So what would you do?


I think I already know how many of you will answer that question and I can’t say I blame you. Still, my story for tomorrow says it’s hard to tell whether the Rangers should buy, sell or stand pat. You all say they should sell and perhaps, after tonight, that has finally become the only answer.

Obviously, this was a disheartening loss to say the least, blowing a two-goal lead for the second consecutive game. As someone has already pointed out Matt Cullen was beyond disgusted…and, in my opinion, he is not someone you can blame for the club’s weak play. He plays awfully hard.

This is one of the things he had to say:

“It’s a shame to let something like that get away,â€? Cullen said. “It’s the biggest game of the year, we had a two-goal lead and we just let it go.â€?

The quote doesn’t do justice the way Cullen looked like someone who’d just eaten an entire roll of cookie dough.


The power play was clearly not good, despite Jagr breaking his 26-game schneid. Renney, as you probably saw on TV, said it needed more “kick,” perhaps in the name of an addition.

As several players – Cullen, Lundqvist, Jagr, Avery – all pointed out afterward, your power play cannot be outscored by the opposition’s penalty kill.

“We had some good chances and we didn’t score,” Jagr said. “It’s the same thing again, again and again.”

The big guy took a ton of shots on the final power play (he attempted at least four or five) but still had no results.


As you also probably saw on TV, Renney wanted to sit Aaron Ward tonight because he’s sometimes too energetic. I don’t know what that means either, but this is what Renney had to say:

““I wanted him to watch one and maybe even be upset enough to come back out and play the type of game I know he can play,â€? Renney said. “I wanted Aaron Ward here and I still do. I think he can really help us under these circumstances.â€?

I don’t think many of you agree.

Anyway, I saw Ward in the hallway after the game, still dressed in his suit and wool trench coat, and asked him about how Renney said he needed to sit out a game and think about it.

He chose not to comment.

““I have no comment,â€? Ward said. “I can’t really say anything that would help the situation, so I have no comment.â€?

Does this mean there’s more to it? I’m not sure, but I would not be stunned. Would you?

OK, everyone, I’m going home. Just for the record, the Rangers are 0-and-2 in games I’ve covered, although I promise you it’s not my fault.

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  1. Gotta be sellers, this team doesn’t have what it had last year. Every big game, they’ve come up short. 1 out of 6 points in the last 3 games (two against a playoff team that would blow them out again in the playoffs and one against a weak team).

    But who can they sell? Who would want Rachunek, Malik, or anyone else? The only 2 I could see going are Hossa and Ward.

  2. Wow..

    I did not see the game I am out of town but they are a huge dissapointment.

    Sell the older guys like Nylander who is a FA……..

  3. hockeymanrangers on

    hockeymanrangers February 25th, 2007 at 12:00 am

    Well any body that reads this knows that they really sucked baaaaaaaaaaad tonight. I don’t know why but I think this is ALLLLLLLLLLLL coaching. Maybe when I wake up tomorrow morning this will all be over and Renny will have been fired. Very undiciplined the passing the giving up pucks it was a total mess tonight. It’s like where do you start everything sucked this might have been excused if this was the first game of the season. No playoff this year. Rangers suck.

  4. Buyers? Joking, yes? Renney thinks the power play needs a change. Well good for him. Every team and announcer in the league knows (and in the latter case, has said, including Rosen and Micheletti) that the PP is predictable… Roszival will never shoot off the pass, and by the time he settles the lane is gone… so he passes back to his hero, or the other way, often poorly enough that they can’t shoot off the pass either… this has been going on all year… when a change a couple of weeks ago finally worked, Renney used Shanahan’s injury as a reason to go back to the tried and true failed system. Renney is too scared to make changes, and would rather stick with what fails (I’m speaking globally here, not just on the PP.) Everything on the team is in deference to Jagr, who would be glad to stay on for the last 2 minutes when glory is available but not shame, but who won’t go in the shootout, who overstays shifts and while often showing a lot of first effort, never, ever shows any second effort, always slowing for a second or two when a play breaks down. All this being overseen by Mr. Sather, who despite multiple plans has led this team to 7 years without a playoff win, but who has the ex(?)-cokehead narcissist who owns the franchise convinced that he knows what he’s doing. Buyers. Heh.

  5. I’m a Rangers fan, and will be until I’m as blue as the sweater…however I simply am beyond the point of believing this franchise will ever be righted in the next 5-10 years. Tom Renney needed to be fired weeks ago…but it won’t happen. He’s shown time and again that he is simply not fit to coach in this league…and every game he makes the case clearer and clearer. This team has absolutely no direction, no clue, and no hope. And while there are plenty of guys on this team I’d love to get rid of in a heartbeat…we all know the problem lies with useless, clueless coach and an absentee GM who continues to prove that over the past 16 years he’s done NOTHING!!! 16 FUCKING YEARS, GLEN!!! Sather’s a complete fraud…but you’re right…so long as this club is owned by that cokehead piece of shit who should have been used for fetal research, there is simply no hope. Here’s to hoping Lil’ Jimmy Dolan gets a bad batch of blow and ends this fucking disaster. And Glen, please book your flight to Edmonton via Big Bopper Airlines…this franchise right now is in worse shape than it was when the Great Glen Sather arrived. 7 years, Glen!! What the fuck have you done?? NOTHING

  6. the magic word of the day is FIRESALE

    but don’t forget that your playoff invoices are due march 1st!

