It could always be me who’s delusional


Even before Larry Brooks and Mark Everson “dropped a haymaker on me”: while I had my morning coffee, my sense was that some of my words yesterday may have been misinterpreted.

I’d say shame on you all for not understanding what I was saying. But seeing how I’m the supposed writer here, the blame falls squarely with me.

My point — and Larry’s story on Jaromir Jagr today may end up disproving it — was not that Rangers fans were delusional for wanting the team to be sellers. My point was given this team’s track record, fans were delusional for thinking Glen Sather and Co. would take such a level-headed, forward-thinking approach if they had even the slighest hope of salvaging the season.

Like I said, Larry’s suggestion that Sather has offered up Jagr to other teams may prove otherwise. My reading of the story is that the team’s GM has merely thrown a big piece of bait in the water to see what kind of bite he can get. I’d put the likelihood of it happening as very small. But I’ve never disputed the fact that Brooks has better sources than me, so we’ll just have to see what happens.

And if it ends up holding true, we’ll have to find some punishment for me to win back your support. I’m not sure a minor penalty will do. This could be a major.

More later…

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  1. is this a true mea culpa?


    all I was saying was that the posters here, and elsewhere, were not predicting that Sather would move Jagr, but that MANY WANTED to see Jagr moved.

    It seems that the head case in the lockerroom mentality that came from both Pittsburg and Washington may be proven true here in NY.

    Shanny fighting Brashear showed the mantle of Messier.
    Jagr’s “no mas” versus Brodeur should have been his ticket to the West Coast.

    Surely a contender will want him and give us some youth in exchange…..

  2. Please, Oh Please let this be true!! I hope he can package MaLeek with him!!

    Ok, back to reality, he is the poster boy of the franchise, never gonna happen……….

  3. SAM we’re all delusional sometimes, especially when it comes to the NYR. The odds of making the playoffs this year are not good. Jagr is a great player, but he may be traded if the GM’s get in a bidding war. Dolan would have to give the ok, which he probably has to at least explore what they can get for Jagr. He’s obviously not happy on many levels compared to last year. Sather is more than likely on the hot seat for the playoff problem. His is a master of CYA, so why not create at least a stir, just like the Mess stir. Making both moves are in his arsenal of defense…..Is MESSIER GM yet? …

  4. Sam , two minutes for not making up a story better than Larry Brooks’. Oh wait, he’s the best there is at that. 2 minutes for a dive…..

    NO way, no how does Sather trade Jagr. If people think this team is bad now, wait till they see it without him. If he’s traded it better be for some really seriously good return, and I’m not talking picks. Young, established NHL talent, a center and a defenseman, both better be coming back.

    My son ain’t gonna be happy….

  5. Honestly – maybe you call me crazy but I’d not trade Jagr even for Crosby. We should keep Shanny and Jagr and build youth around them. Sather would be stupid to move Jagr. Let him finish his career in New York.

  6. stf what does that stand for, Stiff? There is no easy way for Sather to get out of not making the playoffs. His boss can’t be too happy about that possiblity. Just creating a media frenzy helps, but it might be time to move on.

  7. SAM can you find out the complete Jagr contract story & what happens if he’s traded or stays ? No one seems to know all the facts.

  8. The most delusional of the pack is Brooks. For what seems like 15 years now, I have been reading these trade “rumours” he comes up with as if he puts them together with Dungeons and Dragons dice.

    “Jagr for the Easter Bunny – it can happen!”

    I really hope this is true and I will personally write Larry and give him props if it is. At the end of the day Iwould guess LB has about a 5% hit rate on predicting these trades with his “sources”.

  9. Sam

    I dont think apologies are needed when you are offering up an opinion on something. And anyone that thought you were saying we were delusional did not read it correctly or thoroughly.

    I dont have your traffic numbers but I would have to think that this, being a first year effort, has been more than successful so you can dismiss any notions of this being your fault on your writing skills.

    That being said, fans will be fans and they are going to disagree (which I know you said you have no problem with) and hate and love and be pained all in the same article. Being a player and a fan you know the drill, but you get the pleasure of being on the other side of the information equation as well-and the fact that you share that info with us in an informal setting such as this(as well as your print work) is a blessing to us fans. So thanks and keep up the good work.

  10. Sam, I think that Larry is BSing everyone. Jagr wouldn’t leave, he doesn’t want to… and doesn’t he have a “no-trade clause”? If so, he’s not going to waive that for Mr. Sather.

