The slow, painful peel of a Band-Aid


I’m not sure it’s saying much when I suggest I had a better night than the Rangers did last night. I’m pretty sure the fry guys at your local Wendy’s had a better day’s work as well.

But after a great day skating in a memorial hockey game to celebrate the life of my friend Scott Tucker, I made the obligatory phone call to my colleague Josh Thomson to check in on the events at the Garden. What followed was a comical sequence of me asking Josh to repeat himself about seven different times — in part because of the music playing in the background on my end; but also because I’m not sure I could fathom the Rangers giving up two short-handed goals in a 3-2 loss to Columbus.

This is my problem: After following this team from the informal skates before training camp and into the heart of the playoff race, I still find myself surprised that they’ve underperformed to the extent that they have. Am I delusional? Should I just accept the fact that the Rangers are not very good, and a tad dysfunctional to boot?

Probably. With the Rangers six points out of a playoff spot with 20 games remaining in the season, the scary part is there is still ample time for them to make up ground. And yet when you look at how they’ve imploded over recent weeks, there is little reason to think they won’t just continue to fade over the final 20 games.

And yet, here’s the other part to consider: judging by Tom Renney’s comments last night, it sounds like the Rangers will try to do something to upgrade between now and Tuesday’s 3 p.m. trade deadline. I know what some of you are thinking: what, for heaven’s sake, is the point?

I’m not sure I have an answer, nor do I know who they might be looking to move. What you can hope for is that whatever moves the Rangers make will be ones in which they don’t part with any valuable assets, and instead just take on the salary of players they can afford to pay.

Anything more than that sounds misguided, and to be honest, counterproductive.

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  1. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    If the Rangers give up 2 goal leads to Columbus and the Devils (when they NEED points so desperately), blow leads against other playoff vying rivals (Toronto), and can’t finish off weak teams like the Flyers and Panthers (another blown lead) then they don’t even deserve to be in the playoffs.

    My take, build with the only 2 good pieces you have: Lundqvist and Avery (haha, somewhat joking). But Avery wants to win badly and works hard. Anyway, everyone can be moved except those 2 + Gerardi, Pock, Prucha, Ortmeyer, Straka (although he is slumping)…and I’m hard pressed to find anyone else who actually shows up every night.

  2. onecupin67years on

    Sam -please tell me what is the definition of a ranger asset?
    In the the past it was Brendl ,malholtra,Jessiman ,staal ,to name few.Tyutin ? I van’t think of a ranger asset that adds a thing to this mediocre dynasty .Some folks bemoan the loss of players like Moore,energy type players whom can’t finish the rangers are loaded with ,ortmeyer,hollewig,betts,all are disposible in my opinion,all are fill ins .

  3. onecupin67years —

    My definition of an asset is a valued prospect. Those are the players I’m referring to. Should the Rangers part with any of those players in an effort to salvage this season, they’d be making a mistake.


  4. Do you think Renney has his coaching job on the line? It’s the only reason I can fathom as to why he thinks that they can still make the playoffs with “some help from outside”.

    About a month ago now I decided this team wasn’t good enough to make the playoffs, though of course I had hoped for some sort of miracle. The way they’ve played over the past week though should convince even the most optimistic amongst us that this team just doesn’t have what it takes.

    There’s no backup netminder for Lundqvist, who is going to end up collapsing under the workload, they’re not going to have Shanahan for another 4-6 games at the best and now there’s potential that Straka could be out too.

    Their “best” player has just 5 power play goals on the year…

    The only reason you’d try to “improve” the team for the “playoff stretch” is a belated attempt by either Renney or Sather to try and save their jobs.

    The lack of accountability in this organization is amazing…

  5. Rangers gave us a lot of dissapointment and frustration this season. I went to last night’s game. That was bad. They looked bad. It’s not a Playoff team, Renney is not a coach that can handle star-players. There were even shy chants of “Fire Sather” and “Fire Renney”. I’d fire both in the twinkling of an eye. That game was just brutal.
    Please SELL!!! Let’s get ready for next season…

  6. As to “what I’d do”…

    1. My first choice would be to have Sather move into just the President role and see if you can’t find an alternative GM. I’m not a fan of Messier taking the role, nor do I have any confidence in Maloney, but there are a few Asst GMs out there I wouldn’t mind talking to. Maybe even bring Craig Patrick back?

