A visit from Shanahan


Brendan Shanahan, striking the classic Shanahan image of a man dressed in a $3,000 suit but missing one of his front teeth, paid us a visit in the press room before the game.

He said he is still experiencing symptoms related to the concussion he suffered against Philly, vertigo being the main one. Since I do not have much time and the game is about to start, I have listed most of what Shanahan had to say. You can draw your own conclusions.

He thinks these are the first games he’s missed due to injury since 1998. Pretty amazing.

This is mostly unedited, but hopefully my transcription will make sense.

*Shanahan —*

“I feel pretty good. I’ve never had a concussion before, so I have no history of getting one or recovering from one. I have some symptoms, like vertigo, but I think that’s common at this point. Overall, I feel pretty good.”

“I do (think I’ll come back this season). I’m optimistic. Again, I don’t have any experience to draw from, but I’ve been very lucky in my career with injuries, especially concussions. I have a hard Irish head. But I think what I’ve been hearing from everybody, unlike other injuries to other body parts there’s no exact science. It depends on how other individuals respond.â€?

“No, I don’t remember any of it. I don’t remember any of the shift or the collision, but I’ve seen it. The first thing I remember is kind of a nice feeling. I heard the fans chanting my name and it kind of woke me up. The reason it was a nice feeling is because I thought maybe I had scored.�

“In a way, I feel fortunate that I don’t have any history of this. The things that have happened in my career give me optimism that I’ll recover. I’ve always been able to recover from things, but this is just something I don’t have answers for. We have to wait for the symptoms to go away and then I can start with the workouts.�

“Oh, it scares you, for sure, to be unconscious like that and to lose your memory like that and wake up in that situation where you don’t know how you got there, when and why. By no means has it changed anything about my passion for playing.�

“I’ve never had one in my career. I’ve had lots of fights, lots of opportunities to get one, and I never have. It seemed like I always had a head for the game of hockey. But it hasn’t changed anything about my passion about getting back on the ice. I can’t wait to get back.�

“They’ve encouraged me to get as much sleep as possible, especially in the early going, but I can’t say I feel like I’m nodding off in the middle of the day. I feel pretty normal. My sleep patterns are pretty much the same as they were before the concussion. My family and I are trying to do our best to steal away to the bedroom in the afternoon to get some extra sleep. They’ve told me that’s one of the best healers. Other than that, I’ve gone down to the rink the last couple of days. I’ve gotten a little treatment, just trying to get back and move on.�

“There’s hurt and then there’s injured. I’ve always played hurt.�

“I’ve been well trained in how to play hurt and play with pain. But I think there’s a difference between injury and being hurt. This is something that would be really stupid for me to play with symptoms. There’s no bitting your lip and gutting it through something like this.�

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  1. Rangers beating up on the little sisters of the poor, also know as Columbus, with sieve goalie. whoopee

  2. This team has no killer instinct.

    And did Micheletti actually imply last period that renney’s coaching strategy was to get Jagr to have 5 points so he’s confident for the next 20 games? And does Sam call every failure to control the puck “letting it go”?

  3. This team is the worst. Any sign of trouble and the coach immediately reverts to the systems that never worked to begin with and the players just give up. Pathetic. If there was ever a symbol of this group’s shame it’s the power play.

  4. let me repeat what I said before: Prucha needs a longer stick

    I’ve had it with Nylander–only 8 hits, doesn’t shoot, wastes time twirling around, bad on faceoffs, old, overrated playmaker. trade him already.

  5. that is why Nylander is the answer to the trivia quiz. he is the player who has played for 7 different teams

  6. I said we should have hired Hitchcock when we had a chance, now we are stuck with the worst coach in NHL.

  7. Ottowa has just exploded against Buffalo. I’m flipping between that game on CBC (if anyone else gets CBC) and this horrible showing by the Rangers. At least I can see 1 good game tonight

  8. I think Sather’s trade of Malhotra for a guy who commits suicide shortly after should define Sather era in NY

  9. DumpJagrDope

    How long have you and Ward been seeing each other? Were you attracted at first sight?

