The benefit of hindsight


That headline applies to Tom Renney, which I’ll touch upon in a second. It certainly does NOT apply to Brendan Shanahan, who for all the obvious pains endured yesterday, at least doesn’t remember the collision that knocked him unconscious and now, out of the lineup.

The rest of us, meanwhile, can still see it clearly, and needless to say, it’s not a pleasant image. But as I mentioned before, the good news is that the 38-year-old wing didn’t suffer any neurological damage, and was discharged from the hospital at midday today. In fact, even last night, Shanahan was already cracking jokes to the players who visited him at St. Vincent’s Hospital.

“They’re pleasantly surprised where he is today,” Renney said. “It’s not like he can play hockey in the next little while, but they’re real optimistic with where he is this morning.”

What exactly is the definition of “a little while,” no one quite knows. Since he was placed on injured reserve, Shanahan will miss at least a week, and will have to be free of any concussion symptoms for the Rangers to consider activating him. A lot of that is premature, so I can’t even guess, but it doesn’t sound like Shanahan has a significant history of concussions, which is an important factor.

Meanwhile, some more updates:

  • As I also mentioned earlier, Marek Malik is out with a shoulder sprain, and will be examined by doctors today. He, too, could be placed on IR, but right now, the team will skate Tommy Pock in his place alongside Michal Rozsival at defense.
  • No one has been called up, but Renney said that’s something that will be looked at tomorrow.
  • Henrik Lundqvist and Jaromir Jagr are both fine and will skate against the Blackhawks.
  • Either Colton Orr or Jason Krog will take Shanahan’s place in the lineup. Renney said it will be a game-time decision. Meanwhile, the coach made a rather revealing admission today when he said he may have made a mistake in not skating Orr against the physical Flyers.

    “If I have Colton in the lineup, maybe there’s a deterrent. Maybe guys feel bigger and know they can play their game,” Renney said. “We would have taken care of that one earlier and away we go. That’s all after the fact. But that’s my responsibility to make sure the lineup on the ice is one that can and maybe I missed the mark on that….We all have the benefit of hindsight, but I’m prepared to accept responsibility for my job.”

    This was all obviously a discussion immediately after the game, and I agree, if there was an opportunity to play Orr, it was yesterday. Now comes the question of whether Renney does himself any favors by admitting a mistake.

    Maybe not, especially given the coach faces his share of critics to begin with. But I’ll still always have more respect for someone who admits their errors than someone who refuses to do so. Maybe that doesn’t count for much after a disheartening loss. But it’s better than nothing.

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    1. Jagr and the power play were in just as good a position to negate Philly’s rough play as Colton Orr would have been. It was the inabilty to make them pay on the scoreboard that emboldened the Flyers, I think. Plus, the real damage was done on accidental plays or rough stuff long after the game was decided. Hindsight says Orr should have dressed but I certainly thought before the game that Renney was right to stick with the same lineup as he had in Carolina.

    2. Sam that’s probably a first, but he’s made way too many this year, nevermind the end of last year. To wait over 50 games to break up the #1 line & really have 2 PP units is inexcusable. I’m sure he’s a nice man, I met him after one of the 4 playoff games last year, he was a gentleman. But that’s part of his problem, his style of coaching & mental gyrations are not getting the results. Sorry but he needs to be reassigned after this season unless he performs a miracle.

    3. This coach has made the same mistake too many times, to the detriment of the team. We all knew who should be dressed, but what, he didn’t? Taking responsibility does not negate the fact that RENNEY MUST GO!

    4. Sam and he continues to mental mambo. Orr has to be in , Chicago knows exactly what happened yesterday & will try the same formula. Knock the NYR off their game, go after Jagr every chance they get. And he needs to make a gametime decision, absurd.

    5. I have respect for him admitting a mistake, I’d have more respect for him if he didn’t say “maybe” made a mistake, it’s obvious and clear it was a mistake, even before the game, let alone after all of Fedoruk’s and Hatcher’s running around.

