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A game that at one point was just comically bad for the Rangers quickly turned scary when Brendan Shanahan’s head hit the Garden ice this afternoon.

I say scary not only because Shanahan has 28 goals and the Rangers are scrambling for a playoff spot; and not only because Shanahan is an almost universally admired figure in hockey. I say scary because head injuries like the one Shanahan sustained today aren’t something you’d wish on anyone.

And at least for now it looks like a lot of what we saw today was mostly precautionary.
Some more details:

  • According to the Rangers, Brendan Shanahan was awake, alert and moving all his extremities at St. Vincent’s Hospital. He had no recollection of the collision with Mike Knuble, and the plan was to keep him overnight for observations. The good news is his X-rays and CAT scans were clear. But seeing how Shanahan lost consciousness today, it’s unlikely he’ll back in the lineup anytime soon.

    “Obviously he’s our leader,� defenseman Aaron Ward said. “Not just a spiritual leader, but in terms of blood and guts, be it for a role player or star player, he’s the guy who steps up. Hopefully we as a group can rally around the fact that he’s not there. We have big shoes to fill.�

  • Henrik Lundqvist is fine and will play tomorrow against the Blackhawks. The goaltender said his shoulder was sore but that he wanted to play the third period, and it was Tom Renney who opted instead to rest him for today.

    “I could’ve kept playing for sure, but they told me they wanted to make a change,� said Lundqvist, who allowed the first three Flyers goals on just 17 shots. “I guess maybe to have time to get ready for tomorrow. The shoulder’s very sore right now but I just have to ice it for a half hour and hopefully it’s good.�

  • Aaron Ward needed stitches for his right hand after his fight with Joni Pitkanen, but he won’t miss any time, either. “I don’t have great hands to begin with,” Ward said.
  • No word on Marek Malik, who left the third period with an “upper body injury”, but one can assume he’s out tomorrow against Chicago. Malik missed three games earlier this month with a shoulder strain.
  • My guess, and it’s only a guess at this point, is that the Rangers will have to call up at least one and maybe two players from Hartford. That would likely mean Ryan Callahan, and if a defenseman is needed, I suppose it would be Bryce Lampman.

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    1. renney hasn’t got a single back bone in his body. pulling henke in a DESPARATE MUST WIN game down 2 goals was just ridiculous. guy is softer than charmin

    2. Sam you’re doing a great job!

      What a horrible day for the Rangers, glad Shanny is OK.

      Maybe you can settle a debate me and a friend are having:

      When Shanny fought Brashear, my friend swears that Big Donald “took it easy” on Shanny because of who Shanahan is and did not want to embarass him. I say that although Brashear I’m sure respects Shanny no way he took it easy.

      What say you?

    3. THank god shanahan didnt have spinal cord damage. when i first saw his head snap back, i immediately thought paralysis. i was very scared for him.

    4. That was pretty disturbing to watch. Knuble’s eye seemed to take the most of Shanahan’s momentum, unlucky for Shanahan it seemed to have popped his helmet off exposing the back of his head to the ice.

    5. if Shanny is out for any length of time, the ship will be rudderless.

      Brashear did not take it easy. Shanny is one of the best fighters in the league.

      what Brashear needs is another McSorley love tap upside his coconut.

    6. brashear DEFINITELY took it easy on him in fact he asked him twice while the gloves were off right before they got into it if he really wanted to do this if he was sure. huggy bear could have killed him if he wanted to. guy is a monster but he knows the league and he’s got respect for it. it was a good move by brashear

    7. Gutless for taking out Henke, get a clue.. The coach did what he thought was right. If Henrik let in 3 in the 3rd I am sure you would be complaining he kept the goalie in yaddah yaddah yaddha,…

      Easy making decisions from the couch!!!!

      Malik out Sunday Pock in(pock play conservatively please) and someone in for Shanny.. He will be back in a few days, watch…

    8. Just curious if anyone knows if Shanny has had any other concusions (if this turns out to be one).

    9. RE: Brashear.

      yeah…he took it easy on Brendan out of respect for him, then went over and clocked Aaron Ward for no reason.

      Gimme a break.

    10. Hopefully, Callahan will get called up and get some real ice time!

      Brashear is tough but Shanny is no slouch. I don’t think he needs someone to take it easy!

    11. Thanks for the updates Sam!

      Couple observations I had:

      Cullen’s goal was easily one of the top five Rangers goals this season. Too bad it was too little, too late.

      Rangers showed great restraint in the first period and still skated hard. Both disappeared in the second and wasinitialted by the ‘captain’s idiotic hooking penalty. One of many bad minors he has taken this season. Take the damn C off already.

      Most life I’ve noticed from Aaron Ward all season. Too bad he never learned that helmets are harder than hands.

      Valiquette isn’t the answer as a backup. He wasn’t when the Isles had him, he isn’t now. If Weekes’ injury is long term, either give Chris Holt a shot to ride the bench or deal for a experienced minor leaguer who can guest spot when needed (Wade Flaherty).

      btw – I want to know what Avery said to Berube!! Amazing how he has been a Ranger for a week and he showed the most life and effort out on the ice today outside of the usual suspects (Jed, Ryan, Prucha) …

    12. Ward needs to learn to leave his punching hand’s glove on untill the helmet is off =p that way you can keep punching without injuring your hand, and knock the helmet off easier!

      as for Cullen, always been one of my favs. Even though he is underachieving, I just like his style, minus the underachieving haha. He has the potential to be one of my favs is maybe better.

    13. Pulling Henrik in the 3rd was the right move to both rest him for tomorrow’s game and to try and wake up the team a little.

      If it is a long absence for Shanny, look for a call up. If it is only a few games, I have no problem with putting Prucha in his spot and putting orr back on line four.

      Prucha was one of the few players with any jump today. He should get the first crack at the scoring line.

    14. I’d also like to take a sec to thank Sam for his up to the minute blog, as you know this is the place we are watching to get the latest updates on Shanny.

