Not only am I here….


….but I even scarfed down two full plates of some sort of Chinese-influenced chicken, rice, and egg roll concoction here in the Garden press room. So if you see me doubled-over in the press box later, you’ll know why….

Anyway, nothing major to report: Straka is still out, Roberts and Laraque are in for the Pens, and traffic is moving well enough on the West Side Highway.

Also, according to Tom Renney, Brendan Shanahan is still suffering from slight concussion symptoms and has an appointment with the neurologist tomorrow. At best, it sounds like he could be cleared for some cardio workouts, but still isn’t ready to skate.

Naturally, this is a big one tonight, for a variety of reasons. From a purely selfish journalistic standpoint, I’d love to see the Rangers carry some momentum into next week’s home-and-home against the Isles. It would certainly make it fun.

OK, more later…

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  1. I would love to see some momentum going into the home and home. I hate the fishsticks, which is exaserbated further by the fact that my twin is a fan of those island punks

  2. So what are the odds on Laraque leaving an imprint of his fist on Orr’s face tonight? I’d say almost a push.

  3. malik taking a bad penalty, don’t boo him, he has kids, & not much hockey smarts.

  4. Doodie Machetto on

    If they score from Mara’s penalty, just think of Ward putting them in off of his skate.

  5. The last call was even worse. Should have been interference.

    Girardi looks great. Hollweg and Orr are laying the hurt.

  6. Doodie Machetto on

    Sam, whatever you ate tonight had to be better than that fish situation. I get sick thinking about what it could have been.

  7. Toots is out. The ONLY positive I can see out of this is Pock my get more of a look.

  8. Doodie Machetto on

    WTF is going on. Not watching the game, just following play by play on It reported Cullen from Jagr and Avery and now it’s saying Jagr and at a different time. Can anyone tell me what happened with the goal?

  9. Jags shot and it hit Fleury and bounced off a Pittsburgh defensemans skate. It looked like it may have been off Cullen, but it wasn’t. Then on the next shift Nylander put one in. Doodie, you’re missing a great game. The shift after that Hollweg almost put one in.

  10. Doodie Machetto on

    I got to watch the first period but I had to leave. Rangers in 60 at 11 better make it good.

  11. Girardi has been the best defenseman tonight, but Mara, Malik, and Rachunek have not looked bad. The team defense being played against Crosby has been great. They have just shut him down. This is even more important with Tyutin out of the game.

  12. right now the only teams above the Rangers from 4 on down who are playing well are the Isles and Ott.

    the Pens had a great streak and are now sputtering a bit.

    the Thrash, Habs, Canes and Leafs are all faltering.

    you heard it here first: all 3 NY area teams will be in the playoffs.

  13. Shorty by Stall, all Rosival’s fault, only D went deep

    Shorty by Armstrong, Lundqvist’s fault, went to play puck

    But it’s OK because Blair Betts just scored on the PP. Who would have figured

  14. Doodie Machetto on

    I’ve been noticing that about Lundqvist recently- very poor decisions when it comes to playing the puck or stopping play or putting the puck back into play.

  15. It happens a lot. He goes to play the puck in the corner and discovers he can’t (like tonight) or makes an errant pass.

  16. Doodie Machetto on

    I’m also thinking of times where he’ll catch the puck and instead of freezing it, he’ll put it back into play with opponents right in front of him

  17. i knew that PK stat for like 16 for 16 was going to end on the 7 seconds. just knew it.

    predictions? lose in regulation 4-3, or SO by hitting the post?

  18. Doodie Machetto on

    Well, without Ward, we won’t have to worry about the off-skate buzzer beater.

  19. I can’t believe they let this game get to OT. Pathetic.

    Refs suck. How was that interference on Betts when Fleury is a mile away from the net?!

  20. Holly – Betts – Isbister on to end regulation, is that really the best way to go??????????????????????????

  21. Why, doesn’t everyone play their 4th line in the last minute of a 3-3 tie?? Oh wait…

  22. Doodie Machetto on

    I didn’t see it, but if he’s far away, it’s interference if you impede him from getting back to the net

  23. isbister didnt score on his breakaway b/c he isnt good; not b/c the puck was bouncing.

  24. Longtimerangerfan on

    Malikenstein the pylon…whatever you do don’t challenge the shooter but make sure you screen your goalie!!!!

  25. isbister should be sent down, or just retire all together. i dont see what he brings to the game. normally i dont mind the call ups, but i cant stand this guy.

  26. hmm… a shootout.

    i use to like these b/c i had confidence in the goalie & shooters. now im not so sure about either.

    please, please! i want a ‘W’!

