Paging the new Kip Miller


If the knock against Tom Renney recently is that the coach hasn’t been willing to mix things up enough, then today might offer a response.
As with anything else that happens in practice, there’s no guarantee you’ll see it the next night in the game. But it sounds like the lines Renney toyed with today are likely to stick together tomorrow against the Lightning. And if I’m wrong, well, what else is new?

On then, with what are likely to be the team’s most radical line combinations of the year:


A few quick thoughts:

  • My undying devotion to a fellow UNH Wildcat aside, I’m aware that pairing the previously fourth-line-dwelling-Krog with Jagr is going to raise a few eyebrows. But that was the unit that Jagr played most of the second half of the Devils game with, and you’ll recall it was some of the Big Fella’s best hockey in weeks.

    And as even Jagr himself said, just because he’s a future Hall of Famer doesn’t mean his linemates need to be.

    “Both guys got skill and that’s important,” Jagr said. “We’ve got to give it time. I was playing with Kip Miller for four or five years in Pittsburgh and nobody thought that would work. But we scored a lot of goals, and before that both of my linemates were in the minors. So you never know.”

    So in other words, I said, you’re open to this?

    “It can’t get any worse right now,” Jagr said.

  • Renney keeps going back to the flexibility Sean Avery now allows him, so this is as much a byproduct of the combustible wing being in the lineup as anything else.

    “I just think we have an opportunity to (mix things up) more so than before,” Renney said.

  • Another radical departure was Renney experimenting with Jagr and Shanahan on two different power play units, which you may remember from “their philosophical showdown a few weeks before”:, both had said they were open to. In the new unit, Shanahan would be with Avery and Krog up front, while Karel Rachunek and…drumroll please….Matt Cullen would be at the point. As you know, Cullen had been a staple on the backline for Carolina last season, but has yet to be used there by Renney this year. Tomorrow, however, might be his time.
  • One last thing: Avery had mentioned that girlfriend Elisha Cuthbert is making her way East and will likely be at the Garden for his home debut. No offense to Matthew Modine and Tim Robbins, but as far as celebrities in the crowd go, I’d offer this as an upgrade.

    More later…

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    1. It’s about time they mixed it up a little bit. I am excited to watch the game tomorrow. I am intersted in the nylander-shannahan combo and I hope the Cullen on the point plan works.

    2. Good lord, shoot me now.

      Sam: no offense since he is a fellow alumnist, but how does Krog go from a waiver pickup to centering Jaromir Jagr on regular shifts, and Brendan Shanahan on the 2nd PP?

      I do, however, like the Avery-Can’t Shoot The Puck-Shanahan line. And about time Renney tries Cullen at the point!!

    3. I heard Tim Robbins plays down at Chelsea Piers regularly, isn’t that good, and cries and whines a lot. Go back to Shawshank, sissy.

    4. I’m all for it. Nylander and Avery with Shanny seems sweet, though part of me would like to see Avery and Hossa switch on those lines. Avery’s energy and toughness and passing could be great on a line with Jagr. As for Krog, crap, Jagr ‘s right: it can’t be worse.

    5. Nice to see Prucha on the fourth line. Renny should put the Prucha-Cullen-Ortmeyer line back together. My lines would be


    6. krog did center hossa before he was put on waivers by the thrashers.

      honestly, it is a lot better than we have been using.

      my guess, back to the old lines by the end of the first….

    7. Well, he gets something right with the power play, but these line combos are a joke. I’m a fan of Avery, but as a first liner? Krog gets a chance that Prucha hasn’t had all season (to play with JJ)? Prucha must’ve slept with Renney’s wife based on the way he’s been treated this year.

      And if Cullen finally does get a chance to play the point (God forbid), then here’s hoping he doesnt fall down and give up a breakaway..

    8. also, as he says, when jagr was playing well, it was with that line.

      i like hossa with him because he really does protect the puck really well, which can draw another person to him, which could leave room open for jagr.

      also avery with shanny sounds good because avery will create havoc while shanny can launch shots.

      our problem is prucha doesn’t play center…so wish he could be with jagr instead of krog….

    9. Sam can you or someone ask Renney & Co. why the hell Jason Krog is playing center for the Rangers and not Jarko Immonen or Brandon Dubinsky????? And please nobody give me crap about them not being ready. OUR SECOND LINE CENTER IS JASON KROG! He’s as ready as a 10 year old attending college.

      Also, how about using Holweg less and Hall more. I mean at least Hall has A POINT!

    10. that might be the WORST setup ive ever seen.

      Leave it to Renney to come up with insane line combinations that wont work, then have to shift right back to the lineups from last game after 5 minutes.


