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Let’s not let my bellyaching about the parking situation be confused with real complaining.

Consider the alternatives. I could be Tom Renney, and have to wonder if the team I’m coaching tonight is the one I want to be coaching after 3 p.m. on Feb. 27 — especially if Brendan Shanahan isn’t back in the lineup. With the veteran not scheduled to see doctors until Friday, Renney was asked how the wing’s condition might impact the Rangers around the trade deadline. The coach’s response, as it often is with personnel decisions, was somewhat circumspect.

“I’m not a general manager and I don’t pretend to be. I coach this team. I coach what’s in front of me. The fact that I get to speak to certain issues when they come is a privilege, I think,” Renney said. “Having said that, we’re still rebuilding the program. It’s a tough one. I want to make the playoffs badly and I want to do well when we get there. But I want to make sure we pay attention to the growth of this franchise — in the long run, too, and that’s really important. As much as coaches have to live in the moment, for obvious reasons, there’s a bigger picture.”

That bigger picture would likely prohibit the Rangers from parting with valuable prospects even if Shanahan is a ways from returning. But it might still allow the team to plug holes at a reasonable cost. As Glen Sather said the other day from Florida, the market on available players is high right now. But come next week, prices are likely to drop. Stay tuned…

Some other notes:

  • Speaking of replacing Shanahan, Renney was asked about the team’s decision to not bring anyone up from Hartford. The coach said it was discussed at length yesterday, but they decided they only wanted to bring someone up if that player was going to contribute valuable minutes. Instead, the team decided to simply plug Petr Prucha in Shanahan’s spot as a safer alternative.

    “The bottom line is he understands our system. He understands our opponent. He’s got everything going for him as opposed to a new face that might not. That was all part of the discussion yesterday,” Renney said.

  • The latest on Shanahan is the veteran is still light-headed but has not experienced any headaches. Another symptom to look out for is depression, but as far as Renney knew, Shanahan hasn’t experienced any yet. That might change depending on the result tonight…
  • The Rangers may have caught a break with both Patrik Elias (flu) and Brian Gionta (groin) out.
  • More Shanahan material: I mentioned that his absence would also impact the second power play unit, but Renney emphasized the continued need for two units to provide two different looks. One solution is to simply double-shift Jaromir Jagr on the power play, but that raises the question of whether the second unit would then resemble the first.

    “Only because he’s on it,” Renney said. “There’s a particular function that unit has to adhere to in order to have success. That’s the beauty of going to two units in the first place, and we think we can still accomplish that.”

  • Marek Malik is scheduled to skate tomorrow with his teammates, raising the prospect of him returning Thursday…

    OK, my fingers are tired. More later…

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    1. That walks gotta suck sam :P

      Anyway, maybe double shifting Jagr will throw off their attempts to check him. Something about Jay Pandalfo makes me just want to punch him. Or better yet, maybe Orr can cross check him in the face once we have the victory safley in our grasp :D

      I’d love to see Callahan called up but I think the smartest play is Prucha taking Shannys spot. So im personally happy.

      Should be an interesting game tonight. I got a good feeling Hollweg is gonna knock someones head off.

    2. Doodie Machetto on

      “Another symptom to look out for is depression, but as far as Renney knew, Shanahan hasn’t experienced any yet.”

      I read a report somewhere that quoted Ward as saying he talked to Shanahan over the phone and the two exchanged jokes, so it sounds like he is keeping away from the depression.

    3. Doodie Machetto on

      I remember when I was 8 and went to my first hockey game. It was the Devils and Sabres (my dad got some company tickets) at CAA(Brendan Byrne at the time). I was terrified of walking over Route 3 because I was afraid of falling down onto the road. Devils won 3-0. After that, I was hooked on hockey, but had the good fortune of becoming a Rangers fan instead of a Devils fan. Although, I suppose that could be bad fortune, depending on your perspective.

      So as much as I hate the Devils, I have to give them some respect for turning me onto this great game.

      PS- My brother almost won a car at that game because his program had some signature on it and he got to go down to center ice and shoot pucks through a placard in front of the goal with a foot wide opening in the middle. His first shot hit the placard about a foot to the left, his second shot was a total miss, and his third was dead on target until it hit a crack in the ice and then hopped up on its side and rolled to the corner.

