Separated at birth?


I can’t remember if I made this point back in training camp or not, but is it me, or is Stephen Valiquette a dead ringer for actor Peter Krause of “Six Feet Under” fame?

I feel if I don’t bring this stuff up, no one will.


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  1. A) Krause was kick-ass in Sports Night, as was the rest of the cast. EXCELLENT show, I highly recommend it.

    B) Any chance Valiquette gets either the Philly or Chicago game? I really see no reason to play Lundqvist on back-to-back days if it isn’t necessary…

  2. Mike –

    They MUST win those games, they cannot afford to lose 2pts to those teams. Hank must play.

  3. I’d be all for playing Valiquette one of the weekend games IF the Rangers played decent hockey for the first 2/3 of the season. Unfortunately they put themselves in the position where even one game against a bottom-feeding team is pretty much viewed as a must-win.

  4. Sam: “I feel if I don’t bring this stuff up, no one will.”


    Regarding Valiquette not having to be exposed to reentry waivers because he’s an “emergency/injury” callup-

    When Cloutier was injured the Kings recalled not LaBarbera from their Manchester affiliate, but his understudy, Barry Brust.

    Their explanation was that they didn’t want to risk losing Labs on reentry waivers.

    Then, it was either Brust or the guy who was originally understudying Cloutier who was injured and the Kings recalled Labs’ NEW understudy and gave the same reason for not recalling LaBarbera.

    Why do the Rangers get a pass – because they forecast Weekes being out for only a week?

    Begs the question – what’s the limit before Valiquette would have to pass reentry waivers.

    As Ricky Ricardo used to say to Lucy; “Sam, you got some ‘splainin’ to do.”

  5. David G: well said. These games mean too much right now for an AHL goalie to play. If Brodeur is 34 and playing everyday, why can’t Lundqvist who is 24? I’m sure he can handle it.

  6. Couple of responses:

    Again, as it was explained to me, the injury to Weekes was the specific reason Valiquette did not have to go through waivers — hence medical exception.

    On “Sportsnight,” I, too, was a big fan, and in fact, I once did a story on it for the old, now defunct Sport Magazine (I’m not sure I was the reason the magazine went defunct, but you never know). Anyway, the highlight was a long interview with the show creator Aaron Sorkin, who, of course, also created “A Few Good Men,” “The American President,” and on TV, “The West Wing,” and now “Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip”. Anyway, there’s no real point to this story other than to show how cool I am. But I figured I’d mention it anyway.

  7. Doodie Machetto on

    “Anyway, there’s no real point to this story other than to show how cool I am. ”

    Haha. Slow day, huh?

  8. Sam, I think you’re cool.

    Maybe we could get up big over the weekend, like against Tampa, and get Stephen some net time. Not only would it be nice to give Hank a rest, but Stephen some exposure to the NHL. It never hurts to give young guys the opportunity when it arises.

  9. How about checking out the comparison between Moby and Michael Nylander? Or even Michael Stipe and Nylander. We did the Moby and Nylander comparison ourselves @

  10. The Rangers have 59 points and can earn 52 more if they win every game from now on.

    So the question is can they go something like 17 & 9 for 34 more points and a total of 93?

  11. I think so. The schedule is very favorable for them. 2 months of hockey left, lots can happen still. The most important thing for them is to take it one game at a time. If they start looking ahead at big games against the teams right ahead of them, the bad teams like Philly, Chicago, etc. will steal some points away from them.

  12. Sam

    Here’s how old I am —- I wrote an article for SPORT magazine on Mike Liut when he was a St. Louis Blue. And if I didn’t put that rag under, nothing you did after me could have possibly threatened it.

  13. P.W.- Valley isn’t a youngster. In fact he’s older than Hank. He was signed for just this reason or to help out Hartford when Montoya (who seems pretty brittle with all these injuries) slumped.

    I never saw Sports Night, but Six Feet Under was a gem of a show. I’m into Rome now, but onlybecause I’m a history buff with a weakness for those ancient civilizations!

    I subscribed to Sport magazine when I was a kid, so I can’t be blamed for it’s demise (although, I think I did let my subscription lapse in lieu (“Liut”) of “Hockey Digest.”

    Someone mentioned that the waiver rules were stupid. I have to point out why I disagree. The Rangers are somewhat responsible for these new rules. Remember PJ Stock? He went up and down for the Rangers like an elevator filled with 8 year old boys. The NHLPA felt that it was not fair for some players to be stuck in an organization that wasn’t going to give them a chance (this was before liberal free-agency moves). Case in point. It forces teams to play someone, trade them or lose them for nothing after they reacha certain amount of games played, age, etc. (Which is why we still have Hossa). In some cases it doesn’t work out (like Labs or even my last example), but in others, it allowed some players to move on to other teams or be given a legitimate shot. It’s a bit annoying,(kind of like the waiver draft used to be) and I guess you could say that it blocks youth call ups, but it seems like it makes sense.