    2. Renney can coach out the season, but that’s it. The Rangers need someone who has a little more “tar” to their approach. Renney, Low and Trottier have all been “nice guys” and the game had passed Sather’s approach by.

    3. Everyone except for Lundqvist and Staal I’d be willing to listen to offers for. Looking to move 5 or 6 guys for the best return…also wouldn’t mind shipping off some of the lesser prospects if it helps improve a return. Guys I’d target to move would include Nylander, Ward, Rachunek, Pock, Cullen, Dupuis and perhaps Rozsival too…but I’d certainly listen to offers for Shanahan and Straka as well.

    4. This year’s draft appears to be one with little in the way of obvious top end talent, but it could be pretty deep. It’s the kind of draft where you want lots of high picks, but a top 10 pick isn’t necessarily going to be that valuable. I’d be looking to maximize the number of picks I could get

    5. Call up some of the guys from Hartford who have been playing well and see how they do. Perhaps rotate some of them in and out as the season goes to see whether it’s worth moving some of them at the end of the season.

  7. Jonathan Probber on

    To those calling for Tom Renney’s head:

    Suppose he does get fired. What difference? Who could possibly succeed in that organization as it’s currently constituted from the top down?

    From an ownership which is obsessed with basketball, to a President who, evidently, can do anything he wants so long as the team doesn’t lose money, to God-knows-what-other lifers and sycophants running around MSG, this is an organization designed for failure.

    I think Renney is a good coach and a good man caught up in a maelstrom way beyond his control. As far as I’m concerned, the Rangers coaching position is like one of those chalk outlines you see at a murder scene. Doesn’t matter who occupies that space; they’re goners.

  8. We are in the midst of watching another Ny Ranger season crumble under the weight of the pressure of continuing to have faith in a fading player named Jaromr Jagr. Jagr never has or never will be the centerpiece of any building project. Jagr is in MSG to be our Headliner for our Broadway Show while the minds of Don Maloney and Glen Sather try to fool themselves(see believing in your own B S ) into thinking they have the correct pieces to the long term future of the Rangers organization being developed in the minor leagues.
    It is amazing to say the least, to watch teams such as Nashville, Atlanta, Carolina, and Anahiem build teams to compete for the Stanley Cup in faster time than The NY Rangers led by Don Maloney and Glen Sather.
    Does anyone even know who the GM’s are of these teams? Maybe one or two myself. It obviously is something that runs deeper than the GM’s. It has to do with the hiring of scouts who find the talented 18 year olds. Who are the architects of a solid NHL player development system? Is it the GM? Of course it is. The GM hires the scouts and the player development staff.
    When Neil Smith was fired, Glen Sather cleaned house from top to bottom. Sather’s brandmark is all over the Rangers. Until Don Maloney showed up. Since Maloney has been assistant GM, and Sather distanced himself from the public, The Rangers became a chronically ill organization. With no direction in drafting. And no clear path to become an NHL playoff caliber team.

  9. LI Joe
    February 25th, 2007 at 1:58 pm
    Sam – they need to go 14-6 or better to make the playoffs. Why won’t they consider being sellers?
    you must not be a fan of this team very long if you expect common sense or logic to enter the equation…

    dolan gets to raise ticket prices if we sneak into the playoffs, nuff said…they have never made a decision in the best interest of the team, its always the best interest of dolan’s bank account. why expect that to change now?

  10. Mess was at the game last night in the stands. Watching the Rangers stop shooting on the PP after they were up by 2 goals and fancy pass their way through the second and first half of the third instead of going for the kill, must have turned his stomach.
    To watch Avery stand in front of the Blue Jackets goal for 1:30 of a power play and no one shoot the puck was shameful. Jagr Rosival,and Nylander show their teammate no respect when they refuse to get him the puck while he’s taking a beating for them!! I personally would have a problem with teammates like that and would do something about it. Physically if necessary during the next practice.

  11. They don’t even need to make the playoffs to make money. All they need is to sign a big name in the summer and the tickets will sell themselves, i.e Shanahan.

    Little do they know that winning would actually sell tickets too. Who woulda thought?

