Weekes on IR; Valiquette up


Not sure this means too much given that Henrik Lundqvist is likely to shoulder the entire load anyway. But at least you’ll see a new face at the end of the bench.

More later from practice, where I nearly drove off the road just to get here…

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  1. Drive safely Sam, we need you!

    And you haven’t seen anything until you have the honor of watching the DC natives down here react to some snow like it’s the end of the world…and drive like it too.

  2. Hey Sam, I’m currently living across the bridge from Tarrytown. Anyway a layman could take a peek at practice or is it closed doors?

  3. Any word on how severe the injury is? Valiquette actually looked alright in preseason, but that was preseason. He’s not a bad option as a backup.

  4. There gonna be quite short of goalies down in Hartford, ey? Montoya already injured, Valiquette in New York… who’s left with the Wolfpack? Alex Westlund and probably Chris Holt getting called up… should be interesting… that leaves Charlotte with … let me count..1,2,3,4… zero goalies :-P

  5. I had the chance to see Valiquette play in Hartford last month and I was impressed. In particular, I thought he did a fantastic job of controlling rebounds. His weakness, at least in this particular game, was his ability to play the puck. He misplayed it three different times, with two of the three turning into good scoring chances against.

  6. Stay safe, Sam!!!

    Montoya is hurt, so I wonder if this means Holt in net in Hartford? But the word was Montoya’s injury wasn’t supposed to be that bad. Maybe he’ll be back this weekend?? You know anything, Sam?

    I don’t think we realize how thin the Rangers are at goaltender until something like this happens. And the Rangers really aren’t that thin in net.

  7. How does that call-up work? I thought Valiquette had to go through re-entry waivers – no?

    Or is it because there was an injury that he doesn’t need to…

  8. Osminator, Westlund had already been called up to fill in as backup while Montoya was injured. Montoya was supposed to resume practicing yesterday, so he may be good to go for the Pack’s game tonight, or at the very least, good enough to sit as backup. That would leave Holt in Charlotte. The Checkers have another guy by the name of Kevin Kreutzer backing Holt up at the moment.

  9. my son’s a goalie, we could work out a deal with the Pack if they need some help. Of course his Bantam team wouldn’t be too happy

  10. Jay, I read the Rangers could call Valli up as an emergency recall and he wouldn’t be subject to waivers.

  11. Looks like the Pack get a bit of a break, as their game tonight has been postponed. So with a bit of luck, Montoya should be ready to go by the weekend.

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