Post-game musings


Just a few thoughts before I go:

  • A nice pre-game touch was Jason Ward being announced as a Rangers scratch. I guess it was for old times sake.
  • Sean Avery was lauded by Tom Renney and his new teammates in his first outing. I was fairly impressed as well. On a team where there are too many players intent on circing back toward their own defense, it was refreshing to see a player actually move forward.

    “I thought he played an intelligent game, a high energy game,â€? said Shanahan, who began the night as Avery’s linemate. “You could hear the other teams chirping at him, but he’s a very skilled player. He’s excited about the game. He’s into it. He’s definitely a gamer.â€?

    Renney spoke about the flexibility Avery allowed him in moving guys throughout the lineup. Naturally tonight was an extreme given his insistence on getting Jaromir Jagr away from Jay Pandolfo and Co. But chances are we’ll see more of that moving forward.

  • I’m with you if you thought the Brad Luckowich hit on Petr Prucha was an elbow. But Renney said he reviewed the tape after the game and didn’t have a problem with it. As for Prucha, the coach said the wing was fine. “He’s Petr Prucha,” he said.
  • Stop the presses: After all the internal debate about whether or not the Rangers should shoot more on the power play, would you believe it was Jaromir Jagr who suggested they may need to shoot more? I almost dropped my tape recorder when I heard it.

    OK, more later…

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    1. yeah, Sam, just like Jagr said he would carry the team. carried them to 11th place and dropping.

    2. I thought they played well..

      They are not out of it.. They need to go 18 and 11 and they will make the playoffs far from impossible.

      Girardi can play, they should trade if possible either malik or rachunek for some upfront help…..

      It sounds like Kaspar is not doing well in the minors, sounds like he is shot!!!

    3. Jagoff… Sorry to disturb you but Jagr is the 11th highest scorer in NHL history. The guy is double teamed from the bus..

      I know you dislike him but how aqbout some rational thought!!!

      It is true he does not fight and plays like a euro. You should enjoy watching him when you can he is a once in a lifetime player…

    4. there are only 28 games left, NOT 29

      and 91 pts WONT make it

      if you think they will go 20-8, and all other teams will just fade away, you are nuts

    5. ThisYearsModel on

      3000 empty seats at the meadowlands. Who would have thought that the devils could not even sell out ranger games.

    6. Jagoff really why do you watch and post. No one is as smart as you or as good as they should be?

      Really you know they cannot go 20 and 8 or have more then 91 points why pain yourself and watch!!

      Please spear us all your misery turn the tv off.

      Maybe you can be the GM? What are your credentials, coaching 9 yr olds playing hockey?

      Fill me in on your resume..

      Also who should the Rangers draft and tell me what is a matter with Cheechoo, Jagr, Gionta(scoring way down), etc..

      What does the crysteal ball show????

    7. the crystal ball shows that you are a moron who can’t mind his own business.

      take your snot-nose jibes and shove them, or I’ll help you do so.

    8. Jagoff : Your not helping any one do anything. You dont know anything more than anything else seem to think your tough or funny…or both…but I tihnk you need to go away…we dont want you on this Blog…seems a few people have asked you to stop being a child.

    9. shove off, wildhair. if you think someone is going to talk like that and not get a comeback, you are as dumb as he is.
      what you think or want is immaterial.

    10. Bright side people. One of the best teams in the NHL we outplayed. Sure there were downsides like Rozsival damn near shooting the puck out of play with traffic in front, just to name one person who shouldn’t be on the PP imo. But we got a point so it could have been worse, much worse if we didn’t deserve two points. Maybe we’ll improve on it for next game? A man can dream right?