  12. Hey I totally agree with the post by True Fans Bleed R&B. I like you list of people to keep. I would add Ryan Hollweg to that list. However, as much as we would like it, I don’t see them trading Jagr, Nylander, Roszival, or Malik. I think we seriously need to be in the selling mode for this trade deadline. Next year, assuming we cant trade certain players that I would like to, we should have a team with these players (rookies are in caps):



  13. John M…outstanding post!! Couldn’t have said it better myself…although I do think Renney is in WAY over his head to be an NHL coach, he’s shown nothing this year or last to show me he deserves the job. And every game this season gets worse and worse. Even when he “cracks the whip” they respond for a game at most. Nice guys finish last in this sport…and we’ve had too many “nice guy” coaches. Players feed off of a coach’s kindness, it’s their nature. Bottom line, we have won one Cup in 67 years. And in that one year, we had a coach who couldn’t give two shits about a players’ feelings. There’s a reason why that approach works, especially in NY. Because these players are given carte blanche for little return. All we kept hearing about was how this team was going to build off of last season’s success and contend…
    Well, how do you build off of collapsing down the stretch and getting obliterated in the playoffs? This situation has been a long time coming…and nothing is gonna fix it.

    But you are absolutely right in saying that Sather’s fingerprints are all over this franchise. He fired all of Neil Smith’s scouts, in fact got rid of everything from Neil Smith’s regime because the Great Glen viewed it as a failure. He would build this team back up as a winner.
    Well, Glen…we’re now 7+ years into your “rebuilding”…and it’s only gotten worse. Most of the scouts in place are yours, everything is yours…and what have we got to show for it? A weak, finesse oriented team built around a moody “superstar” who apparently has little left in the tank, and certainly has no desire or ability to lead his team to victory. So much for Jagr’s “I’ll carry the team speech.”…Must have borrowed that one from Patrick Ewing. LOL
    Oh, btw…browse the media guide everybody. Look through the scouts…It’s hysterical!! We have a Mental Skills Coach??
    Funniest of all? Look under the Amateur Scouts…see someone with a familiar name there? A certain Shannon Sather? A certain son of Herr Glen? Nothing like brining in the family to make money for nothing just like dear old dad!!!
    Bottom line…the franchise has, once again, become a joke. And with the Wolf Pack showing so much promise right now, there is not one single reason why there shouldn’t be 3-4 callups right now.
    But, I really don’t think I’d want Tom Renney’s hands on any of our “star prospects”. Renney says he’s a good developmental coach…but in the words of Animal Mother “You talk the talk…can you walk the walk?”
    I don’t think Renney, Sather, et al can walk the walk. Not anymore. Not with this dreck.

  14. I’ve been on/off this blog since the season started and I think quite few of the bloggers on this site are delusional. I’ve said this from the second month of the season that this team wasn’t going to the playoffs. I stat my opinion on watching the ranger games which at times reading this blog I’m not sure what other people are watching. Reading what Sam said about the rangers making a move I’ve also stated is a major problem with sather and his morons. When are you delusional ranger fans going to get it, Sather should be gone along with maloney and Renney but we all know that won’t happen so enjoy another sather, maloney team not making the playoffs and get use to it because the other idiot (Dolan) will not fire sather. Lets just look accross the river and you will find a GM who not only knows how to build a team not just to make the playoffs but to have a chance year in and year out to go to the stanely cup finals.

  15. “To watch Avery stand in front of the Blue Jackets goal for 1:30 of a power play and no one shoot the puck was shameful. Jagr Rosival,and Nylander show their teammate no respect when they refuse to get him the puck while he’s taking a beating for them!! I personally would have a problem with teammates like that and would do something about it. Physically if necessary during the next practice. ”

    excellent point

  16. a casual observer on

    Prediction: Sather(Dolan’s yes man) will trade for some OZO type players to help us scramble into 8th place. We will be defeated in the first round but Sather(Dolan) will have accheived their objective. Make the playoffs to raise ticket prices at ANY cost!!!

  17. Can we please get rid of Jagr and his circling idiots, I’ve seen enough of this soft skating around in circles trying to make fancy passes and not shooting and can we please draft any big forwards and defensemen.

  18. Actually everything I blame on dumb fans who each season buy tickets, especially those that buy season tickets. These losers really need to get a life.