    4. Looks like I have the Devils’ feed tonight because the Knicks are on MSG and the Devils’ version is coming on MSG2. Give me Sam Rosen over Doc Emerick anyday.

      By the by, Pandolfo is a huge Red Sox fan, if anyone wants to hate him more.

    5. Doodie Machetto on

      Elias is out. I’m stuck watching the game on the FSN feed. I hate Stan Fishsticks. He adds nothing but incoherent blabbering and has no loyalty to anyone.

      I liked Glenn Anderson in the studio, what happened to him?

    6. Doodie Machetto on

      Remember the look-a-likes thing from a few days ago? Dan Girardi and David Lee on the Knicks.

    7. chardkerm

      To the extent that, at the end of the day, when all is said and done, there remains a residue of doubt about the efficacy of endeavoring to put forth a proper accounting that quite frankly might be dispositive as to the invective plainly lodged in the heart of your query, I would have to forego an appropriate responsiveness until such time that a fuller reckoning of the values we all are trying to establish in the rebuilding of the program has been initiated.

    8. I don’t care how much Cablevision and Time Warner hate each other, but no Rangers feed on in Manhattan is an absolute disgrace in this century.

    9. Doodie Machetto on

      Disgusting. They are playing absolutely terribly.

      PS, did you catch that Janssen stat? 1 shot before this game. Wow.

    10. 1-0 Devils. The Devils bring up a player from the minors (Tallakson) and put him prominently out there. What the hell is wrong with Renney and Sather. Callahan cant play? We cant bring up someone from the minors to give us a lift. Prucha hasnt scored a goal since I dont remember although I love his hustle. He doesnt play Orr in a wipeout. What is wrong with these guys – are they brain dead or what?

    11. Doodie Machetto on

      I think Chico Resch talks too much, but I have to give him credit for being impartial and admitting that the Martin play should have been a penalty.

    12. wow, so far it is one of the most boring games I ever seen, absolutely no speed or flow or passing or checking.

    13. Doodie Machetto on

      The Devils are missing their top 2 wingers. That would be like if Jagr and Shanahan were both out. If both of them were out, I GUARANTEE Callahan would be up too.

      Prucha is the right choice for Shanny’s replacement.

    14. Rangers playing a lot better towards the end of the first but Idiot Sam reminded us about Jagr being doubleshifted. Rasmussen tried to nuke Jagr and we dont (can’t retaliate). Why doesn’t someone beside Jagr go after Rasmussen at the end of the first period. No need to fight just to send a message. I cant stand listening to these announcers (especially Sam) anymore? “Any changes made?” he asks the assistant coach of the Rangers. Wow, tough questions Sam. Please. Go grab a seltzer and burp on air, it would sound better.

    15. Have the Rangers won, even once, when the other team scores first this year? Oh yeah, there was that 3-2 win over NJ on 11/14. Otherwise I don’t think so…

    16. I love this interview with Avery. He calls Marty a whiner and the MSG guys just let it pass. He calls it like it is. He said the Devils are doing a lot of hooking and grabbing. They have perfected it and deserve accolades. They dont take the obvious penalities and credit to them but the refs need to look at the crap they allow on the Devils more carefully.

    17. Yeah, that interview w/ Avery was entertaining. I especially loved him calling Marty a whiner. Priceless.

    18. frohli : there is a diffrence between those guys…Callahan is a rookies in the AHL…tyhat guy on the Devils top line is in his 3rd or 4th year, he didnt even play in the NHL his first year I dont think…so in another year if Callahan is in the same boat I will be upset as well…but you have to remember, this is Callahans first pro season..AND PRucha got Shannys spot…so its not like they put anopther cvet on the top lines…and Hossa is on the top line…

    19. These diving calls are such horse-sh—t–
      c’mon, Hossa was taken down, fell and got up instantly…B.S

    20. So what was suppose to be a PP for the Rangers somehow turns out to be a 4-3 against the Rangers. TOTAL CRAP!

    21. Doodie Machetto on

      Lundqvist is the only reason the Rangers are even close. If his first half was anywhere near as good as his second half, we would be leading the division.

