Two states of delusion


Between sifting through the comments on this blog and then sorting through the interviews from the rink today, I’ve come to realize that Rangers fans and the Rangers themselves are both delusional — and for completely different reasons.

First, the fans: You know I love you guys. I really do. And I’ve said all along this season that I’ve learned just as much from you as you’ve hopefully learned from me. And yet now with only 21 hours before the trade deadline, there are still some of who you think the Rangers are going to be major sellers — with everyone from Michael Nylander to Jaromir Jagr likely to be sent packing.

News flash: it ain’t going to happen. Whether it’s misguided or not, the Rangers still think they have a shot at making the playoffs with 20 games remaining, and are far more likely to try to upgrade in the hours ahead. I still believe the team isn’t going to part with any valuable prospects — i.e. Montoya, Dubinsky, Staal, etc. — in order to achieve those means. But to think they’re going to pack it in at this point in hopes of building for next year is off the mark.

And that brings me to my next point. I asked several players today whether they thought some reinforcements were needed to help push the team over the hump over the next few weeks. Their answer was they have all the talent they need, which may be its own departure from reality.

“I think looking at our games we should have beaten two teams in the last two games, holding 2-0 leads,� left wing Sean Avery said. “In my mind that’s our job in here. We’ve shown that we can come out and be beating teams. What we’ve got to do is carry leads. So I don’t know if the big blockbuster deal is necessarily going to do a lot. Guys have been together for a while on this team. We know what we have to do, and I think we have the guys who can do it.�

Look, like I said yesterday, I don’t think this team is about to pay an exhorbitant cost for a Bill Guerin or a Rob Blake, and I’m with you that I don’t think it should. But I also have a hard time imagining that it can do anything more than tread water over the next few weeks with the roster that it has.

More likely this team is going to do something before 3 tomorrow. And it’s going to be something with this season in mind.

And if not, you can call me the one delusional….

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  1. This just in on the AP wire:

    Rangers have signed UFA Vaclav Havel, to a 6 year, $42 million dollar deal. Havel, 71, has never recorded a point in any league, but did spend some time in the penalty box during the Czech Communist regime.

    “I think this shows we’re committed to youth,� Ranger President and GM Glen Sather said Monday. “Vaclav’s handling of the Velvet Revolution and the subsequent dissolution of the Czechoslovakian state shows he has the ability to perform at the highest level.�

    Havel is expected to report Tuesday to Hartford for conditioning.

  2. Doodie Machetto on

    I heard he just died and they are going to skate his coffin on the 2nd line. Prucha has been bumped to the 4th.

  3. Sam, I’ll be the first to say I am one of those fans who stated to sell but that’s not because I am delusional it’s because that is the way to go instead of trying to patch up a team that has the potential to go far into the playoffs. How many more years of this crap can a ranger fan take. I’ll admit it might be delusional but in reality the only one who is delusional is Sather.

  4. tro' da bums out on

    then if they have all the talent they need according to the players, it must be the poor coaching and captain leadership that is the problem. of course, they won’t admit that, nor will the sycophant media, with guys like McDonald slobbering all over Jagr. it is pitiful.

    maybe the media guys ought to get together with the Washington media guys to find out how Jagr acted there and why he is a cancer on any team he pouts for. (er, I mean plays for)

  5. and then what?

    see thats the problem, even if we make the playoffs, the way we have played all season we will be out in the 2nd round tops. so i.m.o. we are better off to keep the commitment to the rebuild instead of just saying we got in the playoffs only to get booted in 2 weeks….

  6. a casual observer on

    Prediction: Sather(Dolan’s yes man) will trade for some OZO type players to help us scramble into 8th place. We will be defeated in the first round but Sather(Dolan) will have accheived their objective. Make the playoffs to raise ticket prices at ANY cost!!!

  7. TomG —

    Let’s be clear: I don’t think you’re delusional for WANTING the team to sell. If anything, you’re probably just being smart. I think you’re delusional for THINKING that’s what this team is going to do.
    Big difference. I’m just saying it’s not in their plans, even if, from an objective standpoint, that might be the far wiser solution.
    I understand your and everyone’s frustrations, so don’t take what I said as a dig at you guys.