  27. well that was one dissappointing loss. but hell, thats the season. at least we got a point, but one thing is for certain; ANY team can be a “comeback” team against the Rangers in the third period.

    overall, another DISGUSTING loss by the Rags. 2-0 lead, then 3-2 lead. bad calls, yeh but i blame Rosivals pinch as the killer. F**k thattttttttt.

  28. No problem Doodie.

    I can’t count the number of points this team has given away this year. The 3rd period leads against TB and FLA, 2-0 leads against NJ, Columbus, and PIT tonight, the 5-5 Crosby goal with 1 second left……that’s 6 games for 12 points. If they win 3 of those, they are in the playoffs right now.

  29. Doodie Machetto on

    Two games in which the PP scored but was still a minus. That’s gotta be a first.

    Let’s face it guys, this team is just not that good.

  30. Totally agree w/ you Doodie- Sykora is missed greatly. What, Sather couldnt work something out while in Edmonton? It seems like the Oilers were shipping out everyone.

    And now i will have to face my office AGAIN, after the islanders most likely will win. This season just keeps getting worse.



  32. Longtimerangerfan on

    If Tyutin is out for any length of time, Renney will have to double shift Malikenstein.

  33. Sam are they going to get a D man, so Pock can keep his usual seat in the stands? Maybe just call another guy up, so Renney can prove himself right.

  34. Rosival is the dumbest PP point man in the league. he is only there because Jagr insists on it. he won’t shoot, pinches at the wrong times, but boy can he feed his crony.

  35. Longtimerangerfan on

    It would have been better if Henke had taken the penalty for being out of the crease…we weren’t doing anything but giving up short-handed goals anyway.

  36. Rozy is awful on the PP. I’ve been saying this for a long while now. And I will say it again. Anyone who thinks he can shoot from the point has rocks in their head.

  37. I am so sick of watching this team blow leads! Could easily be in the high 70’s for points if they were a 60 minute hockey club. More heartbreak

  38. They’ll call up Pock’s old D-partner Liffiton to fill in, just so Pock doesn’t have someone else mess up the groove his ass has created in the press box

  39. The only good thing is that the 3 teams ahead of them have a good chance of losing tomorrow night:

    CAR vs PIT
    TOR at NJ
    MTL at BUF

  40. I am not interested in the A on Malik’s jersey. We all know what the A stands for on the Rangers.
    Malik is booed by Ranger fans because he is perceived as holding his job because he is a fellow countryman of Jaromr Jagr. Now granted, if Malik played physical and showd that he had a pair of stones, he would not be booed. Period. Nylander gets booed too. He’s booed because of his ignorant play when he is in the offensive zone. There is nowhere to hide in MSG it’s a full house every game. And the players are judged by their performances nightly. Even by shift sometimes. So be it. If you can’t stand the NY heat, get out of the kitchen and go play in Nashville, or St Louis, or Columbus.

  41. yes, they gained 1 pt. on the last playoff spot. now 5 pts. out. they gained 1 on leafs, canes, habs and atl. who were all idle.


  43. 1. Just not a playoff team, That doesnt mean they wont make it, but giving up 4 shorties in the last 3 games is just atrocious. And the blown leads – I guess we all know defense aint our strong suit, though.

    2. As bad of a loss as it was, they still got a Bettman point. So it could have been worse.

    3. The Rangers – without 2 of the only 4 guys who have been able to score all season and without Tyutin on defense – did just blow a lead however it was to a fully loaded Pittsburgh team. The Isles just took a 2 goal lead into the last 3 minutes against St, Louis at home, with everyone healthy, and managed to get exactly what the Rangers got. Who had the more demoralizing evening?

  44. CAR vs PIT
    TOR at NJ
    MTL at BUF

    tomorrow nite. if all 3 lose, the Rangers will be in better shape than they were before tonite. they will have the same games in hand advantage, and be 1 pt. closer to 8th.


    it still comes down to the games vs. Habs (2), Canes(1) and Leafs(1). any losses in those games will doom the Rangers.

  45. AngelusMortis on

    What happened to that “playoff push” we had a while back? A blind squirrel finds a nut every once in a while, eh?

    3 of the last 4 they’ve blown 2-0 leads.
    2 of the last 3 they’ve let in 2 SHG’s and have been minus on the PP.

    I’ll root for the Islanders if the Rangers miracle themselves into the playoffs. They simply do NOT deserve to be there.

  46. Happy Jagr stood up and took one on the shootout.

    Nylander looked totally lost tonite, despite the weak goal he scored.

    Think about it…Having Straka and Shanahan right now would make such a huge difference for this team- We looked totally lost in the 3rd period and the Pens did their homework.

