Avery wasn’t misquoted


Sean Avery was asked if he meant it when he said Martin Brodeur was a “whiner” on TV in between periods.

“That’s what I said,” Avery replied.

Avery was also asked if he thought Brodeur was a tad on the dramatic side when he fell to the ice after Avery shoved him.

“Of course, anyone who watches the replay (can see that),� Avery said. “No one will ever say because its me. Either I’m Superman or something, but I don’t complain about that stuff. I know what I bring. I know I’m never going to get the benefit of that. I’ve accepted that.�


Not a whole lot else to report. As you could imagine, the Rangers dressing room was a demoralized one after the loss, although they did feel like they outplayed the Devils for most of the second half of the game.

“Last year this game we would have won and this year we come out short,� said Henrik Lundqvist who was brilliant in stopping 24 shots in the loss. “There’s been too many games like it this year, but we have 22 games to go. We can do it. We all know we can do it, but we sure can use some luck. You can’t just play a great game. You need that extra bounce to save the game.�


Nothing conclusive on Marcel Hossa, who injured his neck on the hit from Brian Rafalski in the third period. I’ll pass along news when I have it tomorrow.

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  1. ive never seen a worse game played….by the refs. Terrible, TERRIBLE officiating tonight. I wonder how much the devs pay to get them on their side?

  2. i mean could that crosscheck in front of brodeur before the devs winning goal be any more obvious?? I mean the ref was standing right there and he just ignored it, and Brodeur not getting anything for his hit on Avery but avery gets called for “goalie interference” which somehow wasnt called until after the scramble. It is atrocious that the Devils got a power play after that. As you can tell i’m very bitter about this!

  3. yes, then sign someone else in the summer or if nobody else available then sign back Nylander or make a trade. I like Nylander, but he is just too soft and is very predictable perimeter player.

  4. SykoraMooreRucinskyRucchinPotiStrudwick on

    Bad officiating today. Nice to see Jags getting passionate (did I spell that wrong?) about it too. Hey, Brodeur, I think ur dive was as good as Avery’s when the Rangers played the Kings in the fall.

    Anyway, should’ve won today, they played good. Just missed too many open nets and couldn’t solve Brodeur, who stood on his head when he needed to.

    Ooooh and Rachunek, nice deflection on the GWG.

  5. Lukowich crosschecked avery on the winning goal. par for the course, joke no call..

    brodeur should move to hollywood, god I hate that guy….

    good turnout by those bandwagon fans they almost sold out their 1st home game of the season. maybe they can sell out 1 playoff game this yr.

  6. What was with Janssissy barking at Lundqvist? The 2 highlights of this game were Brodeur getting laid out and Jansissy getting his face punched in. I could watch those replays for years and it will never get old

  7. Dump! that you or an impersonator?

    F’n Rachunek. What a waste.

    Where’s Baranka?

    King had to stand on his head. This team blows. Hope Hossa is traded- broken neck and all.

    what will it take to call up Dawes?

    when will we learn?

    I’m glad that Colton Orr- who beat Janssen tonight- was scratched against philly.

    thanks Tom. least he admits the mistake, unlike the great swami jeter.

  8. I am WinterIsComing(among many other well known handles) impersonating Dump

    “what will it take to call up Dawes?”

    nothing short of a firesale, I bet he won’t be in Ranger organization for long.

  9. SykoraMooreRucinskyRucchinPotiStrudwick on

    Missed the Orr/Jansen fight (was in the bathroom… will watch Rangers in 60 tomorrow night)… but glad to hear Orr won. I met Jannsen the other day and said “Colton Orr is better!” then I ducked, afraid of the sucker punch.

    His response:

    “Well, I’m better looking.”

  10. Rachunek Cost This team the game. Renney dresses Rachunek every night yet somehow never plays pock. Fire Renney Now…. Let Schoenfeld take over for the rest of the year. Let Mess coach next season

  11. Go NYR : Rafalski hit Hossa becasue he was going to lsoe the race to the puck…Hossa was still 5+ feet away…and it seemed to be from behind…I thoguht it could have been called as a couple of things…up to and includeing boarding and since there was injury it would have been a game misconduct. Now all those people calling for Hosa to be traded…lets not forget, Including tonight…4 goals in 6 games…he helped makle room for the top line….and tonight he had some good chances.

