From bad to worse


The Rangers confirmed that Darius Kasparaitis was taken to the hospital for precautionary reasons after experiencing shortness of breath, and has already been released.

If that’s the good news, you’re not going to like the bad.

The team also said Fedor Tyutin had an MRI done on his left MCL sprain and will be out three to four weeks. No word on who the Rangers will call up to replace him, although Thomas Pock will obviously fill his spot in the lineup.

Still, this isn’t good. Tyutin has been one of the team’s steadiest players all season, and was having a particularly sharp game against the Penguins before the injury.

More later…

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  1. they need to play like the Devils… Trap and no risky plays, can their brain surgeons on D do that?

    Tyutin was pretty good, even though his offensive skills really have not matured yet..

    too bad…

  2. If Tyutin is out, i would no way in hell play POCK EVER AGAIN, he’s horrible. I suggest callin up either A. Baranka B. Staal, forget it, were not makign the playoffs this year anyway so lets see what the kid is made of in a pressure situation like this…

  3. can’t go with pock,mara, and rachunek. rangers need to bring up baranka right away i’d argue that he’s probably better than girardi right now.

  4. Staal is not elgible for the team until his season is over. I think they have mentioned that about 50 times already.. Why would Tyutins situation affect if they should play Pock?

    Pock I think is decent just having him and rachunek in there floating around is dangerous….

    they are often out of position… they probably are new to hockey (trying to be humorous) or just stupid!!!!!

  5. Anyone else think that Roberts hit was a bit cheap? I mean I would have given the same, but Roberts did not go for the puck at all!

  6. Pock played wing at UMass until his senior season. He is still learning how to play defense.

    I would not bring up Baranka. I don’t think he is ready. In all honesty, I don’t think any of the defensemen in Hartford are ready. But, if you want a big, stout defenseman, they should call up Liffiton. He has played very well over the past few weeks. He has also played in the NHL, a late season callup last year.

  7. What happened to Tyuts? I missed the game last night and haven’t seen Rangers in 60 yet.

  8. I do not know who they should call up but they need someone just in case of further injuries….

    They really need to call up a winger also; there reserves Saturday if Straka does not play are Straka, no addtl winger or D man….

  9. tyutin got checked into the boards in the defensive zone by Roberts. The hit was not a monster hit, Tyutin was a little bit twisted and hit the ice.

    he left the game and that was it.

  10. Newman – come on – you have to know that Kaspar can not be brought up. A team could claim him and the rangers would be on the hook for 1/2 his next years salary vs the cap (ie dead money)

  11. czechthemout!!!!! on

    dump-you would not like baranka,too soft.a little more grittier than malik wich is not saying much.i hope racunek breaks a hang nail so that they could play pock with lifiton.they palyed as a unit last year and played prretty well.lifiton is the type of tough abrasive dman we don’t have rigth now.he has played really well the last month or seems like the light has finally come on with him.he also wins every fight he’s in.

  12. czechthemout!!!!! on

    can some please tell me what SHITSBISTER has done to desrerve promotion through the end of the season?

  13. I love how the same “experts” who said that no one in Hartford was ready before Girardi was called up, now are saying the same thing even though he has proved that to be b.s. of the most ignorant kind.

    just like those kids on D in Pitt. aren’t ready either, eh?

  14. your kidding me with liffiton right? i mean you must be because if you were serious you’d know that baranka is head and shoulders better than anyone else down there. I know for a fact he’s better than pock thats for sure.

    secondly how many times are people going to ask about staal? i mean how many? 45 more times? 100? tell me know so i can avoid the board for the next few weeks. HE”S IN JUNIORS AND IS NOT ELIGIBLE TO BE CALLED UP UNTIL HIS SEASON ENDS AND WHEN IT ENDS HE WILL BE REPORTING TO HARTFORD.

  15. with Malik and Rachunek in front of Lundqvst, we have no worries.

    sounds like Kasper may have had a panic attack. Been a very tough year for him. I hope he settles down and finds his niche after hockey.

  16. Sam, were you aware that your fellow co-worker Mike Doughtery used the same title for one of his blog entries yesterday? Strange coincidence or a tell-tale punchline to the current state of both Garden franchises?

