Ward to Boston for Paul Mara


OK, here’s what we know:

*UPDATE, 2:59 p.m.: The Rangers confirmed the prospect in the Dupuis deal is Alex Bourret.*

*UPDATE, 2:43 p.m.: The Rangers have confirmed trading Pascal Dupuis to Atlanta in exchange for a prospect. Good as Dupuis had been with Jed Ortmeyer and Matt Cullen, the team was going to lose him at the end of the year anyway.*

The Rangers have indeed traded Aaron Ward to Boston in exchange for defenseman Paul Mara.

They have also recalled Brad Isbister from Hartford.

They have also not traded Jaromir Jagr, nor will they. According to one source, it was never an option.

A brief reaction: Take away the whole Jagr-Ward spat, which I realize is a difficult thing to ignore, and the trade still makes sense. As I said the other day, Ward’s game had slipped considerably in recent weeks, to the extent that his play with the puck was guesswork.

Now throw in the fact that he was clashing with the team captain, was outspoken to the point of distraction most of the season, and he wasn’t the right fit with this team.

The 27-year-old Mara had 3 goals and 15 assists this season, and is making slightly more than Ward at $3 million per. No word on whether he’ll play tonight, although he was in the lineup last night for the Bruins against Atlanta.

Plenty more later, I’m sure….

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  1. TSN.ca is reporting that Captain Jamomir “no mas” Jagr has traded away Aaron Ward to Boston for a frap and a handshake.

  2. we always get rid of the physical players that care and leave heartless pukes like Rachunek and Malik

  3. Ward has been atrocious since November, people. It doesn’t help to be physical if you give the puck away and can’t catch up with anybody. Besides, he hated it here from day one. all I ever heard from that guy were rumors about how he heard all the fans hate him. Sounds like projection to me.

    Anyone else wanna jump in the “now that he’s gone, let’s talk about him” fray with me?

  4. BTW what does it mean that they traded with a team that is right above them in standings? are they finally selling?

  5. Ward was a bad move from day 1. Ruslan Salei or Brendan Witt would have been better choices. Jagr is beyond reproach. Ward should have known that.

  6. Anybody want to send Sather “I went to the biggest trade deadline and all I got was lousy Paul Mara” t-shirt?

  7. “I bet Ward lays a big one on Jagr up in Boston in late March”

    I hope he ends his career, that would give me reason to keep watching this shitty team.

  8. Losers. All I read was how much you hated Ward now that he is gone he is Rob Langway.

    He stunk…He has 1 yr on his deal at $2.3 mill.

    good move.. addition by subtraction. Rachunek still stink, but that is another matter.

    Remember you whiners thought he stunk. Pock will get to play now let’s see what he can do.

  9. “Ward was a bad move from day 1. Ruslan Salei or Brendan Witt would have been better choices. Jagr is beyond reproach. Ward should have known that.”

    Jagr is shit and Ward was the only one with the balls to say it outloud. Shanahan would get more respect from me if he had some problem with Jagr puke.

  10. TSN reporting its a player to be named later…LOL

    Talk about getting back nothing in return. if they are right, they literally got NOTHING!

  11. We’ll see how this turns out. I’d rather see Rachunek shipped out, as he’s been a huge defensive liability (way too many mistakes on the ice) in recent games. It’s disappointing if he was moved just for his comments about Jagr’s poor leadership. It’s sad when you get screwed for speaking the truth.

  12. The more this season has progressed the less I’ve liked Jagr who seems to just suck all around. Watching the lets pass the puck for forty minutes and never truly stand up and be a captain has been a pathetic year for this team. I liked Ward, he at least at times, seem to have a freaking heart. As for Savard, I would doubt Ward could equal the offense of Savard–who yet another fun mistake we made by losing.
    Dominic Moore is headed to Nashville, which is good for him.

  13. Hey come on!! We didnt get nothing. We got TBA!

    I dunno if you know Russian, but DBA is 2 while TRI is 3. So I’m thinking we got “three…maybe two, though” guys back. :D

  14. Correct me if I’m wrong – Ward has $2.75M contract? Mara is $2.30M with one more year on a contract?

  15. At least Mara can shoot the puck from the point on the PP. He had 8 PPG last year. Then again, Adam Hall had 10 last year.

    I hope this means we won’t have to watch Rozsival on the point anymore, since he hits the glass more than the net.

  16. While I may be in danger of imputing intelligence to the Rangers – Mara, Rachunek and Pock are pretty much the same player. Since Rachunek sucks most, he can’t be back next year.