  11. Who would be a good fit for Jagr???

    MY guess is…

    Dallas – they need more scoring up front..
    Canucks – is built around there goalie…

  12. ROB so there’s a 5% chance. I’m sure Sather will at least listen to the offers now, maybe even create a bidding war. Whether he pulls the trigger or not is anybody’s guess. There’s nothing wrong with testing the trading waters. The NYR need any sort of PR they can get, similar to the Messier GM story, and now are somewhat upstaging his # going up tonight. Not the greatest timing by Edmonton since 3PM is the deadline. Look what JD got for Keith T. , and you’ll understand why Sather might.

  13. Larry’s “sources” have a long and storied history of being very wrong. In fact, they’re wrong just about 99 percent of the time. I do, however, hold little doubt that Sather’s watching the market and seeing what some of the small bait fish are catching.

    And if Brooks IS right, and Sather is engineering a Bertuzzi-for-Jagr deal straight up, then I’ll laugh my everyloving head off at all the people who emphatically called for JJ to be moved. OTOH, if he’s moved for his fair market price(I’d say an NHL-ready number-two center and sniper prospect, plus a pair of first-rounders), I’ll be more than willing to eat a fair amount of crow.

  14. If Jags goes, how happy would Straka be for giving the Rangers a stay at home discount? My guess this ‘leak’ is more smoke and mirrors by Sather who’ll say that he had to entertain offers for Jagr because he must always have what is best for the Organization at heart. Yeah, right…

    Jagr is an amazing talent that tries for about 20 -25 seconds on a 50 second shift. His foot speed, or lack of acceleration, have made teams realize that he will not beat them wide on the rush, and that he will always try to shoot by cutting to the middle. Same thing on the power play. If he were truly dedicated to leading this team, he would be in far better physical condition than he is. SPEED is the theme of the new NHL, and his 250lb frame is more geared towards 2003.

    I truly doubt anyone other than a Team looking for a marquee name to fill seats would invest in him.

  15. Sam,

    Don’t worry, I think people read a little too much into your last post. I really feel we are all dilusional if we think management will throw in the towel, even though it is the right thing to do.

    tdchi – I agree, to move Jags we would have to get something good in return, which is NOT be Bertuzzi, although they have brought in 2 players already with questionable pasts, and it would definitley mean no return for Dominic Moore.

  16. the REAL significance to sather fielding calls about jagr is NOT simply the possiblity of getting a major return for jagr. the most important thing is how this impacts everyone else on the team.

    there is absolutely no logical way that sather could be listening to calls about jagr and then on the other hand be refusing to take calls about nylander, ward, malik, etc. if they are taking calls for jagr, that should mean that EVERY veteran is on the block which means if true management has finally come to their senses and is looking to sell.

  17. First time in his reign as GM has Slats showed some balls…
    Maybe he’s trying to light a fire under JJ and the team. If he’s willing to trade JJ, he’s obviously willing to trade anyone on the roster. And if he’s willing to trade JJ, how could he not be willing to deal nylander. you would think nylader would fetch almost more than JJ…

  18. Also, have they called anyone up for tonight? if marty can’t go, we waved Krog, aren’t we short a Forward…I guess they could move pock up front….

  19. If you read the pre-game report for tonite on, it seems to dispute a big selloff and expect the Rangers to make moves in an attempt to make the playoffs.

  20. Trading Jagr for a killer package would be the right thing to do, which is why it will not happen. Too bad.

  21. Trading Jagr for a killer package would be the right thing to do, which is why it will not happen. Too bad.

  22. Looks like Larry Brooks has ruffled some feathers here. Check out the Steve Zipay blog when you get time.

  23. Sam,

    No need for apologies. The best sportwriters in history would be twisted into knots in trying to cover the insanity that is the New York Rangers (let alone engage in daily dialougue with this team’s long-suffering fans). Sather/Jagr: All competent GM’s will say on the record that any player on his roster is available for the “right price.” That’s all that Sather is doing (and for the record, I am not in any way saying that Sather is competent.)

  24. Honestly – Brooks’ rumors are usually un-true. But in this statement, all he is saying is that Jagr is avaliable. He’s not saying that they are looking to get rid of him the way the Isles are looking to get rid of Blake.

    In my opinion – JJ puts too much pressure on himself which is why he couldn’t sit out for the first month or two to get that shoulder at 100%. Still, Jagr’s 80-85% is another guy’s 400-500% effort.

    If we can get back a young package for him, fine. But in my opinion, at 100% Jagr is the best player in the NHL. He practically reset this organization along with Lundqvist and Renny. Removing him will mess with Straka’s head, leave too much of a load on the expiring Shanahan, and mess things up.