  12. brad: you cant blame the loss on Rachunek…it IS a team game. Hollweg missed an open net, as did other Rangers. The PP wasnt good enough…and if the puck had hit Rachuneks stick and NOT gone in noone would probably even remember he was on the ice. Its a game of inches…or soemtimes less…if his stick was inches further or back it wouldnt have gone in.

  13. wildcard stop using logic… My questions is why is Rachunek out of position so often? He has been in the league a while, and appears to be skilled…

    I would still play Pock over him next game if Malik is back, see if that works out, and teach’s him a lesson..

    Is that the wrong way at looking at it?

  14. BTW Rachunek makes about $1.8 mill this yr… Wow..If that is correct that is a bad contract for the Rangers…………

  15. rachunek didnt skate hard after parise which would of negated parises second chance shot. He sucks. He is the new tom poti

  16. Man, that loss really sucked. Just a hit to the gut.

    Still think Hossa has played himself into a level of respect and deserving a continued spot on the Rangers. Hope he’s okay.

    I’m a bit fed up of comments like Lundy’s though. I don’t care if you feel like you played a good game, I want you to win.

  17. Unfortunately i only saw the first 40 mins – it was nearly 3am UK time when the 3rd period started so i was spark out by then. But, yet another game when Rachunek looked shaky – but not as shaky as the officials, that blatant trip on Jagr was not called, then you get Marty “WWE” Brodeur going down like he’d been hit by Hulk Hogan (although i love that Prucha was trying to give Colin White an ice facial!).
    Altogether a disappointing finish to a winnable game. 4 points out and 2 games in hand. 6 more losses and its bye-bye playoffs.
    I’m off to hockeyfights.com to watch the Orr/Janssen scrap…

  18. `”These guys are laying it on the line, they want badly to win, they want to recover from an up-and-down season and clinch a playoff spot, and they’re doing everything they can to get that,” Rangers coach Tom Renney said. “When you don’t see that emotional and physical investment paying dividends, that becomes a little tough to deal with.”´

    Sam- Tell Renney that we are a winner in games like these even without taking pts.

    Its a very important step in building a team, a building process we are only 16 month into. Anyone remember the Detroit Redwings in the 1991-1992, they were maybe the most talented team in the league that season, still it took them 4 long years before they won a cup. Look at NJD in the 1992-93 season, allot of familiar faces. Qubeck in 1996, a heck of a roster. Even for these great teams it took a long while before they came close to becomming a winner.

    My point is, early this season, we were rattled so many times, always nervous, if a few small things went against us we lost composure right away. After games like these, only beeing able take the lead by 2 goals against the Panthers/Capitals/Bruins in October decipite dominating won’t seem such a big deal for the team. Maybe sometimes in the future, this team will feel confident with 10 minutes left and a 1-1 tie with NJD, we aren’t right now.

    But just the fact that we stood up, and outshoot NJD, out worked them, and kept it close for 50 minutes, will pay off. Did we handle NJD’s physical play better tonight after the experience of the beating we took from Philly?

  19. New Jersey is not particularly physical especially compared to Philly.

    Losing to them by one goal is not a moral victory. The Devils did what they always do. They limit your real chances defensively, get away with a few penalties, Brodeur makes a few great saves, and then they take advantage of mistakes to win the game. How did Parise end up alone for the first shot in the first place? We never get chances like that, and when we do we miss the net. And why was Parise left alone to get his own rebound.

    There are bad bounces, sure, but you make your own luck. Hell, Parise could have been on our team, but we decided to draft someone else who can’t even make the Pack’s roster. You make your own luck by actually drafting the right players and assembling a full team at the beginning of the year so that it’s not late February(75% in to the season) and you’re not playing games that cost you the season already.

    Maybe if the team had played like they did last night all year, this would just be a loss that temporarily knocked them from fourth to fifth, or had no impact at all. Instead, every loss – and there will be plenty more of them – is devastating to playoff hopes and it is only February – not even late February yet. Think about this – Boston is about to catch the Rangers.

