Adam Hall traded to Minnesota for left wing Pascal Dupuis


Man, things happen fast around here. I literally just saw Adam Hall on the ice with Jason Krog and Tommy Pock, and now he’s gone, jettisoned to Minnesota in what is a clear admission from the Rangers that they made a mistake in ever dispensing of Dominic Moore.

Here’s the release from the team. Note that Dupuis kills penalties and has at least some offensive spark. But he’s also French-Canadian, so don’t tell Sean Avery.

New York Sends Adam Hall to Minnesota

New York, February 9, 2007 — New York Rangers President and General Manager Glen Sather announced today that the club has acquired left wing Pascal Dupuis from the Minnesota Wild in exchange for right wing Adam Hall.

Dupuis, 27, has appeared in 48 games with the Minnesota Wild this season, registering 10 goals and three assists for 13 points, along with 38 penalty minutes. He is currently tied for first on the Wild with two shorthanded goals and ranks sixth on the team with 106 shots on goal. Dupuis also posted a career-high four-game goal scoring streak from November 20 to November 25, tallying four goals over the span.

In 2005-06, he collected 10 goals and 16 assists for 26 points in 67 games with Minnesota. Over the course of the season, he recorded four multi-point games, including a pair of three-point efforts. Dupuis also tied for fifth on the team with two game-winning goals.

The 6-0, 199-pound forward has skated in 334 career NHL contests, all with Minnesota, recording 67 goals and 74 assists for 141 points, along with 162 penalty minutes. In 16 career postseason contests with the Wild, Dupuis has picked up four goals and four assists, along with eight penalty minutes. In 2002-03, he established career-highs in games played (80), goals (20), assists (28), points (48), penalty minutes (44), and plus/minus (plus-17). His franchise record plus-17 rating led the team, while his 20 goals ranked second on the Wild and his 48 points tied for second on the club. During the 2003 playoffs, he ranked fourth on the team in goals (four) and tied for sixth on the team in scoring with eight points.

A native of Laval, Quebec, Dupuis was originally signed by Minnesota as a free agent on September 18, 2000.

Hall, 26, appeared in 49 games with the Rangers this season, tallying four goals and eight assists, along with 18 penalty minutes.

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  1. Doodie Machetto on

    Here’s the release from the team. Note that Dupuis kills penalties and has at least some offensive spark. But he’s also French-Canadian, so don’t tell Sean Avery.


  2. Thank you very much, I didn’t like that trade when I heard it which I wrote on this blog and I remember a few bloggers disagreeing. It was stupid just like most moves Sather does.

  3. Good move (of course i’m forgetting than we had Hall in exchange for Moore) but still straight-up HallDupuis in my opinion is good trade.

  4. Doodie Machetto on

    Dupuis is making $798,000 and will be an unrestricted free agent.

    I wouldn’t resign him. I’d rather have the vacant spot for a kid.

  5. I agree, free up cap space to sign a younger player through free agency, somebody who is young and has potential growth.

  6. its a very good trade. guy adds some much needed scoring to the fourth line as well as spee and grit. plus if he’s brutal they can let him walk at the end of the year.

    SAM see if you can find out whether or not he’s gonna make it for tonights game.

    if they take orr out of the lineup and roll hollweg betts dupuis we’d look pretty good imo.

  7. Knowing that Dupuis will be an UFA, then it’s definitely a good move. He won’t be back next year.

  8. offensive spark? dupuis has 3 assists this year? sure 10 goals, but he was 6th on team in shots! Let’s be honest here, it’s one underachiever for another. It’s not gonna impact this team much at all.

    And again, for all the Cliche lovers out there, Dupuis once had 105 points in the QMJHL. Cliche is the next Dupuis!

  9. Will Dupuis be able to help us this season? Wouldn’t a draft pick have been better to get rather than a UFA? That would allow for a call-up from Hfd.

  10. Anthony (Abev) on

    Some photos have him with an visor and some don’t.

    He can save himself is he goes visorless, but French-Canadien and visors do not mix with Mr. Avery.

  11. Good move by the Rangers. The fact that we got anything more than a high rnd draft pick for him is amazing. Minnie is gonna realize what every team that trades for Hall finds out, he doesnt use his body enough and doesn’t have the offensive ability or potential everyone touts. Dupuis sounds like a player in the mold of Moore – good defensive center, hard worker, kills penalties. Plus, he is only 27 so still relatively young. The Rangers can see how he works out through the end of the season and if he impresses, they can sign him to a reasonably deal. Two good deals in the last week, essentially losing little of worth off of our current roster:

    Hall + Ward for Avery + Dupuis

    Good deal, now lets work on dealing for a 2nd line center for Shanny.

  12. Doodie Machetto on

    Before that whole, find the 2nd line center thing goes on, let’s wait and see how the combos work tonight.

