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Assuming I have not screwed this up entirely, you should be able to access some audio from today with Tom Renney below.


Unfortunately I still haven’t figured out how to edit this stuff properly, so you have to endure some dead air along with some annoying questions from a TV guy to start (also note the strange techno music playing in the background).

Meanwhile, for those of you who still value the written word, I’ll pass along the most pressing news:

  • Fedor Tyutin is on crutches but has yet to be seen by a doctor. With Tyutin unlikely for tomorrow, Renney said the team is considering calling someone up from Hartford.
  • Martin Straka skated today but will be a game-time decision tomorrow.
  • Brendan Shanahan is still experiencing symptoms from his concussion, and is expected to meet with his neurologist today.
  • Brad Isbister was not placed on Hartford’s clear day roster, meaning he is locked into staying with the Rangers for the duration. You’ll hear that I asked Renney if that’s a reflection on Shanahan’s condition.

    Anyway, more later…

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    1. I think Valiquette needs to play tomorrow. Henrik, for all his great play of late, looked extremely shaky last night in the third period, and was giving up rebounds all game long. If there’s ever a game to rest him, it would be this one, since it’s a crappy team, and an early afternoon game. We have the Isles home-and-home next week, for which he’ll need to be especially sharp. Thoughts?

    2. And by the way, this needs to be addressed too: why in the world would a home team EVER choose to go first in a shootout? What was Renney thinking? Can someone justify this? It’s the equivalent of the Mets playing a game at Shea and deciding to bat first; why would you ever give up ‘last licks’ when you don’t have to?

    3. Great job as usual – love new audio addition.
      Has the question of lousy officiating been addressed by Rangers? What does Renney think about his team night in and out coming up on the short end of the calls?

    4. Isbister not being on the clear day roster just means he can’t play for the Pack in the playoffs. He could be sent back down and play between now and the end of the Pack’s regular season, though I agree it looks like he’s here to stay. Interesting that they don’t want to use him in the playoffs, considering how well he was playing for the Pack. I’d suggest it’s a sign the organization really is looking towards the future by allowing the “kids” to get the playoff experience, but I might be accused to drinking too much Kool Aid. ;)

      Also interesting was that Girardi, Valiquette and Immonen were included on the Clear Day Roster, suggesting they’re expected to be available for the Pack’s playoff run… not that any sane Ranger fan doubts that. ;)

      Kaspar, who’s been scratched for a number of games due to “muscle soreness”, was also not included. I’m guessing he’s probably done playing for the year.

    5. isbister being left off the pack’s clear day roster should have nothing to do with the rangers or shanahan. that roster is for the playoffs, rangers season will be over April 7th. hartford’s season ends april 15th, playoffs probably start the 18th more than enough time for isbister to join them if the rangers wanted him playing down there…the decision imo has more to do with wanting prospects like jessiman to get the playing time instead.

      with other injuries all indication is that immonen and girardi will finish the year in ny too but they are both on the clear day roster.

    6. Audio. Polls. This is getting sophisticated.

      Did you tell Renney you were going to post the interview online?

      Isbister here to stay. Unfortunate. I think Girardi has proved that NHL experience isn’t always more valuable than talent.

    7. Damn, why not Isbister on the Pack clear day roster? The Rangers will be done with the season and we need him!

      Well, at least Girardi and Immonen will be back.

    8. Adam Z many home teams choose to shoot 1st in the SO. So stop the nonsense that Renny in this instance made some tactical mistake…

      Yea, Valiguette in goal Saturday. After he gave up 5 goals you would then say why did he start him. He looked very bad in his 19 minute outing, Henrik needs to play. If Henrik is tired to bad, Brodeur plays everyday and he is 34 yrs old.

      BTW after mondays game they next play thursday….

    9. Stuart

      If many home teams choose to shoot first, then many home teams are making the same mistake. That answer is not a justification for it. So again, I ask: why would a home team voluntarily give up last licks? Why does that ever make sense?

      On the goalies: Brodeur is quite used to the workload. Henrik is not; he has played in 28 straight games. This is unprecedented territory for him; for all we depend on him, he’s still only a second-year NHL goaltender. Plus, he faces a lot more shots than Brodeur does in a typical game. Besides, with the team being so adept at giving up third period leads, teams often play tighter defensively when they know their starting goalie is not there to bail them out. I think that could get us back on track in terms of avoiding late-game meltdowns.