    15. Yeah you are probably right Inferno

      So who thinks that Sather is on the phone with JD trying to get Keith”Walt”Tkachuck?

      I’m bummed out I think we miss the playoffs

    16. Sam, A couple of things: Any Neurologist will tell you that if someone blacks out or (loses consciousness) for ANY period of time, it IS indeed a concussion. Secondly, Aaron Ward fought Picard who stood in for Pikkanen.

      As far as Brashear taking it easy on Shanny: Shanny stayed very close to Brashear,so that Brashear could not extend his arms to hit him. When Shanny saw Brashear gearing up to throw a punch, Shanahan placed his forward so that if Brashear got him, he wouldn’t be getting much-if anything at all.. That’s what to do when fighting a larger opponent.

      Guessing by Brashear’s body language, he did NOT want to fight Shanahan because he had nothing to gain. If he wins, he’s supposed to, if he loses he’s embarrased.

      Not being able to see exactly where Henke was hit, my first concern was collarbone- since there is little or no padding there. Renney did the absolute right thing by pulling him. His health has got to be the LONG TERM concern.

    17. Picard was not given an extra minor for fighting with a shield on. maybe if Renney knew the rules, he might have said something.

      Ward had no choice but to pound that gutless puke hiding behind his shield. Picard is the same guy who boarded Avery from behind and was lucky he got only 2.

    18. Thanks so much for the updates, Sam. Great job. I was worried about Jagr too after that hit by Fedoruk.

    19. Just a devastating game. From the injuries to the inability to capitalize on the 1st period PPs to the inability to consistently hit the net to the terrible play of Rosie and Rachuneck. Just terrible.

    20. a casual observer on

      I was thinking the same thing as Joe… We had 2 fights in this game. Both Flyers were wearing visors. How do they not get an extra 2 minutes???Maybe Sam can ask this question to the Karmanator.

    21. Rick is correct. Loss of consciousness in this setting – a traumatic brain injury – equals a concussion, and depending on how long he was out for, a “grade 2 (less than one minute) or a “grade 3” concussion. The general guidelines are that the athlete should be symptom-free for 1-2 weeks for a grade 2 and 4 weeks for a grade 3. But these are guidelines whose role is to prevent something called “second impact syndrome” something which it is not entirely clear exists.

      Shanahan will be out at least a week, although I’m sure he’ll get cleared sooner because he’ll want to play and is willing to take the risk (similarly, Jed Ortmeyer was taken off blood thinners and allowed to play after only 3 months when, at least from the info we were given, 6 months would have been the standard of care). But there is no question, a blow to the head that causes a loss of consciousness is basically the definition not only a concussion, but the most severe kind that exist.

      I didnt see it and I dont think I want to. Terrible game. Team unable to convert on 6 PP’s in the first period, Fedoruk running around hitting everybody, 2 on none shorthanded goal to break their backs before the period was even over, and then this. If the Rangers can recover from this I’ll be amazed, but knowing them, I doubt they will. Horrible, Horrible day for them and Brendan – hope he gets well soon.

    22. onecupin67years on

      Great job by the ranger D today,all were lousy,slow,etc.
      Leaveit to jagr’s linemates to let their buddy get pounded ,gutless. The Playoffs? HHHAAAAAAA.

    23. OH YEAH WHY THE HELL WASN’T ORR IN THE LINEUP TODAY!!! To add to things I couldn’t hear Sam Rosen and Joe Mich….

    24. czechthemout!!!!! on

      just came back from the observations;i hope malik is out for the rest of the year!!!!he is a gutless coward who can’t play more than one decent game in every ten.he should have stood up for jagr after that first period hit by fedoryk.but he did not.this a man who is 6ft 5inches tall but if measured by his heart would be a midget.what a looks like the power play is back to it’s old czech crap style{first unit only}rozy never shoots the puck,ever.krapunek was simply awful today.valliquette is what i said he was on friday.a 30 year old never was.he sucks!!!dupuis did nothing today,zeero.prucha was good as was orts and tyutin and girardi.avery was fantastic today.if most of the team had half his heart and guts they would have at least another 20pts this year.he drew 4 count em 4 penalties on the flyers and beat the crap out of one of them.he is a true teammate unlike that disgrace called malik.i hope to see callahan in the lineup tommorrow.but i won’t because renney the hyeena has no clue how to coach.every season a good coach can steal 3-4 extra wins for you by doing some thing during a game when your team does not have could have been his moment.he should have called a time out with 7 go in the second and the team down 2-1 and chewed them out for their shitty play but he does not have the good judgement needed to realize when to use a time out to try and motivate your team.see game 6 1994 semi-finals.

    25. Not hearing Sam Rosen and the other Bum for those 3 minutes was the highlight of the game.

      GET WELL SHANNY!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Malik is a coward but by no means did Prucha have an outstanding game. It should of been Orr in, Prucha out.

    26. Czech, Straka was off his game too. Girardi did fan on that shot that led to the 3rd Flyer goal but that was more Tyutin’s fault. First error I’ve seen him make. Considering it’s his 6th or 7th game, not bad!

    27. If the team can bounce back tomorrow and then take the hurting Devils, I think we can get right back on track.

      I’m not counting on it because with this team, logic has not held up all season.

      I mean, to be under .500 at MSG with the loudest and most enthusiastic fans is unacceptable…pitiful!

    28. cto, you’re right. usually a posse means “i got your back”.

      but the czech posse is more like “watch me run away, and i ain’t comin’ back”

      some friends and teammates they are to each other, eh?

    29. So whom exactly overall is the best ethnicity when it comes to toughness?

      It seems that the only Europeans with grit are Finnish and Russian.