  25. I don’t see major return for Jagr, but we have to try.

    We sent Anson Carter for him. Think of that. What did Pittsburg get for him?

    He is moody, self-centered, and not a leader. This is well known. He is also a great talent and can carry a club.

    Getting a number 1 draft pick or a young upcoming defenseman for Jagr would be great.

    Rebuild around Shanny next year. Cut him down to 15-16 minutes and let him use the C to teach kids what it costs to win. We may lose a lot, but it will be exciting to see, for the first time in a very long time: hungry kids fighting to win.

    Does this make me delusional? It is wishful thinking.

    the Sports Illustrated article on Dolan explained a lot. This narcissist, little general, addict, bogus rock musician, and self-absorbed paranoid moron runs the show. Now we know why the announcers say little. Now we know why no hard questions are answered. Now we know why we don’t have old-time hard played hockey. Now we know why Leetch hasn’t been around. Now we know why JD left. Now we know that the shills are just hanging on to their jobs because everyone is scared to speak against this little spoiled nut.

    Someone went to interview John Gionnne (sic) and was told ahead of time: no questions about Dolan.

    I just hope Sather was able to talk Dolan into the green light of trading Jagr. He does not deserve the C. Perhaps that is why there was no ceremony passing it from Mess. which would have appealed to Dolan’s love of drama and entertainment.

  26. leetch3 and gregg – agree that this should mean Nylander, Ward and co should be available.

    hopefully at least we won’t be buyers – since whoever they traded for would almost undoubtably miss tonights “critical game” if they were truly in buy mode mentality.

    if JJ is not traded it will be interesting as to how his attitude will be next yr (more pouting than usual if he believes the article)

  27. Yeah, if only the organization had the balls to deal Jagr while his value is high. Think about how that could revive this franchise! The rebuild would be pushed forward several years practically overnight. Only delusional rangers fans think there’s any chance of winning it all while Jagr is here. Dealing him for a nice package would make so much sense I just can’t see it happening.

  28. O wow……I don’t believe this one bit. Last year everyone loved him and this year he sucks, well then sure let’s get rid of him……Please people watch games who are we going to get? Prospects? Picks? WE went down this road with the fire sale a couple of years ago…..The guy is coming off shoulder surgery and has 2 people covering him a game and still has 72pts. Whos going to be our main player Prucha? LOL! If anyone trade him for something, not the guy who carried us to the playoffs last year. Amazing…

  29. I love Jagr but if he is traded, it might be better for him. He can now go to a team that will/can protect him. I fear for his safety in a blueshirt.

  30. Doodie Machetto on

    Sam, remember yesterday how I asked you to pull a Larry and come up with the wildest trade rumor you could? Well, it seems Larry had to preemptively one up you.

    As Larry would say “no news means make up the news”

  31. It is true Brooks is just doing his thing. he writes for the enquirer of sports sections.

    if they could trade Jagr for 2 top prospects and 2 first or 2nd round picks i say go for it..

    it aint happening…

  32. I read the posts and I laugh at how you value Jagr. He is alot of things he also is a great and dominating player.

    every team the rangers play focuses on 1 guy and it is JJ..

    On a better team he scores 115 points in his sleep…

    he can still dominate…

  33. Rob and Stuart, I don’t want Jagr gone because he sucks…I want him gone because trading a great player while still in his prime can net us some excellent young talent in return. Top quality guys who can be a core to build around for the next decade. If we keep Jagr, odds are we don’t win it all in the next two years. So why aren’t we working on a better longterm solution? Let him go to a team that can win now and get as much as we can in return. Rather than waiting a couple of years for life after Jagr we could speed things up by doing it now.

  34. A few weeks ago I floated the idea of a pick-up game for the readers and posters of Sam’s blog. I want to get more information out now and determine if this is at all possible so here goes.

    Pond hockey is out of the question.

    I have a tentative date, 3/19 in the early evening (between 7:30 – 10:30 p.m.) that I will need to book if there is enough interest and commitment. The location is south Brooklyn at a very reputable facility. The cost will be around $25-$35 per person. This is necessary because I will need to rent the ice time. Lockers and showers will be available. The restaurant MAY also open if we have a large enough crew.

    Please email me if you are serious about playing. Please include information about yourself including, age, height, weight, position, and level of play. Explain your level of play by describing your current participation in ice hockey.

    Please email me at if you are serous about participating.