  7. czechthemout!!!!! on

    renney is a buffoon.he talks about letting ward watch a game,what about krapunek watching a game or two.he sucks renney,beaten like a dog by nash that piece of shit continues to play no matter pock will sit next game,not krapunek he is part of jagr’s czech posse.pruchja he benched in the third period,betts is out on the ice with 2min to go!!!!renney needs to get fired and fired now.

  8. hockeymanrangers said,

    “”Maybe when I wake up tomorrow morning this will all be over and Renny will have been fired””

    I agree.

  9. Please, season subscribers, don’t be suckers and send in your playoff invoices. Stick it to ’em and tell them where to go.

  10. On any other team in this league, Renney would have been fired weeks ago. But not here in NY. Man is an absolute total disgrace as a coach. What exactly does he bring to the table besides big words? No strategy, no accountability, no balls, caters to Jagr’s every whim and refuses to bench the players that DESERVE to get benched. I am not an Aaron Ward fan, but to sit him and play Rachunek is a big “FUCK YOU” to every player on the team NOT from Czech Republic. Renney is an absolute disgrace and at this point might be the worst coach of Sather’s tenure…and THAT’S saying something because the only thing worse than Sather’s player decisions are his coaching choices. This franchise is a laughingstock and will be for a long time to come. Face it folks, last year was a total fluke. This is our reality…and it’s going to suck for a LONG TIME.

  11. “Does this mean there’s more to it? I’m not sure, but I would not be stunned. Would you?”

    maybe he just disagrees with him being scratched or now he is not sure what Renney wanted him to see out there especially after a game like this.

  12. czechthemout!!!!! on

    there are teams out there looking to win the cup willing to trade good young players like coburn for a nothing like zhitnik.we need to sell badly.the thing is that we are still only 6 pts out of a spot,i think with some dramatic moves like nylander,malik,krapunek,ward being traded,even straka they can get some kids up and young vets from other teams and maybe do what boston is can,t possibly think that they are going to do nothing.

  13. im trying to be optimistic, but the hockey gods have not been w/ the rangers this year. im a huge hockey fan, always have been, but never in my 20-something years of watching the nhl have i seen such a strange result in scoreboard watching. everything that could benefit the rangers doesnt happen, and everything that hurts the status of the rangers does happen. **not to say that the rangers havent been hurting themselves.

  14. If Jagr and Renney are not gone then nothing really will change. They are the heart of the problem, well aside from GMs and owner

  15. czechthemout!!!!! on

    that is cause good teams make their own breaks.we on the other hand have to score board watch every game.

  16. “im trying to be optimistic, but the hockey gods have not been w/ the rangers this year. im a huge hockey fan, always have been, but never in my 20-something years of watching the nhl have i seen such a strange result in scoreboard watching. everything that could benefit the rangers doesnt happen, and everything that hurts the status of the rangers does happen. **not to say that the rangers havent been hurting themselves.”

    moron, this is the best that could happen, we get another high draftpick draft another Huge Pussyman, may can Renney, and ship off Jagr. Sure it would make sense if it happened earlier, but this is the Rangers we are talking here, the dumbest motherfucking organization in any sport.

  17. i’m just trying to look back at this season and see where everything went wrong. Clearly the games they have won w/out problems have shown what they are capable of (The season opener really in particular, was when i said, ok maybe they can really go far) But where did the troubles start? Was it the demoralizing 6-5 loss to the penguins when they scored w/ less than 5 seconds remaining, not gaining a point in the standings? Was it the 7-4 loss to the sabres? Was it the tight 2-1 loss to carolina, again losing by a goal and no point in the standing? Was it the 5-4 OT loss to atlanta when they had the lead? Was it the 5 game win streak, where the rangers were barely getting by? Or was it the 9-2 shellacking by toronto that resulted in the 7 game losing streak? Or how about a 4-game winning streak broken only by the hated islanders, 5-3? Or how about the series of 4 games the rangers lost by one goal from Jan31- feb6?

    and then FINALLY when things start looking not good, but great in the 5-0 game v. TB, 5-2 win v. Caps and the 4-1win v. carolina, they are riding on a 3 game winning streak against the worst team in the league. And what happens? do the Rangers get too cocky and think the game should be a breeze or dont look desperate enough? And to top things off shanahan goes out w/ a concussion.

    and thats where we are today; barely getting by in the chicago game, losing by a goal against the devils, losing a 3-2 game in a SO against the devils and then losing to another crap team by a goal, 3-2.

    yes, the rangers do have a chance, but only if the hockey gods can pull some shit on the outside scoreboards, but the guys just dont seem willing enough. THey had plenty of opportunities to turn the game around tonight and they didnt. i just dont see the determination, but maybe im wrong. Maybe they’ll go on to win the rest of the games this year or maybe bring up callahan or montoya for experience. But who are we kidding? Sather will be enjoying messier night in edmonton and saying “F**k those Rags” and Dolan knows absolute shit about how to run a team. We’re screwed till someone gets fired.

  18. In the words of Bill Parcells: “You are what your record says you are.” The Rangers are a 12th place team that ranks near the bottom of the league with the 2nd worst home record in the league. They are, simply put, a BAD TEAM. With possibly the worst coach in the NHL and without a doubt the biggest fraud of a GM in sports. To top it all off, we’re owned by possibly the dumbest coke-hound ever to walk erect (barely). It’s only by the Grace of God that Lil’ Jimmy manages to wipe himself.

