Straka still questionable


Marty Straka didn’t skate at practice today, and tomorrow against the Penguins seems unlikely.

Both Tom Renney and Straka also acknowledged that the shoulder injury is something that the forward is going to need to address during the off-season.

That said, Straka reported improvement from yesterday, so there remains the chance he makes further gains when he wakes up tomorrow.

Some other updates:

  • Paul Mara skated with his new teammates for the first time today, and was already practicing on a second power play unit alongside Karel Rachunek, Marcel Hossa, Sean Avery, and Jarkko Immonen. Naturally, Straka’s absence jumbles things a bit, but the plan is to certainly use Mara on man-advantage.

    As for Mara’s adventures last night, the defenseman couldn’t get on one flight because he arrived too late, then was supposed to take the Garden’s private jet that was in Boston with the Knicks. But because Mara was separated from his bags, he ended up taking a commercial flight at 7, and thus missed the game. Good thing the Rangers didn’t need him.

  • Trivia question time, courtesy of my buddy Biebs: With Mark Messier’s jersey retirement last night, name the NHL players who have had numbers retired by more than one team. You have two minutes to respond…

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    1. Hey Sam –

      I heard during the Rangers postgame show on the radio last night (which driving home from the game) that the Islanders actually had traded Jason Blake to Anaheim for a first round pick, but the paperwork got to the league after 3 PM and so the deal was nullified. But this morning I haven’t seen that mentioned in any of the papers. Is this true or did they just not trade him?

    2. off topic but just a heads up before paul mara is annointed the next brian leetch. he has 196 pts in 483NHL games. hardly an offensive threat. that is all, carry on….feel better marty!!

    3. If Paul Mara is playing the point on the 2nd PP unit, that means he will get about 20 seconds per PP, because we all know that the 1st unit plays about 1:30.

    4. Isn’t injury location suppose to be kept confidential?
      Isn’t that why the Rangers were only reporting upper body?

    5. I don’t know about two minutes but here I go:

      Gordie Howe
      Wayne Gretzky

      those are the only two i could think of.

    6. And here’s one back for you, Sam…

      In the NHL, which number has been retired more than any other?

    7. I ammend my previous answer.
      It’s Mess, Gretz, Borque… and Bobby Hull.

      Howe’s number was retired in Detroit and Hartford. When Hartford moved to Carolina, they opened up all the numbers again. But his 9 hasn’t yet been assigned.

      Soooooooooo…. Five ever in history if you include Howe and the Whalers. If not, then those four among active teams.

    8. Sam,

      Odd question, but could you confirm if Jagr is now skating on Nike Bauer skates instead of Graf’s that he’s used all his career? Just find it interesting that he switches at this point in his career.

    9. Mitch… the Oilers and Kings retired his 99 separately from the league. (Oddly enough, though, the Kings did it *after* the league-wide retirement.)

      It was Mess with the Rangers and Oilers (last night)…
      Gretz with the Oilers and Kings…
      Howe with the Wings and Whalers…
      Borque with the ‘lanche and the Bruins…
      and Hull with the Hawks and Jets.

    10. Doodie Machetto on

      Bourque shouldn’t have been retired by the Avs for his whole 1 and a half seasons there.

      I don’t like the idea of retiring a jersey in two places. You can be a great player in two or even three cities, but there is always one city that the player himself will look back upon and define himself as. I like to think that despite all of the accolades he earned in Edmonton, if you asked him what that team was, he would choose the Rangers.

      Hull and Howe were retired in two different leagues, so I’m OK with those.

      Gretz should have Edmonton alone, but the league wide is really appropriate with him.

      I’ve got a better trivia question: who were the other players in NHL history that have worn 99?

      I’ll give you all a hint. I have no flippin idea.

    11. Some responses:

      Peter, I heard something about the Blake trade missing the deadline at the Garden last night, but I can’t confirm it. Supposedly ESPN had it.

      Also, Nick, I do think Jagr has switched to Nike skates since I saw those around his locker the other day. What I will say is the guy is ALWAYS tinkering with his equipment, and is very specific about how his skates are sharpened.

      Maybe that’s my problem: I don’t pay enough attention.


    12. Yeah, 1050. And by the way Doodie, based on the way some of your comments seem to later come verbatim out of Dave Maloney’s mouth on said show, I’ve always had this sneaking suspicion that you’re him. You do, obviously, also share the same initials. So either he reads what you say, you guys think alike, or it’s pure coincidence.