    10. look up the stats. the Rangers have given up the sixth fewest shots in the league……….

      The Rangers by most stats should have a much better record.. Look at the shots taken, shots given up, goal differential, and goals allowed.

      And again to your question many teams choose to shoot first, I assume it is too pressure the other teams goalie, but for you to say it is a bad strategy is a joke… Then why would many of the teams do it? To them it is a good strategy. The Rangers have alot of confidence in Henrik in SO and that is why they do it…

      As far as Henrik being tired, because of their circumstances they have no choice, they need every point possible….

    11. I’m pretty sure Lundy played the lion’s share of games for Frolunda. 28 in a row is nothing for him. If it was, you’d have seen Vally in goal by now.

    12. Adam Z…you just said the magic words regarding Saturday’s match against a “crappy team”. No way the Rangers win…Renney and his boys hate playing on the weekend. It’s a nuisance. Especially an afternoon game…which means their usual pre-game nap will start around the middle of the second period…

      They’re gonna drop tomorrow’s game…and no way do they even get a point against the Isles in those two games. Isles are always up for these games, the Rangers pretend it’s okay…so no way do we win. Especially with the Isles knowing they can KO the Rangers by beating them.

      Ugh, it’s gonna be a fun week. LOL

    13. Chris don’t go in any tall buildings.

      Can you try to be any more negative?

      Also the Rangers can only lose once this weekend…..

    14. Sam,

      You already had a great blog.
      Now your just being cocky!

      But seriously, you are doinog GREAT!
      Love the audio. Keep it up.

      Everything except that damn techno garbage that is.



    15. Sorry I am very late with this posting, but it has taken me a while to recover from last night’s game.

      Two Ranger brain farts and one from the ref cost us three goals. From the Ranger side, shows you again what we have seen all along — this year the team is not mentally prepared or focused.

      Not acceptable. This goes from the last guy on the roster right up to Sather.

    16. Vally? Are kidding? We will never see him start a game. at least I hope. I dont see why they dont give Montoya shot.

    17. I think they can’t give Montoya a shot now because of the rules involved with calling him up. I’m not too sure about how the callups/reassignments work… but I know that in some cases, players have to clear hurdles just to come up, nevermind waivers on the way back down.

      Besides… do you think Montoya is really ready? Especially since the playoffs are still sort of within reach? Comes down to this. If you really honestly think they should give Montoya a shot right now, then you obviously have given up on making the playoffs. If you stick with Lundqvist, you’re at least trying to make up the ground.

      Personally, I’d like to see them try Montoya because even if we DO get to the playoffs, there’s no way on God’s green earth this team will make it out of the first round. Let’s not kid ourselves here. And if that happens, then we’re stuck with a crap draft position. (Not that it matters… our drafting has been fairly suspect recently.)

    18. Sam… question for you. Maybe you’ve heard something up there today. Are the Blues practicing today, and if so where? I’m wondering if the Rangers would allow them the use of the TC today… or if the Blues would just practice at the Garden tomorrow morning…

      And any word on what kind of tribute they’re planning for JD? Anything besides the usual video montage from Johnny R. and the boys?

    19. Stuart

      Fair enough on the shots this year; Hank actually has faced fewer per game than Brodeur does this season. So my bad on that. But I don’t think anyone would argue that, on a game-by-game basis, given the styles of play of both teams, Brodeur generally has much less of a workload (shots attempted, defensive breakdowns, scrambles, traffic in front of the net, etc) than Lundqvist. There’s no way he wouldn’t benefit from a one game off.

      I also checked Hank’s career numbers. The most games he ever played in non-NHL season is 48. Last year he played in 53 total (not counting playoffs). This year he’s already played in 53. If he runs the table for the rest of the year, that’ll be 71 games played. I think that’s insane. And both for the short- and long-term, it’s detrimental for him and the team.

