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Fedor Tyutin’s condition is being described as a sprain to his left MCL. Still no word on how long he’ll be out.

It’s good to be the Penguins: On one end of the hallway tonight, Evgeni Malkin was chatting up two blonde models, with a tanned Mario Lemieux standing nearby.

It’s no good to be the Rangers: After the game, Jaromir Jagr sat alone at his locker stall long after most of his teammates had left the room (only an equally demoralized Henrik Lundqvist was left). Jagr scanned the scoresheet, then just stared blankly into space.

The Rangers captain looked puzzled. Welcome to the club.

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  1. “It’s quintesentially evident that I am unable to find my posterior with both hands, and heretofore have been unequivocal in my peregrinations as to the perambulations that require a ————————————”



  2. Jagr played well tonite. This loss is not on HIM.

    You know he cares about this team and winning.
    He just needs a good coach to put him in his place and in to the right position to succeed.

    I wanted to puke up my dinner after watching the team get raped of a W.

    Cut Sam some slack. It’s late and he devotes most of his waking time to this team. If you don’t like his posts, just keep your comments to yourself and leave!

  3. Every guy on this team, this coaching staff, this front office, this entire f***ing franchise could walk into a cat house with hundred dollar bills stuffed in every pocket in every garment on every portion of their body ——— and still not get laid.

    Blow it up. From top to bottom.

    And don’t forget the kiss-ass reporters too. Grow a pair, Sam!

  4. Talafous

    You wouldn’t last one hour as a reporter covering this franchise.

    With the amount of PR and censorship Dolan & Co. have going on, your ass would be chucked if you took a tone like this with the team.

    I’m happy with the insights Sam brings to the table.

    Again, if you hate his posts so much, then just disappear.

  5. Losers. what is up?

    They played pretty good, made mistakes in the 3rd and blew the point.

    They were undermanned and battled.. Why does the D need to pinch on the PP when up by 2 goals???

    Mara nad everyones favaorite Malik played fine….

    Henrik screwed up on the 2nd goal that was all his fault….

  6. All Sam did here was sum up post game injuries and described in great contrast the difference between feeling like a Penguin or Ranger right now.

    He summed up Jagr’sand Lundqvist’s post game attitudes and did NOT shower this team with any praise…Just the opposite.

    So stop bitching at Sam because you’re angry at another shitty Ranger’s loss. GROW UP!

  7. BlueClueless

    You are a prize weenie! How do you explain Brooks and his sardonic, caustic (ie. honest) reporting of the disaster this team has been this year? Has he been run out of town? Are you a complete melonhead, or do you just play one on this blog?

  8. Sam implies that “puzzled” is the operative term in discussing this team. Puzzled!?! What is puzzling about a franchise that puts PR, image, and selling suites (to name but a few of the thousand items on the list) above WINNING???

    There is no puzzle here!! What there is is plain to see: Incompetence. Tolerance of mediocrity. Gutlessness. Idiocy.

    And doofuses like BlueClueless keep drinking the KoolAid.

  9. TalaPussy….A prize weenie? Melonhead?

    Where do you come from? Jeez!

    I read Brooks every day and he is in no way harsh on this team. Yes, he says we are not very good, but he doesn’t call out Renney and ostracize him. He slams the team collectively, but never addresses the root of the problem.


    It’s easy to play armchair politics, something you seem pretty good at.

    Stop Whining moron!

  10. Was Jagr schooled by a 19 year old, or was Lundqvist?

    Those goals, at least one soft, seemed to be mostly on him. The D did a decent job.

    Oh… and HOSSA.


    Here are the most recent Brooks headlines as well as a full article in perhaps the worst loss of the year; one in which Renney was terrible by not having ORR in the lineup and the game where Shanahan got injured. Brooks should have been all over the coach and team for this loss, but read the article.
    He was soft throughout and didn’t single out anyone in particular or offer any ways to make this team better.


    February 18, 2007 — This was more than a disappointing defeat at the Garden. This was a calamitous afternoon for the Rangers.

    It was bad enough within context for the 11th-place Blueshirts to have lost 5-3 to the bottom-feeding Flyers, bad enough to have lost Henrik Lundqvist to a left-shoulder injury the goaltender sustained when struck by a blistering second-period slap shot.

    But hockey aside (or not), calamity struck when Brendan Shanahan was knocked out cold and was wheeled off the ice immobilized, a collar around his neck, strapped to a stretcher after regaining consciousness in the aftermath of a frightening, full-force, open-ice, blind-side , neutral-zone collision with Mike Knuble at 7:27 of the third period that sent both big men to the ice in a heap.

    Shanahan, whose chin snapped back upon sustaining the blow, appeared unconscious before hitting the ice. He remained flat on his back for nearly 10 minutes while Knuble was able to finally wobble to his feet.

    Shanahan was taken by ambulance to St. Vincent’s Hospital, and the Rangers reported at 4:45 p.m. that the 38-year-old winger was “alert and responsive;” had undergone CAT scans and X-rays that were “clear;” and had avoided neck and back injuries, at least of consequence. It is, however, all but impossible for him to have escaped a concussion. Shanahan remained in the hospital overnight for observation.

    “Brendan was talking and moving before he left, so we knew that it wasn’t the worst,” Jaromir Jagr said. “It’s very hard seeing a teammate and friend go down like that, but you have to go forward and you have to still do your best to win the game.

    “What choice is there? There’s no other way for us as players to help.”

    It is impossible to determine when Shanahan will be able to return to the lineup, but just as surely as he won’t play this afternoon when the Blackhawks come to the Garden, his availability for the home-and-home series against the Devils this week is most doubtful.


    For the short term, the Rangers are at their roster limit and thus won’t be able to recall a scoring winger for today’s match unless Shanahan goes on seven-day injured reserve. For the long term, depending upon Shanahan’s prognosis, the Rangers may change their strategy on the fly as the Feb. 27 trade deadline approaches and investigate the cost of acquiring Billy Guerin from St. Louis.