    11. I just dont get it, why you take a 24 year old who scored 30 goals last year 1/2 on the powerplay and now he gets 3 min a month.

    12. sam–you nearly gave me a heartattack with that headline…for a second i thought we just picked up kip miller

    13. All I can say is Prucha, Prucha, Prucha. Not that it’s news to anyone here, but he is simply not being given the opportunity. Put him on the power play and give him a chance to do what he does best: park himself in front of the net and get the deflection or rebound. Sheesh! Renney changes lines almost as oftn as I change my socks.

      PS – Perhaps we can start the refrain, “What Would Mess Do?”

    14. I give these line combinations 2 minutes and 34 seconds into the first period. My guess is before the 4th line even sniffs the ice, they will be back to the straka-nylander-jagr.

      Prucha, on the fourth line? seriously, this is getting just insane at this point. I almost want him traded (hes one of my favorites) jsut so that the poor kid can actually play with some talent — for the record, i really dont want him traded.. just one of those things you say and dont mean.

    15. Has anyone noticed that Prucha was replaced on the first power play unit by Shanahan? Petr is a gem and I love him to death, but Shanahan is an improvement, the power play is better, the team is better, and so on and so forth. It was two days ago so my memory may be fuzzy, but Jagr and Hossa have shown surprising compatability. The top unit was not working, and Jagr has proven that he can work with anyone. By mixing it up the team can only get better. By the way, Adam Hall is a liability on the ice, and Ryan Hollweg is less so. When Prucha and Hollweg play together, its like two speeding pinballs bouncing round the room. That was his job in Prague when he was drafted, and he scored 30 goals because he can shoot, and Mr. Jagr just happens to be one of the best players of all time. Hell, with Jagr, Straka and Nylander turn into all-stars.

    16. I have to take issue with Jagr here. Krog does not have skill. Unless by skill he means fruity cupcake.

    17. zg24 I’m hoping you’re kidding? If not how is the team or the power play better? Geez

    18. inferno–its not the setup, its the team. no matter how you scramble the lines around they look pathetic and scream “lottery pick” some might be worst than others but i’ve yet to see a combo from this group that instilled confidence

    19. ThisYearsModel on

      May as well go ahead and trade Prucha. He is wasting away on this team, the way Renney uses him.

    20. so when matt cullen was signed back in july, one of the reasons given for signing him was that he could run the point on the pp. so 50+ games and 7 months later renney has the sudden stroke of genius to try him on the point…gee with a head coach that adapts to situations that quickly, how can we lose?

    21. these line combos SUCK – here’s what you do and why:

      they’ve had chemistry, they still will. keep em together and improve the other lines, and their scoring pace will pick up as the other lines start to contribute as well.

      krog worked well between these two as a grinder in tampa bay. avery is WAY better than krog. all three are good along the boards, shanny can snipe, and hoss can protect the puck. plus hossa plays RW since he’s better there (he SUCKS at LW)…if you don’t believe me, go to his player page, watch his video highlights from this year and last, and notice which side of the ice he scores about 75% of his goals from. plus he’s a better stickhandler on the offwing than on the left side.

      keep the cop line together and give ’em a regular shift. they seemed to have some chemistry.

      HOLLWEG – BETTS – KROG (plays less often than other 3 lines)
      typical NYR 4th line, not a lot of offense. they’ll have energy though and (maybe) can put up a goal between them every 6 or 7 games. Krog is a HUGE upgrade here over such bums as colton orr and adam hall (arguably the worst player to ever wear an NYR sweater). i would seriously take valeri kamensky back right now in exchange for if adam hall would just go away.

      first unit…straka and tyutin play the points. pretty self explanatory. run an umbrella PP, rach and tyut take all the shots, jags and pruch pick up the trash, and nylander’s there to move the rubber around.

      second unit…no avery because you want a power play, not to risk 4-on-4. this one run a positional or overload powerplay, either one would work. you have big shots all around with shanahan, hossa, cullen, and rozsival, and straka helps distribute the play. shanny and hossa are both strong on the boards as well.

      and oh yeah, you keep these lines together for a few games. you don’t just change them cuz we give up a goal 4 mins into the game. i do NOT want to see prucha on the 4th, or some scrub up on 2nd, or worse yet, top line

