JD is back…at least for an afternoon


Along with the usual team updates — Tyutin’s knee, Shanny’s head, Straka’s shoulder — I spent most of yesterday working on a story about “John Davidson’s return to the Garden”:http://www.thejournalnews.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20070303/SPORTS01/703030388/1034/SPORTS today.

One of the personal disappointments heading into this season was knowing JD wasn’t going to be around seeing how he was one of the few people involved with the Rangers that I knew fairly well beforehand. As many of you know, JD is an avid golfer — or at least he had been an avid golfer before he got a real job — and since I had been covering golf for several years before this season, he and I always had plenty to talk about.

Anyway, there were two related nuggets that never got in to the story, both by way of Tom Renney when I asked the coach about JD.

One is this, and it speaks to the rare influence Davidson had as a broadcaster: when Renney first got the job as Rangers coach, he made a point of sitting down with JD since he thought Davidson had a better feel for Rangers fans than anyone.

“I said, ‘You’ve been here forever, John. What are the fans looking for here? What do they like in their team? What’s their need and what’s their desire?” Renney said. “He was very good to me in explaining and giving his take. I thought it was excellent insight and a very smart move on my part. One of the few I’ve made, I suppose.”

In fact, so appreciative was Renney for Davidson’s advice that he was happy to return the favor earlier this season. That was when the Blues got off to a dismal start and Davidson was preparing to fire coach Mike Kitchen. Knowing that Renney had a window into potential replacement Andy Murray, Davidson called Renney.

“I knew Andy really well. We’re good friends and we’ve worked together in the past,” Renney said. “So I hope I was able to pay (John) back because he sure helped me out.”

Sure enough, Davidson hired Murray, and the Blues have actually played impressive hockey ever since. Of course, given the importance of tomorrow’s game for the Rangers, I remarked to Renney he should hope his gesture doesn’t come back to bite him.

The coach rolled his eyes.


I’ll have more from the Garden in a bit. No word on Martin Straka yet. But that, along with the new defensive pairings, will be the most pressing news pre-game….

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  1. “I said, ‘You’ve been here forever, John. What are the fans looking for here? What do they like in their team? What’s their need and what’s their desire?�

    Well, Tom, the fans will love it when you don’t bench the veterans for playing like crap, but send the kids upstairs to sit with Sather if they make just one rookie mistake. Also, Blair Betts on the powerplay. The fans eat that up. And when you give rambling interviews, esp. post-game after a loss, where you b.s. them, they never get enough of those. Oh, and I almost forgot. Their favorite is when you’re outcoached. They’ll love you for that.

  2. brain surgeon at present who do you want on the powerplay Hollwegg? Orr? How about Isbister?

    We have so many snipers……

    another monday morning QB…

  3. Longtimerangerfan on

    Yep, he certainly didn’t listen to JD unless JD was just blowing smoke up our collective butts.

  4. Sam Renney many times has proven how clueless and insecure he really is, just by talking, and then backs it up with his actions and inactions.

  5. Longtimerangerfan on

    Sam, in your audio interview, someone asked Renney if the recent blown losses are frustrating and he said they weren’t. How in the hell can he say that!!!! It sure is frustrating to me and to all other Ranger fans.

  6. Longtimerangerfan on

    JD must have been pretty good playing golf four or five times a week…ever play with him Sam? I played Whippoorwill a long time ago with my boss who was a member.

  7. Too bad that Davidson’s credibility was so damaged by having to two-step and sugar-coat the godawful years after 1997 when Dolanism began its death grip. To listen to him defending the incompetence and the shamelessness which we were witnessing night in and night out was unfortunate for all parties concerned.

    He knew if he told the truth he would be Marv Alberted; that’s what happens in DolanLand. But while his shilling can be explained by simple self-interest, a very human trait that we all share, there sure was no honor in it for him.

  8. czechthemout!!!!! on

    forget a win tonite.the highly impressive year old nver was goalie will start instead of the king.on the surface i am ok with that.but once again the moron refuses to play a deserving young player in favor of a nothing,piece of garbage vet who cannot play in the nhl.al montoya has desereved a shot to play in the game today.he is the ahl goalie of the month!!!!how can any fan have nothing but contempt and dislike for the hyeena when yet again a deserving kid gets over looked for a life long ahl scrub!!!!!!just amazing.

  9. as per the NYT the NYR have not won a playoff game since 1997. There’s one thing Renney can try to do next year, when his clueless bosses bring him back.

  10. czechthemout!!!!! on


  11. DumpJagrDope on

    JD is an idiot, it is so obvious as soon as he came over the Blues he started a shopping spree for every over the hill veteran he could get his hands on:

    Cajanek, Weight, Rucinsky, Drake, Guerin, Dvorak, McKee, Legace the idiot seems to have never learned his lesson here. Some people just don’t get that you have to play young players, not big names.

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