Shanahan placed on IR


Much more in a little bit, but here’s the basics:

Brendan Shanahan was discharged from the hospital this morning and by all accounts he’s in better shape than anticipated. But the right wing will still be placed on injured reserve because of the concussion sustained yesterday, meaning he’ll miss at least a week.

Marek Malik is also out with a shoulder sprain but has yet to be placed on IR.

As of now, the Rangers are not bringing anyone up, although Tom Renney allowed that was still a possibility tomorrow.

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  1. Leave it to beaver to put off until tomorrow what he could do today & should have done yesterday, right after that disaster. He must have to check with his psychic first.

  2. waiting till Monday does not hurt. The guy would not play today so what is the difference. Orr in for Shanahan and Pock in for malik………..

    stop the complaining about the coach, enough already… He does not play the game….

    He did not let in 2 joke goals against the red wings, etc…

  3. Stuart…Renney deserves every single bit of hatred directed towards him. Everything that has been wrong this season can, for the most part, be directed at him. He waits 50 games into the season to try and fix a power play that was killing them, waits until 50 games in the season to try and stretch out the scoring, still knows nothing about discipline, accountability, or strategy. And it’s more than apparent that the players on this team could care less if he’s screaming in the locker room or standing there with his mouth agape behind the bench. Many of our soft players are to blame…but you’ve gotta look at the culture that Renney has created. Forget last season, it was a fluke built on Jagr’s MVP-like year, Henrik standing on his head, and lucky chemistry that had nothing to do with the coach. From the Olympic break last year until now…Renney has shown repeatedly that he hasn’t a clue how to coach this team. OH, he can talk plenty…but as Animal Mother said “You talk the talk…can you walk the walk?”…and Renney can’t in any way walk the walk…not in this league.

  4. Plain and simple, we need a coach who can motivate his players-

    I sat front row behind the Ranger’s bench earlier this year at the Verizon Center in Washington D.C. against the Caps.

    Paying close attention to Renney, I noticed that he barely spoke to the players, assistant coaches and never raised his voice once.

    The Rangers lost that game 3-1 and played poorly. All Renney could do after every goal against was shake his head like an idiot and frown. Brashear was also all over our guys like an animal with no repercussions at all.

    The guy is an enlightened joke!

  5. Just to add on, that night, Brashear’s total ice time was 6:53.

    He served 7:00 in penalties and was a +1 rating. He set the tone at 2:34 of the 1st period with a fighting major and the physical tone of the game was established.

    Of course the Rangers went on to lose.

  6. you guys are a piece of work.. Again the NHL is close. The standings are close and the games are close. If you say the Rangers have not faired well in the close games because they are not clutch or are not winners maybe you have a point.. They have lost a minimum 6 games they should have minimum gotten a point. Does Renney make mistakes sure but overall I think he is a B.

    Culture remember 3 yrs aga, old, soft, buying stars left and right and losing. Now they have a better then avg. minor system, good prospects thruout, some young guys contributing on the big club, really no crazy contracts going forward(Kaspar and Ozo worse of the contracts and not exactly samsonov or others).

    They are moving in the right direction.. I hate losing more thne any of you but it is what it is.. Get Scotty Bowman and I fire Renney but for another middle of the road coach I do not make any move…

  7. czechthemout!!!!! on

    what’s the problem guys?he needs to replce scoring that shany provided.he has orr and krog.why bring up someone yesturday when you still have plenty of games left in the can wait another 2or 3 games before you make a move .the kids are not ready especialy callahan.

  8. czechthemout!!!!! on

    stuart- if renney were a middle of the road coach they’d have an extra 10 pts this season.

  9. Stuart you’re right , the last time Renney played this game was probably when he was in high school. And since it’s up to the players, let Renney stay home or just hang out with Shanny to get some more ideas on what this team needs to do. Sorry but he’s way past the Peter Principle. Let Messier become GM & see how long karma coma man lasts. While you’re at it called the NYY & tell them they’re wasting $ on Joe Torre, he doesn’t play anymore & can be replaced by a computer program. Are you related to Wildcard?

