Jagr not on the ice for the morning skate….


…but only because today was an optional skate.

Sorry. That was too easy.

No, it doesn’t look like the Big Fella is going anywhere, and all his equipment was still hanging in his locker as of about three minutes ago. Still, the question was posed to Tom Renney if he feared losing his leading scorer and captain before 3 today.

“It’s rumor and innuendo. That’s today. That’s what today does. I don’t expect anything,” he said.

So, will you be relieved when tomorrow comes and he’s still here?

“I don’t even have to worry about tomorrow,” the coach said.

Meanwhile, a lot to discuss and a lot still happening. Some quick updates:

  • Martin Straka, he of the mysterious “upper body injury” (read: shoulder) did not skate today either and is doubtful for tonight. Who exactly will take his place is something that is likely to be dictated by the events of the rest of the day, although Renney also said a call-up is a possibility.
  • I stand corrected about Jason Krog. My fellow UNH alum was just claimed by Atlanta. We had some good times, Jason. Remember that goal you scored against Philly? And what about that goal you scored against Philly?
  • Bill Guerin to the Sharks in a three-way deal. Not that the Rangers were ever a possibility.
  • The obligatory follow-up questions were posed to both Renney and Aaron Ward about John Dellapina’s story today revisiting the now well-documented shouting match between Ward and Jagr Feb. 3 in Tampa Bay. Ward said he wouldn’t comment, while Renney said the whole issue was overblown. My take: it’s not overblown. There is some tension there that extends beyond one exchange in the middle of the game. But I also think it’s the sort of thing that wouldn’t be an issue if the Rangers were winning.

    OK, more to come later. Check back for details….

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    1. this will never happen but what the hell; nylander, ward, and rachunek for higgins, komisarek, and Samsonev(terrible contract).

      The rangers get 2 good young players and one of the worst contracts in hockey. Montreal gets a vet d man with 1 yr left on his contract, nylander a good player UFA at end of the yr. and the racoon. Montreal frees up $ for next yr…

    2. the title was a bit rough, Sam, but I do appreciate the on-spot reporting you do.

      go easy with us. We haven’t seen a playoff victory in 10 years. I was young, slim, and playing in 3 adult leagues back then. I never heard of Brittany or Anna Nicole, and never cared to. It seems like so long ago there was some sanity in the world.

      Watching ESPN Sports Center for hockey news is like watching paint dry. I missed it, but they must have had something there.

      Keep us informed…..tell us jagr’s mood. Brooks tick him off?

    3. Joy Russo (11:39 a.m. ET): There are also reports out of Canada now that Phoenix’s Georges Laraque has waived his no-trade trade clause to help facilitate a deal that would send him to the Penguins.

      Joy Russo (11:48 a.m. ET): Bill Guerin was reportedly not on the ice for the Blues’ morning skate today. Hmm.

      Joy Russo (11:55 a.m. ET): Rumors are he has been dealt. Scott is back on the phones!

      Joy Russo (12:15 p.n. ET): Looks like Bill Guerin is joining Joe Thornton and Jonathan Cheechoo in San Jose. He was just on TSN of Canada talking about the deal.

    4. Longtimerangerfan on

      February 27th, 2007 at 1:10 pm
      My heart sank deep into my chest when i read that title. Good job jackass!

      Not as low as my heart sand when the Ranger’s traded Ratelle, Park and Zanussi? for Espo and Vadnais. Oh, and Sam’s not a jackass…just trying for a little humor in humorless Rangerland.

    5. ““I don’t even have to worry about tomorrow,â€? the coach said”

      arrogant turd

    6. “this will never happen but what the hell; nylander, ward, and rachunek for higgins, komisarek, and Samsonev(terrible contract).”

      makes zero sense for Montreal.

    7. Chris February 27th, 2007 at 1:31 pm
      Wow, glad we got to experience the Jason Krog era.

      It was a historical ride, Chris. Just be thankful that we will always have Krog to remember.

    8. Lotus – LOL!! If you think that’s bad, my heart sank when I read it was only because the morning skate was optional. :D I dunno if you;ve ever played Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater, but there’s a boss fight where Volgin yells “DAMN!” when you shoot his tank. I definitely yelled that…

      Ahh well, here’s to hoping the next three hours doesn’t yield something really stupid. :)

      Sam, you’re awesome. Keep up the good work.

    9. zero sense: someone got the shaft on the Avery deal and it was not the NY Rangers…

      never say never.

      We could end up getting a 5th round pick for Malik!

    10. “DumpJagrDope: Renney meant “Jagr isn’t going anywhereâ€? with his comment. You’re an idiot.”

      I don’t care, he is still an arrogant turd who doesn’t care if he gets fired.

    11. Dominic Moore traded to Minny for a 4th round pick..I guess he and Hall can play together now

    12. DumpJagrdope:

      good point. I just meant that we don’t ALWAYS have to be on the wrong end of a trade. I like Avery a lot and think he is a good pick up. but true, we have to wait. It could work out for them as well.

    13. Let’s trade the Wild back Dupuis and all three of them can play on a line together nowhere near the rest of us.

      BTW great line about the goal Krog scored in Philly. Still LOL about that one.

    14. Since this was asked in the previous thread, I’ll repeat it here..


      “lenny you do not have an issue with euro’s do you???�

      Only soft ones like the Rangers have. I’d take Ovechkin and Malkin in a heartbeat.

      Why trade Straka? What has he done wrong, he plays hard and is productive. He is not a superstar but who thought he was!!!!

      Primarily age, but he would be my last choice on that list to go. Callahan or Dawes could take over his spot.

    15. Straka is very perimeter, he doesn’t go to the net and he often loses the puck and his finishing and passing skills are overrated. He is basically an overpaid soft aging 3rd line player. His stats are inflated.

    16. Straka is having the Jagr effect, like others have had. With his good production, I would want him used for trade bait:


    17. These guys are haters:

      Joy Russo (12:51 p.m. ET): So, TSN is playing a montage of Mark Messier clips, including that famous clip of Messier jumping up and down after the Rangers clinched the Cup in 1994. Sam Rosen: “And this one will last a lifetime.” I guess Rangers fans will have to take that literally. New York’s been awfully quiet over the past week.

      Scott Burnside (12:52 p.m. ET): The Rangers are in Hell’s Kitchen … as if they’d trade Jagr!

    18. TSN reports Rangers trade A. Ward to Boston but no idea who is coming back yet as they have yet to contact that player on their roster

    19. BTW what does it mean that they traded with a team that is right above them in standings? are they finally selling?

    20. please correct me,
      is mara playing on the same side as pöck? hope i am wrong but that would mean:
      malik – rozsival
      tuytin – girardi
      mara – rachunek

    21. if you speak out to prince pout Jagr, you get shipped out. yeah, Jagr has no undue influence on the team. sure, right.

      even if Ward had been playing good, he still would have been sacrificed at the altar of the selfish.

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