      And again, on shootouts. The rule last year was that home teams automatically shot second, right? Why would that make it that way? Well, because like having the last line change, it’s a home-ice advantage. Would we ever choose to give up the last line change? I don’t think so. So why ever choose to give up this advantage? It’s really simple: you shoot second so that no matter what happens, the game can never end immediately after your opponent scores. Why would you ever give that up?

    20. Mario Marois on

      Adam, they changed it because road teams (shooting first) won over 60 percent of last year’s shootouts. They wanted to give the home team the option.

    21. Adam Z. — “Would we ever choose to give up the last line change?”

      Renney does almost every home game. I’ve often wondered why our line is out there before the opp’s is.

    22. Adam. On the goalie issue, they really have no choice.. Valiquette looked terrible and Weekes is hurt. I saw Valiquette a few yrs. ago start a game for them and he played fine…. They need to ride Henrik until they get eliminated.. I think if they used Valiquette in game 2 of back to backs that would be more palatable because of the obvious fatigue issue..

      The #’s on D for the Rangers are suprisingly good, I can’t understand them myself. With Rachunek and company you would figure shots allowed and goals against would be high but they are not.

      They simply have very little 3rd and 4th line scoring…..

      And they have lost 20 1 goal games, we all know 5 games that drive us crazy, ; Pittsburgh 6 -5 goal off A Ward after the bad call in the offensive zone on jagr, the tampa and florida 3rd period no point meltdowns, columbsu, philly recently, and on and on….

    23. Maybe they left Isbister off the clear day roster because he simply sucks! he did last night, atrocious.

    24. As if we needed more reason to be upset over last night… just got this off the daily media email:

      *From Elias:* 18-year-old Jordan Staal tied the NHL record for shorthanded goals in one season by a rookie when he scored with the Penguins down a man early in the third period of their game against the Rangers. It was Staal’s sixth shorthanded goal, tying the mark set by Vancouver’s Gerry Minor in 1980-81 and matched by New Jersey’s John Madden in 1999-2000. No other player in NHL history has scored more than one shorthanded goal before his 19th birthday.

    25. I know Henrik plays the “butterfly style” of which Benoit Allaire is a major proponent. Has any one else noticed the alarming number of goals which go into the upper corners of our net. The 1st goal last night was a perfect example. As soon as the skater begins his motion towards shooting, Henrik immediately drops to his knees.

      Nice audio touch Sam. Can we try it on someone other than Renney and his techno-coach speak?

    26. Regarding the Pack’s Clear Day list if the following (per the AHL) is considered some of those decisions as to who’s not on the roster and who is fall into place.

      -According to AHL by-laws, only those players listed on a team’s Clear Day roster are eligible to compete in the remainder of the AHL regular season and in the 2007 Calder Cup Playoffs, unless emergency conditions arise as a result of recall, injury or suspension. Teams may also add signed junior players or players on amateur tryout contracts after their respective seasons are complete.

      There are two places being “held” on the Clear Day Roster by players (a forward who has played defense in a pinch and a pure defenseman considered injured and unable to play); specifically Craig Welller (post concussion syndrome) and Bryce Lampman (eye injury).

      (Both of them would fit under the “emergency-injured” provision and could open spaces for the likes of Isbister, Martin Richter or Darius Kasparaitis.)

      Also, Juniors such as Staal are eligible to play for the Pack (even though they’re not on the Clear Day Roster) once their clubs are done with their regular seasons and playoffs.

      Hanny – Montoya has not played or been on a pro roster long enough to require rentry waivers for recall or (regular) waivers to be sent down. Isbister does, but there’s little chance he’d be claimed. (This is covered under the “Waivers” section of the CBA available on the NHLPA site – lotta gobbleydegook and also on some sort of agreement between the NHL and Professional Hockey Players Association (minor-league version of the PHLPA) which came into play with Valiqutte’s recall was under some sort of “emergency exception” that precluded waivers being required. As I remember it it was beyond the CBA and it was under the provisions of some sort of agreement between the NHL and PHPA (Professional Hockey Players Association, a minor league equivalent of the NHLPA).

      BTW, whenever the Rangers are “finished” Girardi can play for the Pack inasmuch as like Montoya, no waivers are required on him going either way. Also, Isbister might have required reentry waivers for recall but maybe not – there’s some sort of “grace” period between the time a player passes through waivers and when his club wants to move him up or down again.

