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Just to give you a small window into the strange dynamic of this time of year: I was just in the Rangers’ dressing room, saw Jason Krog step off the ice, and then saw him talking to Dan Girardi as if it was just another day.

Then I come back to my computer here in the media room, and see that the center was put on waivers, most likely ending his brief career as a Ranger.

My first reaction: No! Not a fellow Wildcat!

My second reaction: Wait, Jason Krog was on the Rangers?

No, I would hardly count this as groundbreaking news on its own. But what it does show is with two open spots on the roster, the Rangers will clearly be bringing in at least one new player between now and tomorrow. Granted, it could be someone from Hartford. But with now less than 26 hours before the trade deadline, my guess is the team has something in the works with another team.

Before I get into some other updates, bear in mind that I’ll be monitoring whatever’s going on over the course of the day, so be sure to check back for details. Right now the Krog move is the only one we know about, but my guess is that will change, especially with this next nugget….

  • Marty Straka is still nursing a shoulder injury (the Rangers are calling it “upper body,” but all you need to do is see the marks from the ice packs on his left shoulder to see where the issue is), and his status for tomorrow is uncertain. He did not skate today, and Tom Renney was reluctant to say whether Straka would even participate in tomorrow’s morning skate. More cryptically, when Renney was asked whether the team might call up someone from Hartford, the coach merely offered a “sure, there are options.”
  • The coach has still not spoken with Aaron Ward, who was a healthy scratch for the first time all season on Saturday, but was planning on doing so today. He also said Ward would most likely be back in the lineup tomorrow against the Canadiens.
  • As many of you know, almost all of the team’s brain trust other than the coaching staff is in Edmonton for tomorrow’s Mark Messier jersey retirement ceremony. Of course, just because you know it doesn’t mean Jaromir Jagr knows it. The Rangers captain offered a quizzical look when we mentioned Glen Sather being out of town, and only when we elaborated did he seem to know what we were talking about.

    “So if you get a phone call from an Edmonton area code, don’t answer it,” I said.

    OK, more later..

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    1. Florida has agreed to trade Roberts but he has to waive no trade and they are not saying to whom. Not the Rangers I hope.

    2. Atleast we know Tkachuk will never be a Ranger.

      I hear the Blues are trying their utmost to re-sign Billy Guerin to a 2 year deal.

    3. I hope Roberts isn’t coming to the Rangers. Any word on Guerin? Could he be the one coming? And Sam, please, any word on Straka??

    4. i love the trade deadline season, especially since the rangers never make it to the playoffs and i have nothing else to look forward to. According to eklund the rangers are looking at brent seabrook. I would love to get seabrook, if we are going to make any trades. Another player i wouldn’t mind getting is zherdev of columbus because he is also young and talented but just doesn’t fit into hitchcock’s system in columbus. I doubt these trades will happen but it gives me something to watch for the next 24 hours.

    5. According to Bob Mckenzie at TSN, Roberts will be traded to the Penguins..not clear for who.

      He did not travel with the team today. Supposedly, he only agreed in principle to waive his no trade clause to go to Toronto or Ottawa, but will likely agree to go to the pens.

      Who the heck wouldn’t?

      Atleast the Rangers won’t be picking up another aging has been!

    6. Doodie Machetto on

      Via Kukla’s Korner:

      “Sources tell TSN the Florida Panthers have agreed to a trade involving Gary Roberts and have asked him to waive his no trade clause.
      But sources say the deal is not with Toronto or Ottawa, the only two teams Roberts has said he will go to. So at this point, the ball is in Roberts’ court, but there is no guarantee he will waive the clause.
      Piitsburgh is believed to be the team with the most interest in Roberts.

      added 12:46pm, Bill Watters on Leafs Lunch said it is an Eastern Conference team.

      added 12:59pm, Watters said he just talked with the “Roberts Campâ€? and they have heard nothing about this deal. ”

      It’s gonna be here. I feel it in my bones. Krog is waived just as this deal is put into place. Bye Bye Petr Prucha!

      If it is here, let’s hope Roberts has the good sense not to waive his clause to come to this loser.

    7. Sam,
      Do you have any insight you could share regarding the Ward-Jagr disagreement during the Tampa game?
      Thank you as always..

    8. Fermit the Krog! Fermit the Krog!

      Ummm…sorry. Anyway, if he’s waived, it either means a trade or a call up. Immonen is the best guess, thanks to Maloney’s, “#1 center on another team.” comment. That comment still burns me up whenever I think about it.