  19. Everything went wrong from the very beginning of the season when only 1 rookie made the team and Betts was getting twice as much icetime as Prucha. After first few games it was apparent that Renney was a scum and a liar a double talking piece of shit who doesn’t trust young players.

  20. czechthemout!!!!! on

    trade all the czechs except i have said many times before you can’t win in this league with a team centered around czechs.they are for the most part soft and play with the puck too much.they also play with little emotion and not too many have had their name on the stanley cup.on a side note,renney needs to get fired.he has no clue.cullen is again not on the pp.why, because it works and renney never seems to stick with what works.he only does whatever he has too to apease jagr and his czech posse.

  21. Chris come on with the language. remember this is Sam’s blog. you can convey your well deserved anger without throwing in all the swear words.

  22. Renney & Jagr should hand in their resignations, so it’s officially on paper rather than just on the ice. They can take Sather & anyone else who wants to go. NEXT!

  23. czechthemout!!!!! on

    i am hopefull that they do the right thing and sell,but i have a bad feeling that sather has been given orders by the cokehead dolan to do any thing to make the playoffs.he needs to raise tix prices next year.i am still worried that kids like callahan,dubinsky dawes etc are all in danger of being moved for shit like guerin.for the kids sake, being traded from this cancer of an orginization may be the best thing to ever happen to them.

  24. Longtimerangerfan on

    Does anyone else hear the “fat lady singing”? I’m gonna save myself a lot of money next year on not getting another Center Ice package…don’t need to pay for agita and heartbreak. Sather won’t go and neither will Renney, let’s just face the facts that the Ranger’s are doomed til one of them or both die. Maybe Dolan will finally lose interest and sell to someone who cares about hockey.

  25. guys and girls…I definitely agree with a lot of what you’re saying, but let’s cut it out with the curses. some of them are just plain unnecessary so CUT IT OUT.

    and to whomever said cullen wasn’t on the PP, he did spend most of the time manning one of the points tonight. I know this because, like I said before, he wasn’t at fault for what happened here. he was probably the most notable ranger tonight.

  26. czechthemout!!!!! on

    with all due respect josh,he was not on the point until straka got hurt.he only had one shot today on the point during one powerplay opportunity.look at the game film.

  27. I Was at tonight’s game with my buddies and this game was utterly disgusting. I felt sick to my stomach watching this team. It amazes me with the players the Rangers have how they can make so many costly mistakes. I mean 2 short handed goals? ALso, when are the players on the 1st PP unit going to learn to shoot? The whole Garden yelled at them on each shift to shoot the puck. Regardless, Nylander stickhandles endlessly, Jagr refuses to shoot and is a defensive liability and even STraka tonight made some horrible turnovers. The 3rd and 4th lines played the best tonight. And I cannot watch Malik and Roszival anymore. They make mistakes just like the forwards they play with.
    We must be sellers at this trade deadline. The team has shown its true colors in this game and the game against Philly last week. There are inherent problems that cannot be fixed by just adding another veteran. If anything, they need to get rid of some fat. I know this sounds drastic, but I would totally be up for trading Jagr, Nylander and even Straka. I know that won’t happen, though. Malik, Roszival and Aaron Ward should be moved. Rachunek – I could go either way, keep him or move him I don’t mind too much. If you can get a puck in return for Kevin Weekes they should do it. He is a free agent after this season and they shouldn’t resign him. Next year, Montoya and Staal have to be on this team. Montoya should push Lundqvist and we should see what we have in him. It’s also time to add Staal to our mix of young defensemen that include Girardi, Pock and Tyutin. WHat do you guys think?


  28. czechthemout!!!!! on

    oh and by the way josh i did not say he was at fault today at fact he brought it tonite.all i’ve said is that the czech posse is the problem on this team and it will continue to be the problem for as long as they are here.

  29. This team is a joke. Do the Knicks have a better home record? MY GOD.
    -Renney and Sather must go at end of season.
    -See if you can dump Nylander now. That guy is a bag of douche!
    Ward, Racoon and Malik- might be worth a few 10th round picks.

    I am just so annoyed. I would LOVE it if a team came back to Hartford.

  30. Sam-
    Don’t feel bad.
    Rangers are 0-6 in games i have been too. One was in NJ. I am sure i am not alone.

  31. czechthemout!!!!! on

    nick-read my earlier post.i said they should trade every czech on this except prucha who does not play like a czech and for some reason did not see the ice much in the third period in favor of betts.

  32. I would take 1-4.

    Since beginning of last year i am 3-11. I think i will skip next season for the teams sake.

    On a side note watch the Shanny bit on the Jumbo between periods. If i were him i would hang them up for good. Vertigo is nothing to mess with.

  33. there IS a team in Hartford.

    and it is a hell of a lot better than the “big league” fraud in NY.

  34. Hey Guys just got back from the rangers game and it was awful. I have a half season package and the Rangers will not be getting my money for the “playoffs” I hope people do not send in their money because it is not worth it.I hope we have a big firesale on tuesday and I have 6 more games to go this year so hopefully I will get to see the kids if not I probably will not even go to the games. The team is just awful. The only plus is that Dolan wont raise ticket prices for next year.

