums, as I’m sure that those who do have noticed.

      I’m not averse to disagreement. I frequently disagree with a few posters, (TomG and LennyNYR are two that quickly come to mind), but I enjoy the disagreements I have with them because they make their points intelligently and in logical fashion. You can tell there is merit to their claims because there is understanding behind it. DJD just says outlandish things, but then insults all of those who disagree. For the sake of this forum, let’s all ignore him, even those who might agree with what he says, if for nothing else, just to keep the discussion intelligent and on the real point: hockey and the New York Rangers. And occassionally the life and trials(get the pun?) of Sam Weinman.

    72. tsalad-No I didn’t watch last years cup finals but I did watch the ones when Ward played for the Red Wings he has won more than just the one last year you know.

    73. dump dope, you have the right name , & you might find out by looking in the mirror if you think what your doing is so bright, sonny.

    74. Doodie Machetto on

      BklynBlue, cmon. Just ignore him. talking to him just gives him strength.

    75. Barb

      and what does that have to do with last years cup finals?

      Saying Ward is lucky when you didn’t watch last years when Ward was a big part, shows me a real lack of credibility on your part that I will take into account next time you post something.

    76. Doodie Machetto on

      tsalad: you’re right on Barb there.

      That said, one playoff series does not a career make. 7 games. Not much to base his 10+ years on.

    77. onecupin67years on

      A captain or leader leads by example period .They tough it up ,swallow their pride at time for the benefit of the whole or mission .They dont hang their heads or BITCH ,they dont Bitch.They argue to make point then drop it and forgrt it and move on without dwelling in the Past.They encourage, soothe and comfort those in need ,some players have problems ,marital,drinking ,drug,financial etc.The C is there if called upon ,no the C doesnt have all the answers but he is there for all ,he will challange authority (messier in 93 ) and accept whatever befalls him for his challenge.In other words THEY HAVE BALLS,very few have the BALLS today ,it a me first attitude world,want leaders look in the armed services for our country not some overpaid foreigner athlete or US born rapper.

    78. Doodie Machetto on


      I think by your definition you’ve also excluded Shanahan.

      “BITCH ,they dont Bitch.”

    79. who cares if the Isles are old.

      inferring that Sather is comparatively good because he is not as bad as their moron is a lame attempt by the PR dept. koolaid posters to once again paper over the POCKing disgrace that is the ranger development model.

      the only way kids play in NY is if injuries occur.

      Lundy and Prucha last season, and now Girardi and Dubi this year. ONLY injuries give them a chance.

    80. “meaning both David Liffiton and Jarkko Immonen would be a scratch.”

      what the hell is the point…god.

    81. Doodie Machetto on

      Mike, trust me, they’re not complaining. They make a lot more money for being up with the big club.

      I like Shanahan. He’s a good guy and a great player. I wish they never signed him. He’s robbing kids of spots. I don’t like that he’s injured. But I do like that he’s not in the lineup. This team just isn’t that good. It’s not like it’s any better than it was last year. And last year was a fluke. No question.

      I’m excited for Dubinsky to make his debut. Very excited.

    82. ptr. who said Sather is good. They are developing there minors despite him..

      I have never said Sather is good, but he has won 5 or 6 stanley cups. I know that is ancient history and you know more then him but he still has won multi cups….

      Again the Rangers have at least 10 to 15 legit prospects, some will make it, some won’t, there system is much better stocked then it was and they will deifnitely have cap room..

    83. Doodie Machetto on

      If you’re counting regular roster players as prospects(ie Prucha, Lundqvist) then you’re right, 10-15. Otherwise, I think that number is closer to 8-10.

    84. DanTheRangerFan on

      Yes I agree Barbara, I was just going by one of your posts. It had a anti-youth feeling. But you now explained your position. I want some of these future players to get a shot. Which is finally happening due to injuries. let’s see what happens…..

    85. I wish they never signed him. He’s robbing kids of spots. “”

      what a load of bs. did they call up a kid to replace Shanny when he got hurt? hell no they didn’t .

      why arent’ you sorry that they kept Jagr and malik around? they are taking spots from kids too.

      no, you are just a pr poster who annoys everyone with your pro-euro bs.

    86. doodie

      Why did the Rangers sign Ward to be a #3 or #4 d man based on one playoff series however good he was? Defies logic.

    87. My point is there # of prospects is looking up. I know they do not have the superstar prospects but I assume those usually are the top few picks and since Pittsburgh and Washington have owned that position the last few yrs. you see ; crosby, malkin, and ovechkin..

      I know they have made many mistakes over the last 10 yrs or more from trading that too small zubov or not resigning that too small schneider and on and on. This yr. I think their have not been any catastrophic mistakes and they are better stocked then they have been in quite a while.

      I also like to see the young guys becuase the potential for improvement on them is so high, so we will see if they really have better prospects then in the past and if the answer is yes, we will see the results over the next few yrs..

    88. Doodie Machetto on

      tsalad, I agree. It defies logic. But this is the same team that signed Malik and Roszival as 1-2.

      dlv: No, they didn’t call up a kid, but they got Petr Prucha back on the 2nd line. That’s where he should have been all season. Look how well he’s done since.

      Malik should go. I don’t like Malik one bit. He’s robbing a kid as well, no question.

      Jagr is around because he was the whole team. He was also the only good choice for captain. See above.

      “pro euro”

    89. “Jagr is around because he was the whole team.”

      well, that proves my point perfectly. do you get 5 or 10%?

      the only w-hole Jagr is has an A in front of it.

    90. Doodie Machetto on

      what point does that prove? That he carried a team picked by most people to finish either last in the east or last in the NHL to two points away from winning the division? Would you get rid of a guy like that? Even when you’re putting a lot of kids in your lineup, you need SOME vets around. Why would you get rid of the best one?

    91. well… it’ll be interesting to see how Dubinsky plays. They’re giving him a good look there alongside Straka, and I’m guessing Isbister is there for some sort of comfort level (knowing that they played together in Hartford).

      Can’t wait till tomorrow

    92. tsalad- Have you got a man crush on Aaron Ward or something?Just because I didn’t watch the the finals last year doesn’t mean I can’t comment on him as a player or use him as an example that sometimes players who aren’t that great are lucky to be on teams that win. I didn’t make any comment on his play from last years final cause I didn’t see it. As for me not knowing what I’m talking about I try to be as accurate as I can.I’ve been reading this board for a while and I don’t think most people are doing indepth research before they make a comment. It’s for comments and opinions. If you don’t like my posts pass them up.

    93. onecupin67years on

      Who said Shanny is robbing wet behind the ear ,new to the nhl babes spots? R u F—-g kidding? 600 plus goals ,fights Brashear, leads by example , a few cup rings etc.Is vital for these kids Who may and probably will not make it to the big club development,who are the newbies suppose to learn by ?Sather? Renney? jagr? Shheeet

    94. we’ll see what kind of good look he gets. if they go to Betts in his spot even once I will be pissed.

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