  17. czechthemout!!!!! on

    kovy27-how many pack games have you watched this year,and when was the last game you saw.baranka is fine as a player probobly better than malik long term,short term,very soft,no different than what we have up here already.lifiton has been the packs best dman the last month by far.he and potter have been really good since potter was called up from charlotte.he even is playing on the power play the last half dozen games.he is also tough as nails,something know one on the rangers d is.

  18. I would like to see Baranka up. I have not seen Liffiton play this year but I was not impressed with his play at all last year.

  19. czechthemout!!!!! on

    dlv-your right,no one on the pack is ready,other than SHITSBISTER.leave them all down their to rot while we are struggling for goals.callahan can’t help us he is too young.SHITSBISTER is a proven nhl scrub who is good at fanning on breakaways,taking a hit from 5ft 10 inch forward,missing a wide open team mate on a pass,you know little things like that.

  20. czechthemout!!!!! on

    meshuggah- have you seen baranka or lifiton play this year?
    lifiton has played really well the last month or so.i have seen baranka play this year and to tell you the truth,he is ok,nothing special just another soft czech.we have those already.

  21. czechthemout!!!!! on

    also a name to keep an eye on is cory potter.he was a 4th round draft pick out of in 2003.this is his first year of pro hockey.started the season with charlotte.was brought up about one month playing with lifiton.they are the best tandem on th team right now.he has good speed,can carry the puck out of his own end or pass it out.pretty good physically,has a good shot from the point.
    two flaws still in his game are he is out of positon some times and he tries to soft pass out of his own end when some one is close to him sometimes causing a turn over.but it happens rarley and i think if he continues to progress,he will be here real soon.big guy too.6ft 3nches 215pounds

  22. you couldn’t be more off than you are right now. try to translate the game to the nhl. liffiton belongs nowhere near an nhl rink. valiquette looks real good in the ahl too. let me tell you first of all that i watch alot of the pack on b2 and in person. let me also tell you that i am no scout so that doesn’t matter much, however i do know which guys can keep up at the nhl level, and which guys have the head for the game right now. liffiton and potter are no where near that level. for christ sake potter was in the echl just a short time ago. imo ryan callahan, ivan baranka, and al montoya all WOULD be nhlers in any other organization right now.

  23. czechthemout!!!!! on

    kovy27-girardi was also in the echl briefly and once up was never sent down again.i never said potter was ready for the nhl.i said he was someone to keep an eye for lifiton,he clearly has been the best pack dman the last 10 or so games.baranka has been ok.i am just not impressed with him as far as his toughness is concerned.he is not real physical and he does not score much.that to me means another soft czech.we have enough of those already.that being said i do think he can play in the nhl right now,but so can lifiton based on his play the last month or so.

  24. czechthemout!!!!! on

    by the way valliquette sucks.he looks like crap in the ahl when he plays despite his record.too many rebounds,also alot of soft goals.i am projecting to the nhl game.lifiton has the speed and toughness needed to play in the nhl,his biggest issue was that he was in the wrong position fairly often.if you’ve watched his play the last month you can clearley see he’s come a long way from last year and even earlier this year.certainly desrves a shot to play here.i am not the only one who thinks so.there is a poster on another blog “pack attack”who contributes to the blog about their young players.he also in his most recent post has said that the two best dmen on the pack are baranka and lifiton.

  25. czechthemout!!!!! on


  26. DumpJagrDope on

    “dump-you would not like baranka,too soft.a little more grittier than malik wich is not saying much.”

    I saw him in pre-season and liked him, he is kind of like Girardi only a bit more physical.

  27. czechthemout!!!!! on

    dump-he’s been better than he was in the preseason.i was not impressed at all with him then.i would love to switch him and least he has upside.krapunek has zero upside unless your playing againstt him than you love what hhe can do for your team.

  28. czechthemout!!!!! on

    i think he sucks dump,career minor leaguer.only lifiton,baranka and maybe potter next year are nhl type players.dump,the light in hugh’s head maybe coming on.he has been impressive since his recall 3games ago.3goals 2asts.

  29. DumpJagrDope on

    Jack Taylor is pretty good, but is too injury prone and not very physical for his size, and the same goes for Lampman. but I haven’t seen them play in a while so maybe they suck now. Degon I never saw at all.