    6. I want to know what the arguement between Avery and the Flyers coaching staff was. Any insight Sam??

    7. Especially after watching how Philly played against Detroit, they used the same forumla. Not to mention earlier in the year against Philly when Hatcher took a cheapshot at Jagr, and all the talk of how they need to stand up for their stars and not let things like that go unanswered. Renney completely dropped the ball and he should thank his stars Jagr isn’t injured.

    8. P.W., Avery had a screaming match with assistant and former enforcer Craig Berube. Avery called him a cementhead, while Berube responded by calling Avery a gutless puke.

    9. I’m generally all for admiring a man who makes his mistakes; but that stops when they don’t seem to learn any lesson from them. Renney has made mistake after mistake, and has forgiven himself too often for the Rangers inconsistent play and his own inability to motivate or react strategically. I think he just doesn’t have what it takes to be a head coach. Perfect assistant material.

    10. Renney didn’t admit to a mistake…he said “Maybe I should have done this…maybe I should have done that.”…Renney has made bad move after bad move after bad move…and I could care less what kind of guy he in person. Hey, my Dad’s a great guy, and probably knows more about hockey than Tommy Boy. Why not let him coach? Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE had this team figured out early in the year…with the exception of Tommy. Now we all know he was brought in because he’s a meek little “yes” man which Sather loves. But let’s get real…the problem with this team is it’s overall makeup and attitude…and THAT comes from the coach. The Rangers NEVER come out with any sense of urgency, because their coach doesn’t preach it. I give Renney ZERO points for admitting that MAYBE he made a mistake. And standing there slack-jawed like he always does, that’ll inspire me if I’m a player. Bottom line, said it before, I’ll say it again…the man is not fit to coach in the NHL. Period. End of sentence. He’s cost this team at least 5-7 wins this year because he’s in over his head. His strategies are laughable, and he has ZERO ability to change them when it’s not working. With Tommy…he’ll let the game fall by the wayside and then work out some other idiot strategy while he’s on the can. I’ve really had it with this organization and it’s consistently horrific coaching decisions. From Colie “I hate Russians” Campbell to John Scmuckler to Ron “How” Low to Bryan Trottier to Sather himself…this franchise is a joke. Don’t care about the prospects, because we don’t know what they will be. Neil Smith supposedly drafted some great young players, too. Renney’s a joke, the team is a joke right along with him…and we’re led by a GM who apparently thinks he should spend the trading deadline up in Edmonton to help Messier celebrate his jersey retirement. Do us a favor, Glen, stay up north where you built your sham of a reputation off of the backs of great players. Mess left him ’91…Sather’s done NOTHING since then. Says an awful lot about the man, doesn’t it? Wait…is that Tommy singing “Instant Karma”?

    11. Colton Orr or not they played another terrible game. With Avery and Hollwig did they need Orr too? Do the 1st place Devils use more than Cam Jansens?

    12. yea maybe trade Jagr for a 2nd round pick!!!

      He is a phenomonal player, they cannot get the puck away from him and yes I did see that stupid back pass…

      they should have 2 possibly 3 goals already…..

    13. When did we trade for Marian Hossa???

      This kid is playing amazing, I just wonder how long it will last.

    14. He’s playing with so much better players. He is no Marian, but is a great complement to two solid players-

    15. You have to begin to think Hossa’s claim that he was trying to be really focused earlier this season on being a defensive asset is true. He became a solid defensive guy, I think, but now that his job has changed, he really does seem to be playing a different style — and well.

    16. The announcers just said something interesting: that Renney and Savard had the same message for their teams, but expressed it differently.

      Renney said the Rangers had to be more “proactive offensively.”
      Savard said the Blackhawks needed to “go, go, go.”

      Who’s the hockey coach? Who would motivate you?

    17. Yeah, the 4th line has been on. Hollweg, Betts and Orr.

      I’m getting the Washington/Pittsburg game upstate, so I have the Blackhawks radio crew online. They were just saying Renney is the perfect guy to wreel in the players different styles to allow them to play there best hockey. I guess he hasn’t seen many Rangers games this year.