    22. These refs are a joke…and where I am I have to listen to the senile “Doc” Emerick. Wow Doc is losing it thats all I can say…

      Henrik thanks for keeping it closer than it should be.

    23. Pock has a solid shot…Keep feeding it to the point and crashing the net >>>> falls on deaf ears-

    24. Is it just me or does it seem the Devils are intentionally going offside to get a stoppage of play? Just watch.

    25. Doodie Machetto on

      I think Orr should just charge Brodeur and take him out. He’ll get a big suspension, but the Rangers can give him a lot of money under the table to compensate him. Clemmenson hasn’t played in 30+ games, so you know he’s nice and rusty.

    26. Sam I only saw 1 PP unit not the 2 Renney advertised. Truth in advertising? … Bring up Isbister or Callihan already…. Is MESSIER GM yet?

    27. Doodie Machetto on

      leetchy , intentional offsides are supposed to have faceoffs in the defensive zone like an icing.

    28. Best shift of the game? The big boys rattling the Devils. It’s the antithesis of what Renney wants. he would rather have the Fancy Dancers out there all the time instead of the crash and bash lines that work well against teams like the Devils and Philly. The Devs suffocate you and the only way to get them to back off is to rub their noses in the glass and into the ice. Both goalies are awesome tonight but we need a score!!! And what would be so wrong with Callahan coming up? Does anyone say that Girardi doesn’t belong? He’s been an A+ for us and unnoticed since he came up. That is the beauty of it all!!! Get some juice in the game!!

    29. I understand that intentional offsides are suppose to have faceoffs in the defensive zone, but only when the players are warned its an offside and then do they touch up on it do the refs tend to call it.

    30. Let’s go MARTY!!!!!!!!! Get a couple of boys grinding it out in front of the net and away we go. That’s how you play against the Devils!! Henrik is awesome!!

    31. Doodie Machetto on

      haha I specifically saw Jannsens telling Lundqvist “You’re fucked. watch me. You’re fucked.”

    32. Jansen and Lundqvist yelling at each other…this is awesome…


    33. this disadvantage call is bullshit…where is the penalty to Brodeur…He pushed Avery clearly up high

    34. What did avery do wrong? He was following up a loose puck? Marty is a D-bag!

      Totally different Prucha from saturday.

    35. You got to love this !! Way to go Avery!!! and did you see Janssen threatening Henrik and taunting him all the way off the ice. Tell me Orr doesnt make his presence felt and that having a big guy out there makes a difference in the NHL> Despite everything about liberating the game and making it better, there is still that physical element that guys like Avery and Hollweg add which is that intimidation factor. Love it !

    36. Longtimerangerfan on

      The Ranger’s are finally getting some backbone and it is fun to watch!!! A lot to do with Avery for sure.

    37. Man this game can turn around real fast!

      In the second half of the 2nd, we outplayed, outshot, outmuscled and out-everythinged those pansies.

      Please keep the energy level way up-

    38. Devils are a much softer team than Rangers they only got 5 players that average over a hit per game. Rangers got 10 if you count Kaspar and Shanahan

    39. Just watching some replays of the period….Avery has been dancing in front of Brodeur like they were in a duet together.

      A grade A Menacy pest indeed..Boy i’m glad he’s on OUR team!

    40. I cannot take this crap anymore. I just can’t understand how the rangers get screwed all the time. Will somebody explain to me when Avery gets attacked by two devil players and being punched besides it all the devils end up with a power play, if it was the ranger players doing this to the devils we would be down two players. I can’t take this crap anymore. I can’t watch ranger games anymore because for years the rangers get screwed by the refs. I remember many games when JD even made comments about the refs and JD was a very objective analyst.

    41. I think it was a legitimate call, Avery shoved Brodeur pretty hard and Brodeur was without helmet.

    42. Brodeur starts the donnybrook and then lets everyone take over. How in the world do the Devils get a power play? Yes Avery crashed the net but how do you not assess a penalty to the Devils for bashing Avery. The refs do have a thing against the Rangers and it is not a figment of the imagination. I loved Orr’s reaction to Joe M about Cam? He said Janssen was just talking!! He is a piece of work hopefully he beats him to a pulp tonight and back to Lowell!!

