Just when you thought you heard the last of Stephen Valiquette…


Man, even when I take shots at guys I end up off the mark. With that in mind, I’ll step aside and give you audio from the unlikely hero of the day, Stephen Valiquette.

More later….


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  1. Longtimerangerfan on

    Great…got it to go that time…have to admit I was upset when I heard that Henrik wasn’t playing but Valiquette did a nice job and I’m glad for him.

  2. DumpJagrDope on

    When it come to surfing Valiquette is like a hero to me, but when it comes to goaltending he is like Allah, makes me want to like strap a bomb belt around myself and like pull the the trigger, that would be like the ultimate high, dude

  3. Longtimerangerfan on

    Dump, hopefully you will banned from this blog as well…who knows, you might like set a record or something.

  4. DumpJagrDope on

    Me getting banned will not change or improve your pathetic and deluded existence

  5. Valiquettes not a bad goalie. id actually rank him a bit better than weekes because of his sheer size. seems like a good guy as well.

  6. how many Wolfpack games have you people seen?

    Do you really think that Montoya is that much better than


  7. the best play was when pansy Malik got knocked on his ass. and all he did was take it like the charmin softie he is.

  8. Longtimerangerfan on

    You could almost hear Malikenstein trying to get back before that first goal…uuuhhhh, uuuhhh, uuuhhh and the ice shaking beneath his massive skates.

  9. Dump shall be banned by the same idiots who know that Dolan bans MSG announcers and workers from speaking their minds.

    Anyone smell the hypocrisy in that?

    We all hate how MSG employees cannot speak the truth and now people want Dump banned? Why? you disagree with him? Are you so small that you want to be just like little Napoleon Dolan?

    Keep it coming, Dump. Whether I agree with you or not. Sam, a journalist, would have it no other way.

  10. DanTheRangerFan on

    I have a feeling these guys are a couyple of 12 year old Islander fans who come on this page to rattle of their crap…Plan ans simple Leave Sam alone and grow up a little.

  11. onecupin67years on

    The rangers are playing like a team struggling to make the playoffs, while the Good teams are playing to win the cup.

  12. dumpJagrBlogger on

    good points Seamus. and for all the morons who said that the press can’t make any difference and should not take any stands, well guess what. It was negative media sniping that apparently coerced and shamed jagr into taking shootouts again.

    it shows what a shallow sulk he is that it took public shame to force him to try to be the leader that the “C” on his jersey was supposed to do, but failed.

  13. dumpJagrBlogger on

    “If Montoya was good he would be up ”

    that is ridiculous. there are all kinds of good kids at hartford who don’t get brought up to the Rangers. see callahan.

  14. maybe this is the type of game that gets this team to actually believe they can WIN a game. We’ve lost what, 15 one goal games this year…truth is i dont think we’re that off talent wise than most teams, its that we do just enough each game to lose, but not today, maybe, just maybe we turned a corner..We are only 4 pts behind the 8th seed with 2 games in hand…i have been critical of renney all season, but he showed some balls today going with vali boy in net and sticking with him in the shootout…hopefully the rest will get king going again for next week..

  15. oh, and you can’t ban dumpjagr dushbag, just ignore her…she sucks..i mean her name says it all…she wants to the rangers to get rid of jagr, the guy who leads the team in points, and even with age catching up, he is still one of the best players in the world…AND just to show you what a bitch she is, she defends aaron ward to the death, like he was the second coming of brian leetch, but yet, it’s jagr that needs to go..enough said, i won’t give dumpjagr the satisfaction of answering her in another post…GO Rangers!

  16. dumpJagrBlogger on

    Henrik was going. he had a GAA under 2 for about 26 games. but they only won half the time because Jagr and buddies were a big failure scoring goals.

  17. Dump Jagr and the other losers appear not to enjoy the Ranger win, I wonder why?

    Dump moron Mentioned Malik and hits tonight, Malik played well today. The really gave up 1 goal..

    Look at the stats their D is not the problem, as hard as that is to believe…………..

    Good team effort…..

  18. I follow the Wolf Pack closely. Montoya is projected to be very good at the AHL level. Time will tell if that translates to the NHL. He just isn’t ready to come up yet, and why have him up to sit behind Henrik when he needs to play and learn. I think he was named AHL goalie of the month for February. I saw him twice last weekend and he was outstanding in back-to-back wins, giving up one goal per game. The first game was against the best team in the league.

    Valiquette is a very good AHL goalie, but he hasn’t been given the chance at the NHL level. A couple of years ago he was part of the two goalie tandum on the Wolf Pack (LaBarbara was the other) that dominated the league during the regular season.