  8. Sam

    I never for one second posted or thought there was a shot the Rangers would be sellers.

    I think that most poeple who post constantly about the Rangers dumping vets and underperformers do so out of shear frustration and anger. This organization’s strategy will never change until it is under new management- plain and simple.

    We may slip in to the playoff’s this year by the skin of our teeth through a few last minute moves, but for what? Just so ticket prices can be raised-
    Like so is the nature of problem from the hierarchy and down.

  9. 4 Sale: ice dancers and synchronized skaters…will not shoot the puck—guaranteed!…asking price: 2nd round draft pick, OBO…call 1-800-THE-LION

  10. SAM it’s Renney, Sather et al that are delusional. They are 6 points out of a playoff spot with 20 games left (40 points). If the teams ahead of them play only .500 hockey ( like the NYR have done all year), then then NYR have to get 26 points out of 40, thats 13-7 (.650 %) over the next 20. Now who’s on Mars?

  11. So the Rangers will stand pat.This team will be seven points out of 8th after the Montreal-Toronto game tonight.It doesn’t matter which team wins.The 8th seed in the east will have 71 points.Sather has been here seven seasons and it’s the same old story.Even if Sather was selling,I have less than zero confidence if there is such a thing in Sather making a quality deal

  12. ok. I have been thinking about this question of “buying and selling” alot, and I have a theory about it. In all technicality, if you sell a player, you are recieving players that will help you, although most likely in the future. Futhermore. when you buy players, the intent is to get good ones that will help you immediately, but also, hopefully, in the future. Yet as this buying has gone on, you have sold a player in order to acquire the other. So if you think about it, if you are buying or selling, it really cancels itself out as when you buy, you sell, and vice-versa. So my question is, who cares what you do, because if you “buy” this year, then in the long run it will either benefit or hurt you, and if you “sell” this year, then it will ultimately, like buying, help or hurt you in the long run.

  13. What’s hilarious is that this team could trade for Ovechkin and Crosby and still it would be stunning if they made the playoffs; forget about getting far within them. Who out there is going to get us to 15-5?

  14. i dont mind if the rangers buy as long as they buy smart, guys like brent seabrook and zherdev who are only 21 and 22 respectively. i have to hand it to paul holmgren hes has done a good job of adding some real promising players in philly like upshall, parent, and braydon coburn.

  15. Besides Sather is too busy attending the various ceremonies for Mark Messier in Edmonton to actually do some work

  16. I don’t know about delusional…but disillusioned is definitely how I’d describe many. The Rangers really are a poorly run hockey organization.

  17. Hey Sam, why don’t you “newsflash” Renney and Sather that their team suck, that they suck and that they are not going to make the playoffs. Newsflash: you don’t have the balls.

  18. I hate Sather, but this notion that he can’t do his job from Edmonton is ridiculous. Between phones, cell phones, faxes, emails, blackberries, semaphore, etc. there is absolutely no reason he can’t easily make deals from Edmonton. And we normally trade with teams in the west, so it puts him closer in time with LA anyway.

  19. Sather is a joke. Anybody with half a brain knows this team should sell. They can’t get a lot in return (who would want half these overpaid, soft, half-hearted dopes), but it would be addition by subtraction.

  20. Sather cast off gets Caps a player and a pick. Too bad we can’t get anything.

    Caps get Andy Hedlund and a sixth-round draft pick in the 2007 NHL Entry Draft from the Ottawa Senators in exchange for defenseman Lawrence Nycholat

  21. Jane what you say would be true IF players maintained the same level of value throughout their careers, but as we all know that doesn’t happen.

    A player who becomes a UFA (e.g. Pock, Shanahan, Nylander, Weekes) at the end of the season, may have good value now, but will have none once the season ends.

    Additionally, at the deadline teams artificially drive up value of certain players because they feel they have a chance to compete for the cup. This means that guys like Craig Rivet will earn your team a #1 draft pick at the trade deadline, when they might get you a 3rd round pick at any other time of the year.

    Other things can also drive up value, such as loss of key positions like goaltenders to injury, or a general demand for a type of player (offensive-minded d-man).

    Draft pick value varies greatly, but one thing is for certain…the chances of getting a quality player decrease dramatically the further you get away from the 1st overall pick.