    Please please please let me be right…

  17. “Dumpjagrdope, you are not even making an effort to watch your language.”

    why should I?

  18. “At least Mara can shoot the puck from the point on the PP. He had 8 PPG last year. Then again, Adam Hall had 10 last year. ”

    who cares, Jagr doesn’t permit anyone to shoot from the point when he is on the ice and most of the time he is.

  19. I guess pluses and minuses don’t work. My post should have read:

    Who cares that Mara is minus 22? Malik is plus 21. I think that proves that plus-minus is an overrated stat.

  20. I just read the Rangers have asked for Bertuzzi’s medical records…replacement for Shanny…though he would only be really joining him in the press box as of now…

  21. it is time for me to say good-bye to this piece of shit garbage motherfucking idiotic loser organization of turds for good (I am talking about the Rangers) maybe I will tune in the Boston game in hopes that Ward will splatter Jagr’s brains all over the rink. Wouldn’t it be sweet if Chara crushed the fat ass idiot…

  22. Simply not right for Tommy Pock. I know he is not a kid, but he deserves a chance to play, otherwise just get rid of him. I like Mara, but still, what is the point of getting another overpaid defenseman, don’t we have enough of those already? Kaspar, Ozo, Malik, Racoon, Rosival

    Then we have Toots and Girardi who are young and cheap

  23. Go NYR
    February 27th, 2007 at 3:22 pm
    I think we are forgetting how many goals Ward scored………. On his OWN net

    Don’t worry, I’m sure Rachnuek will pick up the slack for Ward and put a few more in past Henrik.

  24. I am done wasting time on this stupid ass organization, I hope it implodes on itself, I curse the Rangers and may they never again winn a playoff game!!!

  25. please correct me,
    is mara playing on the same side as pöck? hope i am wrong but that would mean:
    malik – rozsival
    tuytin – girardi
    mara – rachunek

  26. What was your Favorite Ward Goal?

    Mine was back in october when Crosby shot one off Ward’s skate with 3 seconds left in third of a 5-5 game…good times…

  27. May they never have a coach who has a clue how to coach!

    May they keep drafting busts like Huge Pussyman!

    May they always have a retarded owne!

    May they trade away all the good players like Prucha, Hollweg, etc. and have an entire team of soft players that like to spin with the puck!

    May they never call up anyone under the age of 25!

  28. DumpJagrDope you are really out of control. Buy the team then you can make the decisions.

    I have no idea if Mara is any good, he never stood out to me. I do know Ward played poorly for the Rangers.

    Does that mean Rachunek is not bad also, the answer is no..

    To all you guys either + – matters or it does not!!!

    It does not matter only when it is bad for Mara but not matter when it is good for Malik, try to be objective.

    I also know the season was a disaster so what…They have underacheived that is obvious…

  29. Ward may be gone, but the real psychiatric ward is still here in the person of Jagr and his cronies and his puppet coach.

    czech please !

  30. phr8trayn
    February 27th, 2007 at 3:31 pm
    can we block “dumpjagrdope�?

    I second that.

  31. I’ve found this blog about 2 months ago this is awesome.

    TSN is reporting Dupuis to Atlanta for a prospect. I’m not sure I get this considering he’s been a good fit with Cullen and Ortmeyer. But hopefully the prospect will be a power forward. Betuzzi went to FLA so i think Jagr for Big Bert is out of the question.

  32. I very rarely post here but read it almost every day. You’re an imbecile who can neither type, spell nor express an intelligent thought without using street language. If you don’t respect us (or yourself), show Sam some respect before they close the site down.
    Better yet…just go away.

  33. isn’t it interesting that the same people who want to silence DJD for speaking the truth also wanted to silence Ward for his speaking the truth. first amendment? not in Rangerland.

  34. I curse all the reporters for not making Renney’s life miserable!

    I curse all the fans that pay for Rangers tickets and merchandise!

    may you all burn in hell, motherfuckers!!!!!!!!

  35. DJD’s gotta go. Except he’ll just be back again under a different name. I’m not sure why this is fun for him (assuming it’s a him).

    Dupuis was amounting to nothing. Any word on the prospect?