    43. All would agree that the refs again blew the call…Imagine
      what the Devils would like like sans Prince Marty

    44. ohh please, “hard hit”. marty cleary was a little dramatic, or maybe it really is that easy to beat the crap out of him.

      and yes thursday cant be opportunity 2 for avery, without a doubt.

    45. Doodie Machetto on

      Orr didn’t really land much. He did a good job of keeping Jannsens from landing, except for one big shot I saw. Pretty uneventful fight.

    46. Doodie Machetto on


      What? I never even saw him land flush. He got him down, but no one really landed anything.

    47. Doodie Machetto on

      Not really, he hit him on the shoulder a bunch of times. Not really any clean punches from either guy.

    48. Jansen is nothing but a goon. This guy can’t handle a puck or even shoot a puck. Last year as far as i am concerned got away with either jumping up just before he threw a body check or a combination of jumping up and charging. the league must have said something to him about it because this year he isn’t doing it.

    49. this is exactly what always happens.
      -rangers dont convert on PP, they get discouraged and devils get confidence.

    50. Doodie Machetto on

      TKO?! HA! Orr threw him down eventually. Orr controlled the fight because he got a really good grip on Janssens, but there really wasn’t any clean punching from either guy. But Orr definitely threw way more because of his good grip. I give him the decision for ring generalship, but no damage was really done.

    51. Doodie Machetto on

      The first half of this game was very boring, but the 2nd half has been great. It’s looking like it’s going to be a very exciting finish.

    52. Our two favorite d men. THOSE TWO ARE AWFUL.
      Is it me or is it bad to have your worst two players(let alone d men) playing on same line?

    53. doodie called it going off ward, just his partner and the idiot put it in.

      now the flaming idiots will put on a show of trap hockey and i promise you that.

    54. I rest my case. There were about several penalties while the rangers were trying to score and no calls and than that idiot Racoon who I’ve said from the beginning of the year is a bum puts it in his own net. It really doesn’t matter anyway because the rangers are the same team since sather has taken over the GM, that is a non playoff team and I’m not counting last year.

    55. the concern shouldnt be the fucking lines, its the fact that the devils are getting away with all this shit and its ridiculous.

    56. and not getting a point in the standings from this game is gonna freaken kill. i wanna beat the crap out of brodeur

    57. I was being sarcastic BlueClue. Even though I think Hollweg is great, it is difficult to express sarcasm over the internet

    58. Damn.

      Who are we kidding? If the Rangers can’t do better than that against the Devils when they’re minus Elias or Gionta than they don’t deserve to go further.

      Neither PP came through. Power play needs two units and Petr Prucha needs to finish.

      Just not good enough in the first half. Without Lundy they’d have been toast.

      Exciting finish, but I’ll take a dull Rangers victory.

    59. must make some trades:

      Betts and Pock for Roenick: that would improve the 4th line and make the team more colorful

      Immonen, Lampman and Ozolinsh for Roberts: great leadership and grit

      Helminen and Krog for Cullimore: in case of injuries

      Rachunek for 3rd rounder

    60. These games kill me-

      Brodeur made some great saves..He always seems to stand tall against the Rangers…and it hurts even more after the Sean Avery Show-

    61. The Devils don’t keep beating the Rangers because they have Martin Brodeur or because they play boring trap hockey. They keep beating the Rangers because more of their players have heart.

    62. They should trade Jagr and his euro buddies and get as many young players or draft picks. This team is going no where with Jagr or his euro buddies.

    63. Doodie Machetto on

      That Euro/NA distinction is the biggest bunch of crap on the planet. I’m sick of hearing it because it’s just plainly not true.

    64. Doodie Machetto on

      I don’t know, I think that Rachunek goal was going to go in off of Lundqvist if it wasn’t Rachunek. Doesn’t make it right, but softens it a little.