    9. I wouldn’t worry about Roberts– i can’t see the rangers moving for him (though it wouldnt suprise me either)..

      It is interesting though that Krog is now on waivers with already one open spot on our roster– might be a multiplayer deal??
      Sam, any hints or rumblings as to what the possibilities are?

    10. asmos eyes – what was that bit about maloney’s comment about a “#1 center on another team”…did he say that about immonen?

    11. Acc. to Hockeybuzz.com earlier, these are the guys that have been put on waivers:

      Following Players on Waivers-Updated 1pm Roberts
      “Brian Boucher, Bryan Berard, Michael Leighton, Denis Hamel, Jason Krog,Niko Kapanen, Marc Chouinard, Aaron Downey, and Petr Cajanek

      I am hearing that the Roberts situation is big mess, I doubt seriously this deal happens.

      Boucher may get snagged by Buffalo or Columbus.”

    12. B-Reid – Yes!! It was either Renney or Maloney. When asked why Immonen wasn’t getting much playing time, they said, “Well he has the tools to be a #1 center – just not on our team.” or something to that effect.

    13. Doodie Machetto on


      a while back, in an interview, Maloney described Immonen as good enough to be a #1 center on an NHL team. I don’t remember if he expressed the phrase “but not ours,” but even if he didn’t that comment begs that exact question.

      I’m paraphrasing, of course.

    14. Doodie Machetto on

      Also, Buffalo has a very low chance of getting Boucher. You KNOW someone will pluck him up, and seeing as how Buffalo is pretty high in the standings, they’ll be last in line.

    15. Doodie Machetto on

      Sam, pull a Larry Brooks. Come up with some ridiculous trade “rumor.” I want to see what your creative mind can accomplish.

    16. Doodie – *chuckles* I’ve added so many extra clauses to that comment, like, “He’s good enough to be a #1 center on an NHL team, but we like to play him less than Colton Orr.” Or “He’s good enough to be a #1 center on an NHL team, but just don’t tell HIM that, because we’re using his low ice time as a practical joke. It’s gonna be hilarious! We’ve got birthday cake and strippers lined up for when we tell him!”


    17. AsmosEyes
      best comment so far …
      and i hope its not roberts, that would not work for a “buyer” in the situation of the rangers (to be honest who could help us to make the playoffs? crosby + malkin, i would not be too sure??) and it would not help us past this season.

    18. i read somewhere that the teams are allowed to bring up to 4 players from the minors, the only things is that only those 4 can be sent down, Sam do you know anything about this?

    19. Eklund @ Hockeybuzz.com a few min ago

      “Roberts to Ottawa still possibleToday @ 1:58 PM ET | Comments (7)
      Roberts to Ottawa could be back on. This all may have more to do with trying to show the Sens that there are teams that want Roberts….Don’t rule Buffalo or Detroit out of the Roberts thing…I still think he ends in Ottawa”

    20. The only trades Sather and his idiots should make is to dump
      veteran players for draft picks or young players other than that there should be no trades for the rangers but than where talking about Sather and his idiots. I wish this was a bad dream and than I woke up and the rangers were in first place and had a good farm system from over the years of drafting.

    21. TomG their farm system is not bad.. It is much better then it was 4 yrs ago.. Do they have #1 stud forward maybe not but they have made prgress down on the farm…

      The big club is another issue…

    22. Sam,

      Any word on Sather getting the LTI on Ozolinsh? Why we have him taking up cap room since December is mind boggling to all of us. He better come off the cap by tomorrow, so that the Rangers can bring another kid in here if we don’t make any deals.

    23. Please people, don’t you know anything? Have you ever really watched Immonen skate? It’s really a foot speed issue. He doesn’t have great foot speed. It’s not even in the legs – although clearly he’s not a big,strong man like so many other players we have who are a big, strong man. It’s in his feet. You can see it – they lack speed. And he was put on a line with Shanny and only had about 3 or 4 points in those 5 or 6 games. On this team, guys who can put up 60-70 points are a dime-a dozen!Not to mention, those guys all have foot speed. That’s speed, of the feet. Foot. Speed.

    24. Foot. Speed. Like what Rozsival shows when he coughs up the puck and tries to get back into position…like what Nylander does when he sees an open net and flees like a child from a clown in the night…like Renney when he sees Jagr walking towards him with an unhappy look…Foot. Speed. Sorry, I found it funny. LOL. Bottom line…if we had any other coach and any other GM, some of our Hartford guys would be getting chances. And by chances I mean a few games on one of the top lines…not buried on the fourth line and getting 5 minutes.