  19. Yeah, it’s all the fault of the diehard fans DJD. Personally I won’t be that upset if we don’t make the playoffs as long as we don’t do anything stupid to sacrifice the future for a delusional attempt at a playoff push. I think we should sell whatever we can and add as many picks and prospects like we did a couple years back. This team is actually headed in the right direction…there’s a core of excellent goaltending and defensemen. We will need to acquire 1st line talent on offense, but we can get that through FA or by trading some of our prospects when the time is right. I just hope management sticks to the plan.

  20. Is MESSIER GM yet? Who wants Jagr? Who wants Renney? & who wants on & on & on? Shanny has to be Captain next year!



    Sorry for the caps again.

  22. Sam- question- Saw Isbister on the score sheet for the Pack today…was anyone recalled to take his spot or are we keeping that warm for bill guerin :(

  23. Mike – You’re right I wrote Avery thinking Ward. Don’t know why…Maybe it’s just a matter of time before we see the dark side of Avery with this team. I wonder if they will deal Ward who I have not seen anything to be impressed with.

  24. Well Ward certainly hasn’t been playing very well, but from what I understand he’s been injured most of the season.

  25. I really wish Messier would go away. Yes he brought us the Cup. But in some ways Checketts was right when he said how long do we have to pay for the cup. It kind of gets a little ridiculous that people think Messier is like this guy who can do no wrong. Yeah, he really did a lot for the Rangers in his second stint. Ditto Vancouver. He went to Vancouver and got all their fan favorites traded. I’m not taking anything away from him as a player. But he’s kind of been like this guy who just can’t let go of the game. I wish he had retired after 1997 and took a couple of years away. But I can’t tell him what to do. I will say this I expect to see Mess crying when they retire his number Tuesday night in Edmonton. But you know it seems like they are croc tears. It seems like Mess wanted out of Edmonton. Sorry for the rant just tired of Messier being made out to be this savior. Let’s face facts the Rangers won ONE CUP!!!! ONE!!! And that was by ONE GOAL!!!

  26. Just to finish up and I won’t post any more. Mess seemed like he could care less about Edmonton so the tears could be a bit fake. I really wish that the Rangers would win another cup just because every time you look up there is something on about ’94. Yeah it was great! Memorable times no doubt! But too much of a good thing…

  27. SEAN you should be wishing dolan sather renney and maloney away, they got you zilch. too bad your judgement on the nyr is clouded. good luck figuring it out.

  28. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Thanks for clarfying the “Ward vs. Jagr” (and NOT Avery) drama, Mike D. I just found the same thing – its A-ward. Phewwww…so I can still buy my #16 jersey. Haha. I’m a huge fan as long as he’s playing hard and getting other teams off their game. And, I have a huge problem with Jagr too, but save the T.O. antics for a football field.

    Nick, i understand those guys are unmoveable but in my book if you CAN make a decent deal then they would go – starting with Roszival and Nylander. I HATE how Nylander, Roszival and even Jagr disappear when there’s any pressure! Everyone else (namely Rachunek, Ward, Orr, Malik, Dupuis, and even Tyutin who’s now regressing) are replaceable.

  29. Dolan, Sather, Maloney, Renney should be gone.

    Messier should not be considered for at least 5 more years until he has some experience within an organization and beyond himself.

    Obviously, those are both unlikely. That being said, the Rangers should be willing to part with anyone who isn’t under 30, no matter who they are, Jags and Shanny included. Once again we’ve seen that one or two players does not an organization make. I know — superstars sell tickets. So clear cap space and get a younger one with some of Cablevision’s $$.

  30. Toby Ivey – I would not mind Patrick as GM – did a good job here and in Pitt. Of course it would help if Dolan left as well.

    leetch3 – I’ve been a fan since before the Flyers, Pens and co came aboard. I usually go to 15 -20 (or more) games a year. If they become buyers including giving up the number 1 pick I will still go to some games but will definitely cut back quite a bit. Buying would be like doubling down with the dealer showing an ace. You have to know when to hold them and know when to fold them.

    Dolan, Sather, and Maloney have less than 2 days to figure it out.

    BTW – they will need to go 15-5 to make the playoffs. They could add the 2 best avail players for nothing and still not get there.

  31. this team has no chance of going 15-5. If they buy anything at the expense of youth going the other way there will be hell to pay. the fire Sather chants will resume and will not subside anytime soon. when other teams like Montreal are geting 1st round picks for dealing their #4 dman we’d have to be idiots not to deal whatever we can while the going is good!

