Practice delayed


Adding to the misadventures of this season, many players had trouble getting to the rink today because of the weather, and are only trickling on the ice now.

Interestingly, for a while, Kevin Weekes was the only player on the ice, and was getting in some angle work with goaltending coach Benoit Allaire. Don’t expect Weekes back anytime soon, though. He didn’t face any serious shots, and has still been hobbling around the dressing room of late.

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  1. Sam,

    any chance you can ask Renney why Prucha has not played in overtime all season? Also why he is rarely on the ice when there is a tie in the third period?

  2. Hey Pete, easy with the pressure on Sam to ask a pertinent question! What are you trying to do, get him audited? Lose his credentials? No longer be able to scarf down the Garden’s possibly disease-causing pre-game spread?

  3. Pete

    I think Prucha’s limited ice in OT is simply Renney’s bush league version of shut down hockey. Sounds strange? It is very curioous that the coach doesn’t show confidence in his offensive plyers in ot . Renney loses games before the games are over.

  4. # Hanny March 2nd, 2007 at 1:15 pm

    Chris: couldn’t have said it better myself. Renney must go. Here’s a question… what coaches are available out there right now? Think Schony’s ready for the big club? Or is there someone else out there?

    # John M March 2nd, 2007 at 1:23 pm

    Mike Keenan..Mark Messier…Pat Quinn…Any Sutter..

  5. Hanny

    Anyone who writes that he is “not at liberty to reveal” the nature of his employment is by definition an internet tough guy/blowhard. Since when is making sandwiches a matter of national security?

    Just wondering: Do you think Sam asking Renney such a question about Prucha’s usage in OT crosses the line?

  6. why would prucha be out there in OT?

    he’s not fast he’s not great defensively he doesn’t make many plays on his own which is what 4 on 4 is all about. makes no sense..

    anyway sam as soon as you get info on toots post it please. also find out why renney insists on going with isbister,pock, and immo instead of callahan, baranka, and dubinsky when clearly they are the better players.

  7. Tala… making sandwiches. Right. Whatever makes you feel better, tough guy.

    No, that’s a perfectly valid question. What I have a problem with was your sarcasting response up there. But the question is perfectly fine, as long as it’s asked in the proper way. However, you and a scant few others have been arguing that Sam take Renney to task for his crap. That’s what I have a problem with. You can’t honestly think that acting like that IN THEIR FACILITY is either proper or professional.

    You want that question asked, this is how you do it: “Tom, looking at the shift chart, it seems Prucha hasn’t had much time on the ice at the end of the games, or in overtime. Is that just an experience thing? Or are you trying for a more defensive approach to help get into the shootout?”

    The way you’ve been arguing, you want Sam to ask it like: “Tom, why do you hate Prucha? Why won’t you use him in overtime? Why won’t you call up every single young kid in Hartford, no matter what the waiver rules are? Why won’t you bench every player on your team right now? Do you know what you’re doing? Why do you suck?”

    Tala… Do us all a favor. Take a breath, use your head, and keep quiet for at least one of Sam’s posts. I’m done with you.


  8. Kovy how can you criticize Immonen. If he plays next yr as the 1st center I’m sure we’ll win the cup! After all he was part of the Leetch trade.

  9. Mario Marois on

    I don’t really get guys like Talafous. The team stinks, everyone knows they stink. Generally the reporters have been writing about how much they stink. So, what exactly is the problem?

  10. Hanny

    Your words, directed to me in an effort o discredit my argument: “The way you’ve been arguing, you want Sam to ask it like: …”Why won’t you use (Prucha) in overtime?”

    Yes. That’s right. That’s all I’m asking for. Thank you for framing it so directly.

  11. hockeymanrangers on

    Come one people, Prucha is usually a maniac out there. He gives it his all all the time every shift. Ok he hasn’t scored as much as we would like but he is one of the teams 100% hustlers.

  12. Prucha created a few goals for himself last year. He isn’t the fastest skater on the team, but he isn’t slow either. I remember a couple last year he scored by racing down the left side and then beating the goalie with a quick shot.

    Also, Isbister doesn’t look like he is going anywhere – he isn’t on the Pack’s playoff roster.

  13. # John M March 2nd, 2007 at 11:57 am



    Do the Rangers actually practice the formations to use when they break into the offensive zone? I find it hard to believe that 5 months into the season that they still break in 3 straight across all the way to the net. No one ever becomes the trailer and the player carrying the puck never looks for a trailer. Is that by design? Also, do they practice break outs on turnovers? It sure doesn’t look like it during the games.

  14. Peter Pat Burns might come, but he likes the devils. And it’s doubtful Sather or he both want each other.

  15. HANNY: “chard… If you’re comparing a hockey team and it’s frustrated fans to the people tasked with following the leader of the free world… then YOU are the moron.”

    Hanny, the way you throw around the word “moron”, you must work for a very mature, prestigious, literate, classy publication. No wonder they hired you.

    HANNY: “I’m not at liberty to discuss whom I work for. You don’t understand how to be a SPORTS reporter. Plain and simple. Especially in this town, EVERYONE sees what you read and what you say. If they don’t like what you ask/write, you’ll get crap for it. Maybe next time there’s a trade in the works, they won’t give you a scoop. Maybe next time there’s a presser, they won’t call on you. Maybe when it’s time to renew your plates or your credentials, they “loseâ€? them.”

    Obviously, you’re not a Woodward or a Bernstein. A reporter who had a pair, would write a piercingly hard story when the occasion calls for it (which in Rangerland is almost every night). Then, if they mess with you or your credentials, then you expose them for those practices. Otherwise, you’re just a note taker. Whether it’s in the press room of the White House or the Ranger locker room, it’s still journalism. Unless, you just got into journalism for the free food and to show off your press badge.

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