Rangers promote Dubinsky, Liffiton


Hey everyone. Since our judicial process is currently holding Sam hostage from you, I will step in here quickly to tell you *the team has recalled Brandon Dubinsky and David Liffiton.*

I don’t have much time, so here’s the release. *Note at the bottom that Hossa is due for an MRI today on his sprained MCL.*

“New York, March 6, 2007 — New York Rangers President and General Manager Glen Sather announced today that forward Brandon Dubinsky and defenseman David Liffiton have been recalled from the Hartford Wolf Pack of the American Hockey League (AHL) on an emergency basis.

Dubinsky, 20, has skated in 58 games with Hartford (AHL) this season, registering 14 goals and 16 assists for 30 points, along with a plus-four rating and 87 penalty minutes. In his first full professional season, the 6-1, 210-pound center is tied for third on the Wolf Pack with 14 goals and is tied for fifth on the team in scoring with 30 points.

Liffiton, 22, has collected one goal and nine assists, along with 150 penalty minutes in 59 games with Hartford (AHL) this season. The 6-2, 210-pound defenseman currently ranks fourth on the Wolf Pack with 150 penalty minutes.

From today’s practice, everyone on the Rangers roster participated other than Sean Avery, Marcel Hossa, Paul Mara, and Fedor Tyutin. Hossa suffered a sprain to the medial collateral ligament in his left knee during last night’s game vs. the New York Islanders and will undergo an MRI today to determine the extent of the injury. Tyutin sustained a left MCL sprain on March 1 vs. Pittsburgh and will be sidelined three to four weeks. The team’s practice schedule for tomorrow is 11:00 AM at the MSG Training Center. The Blueshirts return to action on Thursday, March 8, when they will face off against the Islanders at Nassau Coliseum (7:30 PM).”

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  1. great.
    Let’s see what they can do>>>

    Play hard and play smart… 2 more young guys in the system with a chance.. Dubinsky is 20.. I assume they will both have short stays, but they are developing there minors……

    Smile, people have been moaning for this for a long time..

  2. I guess they are assuming Hossa is out long term. Hopefully, Dubinsky gets his share of ice time and shines. I am a bit surprised that they chose Liffiton over Baranka though.

  3. onecupin67years on

    There up ,will they be in the line-up ?
    AND, don’t expect a lot of ice time for the youngsters.Maybe a shift or two unless its a blow out.

  4. Guys take off practices at the end of the season. They are tired, sore, and hurting. The rangers don’t play until Thursday. Guys need to recharge the batteries.

    If these guys get into a game or 2 even if it is only a few minutes why would that not help them with confidence???

    How can a 2 week call up hurt there growth?

    Anyone who has seen these guys play a few time at least, please fill us in on what you have seen.


  5. I have a feeling that betts will play 3rd line center and dubi will play 4th line center, unfortunetly he’ll be with orr and hollweg which is bull this guy is more offensive then blair betts. Im happy to see him up here but if hes not gonna be on the 2nd or 3rd line….Rangers better win, and we need shanny so damn bad right now…

  6. blueshirts2k7 on

    Nice job with the proganda Stuart , I believe Avery missed practice last week as well probably a bit nicked up, but as long as he plays.

  7. blueshirts2k7 on

    Playing three minutes a night while Dreck like Isbister plays 15 will do no good for kids hopefully they both get a shot.

  8. DumpJagrDope on

    Anyobody else hate the kool-aiders like Stuart? He is just so happy no matter what just like a pig in a puddle of mud and shit.

  9. Yea Kool aiders. I should be a moron like you and expect them to play Dubinsky on the 2nd line and for 20 minutes.. sure fool.

    Anytime on the big club for a 20 yr old cannot hurt in my opinion. If it was for the whole season playing the 4th line that is another story but I think they call this a cup of coffee.

    Get back to Mcdonalds Dump you friggin moron. Also sorry your fishies lost last night..

  10. it is about time that Ranger kids are getting brought up. but I will hold judgment until I see if they get ice time. if Dubi just sits while Betts and Limpwrister play, then screw Renney.

  11. and Dump, Immonen should play. he deserves it. I have not seen any reason why he should not play..

    he contributes whenever he gets to play..

    see we agree on something

  12. Yeah seriously, I’d really love for someone to figure out what Immo has ever done wrong. He got benched in the third period in the last two games he played and he scored in both games. It has nothing to do with his defense cause he’s one of the few guys who actually play it on this team.

    Seriously, let’s get a research team on this. And I don’t wanna hear about that foot speed nonsense.