  35. Hey, hey, hey! JAGR WILL NOT BE TRADED! Look it is coming form Larry Brooks, the same man that told us Rangers were shopping Prucha for Seabrook and so on. There is not truth in these rumors. He just conjures them up! Stop even talking about it. Damn!

  36. Longtimerangerfan on

    February 27th, 2007 at 9:36 am
    “Honestly – maybe you call me crazy but I’d not trade Jagr even for Crosby. We should keep Shanny and Jagr and build youth around them. Sather would be stupid to move Jagr. Let him finish his career in New York.”

    That’s the trouble…too many marquee names have FINISHED their careers in New York. The list is endless. Aside from Gilbert and Richter, name one of our best “homegrown” players to end up in New York.

  37. nice PR move, then Sather can cover his ass and say nobody knocked him out with any offers and keep Jagr.

  38. I like Jagr, he still dominates even when hurt. I love how some people hate Jagr but they still want top prospects and multiple picks for him. (even though he is lazy, self absorbed, not a leader, a whiner, etc,etc. Guys you can’t have it both ways) He is not going anywhere but someone pointed out now maybe while Sather has other GMs on the phone he can talk about other vets he can trade.

  39. Longtimerangerfan on

    I would be very surprised if Sather gets rid of any veterans as we are still in the playoff (dripping with sarcasm)hunt.

  40. it better not be us.. this is one of our few areas we are in good shape with lundqvist and monotya they are set for yrs…

  41. Doodie Machetto on

    This just in from Larry Brooks: Jaromir Jagr is having Elvis’ three headed alien love child.

    This just in from real reporters: Roberts has waived his NTC and is on his way to Pittsburgh for promising young D-man Noah Welch.

    Also, I saw a report that Biron was traded, but had no information as to where or for who

  42. Doodie Machetto on

    This just in from Larry Brooks: Jaromir Jagr is having Elvis’ three headed alien love child. Sather and Renney are to be the godparents.

    This just in from real reporters: Roberts has waived his NTC and is on his way to Pittsburgh for promising young D-man Noah Welch.

    Also, I saw a report that Biron was traded, but had no information as to where or for who

  43. making trades so you can win the cup within a few yrs is folly. to win the cup nowaday many many things need to go right. i think all you can ask of management is to be very good then it is up to the hockey gods.

    I am under no delusion the rangers are a cup contending team but this roster should have made the playoffs…

  44. Doodie Machetto on

    sorry for the double post. i tried to stop it mid post so i could add to it.

    Biron isn’t coming here. We have absolutely no reason for him. Not to mention, I don’t think the Sabres would send him to the East coast unless they got a DYNAMITE offer. The only east playoff team that REALLY could use help in goal is the Lightning. So, he’s probably headed out west.

  45. Biron is a FA at end of the yr…

    No thanks..

    I think the Rangers will do absolutely nothing, not sell or buy. They really need to sell Nylander, Ward, Rachunek, and Malik(50 – 50).

    Rachunek and nylander are FA and Rachunek will not be back and Nylander my opinion is no thanks…

  46. It’sabout time that I heard Sather doing something logical. I’ve been saying this for most of the season. Trade jagr and his circling buddies and rebuild because where the rangers are as of now can’t be any worse than to rebuild with youth. I really hope this is true and if sather doesn’t get any bites I hope he tries again in the off season.

  47. Doodie Machetto on

    That’s a really dumb trade for Buffalo. Why trade to Philly before the playoffs if the return is a draft pick? They could have done it during the offseason and gotten the same return, plus they still would have had Biron for their playoff run. That move is just really stupid.

  48. Ok..i admit Brooks does print bogus rumors. However, if you carefully read the article, Brooks never said Sather is LOOKING to trade Jagr. The islanders are LOOKING to trade Blake. The Panthers are LOOKINto trade Roberts…the Sabres are LOOKING to trade Biron….we are not LOOKING to trade Jagr. Brooks’ article simply stated that if he was given the proper offer, Jagr COULD go.

    The media is having a feild day with a misunderstanding

  49. Longtimerangerfan on

    “You remember what the six P’s you lived by were?” asked Hockey Night in Canada’s Ron MacLean, who MC’d the Winspear show, with scads of Messier’s former Oilers teammates in attendance but not Wayne Gretzky, who was in Calgary with his Phoenix Coyotes pm Monday but will be here tonight to say hello.

    “The six P’s? Yeah, proper planning prevents piss-poor performance,” said Sather.