    11. Jagoff : You know…ummm…I dont care waht you say…you dont seem to be able to read though… the handle is WILDCARD W…I…L…D…C…A…R..D…did I think I wouldnt get a comeback? Its not about that…its about telling you to go away. You are acting like a spoiled brat….like a kid who didnt get what they wanted on christmas. I think you should stop posting here. I havnt seen you post anything other than silly 2 year old seemingly uninformed little rants. Why not try posting about hockey…or about the game that actuly just happened. its like you want to cry to someone but noone at home will listn so you come here and try to act tough when someone counters you…than you tell someone “take your snot-nose jibes and shove them, or I’ll help you do so.” like you can actuly do something LOL your funny…

    12. as you can see by my 2 posts at the top of this page, I did post about hockey and the game. but when your 3rd grade pal started addressing me, and getting snide about “rational thought”, that asks for a response, and he got one.

      it is laughable for a twirp who can’t even spell, use paragraphs, or comprehend posts, to tell anyone anything.

      go back through the pages of this blog, and you will see who they are snickering at, and his moniker starts with a “W”

    13. wildcard practice what you preach.Who elected you monitor? Everyone has a right to post here unless Sam & Co ban them.This is the USA where free speech is allowed. Good try at psych 101, get a mirror . Go & play with your cards.Don’t forget to count them first, I think you might be missing a few.Now play nice kid.

    14. For the Rangers’ sake, I hope THEY are getting along a little better than this in the locker room.

      You guys crack me up- Some laughter here is good too once in a while;e even if it’s at the expense of others-

    15. Jagoff : your first post was about Jagr…who had a great game today…he drove to the net and was back defensively more than he has been since last season. SO why didn’t you bring that up about him. And my spelling and other English crap doesn’t really matter dose it…brining that stuff up doesn’t make you right or wrong…just makes you an even bigger ass. bklynblue : the only reason I said something was the stupid comment he made about helping someone shove something or whatever…I mean I don’t need to be made a monitor to tell someone to get rid of that crap. I’m not the only one who has asked in the past that Jagoff leave that crap away from here. If you like crap like that, than perhaps you should go away as well. It’s not needed here…and MORE people should tell others to stop posting that needless crap…especially when its just someone voicing their opposing opinion.

    16. onecupin67years on

      OK,OK…Settledown…I think everyone here would like(want)to see the rangers win,not just make the playoffs and get shoved out in the first round but win more than two rounds or more consistently like the big boys do.I’m sure dolan and co wants success but have failed miserably and how long do we wait?
      jagr could only do so much without Mario here in Ny,Why doesnt sather sign another dinosaur in Mario for the run?
      But this team lacks heart and has too many rejects from other teams making this team full of 3 and 4th liners.
      And the defense is putrid.Carry on.

    17. wildcard that crap had nothing to do with you but you had to put your 2 cents in. Stick to hockey and mind your business.

    18. Brooks has a great article today in which he spoke to Sather who insists that while they thought this team would be much better than it is, they are not going to be dealing any of the young players they feel are the future of this franchise out of selfishness or self-preservation. Says LA offered Avery Norstrom and Conroy for Staal and the answer was no. Says he wouldn’t hesitate to deal veterans at the deadline and wouldn’t be surprised to see 6 guys up from Hartford just to gain experience for next year if the team continues to tank.

      And in a line I really wish he hadn’t added, he also says that if Pittsburgh offered Crosby, he’d throw in his left nut. While I really appreciate what he had to say – in fact, if that’s all true, then I don’t care how bad they are right now – I didn ‘t need that visual this AM.

    19. Though they lost yesterday (only in SO) i think Rangers were better team and deserved win. They should finish Devils on that 4-3 PP in OT. If we keep same level of play in the next few games we should collect some points.
      Avery was the best player on the ice…

    20. Hey Peter,
      If this is true than my wish that the rangers keep losing wil come true. That is what I said last week. Basically the rangers keep losing and sather will trade anybody he can to get good draft picks or prospects and hopefully get a high draft pick in the off season. Bring up the young players atthe end of the season.Lets face it ranger fans, this team is not even near stanely cup material so why have false hopes to make the playoffs. The team would get knock out in the first round.

    21. onecupin67years on

      If you noticed in last nites shootout and game the rangers seem to be squeezing their sticks a little harder when they shoot. Their very uptight right now.