    Prospects by contrast may gain value as they have success at higher levels…

    Ultimately the trade deadline is an opportunity for teams that don’t make the playoffs to “buy low – sell high”.

    Except of course in the world of the Rangers…

  22. When Rangers top brass realizes that youthful exhuberance can easily outweigh comfortable millionaire vagabonds, the Rangers might actually win.

  23. Jonathan Probber on

    Sam – I hope you’re right that the Rangers won’t spend for Guerin or Blake or another expensive temporary patch. That is exactly, however, what they have a history of doing. May it stop.

  24. czechthemout!!!!! on

    HEY SAM-we are not dilusional,it is the orinization that is not only dilusional but incompetant.they have about as much chance of making the playoffs as currently constituted as sather has of growing hair on his palm!!!!!!

  25. tro' da bums out on

    I think the media is delusional if they think that fans will continue to buy their Ranger brass-defending.

    If it was baseball or football, they would be ripping the coach and mgmt. and stars for a terrible, subpar season. but in hockey, the media attitude is “have patience, give’em time, give’em benefit of doubt”

    Baloney. where are the stories ripping Renney? or ripping Jagr? or Sather? or Dolan?

    No, all we get is “we’re disappointed, but we’ll get’em next time” rah rah rah.

  26. Sam – does Sather, Maloney have any idea what most fans think should be done (ie pragmatic sellers). Do they care?

    I think if they go the wrong way at the trade deadline they will sell quite a few less seats next yr. I will definitely be cutting back the number of games I get next yr – this year was 22.

    They should be smart sellers – sell Nylander, Ward (can throw in people like Pock or Immonen) for top draft picks – 1st round maybe 2nd.

    If they buy and trade number 1 picks or the equivalent – clean words would not describe my thoughts.

  27. Sam,

    If you actually read the comments rather than sift through them, you would read that Rangers fans are CALLING for Sell, Sell, Sell. No one here is saying that the Rangers will do the right thing and actually sell, and start a youth movement.

    Fans have been writing that THIS IS WHAT THEY WISH to see. No delusional thinking here. We all know the love affair that Dolan has with himself, and how he believes that Jagr is entertainment.

    We WISH our vets would be sold for young studs.
    We KNOW that as long as Dolan/Sather/Renney run the show, we will be old, tired, and out of the running for the Cup.

    EVERYONE here over the age of 30 complained that Shanny was being overused and would be done by Christmas. We all knew that.

    We all complain that no matter how poorly Malik and Rachunek play, Renney will reward them with more ice time.

    Please take the time to READ what we write; rather than just skim. We are frustrated and sick of the organization. We are sick of the Dolan silence that reigns over the announcers and even the players.

    We are sick of seeing Marek Malik on the ice for the last minute of play, in a one goal game.

    We are sick of Jagr refusing to play hard, Shanny-style hockey.
    we are sick of someone wearing the Messier “C” but refusing to do battle with Brodeur.
    We are sick of watching kids rot in Hartford.

    We don’t even know why Kasperitis went from the A to the dumping grounds. On his WORST night, he was 3 times better than Malik or Rachunek.

    We are sick and tired of not getting answers.

    We are grossly sick of 10 years without a single playoff victory.

    We want this organization to sell. We want YOUTH. We don’t want another mercenary overpaid vet to come to the Garden to retire. We don’t need Eric Lindros’ perimeter hockey with 5 goals in 50 games ——-been there; done that.

    10 years without a single playoff victory.

  28. billybleedsblue on

    Sam, unfortunately, you’re right. We can only hope that the organization doesn’t sacrifice too much youth/future for whatever last-minute fix they pull together in the 11th hour. The organization will do what they can to provide the facade that they are doing something to save the team, but in the end, we know the truth. It’s the same old story for the Rangers–too little too late.

  29. seamus, stop taking out your frustration from this season on Sam. He is not the reason why this season is a complete failure, and where im sure he does not want to hear your bitching and complaining, as well as insults, i do not either.

  30. you know tha story about the naked king? That is the Ranger organization–totally deluded, self centered, ignorant, arogant, full of itself.

  31. tro da bums out,

    Why do you think the Rangers media are so hesitant to rip management when other New York teams get that treatment? Why would that be the case? The Knicks seem to get attacked, so it can’t just be Dolan, right?