    The Blueshirts may need to dip into the AHL Wolf Pack roster for a defenseman, what with Marek Malik suffering a second-period left-arm injury. The Rangers will be forced to choose between inserting Thomas Pock (a scratch the past four games) into the lineup today, or placing Malik, who missed three games earlier this month with a left shoulder strain, on IR and recalling Ivan Baranka.

    Then there’s the situation in nets. Lundqvist, who played the rest of the second period after taking the Geoff Sanderson slap shot at 1:25 before being replaced for the third by Stephen Valiquette, said he was certain he’d be able to go today. But who knows? The Rangers are believed considering recalling Al Montoya from the Wolf Pack today as Valiquette (recalled from Hartford on Wednesday when Kevin Weekes went down with a thigh-muscle injury) appeared ill at ease over the final 20 minutes. Waivers are not required for this move.

    As for the game in which Todd Fedoruk and Derian Hatcher repeatedly targeted and pounded Jagr, and which was followed by a screaming match in the locker-room corridor between Sean Avery and Philadelphia assistant coach Craig Berube, the Rangers essentially lost it by failing to score on 8:00 of power-play time within the opening 12:40. Beyond that, they never did engage to the required degree.

    “We needed to initiate and sustain and we chose not to do that,” Renney said. “We didn’t look prepared to get our nose dirty. Philadelphia sensed that.”

    All in all, a very bad day on Broadway.

  12. when the corner store is selling tainted food, it is up to the media to confront the mgr. of that store.

    and when the local hockey team is selling a tainted team, it is up to the media to confront the coach and captain of that team.

  13. BlueClueless

    You write things like “Ass chucked”? “Raped of a W”? “Armchair politics”? And you wanna know where I am from?

    Look, loser. Stop apologizing for the bootlickers who believe it’s some impenetrable mystery as to why this losing is happening. It is only puzzling to idiots like you.

  14. Blue, Brooks has questioned Renney. And he’s absolutely called out Sather. And he mocks the Dolans relentlessly.

  15. Talafous

    Prize weenie…melonhead…Are you in kindergarden?

    I am not puzzled as to why this team is losing.


    I just disproved you on your Larry Brooks claim.

    You are the idiot here, don’t forget that.

  16. Yes he has questioned Renney…not slammed him. He didn’t tell him to “grow a pair” as our friend Talafous did. I was pointing out the difference.

  17. Renney is hapless, but he is merely a symptom of the disease. The disease is Dolan, and the most virulent carrier is Sather.

    The Rangers are condemned to be a shitty hockey team as long as ownership/management remains the same.

    And somehow we are supposed to believe this team’s failure is puzzling??

  18. Talafous

    If you read my posts over the past 2 weeks, I have said many times that this team will never turn around until Dolan, Sather and Co. are gone.

    I hate them with a passion. I gave up my season tickets because I hated where theis team has gone over the past 5 years.

    Our whole tiff was over Sam and giving him some credit for the time and work he puts in.

    Thank you-

  19. Good night, BlueClue. And may you dream of a press corps that tells the truth about this disgrace. It is the only way that change will happen — if the media makes it plain it will no longer refuse to report the only story that goes to the heart of the matter: SatherDolan is the devil.

  20. DanTheRangerFan on

    Drum Roll please…Damn you guys sound like a bunch of girls. So lets just all agree that this team currently Sucks and will Suck until a tidal wave hits the front office…

  21. repost…so who is the guy responsible for this team? The one & only Sather, who passed up trading any vets for a big return like plenty of other teams grabbed and ran. …Is MESSIER GM yet? ….Or there will be more of the same until GLEN IS GONE!…postscript, dolan won’t do it until MSG cannot fill 90% of it seats for the NYR. But Glen can hire Messier & save face, rather than doing a bobby clark.

  22. Sam congrats on your awards, keep plugging. This is not an easy job & it’s a tough crowd full of double standards.I hope you have thick skin. Some here forget it’s your job and you need the $ to support your family. God Bless You and thanks for helping most get thru this so far bad season. … Do me one favor, when you see Glen. Ask him…Is MESSIER GM yet? ;)

  23. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    My questios is why Tom puts a forward on the point in a 2-0 led game during a 3rd period power play?!?!!

    My next question is for the fans – why are you still booing Malik? Roszival and Nylander got cheers tonight and they played poorly. Nylander finally scored, but not after “spinning” away from 4-5 previous GREAT shooting opportunities. AND, Roszival can be linked to every goal scored against us!

    Sit Roszival already.

  24. Doodie Machetto on

    Sam, congrats. Looking forward to the audio when it’s available.

    Talafous, I’ve got some bad news for you. What would be accomplished by the press attacking Renney and the front office? Nothing. You think Dolan cares if the fans like him or want him to leave? Ha! All he cares about is money, which the Rangers make him hand over fist, ESPECIALLY since the cap lowered his payroll about 60-70 million bucks.

    All anybody attacking the team will do is ensure them not being allowed to come near the private times for the team, like practices and the locker room before and after game and losing us fans the little bit of inside information on the team that we have. So stop complaining about Sam, he’s doing an excellent job, as evidenced by his recent award victories.

  25. read your posts.. you guys are pathetic. broken record day in and day out. fire this guy and that guy, blah blah blah.

    Talafous where have you coached????

    They lost in OT…

    Did Renny give up an absolut joke goal???

    Henrik has been good this yr. but blew the Detroit game(his clearing mistake), blew tonight(goal 2), blew the Tampa 3 goal 3rd period comeback.

    That is not the coaches fault, should he put in Valiquette??????????????

    They are where they should be, they have lost 20 1 goal games………………….