  35. the Lone Ranger on

    the few fans who show up from here on should wear bags over their heads. I will be wearing my mask. lol

  36. Did anyone else see the “DESTROY AMERICA” protest outside garden tonight? Sickening!

    Section 344 don’t be so sure about those ticket prices.

  37. Jagr to Sharks for Bernier and 1st rounder

    Nylander and Rachunek to Atlanta for Bourret and 1st rounder in 2008

    Straka and Dupuis to Carolina for Ladd

    Shanahan and Betts to Buffalo for Gaustad and 2nd rounder

    Isbister and Krog to wherever for 5th rounder

    Weekes to wherever for 4th rounder

    Malik and Pock to Ducks for 2nd rounder

  38. make that Straka, Immonen and Dupuis to Carolina for Ladd and a conditional draftpick swap in our favor if they get to the 2nd round.

  39. I watched the last 10 minutes of rangers in 60 and from being at the game tonight it sounded like msg edited out the boo’s of the crowd. i could hear a little when they lost but the boo’s were very loud for the last 4 minutes and it seemed like on rangers in 60 you could not hear them

  40. next seasson we would be the best young team with the likes of Bernier, Ladd, Horton, Prucha, Gaustad, Brown, Staal, Baranka, Bourret, Montoya, Lundqvist, Tyutin, Avery, Hollweg, Ortmeyer, Callahan, etc.

  41. We’re in the disgusting in-between state. We can’t realistically expect to challenge for a playoff spot, but we can’t expect to get much for our trashy players. Here’s what I would do.

    (1) Roszival is not allowed to play the point with Jagr – ever. The power play has looked bad since Shanny went down because they don’t have a realistic second unit that Renney can trust. Either promote Reachunek to number one unit or play Pock there for the rest of the year.

    (2) This team needs to make solid changes with the commitment to improve for next year. The NFL has shown that last place teams can win their last three “meaningless” games and have a solid team next year. However, if another team loses its last three “meaningless” games, it can begin next season on the same sour footing.

    (3) I don’t advocate a firesale on the same scale as 2003-04. Another poster showed how we got back garbage players for the likes of DeVries, Rucinsky, Barnaby, Simon, Leetch, and so on. That’s one reason. The other is that such large-scale changes imply that this team did NOTHING right all year. You don’t build towards next year by implying that this year was a total waste.

    (4) Much more effective than wholesale changes would be scapegoating. Which forward most typifies what’s wrong with this team? Which defenseman? Nylander and Rachunek. Nylander is easily dealable, would probably fetch a decent return, and should be traded. Rachunek – probably not. Since Ward can fetch more and has probably ruffled some feathers, I would deal him and keep Rachunek.

    (5) Roster Evaluation – Categories are Strong Buy, Buy, Push, Sell, Strong Sell, and Unmovable. When you see it this way, you’ll understand why our situation sucks.

    GOALIES: Lundqvist – Strong Buy. Weekes – Push/Unmovable. Valliquette – Unmovable.

    DEFENSE: Malik – Unmovable. Roszival – Buy. Rachunek – Unmovable. Ward – Sell. Girardi – Strong Buy. Pock – Buy. Tyutin – Strong Buy.

    FORWARDS: Straka – Buy. Jagr – Unmovable. Nylander – Strong Sell. Hossa – Buy. Avery – Strong Buy. Prucha – Strong Buy. Shanny – Strong Buy. Dupuis – Push. Cullen – Buy. Ortmeyer – Strong Buy. Hollweg – Push. Betts – Sell/Push. Orr – Buy. Krog – Sell.

    You see? Most of the guys we hate are unmovable. I would waive Malik as a scapegoat. Without Nylander, Malik, and Ward, we can see how Jagr reacts. If he pouts, we’re screwed. If not, we might be better next year.

    I would like to see kids called up, but if they aren’t ready, I’d like to see.

    Hossa – Straka – Jagr
    Avery – Cullen – Prucha
    Dupuis – Krog – Ortmeyer
    Hollweg – Betts – Orr

    Tyutin – Girardi
    Pock – Roszival
    Rachunek – ????? (Not Kaspar!!!)

    Looks like we’d have to make a minor deal for some idiot defenseman…

    But that’s what I’d do, folks. I’ve no expectations for the rest of the season other than to build team chemistry and evaluate for next year.

  42. If Jagr is back next season, I am definitely not watching, I already got a lethal dose of Jagr puke. Can’t stand him.

  43. Jagr is unmovable, Dump. He’s too much of a bargain, too big of a name, and cannot produce a bidding war the way a Forsberg can. No way in Hell a man like Dolan, who’s all about appearance and big names, would ever deal the guy.

  44. anybody who would keep Raccoon and put Krog anywhere near an NHL lineup is dismissed.

    and Jagr is moveable. right back to friggin Siberia where he belongs.

  45. xxl – Tell me who would take Rachunek. Not a damn desperate team out there. His only asset is that he’s an FA at the end of the season.

    As for Krog, I would rather play him than rush any kid. Dubinsky isn’t ready. Callahan, Dawes, and Byers are wingers. Who else is there?

    Pointing out flaws in someone’s suggestions is EASY. Replacing them with viable suggestions of your own is HARD. Fortunately, basic courtesy demands we take the difficult route to avoid being petty in front of others. Least one of us wasn’t petty.

