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Unlike yours truly, “the estimable Steve Zipay”: made it to the skate this morning, and is reporting the following:

  • That Henrik Lundqvist is scheduled to start again against the Devils after pleading for another chance with Tom Renney.
  • That Jaromir Jagr, despite missing the skate after reaggravating his hip flexor last night, is expected to be in the lineup.
  • And the recently acquired Sean Avery will also be in the lineup while wearing Jason Ward’s old No. 16. His outspoken reputation aside, Avery sounded fairly measured and even contrite when talking about his controversial past and what he expects to bring the Rangers.

    Still no word on who Avery will skate with, although he did talk fondly about his relationship with Brendan Shanahan.

    It’s worth noting that the Devils have already recalled their own agitator Cam Janssens from Lowell.

    In other words, maybe you should think about leaving the kids at home.

    I’ll have more from Jersey myself in a bit…

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    1. Jagr is playing because Renney doesnt know anything else. Without Jagr in the line up who will Renney double shift? who will the power play continually pass too? lets face it no Jagr Renney would actually have to coach and that is something he does not know how to do at the NHL level.

    2. I remember when Ulf Samulson (sp?) and Darius Kasperitus were signed by the Rangers … the same “how dare they” attitude took hold .. until the guy was on your team … don’t remember the hubub around the Barnaby signing …

      Welcom SA and all the best.

    3. Jagr never does anything against the Devils anyway. Sam just checked the Hockeynews site and it had another blurb about how bad the Rangers lockerroom is, and how pretty much not too many guys get along. How do you read the room being there almost everyday?

    4. Anthony (the other one) on

      Is it just me, or does anybody else get a smile on their face when they think about Hollweg and Avery skating side by side?

      Bring back Kaspar, give all three of them thick black glasses with tape on the nose and start calling them the Hansons.

    5. i would love to spear that freaken instigator, witt.
      *add pandolfo to that list tonight, and avery would be my #1 guy.

    6. That’s fantastic, but who really cares about Avery. OK, so when are the Rangers going to permanently call up Callahan and Immonen? That’s your Center and Winger right there. If not, could we please trade them for somebody to be the face of the franchise like Atlanta did when they dealt Heatley for M. Hossa (the good one). Oh and WHERE’S MARK STAAL????

    7. Staal will be starting for them next yr at 19 or 20 yrs old…

      Do not play Orr tonight, the fighting is meaningless and he cannot skate. Let the Devil goon do whatever…

      Maybe it is time to end the Krog experiment and try callahan, dawes, or Immonen. But really try them…..

    8. Nick : Don’t you ever tire of asking the same questions over and over again??? Where is Imo, Callahan ??? IN AHL!!! They are not bringing them up. Staal can not come up since he is not signed to a pro contract! At least the game will be entertainig with Avery around. We can loose with dignity (suck punching and boarding our opponents).

    9. Guys, c’mon Dawes and Imo are not ready! Let them work on their game at Hartford. Callahan however is NHL ready – I would love to see him next to Shanny.

    10. If Nylander is signed to an extension, Glenn Sather is officially the worst GM in Sports…period. The Messier era (GM that is) can’t come soon enough. Staal should be with the Rangers now. I’m willing to bet my life savings that he can’t be any worse at 19 than Malik is at 56 (which is what he looks like when he’s playing). Did they take Jason Krog off an adult team at Chelsea Piers? Seriously…

    11. I’m anxious to see if Janssen goes after Avery. This could be a really good game…

      Come on Sean Avery – Welcome to NY – bring it all!

    12. Immonen and Dawes have points this year in the 4 (exxageration) games they played, combined. Ryan Hollweg: 0 Assists, 0 goals, 0 points. That says it all. You’re right about Staal, however, if someone like Brent Seabrook could be playing D in Chicago at 20 years old I don’t see the rational why Staal should be in the OHL. At least make him play in Hartford?

    13. Maybe if well pay enough attention to Avery we’ll forget that the Rangers are going to miss the playoffs. But hey, at least Dolan doesn’t raise our ticket prices. He probably will anyway, because now we have Avery.

    14. cwgatti, seriously. If you are still speaking the names Immo, Dawes or Calahan, then you havn’t been paying enough attention. No chance, no way, no how. Isbister, Krog, and now Avery. These guys are our future, not those other names you speak of.

    15. Jannsen would pummel Avery. They’re two different players. Jannsen is a fighter, Avery is an agitator. A bad combination for Avery in his first game as a Ranger if Orr doesn’t play, as Jannsen will either make him turtle or beat the snot out of him. Orr should be playing tonight to make sure Avery doesn’t get off on the wrong foot in his first game on the team. Orr needs to handle the fighting against heavyweights like Jannsen. We already have a punching bag in Hollweg, I wouldn’t want to see Avery get embarrassed his first night out. Adam Hall is utterly useless, Orr can at least hit and fight, it would not hurt to have him in the lineup.

    16. Nick,

      Just because one team has a 20 yr old defensemen, doesn’t justify every other team calling up their 20 yr old d-men.