    22. On Prucha, lets not forget he missed practice yesterday…there may be some lingering effects from that hit, and if he isn’t 100% than its lucky he is playing over Orr….in any case, that 4th line could be exciting, with Hollweg getting back in, he knows he has to play really well. And I have pointed out in the past he and Prucha play well together. All in all, I don’t mind the lines. Avery-Nylander-Shanahan : This line has grit, with Avery, a setup man/puck carrier in Nylander, and a finisher in Shanny who will finally have a center who can get him the puck properly. Hossa-Krog-Jagr : This line has some grit in Hossa, like him or not he has been playing very well in any role and with any linemates as of late. He doesn’t seem afraid to go into the corners and has some size. Krog is able to win face-off, and of that line can get Jagr the puck, one of them will goto the net, and Jagr will get some chances, Jagr doesn’t need top end guys to make him good, he makes guys like Krog and Hossa better. Straka-Cullen-Ortmeyer: Can you say speed?? Straka is a top line guy for the Rangers, and has been having close to a career year, Cullen up and down, but has show flashes, and Orts, well he has seemingly limitless energy, I think this line could out skate and out hustle and work the other team, and maybe get some goals to go in. The 4th line, Prucha-Betts-Hollweg : Prucha, he seems to be able to add something to any line, if he isn’t getting chances he is hitting and adding energy, Betts, FINALLY on the 4th line were he seems to play his best, and Hollweg, who should bring energy to that line and create some space…perhaps this line can gel a little and get a few chances. Also, If the PP units are changed…that may put Prucha on one of them and its seems if he is it will be with Jagr. In any case, each of the Rangers top line 3 will be on a separate line…any line could have a great night, so this could be the best move Renney has made…Luck on his part or finally waking up, it doesn’t really matter if it works.

    23. Renney trying to impress the GM to be, or the heat is on. Maybe he’s got 1 foot out the door & 1 on a banana peel.

    24. Also I bet these lines don’t get the ice time of 1st/2nd/3rd/4th I imagine the top 3 lines get about the same amount of time…so it doesn’t really matter who is wear as long as they mesh. Its AMAZING how everyone wants the lineup shaken up, at least the line combos changed to try to get something going…than Renney dose it…and half you all complain about HOW he dose it. If these lines totally flop in the next game..than yeah, you look t it and say “time to do something different” but to rip lines because what they look like on paper?? Come on…people for years talked about how what a team looked like on paper didn’t matter, and used the Rangers as an example…and now, some of the same people I bet are saying these lines wont work because of what they look like on paper. I will agree I would rather see Krog off and Dubinsky or Immo in…Immo was NEVER used with Jagr, and they might mesh. Waive Orr, or Krog, and get Immo up. Rqather it be Orr, because Krog CAN be useful as a 3rd/4th line center if there is an injury…or if this team did make the playoffs he would be a good extra to carry. But in any case…other than that, there isn’t a whole lot to change…these lines may or may not work, but lets give it a chance to work before we say that its all stupid. If Orr was on the top line, I would agree it’s a mess…but Avery can skate and hit, at least he will muck things up…people complained about the Rangers soft top lines…and now there is some grit on each line…and WAM its s stupid idea…give me a break.

    25. what i think i hate most about these is not only Prucha…

      it’s Straka….one of our most effective forwards on the 3rd line?!?!

      now if you switch Orty and Prucha, that’s a nice line IMO!!


    26. AZ: I don’t think its going to be traditional ice times. I also wonder about Prucha neck…if its not 100% it might be part of it. But in any case…I think Orts on that line will be good for it. We may also see Straka and Hossa switch at some point…that would shock me…but I think its worth giving it a game and seeing if any lines have a natural chemistry…if they doesn’t matter who is were…just as long as they go on to win 10 of their next 12… ;)

    27. I agree with most of what you guys have said about the lines, especially about Prucha.

      If I can attempt to do this, I am going to try to figure out what Renney is thinking.

      The reason he probably put Straka on the “3rd line” is because he wants his top 4 (Jagr, Shanny, Straka, Prucha) on separate lines to cause matchup difficulties for other teams. The 5th (Nylander) had to go with one of the 4, so he put him with Shanny because Shanahan always shoots and Nylander always passes up the shot. I am guessing Avery was put on the line as well to draw the opponents away from Nylander/Shanny.

      It looks to me like Renney is trying to move his best player (Jagr) off of the best line so he won’t have to face the Pandolfos of the league every single night. And if he does have to face them, then he still has the “top” line of Avery-Nylander-Shanny to throw at the other team’s weaker forwards and defensemen.

      Next thing Renney needs to look at is his shootout lineup. Or maybe that’s set with Krog, Hossa, and Hollweg as the top 3.