  10. He is a D at best.

    Stuart- He is the coach of the team that let up the 2 joke goals to the wings. He will take some of the blame

    He needs to go in the off season. He couldn’t motivate a pack of 12 years olds on a sugar high at disneyland.

  11. Brooklyn Blue,

    I’m with you. He is the idiot who puts Malik out there in the first place. He is the idiot who knew Philly had nothing to lose by head hunting Jagr and didn’t dress Orr.

    This would have been a good time to make call ups…………..plenty of time to get from
    CT to the Garden. Renney is an idiot. He has to check his karma meter before making a decision. The season is lost already. Cut, waive, trade and call up.

  12. Renney apologists and defenders, be reminded, Coach Renney received ZERO votes in the NHL players poll nominating top coaches…ZERO…

  13. czechthemout!!!!! on

    seamus-the season is not lost, it is the coach who is losing the season with his paralasys by analasis aproach to personel decisions and his coaching else can you explain wating 52 games to change up the powerplay and the scoring lines.

  14. Even if his intentions are to play Pock, Orr, &/or Krog today, he has to call Isbister or Callihan up just to practice with them. Orr or Krog are not the answer to trying to replace Shanny’s contributions, not that anyone on this team could.But there’s a spot open, get somebody up NOW!

  15. a casual observer on

    stuartcard says “Does Renney make mistakes sure but overall I think he is a B.”
    I agree if the B stands for braindead! If you can’t get your team to buy into your “philosophy” change your methods, the coach, or part of the team. He is in over his head. Nice guy, but most of them finish last I believe.

  16. KEYS are you sure about that? He almost won coach of the year last year. This year he deserves a Budda bump.Let him go sit under a tree & contemplate his navel.

  17. Shanny has nothing to for a week, let him coach. Renney been doing nothing almost the whole season, put him in the skybox where he belongs.

  18. With all the ridiculous money spent over the last 10 years on “superstars” slightly out of their prime, why couldn’t we fetch a decent coach?

    Maybe it’s because they all knew that coaching the Rangers meant dealing with and being controlled by braindead management-

  19. I am by no means a fan of Renney, but I have to wonder how many of the decisions that are made regarding the team are his own. I certainly wouldn’t put it past Sather/Maloney to “suggest” lines and which players to play. That may not be the case, but I just wonder if Renney is anything more than just another company man. A coach should have a significant input in the team that dresses and the line combinations, but this is Dolan/Sather’s Rangers and it hardly ever seems that they make the right decisions let alone rational ones

  20. guilty as charged he is man enough to admit a mistake not exactly a life threatening mistake..

    there are about 80 NHL caliber coaches on this site, I forgot. Also there are too many stupid comments to rebut each one..

    He got no votes as NHL best coach, WOW, who here said he was the best coach…

    You guys live in dream land………

  21. We surprised everyone last year and benefitted from rising from the dead. Everyone is right to question the personnel management and who plays and who doesn’t. If Renney does have the say so which he apparently does, then everyone is right. The Rangers are five points out with games in hand to make the playoffs but the players know what is going on and have not responded properly to him all year long. They have picked it up in last week but the way the Flyers took liberties which would be apparent to anyone who has watched the Flyers and knows the Rangers, would have realized we needed a more physical presence. Yes, blame Renney. Jagr almost had his head taken off earlier this year by Hatcher and no response by the team. That tells you to put in a heavyweight to add chemistry to this club. Fedoruk was insane running around the rink trying to kill people yesterday without the puck. The refs didnt call anything and the young Flyers coach had this to say. “I just love the way we played with energy,” Flyers coach John Stevens said. “We got a raw deal early with penalties there and had to kill a lot of penalties. The penalty kill again did a great job, scoring shorthanded. They’ve been a driving force for us. I like the fire we came out with and stayed with.”
    The most absurd thing came out of that moron Hatcher’s mouth.
    “Best game we’ve played,” Hatcher said. “We want to see guys hitting.” Sad to see the game degenerate like that. Abysmal.

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