    18. Longtimerangerfan on

      Thank God, no third jersey today!!!!! Who are these guys out there????? Not the same team that was out there yesterday for sure!!!!

    19. as was previously mentioned on the equipment manager thread, those should be burnt, as well as all records/pictures of them

    20. they must be showcasing Prucha. Now he’s a 2nd line player, way to go TOMMY, you are consistently confused.

    21. Prucha-Cullen-Dupuis looks good, huh?

      bklyn, and Cullimore is back in the Hawks lineup…could be a swap in the making.

    22. The Blackhawks announcers just said a lot of really nice things about Hollweg and what he brings to the table. It is nice to see other teams recognizing the little things like finishing checks and playing hard.

    23. This is exactly the kind of period that Renney needs to learn to coach the team out of: they seemed to have gone into a lull and let the Hawks back in. And that goal sucked.

    24. I am no fan of the functionally illiterate Hockey Rodent, but he called this one right….and he did it BEFORE the game. He said that the Flyers had nothing to lose and would bruise and batter us, so we better dress Orr and anyone else willing to fight and defend Jagr.

      Renney checked his Instant Karma meter and it was very low. He interpreted this as a peaceful, Ghandi like game from the Broad Street bullies. Again, just another reason to get rid of this illogical computer nerd.

    25. Blue give me a break with the hot goaltender Renney excuse. He let them revert back away from thir 1st period game plan. 0-1 is the result.

    26. It’s no excuse at all.
      Just stating a fact..Not defending any one in particular; especially Renney-

    27. Great to see Renney beeing outspoken, I think thats the only way he can silence his critics, EDUCATE them.

      Most critics on boards like these are just mindboggling. Its funny how short memory many fans seems to have. I am a rangerfan in Sweden and have spent time on Rangerboards on the web for over a decade now.

      Its always the same story. Gooing into last season Renney were a idiot for not playing Pöck over Roszival. Giroux should have played instead of Nylander or Straka. This year,
      Helminen should have played over Betts. Immonen should have played over Betts. Dawes defenitly should have played over Hossa. Prucha should’ve played with Straka and Jagr.

      It were unbeliveble that we signed soft euros like Nylander and Straka to start with.

      IMO Renney is the first coach we have had since Keenan who knows what he are dooing, who got a game plan thats not only is up-to-date, but probably world leading with whats successful in the game today. He works extremely hard, and got a plan how to develop each player we have. Take Prucha for example, Petr isn’t the 2nd comming of Ziggy Palffy, he must be able to contribute even when he aren’t scoring. I think it will be great for his future development that he is given time to concentrate on other aspects off his game then putting the puck in the net, he won’t be able to play with Jagr his enire career, and he must be able to contribute even when playing with someone like Betts. I think he really have started to pick up his game lately, and I expect him to have a great career. Guys like Hossa and Roszival are also examples of players who Renney always are seen to be talking to behind the bench, teaching them, and its paying off.

      I don’t know if Renney is the man to coach this team when we finally becomes a real contender 4-5 years from now, but right now I defenitly belives there are many many coaches out there who would do a much worse job building a platform for the future here in NY.

    28. Some of you guys have it all wrong, The REASON why Renney should be fired isnt because he does not know how to treat the youth…forget about the youth…our youth is a bunch of “small,over-hyped,un-talented forwards and left over weak brothers” Please just stop it already. Renney should be fired simply because he doesnt know how to make the team work on an everyday basis. He isnt a coach, he doesnt know how to huddle up a squad, he doesnt know how to communicate and when he does, guys dont listen to him because he’s a douche. Someone like IRON MIKE KEENAN can make sure these czech pussies come out to play every night. Mark Messier as GM would be the perfect fit for the Rangers. Mess brought a cup here as a player and he will be the only GM to bring the cup back for the Rangers. Adam Graves as coach would also be a good idea.

      Judging by Thomas Pock the bum that i hate so much, id love to sign Brian Leetch right about now and let him play out the season or maybe the playoffs. THEN retire his jersey.

      Jagr – Hossa- Straka line is a great line.

      Lundqvist is still the man and Prucha STILL needs to go.

