Shanny shows up at the rink


He won’t play for at least a week, and maybe longer, but that didn’t stop Brendan Shanahan from showing up at the Garden directly from St. Vincent’s Hospital in order to address his teammates.

“Honestly it was pretty inspirational seeing him coming in here and it shows how much he really cares,� said center Matt Cullen. “For what he’s done for our team and the way he’s led our team, he’s a pretty inspirational guy in the first place. So for him to come and do that is even more impressive. I don’t think there’s one guy who wouldn’t give everything for him.�

The Rangers at least made some headway today, getting two points in typically nerve-wracking fashion at the Garden. For all the challenges still ahead, it’s remarkable that they’re only three points out of a playoff spot. And given that Shanahan was at least lucid enough to make an appearance here, it’s not unreasonable to wonder when he might return.

“I know in about five days (doctors) are going to meet with him and reassess where he is and from that point, they can determine whether he can go for a bike ride or a little spin on the ice, just determine what type of activity he’d be in position to do,� Tom Renney said. “And from there, I’d be guessing.�

A few more thoughts:

  • Petr Prucha is the right replacement for Shanahan on the second line, and he actually makes the unit quicker. Only one problem: neither Prucha nor Michael Nylander are going to be confused with Jay Pandolfo anytime soon, so that line is a bit of a liability in its own end. And when Renney had them out with the never-dull pairing of Aaron Ward and Karel Rachunek against the Martin Havlat line, this game seemed on the way to being tied. Something to keep an eye on against the Devils…
  • An important win, and yet in many ways it felt like a loss in the post-game dressing room. Jaromir Jagr and Martin Straka were both clearly annoyed that the game was so close late, with Straka dropping the occasional expletive into his post-game comments. I’d tell you what he said, but there are young eyes on this site, so I’ll refrain.

    OK, more later..

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    1. I know there are fans that had hoped the Rangers might deal Shanahan as they continue to chase a playoff spot, for the bounty they’d hope he’d bring back. But, I really hope the Rangers re-sign him. He means a lot more to this franchise than just what he brings on the ice. Forget all the talk of Messier being a future Ranger GM. Just listen to Shanny talk and you know the guy is executive material. And, I want players like Dubinsky, Callahan, Byers and Dupont around this guy just to absorb what being an NHL player is about.

    2. Why do they need inspiration? They are in the middle of a playoff race and need all the points they can get. They should not need one of their best players to get injured to be inspired.

    3. People wanted Shanahan traded?

      He’s been a tease for us for over a decade. Every offseason we’d hear Shanny rumors. He’s finally here, he’s every bit as good as we’d hoped (if not better) and he wants to be here, unlike most of the players we eventually got when those rumors proved false.

      The team has been a bit insulting for a player like Shanny, I’m sure, but he doesn’t seem to notice. I’d be very disappointed if the team doesn’t do whatever it takes to keep him here until he hangs up the skates.

    4. NHL hockey is Brendan Shannahan!

      If Renney goes, Shanny should be named player/coach. He should have been presented the C instead of Jags. He is the real leader of this team.

      He definitley is executive material. If not with the Rangers, then definitly somewhere, like in the league office replacing Gary Bettman.

    5. I have to say I think Brendan Shanahan seems like exec material to me well before Mark Messier. Shanahan always seems thoughtful and reasonable and tough; Messier doesn’t seemed to have moved beyond intimidating. Not that Mess wasn’t awesome as a player, but I’m not sure his skill set is correct for management. Then again, what do I know?

    6. I was lucky enough to meet Steve Yzerman once and I asked him who the best all around player he ever played with was, he said Lemieux when they were on team Canada. But he was quick to point out that Shanahan was the best he’d ever been with on an NHL team. He said no one made his job easier on and off the ice.

    7. Never mind Ranger GM, the NHL needs Shanny to be its Commissioner. The sooner the better, I say. No one of late has been a better ambassador for NHL Hockey. No one is more respected for his insight and courage to challenge the system from within to bring about constructive change.

      Does anyone know what Shanny’s IQ is? This guy is smart, thoughtful, insightful and verbally gifted. More than all that, he is sincere.