    22. stf: Rachunek came very close to scoreing again during OT…there was a great save made, either off the top of the blocker or the shaft of the stick…bt I thought the game was over…but…oh well…it hapens that way sometimes.

    23. Avery did play great. And he may be just what the team needs. However he is not going to make the difference in getting us into the playoffs.

      Face it, part of the reason Avery looks so good is that the rest of this team is so mediocre.

      I hope Slats gets better return on the vets he trades this time compared to the 2004 deal off.

    24. a casual observer on

      “And in a line I really wish he hadn’t added, he also says that if Pittsburgh offered Crosby, he’d throw in his left nut. While I really appreciate what he had to say – in fact, if that’s all true, then I don’t care how bad they are right now – I didn ‘t need that visual this AM.”
      If you look at the team he has put on the ice this year, I have to say he doesn’t have any nuts left to trade.

    25. the deal they passed up avery, conroy, & nordstrom for stall probably would have gotten them to the playoffs & been a contender. But the price could have hauted them for years to come. I would have pulled the trigger.

    26. John M… rumor has it the NYI are trying to get Forsberg, with Silliger going the other way, plus probably more. … Is MESSIER GM yet? ;)

    27. I tell you seeing Parise & Zajac on the Debbies while we took Jessiman & Korpedo really shows what is the big weakness on the Rangers- Their 1st round drafting errors!
      Now Korpikowski may still become a good player but The Rangers between 95-03 have really had bad luck (Blackman & Cherneski) or really bad decisions multiple busts in round 1. We have had better luck in the Latter rounds (Lundquist & Prucha etc) but you have to make those 1st rounders count. If not sign a RFA that is established & give up the first rounders so you get someone really contributing to the team! It seems that we may be on track the last 3 years with Staal,Monty& Sang but they still have to prove themselves.

    28. Avery certainly put on a show last night. We’ll see if this will continue on every game basis. Also, the whole team seemed to play with more heart and actualy continued forechecking like they did in 1st period in Detroit game.IMO Avery move should have been done 5 games ago. He does add energy to thid team and is a pretty good player – mini Tucker

    29. I think Avery is very good. He moves the puck well, he goes hard to the net. He also is capable of playing with different lines. This is something that has limited Renney from making good line combos and line matchups this season.

      We’ll see.

    30. Hi Guys, I am new to this site but a lifelong Ranger Fan and player. As for Avery, if the guy plays like that every night the trade was a good one. Powerplay….horrible…can someone hit the net. Breakout…after our defense gets done playing catch while standing still (if they dont give it away) the puck gets to the fowards who like to stand still or circle back. Don’t get me wrong, still a huge fan but do you guys see what i see? Not once did i see the Devils pull that …. those guys do one thing…skate! Renney somehow needs to get this team skating and not standing around so much. And the powerplay, lets get some movement not just passes around the perimeter then a wide shot from the point.

    31. as horrible as we are the rangers do somewhat hold their playoff destiny in their own hands

      4 games against pitt
      4 games against isles
      2 against carolina
      3 against montreal
      and of course one more each on toronto and tampa

      its up to them if they want in they win most of these games they are right there

    32. tookie:

      If you look at Sather’s drafts over the years in Edmonton and NY, he has an abominable track record of 1st round busts. The guy is incompetent, most people know it except the one that counts and that’s Dolan (and that’s because Dolan’s incompetent as well).

      NYR going nowhere while Lil Jimmy is in charge.

    33. I said it yesterday, and I’ll say it again: Avery was a great pickup. He will be a fan favorite in no time at all.

      FYI, I’ve heard that the same package that brought Avery to the NYR was originally offered to PHO for Shane Doan. PHO declined, so Slats turned to LA.

    34. How many backhand passes do the rangers just give away. I would like to get stat boy to watch a game and count. So many passes from “circle backs” get intercepted. Is itthat hard for this team to just shoot and crash the net like animals?

      That 4-3 PP was awful, hit the F@$&ing net!!