  32. Montreal just got 1st rounder for Rivet!!! this is insane, we could have made out like bandits if idiots started unloading our vets.

  33. Wow, even the Habs have already figured out that they should be sellers. Actually, that’s great – first off, it means we could potentially get more for Nylander and one of our lousy defensemen, and secondly, Montreal saying no mas when they’re tied for eighth makes the Rangers look stupid for pushing for #8 when they’;re 12. It actually sets a nice precedent.

  34. “”Can we please get rid of Jagr and his circling idiots, I’ve seen enough of this soft skating around in circles trying to make fancy passes””

    Amen !

    NOTHING will change as long as Jagr is here because HE has undue influence over who Sather puts on the team, and how Renney coaches the team, the lines, the PP, the
    shootout, etc.

    face the facts. it is Jagr’s UNDUE INFLUENCE over the running of the team, that is the MAIN problem. He and his posse MUST GO.

    they need to bring up the kids and rebuild. and knock off with the phony excuses about “they are not ready”, as though the current Rangers are? or “they shouldn’t be in this losing atmosphere”— bringing them up is meant to change that.

    Incidentally, Malhotra in his interview on MSG yesterday said that bringing him up right away did NOT adversely affect him or his development one bit.

    get rid of Jagr and his posse, get rid of Jagr’s puppet Renney, and rebuild with kids.

    of course I want Dolan and Sather gone. but the 2 morons are not leaving, so I can’t change that.

  35. Here is a lengthy post guys, but bear with me….

    Some teams are giving a lot up for veterans that aren’t that great. First round picks are flowing like water from one team to another. The Rangers need to get in on some of this action.

    Some good young players are being traded – Shane O’Brien (a solid young D-man from Anaheim traded to TB), Braydon Coburn (another solid young D-man from ATlanta), etc. We need to get in on this action, either by acquiring picks or young players. I would much prefer to get some young players because I don’t trust Sather’s scouts.

    Speaking of young guys, there are some we can afford to deal. We should deal them now while they may still have value to another team. We don’t want to wait like we did with Malholtra, Lundmark, Brendl. By the time we traded them everyone knew they were busts.

    In this way thought, we need to trade Hugh Jessiman for something if we still can. He will not amount to anything, he can barely crack the AHL these days. In addition, I like Jarko Immonen and think they should have kept him as their 2nd line center when they called him up this year. However, Renney says he doesnt have quick enough feet for the NHL yet. They guy was acquired in the Leetch trade and is already 25 years old. Other teams may still think highly of him and if Renney will not play him (and we are to assume Renney will be here for the foreseeable future) we should trade him for another young guy or a pick.

    In terms of vets, we should make it a double and trade the 2nd WARD (AARON) to a contender. He has 3 cups and can fetch us something, especially if Craig Rivet just got traded to SJ for a 1st Round pick. Next on my list would be MAREK MALIK. He is another defenseman that some playoff teams may covet. These D-men can be replaced by STAAL and BARANKA or another young d-man they can get in return in a trade. Plus, Pock will be part of the regular 6 d-men last year. I don’t think they will trade Rosie since he is currently our only offensive D-man.

    I like Pascal Dupuis and believe he’s a good addition. The Rangers need to make a decision if they are going to resign him for this summer when he’s a free agent. If not, they should flip him to a contender for something. His spot can be taken by DAWES or CALLAHAN next season.

    If you can get a puck or a 19th round pick in return, I’d trade Jason Krog, Brad Isbister and/or Colton Orr (we don’t need him now that we have Hollweg and Avery on the team) for it.

    My last word is regards to Marcel Hossa. Renney has held faith in him and now he is producing on Jagr’s line. I don’t mind if they keep him. However, I wonder if now that he has been hot lately another team will take a shot at him and maybe we can get a decent young guy or prospect in return.

    I think we either should keep or will wind up keeping (because they won’t be traded) the following vets/players:

    Nylander (will probably resign)
    Shanny (we must resign)
    Roszival (only offensive d-man)
    Cullen (I like his speed and think he has found his niche on the 3rd line)
    Avery (he’s an RFA this summer, must be resigned)
    Betts (I like his work ethic, solid 4th line center)
    Ortmeyer (an UFA, hs work ethic is what every player on the team should strive for, should resign)
    Pock (I’d keep himmay have offensive potential still)
    Prucha (keep him and actually give him playing time on one of the top 2 lines)
    Hollweg (keep him)
    Girardi (this is one of the only youth we brought up and played, definitely keep him)

    Ok, I’m exhausted now…your feedback?