  46. “Hopefully you don’t watch the games next season.”

    I agree, would save me at least 250 hours of my life and prolong my life expectancy by couple of years.

  47. staying pat would be a million times smarter than being buyers atleast then you won’t be doing further damage to the future

  48. Betts is not a sell or push. He was one of the 3-4 best players on the ice tonite. He is a good defensive centerman who can forecheck and contribute offensively when allowed to do so. He is also pretty good on faceoffs. He contract is small as well. There is no reason to move him.

  49. anyone wonder why the shills on MSG were silent, for the most part, about the little incident between Jagr and one street-clothes dressed NYR?

    what actually happened?

  50. Longtimerangerfan on

    Sell, buy or stand pat…makes no difference unless the managment changes. Our coach has mismanaged the team for the entire year and even last year how long did it take for him to finally stop saying “Kevin Weekes is the #1 goalie”. When he gets something in his head, end of story.

    I would like to know what the record is when the Ranger’s wear their third jersey…I personally HATE it. They don’t need them and it has no history with the Ranger’s, no offence to “Lady Liberty” but it’s just a marketing ploy to sell more Ranger’s paraphanalia and there’s enough of that already. I suppose the reason that the teams now wear “away” jerseys at home is so they can wear the aforementioned third jersey. The Ranger’s are an “original six” team and doesn’t need gimmicks to sell them, like the pig in North Carolina. Seeing the “diagonal” Rangers on the jersey is all I need.

  51. Longtimerangerfan on

    Oh, and if they, Ranger’s management, don’t care what I think about the third jersey at least don’t put a woman “Lady Liberty” on the jersey…maybe Paul Bunyon or Donald Trump or Dolan…hmmmm, nice target perhaps.

  52. onecupin67years on

    Sell ? Why that means Sather admits that ‘All’ his moves were the wrong moves . Sather is ‘Never’ wrong ,atleast in his and Dolans’ mind. Funny thing is the Knicks are having the same problem with dolan as the root cause,I have to blame him (dolan)because as the owner he is dazzled by personalities and past histories of the GM.s in his choices.
    Dolan should step aside ,the trouble is he is ignorant in sports matters and I doubt if he could make the right pick for new gm.s.
    So the rangers wont sell they did it a few years ago and it has failed,where are the results from that firesale?
    No,they’ll make a minor trade or two because Sather is never wrong and they still have a chance to win in his mind.

  53. onecupin67years on

    Not only does the 3rd jersey suck but that commie european F you salute the players do after the game is a totally Bull s—T.meaningless f you salute.

  54. DumpJagrDope: While those are nice suggestions for trades, and some even plausible, it’s hard to fathom teams that would move those guys. They’re all young and most of them have already proven themselves at the NHL level(Ladd, Brown, Gaustad, etc.), making them all but untouchable at this point.

    Horton, OTOH, was rumored to be on the outs with Florida. That rumor was prevelent last month, so I’m not sure if much has changed. Problem is, Florida is a seller and not one interested in our NHL guys. As for the AHLers you listed, I doubt Graham or Jessiman would bring back much of anything at this point. They’re both marginal AHLers. Talk about Dawes, and you may have something. Add in Montoya and you’re getting warmer. Throw in a number one pick and Keenan might bite.

    I’m sure to be in the minority here of people who think they should stand pat, barring a Coburn-esque trade. As much as I’d like to see a return for Nylander, I don’t see anyone bending over backwards for him. Most GMs are well aware that Nylander’s resurgent career is a product of Jagr(as is Straka’s), so I don’t see many teams wanting them without the big fella. And as we all know, he ain’t going anywhere anytime soon. I think the goal right now is to wait for the off-season and unload no less than four spaces on the roster for the kids to take next season(preferably Dawes, Callahan, Dubinsky and Staal).

    As for moves I’d like to see, I’ll throw Robert Nilsson’s name out there. True, trading with an embittered division rival is not very likey, maybe they could work out a three way with Garth Snow. I’m not sure what they need per se(I think they may be short a defensemen), but Nilsson is NHL-ready second-line center and is a future star who has fallen off the Islander radar screen for some reason. Horton would be my first choice, but barring him, I’d look for Nilsson.

  55. I have tried to remain positive since I have been posting messages on this blog, but I can’t anymore. I can’t defend them when they blow a 2 goal lead on home ice against a bad Columbus team.

    Is it too late to start thinking about a lottery pick?

  56. czechthemout!!!!! on

    amoseyes-malik is what your sayong is that the only tradable player on the rangers is nylander?if your right than that is an indictment of how truly awful this team is.jagr is tradable and is 35 years old he is just about done maybe another year.rozy is and should be traded.straka has been great this year,but he also should be traded.every dman except tyutin and girardi should be traded.if you must have vets on a roster and i agree that you must,there will be some good ufa’s next summer like drury,briere,gomez,and others to go after.

  57. czechthemout!!!!! on

    forget about selling.after renney’press conference it isclear they wil be buyers!!!.although on a small scale.i would not be surprised if we trade our first rounder in 2007 or08 for a rental like guerin or KT.