    8. Shanahan has proven day in, day out, why he’s one of the most respected players in the NHL. And to think we could have had this guy a decade ago if Neil Smith had the balls to make the move. If memory serves me right, the deal was shot down by Messier who didn’t want to lose Kovalev for Shanny. It’s a hell of a thing for the guy to come to the Garden and try and inspire his teammates…although it’s pathetic that this team needs inspiration. That they had to barely hang on to win against the Blackhawks is not a good thing…and I’m shuddering to think what the Devils are gonna do. After all, the greatest defensive forward the league has ever seen will be on ice, the legendary Jay Pandolfo. Message to Jags, instead of surrendering before the puck is dropped like he usually does, keep those tree trunk legs going and try and draw a penalty. Oh, and as for Renney and his “proactive offense”…is it too much to ask that someone fire a puck at him to put him, and us, out of our misery?

    9. repost…
      Is MESSIER GM yet? Maybe Sather going to hire him when they’re together in Edmonton next week for his #11 banner raising. Great timing , same as the deadline, so genius is setting up an outpost. Guaranteed he’s a buyer just to try and make the playoffs so his boss stays off his back.

    10. Way to go Shanny!! Get better soon!!

      Today’s win was important. They needed to bounce back. And I’m glad to hear Jagr and Straka were ticked off after the game. Hopefully, they’ll come out strong against NJ Tuesday.

      And yes, Marcel Hossa is on fire. Lets hope it lasts.

    11. Could someone tell me how the shanny incident happened. Was his helmet on or off when he hit the ice? And also, news reports said it was contact with Knuble’s shoulder; what then hit Knuble so high to cause his orbital bone to break?

    12. Hey Bklynblue… Do you think if the Rangers played the Flyers again today in Philly as part of a home and home instead of the Hawks that the results would have been any different from Saturdays?

    13. there reporting now the shanny does have a concussion. does anyone think nyr will make a deal at the deadline now, and theres a strong leetch rumor flying around.

    14. Where are all the kids that made fun of me for saying Hossa was worth holding on to, anyway?

      Yes, he still has a long way to go, and it’s only 7 games, but I think he’s proven himself more worthwhile than many of our other 3rd/4th liners, as well as many of our “Hartford kids.”

      Still just 7 games, but can people honestly say Hollweg is more belonging on the team?

    15. John M I’ll give a Renney answer, MAYBE. The flyers finally have moved on from Foresberg & screwy Berube with Bobby Clarks backing will try the broad st bully approach. Somebody posted on another blog that the NYR should call up Puriton & Lessard to add to Orr, Hollweg, & Avery. Might be a solution, hard to tell how many goals they’ll give up that Jagr & Co would have to make up.But they will have his back.

    16. I didn’t see it all yesterday but Raccoon still gives me the shivers 5-on-5, I thought Jagr and Marty could have had 2 or 3 each if not for Jiggy. It Still took some great saves from Henrik to get the W though.
      Hossa is more than on-fire, he is lucky too – his goal took a big deflection off a skate in-front. Now that he has linemates who create chances instead of keeping the puck in the corner he is starting to look more confident.
      Our biggest problem at the moment is we are 5-4-1 in the last 10 and Toronto is 7-1-2, although we are warming up a bit (4-1-0 in the last 5).
      2 games against the Debbies this week could make or break our playoff hopes…

    17. Sam time for reinforcements. They should call up Isbister, put Malik back on IR and give Puriton a shot. Right now they need experienced NHLers. Tell our illustrious intellectual cliche coach, “he who hesitates is lost”. This team needs some pickle juice to toughen up for the playoff drive. This is that time of the season when most teams kick it up a notch. Any rumors on who they’re trying to get? They still need a D & probably a center if they want to be a contender rather than a pretender ( compliments of Hull who took it from? )

    18. Hey UK, I was at the game yesterday and let me tell anytime the opponent goes end to end on our team you can be certain Good Ol Karl and Aaron are on the ice. What i think is even more alarming is that Renney was trying to MATCH them vs havlat. has he gone mad???

      Not sure why everyone is bashing prucha defensive play, yesterday he played really well, and was always back on d helping getting the puck tipped out of the zone….He should continue to be given shanny ice time whiles hes out…if there one last move this team needs is an upgrade on Def. love to see us get a Brewer…

      Cullen line was great yesterday, flying all over…i like this kid dupuis…lots of speed, energy, and very strong on the puck and the boards!!

    19. I Stated on this blog a month in to the season that Shanahan should be captain of the rangers and several bloggers on this site ripped my head off saying it was Jagr’s team. It’s amazing how things change.