    25. 3 or 4 points in about three games with Shanny was far better than Cullen did for most of the year. And he has great foot speed. He may not be that fast but thats more Renney trying to justify why he isn’t playing

    26. Chris –

      I’m glad you found it funny, it was completely intended to be. I’ve actually felt Immonen should have been our second line center (with Dawes and Prucha as his wings) since opening day 2005, never mind this year.

    27. The thing about IMMO was that he would be good enough to play on the 2nd line for a team with no center capable of that, but that he isnt the type of center for the 3rd or 4th line, and haveing two other centers (3 if you count straka) ahead of Immo, that he wasnt going to make the Rangers roster. In short, he isnt good enough to bump one of the other centers off the top 2 lines, but on some other teams he would be number 2 on the depth chart. its not that hard to figure out, and it also hold fairly true.

    28. Who are the 2 centers ahead of Immonen? Cullen is a THIRD line center who also plays point on the powerplay, not a second line center who kills penalties. But our coach had other ideas.

    29. trade Nylander and pick up Cajanek off waivers. Cajanek is much cheaper, younger, way more physical and is much better on faceoffs.

    30. tro' da bums out on

      fyi, the Wolf Pack had a Herb Brooks “again” moment to get them out of a funk, and started them back on a winning streak.

      from Blueshirt Bulletin…

      Bruce Berlet, who covers the AHL Wolf Pack for the Hartford Courant, wrote an article about what happened after the Pack’s February 7th loss, their second in a row after a 12-1-1 streak. “Practice the next day was thirty minutes of almost non-stop skating that one player called the most stressful of the season,” Bruce wrote. “Apparently education is not working,” said Hartford GM-coach Jim Schoenfeld of his grueling practice. “The age of information has not landed in Hartford, so we had to try another way. If the other methods we used got the message across, we wouldn’t have to go down this street.” Said veteran defenseman Dale Purinton: “They could see the direction we were heading, so they definitely put up a big stop sign. We didn’t fail to read it.” Bruce places this little observation within the article: “Some said the Rangers themselves could have used such a workout at times this season.”

      Such a time would have been yesterday, the day after their stick the fork in them 3-2 loss to lowly Columbus. Instead, the Rangers had the day off. Punishing skating drills might not have been the best tonic for a team after 62 games with a last gasp playoff run of twenty games still ahead. But how about ruining their leisure time with an hour of, oh, let’s say, power play and penalty killing practice? Forcing Michael Nylander to feed Michal Rozsival on the point and have Rozsival shoot the puck could not possibly have hurt, could it?


      so, what do the rangers do? why, they have a day off of course. Renney is a joke, and so is the media that is not calling for his ouster. Renney could not carry Schony’s briefcase.

    31. way younger!!!32.. St louis waived him, and he has another yr. on his deal..

      PASS…No more soft euro stuff unless they are great players….

    32. stuart : your right…I mean…if he was a UFA next year I could see taking a chance on a player for basicly free…but with another year on his deal…thats not good…not worth it.

    33. Zednick to the fishy’s for a 2nd round pick..

      teams are mortgaging their future for nothing.

      Atlanta better make the playoffs else Waddell is toast. They traded about 4 picks already this week…

      Rangers sell; racoon, Nylander, Malik or Ward(if possible) call up a few young guys…

    34. I hope Kermit the Krog clears waivers. He tears it up on the AHL level. Then we can call up Callahan and Dubinsky and allow Hartford to continue at a high level.

    35. Immonen’s lack footspeed is overblown, he has pretty good footspeed, much better than fat ass Jagr.

    36. Doodie Machetto on

      Zednik heading to the Island could be the signal that Blake might be on his way out of town. He’s been in the rumor mill for west coast teams. God, I would love to either:

      1) have Blake as a Ranger
      2) Have Blake be on the West coast so he can’t kill us as usual.

    37. tro' da bums out on

      almost certain that after the end of this disastrous season Dolan will ask Sather to stay upstairs and let Messier be the GM for one reason only—as a PR move to try to placate the fans.

    38. onecupin67years on

      The rangers trade history for the past 13 years has a strong tie to Edmonton-I wouldn’t be surprised if a deal is consumated between the 2 teams.

    39. “way younger!!!32.. St louis waived him, and he has another yr. on his deal..