      Id take Billy Guerin for Prucha right about now.

      That is all…”ta-ta-tatelle”

    29. Newman you are kidding aren’t you??

      Guerin a former great player for Prucha!!Guerin is 38 Purcha is 24, be real……

      Keenan is a lunatic, got his cup and ripped apart every team he either coached or Gm’d…

      Hey who was #5 not seen him all yr. until the last week or so, did he forget when the season started?

      His play recently has been very good, a huge help…

    30. BlueClue I mentioned the other day about the rangers running into alot of hot goaltending. The rangers really need an Adam Graves clone to play with Jagr, someone whom everyone in the league knows that if you mess with Jagr you will have to deal with him.

    31. Newman- Back in the early 90’s all teams played a really simple dump and chase type of game. We kept playing like that throughout the 90’s and the results speaks for themselfs.

      Today its so much about playing organized as a team. We are competing with teams that have had the same core together for years, that often have had the same coaches in place for a long time, like Ruff who have been in Buffalo for a decade now, or Carolina who had Maurice for a really long time before another coach with the same philospopy took over.

      There is just noway that you build a team from scratch to a SC contender in two years in the NHL today. It takes atleast 3-4 years to implement a system. It takes another 2-3 years of failure in the PO’s before you learn that part, look at Detroit, at Colorado, at NJ, at Pittsburgh. All thoose teams busted out big time in the PO’s before they won.

      What we need here in NY is time and stability more then anything.

    32. OLA you may want to wait 4-5 years but Sather is not . Renney is developing Hossa, but he put Prucha in a position more to be traded then kept. There is no way you can defend his stubborness to keep the #1 line together & have Shanny not have a regular center. While only having 1 PP unit that at 1 point this year was 1 for 33. Having Cullen not on the point for the PP is just another of many ? decisions. So spin all you want. What have the results been? A .500 hockey team to goes on winnng and losing streaks. To come here & only point to his possible positives , ignore the negatives, & not be realistic is not genuine. Maybe in Sweden you can talk that circle logic that’s only provable in 4-5 years if Renney & Sather are still here. Nice try, bye.

    33. Also, when it comes to coaches like Keenan, or others like him, like Ted Nolan for example, I belive they can get extremely much out of a weak team, there are many examples, but I honestly don’t think thats the way to build a team that can substain a high level over a long period of time. It will work one year, then be a disaster the next.

    34. Meshuggah

      The goaltending in the NHL seems to better than it ever was, despite all the rule changes to create more open ice and fluidity.

      A guy like Todd Bertuzzi would work exceptionally well on a Jagr line.

      He’s big, mean and has reaally soft hands-

    35. bklynblue- Prucha-Straka-Jagr will just not work. We got our centers leaving the zone pretty fast, its extremely important that our wingers don’t loose battles along the boards clean. If we got Straka at center and Jagr at RW, and Prucha goes into a 50/50 battle along the boards around the defensive blueline or in the neutral zone and are run over, Straka will be pretty high up ice, Malik be gooing up ice and are forced to stop and start accelerate the other way, Rozival will have his player, and Jagr will have the 4th player comming in late. This is a ugly ugly situations for us…

      I don’t belive Hossa were ready to play with Jagr gooing into this season, do you?

      So the way I see it, Renney had two options, either play Jagr in a bad situation, or Shanahan.

      On the PP, I don’t get what Renney thinks can comeout of playing Jagr and Shanahan on the points with two men up, I don’t like that at all. But, can you blame Renney for gooing with Shanahan-Nylander-Jagr? If Jagr had been able to shoot even remotly like he did last year that PP unit would have scored a ton. And that PP unit still played pretty well for the first 35 games or so too. Now we got Avery who is red hot offensivly, and that give Shanahan a PP unit to play on that isn’t a total waste. Prucha have also picked up his game.