    Get out there and SELL, Mortimer, SELL!!

  20. Hossa is untouchable now? A little scoring streak and suddenly the fact the guy only scored twice in 60 games does not matter anymore?

    Wow I never knew Rangers fans had such short memories.

    Hossa will not keep scoring like that. In fact you could see last night what the new trend will be. The opposing teams will be paying attention to him, and when attention is payed to Hossa is mediocrity comes shinning through.

    Sorry, the guy is not top line talent. He’s gotten by on the fact that Jagr gets all the attention from the defense. Now that teams realize that they need to cut off Hossa to totally stop the line they will.

  21. Hi all. Sorry I am a little behind in catching up here. A few things:

    1. I hope the Rangers are not demoralized after that loss last night. If so, they could get blown out tomorrow.

    2. Devils are the luckiest team alive! They always get cheap goals against us. First one bounces in off the post and Henrik, 2nd one was put in by the great stickhandling of Rachunek.

    3. Sean Avery: thank you for knocking that piece of garbage Brodeur on his ass.

    4. Colton Orr: thank you for making Cam Janssen look like a wuss.

    Good news is Toronto lost last night too. Bad news is that was a great opportunity to gain some ground on them. We’re 4 points out with 2 games in hand on crappy Carolina.

  22. KArl Rachunek suycks and must go….its not that he tipped the goal in,…it’s that he gets undressed evertime on the rush and can’t move anyone from the slot..he sucks..every Game this guy is on the ice for goals against….

    AND Enough about the enforcer..we have one, his name is Colton ORR, tommy boy just needs to suit him up….

    Finally, and this might stir the pot…but i truly believe signing shanny was a mistake…yes, hes a great leader, great guy, great everything, warrior, hall of famer, but he wasn’t needed…All he has done is taken away valueable ice time and lineup positions from prucha and dawes. he has stunted there developement…if he is so good, why r we worse than last year….i love the guy to death, but his spot on 2nd line should be filled by prucha…prucha has been great on that line, you could even argue our best fwd of late….I really think the right thing to do is NOT bring shanny back……

  23. depressing game last night. Refs were brutal last night, I love how the league states they want consistency but yet I haven’t seen the same plays called penalties in staright games. If its a penalty call it, if not don’t. Can’t change every game.

    Avery is the man, Marty is a whiner. He flopps like Vlade Divac when he gets touched. He did it when someone stopped in front of him last ight and he threw his legs into the net. What a Bi@&#

  24. Gregg – I see your point, but couldn’t disagree more. Shanahan is a proven winner, and this team needs to learn how to win. You need him next year for his experience alone, nevermind the fact that he is your leading goal scorer. Honestly, the guy who needs to go is Nylander. He represents everything you don’t want this team to be about – he’s soft, too pretty, and little heart. The young guys such as Prucha and anyone else who is called up next year need someone like Shanahan to learn from (and no offense to Jagr, he’s a great player, but isn’t half the leader Shanahan is).

    Remeber this team is rebuilding. Someone above said ti best – it takes years to build a winner. They need to sell of Nylander at the dealine – they should get a decent return since second line centers are at a premium. Drop Dupuis in the offseason, and bring up Callahan or Dawes to fill his spot next year. The major hole right now is the defense – fundamentally, they’re terrible. Hopefully some guys from Hartford will help that next year, but the offseason should be dedicated to finding some solid help on the blueline.

  25. hockeymanrangers on

    Why do they force the puck to Jags when he isn’t open??? He is a great player we know but they are forcing the puck to him way to much, and then he loses it.

  26. cherneski – I somewhat agree with your analysis of Hossa, in that I don’t think his sudden surge is an indication of his assention to stardom. But the fact remains he’s produced the last week or so at a respectable pace, which is something his many detractors tend to ignore. Not to mention, he’s not an unknown comodity in the NHL, so I doubt will be a marked shift in his coverage…after all, what would you do as a player? Cover Hossa and let Jagr dance circles round the ice?