  26. Like I said on here before if you hate the Rangers so bad from top to bottom stop watching them. I love them through good or bad .Sometimes things just don’t go your way no matter how prepared you think you are. along with all the obvious things you also need a little luck here and there to win, and who has worse luck than the Rangers? Whatever can go wrong usually does. I don’t know how some of you can call yourself Ranger fans. All you do is bitch and moan. Do you really think anybody cares? The lockout proved that the owners care about one thing $$$$$$$$$$$$$ the money. Its all about the money and how they can make it . Winning comes second. Don’t kid yourself into thinking any differant. And for all of you who keep moaning about wanting to see youth and bring up the kids. Go to Hartford and buy yourself a ticket and you can see them all. Honestly some of you people make me sick.

  27. great post Barbara… The rangers had 4 30 yr olds in the lineup tonight;; that is it.

    Jagr(34), Nylander(34), Malik(30), and CUllen(30)….

    that is it.. as a team they are unlucky and also make bad decisions….

  28. the fishies had 12,000 and change attendance 75% full. I heard a fishy fan on XM marveling at the walk up crowd. 1st game with there new star and they could not even sell it out..

    they are a joke….

  29. It is a bummer to see the Rangers’ inability to finish just continue, replayed over and over again from scoring to winning. 60 minutes and a few better shots…

    Sam, you’ve done a great and devoted job all year. Thank you very much for your work, for creating this blog and for continuing to put in the time you do even when some people insist on bashing as they enjoy the site you’ve created and the information you provide. Ignore them as best you can.

  30. Isbister is back in the minors once someon(shanny or Straka) are back.

    Else I say call someone up and send him down, he does not impress me at all….

  31. what a moron. the pre-game show had the info that Henrik has about the best GAA and save % the last 26 games or so, but the Rangers were only about 12-12-2 because they could not score goals.

    and this moron blames henrik, and says HE blew the games, and should Valiquette be put in. what a moron.

  32. DumpJagrDope on

    “It’s no good to be the Rangers: After the game, Jaromir Jagr sat alone at his locker stall long after most of his teammates had left the room (only an equally demoralized Henrik Lundqvist was left). Jagr scanned the scoresheet, then just stared blankly into space.

    The Rangers captain looked puzzled. Welcome to the club.”

    why did he stare at the scoresheet?

  33. DumpJagrDope on

    I missed the game, how did Tyutin get hurt?

    now without Tyutin, Ward and Kasparaitis I bet we have the least physical defense in NHL.

    can someone explain Prucha getting 11+ minutes and Orr getting 9+ minutes?

  34. DanTheRangerFan on

    See the problem here is some of you just said stop complaining about the Ranger Situation. Which I agree many on here whine and complain each time a mistake is made. But and this is a big but you cannot say there isn’t a problem with the front office. It’s clear every day decisions are clearly fogged. Sather is a joke and always will be. Now to coaching Tom Renny is not a Bad coach. He is just not the right coach for the Rangers. He is stuck between a rock and a hard place this season. Barbara your last comment”And for all of you who keep moaning about wanting to see youth and bring up the kids. Go to Hartford and buy yourself a ticket and you can see them all”. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?? I often agree with you in these blogs but this is ridiculous. This team needs to bring up these young players especially at this point in the season where a successful playoff run is unlikely. These kids Dawes, dubinsky,callahan and others should be brought up and kept there for a length of time. Work with them..see what they can do. Not bring them up for a game or two and then sent quickly down like we have always done to them. Many prospects rot away waiting for the chance to use their talents for the blue. When isbister is being brought up…we have to look at ourselves in the mirror ans say What the hell are we thinking? Oh and while we are at it just bench Pock after playing very well…but play rachunek who doesen’t belong in the NHL. Before I say good night..Get off Sam’s back he does a good job, Thanks for the coverage.

  35. On Orr, Renney rolled four lines and all were good. The game was lost on special teams, not five-on-five. If Orr is not there and Laraque and Ruutu would have been unleashed, as happened in the Flyers game. He’s not hurting the team.

    Tyutin got banged up by a hard check from Roberts. The team with Avery and now Mara is more physical than it has been all season. .

  36. Definition of insanity:

    Doing the same thing over and over expecting different results.

    Time for new front office people.

  37. Orr got 9+ minutes because the 4th line did a decent job (apart from Betts cancelling a PP with a stupid interference penalty) – and he didn’t have to spend 5 mins in the penalty box for fighting, sensibly turning down Laraques at least once, plus Renney was rolling 4 lines all night.
    Lets get this right, Crosby didn’t win the game for the Pens, the Rangers collectively lost this game, mostly because they failed to control the puck twice at the point on the PP (and Henrik f**ked up trying to play the puck on one of them) and then allowed the tying goal by leaving a big gap infront of Henrik on the PP for Gonchar to stroll into and rifle one past him (credit to Roberts for distracting the PK unit).
    The Pens scored off each of our errors, we got a point, but it means if we don’t take 3 or 4 points off the Isles we could be out of it, unless the Habs, Leafs and Canes continue to suck.
    Isbister was anonymous last night, could we not have given Bourret a game to get a look at him?

  38. the truth? You want the truth?

    Sam’s man with the A had a terrific game on defense. It was not the defense’s fault when they fail to protect a 2 goal lead in the 3rd…again.

  39. onecupin67years on

    They can only blame themselves .I dont know whether Renney should shoulder all the blame all the time,Sather gave him these players ,true perhaps Renney should instill a fear of losing which obviously seems to be lacking.
    Like Sam said yesterday about the Ranger training facility the Canadiens were using, nice place. The players are spoiled ,they’re treated like a winner without the sacrifices the winning teams go through .Spoiled losers.

  40. I am always amazed at how smart a minimum wage worker is compared to people who have been in an industry their whole
    woring lives ! Everyone knows better than the coach, than the GM, etc, etc, etc. If you were all so smart then you would be working in hockey, not at Wal-Mart !