  58. Trading Jagr would be the only move that can help this team at this point. Dumping the whole Czech posse (with the exception of Prucha) along with Renney is the only way out. As an earlier poster stated: Czech players are inherently soft and NEVER win. We saw this before with Nedved/Hlavac/Dvorak…and what happened? Pretty for a few games, pretty passes, highlight reel goals…and then absolutely nothing once the opposition figured out their simplistic, pass-happy style. But Dolan loves putting Jagr on the merchandise, so he’s not going anywhere. And the Great Glen certainly is never going admit that he’s a fraud, so we’re stuck with this gutless bunch of losers coached by a man I consider to be not only unfit to coach at the NHL level, but I highly doubt he could handle the AHL, either. Tom Renney is NOT a head coach. He’s Jagr’s butt-boy. And as for some people not enjoying the bad language on this board…well, we wouldn’t be using these words if this team, this coach, this GM, or this owner should one single shred of integrity for the sweater and the fans that root for it. I also noticed that the booing wasn’t as loud late in the game as it was earlier…wanna know why? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?…Because the fans know IT’S OVER. This team is exactly like the teams of the past decade. And I’m not saying there aren’t guys on this team who care…but we’ve got a GM who could care less what goes on, an owner without clue, a coach who is enjoying his last head coaching job in the league because NOBODY is going to hire him again, and our “star” players can’t be bothered to play with the emotion and desire that’s necessary to compete at the NHL level. I, for one, only want to see them lose…because it’s simply not worth it anymore. I don’t mind a team that plays hard and loses…that’s sports. I DO mind a team that trots out the same garbage game-in, game-out and then stands there dumbfounded when they lose yet another game. Save your money, save your time…and please everyone just STOP WATCHING this team. Check out the scores late at night to see what happened. Move on with your life…go outside…breathe in the fresh air…think of how much fun it must be to have a team with stars who care, a coach with a clue, and a GM who tries to earn his paycheck. And yes, would someone find out where Lil’ Jimmy Dolan plays with his shitty band to launch a tomato at his head…

  59. Why dont we just look at the writing on the wall and give up? Its over. 6 points out and they cant beat Columbus or Philly. They dont deserve a playoff spot if they cant beat those teams. Someone needs to take the fall for not getting to the playoffs this year. It would be nice to see the Sather regime booted but we know that is not gonna happen. At first my thoughts were hey we could lose every game from now on and get a top 5 draft pick, but Sather would screw that up too. The best bet is to trade Jagr and the rest of the Europeans. You could get good prospects for Nylander, Jagr, Straka. You could get a little something for Rachunek and Malik could definitely bring in some prospects whether you believe or not as his ratingis high

  60. Learn from the Giant fans. The only thing Ranger Fans can do is STAY HOME, see what Giant fans did when they were Fed up with the team and Fassel. Hit them in the pocket where it hurts!!
    The worst thing that happened to this team was barely hanging on to a playoff spot last year, and getting the quick exit we all knew they would get..

  61. Biggest mistakes this year…
    Staal should have made this team from camp…Not ozo, kaspar, and now A.Ward and Rachunek. just Gross…At this point you wonder why Rachunek is given a free pass night in and night out…
    Dawes should have been given a real shot to stay with the team, not J.Ward, and A. Hall…
    We signed Krog, when Dubinsky should have been given the spot..You can only develope so much at Hartford…
    Callahan should be on this team NOW and earning valueable ice time and experience…Not dupuis….
    Montoya should be on this team, not playing Henrik every single game..let montoya get a spot start….
    The other mistake that was made from day one was giving Jagr the C..He didn’t want it and doesn’t deserve it..I think he still has a place on this team, but is clearly not a leader..

  62. BTW, this team was even healthier than last season’s, there was nobody injured for more than a handful of games this season and they still manage to stink, while other teams have 9 people injured and still play great.

  63. KT is traded to ATL (see TSN) for top 3 picks (1 and 3 this yr) 2 next yr. Its time to sell boys as they are not going 15-5.

    We can fall all the way to the 7th pick (behind Philly and the bottom 5 tram in the west). Better than the 12th pick so that would be an added benefit of trading Nylander, Ward and ?. Throw in Pock (fa after this yr) and Immonen and we might get a bit better deal.

  64. I share the frustration with all of you. I think the playoffs are unrealistic. However, I don’t think this is reminiscent of the 7 years of “FAT CATS”. Like everyone else, I try to figure out where things went wrong. For example, these last two Devils games. Tuesday at the Continental, the Rangers control most of the game. Lukowich blasts Avery on a play that develops in Parise’s goal off Rachunek. Then on Thursday, the shootout, Lundqvist makes the initial save on the puck that finds its way in and Prucha hits the crossbar. Sometimes it’s not to be. I think for the most part, the effort and desire is there. I am going to be realistic in my enthusiasm for 2007-08.