    13. DM what does this say? …”The relationships you form over championship years with players is so intense, you create a relationship that runs so much deeper than sports,” he said. “In the end, there’s more similarities than differences because you think back on those relationships. I guess the difference is, you only come from one place. This is where I came from. This is who I am.”

    14. I’ve got no problem with a guy’s number being retired by two seperate teams if it was really deserved. Both Mess and Gretz deserved to have their numbers retired by two different teams. Gretz and Mess were Oiler legends 1 & 2…but Mess also made his legend in NY, winning a Cup there. And Gretz helped the NHL grow and lead them to the Cup finals with LA. So in those two circumstances, I say it’s okay because you’re retiring the numbers for what they did with those respective teams. Bourque being retired by Colorado makes no sense at all, other than the Avs looking to sell tickets one night. Hull and Howe are different leagues, so no problem there.

      Actually, other than Gretz and Mess…I can’t think of any other player who SHOULD have his number retired by two different teams. But Mess and Gretz were certainly special circumstances.
      And speaking of…when is Graves #9 gonna go up? I think he belongs up there with Mess, Richter, and Leetch. If I’m gonna be at the Garden when I’m 60 showing my grandkids the Rangers’ last Cup banner, I want them to see the jersey numbers of the “Four Horsemen” who helped bring it home.

      And yes, I’d like them to put Bathgate up there with Gravy, to honor another great Ranger who played during a dismal decade for the Blueshirts and always showed class and talent.

    15. Doodie Machetto on

      Peter, that’s pretty funny. Can you think of an example?

      bklynblue, well, I guess that answers that. He’s an Edmontonian first and a Ranger second in his mind. Take down the banner.

    16. I didn’t know Bourque had his retired twice. That’s dumb that the Avs did that. I knew about Mess, Gretz, and Howe. Did not realize Hull was twice as well.

      I know I am going to ruffle some feathers here, but this is the truth: if Jaromir Jagr could ever bring a Cup to NY, he’ll join that list since I imagine Pittsburgh will be retiring 68 someday. And if he captains the NYR to a Cup (again, not saying it’s going to happen), they will raise his number to the Garden rafters as well.

    17. “”I know I am going to ruffle some feathers here, but this is the truth: if Jaromir Jagr could ever bring a Cup to NY, he’ll join that list since I imagine Pittsburgh will be retiring 68 someday. “””

      the only cup Jagr is bringing to NY is the one he wears in his jock.

    18. Immonen was very solid last night I hope he gets again, but I’m sure Renney will mention his footspeed again, and ship him to Hartford.

    19. was somebody paging me? yes, my moniker started as a sarcastic lark, but the tide is starting to turn.

      besides, MVP stands for Most Vilified Player.

    20. 4. Ottawa 63 78
      5. Pittsburgh 62 75
      6. Atlanta 65 74
      7. NY Islanders 63 72
      8. Montreal 66 72
      9. Carolina 65 71
      10. Toronto 64 69
      11. NY Rangers 63 66

      Habs, Canes, and Leafs all played poorly last night and did not look as determined as one would expect. they can all be overtaken because the Rangers have games in hand on all of them.

      but they must win the games vs. habs(2) and leafs(1)and canes(1)

      the other 15 they can go 9-6 and make it. and the schedule is favorable for that.

    21. Doodie Machetto on

      no way. They can’t make the playoffs unless they can jump into third in the Atlantic. With the pickups the Fishsticks made at the deadline, it ain’t happenin unless the Canes, Habs, and Leafs literally nosedive. I’m talking like at least 12 losses a piece.

    22. that’s bull. leafs only have 18 games left.if they lost 12 they would finish with only 81 pts. so would canes and habs would have 80 in your scenario.

      all will get more than that, and about early 90’s will make it. the ranger scenario that I laid out would put them at 92 and that should make it.

    23. the Bruins are dead. they got rid of Boyes and Mara, and got ward. their last game they could not even win a big one at home vs Atl.

      what about the other 3. your post was completely wrong.

      if Leafs go 10-8, canes 9-8 and Habs 9-7, my ranger 13-6 scenario would put them ahead of all of them

    24. Let’s see how they do tonight vs. the Pens that will give an indication if they have a shot.

      Yes Jagr had a goal, but look who stepped it up last game; Immo, Hossa!, Tyutin, Lundquvist, Prucha, and even Pock had solid games; the young guys! At this point in the season, the vets are tired, Renney needs to give the young guys ice time to succeeed.

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