  30. Colorado Mark on

    We aren’t making the playoffs, so why the hell not have Isbister up here and let a guy like Jessiman play in Hartford where they are winning and developing chemistry. Plus, when players like Straka and Shanny come back, if they do, Isbister can have a seat in the press box. He can still be sent down, he just can’t play in the playoffs in Hartford. The Rangers can still call up some kids, but I really think the Pack are on a roll right now and should be left alone.

  31. DumpJagrDope on

    I had an anxiety attack(overbreathing) about a year ago, it was weird felt chest pains thought it was a heartattack, but I had an idea that it was an anxiety attack, looked up the symptoms online which seemed to fit and looked at solutions–probably best way to stop it is to close one nostril

  32. DumpJagrDope on

    “We aren’t making the playoffs”

    there is still a decent chance we make it, but I don’t see how Shitbistro is helping, Callahan or Dawes could be a lot more help providing better speed and skill.

  33. DumpJagrDope on

    I just looked at the stats from last game and Shitbistro yet again didn’t register a single hit

  34. DumpJagrDope on

    I thought we don’t have to pay half his salary if we bring up Kasparaitis AFTER the trade deadline?

    if they want to bring him up they should do it and not be selfish and ruin his life any more. besides if we buy him out for next season it would cost us more than if someone takes him off waivers.

  35. I bet you they call up Puriton to play defense. It fits Renney’s logic. He was in the NHL,he couldn’t stick, he is in our farm system.

  36. Sam, if you’re still around… Any word on Shanny’s visit to the neurologist today?

  37. Hey, czechthemout, you should probably stop talking about what you don’t know. Isbister has been a point a game player for us and one of our best players here in Hartford. He deserves his call up.

  38. Mario Marios on

    Very illegal, unfortunate hit (assualt?) by Jannsen on Kaberle in the Devils-Leafs. Somehow it wasn’t detected by any of the 4 officials. Too bad the NHL didn’t do something about this animal when he threatened Lundqvist last week.

  39. Barry Melrose rips Jagr on his podcast, saying that no one in the NHL considers Jagr a leader, that’s he’s one-dimensional and past his prime and that the Rangers are out of the playoff hunt.

  40. DumpJagrDope on

    it is about time somebody rips Jagr

    “Too bad the NHL didn’t do something about this animal when he threatened Lundqvist last week.”

    oh please, ho harm, no foul.

  41. Barr Melrose will bash the rangers anytime he gets. I mean its a joke sometimes when he kills lundquist.

  42. czechthemout!!!!! on

    hey mike-you don’t know what your talking about!!!SHITSBISTER,has 28 pts in 43 games,how is that a point per game.he has already had his shots in the nhl,dozens of them.and one thing he has proven on every team he’s played on is that he sucks.if anyone on the pack deserves a shot it’s callahan and not SHITSBISTER!krog was producing at a point per game pace in the ahl,how that briliant move work out mike?

  43. Yeah, and last year Barry Melrose probably had his entire face up Jagr’s backside. It’s not news that he’s one dimensional, he always has been and that one dimension is that he generfally scores points in buckets. And his leadership abilities are impossible to evaluate because the Rangers added the strongest, most dominant personality in the league to the locker room five minutes before making him captain. You could see it coming a mile away that Jagr would feel somewhat threatened and intimidated by Shanahan’s style, and I personally wonder how it impacted his play. Not that it excuses what’s happening this year.

    And yes, he’s past his prime, Mr. Master of the Obvious. Nobody in the NHL is 35 and in their prime except maybe Brodeur. And even more obvious that the rangers are out of the race.

    I mean really, make a point about something that’s not obvious to everyone. Melrose sounds like someone posting to a blog. I expect more from him.

  44. czechthemout!!!!! on

    mike-alex bourett has more points than SHHITSBISTER, using your logic he is even more deserving than your boy SHITSBISTER,after all he is only ten years younger and already better.

  45. czechthemout!!!!! on

    peter-why melrose does not know shit about hockey even though he used to play and coach in the nhl.he is just an empty personality on espn.he was a brainless goon when he played.most of the time got his ass kicked and was a shitty coach who overplayed his muckers and goons on the kings,mcsorely and others during the finals costing the kings the cup.he has zero credability with me.

  46. DumpJagrDope on

    I would actually give everybody in Hartford with any NHL potential a taste of the NHL for at least 1 game to let them see how it really is so they figure out what they need to do to get there full time.