    Fire Sather/Renney:
    I am not the biggest Sather fan in the world. I like Tom Renney. I don’t think he is a horrible coach. During the lockout, Perry Pearn, Mike Pelino, and Benoit Allaire were all hired to the delight of many knowledgeable fans that were familiar with their history. I think the coaching staff as an entirety is a good one. I agree that it may be time for Renney to step down. Renney won’t be fired. What I think needs to happen be that Renney to resume is role as Director of player personnel. Renney and Don Maloney are the architects of our youth. I think Renney and Maloney did a good job (with Sather) in restocking the farm system. They made some errors. In 2003, drafting Jessiman while Dustin Brown, Brent Seabrook, Zach Parise, etc, were all on the board. Jessiman and Falardeau can be busts; however we do have some decent prospects. I don’t have the knowledge of many of you of our youth but from this site and others. Staal, Sauer, Baranka, Sanguinetti, Calahan, Dubinsky, Dawes, and others are players that could make contributions. Also, we still have youth with NHL experience. Fedor Tyutin, Dan Girardi, Peter Prucha, Henrik Lundqvist are all players that haven’t peaked yet. Lundqvist had a bit of a sophomore slump but look at his numbers lately. I heard a rumor that the organization is split on Prucha (size being a concern). However, he is still here and probably going to be on the 2007-08 opening night roster. If not, he’ll be moved for a young need. Also, don’t forget about Pascal Dupuis (28), Marcel Hossa (26), and Sean Avery (27). These guys are assets to fill the roster or be moved. I love what Sean Avery brings so I would love to see he and Elisha back for 07. Dupuis has tremendous speed. Marcel is 26 and I actually think he is a decent player. He is big and will bang in the corner. His latest offense burst is probably because he plays with Jags and Straka.

    A 2004-esque firesale is probably not going to happen. Jaromir Jagr is not going anywhere. To tell you the truth, I am fine with that. Sherry Ross in the Daily News called Jagr our A-Rod. I respectfully disagree. I think that he is hurting and I really believe he loves being a Ranger. Every star athlete has his flaws (although I can’t think of one for Shanny yet!!). Even in Messier part 1. We fans booed him relentlessly during the disaster of the 1992-93 season. When Jags decides to leave New York, we are going to miss him.

    Vets for 2007-08.
    SHANAHAN – Does he return? I think he loves it here despite the season they are having. Do we bring back a 39 year old Shanahan who now has a small concussion history?

    MATT CULLEN – I wasn’t impressed early on. However, something has clicked and he is playing inspired hockey.

    ORTMEYER – I wish this guy had a touch of offensive hands.

    HOLLWEG – We need his energy and the “intangibles” he brings. He and Avery on the same line, once in awhile, could bring a similar “kick in the pants” that the HMO line brought us in 2005-06.

    I know this was long. I hope at least someone read this. I just needed to vent some frustration and maybe talk myself off the ledge. I never thought I’d long for the days of Steve Rucchin and Petr Sykora!

  65. Thrashers overpaid big time for Tkachuk. I would settle for Bourret and 2nd rounder in 2009 for Nylander and Rachunek.

  66. Good post, Drew…Although how you can manage and sit there calmly and think about it while I’m trying to see if I can fit my head in the microwave says alot about our possible differences as fans. lol…
    However, I do have to disagree with you regarding Renney and the coaching staff. This team has continually, habitually, and addictively refused to play a 60 minute game this season. How many games have they played the full 60? 5-6 maybe? They continue to either come out flat and emotionless and fall behind early or have a quick start and decide to go to sleep. They give up goals immediately after scoring them…their defensive breakdowns are the same every game…their offense seems lost all the time…The PP is the biggest joke I’ve seen in a LONG time that they refuse to change…they trot out the same guys shift after shift while benching anyone not from the Czech Republic (with the exception of Prucha)…this team continues to make the same mistakes in game 60 that they made in game 3…and as for all this talent that’s being stockpiled in Hartford, there is not one single possible reason why there aren’t at least 3-4 callups right now. I honestly don’t believe there’s a lot of future NHL talent down there because that’s the only thing keeping Sather, Maloney, and Renney employed…”Oh, yes…we’re struggling at the NHL level, but we’re building our future.”…I don’t buy it because Glen Sather has shown over the past 16 years that, by and large, he has no clue what the NHL is about. And Maloney showed with the Isles that he hasn’t a clue about what a team needs (Yeah, let me trade my # 1 center Turgeon for a 3rd line checking center in Kirk Muller. If ever there was a trade that cries out “I’m not fit for this job!”…that was it.
    Sorry…this team is just more of the same. No difference. Last season was a FLUKE prior to the Olympic break and skewered thanks to the shootout. I still see very little emotion and the players know it’s hopeless because the moron behind the bench, Mister Tom “I’m smart, listen to me talk” Renney, still stands there catering to Jagr’s every want and need.
    This team is no different than years past. I’m sorry. I can’t get excited about our farm system until I see it here at the NHL level. Callahan should be up NOW. There should be an entire 2nd line made up of young players and the first PP this team gets should go to the 2nd unit!
    Oh, and about Renney saying that without Shanahan he doesn’t have a second PP unit…that just proves how utterly retarded the man is. At this point, with your first unit a complete joke, you’ve got to get other people out there. But Renney won’t do that…it might upset poor Jagr…and I’m sorry, the A-Rod comparisons are starting to ring true. If he’s that hurt, he shouldn’t have been playing. Instead, it’s his crutch to use when things go bad. This team, right now, is as much of a joke as it has been in the past. And I blame the owner, the GM, the coach, and the “star” players who play like anything but.
    Shanny, get well, and don’t come back. It’s simply not worth it.

  67. If you examine Jagr’s game it is totally opposite of what it should be. Good players hustle and give their best every shift and keep their shifts short because obviously when you hustle you get tired fast, but Jagr floats barely skating, many times actually standing still which allows him to have extremely long shifts where he barely does any hustling, and then he sloooowly skates to the bench for a line change with his head down. Your 2008-2009 New York Rangers Captain!!!!!!!!!