    65. JAGR SUCKS.

      one avg. ability shadow named Pandolfo has bottled him up all season.

      he tells the reporters that he will carry the team the rest of the way. and what does he do? nothing, when anybody covers him like they are supposed to.

      some leader.

    66. it doesnt matter if gionta or elias or in. EVERYONE and that means everyone knows that when the devils get a lead, they stick to it. so if that means someone scores, they’re not looking for elias or gionta to get another. they play trap hockey b.c thats what they are, pussies who are scared to get into real games so they hold on to what they got.

      how they continually get away with murder on calls, i dont know. but its so ridiculous. i mean how much do the devils pay the league for this crap; i thought they were really tight in their cap?

    67. Oh really Doodie Machetto, you were the same guy I remember defending the hall trade, how did that work out. I don’t care if you think it’s crap or not, it’s reality.

    68. dump jagr, are you retarded??

      Roenick is 37 and stinks, roberts is 40. how about trading for gordie howe???

      the devils win most close games because they are tougher then the other team…

    69. A defensman’s job is to keep the puck OUT of the net…Wjether or not it was tagged to go in, Rachunek should have blocked it.

      He played like ahit all game and our defense or lack of, was the reason the goals were scored and without the great tending by Lundqvist, many more would have gone in-

    70. Doodie Machetto on

      Yeah, we only have 3 who are in the top 25 of the league scoring, on of only two teams in the league that can say that.

      Pittsburgh is the other (Crosby, Malkin, Recchi).

    71. avery did nothing. the only penalty he should have gotten was goalie interfence. brodeur should have got roughing and diving for that jump he did after avery shoved him.

    72. thats the most absurb thing ive heard about the euros not doing anything…

      -who got the hat trick against philly, where those 3 goals won the game 3-2?
      – who stands in net for the rangers?
      – who banked a shot off brodeur in the past game to tie it 2-2, and at least get a point in the standings?
      – who scored 2 powerplay goals in dc for the eventual game winner?

    73. No stuart, I’m not retarded, Jagr is getting up in age and is showing the down hill slide. The rangers are going no where with what they have. It’s time to say enough of sather bringing in veteran players and start building a young team. The devils do it year after year and they have a chance to win the c up year after year. if you don’t realize that than i question if you are retarded, nnot that I’m saying you are because I don’t know you but think about it.

    74. Doodie Machetto on

      TomG, I didn’t defend the Hall trade, I said I wanted to give it a shot before I shot it down.

      Regardless of whether that trade was any good, what the hell would Moore have done for us? Nothing that Betts hasn’t done. With the top line split up, where would Moore play? He’d be a scratch.

    75. I hate Brodeur he is a faking frog…

      but they get away with it like they always do….

      Rangers stink in 1 goal games, as I said the other day, the difference between winning and losing is basically an inch…

    76. czechthemout!!!!! on

      just ubelievable!!!!!!! i have not complained once yet thois year about the refs but this was a f—king joke!!!these two clowns should be suspended for this display of incompetence.just unbelievable.calling hossa for a dive after he was tripped by devil player.constant crosschecks in front of the net ,not one f—-cking call!!!!!they hook, grab,crosscheck and interfere every game and get away with it.the rangers get f–ked almost every game.and can someone put a muzzle on that damn shill sam rosen.just shut him the fck up.just simply got screwed.

    77. the Bruins will soon be ahead of the Rangers too. they are now only 1 pt. back with a game in hand.

      and atl., tampa, ott., mtl. all won.

    78. Lukowich with a cross check on Avery on the winning goal… Blatant cross check the loser ref watching, called nothing..

      standard BS, Now I have to listen to Brodeur and his BS>>>>>>>>>>>>>

      Avery was never in the crease…

    79. “dump jagr, are you retarded??

      Roenick is 37 and stinks, roberts is 40. how about trading for gordie howe???”

      Immonen, Pock, Rachunek, Helminen, and Lampman will likely be gone by next season and Betts sucks, so I rather get couple of old vets to help us out this season while at the same time make more room in Hartford for better prospects

      “the devils win most close games because they are tougher then the other team…”

      no it is because they develop their own players and have great defensive system and one of the best goales

    80. Dan your point is?

      That you are a whining woosy??