  47. Sorry to say that – I love this team but it’sbunch of losers… impossible for PO team to give up 4! (not to say fuc***g) SHG in last 3 games… This is just ridiculous… And the goal given by Henrik… Come on!!!



  48. Better off seeing this team last year. Wouldn’t of gotten our hope up.

    The wrong d-man got hurt, Racooon is a joke.

    Someone has to take the fall for these collapses. Drop Renney now!

  49. The Hero: Fleury.

    The Sub-Goat: Sam’s boy Malik: Nice screen on HL for the third Pens goal. Either go down and block it, deflect it with your stick or GET THE EFF OUT OF THE WAY!

    The BIIIIIG Goat: Renney, as usual. Coach Brains has failed to teach his team how to lock down with a two goal lead in the third. In fact, he stupidly put Cullen on the point on pp and it cost us a shortie. Faux Coach Renney also put Rachunek out with the game tied and a minute left in regulation. Yes, you heard me, Rachunek. Renney either refuses to learn lessons or he’s an effing idiot. I choose both. And the beat writers just give him one free pass after another.

  50. I agree. He looks like he should be teaching 9th grade English not NHL…..And I am getting a little tired of Orts too. SCORE SOME GOALS!

  51. I was at the game against Montreal a few days ago and they won the game, yes, but not because they played so well.

    The Habs were just totally flat and we took advantage.
    It seems that whenever we face any real adversity, we crumble under pressure. It’s 3/4 of the season already..Why the heck can’t they just get their act together?

  52. 19 y.o. kid scores with all pressure on him to win game.

    old vet Nylander can’t even get a shot off as he outdekes himself into oblivion.

  53. No has mentioned that Prucha did not play the last 6 minutes of regulation or even a second of overtime. It is unbelievable. Renney was playing for overtime once the Pens tied it in the third. This coach has no guts. I don’t think Prucha has been given any ice time in overtime this season. He had a great game, hustled his ass off, blocked shots, but he can’t play when the game is tied. The sad thing is even if we don’t make the playoffs, what changes next year? Even if you fire Renney, Sather will still be here and the next coach will be a powerless stiff. And what spots will be open for kids, b/c I really can’t see them not playing Betts, Hossa, hollwegg, ortmeyer, and they will probably resign nylander. Sorry for the rant but u knew they were gonna lose that game and certainly knew crosby was gonna bury that shot

  54. don’t hold your breath for an anti-Renney column. all the media love him for his friendly access. of course, his job performance never enters into it. he could go 0-82 and the media would be silent, and say he has a nice family.

  55. The media simply doesn’t care about hockey.

    The team can go 0-82 and 99% of New Yorkers wouldn’t know it.

  56. The Malik +- b.s.

    Tonite, he acted like the pilon he is by screening HL on the tying Pitt pp goal. But since he was a +2, he gets a free pass. Malik and Renney have a trunkful of free passes this season.

  57. The media simply doesn’t care about hockey.

    The team can go 0-82 and 99% of New Yorkers wouldn’t know it

    what does that have to do with the HOCKEY media? I am talking about the guys who cover the team daily.

    and since there were over a million people in the parade route in ’94, that comment is bull.

  58. onecupin67years on

    Momentum…yeah ,,same old rangers, win, lose, give the game away gift wrapped.
    I think Shanny should do himself a favor and sit out the remainder of the season ,why risk it all literally only to not make the playoffs or to get embarassed in the first round ?

  59. Yeah, it’s all Renney’s fault. He puts Cullen on the point because the rest of the assholes on this team refuse to take a goddamn shot. But that’s a mistake. Please!

    Yeah, Fire Renney because Henrik likes to do his Marty Brodeur impersonation and leave the net to handle the puck. Fire Renney because Henrik was a stupid effing sieve tonight.


    How many times has Lundqvist and the Rangers done this this season? Sure, blame it on Renney.

    Anyone who blames Renney for this is a IDIOT! WAKE UP! Scotty Bowman couldn’t take this team to the playoffs.

    Enough with this crap. SIT everyone and bring every kid down from Hartford and give them some meaningful ice time before the season is over.

  60. what are you clowns talking about. Malik played well tonight.. 1 goal was Henriks brain fart like against Detroit and GOnchars shot was a great shot.

    the Rangers played well undermanned…

    Why do the point men pinch when they are up by 2, bad decisions…….

  61. mhurley so who is the guy responsible for this team? The one & only Sather, who passed up trading any vets for a big return like plenty of other teams grabbed and ran. …Is MESSIER GM yet? ….Or there will be more of the same until GLEN IS GONE!

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