  14. Has anyone seen the new “Hannibal Rising” movie, the main character looks at lot like sidney crosby. During the movie I couldn’t stop thinking about hockey and how much more i hate crosby.

  15. valley is 30 and is a more capable nhl backup than weekes. trust me we just got lucky if renney is planning on using a backup in one of these weekend games.

  16. Doodie Machetto on

    “Mix Krause and Herman Munster and you have Valiquette.”

    Valiquette is Malik’s love child?

  17. “Studio 60” rocks…

    Talafous – no explanation needed as to how old you are. Only those of us in your generation understand the significance of your name…

  18. Peter

    Remember Esposito’s bitter remark when told Dean Talafous would be a winger on his line for a game or two? “Why stop there, why not put (trainer) Frank Paice on the other side?”

  19. it is the most difficult thing to root for brodeur and the devils.

    their arrogance (esp. brodeurs) is disgusting considering how modest most teams & players are.

  20. czechthemout!!!!! on

    it is sad to watch parise take on a more prominant role on the devils every month,while huge bustaman takes on a more prominant role in charlotte.

  21. czechthemout!!!!! on

    nathan horton and steve montidor for prucha,montoya,pock(who is gone any way ,ufa,hates renney).

  22. i think we should save montoya for something real big maybe this summer or next year.
    – next year is jagr’s last year on his contract
    – shanahan isnt a definite for next year

    if we hold off with montoya we can swap him for a young forward over the summer which would be most beneficial.

  23. czechthemout!!!!! on

    malik to anyone for a number one draft pick? i’m crazy you say,but malik leads the nhl in +/- at +5883,should be a no brainer.

  24. czechthemout!!!!! on

    horton is something big.why wait till the summer horton would be a huge help now and for the future,he’s only 21 years old.montidor would be a nice gritty addition to the defense.

  25. “Anyway, there’s no real point to this story other than to show how cool I am. But I figured I’d mention it anyway.”

    Sure, we other reporters in the region are out covering snow stories today and you’re out here comparing Peter Krause to Steve Valliquette and telling war stories. Sam, I am envious. REAL envious.

    Oh and I always thought Valli looked like he could be a viking surfer. But that’s just me.

  26. czechthemout!!!!! on

    valliquette sucks.he is a 30 year old never was.he was up here before the lockout to mop up the season.he looked awful.god forbid the king gets hurt you wll all be pining for weeks who compared to valliquette is like ken dryden.

  27. czechthemout!!!!! on

    also time to draft a goalie in the next draft,some time in the 3or fourth round as a developmental prospect.the king is our goalie today and our goalie for the forseable future.

  28. Sorry guys, I cant help myself. I think the Rangers just need to beat the teams they should be easily capable of beating. Montreal’s nosedive doesn’t look to be stopping anytime soon, and I don’t see Toronto or the Isles making the playoffs. That plus the Rangers winning the ones they should (I predict them winning all 4 from the Isles, for example) should put them in the seventh seed, where they’ll get New Jersey in round one. And fare much better this year.


    “Coming out of the all-star break I thought we played well,” said Renney. “And then the injection of Sean’s tenacity in our lineup and his hockey sense and ability to play the game, certainly hasn’t hurt us at all.

    “We can win in different ways now with him because it’s helped diversify our lineup.”

    The battle for Renney all year long has been to find secondary scoring behind Jaromir Jagr’s top line. The additions of Avery and winger Pascal Dupuis – acquired from Minnesota last Friday – has given Renney some new options.

    “It’s an advantage I haven’t had really throughout the year,” said Renney, in his second season behind the Rangers’ bench. “It’s been one line and trying to manufacture a little more offence from the rest of the group.

  30. Dean Talafous or Marcel Hossa on the scoring line? Who would you take?

    I would take Marcel Hossa but that would only be because I couldn’t take another second of Talafous’ mustache. That thing? On a hockey player? Lord, help me!!

  31. 8 points is nothing, but if the Penguins fade there will be another team in their spot. It is so tight that it will be very hard to get to the 5 seed. 6 is more reasonable

  32. Renney says a lot of things that make me feel like he hasn’t been watching what i’ve been watching.

  33. u may think they should beat the isles 4 times, but the rangers look like a totally different team when they play them.

    maybe avery will be a factor.. who knows

  34. 13 of the remaining 26 games are against non-playoff teams as of today. And there are 3 more against the struggling Canadiens, and 2 against the Canes. 18 of 26 that are eminently winnable games. The remainder are against the Devils, Thrashers, Penguins.

    The schedule has also given the Rangers plenty of breaks recently, as they are now the team with more games in hand. Truth is, this team, despite its current place in the standings, has a great chance of making the playoffs and really should be able to get in.

  35. I’m afraid there is no effing way the Rangers beat the Isles four straight in the remaining games. More like 2-1-1 seems the reality. 3-1 would be a genuine achievement.

  36. Sam,
    any truth in the rumours Tom Renney is going to do a Lou Brown from Major League and stick a covered-up cut-out of Elisha Cuthbert in a bikini in the locker room and reveal more every time the Rangers win..?

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