    30. czechthemout!!!!! on

      lennynyr/newman-i could have just gone on and on about the rest .most had a bad game .i just decided to bring up the most aggrejous ones.big deal girardi fanned on a shot.if we use that as a criteria to judge a plyer during a game than every one in every game would be terrible.rozy was bad today.i am no fan of his.never was.but he has had some decent games lately so i give him a pass on that goal although it was because he never shoots on the power play.that puck should have been fired at the net long before it got back to him.

    31. The blame for this loss rests with Tom Renney and his continued inability to coach at the NHL level. I don’t care that he’s a nice guy, and don’t care that the fluke of last season led to him being a Coach of the Year finalist. Bottom line, the man is not fit to coach in this league. He has no idea about strategy, discipline, accountability…and especially general hockey sense. That the team came out flat in the first is a given with Renney’s teams. Especially at home. To come out flat in the second proves that Renney has no clue how to motivate. Best thing for the Rangers now is to tank it in, trade the useless members of the team (Nylander, Rozsival, Malik, etc) and get serious about rebuilding. No wonder Nylander has been on so many NHL teams…the man plays like it’s a practice drill. Disgusting and pathetic loss…worst in at least 7 years…and there’s no way they come back from this. Guaranteed loss tomorrow. Get well, Shanny. Don’t rush to come back to this team, it ain’t worth it.

    32. Hey Czech Casher, wherever you may be hiding….

      Many posters are talking about ROSZIVAL’S sloppy play today; unlike your earlier convicted predictions.

      Shows once again you have no clue what you are saying.

    33. I saw Nick Fotiu at the game. Would love to dress him up after taking 25 years off his age. Best Ranger fighter of all time IMO. OK was a close second

      Top ten best Ranger fighters in order of ability:

      Nick Fotiu
      Orland (white gloves)Kurtenbach
      Andy Bathgate
      Curt Bennett
      Barry Beck
      Ted Irvine
      Ron Harris
      Steve Vickers
      Jack (Tex) Evans
      Vic Hadfield (early in his career)

    34. czechthemout!!!!! on

      blue clue- the slovaks can also be tough.chara,nagy,ptrovicky.i am russian .and i can tell you not all russian players are tough.i know some of them personally.but clearley the softest are the czechs by far.that is why so few czechs have won the cup or have been on cup winning teams relativly to the number that has played in the nhl.YOU CANNOT WIN IN THE NHL WITH A CZECH CENTRIC TEAM PERIOD.

    35. no,cto, that goal was because they tried the fancy Euro neutral zone weave, and Rosival coughed it up trying to make a fancy pass to Straka who had just made a fancy pass to him in the neutral zone. they won’t dump it in when the blueline is clogged, and it cost them big time. they never even got into the zone on that play.

    36. I aree…Some Russians are tough as steel (Ovechkin) and some are soft as butter (Kovalev)

      Surprising about th Slovaks since them and the Czechs used to be one country.

      The Slovaks (poorer part) must have been really p-o’d afterwards and had lots of steam to blow off.

    37. A good coach can steal you 3-5 wins during a season…a bad coach can cost you 3-5 wins. I think Renney’s poor coaching alone has cost this team at least 5-7 wins. Forget about the first four months of last season…everything else you’ve seen is what this team really is and who Renney really is. Their play at home this season should be reason enough to fire him…but Sather likes coaches who don’t give him grief. He also likes coaches who couldn’t find a job anywhere else in the league. Ron Low? Bryan Trottier? Sather himself? Nothing’s changed, folks…this team is still a bottom feeder.

    38. Hey Peter, my docs can’t find out what is causing the leg pain (result of a collision last Sept on the ballfield). Fell hard on my right side and have lots of pain when climbing stairs or hills. Would an MRI show the problem? Already had an x-ray where they ruled out bursitis and showed them nothing else.

      Dr Pete, your advice is wanted!

      Since this is a day of injuries, figure I’d throw mine in there!

    39. lennynyr – you forgot to put Joey Kocur on that list of Ranger fighters. Kocur didn’t even have to drop the gloves half of the time, guys didn’t want to fight him. And during his first season with the Rangers, Adam Graves was one of the best I’ve seen. I don’t think he lost a fight all season…and he took on everyone who looked at Mess wrong.

    40. czechthemout!!!!! on

      you are right hossamvp.i meant to say that he should have dumped the puck in instead of trying a fancy the way ,did you guys notice their play in the tthird period of the carolina game?they started the czech shit again.looked flat footed and somewhat obviously carried over into this game.i posted about that after the last game.a good coach would have seen it coming and would have put a stop to it before it carried over today.

    41. Reginald Dunlop on

      boy that Rozsival is something…….guess we forgot how to shoot the puck on the plane back from Carolina…….

    42. lenny

      You are absolutely right about Curt Bennett, and Vickers was an amazingly good fighter. The only disagreement I would have is with Irvine; I saw him get his breakfast lunch and dinner eaten by Cashman one night at the Garden.

      Kurtenbach may have been the best fighter of his day.

    43. The only consistent thing this team has had all year is inconsistency, bad coaching and terrible maagement; heck it’s been that way for much longer than that-

    44. Ron Harris, the only guy to kill someone on the ice in the NHL.

      Playing for the Seals, he hit Bill Masterton of Minn. with a crunching, legal open-ice check. Masterton fell on the back of his head, and died 3 days later.

      that is why they have the Masterton award.

    45. czechthemout!!!!! on

      hey,where is wildcrda today .i don’t see him defending the the rangers brass today.he must be on his way back home from the game.his voice is hoarse his throat is tired.he and joe micchelletti called a good game from what i understand wilddcra(sam rosen)actually called marek the creep our best defenceman today.what a shill he is.

    46. Joey Kocur was great. It would be great to have him now, he was also the emergency goaltender. As I understand, he wasn’t half bad.

    47. Right guys, forgot Joey Kocur. Tie Domi and Adam Graves were both good but I’ll amend my list to put Kocur 3rd, behind Kurtenbach. That drops Hadfield off the list. Graves and Domi with Hadfield definitely in the next 5 though.