    36. I know Bertuzzi had a back injury, but he’s expected back to Florida late this month and if the Panthers will be sellers, he would fit right in here-

    37. OLA I didn’t say put Prucha on the 1st line with the condition mentally both Jagr & him have been in. Believe or not last year I saw something in Hossa, this year Renney made him into a D player. Now he coming around to being a two way player, which is what the New NHL is about. All this season this team has needed a 2nd center & A D to make up for not getting Elias & Chara. Sather has floundered along with Renney for 50 games. Why? Because Dolan could give 2 craps as long as the seats are over 90% full. Mgmt has the brunt of this 500 season, not the players who have been scrambled like a jig saw puzzle. What & how he’s used Pock, Orr, & others while giving Malik a free ride along with Betts and others is not coaching but favoritism. Yet this team still might make the playoffs & go deep if Shanny is ok & a real D man is acquired, and the rest stay healthy.

    38. bklynblue- I think we put Marc Savard in a position to be traded when he was here. Right out there on the 2nd line and top PP unit.

      Savard looked like a player with some offensive magic but with big flaws too. We didn’t develop him, we through him into the fire and he couldn’t handle it.

      Now he is a true 1st line center in this league.

      Craig MacTavish used Savard as a example on how not to develop a player, when asked about how Rob Schremp is handled in Edmonton.

      When developin Prucha, the most important thing is to have him find ways to get involved in the play and contribute in all aspects. Especially in the transition game, you can’t be a 170lbs european in this league who can’t help out in the transition game. If Straka would play on a line with Orr and Hollweg he wouldn’t score much, but he would still contribute, he would still create chances, pressure people back with his speed and stuff like that. Straka have always been a streaky scorer, but coaches have always had use for him in this league. Prucha got that potential, and its essential for him that he develop these aspects. Playing on a scoring line there is allot of pressure on him to score, and its easy to focus only on that. I defenitly belive him beeing brough on slowly will help his career in the long run.

    39. Id love Bertuzzi here, now that Dominic Moore is gone and all…

      Stuart, no i am not kidding, Im not a Guerin fan but he can do 10 times as much as Prucha will EVER be able to do. I dont care if he’s 38 or what not. I already stated before, id trade Pock and prucha for a bag of pucks. Thats a sarcastic statement but honestly, if we loose Prucha tomorrow for some old fart, i wouldnt even think about it. Id be happy because at least that old fart can bring something to the table besides getting bitched around every shift. Prucha is going to get killed one day and i dont want it to be on our team. Good Luck Petr on a diff team. Your gonna need it, btw…Only reason Prucha is playing in the big league is because of Jagr…on another team he’d be an AHL’er, he’s a good guy but being a good guy isnt a solution in hockey.

      Sorry thats just the way i see it.

    40. what are you clowns talking about. they now have 2 PP lines. the lines are fine.
      Jagr-Straka-Hossa(everyone hated him 3 weeks ago)
      Shanny- Nylander- Avery
      Cullen-Dupuis-Ortmeyer(I really think it should be Prucha)

      that is not going to win the cup but it ain’t bad.

    41. newman nice to see you come around a little. Prucha might get killed, just as Shanny almost got killed, that’s hockey. Keenan was great for 94, not sure if he would have been in 95 even if SMITH would continue to work with him rather than what the 2 of them did. I’m all for Mess, Gravy, Letch, & other former NYR getting into mgmt. It would hopefully help what OLA is looking for, a 5 year plan that would work. It not easy to turn this org into a well oiled machine with present ownership & mgmt, and being in NY on Broadway can be a trap. Duguay was on the radio looking to get a shot at coaching. He was a good player but was into the NY star role. Maybe that why the satans have been successful by being in the swamp. But Lou Lemon is shrewd. He goes thru coaches like toilet paper but his players either fit his puzzle or they’re gone. The NYR are not that close to being that type of org. Who knows if they can really develop the kids the pick. Sather just cannot be trusted, he’s a CYA man period. …. Is Messier GM yet? ;)

    42. Newman, why the hate of prucha…yes he hasn’t produced like last year, but he also hasn’t received the ice he got last yr w/ the signing of shanny…prucha still has 13 goals, and is an important player for the shootout…prucha who given shannys spot played really well today…

      Matt Cullen has been the best ranger past few weeks now…

      The rangers badly need to upgrade the defense. i say this every post, was at the game today, how awful is rachunek, he is a cone out there of def, him and ward together is a circus…

      And to me, i think its nice and all that renney admits his mistake, but what was he thinking. to me there was no excuse for not dressing orr vs the flyers..bottom line no matter how many beatings jagr takes, tommy boy just doesn’t get it…With the excpetion of a few games against small teams, ORR needs to be dressed..