  32. because Knicks have more expectations and fanbase, or maybe reporters that cover Knicks aren’t as soft as the Ranger ones or maybe they simply care more while the Ranger ones don’t care too much

  33. Ah, yet again the Rangers are mired in the stagnant phase of half rebuilding, half trying to make the playoffs for now mode, in hopes of getting an 8th seed and an early exit. This team will never win until it commits to a direction. It’s the same garbage we’ve seen at the Garden, whether it be the Knicks or the Rangers for over 10 years.

  34. Not that in any way I’m in agreement, but my guess is that they’re not going to make any move that will, in any way, prematurely compromise the selling of playoff tickets (because under the worst case scenario they’ll have free use of the money until they have to refund it).

    Season subscribers have until 3/1 to send their monies in for the first couple of rounds and if they don’t their seats go into the general sale (and based on prior practices, you know these folks will have to ante up for at least six home games).

    As Davidson used to say, “Them’s alot of ‘ferschnagles’.”

  35. Seamus u need a Xananx…
    I said this before, the WORST thing that could have happened to this team is that we made the playoffs last year. We made the playoffs and them dumb and dumbers thought we could once again avoid rebuilding…
    Now the fools that run this team coach included WILL make a trade to try an push us through to another first round loss. They won’t trade a blue chip, but they will trade a draft pick, or a baranka, or a pock, or a dawes, i really believe it…

  36. The media isn’t ripping Rangers management because this team has fallen off the radar for the better part of a decade. Honestly, the NY sports media couldn’t give two shits about the Rangers. Notice how far buried the hockey stories are in the sporting pages? The NY media is more concerned with the New York Liberty than spending a moment on the Rangers. And, truthfully, what would be the point? Everyone knows that so long as Dolan still breathes (waste of good oxygen) Sather will have a job and the Rangers will continue to be a third rate team. I’m not saying the Rangers aren’t the #1 hockey team in the area…but other than us diehards, nobody cares.

  37. I really don’t understand why some people are bashing Sam about his article. If you were to read it carefully, and actually comprehend his article, then maybe some of you guys wouldn’t get so flustered! Everyone should just relax here and stop flipping out. If you have such a problem with what he wrote, then at least write a mature and insightful comment rather than writing a ridiculous, rude and immature one.

  38. So much for the “Seabrook to the Rangers” rumours:

    Chicago Just dealt young D-man Lasse Kukkonen and a Thrid rounder to Philly for Kyle Calder,
    and then Chicago flipped Calder to Detroit for Jason Williams.

  39. “This team will never win until it commits to a direction.”

    exactly, only way you can win if you are rebuilding is to play your prospects and have a good coach–kinda like the Sharks

  40. Well maybe if Sam did a more thorough job and ripped into Renney when we lost 7 in a row or before that we would have a good coach by now and some of the garbage would have been traded by now and we would be 7th in the East while playing several Wolfpackers.

  41. tro' da bums out on

    “”Why do you think the Rangers media are so hesitant to rip management when other New York teams get that treatment? Why would that be the case? The Knicks seem to get attacked, so it can’t just be Dolan, right?””

    from what I’ve seen it is more about hockey reporters being too enamored with the friendliness of hockey players, which is true. they are the nicest, most down-to-earth people as athletes in the team sports world, no question.

    but it is the media’s job to get beyond that and rip them just like they rip the other 3 sports. to do otherwise is an insult to hockey fans that they or their sport are not important enough to warrant the press ripping them.

    Ignoring it is even more infuriating than if the press would treat the Rangers like the other teams and start ripping, not just to rip for rips sake, but because THIS YEAR IT IS EARNED AND NECESSARY.

    Brooks does some of it, but it is rare in NY.