    If the Rangers are so dysfunctional and unbearable to watch then why not head out to the island and watch them and I am sure you will be much happier albeit until they don’t meet your expectations and then your hockey knowledge and prowess
    will once again rise to the top while your asking ” Would you like a Big Gulp with that? “

  41. from the Sports Illustrated article, I think any reporter who gets too close will find himself persona non grata in the Garden. Yes, Dolan is that nutz, insecure, narcissistic and an addict. He is a very small little wee bit of a man.

    He is Michael, from The Office, on steroids with a billion dollars.

    Until he sells, we are sunk. Daddy’s $ is ruining this franchise. Where else can a GM go 8 seasons without a single playoff victory and NOT lose his job?

  42. beamer–yes lundqvist had a bad game, his first bad game in a long time. but when a guy plays 26 straight games its guaranteed that eventually a stinker will slip in there. even broduer has bad nights…but this one bad night is magnified by the fact that the clowns in front of him can’t do their jobs. over the last 24-25 games based on lundqvist stats the team SHOULD be something like 20-4 instead they were 12-12. if they took advantage of the 20+ games in a row that lundqvist held the other team to an average of 2 goals/game we’d be in a playoff position and last nights game would be no big deal.

    and you say he got beat by a ’19 year old’ like being beat by crosby is something to be embarassed about. i don’t care how young he is, crosby is the best player in the league already

  43. SAM would you take a pole on who to have as GM, Sather, Malonney, Messier, or none of the above? The only problem I have with none of the above is it not being a real choice in Dolan & Sather’s empire.

  44. Rangers Pride on

    I don’t know which game you guys were watching. I think Rangers played great had A LOT of chanses to bury the game ( Holloweg, Hossa, etc). Made 2 defensive mistakes and blew it (story of the season). But our overall team D was great. They were working – taking the body, made Pens life miserable. I guess it was bad luck… JJ played great, ditto Nylander, Cullen, Hossa and Avery (point a game player), Betts stepped up big time. Even though they lost, they showed up tonight and played a much better game then most of their first part of season games, wtih half depleted lineup. Let’s GO RANGERS!!!!

  45. Look, I think we all agree. We’re all frustrated at the points this team has thrown away this season. It’s hard being a Rangers fan right now.

    But anyone who starts attacking Sam is plain and simple, a moron. If you don’t like what he says, then don’t read it. Go elsewhere. Stop attacking him for reporting the truth. You know what? I’m glad he told us Jagr and Lundqvist were lingering around afterwards, both depressed and upset. I am glad to know that our 2 biggest stars take it to heart.

    Sam, don’t listen to these idiots who attack you. Please, continue doing exactly what you’ve been doing all along.

  46. Talafous: You’ve got NO IDEA how the media works, dude. First off, Brooksie is a reckless fair-weather reporter who seldom, if ever, brings anything worth reading to the table. Much like the publication he works for, he’s a sensationalist. Second, I think Sam’s candid look at the Rangers from the inside has been nothing short of spectacular. Truth is, he does ask the hard questions; as hard as they can be without ANTAGONIZING. Take it from someon who’s in the media(news side): there’s a big difference between asking good, solid questions and making stupid, go-nowhere quasi-statements that will get sources to clam up tighter than a bull’s ass in a snowstorm. What, do tell, should Sam ask? Tom, why are you such a clueless moron? Or better yet, Jaromir, why are you such a pouting baby? Should he just flat-out tell both of them they’re a joke? Common. Get real.

    Onto the game…if anything, LUNDQVIST lost that game for them. His moronic play in the corner was just inexcusable. That was the turning point right there. Had he just taken the penalty, it would have been 4-on-4; Rangers win. Other goats, Roszival was a MAJOR goat. There was no excuse for him cutting in on that powerplay, where Staal scored the shorty. HE SHOULD HAVE BEEN MANNING THE POINT, PERIOD. And that’s especially the case if there are four forwards out on the ice(which there were). Third goat of the game goes to the goddamn ref at center ice who called a penalty on Betts in the third, Mr. For-Some-Reason-They-Picked-Me-First-Overall Fleury. If anything, Fleury should have gotten the interference call. He was goddamn five feet out of the crease trying to cover up the puck. And that wasn’t the only time he did that. I don’t know why the refs were blind to that.

    As for the play, I’m going to say I liked what I saw, minus two stupid mistakes and a stupid ref that lost the game. Orr-Betts-Hollweg looked like a very good checking line. Still not 100 percent on Orr, but the later two looked good. Isbister needs to go. He should have tied the game on his breakaway. Hossa continues to show why he’s on first. In truth, he deserved a goal last night. Jagr also played well..and almost scored on the shootout…

  47. Rangers Pride on

    Oh and I was saying “Fire Renney” most of the season too. But this loss is not on him. He matched lines very well tonight – Malkin scorless, Crosby did not score. I thought they shut down Pens offense pretty well. Pens goal scoring happens mostly off the rush, but Rangers D did a good job by taking a body and letting Pens rush in for the most part anyway.

  48. I have to admit the rangers as a team played well this time around and lunquist didn’t play well. Lunquist actually in my opinion gave up to bad goals, the first and second. The third goal was a great hard rising wrist shot that was partially screened by the defensemen. The fact of the matter is this team has given up to many leads going in to the third period which is one of the reasons why this team is not playoff bound. I did like what I saw out of Mara, I thought he played a good game. Mara skated well with the puck and dumped the puck in deep when he skated towards the blueline which is the smart play. Mara also has offensive skills so on the bright side if there is any that appears to be a good trade which is a rare thing with Sather.

  49. Excellent post tdchi. I agree with you 100% on everything. Well said.

    One thing I would like to say is that even though Henrik was to blame for the 2nd goal, I’ll easily give him a pass. How many times this year has he bailed us out and stood on his head? If it weren’t for him, we’d be competing with Philly for the #1 pick.

    It’s nice to know we have a young goalie who should be a mainstay for the next decade.