    17. If Orr is in the lineup, Avery and Hollweg can physically abuse the Devils, with Orr handling the Devils response with Janssen. If Orr doesn’t play Avery and Hollweg will have to worry about Janssen, who is clearly above their league in the fisticuffs department. If all 3 physical Rangers are in the lineup they can be more effective taking it to the Devils in that aspect of the game.

      More importantly, as I eluded to in the other post, it could be ugly for Avery in his first game and would not be a good first impression watching Janssen have his way with him, if Orr isn’t playing. Better to be safe, Orr doesn’t exactly make this team weaker if it’s him playing and not Hall.

    18. staal has to stay put until his season is over…not the rangers choice, the rules. get over it

    19. by not signing staal this year, we are able to keep him for another year under the draft. someone explained it to me once, but they did the right thing by keeping staal there, so definitly expect him to be up next year on the rangers or in hartford.

    20. and whoever said orr can fight obviously is looking at his penalty minutes and not the actual games. orr hasnt won a fight since his 3rd run at 5th grade

    21. He’s already beat Janssen.
      You see much of his fights? He hasn’t had the best year, but whose fault is that? Sitting half the time builds rust. Get a recorded fightography if you will of all of Orr’s fights. From the Rangers, to the Bruins, to the A, straight down through the minors and tell me he can’t fight again.

      He’s beaten Cam, and is capable. Avery on the other hand stands no chance.

    22. Staal is already signed he just isn’t getting paid because he playing amateur hockey in the OHL. As for keeping him another year he along with every other player will be a UFA at age 27 per the new CBA if they don’t have a contract at that age ot higher.

    23. Im pretty sure that Stall cant play in Hartford, he had to stay with New York or go to junior. Sam can you confirm that?

    24. I have been a kings fan all my life i can honestly tell you that sean avery is worth every penny as you will see tonight,, he is curently dating elisha cuthbert (the girl next door) and has left many many loving die hard avery fans try to explain this love i will tell you every time avery touched the puck a loud cheer would go through staples center..i am now going to try to be a ranger fan and be comphertable with the organization…watch for averys speed and hard shot..he could work on his puck countrol alittle. but he will allways remain the biggest trash talker on the ice….u left out that avery has fought witt 2wice and he also fought colin white in the minor leagues…i hope u guys appreciate avery with the love and cheers he deservs….welcome to the biggining of a long and exiting road

    25. Because Staal was drafted out of the CHL he cannot play in the AHL until a) he’s played 4 seasons in the CHL or b) he is 20 years old in the year in which the season starts.

      He can however play there if Sudbury Wolves (his junior team) has their season ended.

    26. onecupin67years on

      So its ok to lose the games as long as avery beats up the league then gets suspended?

    27. thats not what i said think positivly about avery hes a good player…he was the only life in the l.a kings and i think knowing avery hell get in a couple fights to get popular but after that hell show his true scoring potential

    28. I also forgot to tell you avery will go up against anyone..He can talk but he can sure as hell hold his own he fought laraque last season….got his a** kicked but you have to admit hes got the heart of a lion if hes gonna go up against somone 6″4 260 lbs and avery standing at 5″9 180

    29. Doodie Machetto on

      “We already have a punching bag in Hollweg”

      Exactly, why add another one in Orr.

      Hollweg and Avery are speedbags, Orr is a heavy bag.

    30. I am all for losing all fights but winning the game. That is an arrangement I can live with.

      Avery is a small guy, but he plays with passion, has no quit in him, those are good qualities. Give him 20 games before you judge the trade.

    31. seriosuly read up on him…he pisses everyone off and draws at least 2 penaltys a game theres no reason to be against him…its not like u lost anything…plus if u need that little spark to get to the playoffs u just got the right guy

    32. Losing Orr is not a big loss for the Rangers if it occurs. He is a good guy, but in the new NHL if you cannot skate you cannot play. He will never turn into a Terry O’reilly it will not happen even if he is given 5 more years.. Hollweg (I know he has 0 Points) is a better player and don’t laugh appears to have some potential..

    33. Hollweg, IMO, is a big part of this team. I understand he has no points this year, which isn’t a good thing, but that is not the role he has been asked to play. He has been a fourth line player averaging between 7 and 10 minutes a night. He goes out there and infuses energy (8th most hits in league). That is pretty good out of an 8th round draft pick. Also, how many turnovers has he forced that have turned into goals? How about Krog’s goal the other night? That was forced by Hollweg.

      It isn’t like he doesn’t have the skills to score. 25G/32A in 03-04, 30/40 in 01-02, 3 other seasons in the WHL with at least 19/27. Last year he played 52 games with the Rangers, as many as he has this year so far, and only had 2G and 3A, and that was with the HMO line, all dump and chase. If he wasn’t stuck with revolving line mates like Krog, Hall, Orr and J. Ward, I believe he would have at least a point. I would like to see him with Betts/Cullen and Orty, or atleast two other forwards with some offensive skill. Hollweg plays his role, which right now with the linemates he has, doesn’t include scoring, it is 100% don’t look like a bum with the other bums on the ice with you.

