Whatever problems we may have with porous borders….


…could likely be solved by the parking lot attendants here at the Meadowlands.

Despite my obvious charm, I couldn’t talk my way into a parking spot near the arena, so I am again stationed in what I believe is actually eastern Pennsylvania.

I mention this becauase this is the last regular season meeting between the Rangers and Devils at Continental Airlines Arena. I originally thought I was going to be teary-eyed. But I’ll probably get over it in my 45 minute walk back to my car after midnight tonight.

I’ll touch base in a bit…

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  1. Sam, Just be thankful that it will probably not be single digit wind chills like we encountered when we went to a game there in January… The first REALLY COLD night this winter.

  2. Sam, what plainly occurred was a misalignment in priorities that your editor and accreditation bureau who at the end of the day bear responsibility in ensuring that your ability to demonstrate commitment to a particular rectangular space upon an asphalt sheet is in all facets never in danger of damaging its viabilty as a guaranteeing agency that a spot which was plainly intended for your deployment cannot be misappropriated unless the will of the whole, evinced by an exercise in bonding that requires no less than the willful adoption of key components.

  3. a casual observer on

    I’ll be thinkin of ya Sam while we watch the game on the plasma in front of the fireplace. You’re a trooper.

  4. it could be worse…you could have your car stolen from the lot (what will likely happen in newark next year)

  5. I hope this doesn’t jinx the good guys….but Brodeur’s shutouts notwithstanding? I don’t think I’ve ever seen him look worse on certain goals that he has looked this season, especially recently.

    A couple of stinkers against Tampa Bay, three awful goals against Pittsburgh, and the ones by Nylander and Jagr in the two (respective) games at the Meadowlands stand out.
    And at times during shootouts, he has been so badly beaten that his flopping around reminds you of people like Dunc Wilson and Hardy Aastrom.

    Obviously the guy has had an incredible career, and when he is good he can be unreal…..but I do not think he is nearly as consistent as he used to be. Ironic, given that he has so many shutouts this year.

  6. Doodie Machetto on

    Very ironic, but as you said, when he is good, he is unreal. He has fluctuated between unreal and pedestrian this season. That’s why he has so many shutouts, while at the same time allowing so many bad goals. The two things that stand out most about him are that he is such an ironman and that he almost ALWAYS has his best games when they matter most.

  7. Sam,

    Are you saying there is a design flaw at the meadowlands? How could that be, you must be going crazy. I thought it was normal to have to walk 3 miles to my car after a sporting event there….

  8. Doodie

    Please…no more bad feelings-

    Last time you had one vs. Detroit, it came true and we gave
    up a huge lead.

    Think Positive

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