  42. billybleedsblue on

    The media is more interested in women’s college basketball than the NHL. I really think that in the media, hockey is not even considered to be a real sport. So, anyone in the media who covers it or shows any interest in it isn’t taken seriously, which keeps sports media from showing real interest. Sorry, Sam, i’m just saying that because that’s what it seems like to me, being a fanatic about the game. It seems you sir may be the exception. There really isn’t any media respect or coverage for the sport, and it’s a shame, the NHL having the most revered trophy in all of professional sports and all. It wouldn’t take too much more ink in the papers to make the current fans happy and who knows POSSIBLY ATTRACT MORE FANS? Ha ha ha, but who cares about hockey? They know the fan base, the fanatics, would be ok with just a box-score and a paragraph covering matchups only on game-nights. The fanatics are so loyal, we’d be ok with that. They don’t see the game as being marketable to new fans, so why waste the time and the effort/money. Man, it’s so pathetic.

    So why would the media really dig into this team and cover what’s going on with the organization? There’s no reason for them to care.

  43. Let’s not rip Sam. He’s been great to all of us and pretty honest about his opinions of when the Rangers hierarchy was making mistakes or being blind to the team’s reality.

  44. tro' da bums out on

    Sam is less to blame than the others because he is new on the beat. But we all know who has been there for years and is a big Ranger brass suckup. One begins with a D, and one with an M

  45. “Sam is less to blame”? Sam should not be blamed for anything. What has he done? Seriously, I’m still trying to figure out why some are reacting this way. Completely childish.

  46. tro' da bums out on

    hey pal, if you think it’s delusional to simply expect a team in the dumper to be smart sellers at the deadline, then you are like Sather, who is the delusional one who still holds dearly onto his failed vets who won’t make the playoffs no matter how many grandeur episodes Sather and co. have.

    and fans don’t want to hear that WE are the delusional ones.

  47. TSN.CA now reporting that the NY Rangers have traded Tom Renney and their first round pick in 2007 draft to the Columbus Blue Jackets for Ken Hitchcock.

    Now THAT would be a trade that could help the Rangers not only get to the playoffs, but do some damage. Honestly, if the pieces are all there, Mr. Avery, then it’s gotta be the coaching. And Tom Renney this year has looked no better than Ron Low or Brian Trottier. Does no coaching at all, just shrugs his shoulders that his players continue to make the same mistakes over and over again while he refuses to make them pay for it.

    Even better (and easier) – fire Renney and hire Pat Burns. That’ll get these boys moving.

    Seriously a move like that would do far more good than acquiring any single player.

  48. Well look what Nolan is doing, he has a bunch of underachievers who have been hated around the league by the teams they formerly played for, playing over their heads. Thats what good coaches do, they hold players responsible and get them to play over their heads and with confidence. Renney cant do that. Nolan is one of the best.

  49. tro' da bums out on

    exactly right, Andrew. and do you see any columns about that in the hockey media? of course not, which just re-affirms my earlier points.

  50. It must be understood that no sane management person is going to admit to a managerial mistake in the waning moments of not qualifying for the NHL playoffs. There is very little truth to be had from a manager at this point.
    Lets be realistic. It is corporate suicide to admit that the team you have put together is a failure. Especially when you have a payroll very close to the league max.It is also unlikely that the managers will commit corporate suicide and sell off prospects that they themselves picked. It would be like telling your husband or wife that you were wrong in marrying them one year after the wedding.
    Not many GM’s have their ego in check in the NHL. And not many will admit failure of their creations.
    Sather is very much in this club. Don Maloney is a faltering apprentice who cannot afford to be exposed. So we the fans stew. We the paying customers who put money in Sathers and Maloney’s pocket are lied to or not addressed at all for that matter by management.
    How dare Glen Sather not come to a press conference in full view of all Ranger fans in a very accessible arena and explain his game plan? What right does Sather have to avoid speaking to his paycheck providers?
    Sather should be a man and face the music. We deserve it. He has been paid handsomely to be required to explain his actions or non actions for that matter.

  51. onecupin67years on

    sam,Re: your comments to the players if reinforcements are necessary ,What did you expect them all to say,yeah we suck and need help? The have to say whats expected by the club and that their capable of winning and whinning ,otherwise they might be benched ala A.ward.
    And as far as trades, all the NHL g.m.s know that the RANGERS are desperate to get quality without sacrificing their “assets” and a trade wont happen without the rangers giving up something .But sather just may do it ,after all the man’s a hockey genius.

  52. onecupin67years on

    Sam ,Glen Sather is right ,the trouble is we fans are too demanding .Lets give Sather more time.