    28. Line speculators – why even bother…I’ve spent six months putting together lines I think would work, while watching others do the same…Guess what, Renney doesn’t care, so its best not to torture yourselves…as for Krog, I’m again perplexed as to how this guy’s sneaking into the lineup. Granted, I haven’t seen the last two games(both losses) but so far, I haven’t seen how he’s any differnt than Isbister…And Prucha on the ass-end of the lines? Simply baffling.

    29. from Sam’s blog previous page…

      “But it also offers a window into an overall paranoid Garden culture.

      Some of that culture we as reporters are exposed to on a regular basis, most notably with P.R. staffers often standing nearby when we talk to players and coaches”

      and a few of those same PR staffers are obviously posting on your blog, Sam.

      they are not hard to spot. they are the ones constantly spouting the company line, praising Renney and Sather, and the trades and line changes are always good, and the kids are not ready, and the team is never out of it, etc. blah, blah, blah

    30. It doesn’t matter which of the top 3 lines is considered “1st”, “2nd”, or “3rd”. Those of you who have played competitive hockey for an extended period of time as I have know that being on the “1st” line only means that you’re listed on the top of the coach’s lineup card. The top three lines will get roughly the same amount of ice-time. What matters is the combinations, not which line is designated “1st”.

    31. AZ…I know…I KNOW….I just had to write it…I think they go 2 games above .500 over the next 10-15 games…just enough to keep them from being sellers…at least depending on what other teams do. I have always said, NEXT year is a BIG year in the rebuild…and was expecting not to much youth this year, and youth to replace some vets for next year…so a little bit of a tank will ensure than to a point. A sell off…even a minor one, two or three players, would help this teams future. But I HAD to see the reaction to 10 of 12 LOL

    32. SAW: I think people get hung up on the line number thing….just because Avery is on the “1st” line doesn’t mean he will now get 25 min and Straka being on the “3rd” line means he will get 10 – 12 min. depending on PP and PK time the TOI will probably be nearly the same…

    33. so Capt. Queeg is re-arranging the deck chairs again to find out who stole his strawberries.

      I am waiting for a mutiny in this mixed metaphor mess.

    34. I’m curious Sam, how much of this do you think was Renney’s patience, and how much was it not wanting to upset Jagr? It’s been clear for some time that things weren’t working, and he’s persisted with it throughout…particularly the PP unit.

      It’s a pity though that he’s left this experimenting too late. The Rangers are “only” 6 points out, but that means that if all the other teams ahead of them were to go .500 the rest of the way, the Rangers would still have to go 7 games over .500 just to get into the playoffs. They basically have to get 4 points out of every 6 points on offer for the remainder of the season…just to hit their 92 point projected target.



      Renney changes line combinations again, here are the new combinations

      Shanahan – Betts – Jagr
      Orr – Nylander – Prucha
      Straka – Cullen – Trautwig
      Cammi Granato – Henrik Lundqvist – The Futon from Toms Office


    36. I’m still a believer that this team is good enough to make the playoffs, based on what I said yesterday.

      Lets say BUF, NJ, ATL, PIT, OTT, and MTL definitely make it. That’s 6 teams with 2 spots left. Are you guys going to tell me that we can’t overcome the likes of Toronto, Carolina, Tampa Bay, and the Fishsticks with 28 games left? It’s not like we’re behind by 16 points. 2-3 games behind is do-able. If a team gets hot, that can be made up in 1 week.

      But I agree. If the NYR play poorly the next 8, then they need to become sellers at the deadline.

    37. they make me heave, one game at a time.

      I’ll bet that Jagr will still have his czech cronies on D with him.

    38. This is total mix-up… I don’t even know what to think about it… I like Renney broke up top-line. We see how it’s going to work. I know one thing – Prucha is useless in 4th line. At least we’re going to have 3 lines that can score.

    39. hey, NJMark, I hate to break it to you, but “the likes” of Toronto, Tampa, and the Isles just got through beating the Rangers head-to-head 2, 2 and 3 times.

    40. Hossa,

      I am aware of that. And STILL, we’re only out by a few games with 28 left.

      I’m sorry, but those 4 teams just don’t impress me. I said it yesterday and I’ll say it again: it starts with sound goaltending and I’ll take Lundqvist over any of their goalies. If Lundqvist keeps giving up 2 or less per game (for the majority), that has to translate to wins at some point. I know, easier said than done, but this is far from impossible in my opinion.

    41. but you are “impressed” with the Rangers who lost those 7 games.

      hope you enjoy the koolaid.

    42. Hossa,

      I never said I was impressed. I am simply saying 54 games does not make a season.

      By no means am I saying it’s going to be easy to get in or that they are definitely making the playoffs. I am just saying I am a Rangers fan who is not giving up on February 8th.