      BlueClue, if you saw flashes of Kocur in Avery, as far as guts are concerned, right on the money, but that’s it. Avery reminds me more of Barnaby and Tikkenen. Not a bad comparison.

    48. Never saw Irvine get beat, that doesn’t mean it hasn’t happened. Thanks for contributing guys, fond memories.

    49. Funny Kocur memory was during a GameNight they showed that cameras were with Joey as he went to go out to a country music concert. Cowboy hat and all…and he locked himself out of his house. Cue the video to show poor Joey on his roof looking for a window to climb in! Anybody else remember seeing this? Every time I think of Joey I think that. LOL

    50. There D is just not very good. Rozy has been playing well but he’s not a top blue liner. He should be a second line player. I saw someone wrote Tutin as usual played well? Tutin IS MINUS 14 FOR THE SEASON, A TEAM WORST!! He has scathed by ALL season, and has been an utter dissappointment. Hopefully Staal will be that first Line D man we covet. I am still in shock that we lost today, I really thought we would come out blazing, but Say what you will, I blame this on RENNEEY. IF ORR WAS SUITED UP WE WOULDN’T HAVE GOTTEN ASSUAULTED WITH NO ANSWER AND THE FLYERS WOULDN’T HAVE GOTTEN THE MOMENTUM THEY CONTROLLED. IF THERE WAS A GAME TO PLAY ORR IT WAS TODAY. SEE LAST WEEK SI ISSUE. IT’S ABOUT PARROS, AND HOW THERE TEAM ALWAYS DRESSES ENFORCERS BECAUSE ITS CRITICAL FOR HIS SKILL PLAYERS TO HAVE ROOM TO PLAY. RENNEY JUST DOESN’T GET IT…HOW MANY TIMES WILL HATCHER TAKE RUNS AT OUR BEST PLAYERS WITH ZERO RETALIATION. IT’S A JOKE AND IT MAKES ME SICK EVERYTIME I SEE JAGR AND PETR GET ELBOWED AND CHEAP SHOTTED!!!

    51. Tikkanen had one hell of a slapshot…Also a guy with the least teeth i’ve seen of any player in the 90’s..haha

    52. newman you have the right name. How’s Jerry, George, & the rest of your crew? Was the blow to your head harder than Shanny’s or your genius comes naturally? How’s your uncle Tom Renney and the rest of the Prucha bashers club. Your uncle Tom is a metrosexual who’s zipper belongs on the side or the back, so playing Orr would be useless.

    53. I was thinking about an interesting idea the other day.

      You know the great comradery all of us have on this blog..cough..cough-

      It would be some night if LOHUD and Sam would purchase and reserve an entire Group Section in the 300’s for all us Bloggers. I think we can fill the seats in one section.

      It would be fun and comedic to put a face to all the posters out here and see what everyone is really like; not to mention the great conversation that would go on.

      Any backers?

    54. Since Renney is great at finding excuses…and taking a long time saying them…I wonder if he’ll blame Britney Spears’ new bald look for his team losing. “Yeah, well, you know our karma was going well, but when Britney did that it allowed the space-time continuum to create a rift that allowed the Flyers to kick our pansy asses all over the ice. Good thing I wasn’t out there…I abhor violence. Prucha!!! You’re benched!!!”
      Can ANYONE tell me how this man continues to hold a job as an NHL head coach?

    55. I noticed at the game how the Flyers d were really cross checking Prucha in the back during the power plays (one was called many were not). I think the relaxed play that allows that type of play is really a disadvantage to the Jagr power play unit in particular. AND our d does not do the same to the other teams forwards.

    56. BTW…anyone else here wonder if Shanny asked if the game was as bad as he thought it was? Or was he hoping it was just a bad dream? My bet for tomorrow is a 4-3 loss. No way they win, but they’ll somehow make it close. And don’t even think about beating the Devils…it’s over, Johnny.

    57. “I wonder if he’ll blame Britney Spears’ new bald look for his team losing.”

      If that’s the excuse for todays poor showing, the season is lost.

    58. Basically Renney gave this game away by sitting Lundqvist. If he could have played then why sit him? It makes no sense. He has played a ton of games and 1 period wont make a difference

    59. Having nothing to do with racism, (Many of us are very sensitive) an animal like Brashear doesnt “take it easy”. I Dont think an idiot like him has an “easy mode”

    60. I think Avery would be the first to agree with me when i say Picard is just another French-Canadian Visor wearing fool who acts tough and backs down when challenged

    61. Go NYR it was a good move to wake up the team but if Lundie was ok he should have put him back in after Valli 1st goal. Otherwise he was throwing the towel in after the 2nd period. He should wear his white suit with shirt & tie to match with the word SURRENDER on his back. Did he even call a timeout today? The Professor needs to get more schooling. Unfortunately he’s doing it on NYR time and not really passing, except gas.

    62. onecupin67years on

      I noticed that a lot of players on other NHL teams come down with groin injuries ,but I never see a ranger with that injury,
      Could it be because they have NO BALLS?

    63. onecupin67years on

      They interviewed Shanny at the hospital he said the hit didn’t bother him..but the play and cowardice of his teamates made him Faint.

    64. onecupin67- Go troll some meaningless losers website. This guy puts in way too much work on this blog for you to be acting like an idiot. Say something intelligent and relative to the blog or dont say anything at all

    65. czechthemout!!!!! on

      yeah what a tough guy picard is.jumps on a player whlie he’s involved in a fight and also wears a visor while fighting.i wish i could met that guy after the game i would have shown him what a wuss he really is.

    66. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

      Someone above is right…when I watch Jagr, Roszival, and the great Aaron Ward (besides his few physical moments and his GREAT fight) I want to pull a Kurt Cobain.