      What is your point, someone took your bottle away…..

      I will bet the Bruins do not finish ahead of the Rangers, you have a pay pal account, whiner???

    81. Doodie Machetto on

      Since the line changes, Hossa, Straka, and PRucha have been the best scorers on the team. North Americans have like 4 or 5 goals in the last 20-25. I’m doing this off the top of my head, so I’m right give or take 2 goals.

    82. DumpJagrdope and trading for Roenick, etc will help them develop their own players and a good defensive system???

      Your trades do not even make sense with your logic!!!!

    83. Doodie Machetto on

      Not to mention the price tag for Roberts is much higher. He also has a no-trade clause and will only go to a contender. I wouldn’t want that dinosaur anyway.

    84. bringbackleetch on

      if we dont win on thursday, then im not gonna say were totally out of it, but the point differential in everyone whose playing will be way to high to catch. this game was a huge loss for the rags. boston is catching up. this season is mind blowing and the nhl should probably be sued by rangers fans for all the crap the ranger players have to put up with. and there probably at fault for some strokes between us.

    85. there is an asshole on this board named Stuart.

      any time, pal.

      if people can’t even post here without your insults, Sam should ban your ass for good.

    86. stop giving credit to brodeur. you can not honestly tell me ur a ranger fan and can say brodeur’s the best. STOP IT ALREADY.

    87. No one can EVER get banned..Maybe a user title name can get banned, but NOT a person (unfortunately)

      You can just use a different header and different email address

    88. I’ll count myself as guilty of this, but the posters on this board are a lot like the players on this team: things go bad and we turn on each other.

      The zebras don’t lose us games, as much as they stink.

      And Jagr may still be an exceptional player, but if he doesn’t produce more right away, all his talk of carrying the team, etc. will be a joke. This is the time when effort is just not enough from a superstar.

    89. Doodie Machetto on

      bringbackleetch- while i REALLY dislike your handle, I agree with what you said about thurs. Thursday really IS the most important game of the season. They lose, they should sell like crazy at the deadline. They win, and they shouldn’t buy, but they should try and ride it out.

    90. Dan,

      F you big shot…

      asshole I am suprised you can spell it!!!

      Did you look up the correct spelling??

    91. “DumpJagrdope and trading for Roenick, etc will help them develop their own players and a good defensive system???

      Your trades do not even make sense with your logic!!!!”

      It is obvious that Rangers won’t develop any young players when they are hunting for a playoff spot, so might as well clear out some people from Hartford to make room for the younger more promising prospects. And aren’t Roenick, Roberts, Cullimore UFA after this season?

    92. czechthemout!!!!! on

      krapunek is a piece of garbage.like i said erlier in the year,1 good game every 4 games.on the last goal, not only did it go off of his stick,he also coasted towards the net instead of skating hard for it and after parise into the corner wich would have prevented that awful goal.i would like renney to justify why he will bench pock next game in favor of malik the coward/pylon and krapunek the lazy dope.he also made at least half a dozen other brutal mistakes in the game.the best d pair today was pock/rozy in fact they always play well when paired together,much better than when malik plays with rozy.

    93. Will we ever have a decent team again? Ever win a playoff game? What other team hasn’t won a playoff game in 10 years?

    94. Stuart, Idiotic ideas, that’s the best time to trade an old vet is when there is very little left on the contract. The idea is to get high picks or good young talent. I’m starting to wonder who is the idiot here, wake up man.

    95. “Jagr is 35 with 1 yr left they are not trading him so move on from your idiotic ideas…………”

      Trading Jagr would be only second best idea to replacing Renney with a good coach.

    96. Doodie Machetto on

      Sam, we need some updates from the locker room.

      Also, can you give Rachunek a kick in the junk for me?

    97. czechthemout!!!!! on

      players like blair betts are a dime a dozen in this league.in fact we still have a few of them on this team.we had 2 others who have sinve been traded.

    98. “A good penalty killer. A league leader in blocked shots among forwards. Cheap.”

      Betts is 121st in shots blocked someone is talking out of his ass. He is useless and has no idea how to pass or throw a big hit and he has zero personality or agitation.