      As far as Dan goes, no brainer there – he’d immediatly resume being the Pack’s top d-man.

      The short of it is that despite the published “rules” there are all sorts of vague exceptions – mostly kept unpublicized – that permit clubs to do what they want.

    27. Stuart, you are right about those five games. I’ll add last night’s game as the sixth. Why do they drive us crazy? Because 1) we blew leads in all of them, 2) four of those six leads were held in the third period, 3) four of the six were at home, and 4) Lundqvist started five of the games.

      You’re also right that our D numbers don’t look so bad on their face. You have to dig deeper to find out why we suck. It’s because we get worse in every period. Goals allowed, shots allowed…gets continually worse by period. We’re also 26th in the league in save percentage at home.

      Bottom line: we get very lazy in third periods, and part of that HAS to be because we take Hank for granted back there. This team needs to play sound defense in front of the goalie at home in third periods. I think the best way to jumpstart them is, pardon the pun, for them to remove the safety net for one game.

    28. Can’t they bring Montoya up to give Henrik a break. I don’t think he has to go through waivers. When Weekes went down with injury Montoya was hurt but he seems to be healthy now. The STL game would have been a good game to switch it up to get Henrik a much needed breather.

    29. Maybe we could put JD in nets against his team. That would have to be an NHL first.

    30. From Steve Zipay’s blog. This is scary:

      Defenseman Darius Kasparaitis was taken by ambulance to Hartford Hospital for observation after Wolf Pack practice yesterday, apparently suffering from shortness of breath, according to Bruce Berlet of the Hartford Courant.
      In a phone call a few minutes ago, Berlet said Kasparaitis, who has been rehabbing from off-season abdominal surgery and hasn’t been playing in games recently, left the ice and was on the bench “sobbing uncontrollably’ and was consoled by coaches.
      Kasparaitis, 34, cleared waivers after appearing in 24 games for the Rangers, and has been in Hartford since Jan. 27. It was his second stint in the minors this season; the first was for the entire month of November for rehab. When he returned, he played 17 consecutive games for the Rangers before being re-assigned again.
      The team was en route to Philadelphia and Berlet was going to check on Kaspar’s condition later.

    31. hockeymanrangers on

      Great Audio Sam, except I would have liked to hear Renny speak with a little more concern. Even if it’s acting, this guy is way to low key for me. Show some passion Renny, maybe this is the some of the problem with your team???????

    32. Henrik’s scouting request has always been to shoot high. He does seem to be going down too early, but im not a goalie coach. i appreciate the audio, except listening to Renney gives me a headache. Isbister looked terrible last nite yet he gets to stay up. When I saw him get on the ice in overtime I knew Renney wanted a shootout. I did not mean to be antagonizing about Prucha not playing towards the end of games, but if they were truly trying to develop a player/program, you would want to put your young stars in important positions. They should be playing all these games like they are must wins playoff games. As such, with the game tied at the end of the third or in overtime, would you really want isbister/ortmeyer/hollweg/cullen to be playing more than Prucha. They are adequate at preventing scoring opportunities (tho not great) but they are almost assuredly not going to score.

    33. Short of an injury, Henrik has to play. Obviously if we don’t win most of our remaining games, there are no playoffs which are a longshot at best right now.

      The cap system probably means that the days of 2 really good goaltenders are gone. If the King is our guy, he’s going to have to get used to lots of games. That makes it mandatory to improve our d-men. Oops, I’m sorry. I forgot Sather was still here.

    34. DumpJagrDope on

      to those that think that last loss is not on Renney:

      why is it that Prucha who was on a 5 or 6 game scoring streak get under 12 minutes of icetime, is this coach insane? Why is Isbister playing instead of Callahan? Why is our goon getting more than 3 minutes of icetime (in fact almost 10 minutes) while our 3rd line center (who should be a 2nd line center) gets under 9 minutes of ice? Stop defending this piece of shit coach.

    35. DumpJagrDope on

      maybe the problem with this team is because they listen to crappy music instead of Heavy Metal which would get them going and blood pumping in their veins.

    36. the background music almost made Renney’s droning tolerable.

      otherwise, it was a treat to get to hear a reporter’s notes in raw form. thanks!

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