    34. True Fans bleed RW&B on

      I can’t wait to see what Avery does tonight. Its the whole “hate to play him, but wish we had him” mentality and I hope he’s a spark plug for the team and not just and explosive.

      I’ll tell you this, if he mouths off enough to get Renney can’d or if he runs Gomez, Marshall, and Jansen through the boards tonight he’ll be my favorite player.

    35. you wil all be impressed..The only reason the kings didnt fall to last in the west earlier was because theres 2 good players on a 42 player teem..thats like saying its jagers fault u guys arent first in the east. His naickname is aves** (aaves)

    36. No one is saying that Avery can save this team alone, as he couldn’t save the Kings. But he might help, he’ll definitely stick up for his teammates — which this team needs — and he’ll be exciting to watch. That’s not so bad.

      And those prospects just seem like mediocre ones, even through the rose-colored glasses that most posters use on this blog when evaluating any of our youth.

      Meanwhile. if Henrik hurts himself, I’m going after Mr. “It’s a gut call” Renney.

    37. Avery walks a fine line between spark creator and albatross. I’m sure the Eurocentric Rangers are not going to really like antics, and in turn he could just as easily be the final rock and sinks the boat.

    38. for someone to say Avery can’t help because he played on the Kings who stink is quite a comment. Pittsburgh was the worse team in the league last yr.therefore Crosby stinks and they should trade him!!!!

      It is a team game and to many weaknesses cannot overcome a few strengths..

    39. (((I would love it if entire roster was made up of Avery and Hollweg types instead of Jagrs)))

      exactly. it would be a lot more fun and interesting. go down fighting instead of this Euro-meek surrender we have now.

    40. although I do want to see Hollweg own the NHL record for most games without a point,

      it would appear that Avery is a Hollweg (energy, hitting, etc) who can actually find the back of the net.

    41. Hollweg is 8th in NHL hits with 151.

      Avery is 131st with 61 hits, behind even Betts.

      Avery is more about verbal sheet disturbing than bodychecks.

    42. Season Team GP G A P +/- PIM PP SH GW GT Shots Pct
      2005-2006 Kings 75 15 24 39 -5 257 1 3 1 0 189 7.9
      2003-2004 Kings 76 9 19 28 2 261 0 0 2 1 125 7.2
      2002-2003 Kings 12 1 3 4 0 33 0 0 0 0 19 5.3
      2002-2003 Red Wings 39 5 6 11 7 120 0 0 2 0 40 12.5
      2001-2002 Red Wings 36 2 2 4 1 68 0 0 1 0 30 6.7

      NHL Totals:238 32 54 86 5 739 1 3 6 1 403 7.9

      This isnt to bad for an agitator either and hes still only 26. I live right next to the Gretzgy family in Westlake Caliornia… The plan is the coyotes are going to pick up avery the moment he hits waivers ( which is a possibility considering the fact avery has a one way contract) does anyone think he has a chance of not playing and being sent to the minors?…because being a kings fan theres nothing i would rather not see than avery in a fu***** coyotes uniform

    43. Looks like Avery will play with Shannahan, according to BB. So what do you realistically think the lines will be?

    44. No chance of him going down in the forseeable future, but you never know with Sather at the helm. If anyone else goes, it will probably be by trade because they won’t want to loose people by subjecting them to waivers. I don’t believe anyone on the active roster can go without being subjected.

    45. realisticly avery will play on a third or second line…he wil be on the penalty kill and mabe the 2nd powerplay unit watch for his speed.. and remember that avery and shanny have a history in detroit

    46. 1st line
      Hollweg/Krog/Hall or Orr

      Pock/now the only Ward

      That would be my guess

    47. thats good to know.. does anyone no what channel to watch this game on is it fsnn.y or is there another channel for the rangers brodcasters

    48. no i dont agree putting avery and shanny on the same line they both would do the same job for the team there both physical and avery can be more of a playmaker at times with his speed…more reakisticly i see him playing on the 3rd line this game because putting him with shanny and bettis is to fast for him just starting to play on the team…but thats just my thoughts

    49. MSG2

      Hossa may sneak in there too somewhere, he is Renny’s boy. Especially after the PP goal last night. But right now he looks expendable.

    50. Break up the top line. Straka should be centering the 2nd line no questions asked.

      Prucha Nylander Jagr
      Shanahan Straka Hossa
      Avery Cullen Ortmeyer
      Hollweg Krog/Betts Orr/Hall

    51. I like the idea of moving Straka or Nylander off the 1st line but but they are not gonna seperate Straka and Jagr and Shanahan already said he doesnt like the way Nylander plays. My guess….

      Straka Nylander Jagr
      Avery Betts Shanahan (would like to see Shanahan Avery Callahan)
      Prucha Cullen Ortmeyer
      Hossa Hollweg Hall/Orr

      Maybe haveing Hollweg at center with more responisbility will wake him up

    52. I want to see Prucha, Avery, Hollweg, Ortmeyer and Hossa get around 20 minutes of ice time and see what happens.

    53. I actually like that idea. The 4th line got 3:15 of ice last night and they had a 2 goal lead for most of the 1st 2 periods.

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