    43. Straka-Nylander-Jagr
      Hossa- ?? -Shanahan


      2nd line center and solid hard hitting Dman and this line up would be solid!

      Dump Hall and Orr and bring us what we need.




    44. I don’t want to see them squeak in just so they can serve us more of the same next year.

      If they brought up Callahan and Dubinsky and THEN squeaked in, then I would like it. But squeaking in with “the likes” of Krog,etc…forget it. that just encourages more of that crap.

    45. eh, what’s the problem with sneaking into the playoffs? That’s how at 2 and as many as 5 teams are going to make it in the East Conf.

    46. I just told you why. can you read? squeaking in with Krog, Malik, etc. just encourages more of that crap next year, and puts the kids even further in the background. get it?

    47. Look at Edmonton last year. Once you’re in, anything is possible.

      I agree, I would much rather see them squeak in with Callahan and Immonen or Dubinsky at C. But that’s not going to happen. They won’t call them up and play them regularly until they are out of it. So for now, we might as well root for them.

      And you know what? If they do have a selloff before the deadline and miss the playoffs, I DON’T want to see those guys play in NY this year. I’d rather them stay at Hartford and play together as a team and make the AHL playoffs. Give them more of a chance to develop further chemistry.

    48. The next 5 games are EXTREMELY important for the Rangers. 8 out of 10 points is what the minimum. 9 or 10 points would put them right back in the chase. They have to beat TB tomorrow at home and they they have games @ a Washington team they “should” beat and a game against struggling Carolina. They then have 2 home games against 2 of the worst teams in the league. 4 points is a must! If they want to have a shot, 8 or 9 points would be huge before 2 games against the devils.

    49. then you really are a Ranger PR staffer.

      they need to play in NYC after any selloff to see who is ready for next season, so the brass can focus the summer moves according to need, and to get their feet wet in a regular role on the big team, just like Girardi, who has done just fine despite doubts from guys like you.

    50. I agree Andrew. No excuse. They have to win 2 of their next 3 and the following 2 against Philly and Chicago at home. If they don’t walk away with 8 out of 10 points in the next 4, then I will be more willing to call it a season and unload some vets for picks/prospects at the deadline.

    51. Joe February 8th, 2007 at 5:11 pm

      from Sam’s blog previous page…

      “But it also offers a window into an overall paranoid Garden culture.

      Some of that culture we as reporters are exposed to on a regular basis, most notably with P.R. staffers often standing nearby when we talk to players and coaches�

      and a few of those same PR staffers are obviously posting on your blog, Sam.

      they are not hard to spot. they are the ones constantly spouting the company line, praising Renney and Sather, and the trades and line changes are always good, and the kids are not ready, and the team is never out of it, etc. blah, blah, blah


      boy, Joe did you nail it on the head. I see it firsthand.

    52. I understand. On one hand, I’d like to see those kids up here after 2/27 for the obvious reasons. Heck, I wanted them here 3 months ago.

      But at the same time, don’t you think they would learn just as much by staying at Hartford for their playoff push? Besides, lets field the worst possible team after 2/27 if we’re out of it. Get a better chance at a higher pick.

      No, I am not a PR staffer.

    53. N-BS

      Only a sick moron would say something like that because some posters root for the Ranger prospects.

    54. NJ Mark I like your posts. Optimistic but not fantasy land.

      If they do not pick it up in the next 5 to 7 games it is over. We will see…

    55. Inferno

      That is the funniest post today.
      Unfortunately not as funny as Renneys real line up.

    56. Stuart,

      Thanks. And like I said, it’s not going to be easy. The next 5 games tell it all. Believe me, anything less than 4-1 and they MUST trade some of these vets.

      But until then, I’m still pulling for them.

    57. I agree with my fellow nut case, Meshuggah’s line combos.

      Prucha should be on one PP unit with Jagr and his Noshootmates, and Shanny should be on an old fashioned Canadian, shoot from the points and crash the net, PP unit.

    58. When the heck is Forsberg getting here?? The Rangers need him now. Just think how nice it will be to put Forsberg at center and watch a REAL hockey player.

    59. the Rangers season is just getting more and more comical. At least I’m getting a few laughs out of this mis-management team.

    60. Hossa-Straka-Jagr (The Chovak line)
      Callahan- Nylander -Shanahan (The Nanahan line)
      Avery-Cullen-Prucha (The CAP line)
      Hollweg-Betts-Ortmeyer (The HBO line)


      This might do it??

      Is Renny reading this??

