Immonen back up


Jarkko Immonen has been called up along with Brad Isbister from Hartford.

Still no word on whether Paul Mara will make it here in time for the game, although Tom Renney said Mara would play if he does.

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  1. jarkko is going to TEAR IT UP….i think 35 points in the last 20 games…..hey i can dream can’t i?

  2. jarkko is going to KICK SOME BUT….i think 35 points in the last 20 games…..hey i can dream can’t i?

  3. Where the hell is Callahan? I’m loving Immonen being back, but Callahan should be up there with him. Isbister? Come on

  4. So what are the lines gonna look like tonight?

    Avery – Nylander – Jags
    Hossa – Immo – Prucha
    Hollweg – Cullen – Orts
    Isbister – Betts – Orr

    Malik – Rosival
    Toots – Girardi
    Rachunek – Pock

    This is obviously if Straka and Mara aren’t in tonight. It’s a shame Pock is gonna find himself sitting on the bench tonight.

  5. eh, let cally finish the season down on the farm..i mean he still is what, 20? let him get top 2 line minutes and then let him fight for a spot in camp

    no reason to bring him up to play 4th line minutes….where he probably would

  6. Hossa – Immo – Jags
    Avery – Nylander – Prucha
    Isbister – Cullen – Orts
    Hollweg – Betts – Orr

    Malik – Rosival
    Toots – Girardi
    Rachunek – Pock

  7. Why not trade Pock, who will be an FA at the end of the year, and at least get something? The kid knows he isn’t gonna get a chance.

  8. That would work too, nich. But why not keep energy together on the 3rd line? What is Isbister gonna do on that 3rd line, not much. He doesn’t fit there with the speed/forecheck mentality.

  9. did IMMO get sakating lessons from Dupuis before he left?
    Sam is there still one spot open for Callihan?

  10. pock should be traded

    and i put isbister on the 3rd line to get more O than hollywood would provide

  11. Hurray for Bourret on

    is anyone else having trouble getting on this blog today, and getting constant WordPress pages instead ??

  12. yeah..but it is deadline day….its usual

    at least this comes up hf board is stil hit or miss..usually miss

  13. I’m getting the same crap!

    I would like to see them sign Pock for MORE than two years, too bad it will never happen. That is unless he starts to see some serious ice time over the next 20 games.

  14. LA traded Jason Ward to Tampa for a 5th round pick. I’m going to go ahead and actually complement the Rangers on turning nothing into something by trading Ward for Sean Avery. I hope Avery is here for a very long time.

  15. I don’t know if he’s banned or not(judging by the last few spastic outbursts) but now maybe DumpJagrDope or Vinny Pooh or whatever his name is can rest in peace, now that Alex Bourret is now a Ranger. Great pickup, and it didn’t even cost Nylander and Rachunek ;)

    As for the rest of the trades, all I got to say is wow. The Islander trade is the most mindblowing…Snow WAY overpaid for three months of Smyth. He’ll be gone once the Isles are eliminated from the first round of the playoffs. And for Nilsson, O’Marra AND a first rounder? Jesus, I would have given them ALL our centers for that. Mark my words, Nilsson will be a star in this league in the near future…Another one I’m scratching my head over is Bertuzzi for a couple of conditional picks…Kind of wish the Rangers could have flipped Mara and some picks for him.

    All and all, Slats earns a B- for his trades; should have found ways to dump Ozo, Malik, Weekes, Isbister and a few others. But I’ll take the Ward dump. He’s been nothing worth his contract. Not fond of Mara, but at least he’s younger.

    As aforementioned though, the Bourret move is awesome and opens up space for kids(maybe even him). Good to see Immonen up, not sure WTF Isbister is doing here, but in summation: THIS DAY COULD HAVE BEEN A LOT WORSE.

  16. TDCHI good post… Could have been a better day(get rid of more dead weight) but no disaster trades of young guys….

  17. the Rangers lack of big moves is an admission that they are out of it, but they won’t trade away Dolan’s corporate meal tickets big names, so next year is more of the same.

  18. all they are talking about on WFAN is the Isles and the Smyth trade. they are the talk of the hockey town right now, not the Rangers.

  19. I’m glad Sather didn’t go nuts today. Mara seems to be an okay pickup, hopefully an improvement over Ward. Dupuis for the Atlanta prospect seems like a great deal, the kid seems promising. I can’t imagine what Renney will be up to tonight without Shanny and Straka…maybe some good ole Ranger hockey! Keep feeding that puck to Jagr on the single power play unit…if he works he’ll break double digit PPGs before the end of the season.

  20. they are short of Penalty killers.. No straka, shannahan, dupuis is gone.. Their options are Ortmeyer, Cullen, Betts, who else???

    Montreal lives by the PP….

  21. nice signal to pock from renney: if mara will make it, you are out. mara is better than you, even without any minute on the team …
    they should have traded him. phoenix had some interest (at least a while ago). why not giving them pock + sthg for perreault?