    35. As bad as Sather is, is there any supporting proof that Messier would be any better? Or know what he’s doing?

    36. I think Sather did a good job at the 2004 trade deadline. And as far as the OT powerplay last night at least they were shooting.

    37. give the pointmen a break…they don’t practice shooting that often, so they missed their first few attempts

    38. Jagoff I missed you recent words of wisdom. quite classy, you are definitely living up to your reputation.

      wow threatening physical harm thru the computer you really are a tough guy.

      I live in LA so I doubt we will be meeting in person so I would suggest we just tone it down a little.

      Sather passed on nordtrom, avery, and conroy for Staal. Thank god.. Without a major injury staal will be playing for them for 10 yrs…Everything I have read on him is great.

    39. Love the Avery trade. He has the qualities this team lacks..toughness, grit, coupled with skill…

      assuming we miss the playoffs, i think nylander is the guy who gets traded..he’s a UFA, and will bring the most return…also i am totally against it, but my feeling is hollweg is gonna be the odd man out once callahan gets called up…i would also like to see STaal and montoya get some games w/ the club..

    40. Sam, they announce a player as scratched until the programs (printed well in advance) reflect the change.

    41. Regarding team changes, I alter mine due to some excellent posts….I really thought that we should move Jagr because he would bring in some serious young talent, but his salary makes him too much of a bargain. I want Shanny resigned and the leader of a new youth movement where they benefit from his tutoring….

      I would like vets traded now, while value is still high.
      I would like to see about 6 call ups from Hartford to prepare for next year
      I would like a new coach, now, to get acclimated to the young players. You know, one who would not overplay Shanny next year, or put in Jags in a lost playoff game…one with brains.

      I would like to see Messier behind the bench. He would favor players that play like Shanny—–we would have no softies out there. We have some good pieces to our puzzle and there is no reason to move youth. I hope Sather is serious about that.

    42. Seamus: Great! Now we can phone Sather and get him up to speed on your demands so he can start working on it!!!

    43. Sather's Left Nut on

      91 points very well could make it, I can’t see the pace picking up that much. With 3 point games a lot can happen. Wouldn’t bet on it, but it’s far from impossible.

    44. It is wishfull thinking imagining this team making the playoffs. This team needs a top center (Sakic, Sundin) and a top defenseman. The fact Brendan Shanahan is playing with Jason Krogg is extrememly disheartening.

      I’ll tell you what I like though is having Lundvquist in the nets. kevin Weekes may be a great pro or whatever, but henrik should be in the nets and I’m glad he is there.

      I don’t see any offensive scheme from this team. The only time this team wins in when the other teams goalie has an off game. Brodeur had a very good game last night, the play on Cullen was remarkable and Lundvquist made some excellent saves, but really, the Rangers have no sustained pressure on the other team from in front of the net. Everything is on the perimeter, behind the net or some point shot, but nothing that would be considered a high percentage opportunity.

      With players like Jagr, Shanahan, Cullen and Ward and with Lundvquist in net, this team should be playing better. granted their defense is not that good, but the Rangers defense is no worse than Witt, Campoli & Poti yet the Isles play like a team and put the puck in the net. And they don’t have a Jagr or Shanahan.

      I like Tom Renney as a person and I think he gives it the ‘ol college try, but I don’t see enough sense of urgency on the ice from this team. They are too slow with the puck and they are constantly running around trying to figure out what the other team is doing.

      They lose one goal games, they do not come from behind and they do not hold leads.

      Again, I am a loyal person, I want to give someone as much time as possible to get the job done, but making the playoffs, barely, and then not making the playoffs (this season), two seasons, is long enough to prove suggest you might not be able to win more than 50% of your games at the NHL level.

      Hey Renney is better than Low and Renney is better then Trotts, but I hate to think John Torterrela was our coach for 10 games.

    45. They have to go 18-10 to have a real shot at the playoffs, and They’ve shown nothing this year to make anyone think they have that kindoff run in them.

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