  50. It’s good to be the Penguins: On one end of the hallway tonight, Evgeni Malkin was chatting up two blonde models, with a tanned Mario Lemieux standing nearby.


  52. Few other notes, it would be one thing if we were stinking up the joint, but with the exception of the gross lost to columbus, you can make a strong case we outplayed both pitt and NJ….This team needs to learn how to win, and stop finding ways to lose…
    Was at the game last night…I think it’s time to bring up callahan and see if he can be a spark on the line with orts and jarko…for the 2nd consecutive gm isbister has done nada…As far as Mara, it was his first game and they were down to only 5 D man, but he wasn’t very phyiscal and looked tentative…With that said he looks like a much better skater than Ward, and he is certainly bigger….like to see him throw the body and utilize his size…

    We need to take care of biz vs the blues, and then gear up for a big week next week. without marty and shanny, it’s def time to bring up some reinforcements…cally should slide right into isbister spot and please no lampman…much rather see baranka given a shot…

  53. SORRY FOR THE TRIPLE POST, One final note from last night, 4th line of betts,hollweg, and Orr played great…renney showed them alot of condifence..not sure if thats also because of the jarko line which was doing nada, but either way i thought they played one of there best games of the season..Hollweg played almost 11 min, orr played almost 10!!
    Well deserved…

  54. Rangers Pride on

    Yeap agreed Isbister has to be switched with Callahan. Rangers had so many chances last night including Isbister breakaway where he lost the puck. The problem is cashing in on these chances. We need guys who have skills. Hololweg would have done a better job then Isbister.

  55. Isbister makes no sense why he is on this team. One of the kids in the farm system should be playing not a washed up veteran who nobody wants. I don’t think that the rangers couldn’t finish there chances. In my opinion Fluery had a great game, unfourtunately for the rangers.

  56. I agree. We still can’t give up. They are 5 points behind a crappy Montreal team with 2 games in hand, 4 points behind Carolina with 2 games in hand, and 2 points behind Toronto.

    This is far from over. The 8 games with the NYI, MTL, CAR, and TOR are huge. Those are all big 4 point games. They need to win no less than 7 of them. And Gregg is right, they are outplaying these teams like NJ and PIT. They just keep making one or two stupid mistakes to lose.

    I know we say the team isn’t scoring much, but honestly, they need to concentrate on D first. Take a look at their schedule since February 1st. When they give up 2 or less goals, they are 5-1-2. That’s 12 points out of a possible 16.

  57. Isbister played all of 8 minutes…I’d rather leave the kids down in Hartford and get double that in key situations…having Isbister opening and closing the bench door is a lot better than having Callahan or Dawes do so…

  58. The big question that arises this year – disappointing though it has been – are really what does it say that the team has lost 20 1-goal games? It says first of all that the team is competitive almost every night, regardless of whether a large lead is blown or not. Does that mean the team is just a few players away from winning those games, or is the team as constututed now without injuries good enough but completely lacking in the coaching and confidence departments?

    I think it’s a combination of things. I think going into next year the Rangers have an opportunity to be a much better team if they make the right moves. If not it’s going to be a long year again:

    1. The team needs better defensemen, period. Malik and Rozival are at best a second pair and probably a third. Tyutin might be a #2, but makes a terrific #3 or 4. Girardi is a second pair defenseman as well. Rachunek should be shipped to Siberia. Mara is at best a third pair defenseman. The first question – is Staal ready? If you think he is, then you go out and spend money on a UFA defenseman who is a top-two to play with him next year and mentor him, then by the following year you’ve got Girardi, Tyutin, Staal, either Mara or Baranka (Pock will not be back next year) and whoever that defenseman you signed is. Said defenseman MUST be someone who can QB the power play.

    Offensively, I think Nylander needs to be cut loose, although I don’t like Straka at center. Then sign Drury or Gomez to center the top line (Gomez will not be in NJ next year but may head west instead), and either go or get off with respect to Immonen – either commit to playing him second-line minutes or don’t – and then fill out the top six with Jagr, Hossa, Straka and whoever lights it up in camp (Callahan, Dawes or Bourret or whatever his name is – don’t bet on Shanahan being back next year). Third line can be centered by Cullen with Prucha and Avery, and as for the fourth line I’d love to see Betts dealt and Dubinsky taking his spot, with Hollweg and another kid from Hartford on the wings.

  59. Richtersgirl on

    Is it just me or does Hollweg have HORRIBLE positioning of himself. When another Ranger has the puck he looks like a lost puppy who has no idea where to go and he usually ends up right on top of the guy instead of going somewhere to give him someone to pass to. I see this EVERY single game! No wonder he cant score!!

  60. I have to say I’m very impressed with Dan Girardi. I think he should be the go to man in all key situations.

  61. hockeymanrangers on

    Whom ever said that the rangers played well night are crazy. They did not paly well at all, one example amongst several other is when we could have hustled to the puck for icing and the a penguin beat us to it. We are so undiciplinned (sorry spelling) that it sucks. That why I KEEP SAYING IT IS COACHING COACHING COACHING. RENNY GO FIND A REAL JOB AND QUIT PRETENDING TO BE A HOCKEY COACH.

  62. Can someone explain to me why Prucha and Immo were benched midway through the third???

    here’s the shift chart:

    That’s a disgrace. Why does he give up on the kids so easily. Fire Renney!

    In other news, Rosival always (I REPEAT ALWAYS) pinches! Two goal lead in the third period?? You don’t need to pinch on the PP and leave Cullen back by himself.

    Second goal is on Henrik. He handles the puck way too much.

    And we need to find a few guys who can score in the shootout

  63. I just don’t see Messier taking it up the tailpipe from Dolan. He doesn’t need the money and Dolan would NOT win a PR war.

    At least we know why JD left.

    sports illustrated did a good job.

    Now, let’s dismantle and start from scratch. We do have some fine young players to begin with…….