  22. WHo cares if the Islanders are all the news. they have no fans and news headlines for the Rangers never really lead to good results.

    most wire moves never work out….

    Look at Detroit their move has no downside those are the types of moves teams should make….

    the Islanders supposively gave up alot for a guy that may become a rental…

  23. Isbister is here for two reasons: 1. He’s been playing well enough in Hartford, 2. When Shanny or Straka comes back, he can sit in the press box and not hinder development of someone like Callahan. I’m glad Ward’s gone. I know nothing about Mara, but besides Ward’s fight in Philly, he showed nothing after the first month and he almost scored as many on us as Rachunek. I think the Jagr-Ward thing has been ridiculously overstated, and it’s ridiculous how people are just looking for reasons to hate jagr. Ward earned his way out of here on his own merit.

    Someone said he got shipped out for “speaking the truth?” I’m sorry, but for someone to call out another player, whether it is correct or not, they better damn well be practicing what they preach. Ward didn’t. Plus he actually called TSN to break the news of his trade and was the guy who pushed for the right to go to the White House with his “team”. I don’t care how tough he supposedly was, he was a major disappointment and I think he put himself above the team much more than Jagr ever has.

  24. “Where the hell is Callahan? I’m loving Immonen being back, but Callahan should be up there with him. Isbister? Come on”

    remember my curse? Callahan is not 25 yet

  25. I cannot believe that Pock and Immo are still with the team after Renney threw Immo under the bus with his “he would do better somewhere else” b.s. and his constant dissing of Pock by his actions of making him the healthy scratch king.

  26. “PW supposedly they want to sign Pock for two years.”

    that would be dumb, he doesn’t really bring much to the team and we need room for Baranka, Staal, Liffiton, etc.

  27. Listening to Mike and the Mad Dog with John Dellapina convinced me that Sather and Maloney are out of jobs for next season.

    8 years and he has given dolan only 2 home playoff games. can’t give the job to Maloney because he is the assistant and in on all rotten decisions.

    This would be a good thing.

  28. “I wish the Rangers would have gotten Brad Boyes. Boston gave him up for practically nothing!”

    gave him up for our equivalent of Tyutin.

  29. If this kid from Atlanta is that good then why was he traded for DuPois? If he’s another Hollweg, we already have one, and we already have Avery.

    I don’t know how much stock (no pun intended today) I would put in the HF boards, they have Jessiman as one of our top prospects.

    As far as the Isles go. I wouldn’t count that team as a one rounder and out. They play good hockey, can beat good teams (Pens) and just picked up one heck of a hockey player in Smyth. They may be the fishies, but they also are a tough team to play against. They could beat Ottawa or Atlanta.

    The problem with the Rangers isn’t Aaron Ward or Jagr or Hall or Rachunek, to me it’s the coach. I’ve said it many times, I like Renney, I respect his work ethic and love for the game. But in the end it’s about making strides, this team finds ways to lose games, not win them. This team plays it’s heart out against the Devils playing 120% and they find ways to lose. And they are not consistent at all.

    To me it was that loss to Tampa around Christmas where they had the 3rd period lead and lost that pretty much cinched it for me.

    Renney had his season last year…

  30. seamus –

    Ya think? I heard the interview on YES and didn’t come to that conclusion. Dellapina was joking about how Sather would be nuts to step down.

    Stuart –

    Hossa kills penalties

  31. there is no doubt that Sather went after Bourette after he saw the positive reaction of the fans to the play of Avery.

    Dolan saw $ signs in that reaction, and wanted more of it.

  32. well we trade dupis and the 3rd for him….and yes he is that good. good young talent that should challenge within 2 years…top 2 line talent on the wings which we don’t have a lot of

  33. As somebody already said before on a different thread, Isbister was already called up when Shanny went on IR. So it’s not like they made that as a special move for tonight. Maybe if Mara makes it to MSG on time, we could see Pöck at forward instead of Orr, please!

  34. me neither. I heard Dellapina say that he thought Maloney should replace sather if he did step upstairs.

    and Dellapina also said that Jagr is too UNSELFISH, too HARD on himself. LMAO. what a load of crap.

    demanding that your posse be on your line and your PP, and that the PP must be run YOUR way, and then calling that UNSELfish is the kind of pure b.s. that DP has spread for years as a ranger cheerleader.

    remember, he wants Leetch back too, even though he hasn’t skated or worked out in months.

  35. dlv- Your quote of Renney is mistaken. It was Maloney who said that he “might be a 2nd line center on another team right now.” To even think that a professional coach (whether you think Renney is lousy or not, he is very guarded with what he says) would say “He would do better somewhere else” is ridiculous. This is the message board rumor mill. Truthiness (or a game of telephone), so to speak. So many comments anre interpreted, re-interpreted and misquoted all over.

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