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…courtesy of Mitch Beck, and then we’ll get back to the business of real hockey news.

Actor Tim Curry and third line center Matt Cullen. This only shows that if the Rangers don’t make the playoffs, there may be stand-in work available in Hollywood….


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  1. I looked closely the other night and noticed that Renney looks a like my hariy bean-bag! They are equally adept at coaching in the NHL as well.

    Sorry… just venting.

  2. Hahahaha Bauer, I’m so glad to know I’m not the only who thought that about Dave Lewis. Can you imagine being coached by him, he doesn’t look like he’s very pleasant. By the way, the Matt Cullen/Tim Curry lookalike issue is nuts…never noticed that before – which is could because that would mean I was watching hockey to compare Ranger players to celebs :-P

  3. Btw, good job Sam in bringing up this nonsense. (I mean nonsense in a good way). I think it makes for better discussion than the typical “Renney is an idiot and here’s why, furthermore here are my line combos even though I’m just guessing”

  4. I always thought for Cullen one needed not leave the NHL – Joe Sakic and Cullen could EASILY be brothers if not a younger version of the same person

  5. Looks like Tim Curry circa 1979, he looks NOTHING like him now. Pictures are funny that way, you can pretty much find a match for anyone.

  6. Still, my all time favorite was when Matthew Barnaby said Lyle Odelein looked like Cornelius from Planet of the Apes.

  7. Bauer 88 said:

    “”Hitler and Dave Lewis…Enough said””

    You’re right!!! LMAO!!!

  8. Bluenote — Yeah, maybe if Cullen was wearing a perm wig, some lipstick, a garter belt and some thigh highs, he might be a dead for good old Franknfurter….

  9. Longtimerangerfan on

    Gotta get there early enough so the Ranger’s can see my NYR (white, used to be home)jersey at warmups. Hope they win this time as they haven’t the three previous games I went to at RBC.

    Let’s go Ranger’s!!!!!!!!!

    PS: Get rid of the third jersey, please!!!!! I know they won’t have it next year but I hope it’s for good.

  10. Due to this ice storm that hit the mid-atlantic I have been stuck inside and unable to move my car for two days now… I thought I was getting cabin fever till I see what Sam has been up to these past couple days…

    …ok I’ll play along how can we forget Ken Hitchcock and Capt. Kangaroo?

    Mike Commodore and Side Show Bob?

  11. You’re right Bryan, in a way they do. This is getting too weird. Who knew all these look-a-likes existed? Jesus, can’t wait for the game. This game is so ginormously huge it’s not even funny. Is anyone else getting a huge kick out of the playoff atmosphere of all these games recently?

  12. The most identical pair i have ever seen from someone on the Rangers was Doug Lidster with his uncanning resemblance to Jerry Seinfeld!! I swear they could be twins!

  13. Good one Richtersgirl! I used to think the same thing when he was a player. Totally forgot that one!

  14. NJ Mark – forgot that funny remark by Barnaby (thanks for the reminder).

    But that line was not quite as good as Schoenfeld’s best line in hockey history.

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