It’s not you, it’s me


Actually, it’s not technically me, either, but a faulty LoHud server that is preventing any of you from making comments.

I’m told it’s not something that’s going to be resolved until tomorrow, so you’ll just have to press on without the poetic musings of “DumpJagrDope” for another day. If you find yourself unusually optimistic, and sympathetic toward your fellow mankind, you’ll know why.

Of course, the timing may be right since the Rangers are off anyway, today. But with a big one tomorrow against the Islanders, here’s hoping we’ll be able to get the train back on track by then. I’d offer to step in and help myself, but seeing how my technical expertise doesn’t extend far beyond locating the on-switch on my computer, I’m not sure what good I’d do.

Bear in mind that you can always shoot me an e-mail at if you need to be heard. I’ll try to respond, although I’ve been having my own e-mail problems of late, so I apologize if it takes some time.

Meanwhile, a few loose ends:

  • Reader Diane asked about Kevin Weekes’ progress. We’re told that Weekes is ready to start seeing some shots in practice in a few days, and that will help dictate how quickly he can return. But just based on the initial severity of Weekes’ injury, I’d still say he’s a few weeks off.
  • The same could be said of Brendan Shanahan, who has made steady progress but is still experiencing vertigo. The fact that Shanahan is free of other symptoms, however, is a good sign.
  • I’m not sure if it’s the exposure to Sean Avery, but I found myself overly loquacious in my own pick-up game this morning, both in excessive celebrations after goals and in yapping in defensemen’s ears behind the play. Of course, unlike Avery, I’m not much of a fighter, so that could be a problem…
  • For those of you who are enjoying the audio, here’s Jaromir Jagr when I asked him about how the mood shifted at the Garden yesterday: [audio:]

    OK, my little guy is waking up from his nap, so I have to hop.

    More later….

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    1. Anthony (Abev) on

      Love the audio. JJ doesn’t care much for the “why isnt the PP% over 100%” attitude. Can’t say I blame him.

    2. onecupin67years on

      Sam-just testing blog a ok.
      I bet you didn’t miss a wide open net this morning?

    3. onecupin67years on

      Sam, Why don’t we put together a pick-up game to see which critics really know what its like on the ice instead of what its like in their living rooms.

    4. Patrick Hoffman on

      If we ever get a pick up game, count me in as the goalie. I’ve been playing hockey for 18 years (I’m only 23) and have an abundance of experience in net (15 years).

    5. Pack just won in OT! Two goals by… guess who… JESSIMAN! Man, I watched that on B2NET and Dubinsky looked really good! He’s one talent, I’ll tell you. Montoya was great as usual and Hugh scores in almost every game recently (5g in 6 games I think). We have HUGE talent down there…

    6. AngelusMortis on

      Who thinks we should go with Hockey Rodent’s idea and goon it up against the Fishies like the Flyers did to us?

    7. How are they going to goon it up? Orr??? He is the only option, Shanny isn’t there to protect Jags. Is Shitbister gonna drop the gloves??? Maybe they should call up Liffiton for a little more backbone and another defenseman out of position.

      If the could goon it up, they would have shown it already. They don’t have the personnel to play that game. The only thing the Rangers have PROVEN they’re good at is skating in circles and giving up shorthanded goals.

    8. DumpJagrDope on

      “Who thinks we should go with Hockey Rodent’s idea and goon it up against the Fishies like the Flyers did to us?”

      I think Isles will goon us up either way.

    9. Jessiman is on fire… If he can develop that would be great. 6 ft 5 230… that is a power forward….

    10. Neil Katcher on

      More on Jessiman: Not only did he score twice, but he had 3 penalties. That sounds bad until you see he got 1 for boarding and another for roughing. This is all very promising. Good for him.

    11. Sam,

      Does it seem like the Rangers have an aweful lot of days off and optional practices?

      I dont know, but considering how well the Islander have been playing and how important these two game are to the season, I would think they would be better preparing for a huge home and home series.

    12. i would definitly love to see them goon it up as much as possible. i’ve been saying all along, i can not wait to see avery in front of dipietro- it should be quite interesting.

    13. maternity Ward on

      Aaron Ward may have the last laugh yet. he scored a goal in NJ, they beat the devils 4-1, and are now tied with the Rangers with 69 pts in 65 games.

    14. If you guys put together a pickup game, I can be the pretense groupie! Lots of–ahem–experience, back in the day.

    15. czechthemout!!!!! on

      i also saw the game think baranka is the best dman down their?i did not tonite,i thought it was potter.but our genius poster who will not post any more(kovy27)thinks i am out of my mind becuase i dont’ agree with him about barankas
      upside.i just don’t think he is anything special.would you agree or disagree with me?dubinsky looked real good,as did the big man “huge specimen”i have not called him that since right after he was drafted.i think the light has really gone on with this guy.he can really pass well,he was very physical and he scored 2 more goals!!!!!.perhaps he will work out after all.