      PASS…No more soft euro stuff unless they are great players….”

      I didn’t say WAY younger, he is 3 years younger. I see no reason why we would be worse off if we trade Nylander and pick up Cajanek for free. In any case I bet Buffalo or Atlanta will snap him up.

    40. “1) have Blake as a Ranger”

      he will be a UFA this summer, I wouldn’t mind signing him too, but not anything over 3 years.

    41. I still can’t believe the Rivet trade–THE dumbest trade I ever saw, I wouldn’t give up a 4th rounder for him.

    42. Smolinski and Zednik each landed a 2nd rounder. We are the biggest losers for not dumping our trash.

    43. Does anybody realize that Jagr did not even knon that Sather was in Edmonton today. I knew Sather would be in Edmonton for two month. What kind of communication is there with this team. they are in shambles. sather must be fired. What GM does not tell his team he will not be around the most important part of the season. especially with the shape the Rangers are in.

      If he makes any trade how is he going to tell the player?
      He probaly just send one of his lackies- real class.

      This guy retired 8 years ago, he just hasn’t told anybody at MSG.

    44. DumpJagrDope : RELAX the trade deadline is TOMORROW as well as the NHL gets trades they approve them than its made public…we dont know what the Rangers have put to the leauge, they may have a deal all set and they are just waiting for approval…or even ther is a chance that there is more than one team bidding on Nylander or some other player…or nothing is going on…we dont know..jsut because those two trades have been made already doesnt mean that the Rangers arnt doing anything…

    45. one word to sum up the Rangers – Depressing

      2 goal leads and they lose… shootout? no Jagr… gimme a break with this team, how much drama can there be?

      I feel sick to my stomach after watching this team play. It’s like a roller coaster ride and you throw up after it’s over.

    46. Joey Dag : why dose he have to be in NY??? They probably call him on a cell if they need him, and what dose the GM have to do with the team really?? I mean come on…that reaching for a bad thing, I imagine ALOT of GMs are not in their teams city right now…

    47. Wildcard, there is no way they will be able to trade Shanahan, Jagr, Malik, Straka, Nylander, Weekes, Rachunek, Dupuis, Pock all within the 24 hour period. I bet all they do is trade Ward and Weekes. So you can spin your PR BS anyway you want, but nothing drastic will get done.

    48. Man, I’ve got a sick feeling that something bad is going to happen…then again, Slats IS in Edmonton, which as someone suggested could mean there’s a deal brewing. And if that’s the case, I’m hoping the names Schremp, Harcroff, Torres or Lupul come up…

    49. how the hell did the islanders grab zednik for only a 2nd round pick?! and the other trade where they got bergeron for practically nothing!? i cant stand those fishsticks.

    50. Wildcard-
      He Does not have to be in New York.
      But Maybe he should tell his so called “Captain” where he is going to be if a trade does happen.

      Thats the way good teams communicate, From the GM to the coach to the players. C-o-m-m-u-n-i-c-a-t-i-o-n!

    51. if you thought that they would trade all those guys you deluded…but again, we dont kow whenthe other trades were submitted OR what the Rangers are working OR what they have finished and if it will be annouced soon…we dont know…but of course, there are those like you who seem to think that because it hasnt happend yet it wont happen. The Rangers COULD trade 5 or 6 players in the next 2 hours…saying they cant do that in 24 hours is short sighted, we dont know what has been offerd and if they are waiting to hear back and stuff…

    52. “how the hell did the islanders grab zednik for only a 2nd round pick?! and the other trade where they got bergeron for practically nothing!? i cant stand those fishsticks.”

      Washington got him for 3rd rounder last summer. How did Carter only go for 5th rounder, why is Cajanek available for free, how did Rivet get a 1st rounder?

    53. Joey Dag: uhhh…why would Jagr need to talk to Sather if a trade happen…thats such crap…what teams GM is like that with the “C” ?? I dont know of one…dose Sather have to check with JJ first or something…or dosne he have to report in? He can call him…wow…modern technology, Jagr can talk to Sather if a trade is made by calling him. I am sure that Renney knows were Sather is going to be, why dose everyone on the team have to know?? Dose Sather have to tell Jagr if he is out a dinner to make sure the team can find him?? its 2007 if Jagr needs to talk to sather he can call him, his cell probably works in Edmonton, and if not it wouldnt take much to get a phone number for his hotel…come on, ther is PLENTY to complain about when it comes to Sather, you dont need to go makeing crap up

    54. “if you thought that they would trade all those guys you deluded…”

      only an idiot would not take advantage of insane prices and get rid of all that garbage. Only an idiot would believe we are making the playoffs or even if we would we wouldn’t win a single game.