  53. I think we can all agree that Renney, Sather, Maloney, and Dolan are the bane to the existence of the New York Rangers and we’ll just have to wait until 2048 to get another Cup in the Garden. It’s ignorant to bash Sam and his blog. He’s done the best possible job on here, no doubt about it.

    I don’t want to rip on Jaromir Jagr too much. He was reluctant to become captain last year, which (along with “respect” for Messier) was why he only took the “A”. No matter who’s wearing what letter, we all know, including the Ranger players and organization, Shanahan is the true captain and leader of the Blueshirts. As for his performance this year…well we can only hear about the shoulder so much. Let’s face it, Jagr isn’t going to be the 90’s sensation he was with the Pens ever again, as much as the hierarchy wants us to believe he will be.

    As for 3pm tomorrow…we can only pray that Slats and Co. aren’t giving too much away. I don’t see them giving up any marquee names or high level prospects. At most I think they’ll go after a 2nd or 3rd pair defenseman and a draft pick. However, you never know in the Big Apple…

  54. Does Brian Cashman hold public press conferences? To suggest that Sather put himself in that position seems beyond naive. Not that he shouldn’t be canned, he should be.

    Sam, do any of the players ever say anything to you about the deadline or the direction of the team? Things that can be repeated, with sources identified or not?

    Anyone on the team angling to be traded?

  55. Bob McKenzie on TSN Habs Toronto game said the Rangers, Ducks and Isles are talking to Florida about Bertuzzi.

  56. tro' da bums out on

    nobody is “bashing” Sam. he gave us some toughlove at the top of this page, and some of us are giving back some toughlove.

  57. onecupin67years on

    who really cares if sather trades all the so called assets ,who have the rangers recently brought up that became a star ,Lunqvist? tyutin ?

  58. DumpJagrDope February 26th, 2007 at 9:46 pm
    Well maybe if Sam did a more thorough job and ripped into Renney when we lost 7 in a row or before that we would have a good coach by now and some of the garbage would have been traded by now and we would be 7th in the East while playing several Wolfpackers.

    What’s wrong with you? How can you say that to Sam?! Listen man, we’re all on the same side here. We’re all Rangers fans who are upset and sick of watching this team lose.

    Sam: Keep up the excellent work! You do an amazing job for us die-hard Rangers fans, and I think I speak for almost everyone when I say that we enjoy reading your opinions and articles. Please don’t change a thing.

  59. I don’t see any “tough love” at the top of this page. Do you think one beat writer is going to spark a revelation in the coaches and GM’s? He’s just a journalist, not a superhero, you know….

  60. Bertuzzi? now if they can only bring back Billy Tibetts and put skates on Popeye from the NFL Titans, they will complete the circle.

  61. Big Bert is somebody who I would be willing to trade for. The postives are he is an UFA so he could just walk after the year is he sucks, and he is a big body who can stand in front of the net and has a lethal shot. The bad news, is he is injured, and i believe he has lost his mean streak after what he did to Moore. Who knows what Florida wants for him but it can’t be THAT much, he hasn’t been healthy at all. Maybe Bruce Graham, Aaron Ward and a 2nd? I really have no clue, that trade sounds ridiculously dumb to me but im going to post it anyway.

  62. Bertuzzi is a mistake. It will be insane if we go from having Dominic Moore to having Bertuzzi.

    Of course, we’ve added Avery, often considered the least classy man in the NHL. And he’s been great. So…bring on Bertuzzi?


    Moving Day

    Mon, Feb 26, 1:15 AM Pacific

    “Twenty-four hours ago I penned a rant called Just Say ‘No’ in which I label head coach Tom Renney delusional to believe the current Rangers are capable of reaching the playoffs if only the Blueshirt front office would pull a “buy mode” trade or two before Tuesday afternoon.”

    Geez, what do you guys get together and come up with a “word of the day”. Today it’s “delusional”. Reminds me of when the beat reporters all have a story about the same player on the same day.