  68. Leetchy2 – If you really want to trace the descent of this team, I’d direct you the trade of Kondratiev for Sykora last year. It was the beginning of the deviation from the formula that made this team successful, which was playing the youth and the hungry players. Then, the trade of Moore furthered that end. And then the summer FA aquisitions(Ward, Cullen and even Shanny) steered the team down the same path it’s been on since Sather took the helm.

    On a side not, I must confess that Pittsburgh game was about as gut-wrenching as they come. Being in attendance at that game, I was driven to drink a solid gallon of beer just to keep from climbing over the glass to throttle Renney or any Ranger I could get my mits on.

    The big difference between New York and a successful team such as Buffalo is that the Rangers are constantly retooling their chemistry. The Sabres on the other hand have kept more or less the same squad for the past three years. Only three guys(Numminen, Lydman and Spacek) out of 30 that have dressed for the Sabres this year have spent less than three years with the team or with Rochester. In comparison, among the 33 Rangers that laced up this year, only Ortmeyer, Tyutin, Jagr and Kasparitis(if you can even count him) have skated at three seasons; honorable mentions go to Pock, Hollweg and Lampman who have been in the system for at least three years. The most senior player is Kaspar, who was callously strpped of his “A” and uncerimoniously banished to Hartford.

    The point is, it takes time to build chemistry. Watch Buffalo and you can see the chemistry; the players know each others’ moves, where they’re going to be on the ice and how to react in game situations. The Rangers show flashes of this occasionally(Jagr’s PP goal against Columbus), but largely look lost out their with one another. It’s the same BS that they suffered through for years. Next season, they’ll have a chance to break this mold, as there are enough solid players in Hartford to fill any holes created by FA departures. Let’s see if they learn from last summer’s mistakes…

  69. No other coach would tolerate any of his players standing still for at least 2 minutes each game. Lazy overpaid overrated perimeter piece of shit. Scared to go in a shootout because he might not score. Get this trash out of here. Worst captain, worst coach, worst GM, worst owner, worst organization.

  70. PW – I like Betts! I think he’s the perfect fourth line center. However, Renney has tried dopey things like playing him on the second line with Shanahan and playing him on the third line with Prucha. If Renney can promise he won’t do stupid crap like that again, then I would keep him. But if not…he might be able to get us a stable defenseman.


    czech – Problem with trading everyone is that the people you get back won’t know each other. So it’ll take at least two years for them to simply learn how to play together. Hence, scapegoating is more powerful because it sends the message that the old era is over without gutting your entire veteran squad.

    Malik makes 2.5 million. If he has two years or more left on that contract, he is 100% unmovable. If only one more, then he’s probably 40-80% unmovable depending on the trading partner!!

    Rachunek makes 1.8 million, but I know he’s a free agent at the end of the year.

    When a team decides, three days before the deadline, that it wants to be sellers, they’ll be fine if their players are affordable – in which case a major bidding war ensues. If we dangled our good players like Tyutin, Girardi, or Prucha, we’d get a very nice storm of respectable offers. Most of our veterans aren’t good enough nor affordable enough to generate excellent offers, so trading them now would bring back very little – see the returns of the purge of 2003-04.

    And, while I agree about the great UFAs, I doubt they’ll sign if they see us dump every last veteran player. Why would a player choose a tumultuous, losing environment over a steady, happy one?

    Oh, and renting a Guerin or Tkachuk is the worst possible thing we could do at this point. When we acquired Bure all those years ago, one of the draft picks we gave up was used to select Chris Higgins. This team doesnt need a shot in the arm; it needs to develop a plan for next year.


    Gregg – Putting rookies in a losing environment is not as smart as it sounds. The letters “NHL” aren’t so magical that they can remove the sting that comes from playing with abysmal failure and mismanagement.

    If anything, kids should be brought up as a unit. Bring up an entire line from Hartford, not just Dawes…

  71. a casual observer on

    Prediction: Sather(Dolan’s yes man) will trade for some OZO type players to help us scramble into 8th place. We will be defeated in the first round but Sather(Dolan) will have accheived their objective. Make the playoffs to raise ticket prices at ANY cost!!!


    You people are pithetic.If you think the Rangers are so horrible from top to bottom just stop watching them!! Yes i’m dissapointed that they been so bad this year but ripping them apart when they are down isn’t going to help. If you’ve listen to Dave Maloney talk i think that they exspected they might not make the playoffs this year. He said sometimes you have to take a step backwards to go forward. I don’t think their to surprised by this. And as for Aaron Ward its about time they sit this guy hes horrible .How many goals have been scored against us because of his stupid mistakes,and he knew it you could see the look on his face. The off season signings killed the chemistry on this team they should all go except Shanny. Eventhough i do like him he isnt the second comming of jeusus like you people act like he is and he has been more supportive of Jagr then all of you put together.

  73. Get rid of Jagr before his bad attitude ruins the kids they bring up. Soft ass Euros need to go. Bring in gritty North American players from now on! Players like Avery that go to the net & pay the price (LIke Adam Graves)! I’m sick & tired of watching Jags & Rosie & Nylander playing keep away on the perimeter with the puck. PP hockey is very simple 1 or 2 guys in front of the net screening the goalie shoot it from the point & get the rebounds. But the Rangers are way to soft as currently constituded!

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