  13. DumpImbecilePosters on

    Could Sam have claimed he had to take care of his mentally deficient poster dumpjagrdope to get out of jury duty? May have worked.

  14. Dump and the other losers.. Bad news Mike and the Maddog are talking about the game and they said Jagr(your buddy) was by far the best guy on the ice. Call in and tell them you disagree because he does not hit and drop the gloves.

    Being dissed by Dump and other mental midgets to me is a honor.

    Get back to the fast food restaurants Dump and his band of retards..I am out for the day so I cannot respond to your idiotic comments..

  15. ok I admit it I flip burgers at Wendy’s and on the side receive money from the MSG PR department to quell down the rebellious fans like Dump. I am sorry, please forgive a scumbag like me.

  16. I heard Avery and Mara got banged up a bit last night. If hurting, they deserved the day off for the way they played. Immonen was recently recalled to Hartford from Charlotte. Probably figure he needs to settle in at AHL level first. Saw Dubinsky and Liffiton at Hartford. They played well and deserved the call up. With the Wolf Pack clicking down there, they probably didn’t want to disrupt the contributions of Callahan, Dawes and several others as they rush toward a good seeding for the playoffs.

  17. Immonen has committed the unforgivable crime of being young and inexperienced. in Rangerland, that is a felony.

  18. I am listening to WFAN. Having these guys talk hockey is like having me talk like Einstein. The are hockey illiterates, but let’s take the coverage for this great game while we can get it.

  19. “ok I admit it I flip burgers at Wendy’s and on the side receive money from the MSG PR department to quell down the rebellious fans like Dump. I am sorry, please forgive a scumbag like me.”


  20. Stuart March 6th, 2007 at 4:48 pm

    ok I admit it I flip burgers at Wendy’s and on the side receive money from the MSG PR department to quell down the rebellious fans like Dump. I am sorry, please forgive a scumbag like me.

    confession is good for the soul.

    and p.s.

    anyone who gets their hockey expertise from Mike & mad dog is really clueless.

  21. DumpJagrDope on

    “Dump and the other losers.. Bad news Mike and the Maddog are talking about the game and they said Jagr(your buddy) was by far the best guy on the ice. Call in and tell them you disagree because he does not hit and drop the gloves.”

    only idiots like you listens to Mike and Maddog and call them. I don’t even know or want to know what station they are on.

  22. “ok I admit it I flip burgers at Wendy’s and on the side receive money from the MSG PR department to quell down the rebellious fans like Dump. I am sorry, please forgive a scumbag like me.”

    I am speechless, finally you admit it?

  23. Colorado Mark on

    Mike V- I think you are confusing Immonen with Jessiman. Immo has been with either the Pack or the Rangers all year. Renney obviously doesn’t have confidence in him for some unknown reason. The kid has played well enough to stick, but he and Pock have been the mysterious benchings all season. Liffiton over Baranka because he will drop the gloves, is my bet. It’ll be rumble night onn the Island, especially if one team takes the lead. My lines (probably not Renney’s:

    I could see flipping Avery and Isbister as Isbister seemed strong on the boards which seems to help Jagr and Nylander, but I’d rather have Avery there with Jagr.

  24. No, but I am, my precioussss. Must kill Dump, must find which McDonald’s he workssss at. Yessss, my precioussss.

  25. Doodie Machetto on

    “only idiots like you listens to Mike and Maddog and call them. I don’t even know or want to know what station they are on.”

    I see that ignorance is always the best policy when it comes to getting to the right answer.

    I don’t see how calling up Dubinsky addresses the fact that Hossa, a wing, went down. Unless the plan is to slide Straka back over to wing and have Dubinsky and Immonen play center. Otherwise, they are just swapping Dubinsky with Immonen, which really, I see as a no harm no foul move. As long as one of those two plays, I’m happy.

    I saw Dubinsky play a couple of months ago and I would compare his CURRENT offensive ability (at that time) to Matt Cullen. The thing is that he will eventually be much better than Cullen, which is why I like him as a prospect.

    Here’s to hoping for a successful NHL and Rangers career to Dubinsky.

  26. A bunch of you guys must’ve been neglected when you were kids. This used to be the best Ranger blog around but now it’s just filled with high school-like drama. I’m guessing some of you are still in high school but seriously, there’s better mediums for whining like yours. Now back to hockey, how good does the Brian Leetch trade look like now? It’ll look even better when Michael Sauer starts patrolling the blueline…

  27. Leetch trade looks terrible. Immonen and Kondratiev are pretty much gone for nothing in return. And Korpikoski who we had to trade up to get is nothing more than a 3rd liner who can fill in on a 2nd line if there is a need.