    43. Newman he’s been head coaching somewhere. As a player he gave 100% most nights. Trottier was set up to fail with the roster Sather couldn’t even coach. It was a Dolan globetrotter so called team. Their main goal is to get corporate season subscribers, it’s just another business to them that’s a small part of Cablevision. How Sather has survived can only be thru as kissing while BS ing his boss. That corporate culture has filtered down to Maloney & Renney resulting in more BSing while following the marketing plan. Even hiring Messier is right up their alley. They’re in the entertainment business 1st.

    44. Tom Renney was named a finalist for the Adams trophy because he coached a team expected to finish 30th on the NHL to a playoff spot. He didn’t do that by having a brilliant system that everyone played – in fact, I’m not convinced the Rangers, or most teams, have a system. Even the Devils – I think there is a certain prototype of player they know will play the kind of defensive, opportunistic hockey they want played, and for the last 15 years have been drafting clones of that prototype. Renney inexplicably was somehow able to convince that team to believe in themselves, and to play waaay over their heads for much of the year. On top of that a brilliant young goaltender emerged as a finalist for the Vezina, and Jaromir Jagr was unstoppable all year. That ride lasted through the Olympics, when suddenly the team and the league realized they were for real. And then he had to actually start coaching.

      This year, he has done nothing to show any sort of brilliance or even a modicum of success strategically. I can recall no time when he’s made any coaching move that was ever referred to by us here or even the media or even the MSG announcers as ” a brilliant coaching move.” And as evidenced by his team’s horrible inconsistency and paper thin confidence (their response to any adversity is to quit), he also has been completely unable to get the team to believe they are even as good as they can be, never mind better. So while last year maybe the Adams nomination was deserved, this year he’s done nothing of the sort.

      He very well may be another in a long line of Ranger personnel – defensemen, other players, coaches – who if the Rangers didn’t employ them, nobody else would. Ask yourself this – if Renney wasn’t coaching here, would he be coaching anywhere else in the league? Guys like Hitchcock, Crawford, Laviolette, Maurice – all have been fired and hired fairly quickly thereafter. What would happen with Renney?

    45. 3 weeks ago, I was all about saying that Hossa will find his game soon and that he is about to break loose. He just needed to be on a better line with some more ice time.

      Atleast 4 people on the board (not naming names) teamed up on me, told me I don’t know what i’m talking about and basically said to take my dumb comments elsewhere.

      Who’s dumb now?

    46. Newman, why the hate of prucha…yes he hasn’t produced like last year, but he also hasn’t received the ice he got last yr w/ the signing of shanny…prucha still has 13 goals, and is an important player for the shootout…prucha who given shannys spot played really well today…

      When was the last time Prucha scored a shootout Goal? Exactly…Last year he was under-estimated and noone really took him serious. His 30 goals were a fluke. He was given ENOUGH chances this year, 1st line, 2nd line, 3rd line, 4th line to produce. He isnt that type of player to overcome players hounding him, which they clearly are. He keeps his head down and keeps on getting hit. Thats not smart hockey. His skating is a bit slow and his release dissapeared after last year. Remember last year when he was scoring goals and after every game he would always say he “GOT LUCKY” on a goal. Well now i clearly realize that he did in fact get lucky…it was a 1 fluke season.

      Messier for GM.

      The sooner the better.


    47. Is MESSIER GM yet? Maybe Sather going to hire him when they’re together in Edmonton next week for his #11 banner raising. Great timing , same as the deadline, so genius is setting up an outpost. Guaranteed he’s a buyer just to try and make the playoffs so his boss stays off his back.

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