    61. Cullen is now expected to mesh perfectly at the PP point after 7 months of rust all due to, and the fault of, Tom Renney.

      with no chance to work with his teammates over months at that spot like Straka and Rosival have had, Cullen is now expected to step in and save the bacon of the guy who fried him in the first place.

      for many media guys to continue defending and praising Renney is just ludicrous.

    62. John M I’ve looked for this for awhile ( Mess Graves Leetch Richter Bueke etc to become a part of the NYR again) even though I thought Mess would want to be a coach. But I’ve never heard so many negative comments where fans would rather keep the genius sather than let Mess come in.Sather is so set in his ways, burnt from bad deals, gun shy, burnt out, & would give his left nut for alot of things. Messier really tarnished his image after 1994, 1995, that fans would rather stay on the SS Minnow with this skipper, absurd. Besides he’d be somewhat mentoring Mess on alot of fronts including how to deal with crazyboy .I’m convinced most NYR fans need something to complain about but never like the solutions while wallowing in the problems.They can’t handle the truth, nor could most ever be able to handle again the guy like the one who coached them to the Cup, Keenan.Dolan is going nowhere right now, nor is Sather until he’s ready ….pitiful….. NOW….Is MESSIER GM yet?

    63. lets look at tongihts schedule, and see what outcomes will most benefit the rangers:

      isles/devils – devils, cause they’re too high to catch
      carolina/boston- boston b/c we;re chasing carolina
      pittsburgh/phili- flyers clearly.
      la/washington- obviously LA (western conf.)
      montreal/ottawa- montreal; might as well have them get higher in the standings then to have to chase another
      toronto/nashville- obvs. nashville
      florida/minnesota- minnesota
      atlanta/colorado- colorado

      lets just see…

    64. Incidentally, on the Kip Miller reference, why suffice with the “new” Kip Miller when we could have the real thing? Let’s trade ol’ Krog to Grand Rapids for the all-star some call Kip Miller…actually, there seems to be a lot of resemblance to these two guy…both tore up the NCAA, both played for the Islanders and the Ducks…and best yet, both couldn’t do @#$% when paired with one of the top players in the NHL.

      Scott: No. No he’s not. He’s putting a bunch of Ranger pogs in a bag and drawing out lines like they were bingo balls.

    65. John M – are you really a Flyer fan in disguise – trying to unload Fordberg as a cornerstone of a Flyer rebuild at the Rangers expense?

    66. Does this mean the 1st PP Unit will be our last season success:


      About time.

    67. czechthemout!!!!! on

      what i am very happy about is that malik is back.woohoooo!!!!!!!!hey he has the best plus minus in the nhl,we should be able to trade him for crosby straoght up.

    68. Sam could you find out how Renney came up with those lines?

      Was it as simple as picking the names out of a hat? Or was it a helmet?

      Or was it something more elaborate like a bingo machine with ping pong balls?

    69. Hey i have read several thigns on a message board. 1) Rangers may trade for Bertuzzi, is there any truth to that?
      2)Montoya did not DRESS for last nights Wolf Pack game. Why is that? Injury? Trade?

    70. czechthemout!!!!! on

      renney’s line combos come after carefull scrutny of game tape,productive consultations with his assitant coaches,proggresive integration of new age tactitcs to develop a certain synchronicity that exhists between a synergistic action and a dynamic reaction of the players level of skill set. or he just throws a dart.

    71. “” malik is back.woohoooo!!!!!!!!hey he has the best plus minus in the nhl,we should be able to trade him for crosby straight up.””

      good one cto. My reaction is, Malik is back, give me a Jack Daniels straight up.

    72. L I Joe

      LOL! LOL! LOL!

      I’ll be a Flyer fan when every other franchise in the NHL folds.

      Get Forsberg to Broadway now. He is the missing ingredient. 3 more assists tonight for Forsberg VS. Pitt. Just think how good he is when he is fully recovered. Good …SCARY GOOOD!!!!

    73. I’d give my left … to see Jagr play 60 minutes. ( 22 game minutes without a shift off)
      I’d give my left … to see balanced lines for 28 games
      I’d give my left … to see Malik, and Rachuneck sent to the minors and recall Baranka and Lampman.
      I’d give my left … to see Ryan Callahan play 15 minutes a game for the rest of 2007 in MSG
      I’d give my left … to get Forsberg and Fydorik from the Flyers.
      I’d give my left … to see Messier run the Rangers and bring in the boys who know how to win in MSG.

    74. Sam,

      After a quick scan of the responses I see nobody has picked up on the MOST IMPORTANT part of your entry for today.

      That Elisha Cuthbert is making her way East and will be watching games at the Garden! By far the best thing to happen for Rangers fans this season!