  36. billybleedsblue on

    lol, DumpJagrDope, it’s ok man, it’s all going to be ok. we’re all frustrated. In through the nose, out through the mouth, c’mon, in through the nose, out through the mouth.

    as for blocking DumpJagr, c’mon, show him some support. We’re all in the same boat here for this year’s installment of the inevitable meltdown of our New York Rangers. Let’s show our support! You’re gonna be ok buddy, we’ll all be ok! lol. still 20 minutes to find a way to dump Jagr lol. Let’s Go Rangers!

  37. For all of you with Audio if you want to listen to TSN.ca they are broadcasting and updateing non stop, Keenan and Healy have been offering lots of good insight all day along with all the other TSN analysts. Between this blog and TSN it’s like Christmas in my office today.

  38. Anybody else think DumpJagrDope is that idiot who is a Devils season ticket holder that wears the number 00 on the back of the jersey and acts like a cheerleader at the games yelling, “Give me a D…”?

    It’s a shame people like that have to ruin a great blog. Like Chris said, he’ll just post under a different name.

  39. Supposedly the deal is for Alex Bourret which is an unbelievable steal. This kid is someone ive coveted since his draft year. huge hitting kid who can score. LOVE THIS MOVE.

  40. Chris
    February 27th, 2007 at 3:51 pm
    The Thrasher prospect is…Jason Krog.


  41. “Anybody else think DumpJagrDope is that idiot who is a Devils season ticket holder that wears the number 00 on the back of the jersey and acts like a cheerleader at the games yelling”

    No, I am that idiot that wasted 11 years on this garbage organization,

    Sam, put me out of my misery already, my IP is blocked everywhere else.

    let’s see what names did I use:

    vinny pooh

    some other I can’t even remember

    I am a dangerous cyber outlaw in the Rangers community. I want to turn myself in.


    right now at Joe’s Brake service you can get 30% off parts and labor.

    now back to our regular programming.

  43. Eh, 11 years, get over yourself, kid. Try 33 on for size. Just stick it out a little longer, you’ll get numb.

  44. “And rounding out Red Line’s top 10 is hyper aggressive winger Alex Bourret. Built like a bowling ball at 5-10/208 pounds, he’s like a heat-seeking missile who throws his body recklessly and is an extremely disruptive force on the forecheck. Though he has a big shot off the wing, he doesn’t possess quite the natural scoring prowess of a similarly styled player such as Brulé, or the size of other power forwards like Skille and Latendresse, which is why Red Line has him rated a cut below the top tier.”


  45. Krog, Dupuis gone – That means COP line skates again, eh? Also, sounds like we need Callahan on line 2…

  46. Dupuis was going to be a UFA, not a bad deal..

    wonder who the call-ups are, since Straka is out, etc.

    its over, its 3:00.. its done..

  47. So in essence, the trade was Dominic Moore for Alex Bourret. I’ll take it, Bourret has a lot of upside. I think he’s a former 1st round pick.

  48. I can’t believe they got my boy Bourret whom I been wanting for over 2 years for crappy Dupuis

  49. IS DJD HAPPY? WHAT????

    Dank: I wouldn’t say that. Trades have to be into the league office by 3, but can get announced later on. Sometimes, they don’t get announced until 2-3 hours after the deadline has passed.

  50. if that is true, what a moron that GM is in Atl. first he way overpaid for Tkachuk and Zhitnick, now he gives up Bourret for that crappy wandering softie Dupuis.

  51. anyone know why bourret asked to be traded “closer to home” from maine? is he man enough to handle new york city?

  52. Remember this from way back in October???

    THE past two Stanley Cup Finals each featured a small-market team from the southeast United States defeating a small-market team from western Canada in a seven-game series. The first came under a collective bargaining agreement which contained no salary cap, the second under a CBA that contains the most restrictive cap of the modern sports era.
    Five different teams have won the past five Cups, which means the NHL is tracking its parity on a course equal to the ’90s, when six different teams won championships in the six years from 1992 through ’97.

    Then, of course, marquee teams with star power were capturing titles and the imagination of the U.S. sports public. Then, on either side of the first lockout, teams filled with recognizable future Hall of Famers were winning championships, remaining intact for repeat runs and challenges, setting the bar for their competition in the way that a rising tide lifts all boats. But that was before Sixth Avenue became obsessed with establishing a lowest common denominator for the league and its teams. That was before the fall.

    The NHL may have its most appealing product in more than a decade, but not by definition. For this appealing product somehow appealed to fewer people than ever, if TV ratings are the measurement by which all leagues live. But have no fear. The league in which all games have a winner but nearly a quarter of them don’t have a loser is about to be saved from itself for the second time in 12 years by its most important and most loathed franchise. The small-market league is going bright lights and Broadway again.