  28. Doodie Machetto on

    I like the Leetch trade even without Immonen. I thought he was small potatoes when the deal was originally made, an eighth round pick that had played only in Finland. Same for Kondratiev, a 6th rounder who had miniscule numbers in Russia.

  29. I wonder what Dawes and Callahan are thinking of Renney and the entire organization…

  30. Doodie Machetto on

    Stuart- Korpikoski will eventually score 30 goals in the NHL, mark my words.

  31. In Russia it is a low scoring league so Kondratiev’s stats don’t mean anything. Besides, this season he really broke out with 19 points in 49 games(5th on his team)

  32. Korpikoski will not even score 30 in AHL. And eventually is meaningless iff it happens only once. If Korpikoski scores 30 that means the team either sucks or has lots of injuries.

  33. Colorado Mark: you are right. Thanks for the correction. I get those two confused more than you know.

  34. DumpImbecilePosters on

    Actually Dump was responsible for pest control at the Taco Bell overrun by rats. He is no longer employed.

  35. Doodie Machetto on

    Korpikoski just needs a little maturity in his game and needs to learn to rely on his teammates more. He reminds me of Kovalev.

  36. these are the kind of posts the kool-aid snobs want to see.

    I love the job Renney is doing. don’t you Spiffington?

    yes, Stuart Wellington III. I wholeheartedly concur.

    Jagr is the greatest player ever, even my butler says so.

    Cheerio, old boy. let’s have another cognac and check out our trust funds.

    proceed expeditiously Rangers, I dare say.

  37. DumpJagrDope on

    “Actually Dump was responsible for pest control at the Taco Bell overrun by rats. He is no longer employed.”

    Yeah now I masturbate in your lobster sauce in a Chinese takeout near you.

  38. Doodie Machetto on

    Sam, look what the board has devolved into in your absence.

    Just say guilty and go home.

  39. Dubinsky’s game has picked up the past few weeks. He had both goals in a 3-2 shootout victory over Philly Friday, then got into a fight Sunday in a 3-2 overtime win over Hershey with former Wolf Pack/Rangers wing Chad Wiseman, who was tossed for having an illegal tie-down, at least according to ref Shaun Davis, who called one of the worst games in the history of hockey. Liffiton is arguably the Wolf Pack’s most improved player this season, excluding rookies such as Callahan, Byers and Korpikoski. Liffiton missed lots of his first two seasons because of injuries but has improved in all phases of his game and is a really standup guy. If Witt, Hill or any other Islanders goofs do anything more stupid, I’m sure Liffiton would step in. That might be a moot point with Mara claiming he’ll play Thursday, but it’ll be interesting to see how Dubinsky is used. Before too many fans consider him the Messiah, remember he’s 20, hasn’t played in a NHL game and is being tossed in at the most critical time of the season. Hopefully they give him some decent minutes but don’t expect TOO much. Imagine Straka will move to wing, and Immonen and Betts could split time on whatever line that Cullen doesn’t center. Don’t know what the problem is with Immonen, especially since the Rangers though enough of him to use him on the power play. Their treatment of Jarkko has been curious, at best, but we’ve seen that story before. Hopefully no one else does down because the Rangers and Pack are both hurting, and Hartford is also fighting for a playoff spot and has now lost Girardi, Immonen, Isbister, Valiquette, Dubinsky and Liffiton to recalls and Lampman, Taylor and Weller to injuries. The Pack called up Bruce Graham and Hannu Pikkarainen, who played three games with Charlotte after being out with a shoulder injury sustained in the prospects tournament in September. And they’re still a man short for Wednesday night’s game against Manchester, which is in first place thanks mainly to goalie Jason LaBarbera, a MVP candidate (remember him, Rangers fans?). I, too, wonder what Callahan and Dawes think with Dubinsky going up ahead of them. Any other Hartford questions, let me know.

  40. those stuart posts are not stuart but DUmp or one of the other kids being a loser…

  41. DumpJagrDope on

    “well, I’m glad you found work.

    what a lowlife”

    I hope you choke on my lobster souce

  42. Jesus Christ, how OLD are you idiotic people. Grow the hell up, this is Sam’s board and you are disgracing it by your mere presence. If you dont want to talk hockey get the hell out of here. Sorry for the immature fans Sam, you deserve better.