    99. bringbackleetch on

      doodie are you trying to say that if we lose on thursday and get no extra point in the standings, they still have a chance at the playoffs? all those games in hand they had are being played and were not getting the points. the low-crap boston team is catching up. before we know we could be chased down to 12th/13th. this is so disappointing.

    100. no one said betts is good. he is a 4th line center, do you expect Yvon Cournyoer??

      he is pretty good on faceoffs, and good size. IS he a bricklayer? Yes, so…. Who is the Devils 4th line center??

    101. czechthemout!!!!! on

      the king was simply outstanding today.kept us in the game the first half and was great all game.it is a shame that he lost this game tonight.i hope krapunek personally apologizes to him for his dreafull game that he had tonight.

    102. its hard to watch a game like that, then turn on the canuck/duck game and see so much better reffing and overall play. those west-coast fans must have an easy life.

    103. The Devils have not sold out a game this yr.

      Think about it, all they do is win and they still have no fans..

      We would kill for a 13 yr run like them..

      They are a joke and should move to KC…

    104. Doodie Machetto on

      bringbackleeth: No, I’m saying that if they don’t get the 2 pts on thurs they are done. not worth trying. If they do get the 2 pts, I feel like they still will have a shot. It’ll be a BIG win. Division leader. Coming off a tough loss to them. At home where they haven’t been good. It would be a big push. Plus, on Friday, we’ll find out what Shanny’s story is.

    105. czechthemout!!!!! on

      i couldn’t care less if they kept or traded him.it does not matter either way. he is easily replacable.what they need to do is find some more offense to replace shanny.they also might have found a way to play the devils and that is to send in the d on the attack.the devils had know answerfor them.oops i am sorry they did and his name is karel krapunek.

    106. “Learn to read. I said among forwards. He’s 2nd.”

      I guess 10 extra blocked shots a season justifies this useless player being in NHL. Next season I rather see Dubinsky centering 4th line than “2 assists”

    107. teh devils have trouble with fans whereever their franchise is; be it the colorado rockies or kc scouts. no one is at fault though except for themselves; they play the boring trap hockey that makes us fall asleep. who’s gonna want to go to a 1-0, 2-1 game? i certainly like those 4-1, 5-0 games

    108. going 15-6 is not impossible. they can do it if they believe they can. i just dont like seeing a discouraged jagr, b/c he tends to bring everyone else down.

    109. czechthemout!!!!! on

      if the rangers don’t win on thursday,they are done.but sather will not believe it and will trade for a vet rental for some kids.i would trade nylander,malik,ward,betts,krapunek,shanny,holllweg,ortmeyer. bring up some kids like lifiton,dubinsky and callahan.and get some fresh young prospects and maybe even a couple of number ones.

    110. who they getting #1s for???Hollweg will not get you a #1 but maybe a 11th rounder………

      they are not trading 5 guys.

      be honest the 2 trades they have made so far have not been bonanza’s but are net positive moves…

    111. czechthemout!!!!! on

      i would not trade avery either.ortmyer is an ufa this summer.hollweg has one goal and 1 assist this year.yes he hits people hard but so can other players that they have in the orginization.orts can be signed in the offseaon.avery is a building block for this team fir the next 5 years.he is only getting better every year and is 26years old.he was probobly the best forward on the ice today.

    112. czechthemout!!!!! on

      nylander can bring a number 1 and a good prospect or 2 good prospects.he is in the top 10in scoring . every team out there is looking fir a number 2 center.shanny can bring a number one as well.and remember that malik is like plus 3000 in the last 2 years.he is worth some thing,as is ward.

    113. Rozival is 28 and not as bad of a player as you think…

      I would love to trade A ward and Rachunek(FA at end of yr) and makes too many mistakes…

      Nylander is a FA so if they fade that is an idea… I like him but he infuraites me with his dancing and not shooting, but he is a good player…

    114. czechthemout!!!!! on

      leetchy2-as opposed to insightful thoughts like this team going 15-6? be realistic,has this team at any point this year gone 15-6 in a 21 game stretch?