  64. read the posts. You guys are 4 yr olds. whining non stop throw out every possible trade…

    For the Jagr haters they pay him about $4 mill a yr.. I know this is blasphemy but at that price he is a bargain….

    they are where they are for 2 reasons. seconday scoring on the other lines and a d man who can lead the PP and a D man who can be very physical and dominate another teams version of Jagr…

  65. DJD – so Sam a 1st yr beat man is at fault? Maybe the other Sam on tv is an enabler but not Sam W.

    Peter – re your 10:17 post I would do that deal and throw in another number 1 pick for good measure if Dolan is included.

    re the playoffs prognosis – the Rangers have to catch 3 of these 4 (Carolina, NYI, Mtl, Toronto) all are 5 to 8 pts ahead. At least 2 will play better than .500 so the Rangers will have to go like 15-5. They could add Bertuzzi, and Guerin and not get there.

    SELL not BUY

  66. the fact that they have another team paying almost half his salary is testament to how bad that other team wanted to get his pouty petulance out of town.

  67. dlv, were you saying that last year when he scored 54 goals and even after injuring his shoulder, still came out to play in a playoff game against the devils? didnt seem to lazy then.

  68. You have to then look at what Columbus was able to do against the Rangers. They went into the 3rd period with a 1 goal lead and were able to hold onto that lead and come out of the game with a win. Now, Let say that Avery knows what hes talking about and this team actually has everything they need for the next 20 games.

    This whole, not being able to hold a lead thing, screams coaching issue. Either this team does not have the right defensive system to hold a lead or they arnt listening to their coach. Either way it looks like a coaching change is necessary. I believe Renney has served his purpose and its time for this organization to get a coach that can take this team to the next level.

  69. ill in the hills on

    If bert is available for a reasonable price, certainly worth the risk. I also hope by the deadline we have added either vaananen from the avs or norstrom from la (or both would be even better). Sam, any idea why purinton has never been called up???


  70. czechthemout!!!!! on

    i think we are wasting our time and energy speculating on what the genius will do.because what ever he does it will be the wrong thing.just like he has done the wrong thing here for 7 of the 8 years that he’s been here.

  71. Purinton may be because he’s a little too much of an enforcer…a la his several suspensions…

  72. Or because there would be two Blueshirts fighting each other in a game. I’m sure Colton Orr isn’t happy that the man once tried to gouge out his eye in a preseason game.

  73. I never said lazy. I said pouty and petulant. He has one good season and then goes into his act. but it is worse than just him. his posse is a big part of the problem, and they are here to stay because of him. so one third of the team is weak all because of jagr’s demands. not to mention a coach who is his puppet to make things worse.

  74. I’m sure Orr got over it. Purinton may be a dirty bastard on the ice, but from all reports hes a great guy off the ice. I’m sure they could kiss and make up.

    The simple fact is that Dale is too slow for the NHL. That, plus his aggresiveness, lead to him taking a ton of penalties.

    People like to get on his case because he had a tendency to fight dirty but that didn’t really bug me so much. There are other guys out there who fight dirty, ala Brashear and Tucker, it happens. But he definitely takes way too many penalties.

    I think he is a good leader in Hartford, and he has the skills to play down there and do fairly well. With Ken Gernander gone, and a lot of the team being very young, some veteran leadership around the Pack is a good thing. Dale has experience being a captain, and everyone has loved him in the locker room wherever he played.

    This is way longer than a Purinton comment needs to be, but I havn’t talked about the Ogre in a while so I thought I’d go all out :)

  75. Honestly, what could Avery say when asked if the Team needs reinforcements? ‘Yeah we suck right now.” ???? He has to say, ‘the talent is here, and we have to keep on trying.’

    What most supporters fail to understand is that while all die hard Ranger Fans want what’s right for this team LONG TERM, the ‘President’ is most interested in saving his own ass. Sather and his regime have had 7 years to redefine the Organization, and have only managed to achieve the same old results. By any definition, that is failure. Sooooo, Sather will desperately try to shuffle the deck for the possibility of catching lightning in a bottle.

    While all of us hope on some level that he does, I think we all realize that he won’t. Ultimately, that failure will lead Dolan Junior to realize 7 years is quite enough, especially once the Fans let him know how they feel.