    75. John M – sorry for the low blow (that would be like someone saying I could be a fishstick fan – I’d rather die).

      That still does not mean I’ll ever agree on Peter the former great. Would you trade this yrs 1st + Prucha + Montoya. That is the type of deal it would take. I’m almost hoping they lose the next cople of weeks to prevent the Rangers from making such a disasterous trade.

    76. L I JOE

      Forsberg is considered a question mark aound the NHL at this time so I don’t think it would be that steep. This years Number 1 is ok with me. We suck in the first round. We are better off trading it for someone else’s number one from a few years ago , like , Forsberg, Let the others pick in the First Round and poach em is my motto since we can’t pick a good number one if our lives depended on it.

    77. Make that 4 helpers for Forsberg…just enough to get himself traded for all of the Ranger youth before his body literally explodes.

    78. Chris

      That would be par for the course!! But be honest. Forsberg is the Center the Rangers need for their talented wingers and would be a perfect fit on a really mentally weak team that are crying out for his determination skills.

    79. John M – maybe they should change the people picking the number ones (scouts all the way up to the GM).

      Philly would want (and get from some idiot team – I just don’t want the Rangers to be that team) a lot more than a number 1 for Peter F. I would not even trade our number 1 by itself for him never mind add other young assets. He was drafted the same yr as Lindros and will be 34 this summer (and is physically worn down despite tonights performance. If we were close to being a cup contender you make moves like this. We’re not close.

    80. LI JOE
      I don’t agree that he is run down. He is recuperating from an injury but he is not slower, or less physical on the ice when he plays. Forsberg will play till he is 40 if he has a good situation. You cannot discount what a player like Forsberg can do in the playoffs. He will reward whatever team he goes to.

      If Forsberg were to play for 4 more years at the level he is capable of playing ( like tonight vs. Pitt) would he be worth a Number 1 and Dubinski or Dawes or Prucha?

    81. Did anyone see the Isles/Devils game on MSG tonight?
      It’s in NJ and there have to be 500 people in the stands. Then I switched over to the Flyers/Pens. They are at the bottom of the league and almost every seat is filled. Devils at the top and no one goes…. sad.
      I’m just glad people always go out to the Rangers games… even though they give us a heart attack each game!

    82. Yeah i saw it, there was nobody there, both those franchises are jokes when it comes to fanbase. Anyway, it was good for us that the Devils won. Hopefully Toronto can lose in regulation. We have games in hand on Carolina and we play Pittsburgh alot over the last couple of months. That will make or break us. More importantly, we need to take one game at a time and focus at the tas at hand. Beat Tampa Bay.

    83. John M – 1st he really is not the same player he once was. Injuries have befallen him more and more. If the Rangers trade their number 1 + say Prucha and resign Forsberg that blows out any chance for a player like Drury (salary cap considerations). AND if they don’t resign him the deal is that much worse.

      Which would you rather have

      Forsberg (this yr and next couple of yrs) and 2 home playoff games this yr (at most)

      Drury next yr + our own number 1 and Prucha still with us

      There are plenty of players who won’t be picked up off the waiver wire due to salary cap considerations (Samsonov sp? being the latest example). Forsberg’s salary is also a big consideration in any deal.

      In his day he was a great player and warrior (part of the reason he is now worn down). Would Lou L or Torrey from the old Islander days make this kind of deal – I think not.

      Keep your eye on the prize THE CUP in the next 5-6 yrs.

    84. I Miss Steve Rucchin on

      I dunno Sam, I kinda like seeing the guy from Rescue Me who isn’t Dennis Leary at MSG whenever I’m there.

    85. L I Joe

      You are assuming many events to happen for your plan to work.

      A . Drury is only a good player. I like him. But his situation in Buffalo was right for his style. And it may be in NY if some of your assumptions come true.
      1 . Most Ranger prospects are the real deal in the NHL
      2 . That the Rangers coaching style adheres to the team philosophy.
      B . Forsberg is a gamer. He is in the class of Ryan Smith,Eric Stall, Scott Gomez, Mark Messier. You do not lose that trait. It is his Character that makes him a special player.
      C . The Rangers do not have a number 1 Center or Winger in the system. Marc Stall and Al Montoya are their most highly rated prospects. Of course Callahan is turning heads right now.

      I love using the kids. I love having Forsberg too if he is available. I don’t feel trading one or two prospects will jeapordize the youth movement or your 5 year plan. What good is it to have bargaining chips if you do not take advantage?

    86. John,

      Peter Forsberg is not worth it. His health is terrible. He wears more pairs of skates in a season than he plays games. Want to agree with you — but can’t. Sorry.