    Sather, Maloney and Renney: all gone

    If Dolan won’t sell, we need a Messier type who does not need the money and can intimidate the goons of the wee little man Dolan.

  64. tdchi

    When a beat reporter ends a dispatch by writing “Join the club” of people puzzled why this team finds a new way to lose every night, he has ipso facto identified himself as being as lost in space as the morons who run this team and the morons who defend the status quo.

    Again, there is nothing at all puzzling about this team’s inability to win. And I resent that a reporter who has got to know that better than we do because he’s around this carnival every day continues to put on an air of befuddled astonishment.

  65. on

    This entire season has been a nightmare.
    Good thing we have a great Captain to pull us through these tough times HAHA

    Time for an overhaul, of the Wolfpack kind, starting at training camp!

  66. I also work in media. You have to know how to play the game. Tala, you’re a goddamned moron. You have no clue. You as a Ranger fan should be kissing Sam’s arse for what he gives us on this blog. Trust me. If I had a blog even halfway as open as this one… I’d be fired. I swear. We’re lucky we’re getting this insight, because a lot of places won’t let ANYTHING get out. It may sound like BS, but trust me when I tell you I’d be fired in a heartbeat from my place if I had a blog like this. So keep quiet, or leave. But show Sam a little respect.

    As for the game… the D probably played one of the best games all season. In the first, the Pens couldn’t get anything by us. Girardi had his leg or his stick in the right spot several times. It looked at one point like we were playing some kind of trap. The Pens couldn’t get into the zone. Yeah, Lundy effed up the second goal… and yeah, there were some bad positioning mistakes that led to the shorties. But after their 2nd, we took the lead. We bounced back. So at that point in time, we were still winning. What happened to make the 3rd Pen goal? The BS call on Bettsy. Look, I don’t want to blame the ref again, because the other 2 goals were our fault. But the reffing has been ATROCIOUS this season. I really hope something happens in the offseason. I pray that a botched call decides the Stanley Cup this year. And they’re forced to take a long hard look at the refs.

    But again, I don’t want to use that as an excuse. As always, it was the Rangers who are to blame for the loss, because that botched call-leading-to-a-goal shouldn’t have mattered.

    But look at the bright side. The D (for the most part) played great… and we didn’t give up. And Jagr shot the puck once or twice. Nyls did do a few too many circling moves instead of passing, but at least 3 of them opened up a lane and led to a quality shot.

    I saw vast improvement with the team last night. Let’s see if they can keep it going. (As long as Renney doesn’t shake the lines up or do something else to eff it up.)

  67. This is why we say the season is over.
    Not because its statistically impossible.

    Because the Rangers would need to play like they’ve never played before, and they’ve given us NO signs to believe.
    Blown leads, shorthanded goals against, giving players their firsts of the season, first of their careers, scoring on their own net, not being in net to stop the puck.

    What about this team would give even the clueless bandwagoner hope?

  68. on

    “What about this team would give even the clueless bandwagoner hope?”


  69. Doodie Machetto on

    Talafous, he was befuddled at the way that loss came about, not that they actually lost. if they had been trailing all game, it would have been a different story. but to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory in the way that they did, i can understand the befuddlement.

    It’s also good writing to close like that. I think that statement really captured the feeling around the dressing room and running through the whole team. It gives a very real picture of what life for them is currently like.

  70. Talafous: THEN STOP READING AND STOP WASTING OUR TIME WITH YOUR POSTS!! Seriously, if you “resent” Sam so much, why read? Why post?

    Doodie: Well said.

  71. on

    Sam does a great job.

    I check his blog every day, sometimes twice a day and I know quite a few people that do as well…

  72. Re Post



  73. I find it funny that we’re debating something I literally wrote in seven seconds because I wanted to get out of the Garden before a monsoon hit.

    It was neither good writing nor bad writing, but very fast writing.

    More from practice in a bit…

  74. on

    We should have been rolling a real kid line on the 4th line from camp on out….instead we got a steady diet of Ward and Betts YUCK.
    Hungry kids have a way to make veterans play with pride.

    I understand what they are trying to do, leave the pack “core” untouched and let them experience what being a pro is like, and now what playoff hockey is going to feel like, but I can’t help but think a real kid line on Broadway would have given this squad a boost from day 1.

    Hindsight, I know ;)

  75. Sam,

    Never take this job lightly.
    With the Rangers as bad as they are, you are all we have.

  76. Mario Marois on

    Good post Hanny. Talafous has no clue. This blog is actually really open for newspaper reporter’s blog.

  77. Sam

    Do the Rangers actually practice the formations to use when they break into the offensive zone? I find it hard to believe that 5 months into the season that they still break in 3 straight accross all the way to the net. No one ever becomes the trailer and the player carrying the puck never looks for a trailer. Is that by design? Also, do they practice break outs on turnovers? It sure doesn’t look like it during the games.

  78. HANNY: “I also work in media. You have to know how to play the game.”

    What game? The one where you don’t ask hard questions/demand answers and not inhale the double-talk b.s. that’s handed to you. Part of your job is to honestly convey the sentiments of fans who have been suffering with Dolan, Sather and Renney’s long term ineptness.

    HANNY: “Tala, you’re a goddamned moron. You have no clue. You as a Ranger fan should be kissing Sam’s arse for what he gives us on this blog.”

    Who do you work for anyway, an independent news publication or the Rangers? If it’s the former, you should be ashamed of yourself. Here’s a suggestion: Watch a White House new conference and see if the press tosses softballs at a President or a press secretary. Then, the next time you’re in the same room with Renney or Sather, act like a journalist and not a fawning sellout. And you have the balls to call someone a moron?

  79. NJ Mark (aka Commisar of Information)

    “Why do I post?” I post because I care.

    Seriously, some of you guys believe that a description of who is in the hallway with nice legs and a tanned Lemieux qualifies as great reporting.

    Chardkerm, you as usual see things for what they are. Hope you are well!