    The NHL will rest in peace no more. The Rangers are on their way to another parade up the Canyon of Heroes, this time 41 years ahead of schedule.

    Our lightning elimination round eliminates more teams than the Lightning, but it sure is ironic, isn’t it, that this small-market champion became the first victim of the cap that penalizes success regardless of geography. The question in Atlanta – Bobby Holik and Steve Rucchin in the middle; we must have missed the punch line – is whether GM Don Waddell or head coach Bob Hartley will pay first with his job when the Thrashers miss again. The Islanders will compete harder than they did last season and, with both Miro Satan and Viktor Kozlov, may never lose a shootout, but will remain adrift. That is better than capsizing.

    Boston will be better and better organized, but its goaltending isn’t close to good enough. Florida is a joke franchise with a GM/coach in Jacques Martin who has never met a talent he hasn’t tried to suppress. It would have been interesting had Pittsburgh and Washington actually tried to attract formidable support people for the glittering Sidney Crosby and Alexander Ovechkin. It will be as interesting to watch the league attempt to sell itself by marketing players who work for teams that have virtually no chance to be in the playoffs; in other words, this isn’t exactly Magic and Bird.

    Colorado and Detroit, the glamour teams of the old CBA era, are commoners now, neither with much chance of winning, each likely to lose customers and corresponding cache. There isn’t much sadder than Hockeytown believing in 155-pound Dom Hasek, is there? St. Louis is years away, Chicago doesn’t count; Phoenix doesn’t look like any team for which Wayne Gretzky would have enjoyed playing; L.A. is building very smartly; and Vancouver got the goalie a couple of years too late.

    We’ll be curious which excuses Doug MacLean makes this time when Columbus struggles; Dallas is no longer among the elite; and, given fair talent, isn’t it finally time for Jacques Lemaire to be in the mix to actually win something in Minnesota? Edmonton, which crunched the numbers hard and well, looks like a one-and-done finalist, anyway.

    No GM has benefited more from family than Brian Burke, who acquired Scott Niedermayer (the world’s best player if Jaromir Jagr isn’t) and Chris Pronger in successive summers because of familial tugs, though of different natures. Nashville has kept its work ethic while acquiring talent, and Calgary remains as tough to play and score upon as anyone. These are the three best teams in the West – San Jose a meter behind – that stand in the way of a fourth consecutive Eastern champion.

    The Hurricanes were as determined to remove Oleg Tverdovsky’s $5M over the next two seasons from the books as they were to trade Jack Johnson for immediate help on defense, and that is why the Rangers – and numerous other clubs – backed off. Carolina will be good again, so will Buffalo and so will Ottawa. The Flyers have an abundance of ability of up front, less so in the back, and what else is new? The Devils, as usual, will stand in the way of anyone serious about winning.

    Which the Rangers are, from the front office to the coaching staff, from King Henrik of, no, not Sweden, but now of Broadway, to the pre-eminent Jagr. The Rangers added winners to their lineup this summer. They have young players who are likely to emerge over the course of the year. The roster – and ice time – in March is likely to be significantly different than the one that opens the season.

    And there is the approximate $5 million of cap space and overflow of attractive prospects with which the team has to work at the trade deadline. In other words, when John Davidson seeks to move Keith Tkachuk, St. Louis will be dialing 212, not 911.

    The Rangers will be going for a ride. Once again, the league is welcome to hop on their backs. If that doesn’t upset its small-market strategy.

  53. 47 years of misery for me. Have any season tix holders decided to not pay up by March 1st based on our trade deadline performance?

  54. Bourret is the Thrashers top prospect. This was a STEAL of a trade. Paul Mara is a bigger, younger, more physical version of Ward. Another great trade. Sather actually made two brilliant moves today.

  55. So we are short a d-man and a forward tonight….SAM any call ups? What are we doing for a lineup tonight?

  56. I got you beat peter, try 40 years I’ve been following the rangers. Hey, Vinny Pooh, your back. I was wondering where you went. As you can see the circus hasn’t left town. I don’t know what anybody getting crazy about. What did you expect. Sather is an idiot so until he is gone the circus will never leave.

  57. Great, we got Norstrom back. What should have happened is that WE had him for the last 12 years and are now trading him away. Instead….

  58. Oh who cares about Mara or Ward, or Hall/Dupius/Moore.
    Its not about Rachunek, Malik or Roszival.

    What we missed on was our best chance to turn Jagr into something while he still had value.