    I agree, Dupuis getting Orr’s spot in the lineup is a good idea.

  13. Doodie Machetto on

    Although if they scratch Betts, they could have the D’OH line. Possibly because how terrible it would be.

  14. “Dupuis is making $798,000 and will be an unrestricted free agent.

    I wouldn’t resign him. I’d rather have the vacant spot for a kid.”

    ok now i see the point to the trade.

  15. Sam,

    Heard a rumor on WFAN, Rangers trying to obtain Nathan Horton for Montoya and Prucha and another player. Probably hogwash as Florida would be nuts to give him up.

    Any possibility?

  16. THANK YOU LORD! The Rangers get rid of the guy who looks like he skates with a 4-foot rod in his body that does not let him straighten out!

  17. Look– its a good move.. hall has been out of place here and contributed little to nothing– we have a ‘former’ 20 goal scorer, who is 27 years old!!! so its not like we have another old guy via 95-02 seasons.. we still are relatively young, potential offensive guy (not force, just guy)… also he was in a D system with lemaire, so that leash might have been a little tighter for him, and with Renney, its not as strict and he may be able to pot us 7-8 going down the stretch–

  18. hockeymanrangers on

    This is kind of funny you go to the Minnesota web site and they say that they picked up Hall to push themselfes into the playoffs. Then you read the Rangers website and they are saying the same thing about Dupois. But I am fine with the trade at least they are trying somebody different. Hall just did not click, maybe this guy won’t either but at least it’s worth a try. I still don’t know why they at least wouldn’t try bring Calahan up. Looking forward to seeing him either tonight or tomorrow. Hopefully.

  19. I doubt it about that Horton trade, but I don’t think the Rangers are done yet, and I’m not entirely convinced Dupuis is staying here long. I don’t have anything to base that on, but the Rangers might use him as a chip for something else.

  20. they need a center bad…

    trade a excess avg d men they have a few and some of their avg wingers for a center….

  21. Problem is no one wants to give up a #2 center for “average” players. You give average, you get average. I think our trade from an hour ago supports that.

    If it’s gonna take a package similar to what Calgary gave up for Conroy, I say forget the #2 center.

    Hopefully, the new lines will work and we won’t need a #2 center (Nylander, Straka).

  22. Doodie Machetto on

    Why do they need a center? Now that they’ve split up the top line, Nylander is in his ideal role: 2nd line Center. Without Jagr, tat’s all he is or ever was.

    Granted, Straka definitely isn’t a number 1 without Jagr, but with him? Who knows. Probably as good a Nylander.

    One more comment on the trade: one ~27yo who will probably never score 20 goals for the rest of his career for another. Although, to Dupuis’ credit, he at least did it once. Hall sucks. I gave the trade a shot at the beginning of the season, especially when I thought that Cullen was to be playing in Moore’s role. When none of that panned out, there’s nothing I can say except it was terrible. Not that Moore was some fantastic player or anything, just that he was worth more than what we got for him.

  23. Saved almost $200,000 plus if we move dupuis (around 1 mill)
    Hall contract was just for this year? Looks like more is going down. If your a dreamer, Horton a good trade.

  24. This gets Hall’s roughly one million off the books for next season. Whoever said Hall could get a 4th rd pick was sniffing glue because Dupuis isn’t that.

  25. This was strickly to make room under the cap, I agree with Sam, Dupuis is not here long. When can they shelve Sandis contract? That would help.

  26. Horton would be a GREAT pickup, but it’s not going to happen. Not unless we package a #1, Montoya, Staal, and maybe another prospect for him. And like Sam said recently, not sure if Montoya is worth that much yet. He has to show at the NHL level that he can stop the puck. I’m sure he’ll get his chance next year as Henrik’s backup.

    One other thing in regards to Montoya: if he does prove to be a very capable NHL goalie, the Rangers might just keep him and use both goalies like San Jose and Nashville has done this year.

  27. A #1, Montoya, Staal, and another prospect for Horton?
    Horton was a high draft pick, is young, has some upside, and has put up semi-decent numbers, but he’s underachieving. He might be good one day, but Montoya and Staal and a #1? HAHA.

  28. Well, maybe not that much, but they’d still want a lot. He’s 21 and on pace for a 73 point season. I’d think Florida isn’t going to give him up for nothing.

  29. Maybe I was misunderstood. I didn’t say to trade Staal. But I guarantee you that if we wanted Horton, Florida would demand Staal as part of the package.

  30. Dupuis had a good year a few years ago then had a hold out the first month of the next year and has done less than nothing since. I’d say this trade is nothing but a wash.

  31. Sam,

    the something else you speak of…can we start an under/over on how many days before he, or anyone else for that matter is gone?!….