    115. trading Shanahan would be a real black eye. He is the asst captain and an idol to Canada and we are going to trade him???

      I bet Detroit would give up some picks for him but I doubt he would want to throw in the towel…

    116. Hollweg is one of the top hitters in NHL there is nobody in the system who even comes close to his ability. His low offense is thaks to playing with the likes of Orr and Betts.

      Ortmeyer needs to be re-signed at least for another 3 or 4 seasons. 53 hits in 20 games, cheap, fast, great PKer, got some nice moves and can pass unlike Betts and knows how to throw big hits.

    117. I doubt the Rangers have gone 15 and 6 during any stratch this yr…

      Amazing so much promise after last yr. and the additions just underachieved all yr….

      Anyone know their record in 1 goal games? I bet it is about 6 games under 500%…

    118. czechthemout!!!!! on

      i love shanny!!!!.i think he is a great player with a HUGE heart.but he is an ufa in the summer.you have to think of what is best for the long term of the team.and if leetch can be traded so can shanny.leetch is the best player the rangers have ever had.shnny has done most of his great things in detroit.leetch as much as anyone brought us the cup after a 54YEAR drought.

    119. Stuart people list good players as trade bait that is why I listed some who I think other teams would pay a decent price for. So I was not saying Rozsival was garbage but rather a player of value that might be worth seeing what they could get for him. AND while I would hate to see Shanny go – I would hate even more to not ever win the cup again and if he becomes healthy and we could get a windfall for him …………

    120. czechthemout!!!!! on

      you guys keep imploring mgmnt to bring up kids, yet don’t want to make the moves needed to free up room on the roster for them to play.we have some capable vets in jagr/straka,cullen,avery.it is time to make a move.

    121. with Boston and St. Louis moving up, they might be unwilling to part with some of the guys rumored.

      with so few sellers, and so many buyers right now, the prices will never be higher.

      Philly got a solid young wing, Upshall, who already had 2 goals in his first 2 games, an even better prospect in Ryan Parent, who was on the first pair D shutdown pairing with the Rangers Marc Staal on the canada world jr team, and a 1st round pick and a 3rd rounder. that is a lot. and they could still re-sign Forsberg this summer if he wanted that.

      Brian Burke of the Ducks said the prices are too high right now for him. Sather says they will come down. but if the amount of sellers stays low, they won’t come down very much.

    122. LI Joe.. My bad..You have a point.. I would trade or offer up in no particular order if they have a chance this yr and not a fire sale; rachunek, ward, weekes, malik, and nylander(FA and 34)Betts(if have any value).

      If it is a fire sale add to the list above; I guess shanahan, Rozival, Cullen(2 yrs on his deal, looking better but his production is very disappointing)…

      The other guys are young, not of significant value, or Jagr and gang.

    123. They really need to decide right now if they are buyers or sellers and stick to it.

      I am not really impressed with Dupuis, hopefully they won’t resign him. I still can’t believe Betts got an extension.

      Would be nice to get someone like Tootoo to add more hitting.

    124. Cullen signed 4 years, so he is pretty much untradeable.

      I would trade Jagr, Dupuis, Shanahan, Betts, Rachunek, Pock, Immonen, Lampman, Malik, Kasparaitis, Weekes, Straka, Nylander, Isbister, Orr, Krog, Hossa.

    125. but I would want either draftpicks or powerforwards, because the rest we have enough of so far.

    126. even if they are sellers, guys like Hollweg and Orts should stay. They are they guys you see day in, day out giving the effort. It was said correct above, Hollweg is low in points because of who he plays with. Orts has had limited action and has played great in it. If Hollweg was put with people who could capitalize after he forces all the turnovers he has, he would have a lot more points.

    127. Betts contract is at a low $ amount, he still is 27 and if used as the 4th line center he is not bad….They have bigger issues then him, I agree the jury is out on Dupuis, he is fast but we will see. He is a FA so no big deal but he has played better then Hall.
      Avery should be signed he is a good, hard nosed player, who has skill..

    128. not worth trading Hollweg anyway – the draft pick or whatever they got for him would be of little value. Same case for Krog and several of the others listed above.

      BTW – Sam has a new posting.

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