      BTW: They don’t usually call unsportsmanlike for getting into a fight with a visor unless you are the one who is initiating – for example, Picard didn’t clearly initiate that fight even though Ward was trying to make peace at first. Similarly, Avery pounded Mike Richards earlier in the game but Avery picked out Richards, who also wears a shield. Richards shouldn’t be called for unsportsmanlike there either. You can’t just give every guy with a shield a penalty for fighting – Ward just needs to talk to Avery and realize you take the guys helmit off first, and then start throwing hay-makers!!!

    67. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

      One cup – email me, personally, your address will be just fine and will talk this out like men.

      PS: I’m 6’1, 220 and can probably curl you…Lets see who’s got the ‘groin’ to showup now.


    68. I’d be down BlueClue, although we should maybe wait until next season, when we might be in a comfortable position in the standings. I’d love to try and match faces with names. I bet I’d be able to guess Wildcard at the least.

    69. calm down boys pass it to the NYR, they need some testoserone especially on D. This team rarely watches each others’ backs. THANKS PROFESSOR OF PACIFISM.

    70. “6 2â€? 245 and i am NOT FRENCH!!!!!

      Great, you want a job protecting me? I pay well!!

    71. lenny –

      an x-ray would not rule out bursitis, only a fracture. Depending on the nature of your pain, you either need some good physical therapy or an MRI to figure out exactly what the problem is…

    72. Being a college student, I’m the first to make jokes. Still, this blog is not the place for sheer crap like that CTO. You are better than that. You always have respectable insights. Don’t drop down to others levels, especially people who have no credability on this blog seeing they’ve been here for two minutes or so (onecup comes to mind). Personal attacks are not needed here, neither are attacks on other bloggers’ moms. Let’s try and keep it clean, because I’m tired of all the bull that has been on here the past few days. I REALLY don’t want this blog to turn into another

    73. Come on guys, let’s clean it up a bit.

      Let’s not make Sam sorry he started this blog.

      Comments like the two of you just made are appripro for Rodent’s or Bird’s site, the two worst as far as I’m concerned but perfect for the exchange you two are having.

    74. Lampman was hurt in the Pack’s game last night… he took a stick to the eye. He’s not playing tonight, but I don’t know how serious the injury is or how long he’ll be out. Don’t know what that means for the prospect of calling up a defenseman. Baranka or Liffiton are probably next in line, and if Pock’s going to be playing for Malik, and the callup is going to be riding pine, I’d rather it be Liffiton so Baranka can continue to work on his game in Hartford.

      Callahan’s been suffering a bit of a post-All Star Game slump, with only a lone assist in 6 games, while Isbister’s been fairly hot lately. It wouldn’t suprise me if Isbister was called up to sit in the press box instead of Callahan. The fact of the matter is, with Shanny out, Prucha will probably move up to the 2nd line, while Orr gets a more regular shot on the 4th line. So who’s going to get called up is probably a moot point. With the next 9 games either at home or in our backyard, I wouldn’t be surprised if they leave a roster spot open for the time being instead of calling someone up just to sit around — if something comes up, they can get someone here from Hartford pretty quick.

    75. laurie it would help calling Callihan up now even if he just pracices with them a few days until the professor maybe puts him in.

    76. That is a pretty good assessment. I wouldn’t be suprised if they didn’t call up a defenseman OR a forward. What is the point if you are in the tri-state area for the next three weeks, within an earshot of Hartford? Let the kids play in the AHL. They are only gonna ride the pine on Broadway. I could see Isbister moving in and playing the second line, but besides that I wouldn’t expect anyone up. He played well in his limited action as a blueshirt earlier this year.

    77. You have to have healthy scratches available. What if someone gets hurt during warmups or has a family emergency at the last minute or decidesafter tossing their lunch they can’t go? They’ll call people up.

    78. I know we’re all going nuts from a lousy effort, but let’s try to keep it a little cleaner. I’ve been following these bums since the early 60’s and I can never understand why the Rangers almost always had a finesse team. A couple more tough guys:

      Mario Marois, not that big but he could handle himself.

      How about Gresch? I don’t think he lost too many fights.

    79. This team remains mentally fragile and has no resilience or self-confidence. Despite having just played 3 very convincing wins, they came out today without enough confidence – I thought that while they looked somewhat erratic at times, they came out hard in the first – that’s part of how they were able to spend more than half the period on the PP. And yeah, it’s not automatic, just because you had 3 PP goals last game, you’re not going to easily get more. They failed to do what they’d been doing the last few games and it cost them. Then Roszival makes the worst play of the year. SO BIG DEAL. You didn’t convert on the power play, and someone made a completely boneheaded gaffe, and you’re down one goal after one period to the worst team in the league. A good, confident team knows that if they keep up the effort and play their game, they’ll get away with a win. The Rangers come out and start playing like they’re scared to lose. I put that largely on the coach.

      I truly don’t understand why I insist on putting myself through being a fan of this toturesome franchise. I must like pain.

    80. onecupin67years on

      All I said was that the rangers were awful today,never mind the few wins they put together,the team lacks depth,character- lack of unity,and so on,they get behind and fold no player comes to forefront and leads(except shanny)by example.Prucha has been awful he’s constantly outplayed and outmuscled the opposition manhandles pruchs and jagr and Renney and the players stand for it,no one does anything to protect the scorers,thats why the rangers are a joke, never mind the so called talent in hartford “wusspack”

    81. Peter in case you didn’t notice, you’re not alone in this masochism where misery even loves company.

    82. hey porcupine it was your Shanny non-joke.go to sleep on it. you obviously are friends with newman in the Prucha bashers club. You must be another genius. who are you kramer or george?

    83. The right side of Knuble’s face was swollen, and general manager Paul Holmgren said Knuble fractured his cheekbone and orbital bone. Knuble is expected to have surgery in a few days, once the swelling goes down. There is no timetable for his return to the lineup. ~ESPN.COM

      I guess it was a hard hit.

    84. I watched most of the AHL game… The NHL is at a whole nother level. Koriporkoski(whatever) looked pretty good. Liffiton looked good also. Where was Kaspar and Lampman?