  10. Renney is truly an embarrassment — Rachunek doesn’t miss a shift. Incredible.

    This team has no heart and no guts, and obviously thought when they got up 2-0 that they could put it on cruise control.

    There are a thousand reasons to dislike this bunch.

  11. The Rangers played a good 7-8 minutes of hockey. Dominating the from the first faceoffs and getting two goals in 5:11. That was the Rangers I’ve seen making the playoff push.

    …Then they gave away an ugly one when 2 or 3 Blueshirts were screening Lundqvist, and Prucha and Rachunek (who should be back in the minors, he’s complete garbage) let Jackets PK’ers like Rick Nash (you know, the former Richard Trophy winner) skate on by and beat Lundqvist.

    THOSE are my good ole 06-07 Rangers!

    God help us. It’s another one of those “Maybe next year we’ll make it” seasons.

  12. “How long have you and Ward been seeing each other? Were you attracted at first sight?”

    Ward is 15th in NHL in hits, 8th in shots blocked

  13. “DJD, there is no reason to bring up that Lyashenko committed suicide. Let the kid rest in peace”

    I am not superstitious, but it was a shot at Sather not at Lyashenko

  14. OK DJD.

    On another note:

    Josh, who do you think is going to win Class C this year. My money is on Coach Des and Shield bringing Haldane back to the promised land.

  15. PW…wrong board man.

    For any of you who are still in the dark, the team put out a release before saying Straka won’t return for the rest of the game. He has the ever-popular upper body injury.


    yeah, what excuses Malik? Triple root canal? What excuses Rachunek? Besides I didn’t really see Ward being as bad as some say. At least in the first half he was playing really well, then he started getting banged up.

  17. DJD, are you saying you’d like Straka traded? He’s one of the only bright spots this year for the Rangers. He’s consistent (which is rare this year for a Blueshirt).

  18. First off malik is plus 20 for the season. 2nd, Rachunek is the worst defenseman in the league, and your boy Ward is second, they both suck….Every game you can trace those 2 to opposition goals…

  19. I’m starting to think, DumpJagrDope, is a relative of A.Ward…its been well documented that ward is not a fan of jagr, and what person in there right mind would be a fan of A. Ward…

  20. “…and what person in there right mind would be a fan of A. Ward…”

    The same kind of person who would be a fan of J. Ward? ;)

  21. Straka is not even close to consistent, he is streaky and he is too perimeter for my liking, I rather trade him especially if we can get a 1st rounder back.

    “First off malik is plus 20 for the season”

    who cares about +/-

  22. you’re not even worth responding too your so freakin moronic…straka has been the player on the team this season.

  23. Yes, Straka sucks. 27 goals and 65 points as well as a +13 rating. His re-signing last month was the peak point of the season.

  24. “you’re not even worth responding too your so freakin moronic…straka has been the player on the team this season.”

    yeah the key word is “has been” time to cash in and move on, no point of blind loyalty or expect him to do as good next season. Gotta make space for young guys.

  25. Dumper

    Is Aaron a good kisser?

    Look I’m sure you’re not as ridiculous in real life as you’re making yourself out to be here.

    You count stats for Ward, then discount them for Straka. You cannot be that stupid.

  26. “Gotta make space for young guys.”

    While this is true you can’t purge out all of your good veteran players. You can’t start with 100% young players. If they got rid of Straka they’d be even more in the toilet than they are now. I’d rather see someone like Cullen or even Michael “Spin around with the puck for five minutes” Nylander go rather than Straka.

  27. This is laughable. How they can call themselves a hockey team is baffling. We are talking about one of the worst teams in hockey here. This is not the Sabres or the Predators. They are the freaking Blue Jackets! They dont belong in the playoffs if they can beat these teams. Trade Jagr and fire Renney now

  28. This game is over. Hats of to Norrena. He’s a lot better than his numbers show. Slats had better get into sell mode, this is effectively the end of the Rangers season. The rest is just for shits and giggles.