  47. czechthemout!!!!! on

    dump-your right but i would even go one better.i would bring up the pack tomorrow to play the blues.just add avery,girardi,rozy,jagr,prucha,cullen and one or two others to replace the rest of the garbage ont he pack that HAS NO NHL FUTURE.they would probobly win.

  48. DumpJagrDope on

    wow we have actually a very good chance to catch up to that 8th spot, too bad our coach is a dumb piece of crap. We need to bring up Callahah and Dawes to play instead of Shitbistro and Orr and call up Baranka or Liffiton to play instead of Pock or Rachunek and roll 4 lines.

  49. czechthemout!!!!! on

    ej hradek is good on espn.melrose is a clown with that stupid mullett of his.some of the garbage he says is just mind boggling.

  50. czechthemout!!!!! on

    dank-we will not pick in the top ten but probobly win just enough games to just miss the playoffs again and pick around 12 to 14.that is why we never make any headway with our young players in terms of blue chip talent.not only do our scouts suck,they are never in a position draft wise to have a pick that is idiot proof,like when the blues picked erik johnson last year and pittsburgh picked jordan staal.

  51. Aside from two regular posters who immaturely insist on using unnecessary profanity, this is the best Rangers blog/message board I’ve ever participated in.

  52. Toronto wins… but Parise scored absolute beauty SO goal! He’s a great talent! So, Toronto won, Carolina won, Atlanta won, Montreal is losing by two goals but that is just one wild game… God is a Ranger? Not so sure about it…

  53. czechthemout!!!!! on

    i would pick a forward prefferably a center.sather will probobly pick a goalie.

  54. The real question about Melrose is how long he can maintain the “gee, I’m just a small town canadian boy, eh. We wear long johns with pelvic flaps and only use the missionary” routine? Barry, baby, you know you’re from Seattle or some other third rate U.S. city where they play hockey with a plastic ball, why act like you’re some canuck from the bush? It’s foul, man, just foul.

  55. DumpJagrDope on

    by the look of things Carolina is the only team we have to watch, if we get ahead of them we are in for another sweet sweep.

  56. Back to that point a game AHL reference…We all know that points in the minors don’t always correlate to scoring at the NHL level.

    Just look at Jason Krog.. He is a great AHL player, but can’t do anything with the big boys.

  57. DumpJagrDope on

    We should trade up to get a better player, more specifically a big physical top center that can pass and score. our 1st rounder + Dawes, Olver, Lampman for a top 6 pick.

  58. czechthemout!!!!! on

    blueclue-my point exactly.but mike seems to disagree.
    dump-i have seen some games on directv that oliver played in.not impressive at all.don’t think any one would want him.they could have drafted latendress in the second round that year but once again our fabulous scouts picked a slight small player who will not succeed in the nhl.they do have a plyer although not big,but real good.his name is tom pyatt.he is similar to chris drury.but we will never see him play.because he will also rot away in hartford like the rest of their good offensive prospects.

  59. Dawes should get a real shot at the team before we think of including him in any deal.

    I think he can be good at the NHL level, but just maybe NOT on the Rangers.

    There are certain players that are system players, like many guys on the Devils. Without their repectie systems, they would not flourish. The Rangers have no real system; Just a bunch of different role players skating around and not clicking.

  60. czechthemout!!!!! on

    they do have a just articulated it,accept you forgot to add that they will also once again add another washed up name or two to it.

  61. Jason Chimera on Columbus just scored a BEAUTIFUL shoot-out goal on Marty Turco. Columbus just beat Dallas.

  62. DumpJagrDope on

    looks like Akim Aliu is the player I want this draft and he is on the same team as Staal, so maybe we’ll get him.

  63. barry melrose is a complete front runner. if all a sudden jagr was stacking up 5 points a game, melrose would be saying that jagr’s ‘leading this team’, ‘he’s showing the way for the young players’, blah, blah, blah.

    and he also is a canadien hockey fan- he’s not going to give credit to american teams especially that have a lot of euros playing on them.

    i dont here him bashing patrick elias for his lack of production and leadership this year. why? b/c melrose just wants to make sure he can insult the rangers in any and all ways possible.

    all and all, the guys a joke.

  64. DumpJagrDope on

    “Dawes should get a real shot at the team before we think of including him in any deal.”

    why? They won’t or can’t give everyone a fair shot so why not include some of them in trades to improve future and to give them a chance to play somewhere else?