    Another thing many people tend to ignore is the fact that Hossa has produced fairly well on the top lines. Last year, for instance, much of his production came at the begining of the season when he was paired with forwards with an ounce of offense. And the fact that he also serves as a prefectly servicable wing on the checking lines make him worth every last penny of the 600k the Rangers are giving him.

    OTOH, Hossa has a nasty tendancy of disapearing after injuries. The last time I remember him on a scoring tear so to speak was three games before he got blasted in the face with a puck last year. He didn’t skate a hard game again until the POs. Trade him? No. But I would like to see more of him with offensive players. I think he’s capable of being 20-goal-a-season second or third liner.

  27. Tkachuk and weight and 1st rounder for jagr and straka, is a NO.

    I know jagr is a enigma and all but come on he is the one guy that every team sets up a special plan to try to stop.

    If you added more picks to the trade then maybe but would need 3 picks not 1 and they all would need to be high…

  28. So to say it bluntly did the team throw Karl off the GWB on the way back to the City with Renney in tow??

    Regarding Hossa, from what I saw he missed the hit completely and went head first into the boards. There was nothing cheap by Rafalski. I believe that is who it was FSNY did not show a good replay.

    It is funny I read everyone’s comments and remarks and for the life of me cannot figure out why you all think the offense is the problem. Look at our defense. Aaron Ward is out of position maybe 75% of the time when he is on the ice and he might not have cost us the game last night but he sure did a couple games back and many before that.

    Karl R, well what can we say about him. Last night is credited with an “own gw goal” as well as turning the puck over a number of times like every night. I said to my brother that Karl will cost us this game and sure enough 5 minutes later he did. Unfortunatly this will not be the last time for the season. He will cost us a playoff spot!!

    We have 3 maybe 4 D on this team that are worth it. Fedor, Malek +17 (I think), Rozival and Pock. So how about all of you GMs that say trade Nylander, Prucha and Jagr come up with a good trade including Karl and Ward. Used puck bags and arms of Swiss cheese are about what you could get. Oh, and none of that stink’n root beer either.

    For sure the NYR are on thin ice regarding a playoff spot. Win 18 and were in for a first round sweep, again. Is it worth it or should would have Butt Boy Sather screw up a good draft pick again??

  29. Yeah, Nylander is the problem.

    Give me a break. “He’s the player that represents what we don’t want on this team.” I’m sorry, but the last word is the key line in that sentence, It is a “team” sport and you need different types of players. So Nylander is not that gritty and has some annoying quirks, but he’s been the most consistent scorer of our top four if you look at his numbers. It’s like people wanting to dump Jagr because he doesn’t hit or getting rid of Shanahan because our record has been worse with him in it. All players can’t be all things and I wouldn’t want a team with all the same type of player. All the successful teams I played on or coached had guys who brought different things to the table. The trick is getting them to gel into a team.

    Jagr and Straka for KT, Weight and a 1st rounder? We want to get older and more injury plagued? That’s a Europhopic comment right there.

    Last night was worth it just to watch Janssen get pummeled and Avery getting under Marty’s skin. It was not a great game by the Rangers, but I was entertained watching it nevertheless, which is more than most Devil games I’ve endured. The Devils announcers talked about how the Debs played through adversity without Gionta and Elias, but no mention of us without Shanahan. Emrick also called Marcel “Marian” at the top of the game.

    Rachunek and Ward were brutal.

  30. I agree. We should trade Ward (-2) and Rachunek (-10) if possible. Ward has huge contract and he’s certainly not in shape. Rachunek – we all know, turnovers, mishandling puck almost every game. Another thing is that if i’m not wrong both of them supposed to play on the same side of the rink… Look at Malik for example – plus/minus stat -> +21(!)

  31. Ward only signed for 2 seasons and the guy is playing with multiple injuries better and more physical than Malik and Rachunek healthy.

  32. Colorado Mark, fair comments…

    Nylanders dancing and reluctance to shoot drives many crazy but at the right price he is a valuable player…

  33. The team must shoot even more than they did last night this Thursday.

    They did play their heart out and if the Devils were going to score the GWG last night, at least they did it due to two of our guys being back in the play giving it their all to stuff that puck in, not aimlessly backchecking.