  29. Yes! Ken Hitchcock just took off his pants and shat all over Tom Renney’s coaching career in the battle of the Red Pants

  30. “you’re not even worth responding too your so freakin moronic…straka has been the player on the team this season.”

    that would be too logical, and we all know hockey is different here.

    I bet Jagr puke and Renney shit aren’t going anywhere.

  31. hopefully they’ll sell some of them tonite and have callahan, dubinsky, and the rest up for the Montreal game.

  32. They need to toughen up the blue line definitely. Get a young, big hitter and also someone who can lead the defense so they don’t look like 6 chickens skating around with their heads cut off.


  34. now watch the media guys defend Renney and Jagr, like they have done all season.

    any other sport, they would be ripped. but not in Ranger media land

  35. Hats off to Norrena??? Are you seriously kidding me? This team is awful. Just stopdenying it. Those are the facts so just accept it. It starts upstairs. The owner is an idiot. Then he went off an hired a GM that thinks he knows hockey. Then that idiot went an got another moron who cant coach for his life. An then that idiot gave another idiot a C for the front of his jersey. What does that C mean? Captain? I don’t think so. It might stand for clueless. Renney is never into the games. The PLAYERS and YES Lundqvist is included in this, arent even into the games. YOu know what you get when no one is into the games? Mediocre hockey. And that is what we have been watching for the whole season. Norrena? WHo the $%#& is that?

  36. Norrena is the Blue Jackets goaltender who made something in the area of 40 saves tonight and bounced back after starting off badly. Not to say that the Rangers were playing great hockey, FAR from it, but a 40 save performance is something to be proud of for any goaltender. I don’t think the Rangers are horrible. They have plenty of talent, but Renney and Co. do not know how to use it.

  37. this team just got beat 4-0 at home by Edm. don’t try that crap. it is the Rangers weak pathetic play that is the reason. hats off to no one.

  38. Can we hear again about how the fans who hope the Rangers crash and burn so we can get rid of the frauds that are running this mess are disloyal? Anybody?

  39. “12 wins in 30 games at MSG.

    they don’t belong in the playoffs, period.”

    but how is that possible, we have Jagr, JAGR!!!!!!!!!!!! We have a Jack Adams candidate of last season coaching.

  40. “this team just got beat 4-0 at home by Edm. don’t try that crap. it is the Rangers weak pathetic play that is the reason. hats off to no one.”

    How about I give you a set of pads and a mask and have 5 guys shoot 42 pucks in your direction? I’m not denying the Rangers played 52 minutes of terrible, embarrassing, unforgivable hockey. They had a few chances, and Norrena took them away. Christ, can you people take a little compliment about the opposing and NOT go over the edge about it? You know, the Rangers don’t always have to lose EVERY game for themselves.

  41. Buffalo has 8, count ’em 8, KEY players out injured. they are using mostly callups from Rochester, and they are still playing great and giving Ott. all they can handle. fighting them tooth and nail.

    contrast that to the Rangers white flag surrender to a piss-poor team. disgusting.

  42. but yes nm78. I’m watching the game. no drury, no afinogenov, etc., and they’re playing great, as a team. They are keeping it close by hustling and getting the bounces.

  43. Buffalo does exceptionally because Lindy Ruff is a great coach. They had what, 5 defensemen out in the playoffs last year and took the Eastern Finals to game 7? Now they’ve got some of their key offensive weapons out and still sitting atop the NHL standings.

  44. onecupin67years on

    This was a woulda ,shoulda game for the rangers.I blame Orr for fighting and giving Columbus life, nah,I guess with a 2 goal lead the rangers thought everything was fine ,right Henrik.
    The game was a complete bore,slow footed cemented into the ice rangers were 2 steps slower than columbus ,good wine at NYC restaurants does that, you know.
    In after game glow with the reporters Renney looked like a convicted man awaitng his sentence from the jury,why Tom your guilty .He couldn’t put the spin on this one although he tried with his “we gotta win ,it was an important game for us”
    Maybe the players really don’t give a hoot.