    20. Gregg, i’m with you on Prucha, he is good at both ends of the ice.
      As for Raccoon, he sometimes makes me pine for Malik, so he must be bad..!! I’ve defended him in the past but he is starting to become the new Ozo. If we can get by this season with our D, next year looks very appealing
      Roszy, Toots, Pock, Girardi, Staal, Baranka, Ward..?
      Although if we can trade for a rental without giving up too much in picks or youngters? Can we include Krog in a trade?

    21. Things haven’t changed TomG, Jagr is still the Captain and it’s still his team.

      It never ceases to amaze me how quiet the comments get after a win. I am starting to think that the loudest fans, I mean posters, enjoy losses more than wins.

    22. czechthemout!!!!! on

      bklynblue-i’am with you on the toughness part.but i would call up lifiton instead of purinton,who sucks as far as a hockey player.i saw th last two wolfpack games andlifiton looked real good.he is a good skater and his overall play has improved he is one hell of a fighter.also if you are looking for a tough scrapper who can play some quality minutes they sholud bring up dubinsky i have seen two of his fights this season and let me tell you that boy can really go.

    23. Jags is the captain. He may not be the voice like shanny but he is the captain. Him going to the hospital to see shanny/ telling the press the game did not matter, all we care about it shanny proves it to me.

    24. Our problem is bringing up a fighter/enforcer, we have one, his name is Colton Orr it’s just up to our braindead coach to dress him. Anyone who watched the philly game and/or highlights how can it not make you sick and almost state that will never happen again. I love hollweg but he is not a deterent, and for all his heart, grit, and toughness, he can’t go toe to toe with likes of federouks, and brashears. they r too big for him and thats asking too much of him..honestly i wouldnt have a problem sitting hollweg or even prucha in that situation where we play a team with a dirty rep, or a heavyweight…

    25. This game was too close at the end. Combined with the Philly game, we got by with two points when we should have had two decisive wins and four points. Against the Devils, they need minimum two points and let’s hope for three. Four would be gravy.

    26. I’ve been saying call up Liffiton for over a month now. He has played with both Pock and Girardi the past two years. He is pretty good positionally. He is also tough. With those three and Toots in the lineup, that gives us 4 young defensman who can skate and shoot. Then you can get rid of some dead weight.

      Liffiton played well in limited action last year on Broadway. Give the kid a chance.

    27. Some comments about the game. First of all, I wasn’t impressed with their performance even though they won. They tried to give the game to Chicago and were on their heels in the third period.

      But the thing that got me most upset is that nobody went after that Chicago player that bumped Lundqvist in back of the net. The Rangers have been like that too long and will never get anywhere until they start protecting each other.

    28. I’d be surprised if they call anyone up for Tuesday’s game to be honest. I suspect they’ll go with the same line-up they played yesterday, and then evaluate call ups based on how they go. I guess with Malik not on IR, they’re also hoping he’ll be back within a week, so there may not be a “need” to make a call-up.

    29. I think the Rangers’ answer to the Philly goon tactics is not to try and fight them toe-to-toe because the Rangers aren’t built like that. The Rangers of the 90’s would bang with anyone and then win the game, this roster is not suited for that, although guys like Hollweg, Orr, Avery, Orts, Ward bring toughness to the ice, the are a)not going to win many fights and b) wouldn’t stand a chance with the Flyers.

      If the Rangers had any intensity the other day they should have put Philly away on the early PP’s. Instead the Rangers were passive, slow and had no sense of urgency on the ice, which has been a constant theme to this team all year long.

      Good to get a win against Chicago. A loss there would have been tough to recover from. Maybe the injury to Shanny will be a rallying cry for this team and maybe they can move forward stonger as a unit. They still have 23 games remaining in the season, much can happen. But I still don’t see much consistency from this team. They are up and down and you never know what team will come out of the locker room.

    30. just to add though…

      I love how the Flyers come out running players on the other team… i mean here’s a team with 16 wins now (it was 15 on Sat.), no playoffs in sight and what do they do? Come out running players and basically playing beer league tactics. I didn’t see much difference between the Flyers and a WWF match the other day. They’re a disgraceful organization in MHO, they have never played an exciting brand of hockey, most games the Rangers play against them are hardly entertaining.

      Whether ot not it is a winning formula for hockey is an entirely other matter. I think there is a way to play the game and a way not to. Tough hockey is true hockey, watching the Hansens run around trying to take your head and legs off another players body is not hockey.

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