Ward may be scratched and Renney will discuss why postgame


Aaron Ward walked through the hallway downstairs dressed in a suit and long coat. It appears he’s definitely still with the club, although he’ll be scratched tonight if Karel Rachunek is healthy enough to go.

“I’ll dress seven for the warmup and then make a decision from there,” Tom Renney said.

What he wouldn’t say, however, was more interesting. He wished not to comment on the Ward situation at the present time.

“I would like to make sure I’m in the right frame of mind,” he said, later adding, “I’ll elaborate on that after (the game).”

Renney said he had other things to worry about leading up to the game and didn’t want whatever Ward’s situation is on his mind. Obviously, it’s interesting and I’ll update everyone later on what Renney says.

You should know that Renney was asked about whether this has anything to do with Ward still being a Ranger by the time the game was over and Renney said it did not.

“No, nothing like that at all.”


Renney repeated what he said about Brendan Shanahan this morning.

“He’s making headway but is still very much in the process of recovery,” he said. “As far as how much time that will take, I don’t know.”

The coach was also asked if he’ll be able to count on Shanahan for the rest of the season or not. He said he didn’t know how to answer without putting a negative connotation on it, but “if they’re not in front of me, I can’t count on them.”

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  1. He won’t be traded, because that is what we all want. Maybe he’s being punished for his shouting match with Jags now that everyone knows about it.

  2. REnney said no, maybe renney finally realized how bad he is and decided it was time to sit the bum.

  3. Mr. Cryptic Renney

    no wonder this team is so effed up. it is total chaos as far as team communication is concerned. Renney uses his smooth doubletalk to try to cover up and bs his way out.

    no one knows where they stand, especially the players.

  4. the players who DIDN’T shout at Jagr are the ones who should be benched. he bailed out on his team.

  5. I hope this isn’t a medical related issue. If it is, and Renney can’t discuss it now, and has to be in the right frame of mind to discuss it, if it is a medical problem ,it’s serious. Let’s all hope it’s nothing like that.

  6. Renney says, “if they’re not in front of me, I can’t count on them.�

    oh yeah. Jagr was right in front of you, and you couldn’t count on him. He “opted out”

  7. I hope it’s not some serious medical condition, either of Ward’s or some family member (which might explain why he left the ice and was so tight-lipped). Though I guess he wouldn’t be sticking around if it was.

    Let’s hope it’s a trade and Renney’s just a bald-faced liar. Not that he would have the option to discuss that, but “no, nothing like that” is pretty clear.

  8. I wouldn’t miss Ward at all if he gets traded…guy has been NOTHING like advertised this year. He’s not always physical, is often out of position, and couldn’t handle the puck if his life depended on it. Don’t want to hear any more crap about Veteran Leadership or Stanley Cup experience. Ward’s play this year has me thinking he didn’t have a whole lot to do with his teams winning championships. Guys been a real disappointment this year. And if we need a physical defenseman…we have one…called Kasparaitis!! Somebody ask Professor Renney how Kaspar is doing. And ask him why a team that can’t score at all wouldn’t think of bringing up some offensive talent. It’s the same old song…this team is going nowhere, there is no grand plan, and we’re doomed to suffer for years and years on end with a mediocre team. Is it too much to ask that a player shoot the puck right into Renney’s slack jawed mouth during a game to put us all out of our misery? This team has come apart at the seams and moron Renney hasn’t a clue how to fix it…some coach. And Jagr obviously can’t handle being captain. Now he’s depressed…so now he’ll be moody…and now he’ll just keep doing what he’s done all season…give up on plays, look frustrated, and say he’s not 100%. I hope Columbus wins tonight just to end this misery and make it clear how pathetic this team is.

  9. It is probably a trade. I don’t think it has anything to do with Jagr. People you should be ashamed of youselves! Look at you, you blame JJ for everything that is wrong with this team. Stop being such babies!

  10. I agree chris, perhaps if Karls out, Ward will suitup..but it sounds like its a personal issue…Ward being traded was too good to be true…

  11. In all seriousness, how is Kaspar doing in Hartford??? Would calling him back up even be an option down the road here?

  12. Kaspar is toast. HE is not an option. He is not even playing in Hartforde(slowed from pre season surgeries) so the scholar who thinks Kaspar is an option is wrong..

    If Kaspar was the old Kaspar he would be…

  13. Thanks Stuart.

    What’s up with all this emphasis on the equipment managers recently? Are they attempting to detract the fans from an abysmal season?

  14. Ward is not a top 4 Dman, and no one should have been fooled into thinking he was. he is a depth type guy.

    but one thing is being overlooked. Ward did an excellent job working with Tyutin in the first half of the season. I am not talking about Ward’s play. I am talking about him helping Tyutin develop. Tyutin is clearly better now and more confident and physical than he has ever been in NY, and Ward gets some credit for that.

  15. There is deffinitely something brewing. A lot of rumors Rob Blake to NY Rangers and Blake waved his “no trade” clause today. So we’ll see. And although I am not all that high on this team making playoffs I think they will win tonight.

  16. That is one think I will give him credit for. He taught Toots what not to do. I’m just kidding. He is a Vet and has been around. He has definitley allowed Toots to develop into what will eventually be a Top 2 DMan

  17. Hey Chris,

    I agree with you that Ward wouldn’t be missed, but I think you’re misguided if you still think Kaspar is an option in any way.

    And nice name.


  18. Jagr didn’t “opt” out of the shootout. He is not the coach. He is not in charge. Suck it up and be a man, Renney, and put in your best players, regardless of what they say.

    fire this new age guru and bring in an old time hockey coach that would have benched Jagr, made him skate suicides and stripped him of the C.

    Oh wait, go for abike ride, and play golf while holding hands, humming with Renney.

  19. Ward is playing with broken foot and several other problems, blame Renney for not placing him on IR.

  20. Rob Blake is still surprisingly good. We could do worse if it doesn’t cost us too much (that is, Ward). I know, old vet, etc. but still.

  21. IF we could trade Ward straight up for Blake, I would be OK with that, but it will never happen. I wouldn’t want to throw in anything higher than a 4th round pick or VERY low level prospect for the old vet.

  22. I would keep Cullen, but maybe send Kaspar, Ward and Malik. The defensive threesome. Would give them a bunch of vets to mix in with all the young players

  23. They have some real talent out there with Kopitar and Frolov. Look for them over the next few years

  24. According to Sportsnet, Nick Kypreos said Blake won’t waive his no-trade clause, and Lombardi wants him to be there next year.

    So much for those rumours.

    The Ducks just set themselves up to get Guerin or Tkatchuck with that trade…

  25. rachunek should not play, he was pathetic on the third goal. together with him i dont like pock as well (though i am an austrian).

  26. I wouldn’t bring in any vets. I would dump guys and bring up some of the young players from the Wolf Pack. We can’t do worse.

  27. Any idea how long Weekes is out? Maybe a pick for him. Just to see what Montoya can do with the big club would be good to see.

  28. Seamus – what win is that? (re your 8:58 post)

    Chris – Kaspar can not be brought up this yr. He would be claimed and we would be on the hook for 1/2 his salary vs next yrs cap while he plays for another team. See the end of the previous post re Gretzky’s stats.

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