  45. I guess Atlantic Division heavyweights are getting their shots this season. Maybe Jannsen will pick up another in the playoffs so the Rangers can see it on TV.

    P.W., what kind of comments did Cullen have?

  46. he was talking about his disappointment with the team not sticking to the gameplan and playing their game for 60 minutes. they got complacement after the 2-0 lead, and they are a better team than that. he seemed genuinely agrivated about the situation, and you can’t blame him.
    I felt his line played tough the whole game, so did the 4th line. the lapses were in the D and the powerplay. The best players on the ice tonite were the 3rd line (especially Hossa), Betts and Pock

  47. I just got back from the latest disaster. We suck. Time to be sellers. Just get some draft picks for these bums and see what happens. The best fans deserve an honest effort. Two shorties from the Jackets in five minutes? What the F**k does Dolan see in Sather?

  48. onecupin67years on

    Renney said ward was scratched because of his play-he was having trouble.Like ward is the only playing like a peewee.
    Jagr had a 2:27 shift kind of like an F you to the coach disguised as a” look at me out skating my ass trying to win”Nice try jagr,renney glossed over the shift with a” we were out there too long” after the game .I dont know who worsr whiskey face muckler or innocent Renney ?

  49. The 3rd line has been working hard since the end of the All Star Break. Ortmeyer hustled all night and took a few shots and made a couple good hits. If only the PP units had the same work ethic.

    And E.J., I think Dolan may be blinded by Sather’s — excuse me, Gretzky and Messier’s — 5 Stanley Cups in Edmonton.

  50. I guess I should say PP unit. Since Shanny is out of the lineup the Rangers have gotten back into the “Keep Jaromir out there the whole time because his 5 PPG’s this year have made the difference in the man advantage situation” mindset.

  51. onecupin67years on

    The only reason I now watch the games is to play the trivia game between the 2nd and 3rd periods.

  52. wow, Flyers will be a sick team soon, they just got Coburn for Zhitnick.

    I want Bourret and 1st rounder for Nylander and Rachunek.

  53. Come on now, DJD, don’t you want Nylander for his awesome skating skills? He went around in circles by the half boards for at least half of the first period. I mean, he didn’t take a shot or anything, but whatever that’s not important, this is hockey.

  54. hockeymanrangers on

    Well any body that reads this knows that they really sucked baaaaaaaaaaad tonight. I don’t know why but I think this is ALLLLLLLLLLLL coaching. Maybe when I wake up tomorrow morning this will all be over and Renny will have been fired. Very undiciplined the passing the giving up pucks it was a total mess tonight. It’s like where do you start everything sucked this might have been excused if this was the first game of the season. No playoff this year. Rangers suck.

  55. I just want to take this moment to praise the critic posters who were there from the start of the season. they were right, they warned fans this would happen, they were castigated by others for negativity, they took the slings and arrows. they said that the kids should be brought in, that Renney was clueless, that Jagr was selfish, that Racoon was useless, etc., and guess what?

    they were right on.

    they created the bandwagon that everyone is now jumping on.

  56. Yeah I hate to say it but the season is over, we suck!!! What is it going to take to get a new coach?? A real NHL coach? Please trade Nylander!!! Renney is an idiot he thinks he can ride JJ to playoffs giving him 3 minute shifts. Look JJ is a great player but Renney overplays him so when we get PP he plays like $hit… Rangers came to this season heavy favorites and everybody was making fun of Islanders. Look at them now – they look like a team! Like a real NHL hockey team! Buffalo manages to win with half of their roster out on IR! We blow leads and whenever we lose an impact player it turns into disaster! Players can not coach themselves and “we got to win” speach does not work! Give us a real coach who is going to give this team a real good kick in the a$$!!! We lost to a softest team in Western conference….

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