    55. Man, if Sather gets drunk partying in Edmonton then watch out. I assume that is how Canadiens got 1st rounder for Rivet. I hope Sather will not drink and trade.

    56. Zednick is flashy but doesn’t produce often, gets injured alot, and is a FA at end of the year that is why they got him for a 2nd round pick.

      I think they overpaid, maybe not as much as Atlanta did for Tzachuk and Zhitnik but I think they both overpaid..

      If the Rangers did a similar move I would say the same. If either team needed 1 last piece to legitimately have the ability to win the cup that is another story but that is not the case.

      I find it humorous the complaints of Sather being in Edmonton. Those are bogus complaints. If you are complaining about the state of the Ranger team that is valid.

      I think one of the problems the rangers have had in recent history is they are too nice an accomodating they should be more like the SOB in NJ..

    57. tro' da bums out on

      Dmen are more scarce, more in demand, thus they bring a higher return.

      the Sharks overpaid because they need a little experience and grit on D for the playoffs, and they had 2 #1 picks this year.

      but, there might also be a deeper reason. the Sharks wanted Souray, but the Habs are not trading him. but getting Rivet may be a precursor to also signing Souray in the summer.

    58. Maybe Sather being in Edmonton will remind him how much better his career was when he turned loose a bunch of young players. Of course, they were insanely good young players, but still.

    59. DumpJagrDope : Im not saying that you dont try to move what you can to get alot at these prices…but you waont find ANY team ever moveing that many players…honestly untill yesterday those prices wernt truly set…there wernt alot of trades to go off of. But if you think that they would trade JJ and Straka and Nylander…unless you are SURE you can get a vet or two for next year from FA you would have a problem, there arnt any ranger prospects ready to step up on the top line center spot…and putting kids there who arnt ready for that is bad, it wouldnt be good for their developement. I say the Rangers shoudl try to move one of those 3 as well as a coupel of defensmen…but we dont know what they have tried to do or what they are working on now…we need to wait untill the deadline passes to know if anything is going to get done…people are umping opff of cliffs its silly…just liek everyone said that Girardi would not paly, and he would sit in the press box with Pock, and all this other crap…and when they were proven wrong…well they jsut seem to “forget” they said it. Wait untill AFTER the deadline to see if anything hapens…why is everyone so impatient?

    60. Why are we impatient? Maybe because we all invest a lot of emotion and time into this team and we’re praying to be rewarded by even the smallest sign that the organization is headed in a positive direction.

    61. 1. I AM SURE that we can sign good UFAs
      2. we might get 1 or 2 good young players in return that can play 1st line
      3. I rather have people from Hartford playing on the 1st line and fail miserably while at least getting good experience than seeing any of Straka, Jagr, Nylander back next season.

    62. There is almost zero chance that Sathalony has the balls to trade away Jagr. They want to win now, they don’t care too much about the future or the fans. The prospects we got are all just for PR to calm down some of the fans.

    63. tro' da bums out on

      Jagr doesn’t need to know where Sather is because Jagr is the de facto GM and coach of the team. I would not be surprised to see another of his posse be picked up again in the next 24 hrs.

    64. DumpJagrDope : playing a kid out od position is JUST as bad as playing Cullen out of position. Strka is FAR FAR FAR from a problem on this team, of all the vets, hes the one the Rangers SHOULD keep. ::Chris:: but tonight, in the next hour or right at the deadline the team might do something really good…point is we dont know yet. Also on JAGR, on other sites there is discussion about wether Jagr if traded would go with his full $$ or jsut the Rangers part of it. if its the full amount it might not be possible to find a team that wants to take on 8 mil for next season, and the NHL would have to let them since that is to much for one player to make….if that the case the soonest we would se JJ moved no matter what would be next season, and it would have NOTHING to do with Sather, but cap issues. And wether you like it or not, Jagr puts butts int he seats…and this IS a buisness…but again, I sayt try to move Nylander, Ward, Pock, Rachunek, Malik but others do have a spot on the team, and a reason for being there. Straka has done really good at center. Would it be so bad going into next season with Straka, Jagr, Cullen as the vets on wing?? Along with Avery, and the rest would be much younger, Hossa, Prucha, Orts, Hollweg ect. Haveing 3 or 4 vets ont he top 3 lines isnt bad…thats normal…EVEN during a rebuild.