  36. SEAN if ifs & buts were candy & nuts , we’d all have a Merry Christmas. You could always become a satan fan by joining the other 666. Then you’ll have lou lou.

  37. what difference would it make, Nick. In your post you still have the core of the PROBLEM. what good would it be to bring in young players from any team including the Pack until the cancer is removed.

    as long as Jagr is running things, NOTHING on the team will change. his posse will be favored, they will determine who is on the PP and how it operates. they will determine who is on the first pair D, the 1st line, the shootout, how long the shifts are for them, how they will play soft and not hit anyone, how they will circle east west and not shoot, etc etc.

    it is useless to put a new band-aid on the old gaping wound.

    get rid of the wound first, then bring in new blood.

  38. My son and I were at Hartford Saturday night, watching a fabulous team beat and beat up on the #1 team in the league from Norfolk. Not only did they stand up for one another in a game that had about eight fights (including Montoya challenging the Norfolk goalie), but they 1) always played as a unit of five, 2)protected their own zone, 3)skated with speed, 4)rushed the net, 5)shot the puck (on goal), 6)fought hard along the boards and much more. They won 5-1. Callaghan, Dawes, Korlpikoski, Dubinsky and others were flying along the ice.

    Imagine my disappointment when I learned after getting in the car that not only did the Rangers loose to the worst team in the league, they blew a 2-0 lead, and Columbus got two short handed goals. Awful. Nothing like Hartford. The system has worked in Hartford for five years, but it just can’t be done with the parent team.

    Today, in Brideport, another good game, winning 5-1. They picked up where they left off the night before. Purinton threw the punches – actually only one that leveled the Sound Tiger player — and was tossed, but again it was Callaghan, Dawes, Korpikoski who were lighting it up. Moore, Byers and Dubinsky also were good in both games. Today, Isbister played very well.

    You can see that Coach Schoenfeld has this team locked in. This is the coaching Rangers fans want. This is the play we want. This is the passion we want. This is Ranger blue. Not what we are getting at MSG.

    Sell off a couple of veterans and get youth or picks back, and then let some of the kids get the experience they need in the NHL to be ready for next year.

  39. right, Mike V. and you know why it works down there, because there is no star system there. Callahan does not tell Schony how to run the team, who to put on his line, or how to run the PP.

    it just reinforces what I posted about the Jagr undue influence being the problem.

  40. czechthemout!!!!! on

    i can’t believe the bounty being fetched by other teams for old and or mediocre talent.1st rounders for rivet!!!!!!!!.malik can get you more.what are they witing for,all the draft picks and prospects are going to teams that move and don’t wait for a sign taht they may make the playoffs.their are 3 types of people int this world.those make things happen,those who watch things happen,and those that say what happened.which one are you sather you bumb.sell off this crap of a team.individualy they have talent and can bring good high draft picks and a team they have poor chemistry and will never succeed.renney the idiot wants sather to go outside the orginiation to bring in some scoring help.i smell rucinsky for dawes coming yet another czech posse player who is old and soft.the ducks are looking for a number two center and another dman i say trade nylander to them with rozy for a corry perry or bobby ryan straight up.or trade them to buffulo for drew stafford and a number one draft it before it’s too late!!!.if they go out there and trade for rucinsky i am done with this team after 32 years.i will NOT wtach another game at the garden until they fire sather.and soon might stop watching them altogether i can’t take this veteren shit any more it does not work!!!it has not worked for ten years now.we nned to go in another direction.please!!!

  41. yes cto, the prices are high for sellers now, but Sather won’t take advantage. like you said , he will probably trade a kid for another old czech posse member.

    in fact, he is more concerned with going to Messier’s retirement ceremony tues,. in Edm. than worrying about the Rangers.

    what a joke.

  42. trade only, Nylander, Rachunek, Ward, get rid of Krog(however), Weekes(no one wants him with injury but if they will take him), Cullen(Only if get an very good offer back)and Malik…

    That is it..

    BTW, Orr looks like he can be a good enforcer who can play a little..

    If these moves are made the D will be much younger and more responsible.. Nylanders style will be gone and they will be much more of a grinding team..