  32. Let’s hope it’s part of something else.
    Anyway, I still think better have UFA Dupuis than Hall.

  33. hockeymanrangers on

    I do not want to see any talk of trading any of our young players. NOT ONE OF THEM. We are not going anywhere in the playoffs this year, it just is not going to happen. I would like us to do well and make the playoffs. But I would hate to see them give up some good young talent just to make the playoffs this year. We need to rebuild although Sather has no idea of how to do that, we need to rebuild. Maybe Messier will do this for us.

  34. Messier would be an even worse gm than Sather. Reading up more on Dupuis it seems like that he has some character issues ahh another Sather reclamation project.

  35. hockeymanrangers on

    Why do you say Messier would be worse than Sather. How do you know that? Or do you just have a grudge agains Messy???

  36. I agree Messier would be worse. You’d see an older team than ever before. Let’s not forget who “helped” Neil with some of those crappy deals back in the day.

  37. Dupuis seems to be a guy that would only score and thrive on a top 2 line, which he is not. He’ll be relegated to 3rd line or 4th line duty and will be useless. He can’t be worse than Hall was, so it’s addition by subtraction, but Dupuis doesn’t really look like a fit. GET A D-MAN WITH A PAIR, which is the area this team sorely lacks in. Although Aaron Ward has started to be more physical lately it doesn’t make up for his ineptitude.

  38. What’s the big deal with Montoya? He’s going to have to be traded because everyone’s forgetting we have Hank here and I doubt Montoya would want to play in the AHL for another few years. His value is high now and I bet we could get something for him. Florida NEEDS goaltending, so sending Montoya and a prospect (not Staal, maybe Dawes?) for Horton should get them to bite.

  39. I agree that the Rangers will trade Montoya, but I don’t think it’s going to happen until he becomes Henrik’s backup next season and gets some NHL experience.

    And like I said earlier, maybe they don’t trade him for a while. Maybe they keep him and let him share time with Henrik the way SJ and NASH have done.

    Speaking of SJ and NASH, if Florida wants to unload Horton for a goalie, I am sure they will talk to those teams first before us because they’d rather have any of Toskala, Nabokov, Vokoun, or Mason before Montoya who has 0 NHL experience.

  40. Montoya can be the backup next yr.for the big club and see how he performs.

    Horton for all of that is way too much. Staal is not going to be traded unless they get back a young mega stud which is not happening…I would give up some of our non essential pieces and a 2nd and 4th in another year for Horton…

    Staal will be starting for the rangers next yr…

  41. Good point on the NHL experience, but how many goalies have come out of nowhere over the years, without NHL experience, and been lightning in a bottle. Look at us last year. As for the Panthers wanting someone like Nabokov, etc. all I can say to that is those goalies will be UFAs soon and demand sizeable contracts. Someone like Montoya would not right away.

    As for needing two goalies. That’s totally untrue. Name me a team that has won the Stanley Cup and NOT had a clear cut # 1 goalie that has pretty much played every game down the stretch and into the playoffs. Carolina tried it last year before Gerber bit it and Ward had to take over.

  42. all sather & renney needed was to hear messier’s name to get out of rip van winkle’s land….Is MESSIER GM yet?

  43. Nick,

    I’m not saying I want a platoon of goalies. I think Henrik is the real deal and I want him in for 60+ games. I’m just saying other teams are doing it now and it’s been successful for them this year.

  44. Montoya will have alot of value(of course he needs to be a pretty good player) because his contract is low.

    The San Jose goalies make a ton…….

    Biron will want alot of money also. Good upside players goalies or otherwise have significant short term value because of their low contracts….

  45. onecupin67years on

    Great trade! another 3rd or 4th liner to compliment the rest of the 3rd /4th liners.

  46. I hope that Montoya proves to be a better goaltender than Lundqvist. We should be able to get a nice return if we traded Lundqvist.

  47. onecupin67years:

    “Great trade! another 3rd or 4th liner to compliment the rest of the 3rd /4th liners.”

    Well, what did you think they’d get for Adam Hall? Iginla?

  48. Nate Horton would be a brilliant pick up!

    If Slats could pull that one off I’d be willing to forgive him for his last 20 mistakes.

    The cost would be high and would have to include the #1 pick, Montoya and Prucha at the very least. But I’d still do it for that. I love Prucha but I believe Callahan and Dawes could provide some of what he brings.

    Florida needs a future franchise goalie, which Montoya could be. They also need NHL scoring, which Prucha could be. And the also want a #1 or a solid top six prospect.

    But the Rangers never get anyone who is 22 and has that much upside.

  49. onecupin67years on

    And….as far as Messier wanting to be the next G.M.
    Look at Garth Snow for the Isles and J.D. For St.Louisas GM’s hardly brain surgeons ,in the NHL its the ol’ boys network ,the trick is to win .So look for baldy messier to be the GM and cigar chomping sather as el presidente.