  50. Seamus – Build around a future hall of famer that’s going to be 39 going into next year’s playoffs? Been there, done that, and it was a miserable failure. See: 2001-2004, Captain Mark Messier.

    And Shanny now has a concussion history. As great as his short tenure with the Rangers has been, he’s a supporting cast on this team. Even if he was captain, he’d be the same. His career has been long and storied, but I’m sure even Shanny realizes his limitations at this point in his career.

  51. Doodie Machetto on

    Blueshirt16- that’s exactly what Sather said. He said “Make me an offer”. He’s soliciting offers. That’s looking to trade someone. Not looking to trade someone is when somebody else calls you and says “hey, I’ve got an offer for you, even though you aren’t soliciting them.”

    Sather also said he was very happy at his selection as godmother to Jagr’s and Elvis’ three-headed alien lovechild.

    It’s right there in the Brooks story.

  52. TicketPricesSuck on

    This just in: Rangers Trade Marek Malik and Sandis Ozolinsh for $10, a bag of peanut M&M’s, and a bottle of Vault energy drink.

  53. Longtimerangerfan on

    This just in: Rangers Trade Marek Malik and Sandis Ozolinsh for $10, a bag of peanut M&M’s, and a bottle of Vault energy drink.

    Someone got hosed on that deal!

  54. Longtimerangerfan on

    My sources say that the Ranger’s just got “Killer” Carlson and Hanrahan will be the back-up goalie.

  55. What a joke. So Sather half-jokingly says to some small-fry GM, stogey still in between his lips, “Hey, you want Jags, make me a dynamite offer.” Big deal. No way it’s happening. And probably untrue to begin with. This is why Brooks get paid. Everyone’s clammering about what he wrote and will continue to check out his paper and their web site, drawing ad dollars.

    Sam, you keep giving us as much of your honest opinion as you can spare and keep your job and we’ll be thankful for it. And of course we’re delusional. We’re Ranger fans.

  56. Doodie Machetto on

    Spector’s Trade Rumours is the site I’ve been keeping my eye on. Pretty comprehensive from around the league, and he posts only real reports. The trades are being reported by TSN.

    Rachunek Trade I heard from the deli downstairs. He thinks he may have given too much up. He was proud that he at least didn’t trade away the cheese and the Mayo.

  57. At least there is an organization dumber than the Rangers. Why would Philly part with their 1st rounder they got from Nashville for a goalie who is an UFA at the end of the season and might walk? Does Philly all of a sudden think they can make the playoffs despite having the worst record in the league? Idiots. Bobby Clarke must have been the brains behind that deal even though he is no longer GM.

  58. TDChi,

    I do think Shanny has another good year left. 1 concussion does not make for the syndrome. He was terribly overused this year and many screamed for Renney to cut down the 38 year old’s minutes, but….well, Renney is another issue.

    Take him at 39 and honor him as the Captain he is. He gets a year, at reduced minutes, to teach. He is LIKE Mess in that sense but what did Sather do with Mess? He did not use him wisely, but overused him and did not develop kids. The “fire sale” of March 04 was just a tease. We barely ever kid a younger player (I don’t dare say kid) a chance.

    I’d LIKE to have shanny and a bunch of kids next year. We could have a few 30+ guys as well (every team needs balance) but it is really time for us to get SIGNIFICANTLY younger. Jagr, great talent that he is, is not a leader, nor team player.

    shanny has things that only someone of his stature can teach younger players. Hartford has some players ready. What if Jagr and Nylander bring in some young talent?

    What if Malik and Rachunek bring in a couple of cans of soda? Fine. As long as they are off the roster.

  59. Buffalo is going to use the draft pick and players in another trde.

    Buffalo will definitely bring in a body!!How about Nylander….

  60. One thing is for sure: True or not, the Brooks story isn’t going to help Jagr start behaving again. This is the kind of thing that could push him into a remainder of the season pout.

    Sort of like Rodney Dangerfield at the end of Caddyshack: “My arm! My arm!”

  61. Bobby Clarke has never been known for his brains, has he?

    Philly trading away picks……how incredibly dopey.

  62. OFFICIAL: A source close to the Blue Jackets has confirmed to thet Ty Conklin has been traded to the Buffalo Sabres. Martin Biron earlier said was dealt to the Flyers.

  63. Doodie Machetto on

    They need a starting goaltender. Biron is 29 and established. He wasn;t going to do any better. I think it’s a good trade, especially considering how lousy this years draft class is

  64. Chris: Too funny!

    Doodie: I know they need a starting goalie, but why trade a 1st rounder away? Just offer Biron a contract on July 1st and get him without giving away anything.

