Kasparaitis hospitalized


Steve Zipay has details of “Darius Kasparaitis being taken to the hospital for shortness of breath”:http://weblogs.newsday.com/sports/hockey/rangers/blog/ during a practice in Hartford.

Kasparaitis was apparently sobbing uncontrollably when he left the ice.

I’m trying to track down information on my own. I’ll post it when I have it.

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  1. what the hell is this? o man i hope this guy is alright he’s had a horrible year with the divorce the injuries and his career falling apart.

  2. Look what the Sylvain Blouin on

    Is it necessary to report that he was sobbing uncontrollably? It could be a nervous breakdown. Give the guy some privacy…

  3. a player in our organization was just rushed from practice to the hospital and you wouldn’t consider that news? jesus give this guy a break he gives you everything that happens under the NYR watch and you bitch that he’s not giving guys there privacy? holy hell

  4. I agree, the ‘sobbing uncontrollably’ could be taken so many ways. Lets try not to speculate…wow, deja vu…

  5. I would guess he had a breakdown. After everything he’s gone through this year, then he gets hurt again too.

  6. Look what this organization drove Kaspar to.

    Could he have been traded before the deadline?

  7. man all my best to this guy worked his tail off his body just couldn’t do it anymore. nothing he could control

  8. Man, thoughts and prayers out to Kaspar. Hope he’s okay…this year has been horrific for him. But if we’re going to point out how his career has taken a dive…we should also mention that Renney pretty much had his mind made up before the season started that he wanted Kaspar out.

    I still don’t see why Kaspar was considered to be unfit to play at the NHL in Renney’s eyes…because most of our defense is pretty suspect. And now that Tyutin is hurt…how much worse is it gonna get?

  9. I really hope Kaspar is alright. He has given a lot to the organization, just to be banished. What has Ozo done to maintain a roster spot? In all seriousness, I think the fans needed someone else to boo when Ozo went down, allowing them to focus full boar on Malik.

  10. Ozo maintains a roster spot?HUH?

    He is on IR with inflammation in his knee.He hasn’t played in 2 and 1/2 months

    What has Kasparaitis given to this organization?

    Some people need to think before they click Submit Comment

  11. Good God. Some people should have to pass a maturity test before being allowed to read and post messages on this website.

    I hope everything is ok with Kaspar.

  12. Screw you Nick, who the hell are you. My point is Ozo shouldn’t have made the team from the beginning of the season. And if you didn’t notice, Kaspar wore the A last year. He WAS a leader on the team. He worked a lot with Tyutin, who do you think taught him that nasty hip check.

    Maybe you need to think before you let the shit flow from your brain into the keyboard, asshole.

  13. All best wishes out to Darius. While he may no longer be the player he once was, his spirit is dearly missed in the Ranger locker room.

  14. Chris could not resist getting a Renny rant into the Kaspar situation.

    Is renny the anti christ or something!!!

    Give it a _ucken rest already…

  15. Hey guys, better clean it up a bit. All this personal name calling may compel Sam to just shut down his blog.

    Whether you like or hate what Sam reports, this blog is a valuable source on the inside that I would surely miss.

  16. All my best goes out to Kaspar. I always hoped that his past history of substance abuse was not one of the intangible reasons why Kaspar was never given a chance to play. i really hope that’s not the case here.

    Here’s hoping he is OK

  17. this guy probably had a panic attack from knowing that his playing career is done. I met him at the Canadian Association Society of NY dinner for Messier this past summer and he couldn’t have been a nicer guy. all the best to a guy that probably gave everything left in him to this game and this dysfunctional organization.

  18. i hope kaspar can resurface somewhere (pref a western conf team) and be productive. he seems like a nice guy and by all accounts is a great teammate.

  19. Wow crazy news. Good to hear it was just for “precaution” but still..

    I hope Kasper takes the year off and see where he’s at in life and hopefully come back. It has worked for many players. I

  20. stuart…I can’t help it with my thoughts on Renney because with every day that goes by, every loss…I get more and more angry at how this man is able to actually hold a job as head coach in the NHL when he’s CLEARLY not close to being up for it..

    But, in light of Kaspar’s problems…I’ll relax and vent my frustrations elsewhere…

    Like how David Caruso somehow makes the money he does while being the absolute worst actor I’ve ever seen in my entire life…and I’ll even count the pornos I’ve seen. LOL

    Little levity folks…it’s the only thing that keeps the Rangers fans from leaping over the glass and hanging Renney from the rafters next to Sather…
    Well, that and the 300 dollar seats down there…

  21. Sam the way you reported it is perfect. Don’t listen to anyone and just write as you hear.

  22. Whoa. Can we take the aggression level down a notch on the blog?

    Thanks, Sam, for keeping us posted. Hope K is okay.