    Jagr needs to hit the net, hasn’t hit net in 2 games on about 5 shots.

  34. The team must shoot even more than they did last night this Thursday.

    They did play their hearts out and if the Devils were going to score the GWG last night, at least they did it due to two of our guys being back in the play giving it their all to stuff that puck in, not aimlessly backchecking.

    Jagr needs to hit the net, hasn’t hit net in 2 games on about 5 shots.

  35. hockeymanrangers on

    Something else all players need to do, instead of just throwing it at the net, try to shoot it at a soft spot on the golie Not saying Broduer has a soft spot but in all games. Make the first one count, shoot with more accuracy. It seems like the are trying to get a rebound but a lot of these goalies don’t give you a rebound. MAKE THE FIRST ONE COUNT.

  36. I don’t know about you guys but I think it is pretty clear that the season is over. All you have to do is except it and stop all this Rangers should do this … they should do that… BS nobody is intersted in your opinion! If your opinion had any value you would have been on the Rangers coaching staff – which you are not.

    P.S. Trade Nylander is the stupidest idea I have heard by far!!! Wake up, idiot he is the best center we got! Just like trading Jagr or Shanny would be stupid. Jagr had MVP last year. I have not heard anyone complainig then. Bunch of retards…

  37. Jason Strudwick looks offly good these days…maybe we should have left Karl in Europe instead of sending Strud there…

  38. Jagr and Prucha for Lecavlier? Nylander and Hossa for Bourret and a pick? Jagr and Straka for Tkachuck and Weight?(anouncer’s voice)”N-H-L….Two-thousand-Seven…” People, put down the playstation controlers and get this clear in your heads: JAGR IS HERE FOR THE LONG HAUL. He is going nowhere with his contract. And as long as he’s here, Nylander will also be here. As for Prucha, I might regret saying this in the very near future, but I think he’s among the untouchables on this roster, even if there is a fire sale(which there most certainly won’t be).

    As for deadline deals, I don’t see Slats doing anything blockbuster, unless it involves bringing a number-two center. As for those on the market, I think they’re all a bit over the hill and over-priced…no to Smolinski, Stumpel Tkachuck… It would be nice to see some of the spare parts disappear(ie. Krog, Ozolinsh, Kasparaitus, Malik) in return for some picks or even a bag of pucks. But I somehow doubt that will be the case either.

  39. The best deals you make sometimes are the ones you don’t make. I say leave things alone. The Tkachuks and Smolinskis are not worth the asking price.

    Rangers Pride: I disagree. The season is far from over. We’re 4 points out of a playoff spot with 2 games in hand on Carolina. Lots of hockey to be played still.

    And for those who say the Rangers need to go 16-7, 15-8, or whatever to make the playoffs…keep something mind. So do Carolina, Montreal, NYI, and Toronto. This is a very tight race with a lot of hockey left to be played amongst those clubs. Season is FAR from over. Especially if the Rangers keep playing the way they’ve been playing over the last 2 weeks (Philly game aside). And if Henrik keeps giving up 2 or less, 30+ points over the remainder of the season is possible.

  40. Seriously, that Avery trade might turn out to be one of the best deals Sather ever made. And to think he’s just about to hit his prime. Sign him to an extension now!

  41. “P.S. Trade Nylander is the stupidest idea I have heard by far!!! Wake up, idiot he is the best center we got! Just like trading Jagr or Shanny would be stupid. Jagr had MVP last year. I have not heard anyone complainig then. Bunch of retards…”

    Gay Pirde, you are the retarded one, learn to spell pride dumbass. Jagr MVP last year I don’t give a shit. The sooner we get rid of him the better.

  42. Nylander will never be part of a winning team. He painfully looks for passes when he should shoot or just send the puck in. Because he does this he constantly traps our players deep in the zone when he makes these ridiculous pass attempts. My favorite is when he peals back and passes it to the other teams forwards. This causes odd man breaks going the other way putting way too much presure on an adequet but not steller by any means defence. As long as Nylander is on the team, the Rangers will continue to loose. Lundquist can’t cover up for his mistakes all game long its imposible.

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