  76. czechthemout!!!!! on

    pter cjaenek is all i expect to get and also rucisky,and maybe nedved and sykora and dvorak.sprinkled with a little jan hlavac and milan horova,.while i type this post i keep watching the san jose sharks play the ducks.amazing a team that’s been at the top part of the league for ten years and yet i am seeing young players playing a major role on this team.pavelsi,vlasc,mickhalek,carle and there are at least 3or 4 others,young kids growing together as a team,sprinkled with a few young vets and older vets.that’s how you build a team.also the speed that they play with,it’s just a pleasure to must be fun being a sharks fan knowing that mngmnt knows what their doing and is competant.i am jealous.i’am sure most of you are as well.

  77. “it must be fun being a sharks fan knowing that mngmnt knows what their doing and is competant.”

    except for the Rivet trade

  78. and the fans will be very vocal especially if they do a buy deal involving # 2 pick or better (or the equivalent including players like Prucha)

  79. Just remember Rangers fans…Sather and Renney have to die sometime. Continuing with the 54 year drought pattern, if we’re lucky enough to survive, we’ll see the Rangers raise the Cup in 2048.




  81. Excellent idea, Longtimerangerfan! Maybe he’ll keep contradicting himself by trying to build a dynasty out of aging veterans, because the young Oilers teams he had just sucked. Stupid Gretzky, why couldn’t he have been 15 years older when he played for Slats?

  82. Longtimerangerfan on

    February 27th, 2007 at 12:49 am
    tomorrow’s word= obfuscate

    Well I know I’ll be confused.

    Had to look that one up.

  83. Longtimerangerfan on

    yeah, I thought it was the lady who used to sing the anthem for the Flyers.

    You must mean Kate Smith who sang God bless America and was their good luck charm…at least when they played the Ranger’s.

  84. I can’t wait to get home tomorrow afternoon and check out this site to learn the Rangers traded away Staal, Prucha and a 2nd rounder for Bill Guerin, or, keeping with the aging Red Wings theme (not to rip on Shanahan, but age 38 hurts), Chris Chelios. Now THAT would be a surprise.

  85. A nice surprise would be if Leetch was working out this entire time and is making a surprise comeback…not that they would win many more games. But it would get ME to the Garden for a few more.

  86. Richthehshredder on

    Cant believe San Jose traded Gorges and a 1st round pick for Rivet. to bad they didnt chose Ward, Malik or Rosival.

  87. im posting this everywhere because you all need to see it. its the hard luck truth and there is nothing we can do about. prepare to be extremely disappoint tomorrow

    so basically in two days philly rebuilt there blueline getting coburn,kukkonen, and parent to add to pitkanen. a top four that could be dominant for years while we have been “rebuilding” since 04 and have staal, tyutin, as the only top 4 guys that will be in the nhl next year. WOW and we still won’t sell. philly will take their one bad year add pat kane a few more good guys at the draft to go along with umberger (who we gave away), carter, richards, and downie and be right back at the top of the game by next year or the year after.

    honestly tell me who you’d rather have and i LOVE our d prospects






  88. I got to agree with everything Toby said about the situation. This team is delusional if they actually believe they’re making it. They haven’t proven all year they can put together a stretch which would make believers.

    They need to get their collective heads out of their asses already!

  89. “honestly tell me who you’d rather have and i LOVE our d prospects”

    actually ours… that I why I am not in any hurry to trade for any defensemen

  90. From Ecklund-


  91. from an interview with thomas pöck in an austrian newspaper,
    he is pretty sure he wont be traded;
    sather spoke to his agents, they would like to have him for another two years;
    he is not really happy being a healthy scrath every now and then (no rythm, “would like to play 15 or 20 games in a row”), but thats still better than being a star in a european league;
    he thinks that the can still make the playoffs, difficult but not impossible

  92. Third State of Delusion: Sam’s reporting. If Brooks is right, what do we do with your insulting lack of credibility?


    GONER? Ranger captain Jaromir Jagr is available if some NHL GM is willing to pay a big enough price by today’s 3 p.m. trade deadline.

    February 27, 2007 — The GM who has traded away Wayne Gretzky and Mark Messier is said to be working on the superstar hat trick – soliciting trade-deadline offers for Ranger captain Jaromir Jagr.

  93. Well, if past history tells us anything, Brooks is right. Genius will trade hikm for the modern dat equivalent of Bernie Nicholls and Louie Debrusk. Idiot.

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