      I guess it is probably pretty hard to evaluate these guys and predict who will suceed at the next level..

      Any comments on the game?

    85. Zidlicky looks just fine for Nashville andother small d man the rangers do not need along with Schneieder..

    86. I didn’t see the Pack game. But one thing I think makes sense is that when someone is lighting it up down there, you bring them up and see what they can do here, while they’re hot. When a player’s confidence is high, he’s more likely to perform well in the NHL, and early success breeds more confidence.

      I’m becoming convinced its all mental with these guys. Tom Renney just does not have this team convinced that they can win consistently or be a playoff team. Whatever he’s doing, or however he’s doing it, it may be the best he can with what he has from a strategic, x’s and O’s standpoint. Many of you have complaints with that, but there are stretches when this team looks unbeatable. But the one thing he does not have them believing in at all is themselves. First sign of adversity and they fold like a cheap suit, and that’s been the case all year. Last year’s team had less talent but much more heart. I dont put that on Jagr as Captain because I dont think that type of belief in yourself and your system comes from a rah-rah captain. It comes because the team believes they are well coached and are prepared for what they need to do. They don’t trust Renney to be able to handle what the game throws at him, and they don’t believe in themselves. It’s the only explanation. What other decent team would look at what happened in the first period as a mere few unlucky breaks and a bad play leadin to a one goal deficit to the worst team in the league? Our guys acted like they were down 5-0.

    87. Onecup in 67 years- Actually 67 years ago is 1940. The Rangers won the cup in 1940. Thats not one. Get some counting lessons. Thats 2

    88. Good post, Peter.

      But allow me to play devil’s advocate for a moment, with the ineffable subtext of a synergistic energy that presupposes an outcome derivable from a concerted effort by all parties concerned, such that a confidence which is initiated within a group subscribing to a joint identity (assuming a Socratic perview, perforce) and therefore can be subjugated to a greater paradigm reaches its ultimate apogee not in a given set of time and place but rather through a combustible yet static relation to a moving object.

    89. i just want to say how much i rely on this site for rangers info. thanks sam for all the dedication.

    90. bringbackleetch on

      to deflect all our pissed off and angered minds somewhere else, why dont we go to the devils:

      yes they did a good thing tonight in shutting out the isles (thanks for finally coming through). but what i want to ask is why is the top story on espn/nhl titled “Nothing to See Here”? this referring to the fact that marty so often plays superbly, blah blah blah. did the writers have the brains to remember that the night before(yesterday) marty let in 3 goals in the FIRST PERIOD then to lose it 5-3?!


      no wonder this guy has started like50 straight games; just look at hank, he even said he can keep going if the teams not giving up many chances.

      so before u try and tell me marty has earned his wins and is “so fit” to be playing so many games in a row, think again buddy.

      go beat ur wife marty. oh wait, which one?!

    91. bringbackleetch on

      to add i really liked in newsday the huge 2 page article on the isles following their win the other day compared to the not even half a page article on the rangers following their win over carolina.

      the rangers are treated like pure crap even though they are one of the original six.

    92. I hate the devils alos but Brodeur is the best of all time. Trap whatever his #’s are ridiculous..

      He is a once in a lifetime guy, he has been doing it for 13 damn yrs….

    93. Scary moment at the Garden… looked up in the 300s like a broken neck, we didn’t see him moving or anything, but Aaron Ward told everyone Shanny was okay.

    94. Reginald Dunlop on

      Hey where’s NILAN on that list???? and how you left off JOEY KOCUR………. I have a pretty good seat and was there and heard him crack, might have been Delgarno’s face with one punch ….turned and into the box……. one of the best…and feared………should be on that list without a doubt…….and Nilan for heart

    95. Don’t know why the Rangers need any callups right now with three healthy scratches. And the Wolf Pack, who are battling for a playoff spot and play at Providence Sunday, can’t afford to lose anyone else. Lampman is out at least a week with an eye injury sustained Friday night, and Kasparaitis could be out longterm with the lingering effects of his off-season surgeries that apparently never healed properly. And Immonen is out with an undisclosed injury, and captain Craig Weller has been sidelined with concussion symptoms. Montoya returned after missing three games and won Friday and Saturday but now faces having to play three-in-three unless Westlund goes Sunday, which seems unlikely with second place at stake. Callahan hasn’t scored in six games and Dawes in 10, though he assisted on Isbister’s two goals tonight. Dubinsky has also been in a scoring funk, but Korpikoski and Helminen have fortunately picked up the slack. Korpikoski also moved to center with Immonen out. Hopefully Rangers dress Pock and Orr or Krog and don’t bring up some kid(s) and have them play spot duty or sit in the press box. We’ve seen more than enough of that foolishness over the years.

    96. Joe: I dont know if anyone responded, but fighting with a visor is NOT 2 min anymore…from what I can find, if you INSTIGATE and have a visor, you get 2 for instigation and 2 for unsportmanlike conduct for having the visor. Simply having a visor on and fighting isnt 2 min.

    97. From the NHL rule book: “47.6 Face Protection – If a players penalized as an instigator of an altercation is wearing a face shield (including a goalkeeper), he shall be assessed as additional unsportsmanlike conduct penalty.

      Should the player (including goalkeeper) who instigates the fight be wearing a face shield, but removes it before instigating the altercation, the additional unsportsmanlike conduct penalty shall not apply.�

    98. Re Lampman, from the Courant:

      “Wolf Pack defenseman Bryce Lampman faces about a week of inactivity after taking a stick to the face during Friday’s victory. There was still significant swelling around the area Saturday. “He has some bleeding in the eye, but [the doctors] are hoping for a best-case scenario,” Gernander said. “He’ll have about five days with no activity at all, which should allow the blood to drain and allow them to better evaluate it. So far, they’ve found no tears, scrapes or abrasions. They doctors expect a full recovery.””