    Here’s to hoping that contributors start to know their subject a little better before commenting. And like Sam would have to do to keep his job as a reporter, back up comments with facts and be civil when replying to those with whom you disagree.

  19. Anyone see that hit Jansens put on Thomas Kaberle last night? It was nasty! It was made worse because Kaberle doesn’t wear a mouthpiece. Jansens got 3 games.

  20. Longtimerangerfan on

    There’s a difference between “freedom of speech” and “unable to stop verbal diarreah”.

  21. Watching the Rangers this afternoon live at MSG was both exciting and down right disgusting at times. The comeback was exciting. As was watching Jagr come to center ice for the clutch 3d shoot out chance. I’m happy for Rachunek. He made some big plays to force turnovers including the one that led to the Avery goal. God knows Rachunek could use a break. Kudos to Immonenn for winning offensive zone faceoffs. Especially the one that he won clean back to Mara which led to Rachunek’s goal. Good for Jaromr. I hope he’s got the shootout baby stuff behind him. Good for Valle also. He really made some BIG stops down the stretch. Something that, quite honestly, Lundvquist has not been doing.
    The disgusting part were the first 2 periods. Let me be more precise. The Rangers are disorganized on the ice. They do not pass the puck well. They do not hit the net when they shoot. And Michael Nylander is impossible to like personally. Nylander seems unfazed by his diminishing success while holding on to the puck too long. Nylander has worn out his welcome at MSG among the regular fans that are their watching the Ranger live most nights. Nylander is booed. As were the Rangers after power plays, and after the end of each of the first 2 periods.
    The only players who play with a sense of urgency are Peter Prucha and Sean Avery. These two were noticeable on everyone of their shifts. Prucha hit more Blues than Ryan Hollweg. Avery just continues to lead the charge on every shift. The problem is no Ranger follows except Prucha. Questionable as usual was the use of Brad Isbister in OT. And the fact that Prucha does not get an OT shift. Isbister seemed to be told to park in front of the net on the PP’s which he did. Jagr had zero offense until the overtime period.

  22. Sam what are your thoughts on Malik’s play today, you know both goals were scored by players that Malik was covering.

  23. billybleedsblue on

    Why keep insisting that DumpJagr get booted? Difference of opinion and getting annoyed with what someone has to say aren’t grounds for having them booted. Sure, he may use foul language every now and again, but as long as it’s relativly clean, which it is in my opinion, he has every right to be here. I think he adds something to this blog and the ongoing discussion of our team. By the way, I don’t know this guy from a hole in the wall. It’s just my opinion that a couple of people shouldn’t dictate what goes on around here like their some kind of thought police. Because they don’t like someone else and can’t handle what he has to say is their problem. My advice is to start taking this Blog for what it is. It’s entertainment. Now stop taking things personally and grow the hell up.

  24. Richter for President!!! on

    no one should be banned, the whole comment section should be shut down. It’s an embarrasment. I can’t believe this Sam character wants his good name attached to this sh!t!

  25. John M, I’m glad someone else finally speaks up about Prucha not playing in overtime. He was prob the best player for them tonight but apparently that merits 5 minutes on the bench. I’m glad they showed some resolve and won but I mean they struggled to beat the Blues with their backup goalie playing. He just awful in the shootout as he didnt challenge Nylander or Jagr, a better goalie would have stopped both of those shots.

  26. Pete and John M, I completely agree. I didn’t like the way some people were ripping Sam, but I agree with what started the arguments — Why the f*** is Prucha only put out in OT in the last 30 seconds of OT? Why was Isbister out there for a ton of OT?

    Prucha has been one of our best players lately… hitting everything he can (well, as best he can with his 160ish pound frame)

    This was a stolen win. No way we should have won this one. Renney is useless. There were a ton of Fire Sather chants today, but no Fire Renney ones. Me and the guys I sit with tried getting a “Shoot the puck, Jagr… shoot the puck” chant started. It morphed into “Shoot the puck Rangers” pretty quick… lol

  27. Washingtons stadium is a dump. They have bad boards and get awful bounces. Their glass has popped out twicw already in this game. They need to hire a better maintenance crew that will better make the transitions that a stadium needs to make such as hockey to basketball etc.

  28. DumpJagrDope on

    “oh, and you can’t ban dumpjagr dushbag, just ignore her…she sucks..i mean her name says it all…she wants to the rangers to get rid of jagr, the guy who leads the team in points, and even with age catching up, he is still one of the best players in the world…”


  29. I agree with John M. The Rangers almost always look disorganized on the ice.

    Completely different than the Wolf Pack (they follow the organization’s system), which skates as a unit of 5, crashes the net, protects their backs. Shoenfeld has had them humming for some time. Too bad the youngsters who come up get polluted by the Ranger brass and some elite players who can’t conform to a system that works.