  80. hockeymanrangers on

    I love Sam’s post, he gives us inside info that we would get no where else. Sam keep up the terrific work. You can’t help the fact that our team stinks right now. We all love the Rangers thru thick and thin, I have learned not to get quite as emotional as I have in the past. I see being a Ranger fan as a hobby, yes I am still a bit obsecced with them(my wives words) but I have come to the conclusion that no matter how loud I scream at the TV (sorry I don’t have season tiks nor could I afford) it is not going to make any difference. But I will be and always be a NY Ranger fan. But it would make me feel a lot better after the season is over to get rid of Tom Renny I KNOW we can do better as a coach.

  81. Longtimerangerfan on

    “Throw in Matt Cullen’s adventures at the point that led to Jordan Staal’s shorthander, and a team that has explored every way possible to lose important games this season had its latest installment.”

    Sam the above is a quote from your column and I don’t quite know what to make of it. Rosival’s bad pinching job along the boards was the direct cause of the one-on-one against Cullen. I’m surprised that you make it look as if it is Cullen’s fault. As we all should know, a forward backpeddaling trying to stop a speedy forward from going around him is usually going to lose the contest.

  82. There is no way that Cullen should have been at the point at that juncture of the game. We blow leads because Renney does not know how to play shutdown hockey with a 2-0 third period lead with the season on the line.

  83. chard… If you’re comparing a hockey team and it’s frustrated fans to the people tasked with following the leader of the free world… then YOU are the moron.

    I’m not at liberty to discuss whom I work for. You don’t understand how to be a SPORTS reporter. Plain and simple. Especially in this town, EVERYONE sees what you read and what you say. If they don’t like what you ask/write, you’ll get crap for it. Maybe next time there’s a trade in the works, they won’t give you a scoop. Maybe next time there’s a presser, they won’t call on you. Maybe when it’s time to renew your plates or your credentials, they “lose” them.

    Sam (and the rest of the reporters on this beat) ask what they can. But irregardless of that… do you really think they’re going to answer anyway? You really think Clueless Renney is going to say “Well, Sam, you’re right, I am a moron, and here’s why.”

    Get a clue, dude. The beat writers have to know what to ask, and how to ask it. They’re not the voice of the fans by any stretch of the imagination. We as fans are by no means entitled to know what’s going on behind closed doors. It’s a private company, not a public entity. Stop trying to be an internet tough guy. If it was you in that locker room in front of Renney, you’d probably drop to your knees faster than a prom date. Cut Sam some slack. He asks what he knows they’ll answer. And don’t say he has an “obligation” to us. No, he has a sense of duty, maybe, and he wants to satisfy our thirst for knowledge. But it’s not like he’s an elected official. He’s not beholden to us. Having this blog is a privellege, not a right.

  84. Talafous

    Don’t get writing a blog confused with reporting. Two different animals. The nice legged women in the hallway weren’t in the game report in the paper.

    That said, Renney still sucks. One of the worst bench coaches ever. With a two goal lead in the third period you don’t put Cullen on the point, period. Then, when they tie it up, you don’t play Betts (his new pet), Isbister and Orts in the overtime and sit Prucha. And why didn’t Hossa, his hottest scorer in the last two weeks, with arguably some of the slickest hands on the team, sit out the shoot-out?

    But Renney can get away with all this because, unfortunately, the Ranger fan base (or at least the most vocal among them) questions Jagr’s selflessness in not wanting to hurt his team by shooting in front of guys who might be better at breakaways and boos a gangly, awkward defensemen who just happens to have had the best plus minus rating in the league over the last three years (including a whole year not spent with Jagr in Vancouver.)

    Sam, nice article on Malik the other day. It actually stirred some of the more perceptive fans in the Garden the other night to applaud some of Malik’s work.

  85. Isbister had been benched for a majority of the game, and then all of a sudden in the third and OT he got a bunch of important shifts. In those shifts he did absolutely NOTHING.

    Has Callahan been called up yet?

  86. Longtimerangerfan on

    Before we all call for Henke’s head, he knows that he committed a huge gaffe and should have played the puck and taken the penalty but when your team isn’t playing well in front of you the goalie sometimes tries to do too much and mistakes are made.

    On the third Penquins goal, Malik can’t just stand there and do nothing…God forbid he goes down to block a shot like Prucha or Ortmeyer would do(they’d need a crane to get him back up)but PLEASE just don’t stand there and screen your goalie. Challenge the shooter at the very least.

  87. chardkerm,

    excellent point (no pun intended), Cullen or any forward for that matter should not be playing the point on a powerplay in a 2-0 game in the 3rd period. its just bad coaching.

    If there is anything this blog has taught me is that Renney has not been as good as a coach as I though he was. That, and the Jack Adams award goes to whichever team improved the most regardless of whether or not the coaching had anything to do with it.

  88. We can pick and choose which players to blame for which loss…but the simple truth is that Tom Renney is first and foremost the reason why the Rangers have been abysmal this year. His soft, lazy coaching style has rubbed off on the team…his lack of accountability to anyone other than a few favorite targets lets every player know the pressure is simply not on them.

    You simply DO NOT lose 19 one goal games by luck. That’s called a TREND. That’s called a HABIT. And that’s exactly what Renney has instilled in this team. His desire to be friends with his players and never raise his voice…his desire to seem so intelligent to everyone…his desire to prove to his team that he’s in there with him…has resulted in a lazy, self-centered squad that will always collapse when confronted with adversity. That’s been the trademark of this team since last season.

    Before the Olympic break, no team thought much of the Rangers. They never played them hard and figured it’d be easy to beat them because for the past 7 years, it had been. Once the Rangers caught fire and took the division lead…other teams took notice…other teams adapted to them. Other teams CAME AT THEM. And what happened? The Rangers faltered. And continue to falter.

    Yes, they’re only 5 points out…but have you ever seen a team that finds ways to lose like this one? A team that commits so many mental blunders? That’s the mark of a LAZY team…led by their head coach.