    Resign Avery for sure, Dupuis only if the price is low else they have plenty of guys that can do his job in Hartford. It is not a guarantee they should sign Shanny…..Ortmeyer I like alot but he is on a line that needs to score and he is a inept offensive player………

    Keep Prucha, he can play put him on a scoring line and keep him there. There power play would be much much better if they had a point man who can shoot..

    Roszival is not bad at all the problem is he is their #1 D man and he is really a 3 or 4………..

  43. Walt just got traded to ATL. That is two moves by the Thrashers where they gave up an awful lot. They needed to do something to pull them out of there funk.

  44. czechthemout!!!!! on

    buffulo had eight eight rookies in the lineup yesturday and what a game they played.i watched the pack game today.guys let me tell you that i saw something in jessiman he now has two goals in his last two games.he has been scoring regularly in charlotte.maybe just maybe the light went on finally.and he also beat the crap out of a player last night.and of course the usual pack kids played great again.they are: byers,dubinsky,cally,dawes,korpikoski,lifiton,potter,and yes jessiman too.also according to larry brooks,teams can bring up up to four players from the minors without it counting towards the salary cap.the catch is that only those four canbe sent back down so that means you are limited to make sure that the four you call up better be the right ones.with that in mind i expect no demand to see callahan,byers ,dubinsky and lifiton/baranka up tuesday night against montreal.

  45. czechthemout!!!!! on

    i want callahan-dubinsky-avery on the second line.i want jagr-straka-stafford on the first line.i want prucha-cullen-ortmyer on the third line.i want byers-betts-hollweg/orr on the fourth line.i want lifiton-tyutin,pock-rozy,girardi-matt carle.i want the king and montoya to get some games maybe 4or5 games.i want staal up here after his season ends their is no roster limit after the trade deadline.make him the 7th dman change him up with pock or shanny backto det. for a number one draft choice.

  46. czechtemout, I do not agree with you often but your latest posts have been worth contemplating.

    ANyone know what is a matter with Straka???

  47. If you told me the Knicks had a better chance than the Rangers to make the playoffs this year, I would have laughed. Now…this team is such a waste of talent.

  48. John M the real problem is the over the hill and in over their heads mismanagement . And the refs and hot goalies;)

  49. czechthemout – I’d love to have any of the guys you’ve named in the above posts…but first of all, Anaheim already said there was no way Ryan, Getzlaf or Perry were getting traded. And given Carle’s play this year, it’s doubtful he’ll be moved either. Buffalo, I can say with a fair degree of certainty, isn’t moving ANY of their kids, simply because(as you mentioned) they’re playing just as well in thier capacities as the regulars. Bottom line is, all three of these teams seem to understand the two-fold value of young, aggressive players: first, they play with a tenacity most 30-year-olds don’t have, and second, they’re a solid two- to three-years away from making millions.

  50. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Has anyone looked at what the Blues got for Tkatchuk??

    Glen Metropolit (3rd liner)…but also:
    2007: 1st AND 3rd round draft
    2008: 2nd round draft and (if Tkachuk resigns) a 1st rounder!

    If the Rangers got offered a package like that for Jagr OR Shanahan, would you trade them??

    …I would.

  51. I agree with tdchi. If you notice, none of these teams are giving up their top young players/prospects for “rentals.” They’re giving up picks instead, which is fine by me. But the Getzlafs, Ryans, and Carles of the NHL won’t be dealt.

    The best indicator is the Forsberg trade. Nashville did not part with Radulov, their best chip.

    Of course, like I have noted in previous posts, we wouldn’t have to trade for Getzlaf if the NYR drafted him instead of Jessiman.

  52. If we become sellers, and NO ONE in their right mind is going to take Malik or Rachunek,

    we need to “piggy back” the deal (you know, like Congress does with pork!) and saddle in one (or both) of these dead weights with Jagr, and get some promising youth for them.

    Next, we do some call ups.
    THEN, under a new coach, we ACTUALLY play the call ups!

    Then, we patiently watch as our young team loses, but improves with time. NY fans are sophisticated and not nearly as impatient as Dolan/Sather thinks.

    I will take the “boring” Devils hockey wins over our “entertaining” losses any day!

  53. Here’s a thought. You want to improve? Bring Callahan or Dawes up here and let them play because our Wolfpack is better than us. Upgrade? I was at the horror show saturday, Start bringing some kids up here who know how to backcheck and score. Paging Ryan Callahan….