  30. hockeymanrangers on

    Hey troops I wasn’t able to catch the game today, but at least they won one. But I wanted to share with all of you something I noticed when I watched the Pittsburgh and Caralina game last night. Caralina was playing desperate hockey. Even though at this point Caralina is in the 8th spot they were still playing deperate play off hockey. Even though they were up buy one goal they were still playing desperate playoff hockey. When I wathed the Rangers playing against Pitssburgh on Thursday night THEY WERE NOT PLAYING DESPERATE PLAYOFF HOCKEY. The difference was so noticable Carolina would not stop at least in the 3rd period they were just hustling going down on a lot of shots THAT REALLY LOOKED LIKE PLAYOFF HOCKEY. Hey Rangers deperate times call for desperate measures, get your heads out of your A____ and start playing like you want to get to the playoffs. Closing as always with RENNY MUST GO.

  31. id love for the comment section to be gone it gives me anxiety attacks everytime i read something like valiquette has never been given a chance. jesus.

  32. Do you call having less than 10 games in the NHL as a chance? Because of the new NHL and the cap goalies like him, LaBarbara and others are stuck the last two years in the AHL. I certainly would have preferred Valiquette as our back up this year than Weekes, but because of his contract, Weekes is not tradeable or can he be waived.

  33. Buffalo is up 2-0 on Toronto early in the 3rd. Buffalo looks good, even with six regulars out of the lineup.


  35. Kovy, I agree with you on Valliquette. He will never be a starter, but would be a good backup in Jersey (mainly because their backup NEVER plays, just ask Clemensen).

    But what I can’t agree with is closing the comment section down. The whole point of this is to create a forum for the free exchange of ideas between fans. Obviously, we are not all going to agree on all issues. Still, if it can be kept civil, which it has been for the most part, this is a great blog. Simply, not to sound like a jerk, but if you “CAN”T TAKE MUCH MORE,” don’t read. There is nothing that says you, kovy27, are required to read what is posted here, and that goes for everyone.

  36. czechthemout!!!!! on

    all you dopes who want to ban dump ar just that dopes.i don’t always agree with him but he is a fan as mch as any one of us.he is entitled to his opinion.if you don’t like it,tell him why but don’t look to ban him.what is this jim dolan’s web blog?

  37. the blog is the best on the net know doubt PW its the comments that make me nauseous. in fact reading the comment section of this blog is like watching a car accident impossible to look away from the disaster. jesus valiquette hasn’t gotten a real chance before? liffiton and potter are better than baranka? and my favorite WHY DONT THE RANGERS BRING UP STAAL???? which i read at least 3 times a day. brutal killing me really.

  38. I know his age, but he would have been better than Weekes as our back up this year. Weekes should have been at Hartford, but because of the new rules that couldn’t be done.

    BTW: Pack came back from 2-0 deficit to tie Philly with about 5 minutes left tonight. Dubinsky has both goals.

  39. czechthemout!!!!! on

    baranka is ok at best.he does not score much,he does not hit much,too many giveaways for a guy who does not score much.he is a good skater,but so is rachunek.i don’t think there is as much upside to his game as you aparently do.he seems soft to me,we have enough of that on d aleady.

  40. o jesus not again with the how many games have you watched this season honestly i can’t take much more of your nonsense with the how many games have you watched this season. i don’t care if you watched every game this year guy you are clearly LOST.

    ps mike v. anyone would have been a better option than weekes considering he’s one of the worst goalies ive ever seen so im with you there.

  41. czechthemout!!!!! on

    how can you argue a point without about a player without seeing him play!!!! kovy.do you actualy think baranka is that good?what makes you think he is?you are just taking the gardens word for it.

  42. onecupin67years on

    Again ,I don’t care how good Montoya is in the AHL, its not the NHL.
    Goalies are fairly easy to pick up in the NHL ,more so than scorers and good d men ,the rangers did waste their #1 for a goalie instead of a scorer which they need .
    With Lunqvist where does Montoya fit in ? In a trade ,thats where ,but I doubt the Rangers will get quality for Montoya .
    its stupid to waste a #1 for a goalie .

  43. czechthemout!!!!! on

    onecup-it istoo late to harp on the past with al.i also would have lookedto draft a scoring forward.but i think they knew blackburn was done and were not sure what they had in lundquist.it is too bad too,cause blackburn from what i saw was a can’t miss.even better than the king.