    Bottom line…this team, particularly in this market, needs a coach who will crack the whip often and at any player regardless of salary or nationality.

    But that’s not gonna happen…and so we’ll continue to watch this team choke at the worst times. Forget how hard they played…you are what your record says you are. And the Rangers are a BAD team that can’t win when challenged. Simple as that.

  89. Hanny

    You’re 100% correct.

    If the fans are frustrated with the media or the teams lack of transparency the fan must stop buying the periodical, and stop buying the tickets to the teams games, and also stop paying the cable service to watch the team.

    A blog on the other hand, is for any , and I do mean anyones’ opinion (including yours).

  90. Longtimerangerfan on

    In Malik’s case, the +- means next to nothing. It’s a terribly overrated stat.

  91. Longtimerangerfan on

    Chris, you are right, of course. Ultimately it all comes down to the coaching and it has been, for the most part, nonexistent.

  92. Chris: couldn’t have said it better myself. Renney must go. Here’s a question… what coaches are available out there right now? Think Schony’s ready for the big club? Or is there someone else out there?

  93. Keenan.. That would be one dumb move. His stops always end nice and amicable!!!

    Newsflash he is a maniac…

    Pat Quinn that is another story, he is definitely qualified..

    The Rangers have been playing well lately, maybe that is hard to believe, maybe they are just shorthanded and not that talented..

    Look at their stats, their D is fine, they have limited seconday scoring and Jagr is down about 15 goals from last yr. at the same time and Prucha is down at least 8, throw in Cullens dissapointing scoring and there it is.

    Heck keep on whining and complaining…

  94. UK ranger – congrats for bring the 1st poster to ask for Bourret – I knew it was just a matter of time.

    Sam – Talafous does not speak for the majority of us who think you are doing a fantastic job here.

    I remember reading how Messier used to get the Rangers to line up together for the anthem (another weapon in his team building motivations). Last night (and most others) they were spread out. The Penguins looked a lot more cohesive as a team even during the anthem.

  95. Talafous

    “Chardkerm, you as usual see things for what they are. Hope you are well!”

    He’s my idol, just don’t call him Chadkerm for obvious reasons.

    Rodent thought so much of him, he bestowed an honor on me thinking we are one in the same. I was very flattered.

  96. I decided to really be crazy and list some of the things that have gone right this yr. in this disastorous season so here they are in no particular order.

    Tyutin and his continuous growth.

    Girardi a guy who looks like he belongs.

    Henrik 2nd pretty good season..

    Hossa’s and Prucha’s recent improvement and future potential
    they are not superstars but belong and can be productive.

    Orr’s improvement. He is the 1st legit enforcer in a while and appears to be improving to be a passable skater and player.

    The addtl growth of many of the minor leaguers… Hartford looks to be a very strong team with many good but not great prospects on their roster.

    The addtl .improvement and growth of many of the Rangers junior prospects including Staal(should make the team next yr.)

    As you can see offensively most of our best players are our senior citizens such as straka, jagr, shanny, and nylander. The good news is jagr(many of your favorite) and Straka have 1 yr left on their contract so we can expect many nice positive posts next yr.

    I think that is about it on the positive posts for now…

  97. I still don’t understand why Messier is included on the lists of coaches or GMs. He was around for years on teams where he was, if not the de facto coach, the true leader. And many of those teams sucked. I don’t doubt he is an amazing leader, intimidating, and one of the great players of all time. But maybe he should get some coaching experience before he gets the reins to the Blueshirts.

    Not that Renney shouldn’t be canned. He should be. These guys haven’t finished all season long and he’s done nothing about it and can’t adapt mid-game (or mid-season) to other teams’ effective handcuffing of the Rangers. He’s gotta go.

    Refs don’t lose games. That was a crap call, but if the Rangers could put the puck in the net it would have been an irrelevant call as well.

  98. RE: AARON WARD/JAGR: Can someone tell me when this story came out. I read a paragraph from Brooks on Sunday but it seems like I missed something. Did more come out later? Brooks was very vague about what happened in his Sunday story.

  99. Sean – it came out a couple of weeks ago – I think in the newsday blog. Actually happened at the TB away game.

  100. Hanny- “The beatoff writers have to know what to ask, and how to ask it”


  101. HANNY: “chard… If you’re comparing a hockey team and it’s frustrated fans to the people tasked with following the leader of the free world… then YOU are the moron.”

    Hanny, the way you throw around the word “moron”, you must work for a very mature, prestigious, literate, classy publication. No wonder they hired you.

    HANNY: “I’m not at liberty to discuss whom I work for. You don’t understand how to be a SPORTS reporter. Plain and simple. Especially in this town, EVERYONE sees what you read and what you say. If they don’t like what you ask/write, you’ll get crap for it. Maybe next time there’s a trade in the works, they won’t give you a scoop. Maybe next time there’s a presser, they won’t call on you. Maybe when it’s time to renew your plates or your credentials, they “loseâ€? them.”

    Obviously, you’re not a Woodward or a Bernstein. A reporter who had a pair, would write a piercingly hard story when the occasion calls for it (which in Rangerland is almost every night). Then, if they mess with you or your credentials, then you expose them for those practices. Otherwise, you’re just a note taker. Whether it’s in the press room of the White House or the Ranger locker room, it’s still journalism. Unless, you just got into journalism for the free food and to show off your press badge.

  102. chardkerm, it is obvious from his use of the word “we” all the time in his comments about the Rangers that Hanny Lecture is a PR cannibal for the Dolan machine.

    he is a media PR lackey who loves to take company press releases and use them as gospel.

    and it is really outrageous for someone who claims to be in the press to be telling someone else to give up their first amendment right to speak freely by saying “So keep quiet, or leave.”

    and his use of insults shows him to be as classless as the guy he works for, Junior Dolan.

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