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There’s been a lot of talk about the Rangers toughness, or lack thereof, in the wake of their demoralizing loss to the Flyers on Saturday. I think I have a solution, and the good news is I’m pretty sure the team can fit all three Hanson brothers under the cap.

Of course, this is yet another reason why it’s a good thing I didn’t discover YouTube until only recently. Otherwise I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t be able to hold down a job.

As for serious news to report, I have none. The Rangers are off the ice today, they have not yet called anyone up from Hartford, and Marek Malik has still not been placed on injured reserve. Actually that last nugget suggests the defenseman isn’t as banged up as originally thought, so there’s a chance he’s back in the lineup against the Devils this week.

As always, I’ll pass along anything when I have it. Until then, enjoy American cinema at its finest…

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  1. Loved the video, only problem was color distortion, the team in green was really wearing blue uniforms. They were today’s New York Rangers.

    Speaking of that, my post in the previous thread is appripro.

    Some comments about the last game. First of all, I wasn’t impressed with their performance even though they won. They tried to give the game to Chicago and were on their heels in the third period.

    But the thing that got me most upset is that nobody went after that Chicago player that bumped Lundqvist in back of the net. The Rangers have been like that too long and will never get anywhere until they start protecting each other.

  2. I agree. They looked much weaker in the 2nd and 3rd periods after the Shanny visit inspiration had maybe worn off. They have to find the leaders that can remind them to keep it up and they have to keep being the hard-charging, shoot the puck team they came out as in the 1st period.

    And Rachuneck and Ward cannot be matched up against anyone…

  3. Just read that the Rangers are interested in Eric Brewer, Bill Guerin and Anson Carter over on With 8 days until the trade deadline and no Shannahan, do we need someone like Carter or Guerin to fill in? Or can we get by with Dupuis, Orr and someone from Hartford?(Callahan)I’m all for Brewer, maybe get rid of Rachunek or Malik, or both for him.

  4. is this possible? the surging penguins are gonna lose the gaem now with 20 seconds left to the crap fishsticks?!

    i sware all teams are against the rangers in this playoff hunt. screw this

    only guy who interests me is Brewer. Think the biggest lack of toughness from this team is lack of a physical presence on the blue line. None of our D man are really physical at all…

  6. the rangers play the fishticks 4 more times..

    the fishticks are tough, they are old also check out their roster….

  7. I feel team toughness and standing up one for another is a reflection of the coach.

    Look at the fishsticks, do they have that a big strong team..No, but they play tough and don’t back down to anyone. This a big reflection of there coach Ted Nolan.

    I honestly don’t see much changing at this point. Jagr and guys like prucha have been getting run at all season. with the exception of shanny taking on brashear, and of course the gutsy hollweg, this team doesn’t have team toughness. I really feel it starts and ends with the head coach…

  8. 1. * Buffalo 59 – 83
    2. * New Jersey 59 – 78
    3. * Tampa Bay 60 – 69
    4. Pittsburgh 59 – 73
    5. Ottawa 59 – 71
    6. Atlanta 61 – 69
    7. Carolina 61 – 67
    8. Toronto 59 – 66
    9. NY Islanders 60 – 66
    10. Montreal 61- 66
    11. NY Rangers 59 – 63
    12. Boston 57 – 58
    13. Florida 60 – 57
    14. Washington 59- 55
    15. Philadelphia 58- 40

    it looks like 91 or 92 or 93 pts. will be the range of the last couple playoff spots. Rangers would need a 14-9 or more decisive 15-8 finish to get in there.

  9. looking at the rangers schedule if they DON”T go at least 15-8 they are a disgrace. we have by far the more favorable schedule out of any of the teams competing for the final three spots.

  10. Stuart, sometimes age is not expressed in years since birth, it’s a state of mind. Rangers play a lot older than anyone else.

  11. Watching Boston beat Philly in Philly makes me even more disgusted that we lost to the piece of crap, headhunting Flyers in our own building because he had our only deterrent sitting upstairs with that drooling fraud Sather. Sather and his double-talking effing puppet of a coach should be booed out of the Garden starting with the next home game. But we all know that Ranger fans are so complacent, they’ll eat any crap that’s served.

    Have a nice day.

  12. What does everyone think of Joe Micheletti? My friend said that Joe M. doesn’t know what he is talking about because he never played. Huh? He did play for the Blues. But I think he is OK. No JD, but OK. I compare him to Jim Kaat. No flash, but good substance…What does everyone else think?

  13. BTW THe only reason I read The Journal News was for Sam and Phil Reisman, oh yeah and the movie clock.

    I can’t wait to see all the imminent trades that Larry Brooks is going to say that are going to take place. I get the impression that Brooks is viewed as a jerk by many of his peers.

  14. Rangers need to make several trades to upgrade the team for the playoff run.

    Betts and Pock for Roenick: that would improve the 4th line and make the team more colorful
    Immonen, Lampman and Ozolinsh for Roberts: great leadership and grit
    Helminen and Krog for Cullimore: in case of injuries

    also maybe trade Rachunek, Cullen and Straka for more grit for playoffs, but I doubt anyone will want Cullen and his contract

  15. I swear, I love reading posts on here just to see the trades some people come up with. It’s hysterical.

  16. billybleedsblue on

    although the flyers traditionally get away with murder, it’s clear that the league will not make the right calls for the rangers. guys are taking runs at Jagr and it’s going unpenalized and unpunished. this is so frustrating to watch happen, but nonetheless, here’s the solution: Jagr needs to take a penalty or two. the next time some HACK on i-don’t-care-what team take a run at Jagr in any way, Jagr needs to get up, and break his stick over the guy. I would like to see a mean slashing penalty, or a spearing call. Sense the refs and nobody else on the team is willing to do the right thing, he needs to take it in his own hands. Make these guys think twice about checking him from behind or riding an elbow away from the puck.

    on a side note, if Messier was around, these things wouldn’t happen. maybe JJ needs a talk from Mark about how to handle yourself on the ice. Let’s Go Rangers!

  17. How Derian Hatcher gets away with what he does on a regular basis is beyond my belief. And to let him get away with that at MSG is unacceptable.

  18. “I swear, I love reading posts on here just to see the trades some people come up with. It’s hysterical”

    what is bad about my trades?

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