    16. AngelusMortis on

      How crazy of me to think the Rangers could play a physical game. If Hollweg and Orr can play like themselves…it could happen.

      Now we need Shanahan to recover from that concussion, Tyutin to recover from his recent injury, Isbister to grow a pair, and a time machine to stop Renney from screwing over Kasparaitis.

      It’s plausible in a 21 hour time period!

    17. i didn’t say you were out of your mind i said your mind was made of cotton candy there is a big difference.shouldn’t you be doing your role call of who watched the game or not tonight? guys everyone head to great ranger board where we do pack threads and watch the b2 feed together and comment on the game great for guys that can’t watch either if they want to follow along. czech you’d be the village idiot down there but your more than welcome to come on and tell us how great david liffiton is and how montoya is projected as a good AHL goalie not so much an nhl goalie lol.

    18. wow i just looked at some of your old posts and you suggested a pock liffiton pairing right now IN NEW YORK?!!?!?! enough honestly i liked it better when the comment section was broken

    19. What are you nuts, czechthemout!?!?

      I’d disagree w/ you big time. From the getgo of the season- The preseason, you could see Baranka was ready. I wanted him here from day one. ANd now he is as polished as ever.

      No way in hell you watched the game today. Forget about Lifton and Potter because they will not see much MSG ice, if any. Baranka would look comfortable out there right now.

    20. Sam, any word on why Montoya didn’t get the call yesterday? I’m happy for Valiquette and all — I interviewed him for a radio show in a previous job — but I agree that Montoya should have gotten the nod.

    21. It could come down to those 2 games against Boston. The Bruins are playing better. Our team has to take care of business this week. If they can, then suddenly they have a much better shot at it.

      This team better come with it the next two nights vs the Isles. They owe them.

    22. GuitarWizard on

      Aaron Ward also nailed one of his teammates in the back on one of his slapshot-clearing attempts. Puck went right to NJ for a scoring chance. That’s the Aaron Ward we know and love.

      The big problem with Hugh Jessiman was he didn’t put himself in challenging positions. He played in relatively easy leagues for all of his younger hockey career. Maybe now he’s developed himself with Charlotte enough to be a force in Hartford.

    23. The audio is cool. I go to your blog first, read it, play the audio and then go to The Zipper’s blog while I hear Jagr and Valiquette talk.

    24. hey sam, was brooks talking about you at the end of his slapshots column today (sunday)? if not, who?

    25. A couple of responses:

      Regarding the Rangers off days: naturally I’m not complaining because it usually means a light day for me, and I more often than not find myself catching up on my own hockey playing. But I also think at this time of year, rest is as as important, if not more important than practice. These guys are all in tremendous shape, and whatever strategy needs to be implemented will be put in today at the morning skate.

      Beyond that, I’m a firm believer that in anything you do, if you work seven days straight, you risk being slightly less effective on that eighth day. I realize an hour at the rink isn’t a lot to ask. But there’s something to be said for getting away from it completely. Put it this way: if the Rangers lose to the Islanders tonight, it’s not going to be because of an off day yesterday.

      Also, regarding Larry Brooks’ Slap shots column: I have to confirm, but I’m pretty sure he wasn’t talking about me. Like I told another reader, I long for the day when I’m important enough that other writers are taking shots at me. I’m not there yet.



    27. It would appear, from Jagr’s and Renney’s quotes, that the booing and the “we suck” chants weren’t a big hit with the team. Hey Sam, after the fans have done that, and the team then comes from behind to win dramatically like they did, do they actually feel like standing at center ice and flipping us the bird? Or does it actually help motivate them in either a “I’ll show them” or a “we better get off our butts” kind of way?

    28. Booing own team is just ridiculous unless it’s after bad loss.
      Is it possible what Brooks wrote?

    29. Mike Derucki on

      if we continue to boo i say the rangers should stop saluting the crowd after a victory.

    30. ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      Fans have every right to boo…Garden prices are the highest in the league, the team has SUCKED and missed the playoffs 7 out of the last 8 years. There home record is putrid. IF fans want to boo they have EVERY right to BOO..if the players don’t like it they can go somewhere else. There isn’t a more loyal and die hard NHL fanbase in the league. Fans not being alloowed to boo is the most bullshit statement i have ever heard. talk about geting the blood boiling!!

    31. It’s hard not to boo, when your team has not won a playoff game in a decade!

      If this was happening to a small market team, they would be looking for a new home city.

      Is there another GM in all of sports, that has done as poorly as Sather for 15 years running, and still has his job?

    32. It’s funny – most of you guys say Rangers fans are die hard but you’re booing your captain with no reason at all… funny… I think NYR fans are most hypocritical in the league.

    33. Mike Derucki on

      gregg, i never said dont boo…..but just like us they have every right to do what they want as well.

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