  43. Dump, I will kill you for ruining my good name. Where is my butler? Got to meet Spiffington to help me hire some thugs to take care of this masturbating bastard. [insert evil laugh]

  44. Couldn’t agree more with Andrew. Everyone is entitled to an opinion and this is a place for some exchange of ideas and fun, but if you want to act like children, go to nursery school. You’re embarrassing yourself — and even more sadly, Sam.

  45. DumpJagrDope on

    yeah Stuart, and his lackeys should be ashamed of themselves, lets get back to hockey.

    Any news on Hossa and Mara?

  46. You fools keep this nonesene up, LoHud WILL start moderating this forum, which will be a crying shame for the rest of us fans who post even remotely meaningful observations about the Rangers and enjoy the straight-to-print nature of this site. For the persistent pests, I suppose it won’t make a bit of difference…ANYWAY…

    On the Leetch trade: I too, was a bit pesimistic earlier on, when reports on Korpikoski were comming back pretty negative. But the last I checked, Korpi is tied for fourth among the team in scoring, which ain’t bad for a guy that never put up any sort of numbers in Finland…having seen him skate last season during his real short tenure with the Pack, I can say he’s a bullet on the ice, definitely seemed like one of the faster players. And he also seemed to make an impact. Don’t give up on him…he’s young and could turn out to be quite a gem in a few years.

    And FYI: Kondratiev is not and likely will not be a part of this system. He’s Ducks’ property(a la Sykora trade) and is presently in Russia until his contract runs out, whenever that is. I seem to remember he was a bit homesick and may have decided against playing in the states at all. But I do remember his play last year, which was better than that of Tyutin. Not an offensive powerhouse, but a fine blueliner I was personally disgruntled over his departure.

    As for Immonen, I have a feeling he’ll be up here full-time from now on. Just because Isbister is skating over him doesn’t mean he’s chump-change for the organization. Isbister, mind you, has nearly 500 games of NHL experience and was at one time thought of as quite a comodity. Not that he is anymore, but the Rangers brain trust(and I say this toungue in cheek) probably figured he would be a bit more poised than Immo in the stretch. Of course, I’d point to last night and how the bugger couldn’t hit the net work jack and say that’s utter BS.

    Hossa: that’s bad news. Let’s hope we get the new Hossa back from the IR and not the old…

  47. Those posts are ridiculous, but I don’t see how they embarass Sam. It’s not like i read an immature post and think “Hey, Sam’s an ass because he allows this.”

    Also, once you realize who is posting that kind of material it’s not very hard to skip their posts altogether, is it?

    Do Liffiton and Dubi use 2 of our 4 remaining call-ups?

  48. just so you guys know dubinsky was by far the best player on the ice in their last game. he was just dominant. his game has picked up dramatically from even a month ago. can’t wait to see him in action.

    as far as liffiton goes he’s just being called up in case mara can’t go so don’t expect to see him dressed. its just a precaution at this time of year you need to have extra players with the team at all times. although i can’t wait for cotton candy head to come on screaming for liffiton to get 25 minutes agains the isles on thursday

  49. also keep in mind liffiton would fall under the immonen category. not part of the future so not a problem having him sit in the pressbox instead of playing.

  50. I never understand why we call up players from Hartford to take the place of injured players and they never play anyway. Where does the need for bodies on the ice disappear to?

  51. Who cares who the Pack has lost to the big club? The only reason they are there and even playing at all is for a shot with the big club.

    And we know with Renney that it is only a “shot” at best.

  52. czechthemout!!!!! on

    hey blockhead(kovy27)just so you know who you are in case your wondering.i never once said that lifiton was the second coming.all i said was that he has not imoressed me as much as he seems to have impressed you.i also thought that you were not going to post on this sight being that people here don’t have a clue about the players in the system.

  53. HammyRamirez on

    YES!!!! I can’t wait to see these kids play. Hopefully they will get some ice time. Youth, size and grit. Exactly what the Rangers need… especially as they head into some fierce battles againt Eastern Conference foes. This is going to be good. May they bless the crowd at the Mausoleum with a perfect pounding of the fishsticks. Let’s Go Rangers!

  54. DanTheRangerFan on

    “And for all of you who keep moaning about wanting to see youth and bring up the kids. Go to Hartford and buy yourself a ticket and you can see them all. Honestly some of you people make me sick” This was written by Barbara H a few day’s ago….Well you know what Barbara comments like this make me sick, what you have to say abouth the youth moving up now?

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