  54. re next yr – originally I really wanted Drury as a fa. But now with 2 concussions in 3 yrs not so sure (definitely not for a 4 or 5 yr contract)

  55. I would like to see Jessiman given a chance…what do we have to lose? Hockeyrodent said that someone posted this on a board and he used his article to ridicule it…

    it sounds like we have nothing to lose.

    8 rookies for the Sabres! unreal! average age is just above 25. Pens= 27 years old

    We are old and crusty. We are not going to win a cup with Jagr. He still has LOTS of value left. We NEED to be sellers.

    PLEASE: do not buy anything! sell, sell, sell!

    (if we sell Jags for some young talent, we’ll even give you Malik, Rachunek and Renney for free!_

  56. Nick – excellent post. The reality is that Jagr isn’t going anywhere. He could fetch a ton but I don’t think the Rangers will move him and furthermore he has been pretty clear that he is happy here. He is not perfect and he has taken a bit of a public beating but this guy, when 100% healthy and motivated, can still dominate. I am not opposed to trading him, I cannot envision a scenario where he is moved.

    Nick, on your list.

    Nylander – I’m not 100% sure they would bring him back. I think they may look into Gomez or Drury. (I should have done some research but I thought I read Drury was unrestricted. I know Gomez is. Lucky Lou will find a way to get Gomez back). Nylander or a free agent will be our top-line center. I can’t see Straka in that role all year.

    Shanahan – Man, I am torn on this guy. It was such a treat to see Shanny in Ranger blue this year. It makes me wonder what could have been if we had acquired him in the many rumored deals coming our way. Playing with Messier, while Messier was still at a fairly high level!! Even if he could have flanked Gretzky during the late 90s. I don’t think we would have been playoff-less all those years! Back to next year I am torn because I understand what he brings and however, next year he is 39 and now has a concussion history. I don’t think we are looking at Pat LaFontaine or Eric Lindros but I am worried.

    Roszival – i don’t mind him. I think he is a fairly good defenseman. If he doesn’t block a young player from development.

    Cullen – if we get the Matt Cullen from the last month, I am satisfied.

    Avery – yes

    Betts – nice player, works hard, possesses speed. I think he is tradable but I don’t mind him back. As long as it doesn’t equate a deserving youngster being left off the roster.

    Ortmeyer – My God, if he can get just a smidge of offensive hands.

    Pock – From a fan’s point of view, I don’t understand why he is not playing more. But, if Karel Rachunek is being played over Pock, the coaching staff sees something??? I share everyone’s lack of confidence in the coaching staff this year, however, I don’t think Renney, Pelino, and Pearn would dress Rachunek if they didn’t think he was the better option. I’d rather see Pock in and deal with his mistakes. I know Rachunek was in Ottawa for a few years, I would love to know what they thought of him.

    Prucha – I was listening to a podcast recently and the hosts stated that management is split on Prucha. The obvious concern is his size and what his durability will be as it seems the NHL is getting back to be a bit more physical than 05-06. I love Prucha and hope he stays. He does need to be on the top 2 lines.

    Hollweg – he and Avery are what this team needs more of.

    Girardi – He hasn’t disappointed. He’ll have NHL experience. He and Tyutin are young and have an NHL resume.

  57. Sam I need some Ranger news ya know something like:
    Renney fired
    Renney steps down as Ranger coach
    Renney has sex change and wants to become Jagr’s girlfriend
    Renney missing
    Renney steps down as coach to become Hockey analyst for the mentally challenged
    Renney hands in his letter of resignation…

  58. Larry B. is reporting that Rangers won’t sell and think they can make the playoffs. Looks like it is time to switch teams, can’t take any more stupidity.

  59. …although they probably will try and pull the trigger before the deadline which s=is not exactly selling in that sense…it’s more like sacrificing.

  60. Doodie Machetto on

    yes, it’s true. Maybe that means they are clearing roster space for a call up?

    BTW, I wouldn’t be surprised if Krog gets claimed, if for nothing else than to play center on a farm team. His AHL numbers are huge.

  61. Doodie

    Some guys are just meant to be lifetime farmers. (Krog, Purinton)

    Hopefully, our prospects will get the chance soon to cross the threshold to MSG.

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