  65. Does anyone see a real difference between those “star-laden” ranger teams of a few years ago and this one? (Other than the payroll and goalie disasters, of course.) I don’t know why anyone of us expects anything different from this organization; one has to realize that ’94 was the anomaly and every other year (mediocre and horrible) is representative of this team’s long, blemished history.

  66. Dump

    Why raise a guy with the pack just to ship him out?

    If he plays well, which Dawes has, he should at least get a fair shot to play a bunch of games.

    They don’t just owe it to him, they owe it to the growth of the team.

  67. DumpJagrDope on

    well don’t forget we have already way too many undersized forwards and Dawes is likely the smallest. And they had tons of chances to play him and give him a real chance but chose not to.

  68. Dump

    True he IS small, but he weighs 190 lbs at 5’8″.
    That is pretty hefty for someone of that height.
    He is strong on the puck and is fast.

    If prucha had a real shot, so should Dawes.

  69. Dump

    You know Prucha was give the opportunity over other guys mainly because he was Czech and Jagr had a say in it……it’s so obvious.

  70. DumpJagrDope on

    Prucha got a real shot because there wasn’t much of a competition from other prospects at that point.

    But Dawes now has to compete with Callahan, Jessiman, Moore, Byers, Pyatt, Bourret, Dubinsky, Korpikoski, etc.

    no point keeping so many prospects and then just losing some of them to free agency for nothing.

  71. Dump

    I agree, and I also think that the 4 o r 5 best of them should get some play with the team at the NHL level.

    Dawes IS a top 5 forward right now of the guys you mentioned.

    I say Callahan, Dubinsky, Bourret, Dawes, Byers and Korpikoski should get a real crack at the team next year.

  72. DumpJagrDope on

    “You know Prucha was give the opportunity over other guys mainly because he was Czech and Jagr had a say in it……it’s so obvious.”

    maybe, but Prucha also amazed people almost every game, while Dawes not so much, but of course Prucha was older and played in in better league than AHL for some time.

  73. DumpJagrDope on

    our strength is we have lots of good smallish forwards, our weakness is we have few power forwards, especially centers. So we need to make a trade to even things out a bit even if we have to overpay a little. Otherwise they will just lose them for nothing or trade them for more Isbisters like they did with Petruzalek.

  74. Prucha was also able to play 1) with the Rangers on a consistent basis with like you said, not as much competition. Dawes never got that. 2) He played on a line with Jagr last year when Jagr was on fire and logged real Power Play minutes. Dawes I believe played mostly on the 4th line when he had a shot.

  75. Dump I think Kaspar would still count vs next yrs cap (1/2 his salary) if they tried to bring him up and another team claimed him. (even after the trade deadline). In the offseason they can buy him out and in real $ would cost about the same as if they kept him. BUT in cap $ it would count a lot less (and spread out over 2 yrs next yr and the yr after).

    releg – we have had other good seasons other than cup seasons (just not in the last 10 yrs). 92, 97, 86 (I think made semis), 79, 72 and some others in early 70’s.

  76. We do need some good strong young forwards.

    The only real young strong forward we have now on the team is Hossa and as strong as he is, he is not physical.

    In the AHL and juniors, who is physical and strong?

    All that comes to mind is Jessiman and lately, it seems he has been playing better…but no consistency. His development may be a while off, but I say throw him in the mix next year.

  77. DumpJagrDope on

    “The only real young strong forward we have now on the team is Hossa and as strong as he is, he is not physical.”

    that is not really true, he was physical for most of this season 80 hits in 62 games

    “In the AHL and juniors, who is physical and strong?”

    Dubinsky, Byers and Dupont and maybe Korpikoski and Bahensky, I think that’s about it. the rest are either small or not physical.

  78. Isn’t Byers on the lanky side, atleast that’s what people say?

    With Hossa, I guess his stats speak volumes. He is a good player. I’ve been saying it for a while on this blog and was ridiculed months ago when I said that he will come in to his own. It’s just when you watch him play, you think of him more as a puck control player with average toughness and grit.

  79. DumpJagrDope on

    “looks like Akim Aliu is the player I want this draft and he is on the same team as Staal, so maybe we’ll get him.”

    actually, looks like we could get this guy without trading up, maybe can get him by trading down. Doesn’t seem like a great year for Center prospects. maybe we need to package a deal for young skilled physical center instead of drafting one.