  23. Chris,

    your anger is understandable. A lot of people thought Kasper was in Renney’s dog house even though he outplayed Malik and Rachunek easily. It is baffling why Renney still has a job. I don’t even have the stomach to listen to the audio of him.

    Just a shame for Kasperitis. It has been a very tough year for him.

  24. I feel bad for Kaspar. He’s had such a tough season and I can imagine that he has a lot of doubts going on about his future (if he has one) in the NHL. It sounds like it may have been an anxiety/ panic attack…I wish him the best and hope that he’s alright.

  25. Bottom line is that it’s a shame to hear of a guy with this much heart facing yet another hurdle. Especially when his sort of heart & intensity is a large part of what’s missing from this season’s puzzle. All the best to Kaspar.

  26. It has been documented that he is going through a divorce, plus it has been a miserable season with him, going back to the surgeries last summer. Being a healthy scratch for a while and subsuquently sent down to Hartford, it has been a real trying time for Darius. I hope and pray that he is all right and is not off the wagon. Hang in there Darius and God bless.

  27. DumpJagrDope on


    to those that think that last loss is not on Renney:

    why is it that Prucha who was on a 5 or 6 game scoring streak get under 12 minutes of icetime, is this coach insane? Why is Isbister playing instead of Callahan? Why is our goon getting more than 3 minutes of icetime (in fact almost 10 minutes) while our 3rd line center (who should be a 2nd line center) gets under 9 minutes of ice? Stop defending this piece of shit coach

  28. I am no knee-jerk Renney basher, but his treatment of Kaspar throughout has been unfathomable. Kaspar is the kind of player I love–heart, grit, and courage. I wish him all the best. It’s a shame that the biggest hearts break the most easily.

  29. I hate hearing this about Kaspar I’ve always loved him . In fact him,Jaromir Jagr,and Marty Straka were the only reason I came back to watching hockey after the lookout.They are my favorite players and I wanted to see the rest of their careers. I’d hate to see Kaspars end like this. I like Tom Renney but I hate the way he treated Darius this year I believe he has been missed in the lockerroom this year. I thought he was playing fine. I guess Tom thought that jerk Aaron Ward was better. We all see how well that worked . I wish Darius the best and hope Sam will keep us updated on his condition.

  30. Lenny well said re the language tone down

    I was talking to my friends at the game last night and we remembered when in the 60’s the language at the games was so and so is a bum (Ie Ashley, Friday to name 2 refs)

  31. Wow…the bad news just keeps comming…The astonishing plumet this guy has taken is nothing short of epic. I know the team has a lot of young talent poised to hit the blueline, but I for one, hope Kaspar can make a comeback from whatever is ailing him. He’s a class-act player and it’s a shame to seem him go down like this. It’s hard to beleive that less than a year ago, Kaspar was the one solid piece of muscle in the rear guard.

  32. It’s a real shame about Kaspar. He has had a horrible year.

    To all you guys who protect Renney or knock anybody who criticizes him:

    Please explain why you think Renney is not largely responsible for this horrible season. If you think he has done a good job this year – explain your thoughts to us. Give us some examples.

    Those of us that think Renney has been a big part of the problem can probably come up with a thousand examples.

    Renny is not the Anti- Christ, But he has not been a good coach this year either.

  33. No, we couldn’t have traded Kaspar. If we could have gotten ANYTHING for him we would have.

    It’s hard news. We all love Kaspar. Huge heart, played very well for us, was a leader, and it broke our hearts to see him demoted. But he had to be. He wasn’t playing well.

    Furthermore, while it may have been the end of his career, it was not the end of his paycheck. He was still going to make $3.3 million regardless of where he was. Sure, money isn’t everything, and sure that’s the reason he wasn’t playing (he may have had a chance to be traded if he made half that) but…

    Well, that massive buyout for doing nothing will certainly help this summer. And give him the chance to sign for much less with another team.

  34. PuckingRivals.com on

    Best of luck to Kaspa, life is more than hockey and if this was a nervous breakdown I wish him teh best with his life going forward…

    In regards to Renney:
    The man is a prepared coach and a very good X’s and O’s guy, but he has absolutely NO IN GAME FEEL, none, zip, nada…he belongs upstairs scouting and devising systems NOT in the trenches with the warriors.

  35. NNYER- I could not have said it better!!!! How anyone in their right mind can consider Tom Renney a compitent Coach should have their head examined thoroughly. The man is missing something called a heart and a conscience. He and the Organization have put Kaspar through hell this year, now look what has happened!!!

  36. to all of the people who are worrie i am coming back next year with or without a rangers i should never forgive them how they treat me this year but i want to show my loylty to jim dolan who pays my salary yes i had panick attack and nervous break down but it took a lot of energy out of me and i lost 15 pounds in two weeks maybe now ill be feet to play for miss renneys team

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