  65. Buffalo has traded for Ty Conklin to backup Ryan Miller – how is Conklin better than Biron..?!?!
    I see Gary Roberts has gone to los Pinguinos..

    Come one Slats surely someone will take Raccoon, Malik, Krog for a bag of pucks and a years subscription to SI..?

  66. For anyone who hasn’t seen it, this is Jagr’s response to Dellapina’s questions about Ward being upset about their confrontation and it playing out in the press. Actually, pretty funny stuff:

    “During the game there are a lot of situations,” Jagr said. “He wasn’t happy, probably with the way I was talking to him. Should I write an E-mail? No.

    “Mikey Nylander, I tell him to pass me the puck 50 million times in the game. Did he ever come to you? They’re telling me to shoot 50 million times. Do I come to you and say, ‘The coach is yelling at me to shoot. It hurts me (points to his heart) right here’?”

  67. Jagr and Shanny can’t co-exist on the same team. If Shanny recovers, give him a two year deal and make him Ranger GM after that. He would be a good one.

    Anticipating a full recovery by Shanahan, trade Jagr, Nylander, Straka, Malik, Ward, Rosival and Ruchunek. Make Shanny captain and it’s his team.

  68. Yeah JJ everytime you lose the puck at the blueline, and turn it over instead of dumping it hurts all the fans right here too. So what?

  69. I agree with Jagr’s comments…

    I am sitting here thinking the only thing worse then being a buyer may be to do nothing and that means to not sell rachunek(limited value) and Nylander(many issues but a good player)…Both FA…

    Ward I guess can be moved in the off season he will have 1 yr left on his contract….

  70. Laraque to Pittsburgh according to TSN. Great, he’ll be fun to deal with in our remaining games with PIT. Crosby/Malkin/Staal just got added protection.

  71. lenny you do not have an issue with euro’s do you???

    Why trade Straka? What has he done wrong, he plays hard and is productive. He is not a superstar but who thought he was!!!!

    I forgot these guys do not hit much and fight. I forgot that is what Nashville, Detroit, Pitssburgh, and many other good teams do… Skill wins with some grit added in…..

  72. wow this is odd 8th round pick for Laraque? I thought the drafts now are 7 rounds. Very low price for Laraque–late pick and mediocre prospect.

  73. 1. what makes people think that Shanahan will re-sign with us?

    2. at his age he probably wants to get a shot at the Cup so I think he really wants to be traded

    3. If we trade him we still might sign him back in the Summer

  74. Guerin to San Jose in a 3 way deal. At least we don’t have to worry about giving up a top prospect for him now.

  75. “I think there are 9 rounds, which went down from 10 rounds a few years back.”

    No, Fart, last 2 drafts it was 7 rounds

  76. I don’t know if this has been said already….if you go to TSN TradeCentre is available to watch live. You cannot go to and watch if you are located outside Canada, but you can watch the feed on

    Awesome show they have up to the second info, like Guerin to the Sharks in a 3 way deal.

    Again if this was mentioned I apologize….

  77. “‘The coach is yelling at me to shoot. It hurts me (points to his heart) right here’?â€? ”

    What coach yells at him to shoot? Is he insane And it hurts his heart? Wha? LOL Get this idiot out of here please.

  78. get outta here. They took him back? What was that all about?

    If we’re not going to trade anyone, can we at least call up Callahan and Baranka and pretend we traded Rachunek by sitting him?

  79. Stuart,

    “lenny you do not have an issue with euro’s do you???”

    Only soft ones like the Rangers have. I’d take Ovechkin and Malkin in a heartbeat.

    Why trade Straka? What has he done wrong, he plays hard and is productive. He is not a superstar but who thought he was!!!!

    Primarily age, but he would be my last choice on that list to go. Callahan or Dawes could take over his spot.

  80. if only some team would take that head case out of here. the best bonus would be his posse, his suckup entourage leaving.

    but nobody is dumb enough to take on all those problems AND give up key young players.

    I wish Burke in Ana. would take a flyer on him, but I doubt it. he has an extra #1 pick just waiting right now. how about Getzlaf and the #1 pick.

  81. Thanks for putting up this article. I’m unquestionably frustrated with struggling to search out germane and rational comment on this subject. Everybody nowadays goes to the very far extremes to either drive home their viewpoint that either: everyone else in the planet is wrong, or two that everyone but them does not really understand the situation. Many thanks for your concise, applicable insight.

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