    99. I guess that leaves Baranka or Liffiton as the 7th. I would expect Liffiton, he does have some NHL experience from last year.

      Are Brian Leetch or Mark Stall Rangers yet?

    100. Sam any word on whether they are puttin Shanahan &/or Malik on IR to call guys up? Is Montoya coming up to replace Valliquette?

    101. Mr. Pack – I understand your concern but a Ranger decision for callups should never have any bearing on what the Wolfpack needs. I know it stinks, but the bottom line is that the Wolfpack are the farm for the big club. If they need to pull every pack star on the roster to make the playoffs then that is what has to happen.

    102. Boys!
      Let’s put this one behind us! We will regroup and smoke Chicago today for Shanny!

      Hey Sam, I’m playing against Bruce Driver tomorrow night. He’s playing goal. He’s not a bad goalie, and he handles the puck really well! He’s probably got more assists than anyone on his team with quick up the ice passes!!

    103. Sam are you sure Renney is saying karma or is it coma? Why did he let HIS Team revert back to an east west mistake filled game, & why did he change his mind on playing Orr? Not that they would have won but they might not have been abused to the newly reformed broad street bullies headed by Craig Berube, resident asst madman coach. Does he really believe Dupuis deserves a spot over Hollweg & Prucha when playing the Flyers? I have no doubt Schonefeld would have challenged Berube instead of Avery having to do it after the game. The NYR coaching staff have to stick up for the players too.It’s part of the definition of TEAM. Does Renney really think he’s an intellectual or what ? He truly lacks the emotion needed for hockey.

    104. Guys, Rangers were playing scared that is why PP did not work! Renney is an idiot for not putting Orr in the line up. Even if they had 20 PP they would’ve been 0 for 20. Instead of making plays they were watching their backs. And someone should’ve beat the shit out of Hatcher for the late hit on Jagr…

    105. I think it’s hilarious to look at the pack and continuously see non other than our ol’ pal Dale Purinton stink it up.

      He was an NHL (not NHL caliber) player for a while and is a -5 on the season with I think 7 points in 32 games with 134 pim.

      He will never be called up again. What the heck is management thinking by keeping him there?

    106. Fedoryk, Eager and Hatcher are a bunch of low lifes. Colton Orr should have been playing,ourguys were run all of the first period. I wonder if John Stevens (flyer coach) said something to them after the first period after all the cheap shots? And as far as not brining someone up from Hartford because the wolfpack may need that player is stupid. You dont not bring a player up because he is important to your MINOR league team.

    107. Meshuggah

      In addition, any player on the pack would relish the opportunity to skate on Broadway and showcase his talents; no matter how short a period it may be for-

    108. Reginald Dunlop February 18th, 2007 at 1:38 am

      “Hey where’s NILAN on that list???? and how you left off JOEY KOCUR…”

      Reggie, I already alluded to forgetting about Kocur and put him third in my revised list. Also dropped Irvine out of the top 10, he lost a lot more fights than I had been aware of. Here’s my revised top 10.

      Nick Fotiu
      Orland Kurtenbach
      Joey Kocur
      Andy Bathgate
      Curt Bennett
      Barry Beck
      Ron Harris
      Steve Vickers
      Jack (Tex) Evans
      Vic Hadfield

      Next 5 – Graves, Nilan, Domi, Irvine, Leswick

      Worst Ranger fighter of all time:

      Earl Ingarfield!!

    109. Lets not forget about Orty, too. He needed a healthy dose of stitches after that face plant into the boards.

      Sam, as a hockey player, did you notice the way he went into the boards? He knew it was coming and did the smart thing. Kept his head up. Sure, it was painful and tore up his face… but going head first into the boards with your head down can leave you with a broken neck.

      Orty’s fall should be shown to kids learning the game. That’s the way to fall, if you find yourself going into the boards. Pretty, it ain’t… but it was smart and safe.

    110. Well the Rangers allowed the Philadelphia Flyers to run them out of MSG. The freakin Flyers caused the Rangers all sorts of problems in all areas of the hockey game. Forechecking,hits,faceoffs,goaltending,penalty killing,and mostly,SCORING.
      Competing for the puck costitutes hanging on to the puck when being hit by an opposing player. The Ranger elitists do not have any interest in competing for the puck.
      The Rangers should apologize to Sean Avery for not executing after Avery gave them 4 power plays single handedly.
      Tom Renney should aplogize to his team for not enforcing a game plan that demands that his forwards backcheck.
      All in all the offense lost the game. 6 power plays and no goals.
      As I have said before, the Rangers need a better Center. Until then, they will not be able to compete. In my opinion of course.

    111. Still glad we didn’t get Forsberg. Considering what Nashville gave up for him, way too much for a 3 month rental.

      Plus heard thet he sucked in his first game for Nashville.

      We need to be sellers not buyers.

    112. I think one of the funniest and insulting visions that I see during a Rangers game is Nylander and Straka banging their sticks on the boards after a fellow Ranger has fought an opposing player. I can’t stand it. They are being such phony’s it makes me sick to my stomach.

    113. DoodieMachetto on

      John M.

      Their offense over the past few games has been spectacular. It just didnt click in the last game, whether it be because they just couldn’t get flowing, a lack of motivation, or because Philly was punding them so hard that they were afraid to drive to the net – who knows. It doesn’t matter at this point because that game is over and done with, and now that Shanahan is out, we have a VERY different team. We should be looking forward to how we are going to work ourselves out of this position now that Shanahan won’t be there on that 2nd line right wing.

      What’s the answer? Call up Callahan from Hartford? Or do you slide Prucha up on that spot and dress Orr for the 4th line? Do you reunite the top line or keep them separated? When will Pock get a chance to play? Is Henrik REALLY ok or are they just hoping he’s OK because Valiquette was pretty terrible (that first goal banked off of the inside of his pad and went through his legs, AWFUL!). What is the extent of Shanny’s injuries, and is he considering retirement? These are the questions we should be asking.