    What me missed on was our best chance to turn Shanahan into smoething before we lose him.

    Meanwhile Penguins went from last to clinching in one year.

    Philadelphia will rebound hard, be sure of it.

    Islanders are making something out of nothing.

    The Devils got out from under 8M in salary this year.

    Hell we are behind the god damn BRUINS who dumped Thornton last year.

    The Rangers are doomed. They aren’t going anywhere in ’07 or ’08. Is it because of the Coaching? maybe, but its not all their fault. Is it because of the Players? maybe, but its not all their fault. Can the fans be blamed? Maybe the arena? Its all speculation, but one part of the Ranger organization that continuously dissapoints, year in and year out is………… Managament.

    When have we ever been able to thank Sather? I’m happy with Avery, but thats not enough. Why can’t we once be proud with what we have been given? Why must we always be force to fight over meaningless players like Ward or Mara? Its all irrellavant.

    Fire Sather.
    Fire Dolan.
    Don’t hire Messier as GM.
    Trade Jagr.
    Trade Shanahan.
    Draft and farm is the ONLY way!!!
    BUILD FOR FUTURE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Sorry for not spell checking or editing.


  59. SaratogaRanger on

    TSN.CA’s trade tracker shows Dupuis for Bourret AND a 3rd round pick. Apologies if this is already posted above.

    Also, Norstrom back???? That trade has left a bad taste in my mouth for 12+ years. Who did we trade for him? Jari Kurri/McSorely/Churla?

  60. TSN just reported Norstrom went to Dallas not the Rangers. Also, Ryan Smyth possibly to the islanders! Damn fishsticks.

  61. with the ticket thing due, Sather had to make a couple PR moves to placate fans. and you can bet that the story planted in Brooks column was also a Sather PR move to try to placate the anti-Jagr faction.

    one thing Sather is good at. spreading the manure to keep his job. and to keep the money rolling in for Dolan.

  62. commish52, I am not bothering with playoff tickets.
    The bigger question, is do I renew next year’s regular season?

  63. “commish52, I am not bothering with playoff tickets.
    The bigger question, is do I renew next year’s regular season?”

    if you want things to change then NO, besides it is cheaper and more fun to watch from home

  64. “with the ticket thing due, Sather had to make a couple PR moves to placate fans. and you can bet that the story planted in Brooks column was also a Sather PR move to try to placate the anti-Jagr faction.

    one thing Sather is good at. spreading the manure to keep his job. and to keep the money rolling in for Dolan.”

    I bet they got Bourret to get some confused Bure and Borat fans to spend some money on the Rangers.

    if we got a 3rd rounder as well that might mean Bourret has some injury issues.

  65. if Habs win that game tonight, I don’t want to see one moronic post saying the Rangers are still in it if so and so happens.

    it is OVER ! admit it!

  66. Bouret is having a good rookie year in AHL, and only was injured in the beginning of the season…so no injury issues…

  67. dumpjagrdope

    I think you’re a dope a lot of the time….but your line about Bure and Borat and Bourret is very funny. Well done.

  68. DUMPdumpjagrdope on

    Mara will stand up and fight from what I hear. The dupuis deal looks outstanding!! I hope their is more selling in the next hour or two.

  69. On Bourret, I caught him a few times watching Graham in the Q (on the web of course). Bourret plays like a mix of Ryan Hollweg and Michael Ryder. Think Holly’s body, and Ryders rush’s with the puck. I’ve saw him score on a heck of a end to end rush, he often took the puck end to end in the Q.

    I don’t know if there is such thing as a “hit or miss” prospects, but Bourret got allot of bust potential. He practically doesn’t use his brain at all playing. He got a high skill level, is really strong, got good speed and nifty hands, but playing the style that he does, he must be more talented then the players he goes up against to have success, there are no inbetween. If his skilllevel aren’t dominating, he is pretty useless offensivly, he doesn’t seem like a kid who is good defensivly, and he aren’t tough enough to compete with Hollweg.

    So I can’t say that I am absolutely thrilled getting him, but he is defenitly a good pickup IMO for Dupuis, especially along with a 3rd rounder. We got a great offseason program, who knows, maybe Bourret can really pull something off this summer and make that final jump, my expectations on him are lower then on Dawes, but he might have a higher potential.

  70. I would have given Jagr Nylander and Straka for Ryan Smith, some of you will think i’m nuts but he is exactly what this franchise needs.

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