  50. would have liked to get a draft pick or at least a minor leaguer for Hall so we could have brought up a Callahan or Dawes.

  51. onecupin67years on

    Gratton- thats my point- trade the garbage and get a draft choice instead bring up the young blood.

  52. a casual observer on

    If Dupuis is better than a bag of pucks then sather made a better trade than I would have.

  53. a casual observer on

    “Minnesota thinks they are getting a “grttyâ€? player. No scouting there.”
    I think it was atypo, probably should have read shitty :)

  54. We STILL don’t know what else is going on. There could be other trades in the works were 2 or more roster players would go for 1 or 2 roster players, leaving a roster spot open. When the deadline has come and gone is when you look back and review the traded for the big picture. If they don’t open up a roster spot than this trade doesn’t look as good, if they end up doing that, well that this trade IS a good one for Hall. It really is to early to tell…cant we all wait another couple weeks to find out what the overall plan is??

  55. Doodie Machetto on

    Horton isn’t that good. He’s an underachiever. We don’t need another one of those.

  56. Horton is only 21. I wouldn’t call him an underachiever just yet. The guy almost netted 30 last season.

    Between him and Zherdev, I’d take either of them…if the price isn’t too high.

  57. Reality intrudes on

    has Sam noticed that the blog in recent days has been taken over by PR staffers who all agree about the latest shiny new toy.

    an 11th place team talked about like they were doing great.

  58. onecupin67years on

    All the NHL GM.’s know Sather and the Rangers are or near desperate to make a good quality trade(s),so Sather isnt dealing from stregnth ,the other Gm’s will look to pick the rangers pocket for whatever quality prospects the Rangers may have.Over time I seriously doubt the quality of the Rangers prospects ,if they were any good why wouldn’t sather bring them up, Dawes was awfull, too small ,and Prucha (this year)the real Prucha is too small to play in the league,Montoya is injury plagued ,if Montoya is any good they will trade him for more 3rd /4th line players,they can’t keep two quality goalies with the cap.Hugh jessiman a NUMBER 1 choice is where ? maybe Staal is good the only thing going for the rangers and Staal is the the brother are all pretty good but that counts for nothing ,look at t at the NY giants and manning.

  59. Cherneski that is too rich of an offer. A #1, prucha, and Monoya. In essence 2 #1’s and a 23 yr old who can play…

    way to rich…

  60. We live in fantadsy land!!!

    Really if they do not get 8 points out of possible 10 next 5 games they are not making the playoffs.

    Hockey bird or whatever his name is says they have a 20% chance of making the playoffs. We see those #’s and they are real. They have a 1 in 5 chance of making the playoffs. They have underachieved so far this yr. and yes they may continue that but they may not.

    On the trades, bottom line they gave up very little and got a littl more back. They got a little more back, that is it….

  61. So you can’t talk about the merits of a trade becuase the team is in 11th place? That makes zero sense.

  62. Reality intrudes on

    the Ward-Rachunek pairing is terrible. they both have enough trouble stopping guys on their normal right side. but either one on the left D is awful, guys just blow right around them, and both are weak on their backhand.

  63. I don’t think the Rangers are as desparate as many say.

    I think it is clear to both the Rangers and other organizations (and of course us on this board) that the team’s odds of making the playoffs are slim. I don’t know that they plan on being “sellers”, and I don’t think they plan on being “buyers.” I think if a deal makes sense, they’ll make it. Like the one we just saw. At the very worst, we traded one healthy scratch for another but the one we got back will no longer be with us next year if we don’t want him. Hall would have been. Therefore its a good trade. The Horton trade sounds like something to at least think about. But it is not a move the Rangers would be making out of desparation – it would help now, but would help more in the future. Maybe the Rangers think that down the road Ryan Callahan or Nigel Dawes replace Prucha easily.

    I honestly think the Rangers have slid so fast that Sather didn’t even have time to play desparate buyer even if he wanted to. It’s been a rather quick end. Maybe they win the next 5 games to get back into playoff contention, but I doubt it. This team doesn’t have the confidence for a run like that.

  64. Do we know if Dupuis is going to play yet? I’m kind of excited to see him in the lineup. I think an infusion of energy and grit (on top of what Sean Avery is going to give us) will do nothing but good for the team. Clearly this isn’t going to be any type of solution for the major problems but maybe it’ll be a good shot in the arm.

  65. 2007-8: Exit Ward, Rachunek, Malik — enter Souray, Staal and whomever wins out between Baranka et al. Exit Krog and Betts — enter Gomez or Briere (do not pursue Drury) and Dubinsky. Dawes in an NHLer; put confidence in him and watch him thrive. Make a deal at the deadline in Feb. ’08 to shore up defense and special teams for a legitimate run. Keep Henke healthy and play him 62 games.

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