    114. Well Lenny you may end up being right. If Nashville doesn’t get to the finals. Besides the Candiens, winning the cup is very elusive. If you can get there a couple times every 10 -12 years you are ahead of the curve for a team that has been around a few years. That being said, you gotta give something to get something. Otherwise they usually put you in jail for stealing in our country!

    115. Good point John. Maybe we can get some young tough talent for this team by putting a FOR SALE sign on their uniforms!!

    116. DoodieMachetto on

      Via Spector’s Trade Rumours:

      NEWSDAY: Greg Logan yesterday cited multiple sources claiming NY Islanders GM Garth Snow “is working on a trade for a depth defenseman because of injuries to Bruno Gervais and Radek Martinek.” Logan suggests the trade could be made as early as today.

      Spector’s Note: Hat tip to “Brett”, who wonders if Darius Kasparaitis might be returning to the Island. Looks like I’ll have to pay a little close attention to the newswire today.

      There was also something in there that said the Oilers were willing to part with Sykora. My opinion is that if the Rangers make a deal to fill in the gap left by Shanahan, expect it to be for Sykora.

    117. Doodie, nothing to work out of. This team won’t make the playoffs and should get a jump on the opposition making players like Straka, Nylander available to other teams. Sather screwed up royally the last time he had a firesale but this team, as presently constructed, isn’t going anywhere so I would give Sather another shot at it and see if he can do it right this time.

    118. Doodie

      Unfortunately, you nor I are either playing or coaching the Rangers. So I can only give my opinion on what has transpired up to now. I agree the offense was better. I also think Nitamaki was up to the task yesterday. What doesn’t seem to happen in Ranger games are clutch goals. Clutch play is non existent at Ranger games. In my opinion, that is caused by the main scorers on the team. It is initiated by winning an offensive zone faceoff clean back to the point and consequentially brought to the net for a goal scoring chance. That never happens in Rangerland when the game is on the line.

    119. DoodieMachetto on

      Nylander is the only impending UFA out of our veterans that teams wouls actually be interested in. Shanahan was on that list until yesterday.

    120. Come on. That was just one unfortunate game. I’m sure we’ll beat Hawks today. Sam, are you alive? Do we have any call-ups?

    121. If the Islanders want Kaspar we should drive him to the rink. He is done…

      There is no need for a firesale. I do not expect this team to win the cup, I am not delusional. They do have assets and are better then their record, they also have new talent on the way. No big scoring stars but good young D and they are finally playing a system thruout the organization and have many young players with a chance to succeed.

      Girardi and Tyutin are 23, they can play. Prucha for all your complaining is 23, Lundqvist is young and getting better. It is true their 3 best scorers Jagr, Staka, and Nylander are all 34 but they have 1 or 2 more yrs. The league is so close and the games so close the difference between winning and losing is so small.

    122. Stuart

      I’m just sick and tired of Straka, Nylander, Jagr. Trade em for new blood. We need an air freshener. We could get a top 2 d man for those 3 guys. Or a solid number 2 center.

    123. Islanders got Bergeron from Edmonton for a former #1 russian, so what.

      John… You mistake is you want these guys to be what they are not tought gritty guys. Good teams have players like Straka

    124. John, I might keep Jagr, unless he professes to want to be traded after those guys are gone.

      Hopefully, next season, we can have Souray leading our defense along with Girardi and Tyutin. Overall I haven’t been happy with A. Ward, too many screwups.

      Besides A. Ward, Nylander, Straka and an unhappy Jagr (if that is the case), Rosival, Malik, Ruchunek, Betts need to go. If Shanahan is healthy would love to have him back. On defense I would give Baranka, Liffton, Staal a shot and if necessary try to make deals for a top defenseman or two, a good backup goaltender and a good #1 or #2 center.

      If Sather does it right (wishful thinking), we could have a pretty young competitive team next season.

      Oh yes, Schoenfeld in place of Renney please.

    125. John… You mistake is you want these guys to be what they are not tought gritty guys. Good teams have players like Straka


      True. But are they the go to guys on those teams?

    126. What’s the line on the Rangers winning this afternoon? I don’t see it happening personally. And I’d rather they fall into a tailspin so we can stop deluding ourselves that this is a talented team that might go somewhere. It’s a soft team that caves instantly when facing adversity. And that’s a by-product of having your “star” players who refuse to compete hard (not putting Straka in that pile, Marty has hustle. But Jags still mails it in often, and Nylander has shown time and again why teams like to trade him away). Avery, Orts, Hollweg, Prucha…they try hard…but they can’t carry the team. And when your head coach basically approves of your lazy, soft play…what hope is there? I bet Renney is spending time in his office right now looking in his Thesaurus for better words to use than “karma”…Jeez, this guy just gets worse every game. Used to be I thought he was a borderline NHL coach at best…now I know he’s not only unfit to coach at this level, I bet the AHL would be above his head, too. Bring up Schoenfeld and let him coach. And let him bring some kids with him, players who maybe understand what it takes to compete. Get ready for a painful afternoon folks…

    127. sam, can u find out why the rangers have not asked the nhl to review the high hit on jagr last night?

      if i do recall, orr got 5 games for a similar hit on ovechkin.

    128. P.W. Langdon was more a hanger on than anything else. He was a good soldier but not in the top 15 IMO.

    129. leetchy2…you’re forgetting that the Rangers would have to ask Colin Campbell to review it. And since being fired from the Rangers Colie has done everything in his power to make sure the Rangers NEVER get a fair shake. And that’s not just speculation…Campbell’s hatred of the Rangers runs pretty deep. Deeper than that puddle in his head, anyways.

    130. please can anyone tell me why we Orr if he’s not dressed for the seacrh and destroy flyers who is he going to dress against ,I guess the hard hitting Panthers. Everyone knows the flers have no season that that there were going to run Jagr( have u seen the last flyer games) very disappointed in Renney Lucky we didn’t lose more people

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