    87. I want to be so excited for tomorrow nites game…
      Somebody forward Renney my line up STAT.

      I, like all of you, are frustrated and want to win.

      Let’s hope for something nothing like anything in recent memory, Rmagers get on a sick winning streak and get into the playoffs and make us all happy. LET’S GO RANGERS!! !!!

      In case they don’t, Callahan and Baranka should be brought up and Orr and Hall should be bounced. Maybe Kaspar for the draft pick we lost last season for Zaborsky.

      Please, SAVE THE SEASON!

    88. Reginald Dunlop on

      Well it is my first time posting here, I have read all of your line combos now for about two months and can’t figure out why all of you Toe Blakes and Dick Irvin Sr.’s havent figured it out yet….

      Prucha brings out the best in Jagr and vice versa….see last years PP and how many times did Prucha score on a Jagr feed…and Prucha goes to the net so Nylander has a pass when he pulls up..

      Straka has been pulling up over the blue line to set up a pass…..well you have Shanahan to shoot and Avery going to the net…..

      Cullen centers third line where he belongs with Ortmeyer crashing and Hossa has been strong on the puck…nice cycling line

      Fourth line has some energy there as well………

    89. from the Post, how Lou L. walks tightrope on the cap to his advantage. trying to open some money for a Brad Stuart trade.

      They have been on a smart-money austerity kick lately, carrying only the basic 20-man lineup when the situation permits, saving some 15G against the cap per game, over time perhaps a total of 200G this season. Good, but still not enough.

      Lou Lamoriello has received break after break from the league on his cap mess, but it’s hard to believe even he would go back to that well again, even as the NHL allows him to keep Richard Matvichuk off the cap, regardless of whether or not he is still injured.

      Lamoriello doesn’t have to remove Matvichuk from the Long-Term Injury exemption until he finds cap space. The league will not determine, whether the summertime back surgery has been rehabilitated and will not force Lamoriello to make space for Matvichuk. Once LTI is granted, the team decides when it’s over.

      It’s unlikely a long-ready Matvichuk will play until only nickels remain on his $1.36 million salary and cap liability. Once the playoffs start the cap no longer applies, so the Devils can suit him up, although Matvichuk must be activated before the season’s end, a minimum of one game or a couple rust-removers at some 16.6G per against the cap. Peanuts.

    90. Reginald Dunlop: Those lines look good to me….but you may as well put someone else on wing for Krog…his biggest asset is winning faceoffs…and on wing, I just don’t think he would be worth taking up the spot. He has a couple of goals, but he hasn’t brought anything really game in and game out other than face off wins.

    91. onecupin67years on

      What looks bad will get worse.
      Renney should draw all the players names from a hat and make the lines that way .if he hasn’t already.or maybe sather made these lines.

    92. We have to WIN tonight. I’d say it’s crucial game of the regular season. LET’S GO RANGERS!

    93. Bertuzzi — another shiny new toy to distract from the true needs of the team. Typical Dolan/Sather BS

    94. Lets hope this is just a rumor started by Florida to drive his price up. I heard Detroit was the front runner all along.

    95. Doodie Machetto on

      “Lets hope this is just a rumor started by Florida to drive his price up. I heard Detroit was the front runner all along.”

      That’s exactly what it is. Where would Bertuzzi play, especially since they acquired Avery? ridiculous.

      I don’t know if anyone has suggested these line combos, but I feel they would be a lot more effective than the crap Renney is flinging:


      Why are they pushing Krog so hard? Sam, do U(NH) have anything to do with it?

    96. Doodie Machetto on

      BTW, kip miller(his name doesn’t deserve to be capitalized) didn’t even break 50 pts.

    97. My perfect combos would be:



    98. You mean the Bertuzzi with the back surgery Head-Hunting SOB that took out Dominick Moore’s brother?

      That Bertuzzi? No! —- No!

    99. Doodie Machetto on

      stf, if bringing callahan up was an option, I would go with those, although I’d put him on the right side instead of Ortmeyer.

    100. Callahan is a RW, illadvised to switch his position when you first recall him, unlike Shanny situation. As much as I would like to see Krog off the team the kid is a gamer, I know alot of you will disagree, but I have been watching him closely and for a small guy, who gets knocked around he does go into the corners and to the front of the net. Have to give him credit and he is very good on faceoffs.

    101. Everyone wants Prucha on that top line with Straka and Jagr. He shouldn’t and won’t play on that line. That line, if they change it, needs someone who will not fall down when someone blows on him.

      I love the kid’s hustle but that can only get you so far. He shoudl be with cullen and ortmeyer.

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