    65. if you aren’t in the playoffs with the players you have it means the players you have are not good enough collectively. It’s black and white. You are in or out.If your’e out, then your players aren’t playoff capable plain and simple. So why do you want to keep any of them? Everything and every player is replaceable at all times.

    66. This just in on the AP wire:

      Rangers have signed UFA Vaclav Havel, to a 6 year, $42 million dollar deal. Havel, 71, has never recorded a point in any league, but did spend some time in the penalty box during the Czech Communist regime.

      “I think this shows we’re committed to youth,” Ranger President and GM Glen Sather said Monday. “Vaclav’s handling of the Velvet Revolution and the subsequent dissolution of the Czechoslovakian state shows he has the ability to perform at the highest level.”

      Havel is expected to report Tuesday to Hartford for conditioning.

    67. “if you aren’t in the playoffs with the players you have it means the players you have are not good enough collectively. It’s black and white. You are in or out.If your’e out, then your players aren’t playoff capable plain and simple. So why do you want to keep any of them? Everything and every player is replaceable at all times.”

      no, it could be a bad coach or lots of injuries, etc.

    68. “Also on JAGR, on other sites there is discussion about wether Jagr if traded would go with his full $$ or jsut the Rangers part of it. if its the full amount it might not be possible to find a team that wants to take on 8 mil for next season”

      I think Caps pay 4 mil regardless if he is traded or not, unless they specifically mentioned in the trade that they will pay only as long as he is with the Rangers.

    69. DumpJagrDope : Thats what I would think…that the caps are on the hook for it unless it was in the trade that they only paid that while he was with the Rangers…but if there was something like that in the trade, than JJ is kinda stuck untill next season when his cap hit would be less at the deadline…and if he is better again next year he would be worth alot more….but if we dont know what was in that trade, that irs kinda hard to know the reason why JJ would not be moved if he isnt, and I dont expect him to be.

    70. actually the washington capitals have the most space in their cap compared to the rest of the league

    71. but with Jagr, if teh full amount of $$ goes with him, the NHL wouldnt alow it..no one player can make 8 mil in a season, I dont think they will next year ither…so the Rangers would have to take some of the cap hit…dont know if that would be worth it or not..it would depend on th trade and how much the players still on the roster for next year would make…

    72. czechthemout!!!!! on

      dump ihope your right about jagr’s contract.wildcard-what you are saying arelineup should be is what is currently on the team already and it does not work because we are not making the playoffs.if dump is right on jagr,i say trade him to anahiem or san jose ,both teams have an abundance of good prospects that we can use to rebuild our shitty team.straka should also be trade along with nylander to someone like buffulo for a kid like drew stafford and another prospect or pick.malik to any one who wants the unquestioned plus/minus champion dman for the stretch drive.and kracpunek for a pick or a used hockey stick.bring up the kids from hartford along with the prospects obtained and i bet they will make a spirited run at the playoffs.i bet that if we played a game tonite between the pack and the rangers,the pack would win!!!!!

    73. czechthemout!!!!! on

      i find it funny how some posters keep saying we don’t have any bluechip type talent.did anyone think buffulo did ?but now every one wants to aquire as many of their kids aspossible.sae for ana,san jose.how will we ever know if our kids are worth anything when they never are given more than 4min a game to prove anything.

    74. “i find it funny how some posters keep saying we don’t have any bluechip type talent.did anyone think buffulo did ?but now every one wants to aquire as many of their kids aspossible.sae for ana,san jose.how will we ever know if our kids are worth anything when they never are given more than 4min a game to prove anything.”

      exactly, even if twe play our young guys and they aren’t very good other teams will want them, because young cheap players are always a hot commodity

    75. czechthemout!!!!! : dont get me wrong…if Jagr can be mvoed at the “low” cost of 5 mil for next season Sather should try and do it. But I was just pointing out that if he isnt moved, there may be more than Sather not wanting to. I mean, if a team wants him but wants the Rangers to take part of the cap hit…well I say wait till next season…its not like him being on the ice stops the Rangers from being a decent team…would they be better withought him? I dont think so, but they wont be much worse if they replace him withe the propper player(s) And they could probably get a 1st round pick or two for him right now…and that would be good. I just think it might be easier to move Nylander, Straka even but I tihnk he is worth keeping of all the vets, and other vets on D.

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