I was hauled into The Journal News offices this afternoon for non-hockey related work, but fear not, dear readers: the plan is for to me still be at the Garden by the opening face-off.

In the meantime, plenty of exciting activity on the blog front, with the long-awaited audio clips finally set to debut, along with the first-ever Rangers Report poll. The poll at least should be up soon, so keep a look out on the right side of your screen.

OK, more from the Garden later…

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  1. Doodie Machetto on

    Screw the Isles. If I have to go another summer with my uncle gloating, I may murder him.

  2. lets definitly spoils wang’s fishsticks!

    captain canada doesnt want to be there, stupid islander fans!

  3. Rangers Pride on

    Doodie Machetto : Your uncle is Isles fan I can imagine how you feel. One of my friends is huge Rangers fan and his father is Devils fan you can imgine the conversations they are having. He feels like murdering him sometimes as well. Especialy when his father calls him after Devils win yet another game against the Rangers and says: ” Well the Rangers tried but they can not beat our great defence and our great golie”.

  4. GuitarWizard on

    Well, I believe that bringing up prospects to give them NHL experience will bring a group of hardworking guys into the lineup looking to make the most of their shot in the big league (which we know are few and far between with the Rangers). This could translate into better playing by the team in general and the possibilty of moving towards a playoff spot.

    In the process this automatically helps spoil the Islanders chances (taking 6 points from them at this point would hurt). Although it is also important for Shanny to get back on the ice. He’s had a good year and has been the leader of the team. I think that’s needed in the final stretch.

  5. I want to see the Rangers make it to the playoffs most of all. Secondly, I really want to see Shanny healthy and helping the Rangers get to the playoffs. I don’t want to spoil the Islanders playoff run, I want the Rangers to beat them in the playoffs, which would probably have to happen in the second round of the playoffs.

  6. Making the playoffs “at all costs” – that was an undesirable option prior to the deadline, but what would be the cost now? That Callahan doesn’t get to play 10 games at the NHL level? I agree all four would be nice.

  7. Is it a bad sign that 60% of voters would rather see other things happen this month than our team getting into the playoffs?

    I hope this changes with a larger sample size.

  8. AngelusMortis on

    Get into the playoffs at any cost. Seeing Shanny back came as a close second.

  9. Phew.

    I already got scared that A-Rod had accidentally used Jeter’s toilet paper. News of such an appalling magnitude would have surely cancelled you’re Rangers assignment since they would need 4 extra reporters to analyze the toilet paper in question and one to travel to Detroit to see a toilet paper expert.

  10. Doodie Machetto on

    My uncle’s old standard is “How many years did it take the Rangers to win 4 Stanley Cups? How many years did it take the Islanders? AND they won them all in a row”

  11. congrats Sam!!!

    “Finally, a shout out to my buddy and co-worker Sam Weinman. He won two awards in the annual AP Sports Editors national writing contest. My newspaper was recognized five times in our category. Other than the Times, no paper in the metropolitan area collected more hardware.”

  12. Aussie Rangers Fan on

    Congrats on the awards Sam!

    I think it’s sad that “Seeing a healthy Shanny” is not the run away leader – he has done so much for the game AND our Rangers. Get well soon, Shanny!

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