  80. DumpJagrDope on

    “Isn’t Byers on the lanky side, atleast that’s what people say?”

    not sure about his weight, but he is supposed to be a gritty physical 3rd liner.

  81. With drafting, it’s always hot or miss. At the NHL level, we know it could be an almost certain thing.

    Do you think Montoya is the back-up next year?

  82. DumpJagrDope on

    Hossa is definitely a good player, Garth Murray only has 42 hits in 40 games, so Hossa so far is much better and Hossa makes only 25K more

  83. Byers is 6’3” 190lbs….Needs to put on 20-30 lbs more. He has 14 goals and 19 assists in 56 games.

  84. DumpJagrDope on

    “Do you think Montoya is the back-up next year?”

    probably, unless traded

  85. DumpJagrDope on

    “Alex Bourret is 5’10â€? 205lbs…shorter but has the muscle already.”

    don’t forget he is a bit overweight, plus he is a better prospect than Byers hands down. Also some people have heavy bones.

  86. Pock is an AHL player, plain and simple… signed as a offensive D-man, obviously can’t produce offensively at this level, and I don’t think a 25 year old, second year player, who used to be a forward, isn’t big and is from freakin Austria will be particularlt effective in his own end. Please, end the charade, I’d rather see Mike Mottau.

    Renney is just clueless, looks like a deer in the headlights. Renney managed to catch lighting in a bottle for 3 quarters of a season last year, but other than that his NHL coaching experience has been a complete disaster. Please go back to Hockey Canada and teach power skating.

    Also, Lundqvist has great #’s since Jan. 1st, but does anyone else not think there are a bit of smoke and mirrors involved? He’s too deep in his net, his glove hand is average AT BEST, he playes the puck like a UHL goalie and all of a sudden ‘m nervous every time the other team shoots the puck.

    Good on Glen for not trading Montoya, although I hope the best for Henke, I really like him.

    BTW, keep up the good work Sam, I enjoy this blog immensely.

  87. DumpJagrDope on

    anybody think maybe Lundqvist is fatigued for not getting any rest and having all the pressure dumped on his head?

    why not play Montoya against Blues?

  88. DumpJagrDope on

    “Ward told the Boston Herald, “I’ll tell you the truth what happened. Tom Renney called me at lunch and said, ‘I’ve got some news that I think you’re going to like.’ He said I was going to a team that I was going to like and he said the Boston Bruins. My immediate thoughts were Dave Lewis and a great town with a hockey tradition. I couldn’t have picked a better situation.””

    anybody seen this? I think it pretty much hints that Ward was traded because of his dispute with either Jagr or Renney.

  89. DumpJagrDope on

    Jagr needs no to give up his “C” to Shanahan, maybe then we will start having some success and not blow 2 goal leads.

  90. I’d just be happy to get Shanny back soon all recharged and ready to tear it up-

  91. they need 2 callups a forward and a D man. When are they going to announce them???

    How about the Koriposki and Lampman(is he still hurt)?

    If no Lampman who?

  92. DumpJagrDope on

    the lineup should be something like:


  93. Those of you who think Pock is a good D-man have not watched closely. He was converted from forward and last year he was tremendous with the Wolf Pack. He needs playing time. The more he plays the better he is and the more confidence he has on the ice. He has a strong shot and it is mostly accurate. Ranger brass jerked him around this year in and out of the lineup. If they weren’t going to play him regularly, he should have been at Hartford to play every day. Thanks brass!!!!!

  94. czechthemout!!!!! on

    dump-good lineup.will never happen.those kids are “still not ready” even though they are all out producing that wonderful piece of SHITSBISTER.

  95. Longtimerangerfan on

    My son is going to the game today…his two buddies that were supposed to go with him bailed out. One has to work but the other just doesn’t want to go…hope he can sell the other two tix. I feel bad for turning him into a Ranger fan like his old man now he gets to suffer along with me.

  96. Longtimerangerfan on

    DJD, hope your’e feeling better now…you were about to implode the other day. I haven’t heard so many obcenities since the “White House” tapes.

  97. DumpJagrDope on

    well I was half joking when I was cursing and stuff, but getting Bourret was a dream of mine , that is the only thing that made me happy.

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