  44. WOW Czech you’ve officially ceased to amaze me. i don’t know how many times you are going to ask me if ive seen the pack play and how many times im going to have to tell you YES IVE SEEN THEM PLAY PLENTY. guys like you are why i want the comment section closed. i just can’t possibly post with a human cotton candy machine.

    i will keep reading sam no doubt about it what you offer is top notch but throwing water balloons at pre schoolers is something i just cannot do.

  45. onecupin67years on

    True ..but thats the Garden brass for ya.
    Reminds me of neil smith saying that Brendl and lundmark were great too,thats why I always doubt their (Sathers) praising of the youngsters in their system . Like a weak poker hand,It seems that you always have to(bluff) overate your talent in the farm system for possible trades with other clubs .Some how I don’t buy into the ranger farm system with much hope ,what have they produced lately ? Prucha,Tyutin,Lundvist.

  46. onecupin67years- Get a grip. Montoya is the real deal holyfield. I don’t know why you are not high on him, but he will certainly be a quality #1 NHL’er…Probably withen the next 2-3 years. Of course, he will give Henrik a good run for his money, but I feel he will probably traded. And as of right now, he could fetch a very large return.

    czechthemout- You are so wrong on Baranka I really don’t know what to say. The guy could have played in NY since day 1 of this season. If he comes up right now, he will even look better than Girardi (and Girardi has fit in very nicely). Soft? Wow, not at all.

  47. Onecupin67- You don’t buy into the Rangers farm system with much hope because you have no clue about it. I am not saying we have baby Crosbys and Ovechkins down there because I would be lying. But we do have some GREAT d-men as prospects (not in HF necessarily, in JR’s, etc).

    I tell you right now- in 5 years we will have the best goaltending duo and one of the top defense corps in the league, assuming no major injuries and assuming Lundqvist and Montoya play A1, A2.

    HF you have no clue about. Night in and out they play a game that would make you proud. Much more N-S, gritty, hardworking than our Rangers. Quite a bit of promise. They might win their championships this year and it will be one of the few times where a team full of youth wins it instead of a team w/ AHL lifers and such

  48. We don’t have room for Montoya with Lundqvist, true.

    We also didn’t have room for Richter with Beezer….

  49. I am interested to see how Stall and Sanguinetti develop over the next few years. Will they be held back like our other prospects have been over the past few years?

  50. I wouldn’t mind them try to work out Henrik and Montoya as long as possible, but in the end both are #1 goaltenders in the NHL and it would not be realistic for too long. Just like Richter/Beezer didn’t work for all too long. After a while it is just not fair, nor does it make sense

  51. onecupin67years on

    BP your very optimistic ,you describe the furture rangers as the next nhl dynasty .prospects are nothing more than chips.

  52. Staal, “Spaghetti”, Sauer, Baranka, Tyutin, Girardi

    Lundqvist, Montoya.

    Believe me…As far as defense and goaltending, we are in good hands. Every one of those guys aside from “Spaghetti” are less than 2 years away

  53. onecupin67years on

    BP -I hope your right,but the team needs some scorers .
    If one player from each draft,not round, but draft makes the teams that great .Usually drafts don’t produce that well ,some players drafted make it to the nhl but somehow don’t stick with the drafting team ,If all the players you mention panput and stick with the rangers then they may be a power in the league if they can score.

  54. czechthemout!!!!! on

    kovy27-you are a hockey genius.i mean i’d rather be a cotton candy poster than a kool aid drinker.

  55. czechthemout!!!!! on

    bp-we will see when he comes up.however god only knows when that day will be.all i am going by is what i’ve seen.to me he is somewhat soft,and he produces little on offense.but i hope i’am wrong.

  56. DumpJagrDope on

    scouting report on Baranka

    “Baranka is very physical and loves to take the body with authority, the type of qualities absent in many of the Rangers current defensive prospects. He also possesses good speed, puckhandling skills and is an above-average passer. Although he won’t blow you away with his offensive abilities, he has shown at times that he can step up and join the rush and make things happen. But Baranka is first and foremost a defensive defenseman”


    also Baranka has 20 points in 48 games for a low scoring team, his offensive production will be similar to Tyutin.

  57. tigerprodigy on

    guys…lets not call for renneys head just yet. last year everyone was praising him for how he got us to the playoffs. We have very little chemistry on the ice and he has juggled the lines to no great avail. Lets see how the next month plays out…we do though need desperate hockey, play like you get paid a million

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